The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEW TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 1991 South Dakota GOP Takes Place In Political Sun with Primary By JACK RKLL SIOUX FALLS, S.D. Oft-South Dakota Republicans claimed their place In the political sun today with an outpouring o! votes which might have an oversized effect on the choice of Ihe GOP presidential nominee. With mild weather forecast, this sprawling state's widely - spaced citizenship took advantage In early balloting of a chance to wield an Influence far beyond Its numbers on the Chicngo Republican con vent ion. Partisans of Robert A. Taft of Ohio and Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower battled down to the opening of the polls for 14 presidential nominating votes and the advantage that would accompany victory In the final face-to-facc test be-1 twce-n the two major candidates in 1 lh!s year's pro-convention campaign. The results looked to be a tossup. Associated Press member newspapers gave Taft a slight edge, but both sides claimed victory was within their gra.sp In a primary expected to bring out 120.000 GOP voters, short of iKK'B record of 128,000 ballots. The contest took on added wjst because Its final resvlts may not be known until about the time to- 'Grand Ole Opry' Hits Big Town In Milestone of Entertainment By JOHN' NASHVILLE, Teim. — Grand Ole Opry's current invasion of one Tnkc Carl Smith—tall, handsome, just 25 nml slill H lioy of the hills fro in Maynardvillc fHoy Aculf'.s hometown) in East Tonnes- | bought him a guitar from a travel- on Nnshville station WSM. The pro- to 5250,000. gram is now In its 27th year. It's a matter of prestige for the folk singers and fiddlers to be on the opry on Saturday night. A half- hour of the program is on the NBC network. The rest of the seven hours of opry music gods out on WSM's clear channel which Is heard as far away as California, Mexico and Canada. Seals Are Sold Onl Each week's live audience decrepit Ryman auditorium here averages visitors from 38 slates and Canada, Reserved seats nre Bold out until late August. There is a rush all week long for the general admission tickets, and 3,600 people pack into the barn- like building (or the first hours of ihe show. At 10 p.m., there's block-long line outside waiting to grab the 1,400 or so seats vacated mt that hour, Since World War n the songs these performer* have compo.sec have been among the most popu Jar. Music and record publishing companies have sprung up here Big recording outfits Bend representatives to Nashville to get their master platters. It Is JL 25 million dollar a y*a"r business./ SJ* .'', A long road, indeed,' from, 1925 when George D. -Hay, WSM announcer and former Memphis newspaperman, went on the air with an hour of fast fiddling by 80-year-old Uncle Jimmy Thompson. From the start, request telegrams poured In nml singers and fiddlers converged from all over to appear on what was then called the WSM barn dance. One night two years Inter, Hay, "the solemn old Judge," announced "The Grand Ole Opry" and put on the hillbilly program a name that stuck. Fame and fortune has come to the opry's "headliners" and a real good living to mnny more. week to pay of New York's fnncy night spots Ls a milestone Inevitable for lhis|sec. A few years ago Cart's booming entertainment frid. Some call it folk music. With plaintive melody and Lament, its singers are America's balladcers. Others refer lo It us country, hillbilly, mountain or western music. In essence, it's nil the same, because it's from the heart. It ex-presses human feeling, Mecca for folk singers alt over the country Is the Grand Ole Opry —radio's Saturday night wingding salesman. Carl mowed lawns o get the dollar or Ills lessons, Just n year ago ho was making ;100 a week. Now, with his songs •Don't Just Stand There" and "let Old Mother Nnlure Have Her Way' rising high in the hit turn; list Carl Is raking In about $100,000 n yenr. A few of the opry stars earn up Uncle Sam Has 2,380,770 Jobs WASHINGTON f>T) — The Civil Service Commission said today ihnl as of April I there wore 2.380.T70 persons working for the federal government. Of these 1.104.083. or 47 per rent, were veterans or relatives entitled in veteran-preference consideration, the commission said. Nine months earlier, ihe announcement reported there wercj 2,312,98.1 employes. morrow that Elsenhower Is making bis homecoming -speecb at Abilene, Kan. Kefaiiver Is Favored In a relatively quiet Democratic iousl, Sen. E&ies Kefauver of Ten- lessee, looked like a walk-a way winner ot the state's eight Demo- c r n t 1 c presidential nominating votes. In an election where the only voting wn.s on all-or-none delegate slates, Kcfauver's was top favorite over a group assembled by state Domocrntlc party leaders who promised that if they were electee they would vote for Sen. Hubcr Humphrey of Minnesota on the first ballot at Chicago, Polls open at 8 a.m. and close a 5 p,rn. The Taft-Eisenhower squabbling has been bitter. Neither side has loft any doubt that a South Dakot victory meant a big advantage In the scramble for the support c dRlpf»!ilc.s who have not committe themselves. Tuft NriMls Majority Tail's backers admitted private ly that If they can't gel a mnjorit out of today's voting hern, ihe; will have n difficult lime stoppin; what they describe as a "Wllikf blil//' nt the Chicago convention Wendell I,. Willkle won the GOF nomination In 1940 with the back ing of many of the party tlon out Kid era who now suppor Eisenhower, A Tnft victory would be Ilkel to put a definite clamper on th Eisenhower homecoming an would be used by the Ohio sen a t or's tore es in n n a Item p t d cmonst rn t e th ti t E Isenhowcr Is vulnerable at the polls, Neither candidate will have much of an excuse if he IOPCS In today's balloting. There are no minor aspirants to divide the nt- t en tlon of the electorate write-ins nre barred and I be vote Invoves only (he stamping of one "X" to PRISONER'S FIGHTING GEAR—Lt.-Col. Mills C. HatfteM, of Ada, Okla., commanding ofllcer of UN prison guards at Pusan POW enclosure No. 10, displays "uniform" worn by one of the leaders of the recent riot In the enclosure. Against the wall are ranged some of the weap^**- fashioned by the Red captives. choose one or the other slate of delegates. Sewer Contract Must Be Kept LIITLE R'OCR c/n — Federal Judge Thomas C. Trimble says the city nf Pine Bluff nnd Its Sewer Oorrmlttce must not annual a .sewer system Installation contract. judge Trimble issued a restrain- ing order yesterday to Pine Blu anfi set June 12 lor a hearing on suit filed by Lancaster and Lov Inc. of Dallas, Tex., charging t! city with breach of contract. T. .suit said Pine Bluff sought to ca -eel a Fewer Installation contra with tlie company. The suit also alleged the city ow the Dallas firm aixmt 5100,000. , Lamour and Crosby to Hit Road' Again with Barney Dean By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD WJ — When Bob ope, Dorothy Lamour and Blng o.sby hit the "Rood" for the xih time, they took along a bald ttle fellow who has made every 1m Journey with them. His name Is Barney Dean and e's a sharp character with a wor- cd expression and a facility for ngs. He is the fourth and seem- igly Indispen.slble traveler who as made all the "Road" pictures. Vhat's MORE, HE MAS WORKED VERY Hope and Crosby picture in ne last 12 ypars, What Dots He Do? What does Barney Dean do? 'hat's a Question mnny people ask, li.s name is always being men- loned on the Hope and Crosby air thing. I tried to nail down the mystery with Dean himself. "I advfge," said Dean, a friendly sort of a guy. "Whenever I see a place where Bing and Bob could use a piece of business or a gag line, I make a suggestion. That's all there is to it. My contribution to the picture is very small." Small or not, Dean's contribution must be Important, since neither Hope nor Crosby will make a picture without htm. Selling Chrlstmai Car^s The whole thing started when he tried to sell them some Christmas cards. "I first knew Bob about 23 years ago," Dean recalled. "We were both on a biil at the Stratford Theater in Chicago, and that was Tiling* went from bad to awful, and Barney took a friend's *ucge»- Uon of selling Christmas cards t4 his show business pals. "I took my briefcase to the 'Road to Singapore 1 set," he related. "Bin? and Bob greeted me lik* a long-lost friend. They offered me a job, ao I kept the briefcase In the corner o* the set. I never have been able to sell them any Christma* cards." hows, but his own duties are un-jwhen Bob got his first big break, der a cloud. I put the inquiry to Crosby on the "Road to Bali" set. "Why, Dean is our friend, coun- elor and guide," Bins replied. 'He Is our adviser." Hope added: "Dean is the We.sL- brook Pegler of our set. When he vakp.s up in Ihe morning and looks this mirror, he 1'he only thing he From then on, he went upward. I say Es 'no pace.' " This V.MS all in a kidciin; and still didn't gel at the question: What does Barney Dean do? He gets no screen credit, has no met Bint; about 20 years ngo, al tin Frifirs Club in New York." But while the Hope and Crosby fortunes were climbing, Dean's was on the decline. Barney, real name was Fradkin, had teamed in a dance net with goes like this | Sidney Because their knows how to [names were Impossible for billing America's growing population a^d expanding industry now requln about, double the amount of coal mined in 1600. • Barney picked the name of Dean vein off n theater sifin, The Dean Brothers were far from smash and the act broke up friendly fist light. Barney title and doesn't appear to write a came to Hollywood. FOR IMPROVIB KID HIT FUNCTION function wu i piovetl, BlatUcr for i nduce 4 In moil observed uu*4 ider dr taking Mountain V*i- Icy WMW, Delieiotw — d«livered right to ye*. MHEIITY CASH UROCEUY 501 West .Main fhone 4913 flonntainValley *J Mr - _^ ».•! ,-^w Gazette Editor Honored On 50th Anniversary LITTLE ROCK (/T)—A "surprise" j luncheon honoring J, N. Helskell's! BOlh anniversary as editor of the ' Arkansas Gazette was held here | yesterday by the Gazelle news staff. | Heiskell, president of the Gazette I publishing company since 1902, said at the luncheon that he had no Intention of retiring. Gold often Is found In rocfcs so old that they contain no fossils' very few fossils, indicating ey were formed before life cx- ted on earth or during the very rly development of life. Get The Best AUTO ft Factory-trained mechanics uslnf genuine parts are your ascurance of dependable service when yon bring your car to T. I. Scaj Motor Co. . . on Main Street. TTJ our friendly service next time! T.l.SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Rcaler 121 E. Main Ph«ne 2112 "Your Exclusive LION Dealer in Blylheville" Kelly - Spring- tlcid Tires. Washing nnd Greasing, Lion N a t u r a lube. Penn7oll, Lion's Improved HDH. WILSON AUTO SERVICE i A 2nd Phone 2611 FINA FOAM . . . lh« Ntwl.v- Developed Bnbbk Bath for Fine FahrlcR, Rnjrs A- t'pholsterjr rlo«s » speedy fo»m cleaning job. ARKANSAS TAINT fi GLASS CO. '105 K. Main Phone Z27J SAFEWAY WINNER! Frances Dertman, 213 Kentucky Street, is fhe winner of the Motorola Radio and Television Combination Set given mvay in our store last Saturday night. We offer our congratulations! SAFEWAY Phones 2492-8149 ond «ur S«rvic« Truck If *n th« way Ft«rH f1x«d right *ti Tt>« »•>•< Cwt» and brwltct r«f>a1c*4 v«lv*t replaced Tire Service Headquarters Goodyear Service Store are for the Birds! /S FOR I>et the bird» have the clotheslines. I>et sll the hard work of line-drying clothes be a thing of the past for you! With a Westinghouse Dryer, you simply take th* clothes from the wnsher, place them in the Dryer, set the Dry-dial Control for the way you want the clothes to come out—bone-dry for folding and putting away, or the right dampnesd for ironing. 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