Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1962 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1962
Page 15
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Thursday Evening, June 14, 1952. ANN LANDERS Motel Postcard Probably Somebody's Idea of Joke Dear Ann Landers: My husband and I have been happily married /or 12 years. Unfortunately we have no children but we share a variety of interests and gel along well together. Yesterday he received a postcard from a local motel which read "Thank you kindly for your patronage." He laughed and said he'd never heard of (he place. Now I'm beginning to wonder about the occasional nightwork which has kept him lale at the office. How does a wife know for sure whether or not her husband is cheating?—ANN FAN Dear Fan: A wife NEVER knows "for sure"—any more than both how- marriage is a husband knows. They should know "for sure," ever, that a solid built on trust. The motel postcard is undoubtedly somebody's idea of a big, fat gag. No motel proprietor in his right mind would send a post- and money on his "bike." In his souped-up riding outfits he looks more like a high school sophomore than a 46-year-old business man. I am annoyed with my husband but I am deeply concerned about our two children. They are 12 and 8 years of age. The nut insists on taking them with him (on the back of his bike) when he goes for a spin, as he calls it. The traffic in our city is heavy. He assures me he's careful and that the accidents I read about in the newspaper are due to recklessness and neglected equipment. Should I let him continue to take the children or should I register a major squawk and put an end to it'-' I need a yes 01 a no.-CAN'T COPE Dear Can't Cope: If they were my children I'd say no. A 46-year-old tnan who himself decked out like a gel*. high school sophomore sounds terribly immature. I would not rick the lives of my. children by allowing his judgment to prevail in a mat- ler so important as this. * + * Confidential to SHOULD I OR SHOULDN'T!?: You should NOT. This type of information oughl JOSEPHINE LOWMAN card to a man who lives in town j never to be passed on. I can "thanking him for his patronage." j promise you it won't be appro Dear Ann Landers: What can we do? We rented the upstairs of our duplex to a family of four. Five weeks ago they brought in another family of five. This second family has no furniture, but from the looks of the suitcases that went up there they must have all their clothing and personal belongings. Last week I told the Mrs. (hat when we rented we planned on four people, not rime. She claims they have a perfect right to invite relatives to visit if (hey like. The extras sleep in sleeping bags on the floor. Is there a law against (his? They are quiet and pay the rent on time. Please lei me know what we can do. I have a hunch this other family is paying them rent but I can't prove il.-TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF Dear Taken: Unless (he lease stipulates that a given number o people may occupy the rentec space (here is IHUe you can do You'd have a peachy time trying to prove that the added people up there are not guests. If the "guests" don't leave within a month I suggest you consul! an attorney who deals with real estate problems. Maybe he can come up with an answer. + * * Dear Ann Landers: I need someone outside the family to give me an answer to a question that has been driving me crazy. My husband is a motorcycle nut. He spends all his spare time i elated. Are you tempted to smoke b« cause the crowd does? If so, send for ANN LANDEKS' booklet, "Teenage Smoking," enclosing with ynur request lOc in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will hi! glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope, 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. FASHIONETTES United Press International Zippy coats, are ahead for males. Fall fashions feature /.ip- in liners for all types of outerwear. The zippy innards are most frequently seen in knee-length coat wilh rainwear details—and include blanket plaids, bold solid colors and contrast color stripes. Make your casual clothes do double duty. If you're a regular golfer, for example, you need several -pairs of well-tailored, lady-like shorts and shirts that pass muster 1 at the most conservative club. When an unexpected invitation to sail comes along, pick your lightest golf shorts and shirt. Accent the outfit with a gay scarf for your hair and a straw belt at the waist. Color news in boys and girls ensembles lor fall include camel and grey, moss and olive, powder and slate blue. Piccolino, importer of Italian knitwear for children, made the color forecast. Included in the firm's fall collection: uncluttered classics made memorable with touches of hand embroidery and an imaginative palette of contrast colorings. Food For Americans GAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Fresh vegetables for spring meals—of course. But try new recipes for them. CARROTS, ALLA NAPOU (Yield: 5 cups) 16 medium (2 pounds) fresh carrots Yt inch boiling water 1 teaspoon salt V» teaspoon ground black pepper V4 teaspoon oregano leaves Vt teaspoon sugar % cup olive or salad oil 2 tablespoons wine vinegar Wash 'and scrape carrots. Cu into slices Vi inch thick.' Place in saucepan with boiling walei and '/s teaspoon of salt. Covet and cook 10 minutes or until tender. Drain well. Place in a bow with remaining ingredients. Marinate .12 hours or overnight before serving. Serve hot or cold. FRESH BEETS WITH HERBED LEMON BUTTER (Yield: 6 servings) 2 pounds (about 12) fresh beets 1 leaxpoon salt Boiling water to cover beets 3 tablespoons butter or margarine 2 teaspoons fresli lemon juice Vi teaspoon salt Vs teaspoon ground black popper Yi teaspoon crumbled whole marjoram leaves Cut o/f tops of beets, leaving 1 inch stem and root end. Wash thoroughly. Place in saucepan with 1 teaspoon salt and boiling water. Cover and cook until beets are tender, 25 to 35 minutes. Drain, Meanwhile, melt butler or margarine and blend in fresh lemon juice and seasonings. Peel and slice beets. Toss lightly with .emon butter. This exercise, included in Josephine Lowman's leaflet, "lest Yourself," is a good back strength test. Add to Zest for Life With Physical Fitness Program We can do ourselves a great ser. vice and our country a great service by improving our physical condition, by building health and stamina. Thinking selfishly, there nothing we could do which would add to our y.est for life and our enjoyment of it so much as a personal physical fitness program. Many folk's allow overweight to accumulate and, just as damaging, let their muscles become lax because of lack of regular exer else. Good muscle tone usually means good posture. It also saves us from the flabbiness which so often detracts from good looks, especially from middle age on. Need Strong Abdomen A set of strong abdominal muscles discourages a protruding abdomen. These muscles also hold our organs in place, thus avoiding the internal slumping which may lead to constipation, fatigue and backaches. Good muscle tone is necessary lo keep the back straight so that (he lungs and heart are not crowded. Good muscle tone saves us from many strains which poor posture imposes. A country is only as strong as the individuals who ara a part of it. Sometimes high standards of living, soft living, lead lo physical deterioration. We MUST have physical health to back up our convictions and our ambitions and our dreams. Tests have shown that it is no only the middle-aged who are in poor condition, but young people and even children, too. Mechani cal devices, push-button luxuries and cars, are all wonderful thing,' which should add to the pleasure of living, but unless we are careful they may rob us of health. We see Tests children and college even dangerous exercise during the boys "thumbing a ride" for only a few blocks. Mother dashes for the car if she has'lo go around the corner, and Daddy gets prac lically no exercise at all until he knocks himself out with an ex hausting and splurge of week end. Some time back I watched the screening tests which were being given lo freshmen at Russell Sage College in Troy, New York. These determined the kind of exercise the pupil needed. Naturally, any testing you do yourself will not reflect your condition as accu rately as it would had it been ad ministered by a trained person. However, you might have fun with a few of these tests and they can act as a guide which will enable you to get some idea of your physical condition. If you What's New for The House United Press International Now— a contemporary version of the age-old shepherd's goatskin. It's a folding bottle that proves once more that the more things change, the more they are the same. The modern "goatskin" is made of a tough, transparent tenite polyethylene that the manufacturer reports won't crack or shatter under impact. The plastic folding bottle, designed to hold up to five gallons 'of any kind of liquid or flowable solid, collapses into near pocket size and weighs would like to have my leaflet, "Test Yourself which lists some physical tests you . can take to measure your physical ability, send a stamped, self-addvesserf envelope with your request to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "If You Want To Increase Size , of Calves, Exercise." (Released by The Register and Tribune 'Syndicate, 1962) only half a pound when empty. The fold-a-way botde makes an ideal storage container for water in homes, factories and—on boating or camping trips. A new storage unit helps to turn the /amiiy bathroom into a neat place. The unit is a large cabinet with two sliding doors, topped by a tray with fwo close and open compartments flanked with shelf space. An extended lip, footed with rubber discs, holds the unit securely In the toilet lank top. The unit also can be hung from tha wall, A new floor polisher all aches to the canister-type vacuum cleaner for cleaning, waxing or polishing any flat surfaces. It can be used with paste or liquid wax. NO SAFETY PROBLEMS WASHINGTON (UPI) - Frequent inspections of President Kennedy's Air Force jelliner have, failed to turn up any safety problems, according to the While House. Press secretary Pierre Salinger made the statement Wednesday when asked if there had >b e e n any difficulties on the presidential craft, Logansport, Indians Pharos-Tribune Kfteen CROSSWORD PUZZLE Ah>wer «»Y«t«rd.y. ACROSS 1-100,000 rupoea 4-Sni.iu chiMren fi-Remalnder 12-The self 13-DMlseed U-Exchang* premium 15-Hiver Inland 16-Tract ot land IS-Memoranda 20-Dii-ectlon 21-Conjunctlon 22-Pigpen 23-Peteat 27-OftsprlnK 29-Amerlcan essayist SO-Commnniora- live iflsk 21-Cyprlnold flsh 32-Srnal] rUK 33-Bvil 34-A stale (Rbhr.) 36-Coins .TI-ODeity 3S-Supplicale 39-W]fe of . Geralnt «l-Bcwitch 4]-Exclamation 42-CollHKS nrtlrlal «-Cash rtrawern •47-Headwfljir 5]-Part of fnco 62-Century plant K3-Fall In dropil M-Nallvo mnial Rfi-Wallt wearily 5n-Wi«o person 67-Spread for drying DOWN ' 'l-)ncllnn 2-Kxcj3ari£« premium 3-Kind of fabric 4-Mnkei lat« 5-TJnlt S-Cylindrical 7-Wander 8-ConfiiKGd Ccolloq.) 9-Tho flf>lf lO-Tltle of respect 11-Playlhlmj 17-BxJsts 1<-Teutonic deity 22-Drunkard 24-Hypothetlcal force 26-HnJf- shrubby mind IB-Waste mi>1al 27-Taks one's part 2fi-NorM sod 3D- Dai ice step 30-1j)BRne 32-Jnterfered 33-Oarton ali-Note of Bca!« 37 : C!a;is 3S-Vol<B iO-Woj'Iimnn 41-GrentlnK 43-East Indies (nbljr.) IB-Unit .>f Italian currency <S-Hun-|cjd <7-Chsrl iS-Stck 49-Ganle at cai-dw .SO-Outfit 36 43 55" 17 Dlrtr. by United Fetture Syndicate, Inc. 46' The youngest general officer in lha Civil War was Galusha'Pen- nypacker of Pennsylvania. He was a brevet major general of volunteers and was too young to vote at (lie i>nd of the war. Read the Want Ads! MONTGOMERY WARD 412 E. Broadway SKYLINE No. on Hwy. 17 Ph. 4802 THE iPfT shown ot 8:30 'BLACK starts 10:30 BL/YCK — . BARBARA STSELE JOHN R.'CHARDSOM DAD WILL APPRECIATE A MEW BILLFOLD Hundreds to choose from in the finest of leathers $3.95 to $40.00 His name in gold free on each. Timberlake's Gift Shop -\J SURE DEATH to ROACHES-ANTS that cross it ! <\ JUST BRUSH OW with NEW APPLICATOR CAP. ^ Disappears In Minutes! Quick, Sun, Easy Way To Set Rid 01 ROAGHES-ANTS Without Dangerous Sprays Roacti or Ant problem? End it the quick, sure, easy way. . . with d-CON® ROACH-PRUFE or d-CON ANT-PR WE! d-CON ROACH-PRUFE and ANT-PROFE come with a special applicator brush. You simply brush on a d-CON DEADLINE next to baseboafJs and other places in your kitchen where roaches and ants crawl. And that's all! There's no dangerous flying spray to settle on food—yet this ROACH-PRUFE or ANT-PRUFE DEADLINES SURE DEATH to roaches, ants, silverfish, waterbugs and other troublesome, crawling pests that cross itl And this DEADLINE is invisible—causes you no embarrassment! d-CON ROACH-PRUFE and ANT-PRUFE are so economical, too . . . one application lasts I'or weeks. So end your roach or ant problem the quick, sure, easy way . . . without dangerous flying sprays lhat can contaminate your food. Get ROACH-PRUFE or ANT-PHUFB, the pest killers you can control. Only pennies per application. o d-CON ROACH-PRUFE — d-CON ANT-PRUFE Order This Week Michigan Fresh STRAWBERRIES from Mer-'Def's for Wed., June 20th 30 Ib. cans $8.75 12 Ib. cans $4.35 ALSO .FROZEN Pineapple Tid-Bits 30 Ib. $9.75 IS Ib. $5.35 Frozen Apricot Halves 30 Ib. $9.50 10 Ib. $3.95 To get fruit on this lood please order by Monday Noon. 315 Han no St. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS big buy! MEN'S FAMOUS- MAKER SIPORT SHIRT SPECIAL 99 life, SIZII li-M-L-XL » Ml waihabla f Giant aicortmsnt » i" «hort sleeves Ward, king-size value. Impo ted or domestic cottons . . . rich rayons. Embroideries, plaids, checks, solids, many more at Wards now! ,< STATE last Buttercup Day NOW PLAYING Shown at 7:00 and 10:00 WOVEN COTTON PEDAL PUSHERS PLUS KNIT TOP • Attractive itylef • Popular new colon • Clever trims So inexpensive at Wards, mom will wont several of these machine-washable sets. Wide choice of styles. All sturdily made. 3-6x. men! regularly 7.99 PINEHURST SUMMERWEIGHT CASUALS Hurry . . . save on slip-ons and; oxfords, crafted of soft, supple ET GO glove leathers. Sponge cushion- "% ed insole; cushioned crepe sole *^ and heel. Olive brown.7'/2-l 2. --"'"'«>"•,"!nt pill j ,Mf IJ.T ! •* * II I Jl 4. I I Jill It toll _ w, IH, w—*_«_ - l REGULAR 79c-98c FASHION COTTONS Cotton beng a line or sailcloth prints and solids. Also Governed or polished cotton *j $• prints. 3 yds. I REG. 69c! SNUG WOMEN'S BRIEFS Band leg or elastic styles. Comfortably cut in snug-fitting acetate. S' ze$ MM, 38 to 42. 44 l Pf^!lt!Pir'"fl! 1 !l:!" ll ;ri1!M^'."TffrrW^ttrf^f';ryiB>p^yii [I!..! u .11. i, i',i i T«-,»! •, ..r,-.^^ ''Wittifc'^^^^^ NFANTASCOBE rVNE PRODUCTION B * COOJM8IA PICTURES B Shown at 8:50 Only Pfui Loopy Cartoon 11 ironing heights RIG. 4.9S ALL-METAL BOARD Sit-down or stand-up to iron—table adjusts from 24" to 36*. Enameled top is ventilated for faster, easier ironing. Nonskid rubber foot-caps. *J** Reg. 1 .09 pad, cover 97c i» $ 3-pc. white bath set TRIM LINES BEAUTIFY YOUR BATH Fresh, modern styling, compact design. Big 19x17-in. vitreous china lavatory; quiet, reverse-trap china toilet; i)-ft. recessed steel tub with seamless front panel. Less fittings. CjiiiJliiiiiji $

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