Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1962 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1962
Page 18
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Eighteen Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune FARMER'S 55. Livestock FOR large profits with feeder cattle, see Wertheimer Cattle Co. Phone Camden 686-2793. YEAGER & SULLIVAN, Inc., guaranteed feeder pigs available at all times at Camden, Indiana. FARM COLUMN 54. Farm Equipment FOR SALE: Used 880 Ford trac tor, good; 101 self-propelled IH combine that has combined less than 300 acres; 3 extra clean A. C. combines;- 3 Massey Har ris combines; grass head for A C. forage harvester; 3 poinl hitch mower for Ford tractor; New Idea 4 bar rake on rubber; wagon with 7x14 bed. E. E Landis Co., Flora, Indiana. SILOS AND FEEDING EQUIP? Order Early and Save Robert See—Macy 2548 1200 bu. Butler grain bin, good condition. Flora Phone 967-3830. 1950 Dual-Glide Harley, new paint, A-l condition. Phone Fulton UL-7-3129. 4-bar hay rake and bale loader. Tom Leffert, Phone Walton 3556. MORTISE & PINNED bam. Write Box A-269 this newspaper. BIG DISCOUNT on Papec Forage Harvester and blowers, Ben Yantis, 7 miles north on 25, mile west Phone 40498. SOMETHING tor the farm? Ovei 7,000 farm families read tha Pharos-Tribune and Press daily! Sell or buy profitably through the want-ads. Phone 4141. DAVID BRADLY tractor and attachments. F-20 tractor, 1603 Wright. ALLIS-Chalmers sales, service, parts. Neff Implement Co., Rochester. Phone CA-3-2350. STOR-MOR bins, dryer bins, batch dryer, bulk tanks. Ph. Logansport 56825 or see Dale Davidson, Metea. SMILEY POLE BUILDINGS CALL B. W. RICHTER DEER CREEK 3214 after 6 p.m. 55. livestock PUREBRED Yorkshire boars and open gilts from Purdue certified litter sire. Lawrence Faulstick, mile west Monterey. Phqne 542-2797. FOR SALE: Registered Angus bulls. Jesse Endress, Camden Phone 686-4220. REGISTERED springer Guernsey heifers, serviceable bud. Phone 1-2702 Lucerne. FOR SALE: Purebred Wessix saddleback boars from certified herd. Lengthy, fast growing, excellent for crossing, large enough for sows or gilts. Milton Gudeman, 3 miles east of Wolcott. Phone 279-2631. 56. Feeds/Seeds, Plants 56. Feeds, Seeds, Plants NOTICE TO INVESTORS Available for immediate sale at $100 per share are 500 shares (or any part thereof) of Preferred Stock, paying 8%, issued by a substantial and rapidly - growing North Central Indiana agri-business enterprise. This organization has served livestock and poultry feeders in its market area sucess- fully for 11 years and has enjoyed remarkable sales growth, particularly since 1959. Additional capital is being sought to expand services in order to serve present and pros™ pective customers more adequately in years ahead. SALES GROWTH 1960 $678,970 1961 867,620 Estimated sales 1966—$1,500,000 Interested investors may obtain complete information regarding these shares on appointment by writing: Box A-271, This 1 Newspaper. 55. Livestock 'AIR of sorrel stallions, 39 inches, 3 year old sorrel filly, 48 inches. Clair Snider, Walton. .0 Holstein heifers, fresh next month, vaccinated, good quality. 5 miles north Kewanna on 17, Vi west. W. M. Caddy. REGISTERED Hamp boar, vaccinated, good breeder. • Harry Conrad, Metea. 5RED gilts, due to farrow July 1. Tom Leffert, Phone Walton 3556. 1 feeder pigs, 5 miles north of Burnettsville. Doyne Nethercutt. REGISTERED Hereford bull, 2 years old, very good. Ben Been, Burrows. HAMP boars. Ernest Cline, 2% miles east. Onward. Jf YOU .NEED A 'BALER ASK ABOUT OUR LEASE-PLAN ON CASE NO. 200 BALER WINAMAC SALES INC. Winamac, ilnd. Ph. 946-3117 NEW BALERS We received 2 carloads of new Balers. We 'purchased these at Special ipriees, and we are selling them at big discounts, CHECK OUR PRICES! KEWANNA IMPLEMENT Kewanna, hid. Ph, 653-4221 JUST RIGHT FOR THE FARM! USED TRUCKS 1950 CHE VR01ET %fonpickup(ruck 1 956 FORD % ton pickup truck 1 957 INTERNATIONAL A . 1M Plcfcup 1 959 INTERWATIWAl A . 100 picfcup PRICED AS LOW AS $179,00 JACKSON-KITCHEL, INC. 510 High St. Phone 6102 55. LivestocK SHEEP, registered Suffolk Canadian breeding, rams and ewes, any age. Ear] Birkey, Gibson City, III. 4 YEAR OLD golden chestnut gelding, 4 stockings, small blaze broke to drive and ride, nice parade prospect. Also small bay stud. Phone Monterey, 542-2722. PUREBRED Landrace boars, service age, with plenty of type and quality. Raymond Nicoil, Burnettsville, SPOTTED Poland China yearling boar. Robert Martin, y a mile west Burrows. FEEDER pigs. Call J. D. Lesh, Deer Creek 35 or 2112. NO doubt one of our Durocs would solve your boar problem. Come and see, Howard Mutchler, Kewanna. Curtiss Breeding Service Dudley D. Bridge Logan 3608-Royal Center 2185 Lucerne 1-2065 WE have buyers for good shoals. Royal Center Sale Barn. Phone 3755 or 2425. 56. Feeds, Seeds, Plants SEED corn with all the essentials that will give you an excellent crop easy to pick in the fall. Hybrids from J. E. Martin & Sons, Rt. 2. Walton, Phones 2053 or 2058. 15 acres mixed hay. Estol Elliott. Phone 56685. 2-4, D and brushkiller, Lester Elliott, Lucerne Phone 1-2221.' VIS Queen plastic to cover glass silage, sitting new strawberry beds and garden use. Wayne W. Myers, Phone 3162. SWEET potato, geraniums, garden plants. McClain's Plants, 3 blocks west of bank in Mexico. LARGE gilts,- farrow this monlh, immuned; Lindarin beans. Camden 686-2406. PLANT Funks-G, America's greatest hybrids. Joe Hinkle, Phone Walton 3402. " CERTIFIED soybeans, non-certi- field. Elvin Sadler. Phone 56150, 57. Auction Sates Public Auction Every Sat 7:30 p.m. Open 9 to 9 For Buying-Selling-Consigning Berkshire's 810 N. 3rd Phone 3197 58. Hatcheries BABY chicks and ducksl- Use Napiana chick, duck and turkey starter feeds. King's Hatchery, Sixth and North. Phone 3718. 59. Poultry 500 New Hampshire pullets, eleven months old, $1. Hizer Hatchery, Grass Creek. BICYCLES STOLEN Four bicycles have been reported stolen within the past week, hree at Tower park. City police said a bicycle was lolen each day, Saturday, Sun- .ay and Monday at the swimming jool. Ide-Mar Service/Inc. WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL TYPES OF FARM EQUIPMENT AND TRACTOR REPAIR IN OUR SHOP OR »N THE FIELD PORTABLE WELDING ACETYLENE AND ELECTRIC Phone 4358 Bob Martin Warren Martin Eikelberner Tractor Sales 0BPI-JNDABLE -FARM EQUIPMENT HAY CONDITIONERS • Higher 'Protein hay • Brighter— Tastier • Conditioner to bales in !'i the time. SPECIAL $645.00 EIKELBERNER TRACTOR iE, Main St. IPhone 2)1326 Late Markets Popcjoy's Poultry Farm Heavy Hens 15 Hawkins 200 to 220 16.75 220 to 240 16.40 240 to 260 16.00 260 to 280 15.60 20 to 300 15.25 Sows 14,00 down Boars '... 9.00 down Thursday Evening, June 14, 1962. COMMUNITY BRIEFS Around The Town Burueltsville Poultry Leghorns 9? Heavey Hens 17 Third Street Market Lambs 18 Beef Hides 05 Veal Hides .13 Producers Marketing Assn. l»l) to 215, No. 1 17.25 .190 to 220, No. 2, No. 3 10.75 Sows i;j.75 down Boars 10.00 down Kliunpp Produce (Deei Creek) Heavy Hens 12 Leghorns 06 Eggs , 20 Wayne's Produce Heavy Hens 10 Leghorns ,. .06 Live- INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) stock: Hogs 6,000; barrows and gilts 25-50 higher; uniform 190-230 Ib 17.50-17.75, 40 head 17.80; bulk 180240 Ib 16.75-17.50; 240-270 Ib 16.5017.00;.a few 16.25; 240-250 Ib 17.0017.25 270-300 Ib 16.00-16.75; a load 16.95; ,100-330 Ib 15.25-16.00 150-170 Ib 15.00-16.5fl; sows steady lo mostly 25 higher; 300-400 Ib 13.7515.00; 400-600 l'b 13.00-14.00. Cattle 600; calves 75;5 sleers and heifers fully steady; choice steers 25,00-25.50; good with end choice 24.40 standard and good 21.0(124.00; average lo high choice heifers 25.00; choice 24.50; cows steady; utility and commercial 14.50-16.50 a few 17.00; canner and cutter 13.00-15.00; bulls unevenly s(«ady; utility and commercial 18.00-20.00; one utility hoi. stein 20.50; vealers about steady; good and choice 26.00-29.00; standard and low good 22.00-26.00. Sheep 600 lambs about steady; choice and mixed choice and prime spring 21.00-23.00; utility and good 17.00-20.00. CHICAGO (UPI)—Livestock: Hogs 5,500; fully 50 higher; No 1-2 190-230 Ib 17.50-18.00; over 200 head at 18.00; mixed No 1-3 180250 Ib 17.00-17.75; most 190-230 Ib 17.25-17.05; No 1-3 240-270 Ib 16.5017.00; No 2-3 270-295 Ib 16.00-16.50; couple loads No 3 310-335 Ib 15.00 15.50. Cattle 1,000, calves 25; slaughter sleers and heifers about steady; load choice 1130 Ib steers 25.50; part load choice 1075 Ib 25.50; most choice 950-1250 ]'b 24.50-25,25; including 63 head string 1223 Ib at 25.25; load mixed good and choice 1100 Ib 24.25; good 22.75-24.00; good and mixed good and choice heifers 22.00-24.25; package choice 24.50; good and choice veaiers 24.0026.00. Sheep 500; spring slaughter lambs about steady; old crop shorn lambs rather scarce, steady few lots choice and prime 85-100 Ib spring 'lambs 24.50-25.00; including deck at 24.50; mostly choice 23.50-24.50; good and choice 22.0023.50; utility and good old crop lambs 70-115 Ib 15.00-17.00. Births MEMORIAL-Bom to Mr. and Mrs. James Gray, 2525 George St., a daughier. • -•-• Hospital Notes MEMORIAL - Admitted: Mrs. Marjorie Sherman, rural route 4; jMrs. Hulda Vernon, rural route '3; Mrs. Eleanor McClure, Slai. City; Charles Graves, Winamac; Frank Jones, 3VA Eel River Ave.; Master Robert Sutton. Kewanna; Henry Johnson, 1808 Johnson St.; Earl Cox, rural route 4; Mrs. Fern Henderson, 2106'/£ Spear St. Dismissed: Master James Conn, 801 West Linden Ave,; Mrs. Wanda Conrad, 501 West Miami Ave.; Mrs. James Enser and daughter, rural route 2, Wabash; Mrs. Jennie Ford, 1(118 George St.; Lee Morris, 1247 College St.; Master Jackie Pruett, 726 Franklin St.; Miss Linda Williams, 431 Day St.; Mrs. Mary W.ooten, 421 Cliff Dr.; Martin Levy, 422>/ 2 North St.; Carman Spencer, Fulton. ST. JOSEPH - Admitted: Rosemary Vernon, 511 Tacoma Ave.; Robert Smith, 220 1/3 East Broaa. way; Mrs. Florence Fiedler, 621 Eleventh St.; John Skinner, rural route 2, Walton. Dismissed: Mrs. Monica Jordan, rural route 4; Master John Ruff, 2521 Emmet Dr.; William Ganger, 110414 East Broadway; Miss Alexis Hoesel, Culver; Baby Wilson Harshman, Peru; Master John Buttice, Camden; Mrs. Bethel Bingaman, Flora. BUNKER HILL Admitted: M.Sgt. Harold Quinlan, Mrs. Joyce Adderton, Mrs. Grace Hart, Mrs. Sherri Zirker, Mrs. Vivian Fannin, Mrs. Elsie Kitchens andi Martha Lambert. Dismissed:. S.Sgt. Alexander Beresh, Airman 1C James Demay, Scott Thompson, Mrs. Margaret Schmunk and son, William, Mrs. Margaret Settle and Robert Hanson. Births: A daughter to Airman 1C and Mrs. Ralph Adderton. ROCHESTER Admissions lo Woodlawri hospital: Mrs. Ida Leeper, R.R. 2, Rochester; Esther Wolf, 920 Jefferson; Ben Enyart, Claypool; W. N. Willoughby, Kewanna; Mrs. Vendel Torok, Monterey. Dismissals: Judy Markin, Winamac; Mrs. Steve Rude and son, Kewanna; William T. Jones, Battle Creek, Mich.; Judith K. Sheets, Star City; Ryan Smith, Monterey; Bert Davis, Leiters Ford; Ed Trexler, Bloomington. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Holloway, Mentone, are the parents of a son born June 8, at Woodlawn hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bowen, Rochester, are the malerna] grandparents. MONTICELLO Births: Wednesday—A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heumler, Reynolds. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Markze, route 3, Monticello. Dismissals: Tuesday — Helen Armstrong, route 2; Wednesday— Mrs. Agnes Cox, route 4; Debra Nelson, Box 34, Francesville; Phillip Keesling, route 5, Muncie; Richard Ostheimor, 311 East South street; Edward Castor, 2205 Edge, lea, Lafayette; Mrs. Kenneth Wolf and daughier, Box 134, Buffalo. CHICAGO (UPI)—Produce: Live poultry too few receipts to report prices. Cheese single daisies ,'!(% - 40; Jonghorns 3&V6 . 40)4; processed loaf 36-38; Swiss Grade A 47-52; B 45-50. Butter steady; 93 score 57; 92 score 57; 90 score 54'/£; 89 score 53. Eggs irregular; white large extras 28; mixed large .extras 28; mediums 23!/i; standards 25'/$. Circuit Court The entire estate of the late Bury) Wilhelm, 71, who died June 2, will go to his wife,-Pearl, under terms of his will filed for probate Thursday in the Cass circuit court. Dated Aug. 29, 1958, it also names the wife as executrix. Robert S. Justice is the attorney for (he estate. No estimate of its value was given. Mrs. Helen Holmes, 1006 East Broadway, asks a divorce from James Holmes in a suit charging cruelty. The couple was married July 7, 195<t, and separatee June 5, this year, according lo the com. plaint filed through O'Neill and O'Neill. The estate of the late Andrew R. Small, 80, who died May 14, was valued at $2,000 in personal property when his will was filed for probate Thursday in circuit court. Dated May 13, 1946, it leaves, his estate lo his widow, Maria, who also was named executrix. Robert Justice is the attorney for the estate. Joseph and Florence Daggett ask ,$200 damages from Charles E. Downham in a civil suit which was filed in circuit court Thursday on an appeal from the local justice of the peace court. Judgment for the plaintiff for $173.26 and court costs was entered last month in justice of the peace court. The suit is based upon an aulo collision Dec. 11, 1961, on Third Street in this city. Both drivers testified that their vehicles were standing still at the lime they collided. The plaintiffs are represented by Miller, Tolbert, and Hirschauer, and the defendant is represented by Hanna and Small. Prosecutor Earl Palmer filed an affidavit charging John Gleilz wilh failure lo provide for two minor children. The affidavit was signed by Josephine Crossland. Pauper Attorney George Brubaker was named to represent Charles Nevills on a four-count affidavit charging him with jail breaking, vehicle taking, .a u to' banditry, and aiding in the escape of a prisoner. • -•-• Pvt. Max E. Geier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max W, Geier, route 1, Lucerne, Ind., currently is undergoing advanced training in (he Specialist Training Regiment's Company C (Automotive School) at Fort Knox, Ky. He is scheduled lo graduale from this school July 19. The 22-year-old soldier entered the Army last March and completed basic combat training at Fort Knox. Geier was graduated from Metea high school in 1058. • -•-• A car,' parked at a service station at 122B East Market St., was reported stolen sometime after 7 p.m. Wednesday and before 7 p.m. Thursday. Station operator Edward Isom (old police the 1957 sedan, owned by Mrs, Alice Allen, 1937 Erie Ave], had a baciy damaged;.left front fender which was k> have been repaired. • -•-• Thirty students of (he Melea Baptist church Bible school visited (he Logansport public library Wednesday lo hear a recording of "The Messiah". Mrs. Lydia Yantis was in charge. Deaths and Funerals City, Cass County MAKE MAYDAYS PAYDAYS Bale more hoy per day-op to K tons pet hoar. Largest pick-op on the moricet, in its class-60" wide. Famous aide folk delivery monies gentler handling-means lass leaf breakage.. .packg mfrti foodvnlueinfro every'bale.P.T.O. or engine dn-re models •**&• •We. WITH Unetputtted for tmmi, clean rak- fag,th« 311 Reciprocating Hake delivers more bay, higher quality hay from every Held. Lifting. Tolling action boilds uniform ffoffy windrows th*t cure o«t quickly. SEE THEM TODAY AT... CO-OP IMPLEMENT E. Main St. DEPARTMENT Phono 3141 Ext. 9 GRU«K, DONALD J., 62, of 2825 Higli Street Road. Funeral services at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Kroeger funeral home. Burial in Mt. Hope cemetery. Call at the funeral home. KNEPPER, RALPH, W., 63, of 814 Twentieth SI., city. Funeral services at 2 p.m. Friday, McCloskey-Hamillon - Kahle funeral home. Burial in Mt. Hope cemetery. Call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. Wednesday, B. of R, T. services at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. NESS, HARRY L,, 51, of 534 W. Miami, 'city. Funeral services al 2 p.m. Saturday, Fisher funeral home. Burial in Ever-Rest Memorial Park. Call at the funeral home after'? p.m. Thursday. PERDUE, BOCK C., 64, of 414 Hanna St., city. ( Funeral services at ,1 p.m. Saturday, Fisher funeral home.. Burial in Ml:. Hope cemetery. Call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. Wednesday. STRAUCH, MRS. MARTHA, 81, of 1916 Otto, city. Funeral services at 2 p.m. Saturday, Kroeger funeral home. Burial in Mt. Hope cemetery. Call at the funeral home. District BRIDGE, FRANK 0., «2, of Reynolds. Funeral services at 1:30 p.m. Friday, Pike Creek Church of the Brethren. Rev. Leroy Dick will officiate and burial will be in Riverview cemetery, Monticello. Call at the church, one-, hour prior to rites and at the Miller funeral home. Read the Want Ads! City Court Charles W. Tidrick, 35. of «! High St., was sentenced lo six months at Ihe Indiana stale farm Wednesday ni^ht on a charge of driving under the influence. City Judge Frank Tolbert also ordered Tidrick's upcrator's license suspended for two years. •lames L. Kasch, 20, of Ofll Wheatland Ave., was fined $100 and costs find given a suspended six-month jail sentence on a charge of furnishing alcoholic beverages to minors. Larry Joe Minneman, 19, of 1425V4 Wright St., was fined $50 and 'costs on (he 'same charge. Garland Wooldriclge, 31, of 416 1/U Easl Market St., was fined $25 and costs on an assault and battery charge. Fines W'Sre entered for two motorists who had signed authorizations. Alvin L. Davis, 38, of 2205 Wright St., was fined $10 and costs for speeding 54 miles an hour in a 3d mile zone, and Judith Bingham, IS, of 2111 Jefferson St., was fined $1 and costs for running a stop sign. Two persons paid fines of $5 and costs and two were sentenced to jail for public intoxication. • -•-« Louis Picrcy, (en, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Picrcy, 300 Beal St., has returned home afler undergoing open heart surgery at Robert Long hospital in Indianapolis. Surgery was performed on May 2!). Young Picrcy is making steady progress and hopes lo enter school in (he fall. • -•-• An orientation class for Gray Ladies will be held from 7 to 9 ).m., June 20 and 21, in the Ked Cross office in the city building. Lesl'erHunt-,67, PoliHcal Editor, Die;; Suddenly INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - Lester M. Hunt, H?, jx>lilical edilor and writer for the Indianapolis Star, died early uday of a heart attack. Hunt, ;i widely-known newspaperman, diixl at his horns, about two hours after he was stricken. He was ;il work at the .Star until a few hours before his death. A r,ati''t! of Minneapolis, Hunt was tdura'ed in New York City. He was an a.ssislanl to Ihe late Dan Tobin, former president of the Teiirn< lers Union, when (he union's international headquarters were hi re., Wore joining Me Pulliam newspaper in the lale 1940s. Huiil v,a.-i known as a crusading newsm ; n, and politics was his specially. He was a crusader against welfare roll secrecy, s campa.gn ivhich eventually Jed to passagi (if (he Hughes Anti- Secrcc;i Act in Ihe Indiana legislature <iv:: was known for his vigorous campaigns agiiinst en- croaclvienL on individual rights in al! levds of government. On<! >:: im three sons, Lester Jr., is a U.S. Slate Department officw Hditioncd in Brazil. Survivors !>]:•[) include the widow, Mrs. li ez 3un(, and sons Sargent, San FiBndsco. and Harbison, an Air F-n'Ci officer stationed at Albuqu trq le, N.M. TWO WATS TO GET MONEY FAST ONE WAY: Crack a safe BESTWAY:UseaWan1iA<!l They're making belter .safes thesa days, making it a little tough for the average safe-crack (r. Family Want- Ads are a lot better rhess days, too, simply because thtiy reach more people than ever before. This makes it real easy for you tn sell that old davenport or gas Targe that you no longer use. Place your ad right now by placing an inexpensive . • . . PHAROS-TRIBUNE Al fO PRESS FAMILY WANT-ADS PHONE 414

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