Glasgow Herald from Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland on June 30, 1882 · 10
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Glasgow Herald from Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland · 10

Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1882
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wbthos mmts and fobesast. MrasoBSJEesKAL Owiob, TSimMkr. June 29. 8.S0: EvM. bb weiei to-day has bean vety tpiefc wer tlie Brifirfi idaacb generally, the Wsf Sght "Z-TiL. tl, v rW ira .-b-. j . - sKowers rave scCTtrreo. iocauy. Btateoaa being only U moA. xnere pfei a sUghtaBts-cydomc area to tne nortEwara or ire. B0 that nwth-easterlv winde are felt on Mr irtremeBortheru coaste, and there are aome dt- RmrfaiYrl. But the barometer is very steady her,, and j?.TOtaT,S flaSTIrBSEQOZl WJ ous j -- ; . 7 j - G-rttTT tr. 67 Gftrees arc I ST' w STdL bat atfi "(where bright iras Saane tie afternoon. Xbe sea is nmootQ v.- r ..a mAwn or i : i- n 'mx. nf nnr coast, verv srneotn st Dover ana Hotyacao. Wkathsr Fowsoisra ros SaaIDta-z, Jmra 31 TSSOIaD AT 6 P.M. OH fKBPSOOS BAT. raryids airs, the arnotsnt of JooJ also "ratjtas greaay; fait on the whole ; close. Sooruora. H... -J light; tmegenerally. SesrriAHn, a -; fine gaheralts. BK95iAKJ. JMJS.. jitjaoegensriliy. fArying airs, the amotmi of clond also varyics gwatly; fair on the whole;, close. (Varying airs, the ameant of okmd HhHaAaTO Coranzs- also raiyinK greatly; fair on to i whole; dose. ' EssxJjrp,. S. (Lon- f Very light breezes ; close ; aorfle local & tiaANNEL) t showers, bat fair on the whole. m ,r7arrsne airs, the amount of cloud EkgiaAt, N.w. (SI .jJq vaijine greatly ; fait on the N. Walks) whole; oloss. o w (t f South-easterly eMsooibeily bwzes. Ekssas. S.W. (J jjgdj oj. moderate; waim; fair oil &WAUS) ( tiawhole. f Southeasterly and aonfeerly areesea, tasLAifii, If ...A light or moderate ;ano; fair on I the whole. f Books8ter!y m&tmB&lT .teases, IbkuxkS -i !i8ht or moderate; warm; fait w t the whole. ' THB PEN NEVIS OBSBEVATIONS. ' Ban Nevis, June 28, 9 a. M.-Barometer redoced to 32 degrees Fab., 25'652, tosdy. Tmpsra-tars o air by dry bulb, 49"6; wet bulb, 46'4i vapour tension, '278 ; relative iumidity.(ss,turattOBlTO), 79 dew point, 43'0. Wind : Calm to light irs from Sard : force, 0 to 1 (scale 0 to 12.) CUud: Cumulus and cumuli lew down near horizon; cirro-cumnlus as an upper stratum near thezewtn. Amount 5 (scale 0 to 10). - ilemarks: Very fine morsing. At 10 A.M. tnera was a gentle breeze from asuth-east, which ram- Values for 2i hours ending 9 A.M. Maronum temperature, 50-2; mimmum, 43-0 ; solar maximum (black bulb in vacuo), 107-2 ; terrestrial minimum, SI -6 rainfall, O'OOO. Ozone, 7'8 (scale 0 to 10). Fort-William, Jane 28, 9 A.M. Barometer reduced to 32 degrees Fab., 30'055, inclined to fall. Temperature of air by dry bulb, 59 "9; wet bulb, 5l5'4; vapour tension, -408; relative humidity (satnrationlU0), 79 ; dew point, 534. Wind: Light aire from north-north-west. Force, 1 (seals 0 to 12). Cloud : Cirro-cumulus, and camuli near the horizon. Amount, 4 (scale 0 to 10). Kemarfca : A period ot calm tojuoweo. jsv ilCUhU&a . n. jjwiwu v. - . v 11 a.m. the cirro-cumulus had disappeared, and grand iorms of cumulus in well-developed masses weie observed. A light breeze from south-west by weas had set m by ll.oJ. . Values for 24 hours ending 9 A.M. Maximum temperature, 647 ; minimum, 48-5; solar maximum (black bulb in vacuo, 130'9; terrestrial minimuw, 447 t rainfall, 0-003 (really dew.j which was very heavy in the early moming). Ozone, 6-2 (scale, 0 to 10). OLEJraNT L. WKiGOS, Observer and Superintendent. THE ERECTION OF THE TAY SBIDG3. d,BTown Council yesterday-Provost Monouri. the chair-ex-JJaiae xnomson sua ne au w W.?L5aCXyi Mh&MZ 2.?. .t 1 Ih hHaT thai 1? ri7h7rumoun Heated were was wmc u i , - -- the bridge the ofchor day, and found that nothing wnatever was aomg; iue iev i.. y. employed had been paid off, and any work which had been going on was at "a standstill. He wished to ask the Provost if he had heard such a rnmour, and whether there was any truth in the report ? The Pbovost, in reply, said ha. had heard such report, and hs was very much surprised that any person should have entertained it after the very decided statement made on the subject not Ion? a-o by the directors of the North British KailwaV Company. He might state that be had seen Mr Walker, the manager of th company, and within the last few days he had seen Mr ArrpH, the contractor. Mr Arroll had assured him that not onlv were the works not stopped, but that hia men were working night and day in preparjaghe appliances necessary to carry oa the work, ibe first cylinder connected with the bridge would be here on Tuesday. About tan or a dozen steam cranes were being made, so that when the works ar. commenced at Dundee tbey will be carried on with all possible apeed. There was no truth whatever in the rumour. It was the desire of al! parties connected with the bridge that the works shauld proceed without delay. Mr Thomson The work must be goiag on in Glasgow then, for there is bo appearance ef any- cmng uoiug uoict . The Pbovost said that Mr Arroll also stated that when he began at the bridge werkmen would be employed at five or six different places at one time, so as co pusu on ia wwa wiui BANKEWTCYTtCEEblNGS--Yestekdat. fRofore Sheriff MtJERAT.) In the sequestration of Gearge Knssell & Co., warehousemen, 77 Queen Street, Glasgow, and Seorge KuBsell, the sole partser, as such Partner and as an individual, Sederunt-Mr Thomas Jackson, aocouatant, trustee; and Mr dames Baird (of Messrs Dunbar & Baird, writers), law-agent in the sequestration. The Tbustbe stated that an offer of conppsitaon had been made and accepted, and that he had no questions to put. The proceedings then terminated. (Before Sheriff Lues.) EXAMINATION OF JOHN SOMERVILLn. The bankrupt was described as a laxid and pro-srty valuator in Glasgow, 3ederunt-Mr Wm. Brown, C.A., Glasgow, the trustee ; Mr Alex. Dick, of Dick & Stevenson, writers, law agents iw the sequestration ; Mr Quick, writer, and Mr-Murdoch, writer, for creditors. The bankrupt having been sworn, deponed I am at present engaged in business as a stock dealer - Sk T rvnattimt. I am not a member of the Stock Exchange. Our firm is John Somerville & Co., 93a Waterloo Street. My interest in that firm is nineteen-tweutieths, 1 think, but the contract of copartnery will show. I have no capital in that company. I don t think 1 have drawn the full amount. I may be entitled to for services, but there is nothing at my credit. I put no capital into tha business. Ihe firm only began business in January ot this vear. I assumed Mr Ovenstone as a partner at that date. I had previously cawied on business undeT the same brm, but without a partner. Shown two baianoe-aheets f the firm. These were written by my partner. I have examined them, and they are correct with the exception that the furniture on the one side and the rent on the other are not stated. 1 had Earned on business as a stock dealer on my own account for about a year previous te , assuming Mt Ovenstone. Between the years 1873 and I860 1 was not in business. I sometimes bought and sold t n hceusea valuator. Prior to 1873 1 was a grocer, but that business was wound op long ago. I have no record of my transactions in property, but I could make up a statement roughly from memory, and I undertake to do so. My state of affairs shews that lam n rant on bends to the amount of 49,830. At the valuations put down in that abatement there is an apparent surplus of 15,960, after deducting 4300 of unsecured liabilities. Between March, 1879 and March, 1839, I assigned certain bonds and the reversionary interest m . certain pro-serties to trustees for behoof of my children. Ine trustees have never drawn any revenue oat of thesj properties except a small compesititm on . .7J bond, and I am sorry tossy &ey are altogether worthless, or nearly so. When I began tobuy sd ell property i was som ii. i v. this stag! 4e diet was adjonraed till Tharsey, 20th prox., at 11 'elock, when the bankrupt : wU be examined in regard to his property toasactinBS. The Bemarkablb Cawdbe at Manohestes. In reference to the remarkable, captore of Isaac Ogle and his sister-in-law at Manchester on Toes, day for stealing aiargesum of money and a qnantity or legal documents representing property werth several thousand pounds, belonging to his late employer, Mr Dufft, solicitor, Melbourne, it has been ascer-tained that the prisoner some years ago was a, soliciter practising in Dublin, and was imprisoned ior expensive nanus. . , Canadian JEmiskatiom Itbhs. Owing tbe West, and in order that they should be aooomaso-dated first in the oheice ef lands, the Canadian Pacific Railway Company have decided to saspena the cansideratioa of all applications, whether from companies or individuals, for. lands iB.auantity. Privto advices state that the weather in Manitoba was onite warm and pleasant, while near OhicaSo and in Iowa they had snow to.the depth of Sve or six inches. The pressure causedby the nnaspectett influr ef settlers, this spring at Winnipsg, and along the line of the Canadian Pacific Bailway, baa now without trouble, and express ttemBfllves highly nieasea wiwi tiic wiujuxj. H-;T7 i. L-- published by St Paul newspapers against Manjtoba have iieen proven to be false, and taronJated in the intereite of rial and disappointed, land corporations ia the Urdted States. Tliero i9'. tdaa of the tid of immigration in mmHmy . . -. . l u I . .tu-n ti th.-sn ,n Winnipeg, and a syste of esty delists try B3wl. SCOTTISH SHimB'ASSOCTOU lTBnnaliBeti!rs:iJf;.tbi smxxtwhM yestsrdav in &xa Sf fraoeafaoa, iTZPHItr J.-Baam?a6r-tteEtSi The ocSS-had jiieah loMto M w-'ln woAtbina ose S?uS riame aad foot bad eir tjerftscaffls SSl "S'S. lam ooimiJto referred t&.uMJa.: to'S IheLmWd ofauspeiaon in'cassM whereihs deiiAma Lf,.CJlMW Wfth 'iher cbiiid '-hope .wan SlijB htrfap foremte - use that inelicia wit expeaiuvoxiKuv l jppro aa r whonerer We deeione tof Opiate SSStKSno .a.7 laUejitoteejaBorengasenieaiM".;." they;srte6ed in Bfery-arailable way on.the graunithat ie iw" niatSSdio wS-araUabie raun,4ttat;it woaw Be an iojotms noi wuj ,a 1. - i,.i,.-.aj.a ..aa ihr annvia iiauh uml onunn lew monaha dtldben to operatioii led'toaueba rary senons - i .v. iinA. i a. eon&eoveaea. to aubliTOiatioos delay and eisnse.toihispinB. toatabgrtj theauthoritfes haSljad under eonsideratioc tto adoptionoJ new msasares for oheeldDe growth .: the e-nrSns'ths lighthoofe MlHeSito.imoaadw-XMM. eonsmiwee were isM to .report-Mat m Bngseaftne .to tee &y House London , that the ,&Jft tj of the two asnts on name JzSVZiul were alike) shonW be altered, the Boiatpnceagreea to tte 'coTffl committee regretted that the Commieaionereof Northern Mjats SBouia more so w nins'theereetion of BdraJUght and Sotlier tojSSSd with the Fidra 3M&W?ijU!M effect Tho association, in reply to the Board ot todft had gfven their opinion favouraBle to f!.j5 onSey &d. and aSso-mggeatei a httie saore speed in ment on-wnat, it waa nopea, ""'TSw.rSi Place of the old, practice of manaKinc the! 3coiA coast-.owi5flT irrMivinRiblebffdv could demur to niacins lighthouse! where nsMioal .men did not want sentatioBtfhateTer m the matter. wWi' the cost of ing them, xne widows wauoi tuo . i-Wmnbenhlp numlwred 154, and 63 2s 6d had beeg paid to tHe snnirora of two memhere. The Membership rf SKStoSb. and the fund in hand were stated aThe resort was adopted, en the motion of the Chaibmau, who- suteequentlr addressed the i meeting A6 t!ie outset he referred, to the lighting ot the Firth of Fflrfch, which had occupied s, con-sidarable amaunt of attention for some time past. The Northern Lights Commissioners bad shown such an amount of indisposition in regard to taa views of nautical man on thU point that the association had memorialised tha Board of Trade in the matter, but yet the Commissioners J -l - .1 . . 1 tk. iri JIFfl A no amount of pressure had sufficed to quicken their movemeats in the way the associatioB desired and expected. Hetnought tne nosra oi Trai? was actuated in this -matter by ,a desire to give effect to the expressed views of the nautical community. Mr uurne men reierreu vu wjara-view he had had with Mr Chamberlain, President of the Board of Trade, and said he was rare that .T . 3 f II :1 U eentfeiaan, as an aovancea iJiuerm, t i .. 1 L. .n a.4lum tnere was a screw icoae ksuibwuwo, o-.uo --' Lights ComraiesioDera were an irresponsible body. SBU UftU J1U auuuuv .v. r J carrying out the work that was entrusted to them. He considered that were their association to endeavour t9 teach the Commissioners legal affairs, they i j i l.; . Wila Ka rVimnni. sioners, if they thought of educating them regard- vinoe. What they wanted was a recsnstruetion of rttiu-w, ' uvj t , the Northern lights Commissioners, Which body consisted of the provosts and sheriffs of maritime UUW lyiw-Jw , towaa, aone of whom took such a lively safcewstm the matter as toinduce them to pay that attention to the snbieet which was aue to it, ana rau" hands of- the officials of the Board, ut these officials were not tne pess men men i .- u .i ni-ie innii for, so far as he could see, these affairs were mainly left in --the hands f the secretary and the engineers, and, with all possible respect for them, he did not think they could possess the ' requisite knowledge of what was required. (AppUnse.) Kaferrhsi! to the Smppiae Couaeil, Mr -turrie hitrW? St " i" " a ;kit, Hot, Hk the Board of Trade work which did not fairly I come under rts notice, and the .result was that it had broken down. In.doing this work tbey naa and had been taken into Court aod mulcted in penaltiea bwaaae they had excieeaea w powere bv Acts of Parliament. Kven in Leith given them by Acts of Parliament. iven the arbitrary and illegal power exercised by the j. ai ' ;,vr. r !m.rf. whp-rA taa com pasie3 had beea victorious. He thonght te have re-organised the Board of Trade itself. I Applause. J lir ourrio uitsu siv uu s-. ii . tt -..-!.-. ftkiTMi - rTtiimiiuiiAn. remarkmc that he was very much against the underwriters , - i ii : l B,4f1cMl f.rt hftXR renre- eemg legauy rei;jsi-jra o 0w- r-- seritatives on the Gosamissidn,-as fee was sure the Commiasion would becons stereotyped- ia their notions, and that any novelties m Elnpbuilaing would be loeked upon by them as heresies, and would be impeded by them as much as passible. Mr Currie then spoke on the question of overloading, coniemniag the praotice of some shipowners, as by overloading their ships they took an undue advantage over their more honourable neighbeurs. . Mr Currie was, on the motion of Mr SGMJfEa-VlLLis, re-elsoted hon. president, and Capt. Has-aack was elected president. Mr Odebie then presented a bronze medal from the KovaS Humana Society to Mr John M'Neill, mate af the Princess Alice, for saving the life of the ate of the Abbotsfora, wh feE mte the water at- Leith and was stunned by the fall. A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings. AYE, ACaSJeMYT" The session of this famous educational inatitri. tion was hrought to a close yesterday Dy thecustri. bhtion of prizes in the New Twn HalL During-Wednesday and yesterday forenoon the specimens of drawing in the art department were exhibit ed in line AUauottlJ, auu naJ. jj TK .. a c i s..aal ni trip pvbibits were really works ef art, and the whole of the drawings .v.- 4..ns) tKinwa aKilitv with which this ritmuit f tha Academv is eenductod by JSlr Anderson thejart'master. At the distribntmn of prizes yesterdaytheTownHaUwaswell filjedby the pupils and their parents and friends. MrD. Dcnlop, chairman of the Burgh School &)ard, presided, and Provost Steele distributed the prizes. The irold medal given by the late Hon. Lqrd Oowaa for the best scholar of the session m the classical department was gained by James M-M-'GilL Cdylbank, Annbask, an4 the Bld madal given by Sir Peter Coats foj the best scholHr iu the modern section was gained by Osborpe Marshall, Avenue House, Girvan. Tha Chairman readihe following excerpt from remarks made in .tire wmnrt bv Professor Birrell, St Andrews, oue ot tne examiacsra ox uuo fiwumr , suits in classical literature and modern laeuagea : - Alter a very careiui oxauiii-iww -y-. sent in, and much careful weighing ef tjhe relative merits of the' candidates, I hatre become convinced Bible the comparative values ef the papers giv n i -. Taking ipsa consideration urn. ibubhj am of these papers, the values gained are very c e l -able to the pupils, and show that the Academy continues to maintain the very high prestige fr profioiency in classics which has so long char,' c 2 n.i1.n lAafnprl -nri accoinDlIshed rector. . . . The French and German papers On the whole, these results give abundunt- proof that ia the highest classes (Dr Birrell only examined iu classics and modern languages) both - the r,A t.tis moiiern lansnaees ara very Well repressnted in the institution.'' mi. r T. i ;.. -rlHunrr tiiA r.nniEs. ?:nreBfied n.. i offruv.Hfa t.hftVwranM in their several walks in life maintain the prestige of their famous -academy, anu uibujuuiu .n., pupil o the Academy had recently taken highest honours at Oxford by gaining a First Craven Scholarship. He referred to Mr J. C...M Kw. t it- olu ;.i-.irfttpyl that a number uf the old pupUs of the Acaneray had resolved to fonnd a prize, to be called the "Macdonald Prize, . in honour oi their able and esteemed rector, Dr Macdonald. The Proved concluded his remarks by commending the coaduct of a number of the children of the Academy, who had got up i: : i tha- - A-irr W oawtftl . which had been held on the previous 6xjr,wA had realises the handsome sum. of t-ii 10s in aid of that charity. The Chairman then aa- aennced the holidays, and the proceeamss termi- Bated. IRVINK ACADEMY. mi .i . .f tHia tmrtitiition was 1J1B awauw oaiiuiii.ivt ... ----i . : . ,1.1 i..j. 7v.Pt Rrvitjm. rh&irrnaa Of the School -Board, presided aad there was a good attendance of parents- and- friends of the pupils. The pupils were subjected to an examusatawn classes by the teachers, arid at the cloBe there was some excellent musio and recitation. The chairman read the reports of the official sxatnwers of the schocl-Mr George R. Sfory, M.A, ton, o Edinburgh Aoademy, and Mr D. Mnnn. S.Kfe.lS., Hiatbematical master of the Royal Higb bchool, Edissburgh. Mr Merry in Mb report ssated Hist rt cave him great pleasure kjuauiauj.akaiuu. tW tha ' noheel was now ia ' very efficient eoiidstjop.. A ;Breat amount of wot bad been dean aiWlBg wo nraays i uw, raw . : .: ii t 1 ir. Aw4lTit anfi the. niHiMnrms lione or vuv w;uvn r wa.-A.-, " "T Bsrfeet. The raoie'Siba of aataors rn tQa yanoaa classes ea liiif;. yt He felt sure that under the present staff pf teachers t : AnnrriTT TinMiVfT v&r sboTi become as dis tinffuuhed as it wa in' fonaer times. H was co 1 .1 . IL..- . inline i rh DHfli TAT -11 WlT.fl VIBCea UlcHi bXWLTj wmii a " 1 . the careful training they were at present receiving, will be sure to win honburs at the tiniverai ties. Mr Mimnaaid that he found two of the mipils roatheasatieal departaneat very w-raM inaaalyti-eal Baometry. statici, and Dynamics. In liis reool- iectlOB inose aavaucou buhjcvw m ii' " ti-vM-W:&mirf tha whpfei the t:bftfon was M ! in frmvnn jiTir. .ir-CQlQlit- she. -iGpajp AKBITEP AT GLASGOW. Jane 29. . Xoeh BKeL 1218, GsveB, from Lon)-BgfeS. Mitsarat Irftimyffl, 2S, Sraer, from OamckfergiiB .M'Graae, froA SobBp-WMp inm iVfe, 19, MK3Boi, : SAILED FKOM &I.A!SUUW. ztZHm-im wn MITbbxJb. for Dunkirk genex!. AESTVED AT 1HE TAIL OF THE BAffK. Juae 28. Miezer 1S3. Korea, from Araeajd for Greentek SAffiED FROM THE TAIL OF THE BANK. r1 T,.-. tQ Uwj j-mneraL vun -ooftl. fc , borirergeEerai Barremmao, 437, Pasifnll, from Glasgow tor JJatavia, Ate general-City of Calcutta (s). 2505, Sobertson, from Glas- . fi-j r(n T :n4 rr An Aral. trow ror.jaicaLii3 City of Bombay, 991, Khind, from Glasgow fer lort-(Jnalmers, it.i. general. . Sanda(B), Mavor, frow Glasgow aed Greenock for tiotnenburg general. AEDKOSSAN. .. r,.. T, o.Rx(a!.iret MifcchelL Tr- bert; MyfeL Eothesay; JJJ: riatia (s), uoierane. ob " Oampbeltown ; Maggie Js), Portlana. SAIMB.-Jnne 28-Waverly LochgoiL Jme 29 Flora, Arsnalong ; Grace, Arran ; Miza, el- fast; Fisher .Lass, Axran -, viytseauwc s!t TROON. Abbivzd. June 28-Jane. Spiers, Arraa; . - n3i. jnm .Tno 93 Martha uarron xarn ihj, r j t j M'CWi, Oork; Eoath (s), Waterford; Brandon (s), LoDdonflerry ; mianon jaenuiji, , Diamond (s), Belfast. , . Sailed. June 28-Tbornafey and Cathsnne both for Stranraer; Isabella, Campbeltown ; Gatherioe. Dnodalk. June 29-Eremlm (s), Lis bon ; Black Diamond (s), Belfast. IK. v I Sis. . ! t on 1 J - T?1f fvai Aivirll. Campbeltown ; Jnno and Nevis (s) bpth frem Sin.wiv .Tnri 29 Nsvis (s). Fort-William ; Jasper (s), Dublin. GRANGEMOUTH. ARErVED. June 29 Northumberland (a), Mid-dlesbro', iron. Sailed. June 29 Staatdrath Brock, Stettin, eoal ; Catharina, itfykjobing, iron aad coal ; Bremerhaven, coal; Grangemouth ), Boness, general. - . LEITH. Akbived. Jnn 29 Princess Alice (), Aberdeen, general ; Isabel, Wick, ballast; Malvina(s), London, general; Noran, Scalloway, general; Good Hope and Alma both from Aberdeen, stones ; Benjamin, Riga, deals and battens; Bessy Walker. Peterhead, oats ; Llama. Dunkirk, phos phates ; Gleaner, Aberdeen, stones Ulva (), Hamburg, general : consul Jjnna, uoiMuuuiji, battens ; Dens Eegit, Bageroonen, ice. , Sailed. June 29 Ordovic, Sunderland, Dallwt; . t. l;nt. T.4wt,;q. (a K.ica. general; Marie Stuart (s), Dtaikirk, general; gerieral ; jnane otuars kuo"' i isavarre (S), uopepnagan, gBai; y., Dresden (s), Burntisland, light ; City Merchant, Wemyss, light ; Moscnw (b), Cronstadt, general. GB.ANTOJN . Asbtved. Jtme 29 Alert, Narva, battens; u Kftl-VJrblJ. VU1IO - 5 - 7 tsirjey Catle (s), Grangemonth, lignt ; Kasmme M;t;nei Brevig, pit props; Faloen (a), put back j repairs ; Concordia, JtirKeamy, ii?nt. Oannel (), London, coal. BURNTISLAND: Aebived. Jane 29 Ehk (s), Schiedaa; ballast ; Dresden (s), and Percy both rrom iieitn, ballast, sfT.Tnr,B oo-MerenfM (s) and Modona (a) -rf-T-i . DUNDEE. Immrim limn OT ADletBVSt IS . XUES. nax : 1 John, Skondsvik, battens; fidelia, Sundawall, P" naHnaa : Ferrifer (a). Middlesbra', pie iron. Sailsi Britaaiiia (a), Loadoo, goods; Vesta, Grsntoa, light, t-- OO lineal fa T?nLt,rdftio : Aadalusiaa (s), Trieste; Sierra Oolonna, Kangootij Sorioe, Taiaverry : Low Wood, St John's ; Loony Simranora : Pride of the West, St Vaiery ; Indnstrie, Hamburg ; Stirhpgshire, Astoria ; Hiver Lagan, can J! rancisco ; vtuoouowino, xuuj- moin (ieoro-e. AlaEdaieae xiay ; .i.uuaiyis X. . - , t 11 A A.I 1 Paseasmayn; Vign, Carrizal; Artist and Con tinentalboth Irom oan sirMiwsw, Kenney; Ship Island. Sail2. June 29 Bittern (s), .Ghent ; Condor (s), Retterdam; Mary E. Wadham (s), Cron-iiAt.- Elizabeth Taylor. Port Royal; Wm. Leckie, Quebec; Adelaide Mary, Talcahuano; liaspee, ynecec ; uiysseaw, iu6 w, Berlin, Philadelphia ; Boroma, Portland (Maine); ban Joaqin, uaicutca. GKAVESEND. Arsived. June 29-West (s), Lisbon; Italia (s), Gibraltar ; Jenny (s), Dantzsc ; Meredith (s), Liusne ; Aurora, Laurvig; Matedon, Sandswalt; Lida Barbadoes ; Flora, Chnstiama; Atlantic, Adelaide ; Friede, Gam&ra, Alesandriae, Memel; Susan, Farsund; Arethusa, Memel ; - Admiral Tromp. Soderhaum; Heltengeria, New kork; Arcturus, Auckland ; Garibaldi, Hernosand ; JB M. Neilsen, Landscrona ; Hettc, Norrkopiog ; Heldos, Jamaica ; Emarica, Egersond ; Norvegia, Norsundt: Metta Katherina, St Petersburg; Margaret, Droback : Peter Graham (s), Archangel; Nor, Brevig ; Grecian, Lyttelton,- New Zeaiaodj Mdntrosa (s), Cronstadt ; Annft, Jamaica. ; Man-anne, Shanghai ; Williant Dnthie, Sydney ; Rudelph, Fredrikshall; Oscar, Sundswall; J.erea, Alejandria; Sapphire (s), Archangel j Johanna, ?in!ED-June 29 Astrea, Genoa; Annie (s), Dantzjc; Sabrina (s), Genoa; Avonmore, New York. ,T DEAL. AuEivro. Jiine29 Sydenham.LytteltoB.N.Z., Coromandel, Napier, N.Z. -n-n?.t? Passed East. June 29-Coprns, from CaUnga- patam; jreranBni -tj- bavten, from Melbourne; frms Alexander, Ba- tavia ior .ssae.ruui. t.. . on vt-fr. iB fvrtm Saa Sverre (Norwegian barque), supposed from JNew Xork. FALMUUTll. Arrived. June itS Gilsland (s), Sulsna; Niel- sins, Rio Grande ; wanderer, uiuk. CARDIFF. Aebived. June 29 Lorenzo Padre, Porman ; Geneva (s), Carthasena ; Frazetti M., Gorman ; Leone, Oran ; Alecto, Tripoli ; Marina Metrana, Pensacola, yUJB15LNlJVJ-. Sailed. June, 29 Victoria, Greenock. CLAN LINE MOVEMENTS. fflAvnp. Twine & Co.) Clan Maokay (s), from Calcutta for Genoa aad Marseilles, leit uaue, .mnti-vii. CITY LINE MOVEMENTS, ii-ii ritli . Sons' Eeoort.) City of Calcutta (s), left Glasgow for Calcutta, via. Liverpool, dune a. City of Alanchester (s), from Glasgow and Liver pool, at Calcutta, June sa. ANCHOR LINE BiOVEMENTS. (Henderson Brothera' DaUy Eeport.) Galatia (a), from Glasgow for Bombay at Liver pool, June zs. ALLAN LINE MOVEMENTS. " ,' (James & Aiex. AHiats's itcport.) Phoenician ,(s), from Baltimore, Haiitax, ana ot John's, N.F., at- Qiiseristown, June 29. Nesterian (s), from Glasgow at Boston, June 28. ' ARRIVALS AToFOREIGN POSTS. Seii'tol Wya, Buchanan, fram Lytteltqn at San Francisco, June 29. , Aberietono, Gonnon, from Palcutta at Demerara. Amsterdam (s), i'nrnboll, from b-rangemouth at Rotterdam. ' Arracan (s), Stuart, from Liverpool at Kangeon, Catalan (a), of Leith, from Bembay for Havre, at Suez, June 28. , Chas. W. Andersen (s),. from the Tyne at Escom- v m - ' -vl. iio Drera. tinneo. . Royal SoverewH, Lmda G., Bay of ISapies. biieve Freuchay, "' Hermann, Deiuschjan.-l, Mpnnc Stuart, lima, Norway, Europe, Sayecake, Lecox, twilight, Parthia, Magnificent, and Frank Flint all, at Ascension (by telegraph -Time 291. Edward Barrow and Astrea both at St Helena (by telegraph dated Madeira, June zv;. Elise, from Liverpool ; and Connemara and Bar-tolomeii Ceruttij from Cardiff all at Singapore,-June 28. Oberau, f roa Lndon at Sydney, J W- . , Iverrier (sj, the Tyae at Nep.tam, J une27. GsJatea, Liverpool at Btimo (by eabie). Candidate, Sylgh, and Harawood all at Barbadoes bv tlearaci reojvad ji5nie 29. xiw:m- Y? fat?i from Liverpool at Tries:, June 28. Pharos (a), from Liverpool at Syra, Juaa SAILINGS FROM FOREIGN PORTS. CMfin (s), Hntchjosan, laft Bilbao for Glasgow, TajrlS, Boston, laft LyStelton, N.Z., for Leaden, Jnxta.28. x i Oxford (s), lej Criffltrtadt feJMrfeifc J obb 27. S cat? f Oporte (a), left Opsato for London, i Jnivaza. Pefeke Ctie, left M m!?,'F& Oriemt I mwsr, .wmM,: Water!eand33ell- pasiied StHeleia(by telegr dted-Tleir.Jnno29.- - VESSELS SPOEEUTi CoA feomMam for-LmrpoeV Mny 20, Siw. HwjtMw. Wtm 9ft. In hs. Oil., lOHg. . CAStrALTJES. The Jefcii 0. PdtSer (Ahwricaa shi, , fVam Hnanilloe, ia at Valpsraiso with cabin steva bv Tke Nydisi (Brftish barqne), from Liverpool for CaHao, ia t Bio de Janeiro with (ramp gear oat of order. - - . , , The Cecilia (schooner), from Loadon (Jerry for Bmrbeg, is ashore near Buabag. AEsdstaaoe sent to her. The Professor Wsermanh German steamer), rr i -nar I- f A .;M of Nnit. The irofessor wsermann vurermau from HambuiforWestC!4stof Africa, is at Spit head with slight defect in crank shaft neadwitnsiigntaeiectin.cranii.Buaii. A telegram from Durban, dated June 29,! thai the Bridgetown, which sailed from Cardiff on fai: the Bridetwu. wmca eaiiea irom aram w Ail hands gawd, pome pan, ui wio possioiy oo recovereu. - i rv at 12.15 P.M. that the Alice (passenger steam-tng) (nasseneer steam-triK) ran ashore on Eaondican Eocks. All the pas sengers rushed to the boats, one of which capsraftd and several men and women were drawned. GENERAL StUfi-iJM iioao. Allah Like Boston SebvIob. The Allan GENERAL SHIPPING ITEMS. Boyal Mail steamer jNestorsan, irom Glasgow,- .L ot. Tlnotrtn on Wednesday. n-mireA at. Tlnstan on Wedoesday Allah Like Balhmoee. service. ine aiew Royal Mail steamer Phojnician, from Baltimore, Halifax, and St John's, N.F., arrived at Queens-fawra vesterdav. Tctat. Tnrv av THE SS.S. lOVZR doeth. ims steamer, owned by Messrs James Little & Co., vessel was bailt by Messrs Workman, Clark & Co. , tw i.;- SVi ia 230 feet lens bv 32 feet broad and 17 feet deep. The engiae cylinders are 26in. andozin. By 4Zra.-strose, witn tiu I.S.P., ano co carry 1600 tons. She made a most satisfactory run, doing the measured mile at the rate of .0 knots an hour. There was a nnmereus company on beard, including the owners, builders, and engineers, with tha Hon. James Service, ex-Premier of Victoria; Kev. A. Kussell, M.A., Kinning Park; Messrs W. H. Little, Workman, Honsto!!, Stewart, and Wrede. Diiiner waa aerved on deck by Mr John Forrester, Gordon Street, Various toasts were oledged, including " Sncceis to the Kiver Forth.'' It vxs stated that since the lannch the builders have been entrusted by the owners with the construction of a larger one. ; MAIL AND STEAMSHIP NEWS. ' (Lloyd's Telegrams.) Adek, June 27.-Steamer Calliope, from Tiamhuu arrived hare to-dav. and proceeded for London after coaling. ADEN, J use Z. steamer xisguou iwre day for Dunkirk. Abbs, June 29, Bird steamer Pelican, from f!a1itfci. arrived vesterday afternoon, and left this mens ins; for London. AD2N, June 2B. crffiBB imu aKamw x miio, Bombay for London, left here to-day. x T. T OO n.U RtiVNno Castle, from London, arrived here this morning. .Baseow, June 28, Steamer Africa, from Montreal, arrived here to-day. Batavta. June 27. Comraereial steaajBr Zee- land, from Southampton and xtottardara, arrived here to-day. BOMBAY, June 2. Steamer trumuoru ssn, uure t)wjav for jjh BoJ,BAT- Jn, 72A..n.r- Tun. P nnd O- nteamer JNenauL iJ '.m riM, u uu - - . - -i from Coloobo, arrived here this morning. Bona, June 27. Steamer Nuphar lett here today for New York. . Boston (by cable). Allan steamer Nestonan, from Liverpool, has arrived here. " Bosios, June za, warr BOSTON, June za. narren ewauiei. Boston, June 29. Leyland steamer Bavarian, from Liverpool, arnvea nere snis moraiBg. t -.,m inn. w iJiiAi.riAlftnd BtBAtifier v)nn;i t,., vuuu . CaHsarta, from London, arrived to-day. ehester, from the qyde, has arnwd here. ieair, ihjuu ww vv --r. - -7 . -1 . r TTrrvnA .Ttin Steii.mjr Nizam, from LrfHL- CalcdOTA, Juneza. ateamer dizain, n UflJAjUlia. Vuav. 3 dos. arrived here this aft era son . , 3;CB r -to umiea AJagaom, icit aero r. " T .a 90 . rhAlclrrtiTiAn neAAirter ... iaxajux-xj, v i" : Roibnrgh arrived here yesterday, fetar steamer Vega lei.t here yesterday morning for London. (JAPE Tows, Jane 27. Castle steamer Granttslly i. .nts nnrl naqnAncrprii fram 2atal nrirt Cape Colony, left here at 5 p.m. to-day for England waiaaaeira. lUnB) AIAi V-..v , for Plvmouth via Madeira, left here this after- J ... . J.I l..A..l aC 4.... F-AM 1-1. l.mAVK I I lllflFI KiriaTVIAir 1 T.TTira noon, one onags a ueii;aiKini va wi" aa Natal. CAKDisr, June 29. Steamer Lesseps left here to-day for Singapore. ' OoossTOWW, June 28. Queensland steamer TtAtna from London, arrived Jiera to-day en route for Brisbane, a..,, Dartmocwh, J une . Uasci steamer, ancixies left here to-day for Demeiara. DOVER, J une as. Axxeaeiiana owjkuhjijouiiiicu Prins Alexandei-, Batavi f Amsterdans, "passed hera between 11 A.S. and noon to-day. Dove a, June as). ionn vrBriuau xjaujia omnmoi Hapsburg, Bremen for Hew York, passed here to-i.. o nt,BHfftaivtAi' Herniiknn. Bremen aay. kauic aajiailimhj ; 7, . for Baltimore ; Hamburg steamer tiellert, Jdam- bur? for JNew iors; onu 'uu' Z X , , . t J f. f alM.tra 1 lamnnrt ; Holt s jrOOrKQa, XiUUUUU ivi '"v i r - r . steamer Laplace, for Liverpool, passed here to- aGiBSALTAS, June 27. Steamer Albula left here to-day for Aden. n TT J -, nn. C.,iA. l?iriiMft Knmfian lilBBALTAB, uune avo. """""l " j ior London, arrived here to-day. lilBKAlrAH, uuiio aiu. , Batavia to London; and Llangollen, from Madras, have arnvea nere. oc T H fl i1nmTftYiv s steamer Pekin left here to-day Kr Gibraltar, &c. UEAVE3END, aJUBB id. xai.aiaii.iao oto..a Ganges arrived here to-day. Gbavbsend, June -29. Steamer Chamois, from Jamaica, passed here to-day on her way to the Honoliiltj, Jane 7. Steamer Monarch, from Cardiff Ma St Michaels, arrived here to-day all h'cbst Castle, June 29. TJnionsteamerTrojai, 'Southampton for Uape of Good Hope, in Plymouth, passed here at 5 P.M. te-day with passengers and cargo. m A LisboK, June 28. Royal Mail steamer Trent, from Southampton, arrived here at 6 P.M. to-day, and was to leave at noon on 'lhursday tor Brazil and River Plate. . Liverpool, Jnne 2a Steamer Lemnos left the Mersey' to-dy for Monte V ideo. Cue ard steamer Atlas, from Boston, arrived in the Mersey to-uay. Steamer ocouana jbau una AixuAijF Liveiipool, June 29. Allan steamers barma- ;., f.nvi MrentrefJ. and bcandmaviaa, troia UUij- gow arrived in tbe Mersey to-day. .Liverpool, june ceu .jmuo, for i'enang; and Leyland steamer Hlynao, for D A i.r til flfoTI.V V:il-Hfl.V. T.rTnpuiini. June z$. Heaver steamer Lake rtr:..: AlUn ohaiiiiw PaL'iian. Dominion ,.,mrr ri'rnuklvs. for Montreal, ana Wiiiia Star steamer Britannic, for New i'ork, all left hire to-,iv Warre:! steamer UlamorgAU, ireiu Boaton, arrived here to-day. MiDEIKA, June 29. Unipn steamer Ronan, from Piy mouth, on June 24, arrived hrre at 6 A.iJ. co-day, and proceeds at uoou for Capa Town. HaDBIBA, Jnee 2tl. Donald Currie'd steamer Drummoiid Castle, with mails and paBStnrs from Natal and (Jape Colony, via St Helen and Ascension,' arrived here at 2 P.M. to-day, and .pro-tieeded at 5 p.m. for Plymouth, where she n.ay ue i' .. M ....). v i-icvt MadiuS, June i9. -Ducal Lme steamer Duke of Sutherland, from Loadun. ha arrived here. Malta, June zo. aia,Auei mww. Bombay, has arrived here, toteamet ivace, irum HrvTtinav. lias lum u a-...,... steamer Tower Hill, Calcutta ior Londen, passed lt?e t, oq nwn dfjismer fjlan Maclean. . , 1ai Kr rn.n;iir Tnr diveruooi. Mew xoek, ow.e .ia.-.. steamer Lesaing, iiavrs ana uaim-mia, here to-day. .v Tr..tK JNEW IOBK iuy Onmuanv's eteamer Amcr;que, irom ixavre, na arrived here. t. . t New Yosk, June aa. ivxonnrcuBioaujoA xoioi.ii Mimarcl), for London, leit here t.)-c(ay. New Yokk, June 2b. Cunard Scythia, for Liverpho!,' left here .to-day. Qdeeksiown, June 20. Cunard steamer Servia, from New York, arrived off here to-day and after landing maiJs'.aud passaugers proceeded for Livevr.oolt 3.40 A. Mr .; ' , . Qusiaisrows, June 29. American steamer British Prince, from liverpool, arrived here to-dav, and proceeded at 2.55 P.M. for Phiiadelphiaj after embarking passengers. QosiiKSTOWK, June 29. National steamer Italy, from Liverpool, arrived here toMlay, n V?"' ..j r'.. -, vnr)r oftor. AmKsrkinw rjas8eneers. CceiiCU 1(11 a. err ii'iAmiy, . a a- 7 - . ... Al LlVPrill-MlL lheUuaara steamer ihivai.., aa. airived here to-day, and proceeded for Boston after embarking passengers. A11 tPh"'blydTpheePa former at 4 'c JakeIbo, June 27.-Pacific steamer Ibem left here to-day ior xHirutMiA. (en nw" t V7.At, firmsLn Uovd steamer ElberNe'w York jor Bremen, passed here at 7:20 'O-:. , -p,OT .Tnn M. P. and O. stumer Pkin, London ; for Calcutta, passed hese to'sif atbebinb's Point, June 29. -Direct st earner Blehhai'm, Demerara for London, passed here to- Kitts, Jims 26. Direct steaiser Creole, from the British West India Islands, left hera to-day for London. ' ,, . ,T St-Joan's (by cable). Allan steamer X-ova Scatian, from Liverpool, has arrived here. Ki.TAnn? .Tune 28. Steamer Glenavon, fconi Shields, has arrwed here. Sdiz Cahai, June 27. Arrow e4eam Greet, from Cardiff, arrived at 5-Saii to-day. Suez Canal, jTj28.-ateamer It&LLtv&m USB IBSilX A."iAAAAIWfc VA.BVW- - i.ii.. RtAurmAr TdanirAnB. Nae&saki far ifort- steanar arrived Atj BertSsSd t-5.80A.M. feo-day. Scbz CiKAt, Jooe 29. Nder!a rteaM; Princess Aaualia, Amsterdam t Batavfa Star 5nSt! Port to Bombav. have aitrfved: "a Port-Said. pore so norntjay, nave arnvea. a rrors-csHa. . Steamers Geo. Ffsher, from PeTSiaaGalf; Lovnine, e tj s . KrnVnur - (Vtiutid ts.LiT a. tt . T-'v-i. r . Karraciiee to Aiatwari. ; and Raroleh, Bombay to MarinL hi.m arrived at Srjez. tetft J-Mtoamer Garonne, frftm PSvinoftth, arrived here this tnomin?. wtA .,nr-.f.-Steanr00siKmff. from Montreal, arrived here at midnight. Six beasts reported lost overboard. . i FOWLING. RENFBEWSHIKE LOED- LTETTTENANTS clgp TCH. r-TTP xarTf!TT The competitioa beWeem the Reufrewshire WImg clubs for fcbe cop presented by th na dni. Lientenant af the Uounty, Sir M. s. Stewart, juieu&c AU etiA TgriAtIA m'rTf.tIS tse cnty yesterday ev in the canttty yesterday evening. Twenty-two clubs engaged in tha contest, but the weather proves unravoaraoie to a coihiotiuio huq, efttirely prevented play bstween the competitors 1 1 1 : i-. t anAk A. Vj-.vv. AnriMtiw niAViawTan yiiiv- tunawii inn rain iHi.ii.rirK who wr Vialiated to face each other on the Shaw-1 lands and PoUokshaws turfs. In these two places the greens were placed under several inches of water in course or tne aay, ana u was neiu aavis- able to refrain from play by all the clnb represen- ...... '.l j.i. Li . i. i : . tnuves, wisn ine excepuon or tnoee oeiongmg ro Ulld VHlCinilllCI U1UU, X A(.1CT, Wl II" UVpUUW 1.. Trtl1iteil.,rc Palrrrir. i.vr.,t!rVT trt til TCTCtt 1 Polloksbaws. Taking exception to the wise resolve of their opponents, the Paisley contingent tially with the g-ame, and then (JourageouBly sub- mitting their willingness to go ou to the end or nlfklTa tKa nam. nhTr nTfinn.Tfilr tvioii. vn trials uup aaa ueeu won oy me vrreenocs: rosveuwr Club with an average gain of 12"3, PoUokshaws M1-U . : J .'.I. -fl.f ..J W.ii: .... . t ii. . -i. i. . uiuw wining wuu witu XV X, onu TV ciiiuwu T ! r A.A T, ' T. J J. L (..IT x arni, vrrBauwis, witu u. xtarrxieau, woxcu ueiu the cup last year, adorned the bottom of the list :j-i. . .1 nil.. . wigu tuti score ei xo x oi a loss. iu scores uro ub teilows : Abercom. PaiBley A.J.Koy...... . 24 Pollofcahaws J. BnsseU . 29 ronaKsineiaB Wm. Smith zl W. Anderson 30 Wm Hiunilton ... . . 59 Victoria Colin M'Aulai.. 19 John M-TasKart. 18 Keafrew Archd. Kerr 33 Aler. Pattison Wellraeadow J.Kirltwood - 92 111 A -nmiio ?w TiflJ1 rfnlr 43 Ardgowan, Greeaock James M. iiiil Zl Prilok8hawa J. Casznp'beli 29 R-oberfc Brortie. Wra, JTeilnon Robert Wriglit 39 Victoria T. Hamilton Y 1iWljaJ.. UAUIUWU,... ij Shawianda B. Andrew... 21 WeUiiicfton Park-it Cowan 22 Boberfc Wood 24 122 a. : wuiw4j- in 117 GrosTonw HnahBlact.. 30 FoIfoSaihfelds S. Gonn... 51 Sliuids-Thos. Vraiiamaon 81 iri?i.i-5S ftfkiM 4" a iun- A . BaJTfaead-Wm. Whyte... 24 Ja. H. Macuab 44 Inunpr rlnb.- -18-L Oaledonia, Paisley ; , 37 Pridrscroft John Kerr... 19 . 7 Grosrenor John Serrfce.. 4S . IS Wton Park-Jae. Eaibert 32 , 16 Biderelie Th03. Jack 26 . Gourock Wm. Birrel oames .cron. John Murray . Wm. Kerr John M-Doiigal Alex. M'Kechnie.... 75 12S AirAmwilfiefi nYpiTilr Charleston, Paisley wm. tlau..., George Keid 19 Ja. Smith 26 Kiussfcon A. Seaton., Lfichwinnoca S- Lore 20 RhawMnde Hngh Wilson 31 Qtt's Pic Sam Stevenson 16 WHmeadow-rM. Lockhart 16 i GaIedtmla-7. 3Doox&l.. 16 Infcennan W.Kirltwood.. 18 PoUokahields A Houston 21 H. MCKeniSie Chas. Herd 2" -103 Awrtur iraSn Tier risk. 5"0. Eldersiie Thos. Jack 26 Boat, stewan.. ia Geo. Scobie.... 29 74 Ammm nnlr. Mir rink 55 Gourdck Wm. Birrel..... Caledonia A. MTCechnie. Prioratmsft-J. B. Stewart 23 Wellington Park P.. Boyd 32 PoUOkshswB T.AUison... 29 Kobe. iVi-ji.enziB . NeUMscKay... i' ,, E. M'Wttirter.. 18 si 84 GrosDor. Greenock John Allison Si HughBlact Wm. EonaM Jahn Service Hugh Steel 33 Barrhead Wm. Whyte... 24 26 Kingrton wm. Cairns.... M 49 Caledonia J. Marray..... 7 Port-Glasgow K.IdSmith 125 Average gain per rink, 12'3. Inkerman, Paieley Wt. Kirkwbod 18 74 Elderrfie Sobt Stewart.. 19 Cl.-0ni4A-W OcrMnlaan Wm.Spiera " Hugh Cowan, sen. ...... 43 73 Average train per rinfc, 2-2 Kilmalcolm Queen's Park B. Toong.. 10 55 -PMTnbM.lrt& A. Barthanore J. L. Cowan 26 7 Af ArjivoT, . ifi Ariigowan-K, Wright. ... 20 W. Forgie 1 i A vnram ii1ti Tlfrr rfnlc. l'l x0(3roiiinocQ--xxi. viason za 64 Kingston, Ulofgow Wm. wtuteiora a Wm. Cairns 14 C. a MacleUscd 27 Grosvonor W.Bonald.... 26 r.t...r,i.. TiT, l.ij A. Seaon Peter Hamilton 40 H.J?.KUton 9 IU Awrs3i mtin Mr rinir. 42 Wellmeadow J. Ifeil .... 10 J rtentrew x. Anaerson... i 53 Citariestoa-G. Beld 19 Queen's Park T. S. Eohb 27 KUTnalcolm Wm. Forgie, 16 AMfeTOOIK - - KohertLove a Tw.aa flrlla 2S Duvid Davidson 23 76 AvRTarm cain ner rink. 4'2 62 PoUokshaws Jas.Dunlop. Eenfrew A. Hutchison... Abercora-A. G. Roy 24 Gourock B. M-Whlrter.. 18 .i. msseu.. a T. Allison. . 29 J. Campbell 29 J. wimnLieii aaiu5m r- -rr.ij.Bissett 34 Victoria-Hilljepbson..., 17 Ardgowan-J. n. Hill.... Zl ir.. 1. TTI11 T 1.... TT 121 Average gain per rink, 10 1 Pollok-jhields- Win. Anderson i Archd. BonstoB 2 J. M. Steven 1 Abercorn W. Smith 21 Eldsrslte-G. Scobie 25 Kilmalcolm Bartleroore.. 26 Priorscroft-D. Wilsoa.,.. Barrhead John Ynitl.... 20 86 S. 8. Eunson. . . . S. Gnnn 51 118'27 n-W. mSeford.. 28 ro 4 K' Buster. 24 Queen's Pk.-W. Gardner. 06 E, Smith.. urosTenor HughatesL .. 51 6 PrrSt lso?".6.'- Pol!okahilM.8.I5an.on - P'l0reM0f Jas. wZn.: 31 Shawlands-G. MiW... 13 John Kerr .. 19 Caledonia Jas. Browne.. 37 J.B. Stewnrt. 25 Gourook-R. M'KeMie.... 24 " J. 15. Wilson.. 29 Grosvenor John AUisoa.. 20 102 Average gain per rink, 2D. Queen's Park. Glasgow Wm. Gardiner Kobt. Young.. $0 Andrew Lambie T.K.Robb 27 Samuel Stevenson 16 34 Port-Glasgow E. Hnnter, 24 Inkerroan H.Cowan,sun., 43 Victoria-a M'Aulay..'... 2i LochwinncKh J. Dodds.. 28 Charleston H. M'Kenzie, 34 '. iio 117 BnnintonuVai Kingston-H.P.Ealston.. 29 Arch. Kerr..... 33 Abercom-J. HTaggart... 18 54 47 Average gain per rink, 31. snawlanus, uiasEuw Burns Andrew Hugh "VVlisoa Wlu. Camiibell Xhos. Williamson.... Gilbert Haldaue ... 21 ... 31 ... 36 ArlcfiWftn W. WiMlKrtn... 27 Ohnrleston J. Smith 26 Inkerman W. Siieu-s 12 1 J-T Mj.'te.Vi 13 Priwracioft J. Wilson.... 31 101 Average gain per rink, VI. Victoria, l'ttsislov Robert Fleming Jo Thos. Hamilton 1J Saaucl M'Aniay 21 Hill .Teuhscn If 96 Wellington Park James Aterryiees 24 Ardgowau H. Brodie 39 Queen's rark A. Lsunbie. 28 PoUokshaws W.S. Bissctt 34 Abercorn YV. Hamilton.. 29 145 OoLin 11' Aulay 19 SiToTuffi loss ner rink. 101 Wellington Park Greenock Gourock Neil Mackay.... 17 ii!iAni. Wm rrTi- 15 Kobert Jivya Si .lunum Halbirt James Merrylees.. Ki.bert Cowan .... Koliert Fulton.,.. 4 -Victoria H. PletAiiug...i. 18 22 Ardgovvaa Kobt vood.. 24 Wellmeadow-JWWteforii IIP Average gain per rink, 9'0. VVullmaidoWi Paisley 19 Kingston-P. Hamilton. . 40 J. i.Ml J. Kirkwood J. Wtutrford M. Lockhbvrt Aibercorc A. Patuson.... lii.n; ..llA-t-.l? I.-nlrAi,. lieitlBlUUAIVA-.A. . 16 Gh&rkstoii Uhas. Herd... 24 3S 64 Average loss per rink, 141. EDINBURGH BOWI.IKG CLUBS TOURNAMENT. ThetiftU annual competition !or tuie trophy of the Leith Associated iiowlto? Clubs was plaredyes-tcruay over the ciub greens. Gieat mtevt was siiifteted it the ground of the Hiiisiite Club, who won tne trophy last year The samo was played under most favourable weather conaitioua. appemien m . . Sntharland. Archer's Had 31 Muwluft. iNorthern , . .. J. W. ThooiSOll. Hiltside.. 24 M'Clellauli, RUinine xsaQB Cruickahanks, Urunidryan 23 T V. iln, Luttou riat. T-i'i.V Wuct. tf.iliT Davidson, Hillside " Marshall, WestUnd... FaiJ, Mayfiehl... T.ilrl Manriftlii i 24 27 20 24 Melville. liUtton Place. . Bro'ivu, Sumbierside. ... Jas. "wih-ort, Lucwn Place. 20 Macrau. xlriLmtuTrau 27 Sutherland, Uruiridryan . . 36 Munro, Archers Hall liidddch, Suromerside.... Fairley, Hillside Fleming, Archers riall.... M y. Thomson, Hillside 3a Coouer, Northern Gul'dou, Archers' Hall . . T ll'"l,l 14 XA6IV.UU, .1IAU.. - - Smith, Smmrierside Sleveuson, west unfl i' Hunter, Luttou Place f Aitken, Northern. a-i,q "Went lend ..... lo lioDalttaou, iiaynem. Learmonto, xrmLLtuijwi to IttiAmSS . cTubli ve held the. trophy, the nrst being th. fit to Thich the competition was ius',ituted. - BSLWH1Xaa,-8a,BI00S Cakeuaob Accidest.-yeetarday a report reached the County Malice Office at Airdne af a serious carriage accident which had happened between the Tillages af JJells-hiil and Broomhouse. Mr Charles Gall, an auctioneer, tollokshields, had been driving along with another gentleman on the turnpike road, when a youag man with a bicycle came up, which caused the horse to start suaaeaiy, wcereoy both the occupants of the machine were violently aV. ...a ?S5 lif.. w rioVit-. la, bmkea iuruntt two, u ." - below the Atneeana sustajnea wnnn tn; hajv.a ESTIlAQHElISABT SCHHE ON A jSlMlIOAiAS t-iAKAL ' oirminaAtAn x wxiww vav j -t saikr named Rainbow wa3 charged with cauaBg .. tut c ; a ... .f .i 'rh. tne deatn at wm. oaviger, aisuv jrce.,? vu. ..Bv previous night prisoner iniiBced the Isoy to go into the canal by promising teach him awiasmmg, and carriad him into the middle upon his back. Th nrisoBer than preteiidad he could not swim hiraaelt, and throwing tha youngster oft, get across to the eDal w. uuiA wwiiw - for iifL!d 'indidv TEE TUBF. SPORTING NOTES. fFHrtw " WmB AWD GOLD."l I LOSDOS, TTinredsty BTemne a capital ttenoanc at wosiortn rare : the third aw! eonclndmir das sport, j - - rr .V to witness the ana tne taisme tion. rne vnacneeaosa were rFsmiieu tow. first-Biteed havmg, if any&ing, the e9 j , lail OI tne nag. it wan an inseremng race owrea thjg. dteW th Jhf T ".'71 a! ' Weldosi's candate, who wm ridden by the I fer. Aign oniy ane " i win run in uin . j r.ri . b i i .i . i . l . . u. I ' u -iu,. . . i , r n vi.t x ' . 1T.1.. 3. t . j lot in hand from Swohrat. Louie Hlrovde fn lowed up her recent snctwss hy sectjrrag the Seghitl So-lUng Plate, bei'jg bonrfit in for 123 guineas; and then my selected pair, Cbisfebmrst and the Lady Newby filly, finished first and second for the Seaten Dehval Stakes. After Conspirator had taken the Grand Stand Handicap, Mr Perkins followed up his soeeess ia the Seaton Delay! . rn mnnui rtn ma hmimm in rru noufln I muvi i Btaaes oy talcing ttm JNewcasue isanaicap wscn lviatyieoone, secona m tne nerwramoBriMru Plate, Novice, wjto shared with Philibeg the iiAnimn sf f avmmfiMYi fiwialiw tTiiwr T'rt.TTinTTAW Will rrtna rlA rwMrfnnTna. sf trtA A lATftlrclrA Prlr Meeting, when the usual crewd will doubtless lwi npi.fntr assemble en the Muswell heights. Mv fancies for j the day are : Hornssy Wood Handicap, Glide j heck or Eone ; Grand Stand Handicap, Revelry oapucnin ; otewaras rate, rtomanaor rserne ix.; Wood Green Plate. Sidonfa or Mar : Flvins Two- ( .Tj. -ni i. t. t . , , , i . " -rSL- m....U m.i. rtn t . u. n.u r TV..l year-om nate, ue ijacy ; the uwa vup, iswi r kJlUAS. LANARKSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. This fine old regiment, having completed its j annual period of training, was inspected yesterday i in ..a-.j-h T VfHn 1 .Imi.I I l.M-lilWIIIU, JUi.IJk JUWI , UV vi'li'HH I iion. w. s. 1). Home, anrl James J-aterson; Lientenaots James Aduie. H. E. Gordon. Lord J. A. Butler, and J. Mitchell ; Captain and Adintant R. A. Vansittart, and Sargeoo R. E, Wortii TriT- alvvMt 9iYl Ti rTnnrt. sioned officers and privates present. Havin receHred the reviewing officer in line witn the customary salute, the regiment wag put through a great variety of exercises and evolutions, including .L. . j . - . i i i : t.j 1 review, after which Colenel Thig congratulated both officers and men H the "vety iugfe State of fffiwv m vVirh i fnnn tb carD.. which was 1 limited time thev had had to drill J A 1 x. Al.: 1 - 'aIt nnfrmTttai. ami Miai mo Huraca were euuicij uukv-. He suggested a few points which it wonlii be well (-3iam t, aHatti oryr ATkfl Hi Atl hv flaVlItnT that he would be hatov to send a favourable report to the Horse Guards. The races feega shortly after three o'cick with the first of the w4 Ko nrr.onTrvT OffieTs Cno. "Ux till shortly before the sport . i.n tJ.i..- v.t . t ll. w,. y,A rvAon fima -.rSrt Knn shining out brightly, bat several load peals of A-! 1 AJ nr lvrWr-.ntnCf -Btrot-w. t.hf? wikhnni: inrmiiwirtn for over two hoari5. The crowd of spectators was pretty large at the begiii- UlllXi OUtj fD ZttiU IJflHJ. WIO SUW-v w. a-JLk"i.0 considerably, most of the members of the 3d and 4t6 bat56alKa ot ttte ocewju xwnes iftinuaj, WHO ar a imsouti cwt if, . haa wnMnn vawiriil TT! vrM'TJ- rJiUTaB dwellings. Amongst the ladias and gentlemen present were : The Uountess oi name ana 5... in n ai. . 1 rr V. nMtnntuwn nf rrom xyougxas , i.n v. . Oorehotise and partv ; Mr R. G. Somerville and x 7-.-.... T ...O- . f-w Pah nf Rtanmora unity, Ml new imiiniA, - . ... -- 4 . Ay. r.. 1a T.-TiT,iT'rnn HnriRe : Mr Pi-iTmld .Inhnston nf SnnnvBtde and twrty : Miss 7. 7 , . . . . ci.".-i . . 54- A it Service and party, irom osoneoyra ; ir uu i i7ftorA . ni-nftAniiill otht naTv Maior Massmnn of Auchtifardle and party; ltfr Ctmniiigham and T A ll S.T 1 Tl ' . 1 a.KMM irty, tsraxueia ; ioiwnei xjui;iibii m w,rj.r, Hi'tW- - Mr iihsrm of Mensefield and mM "Row Mt Strrrthers. Czrtairs : Rev. Mr im j imuu aia ArAAt. . " ; ' , ... wtntt Air in i aril ..iiih ixLoom Annan and nh((!. Hill li-lt. V . : rrOTOSI Lamb, Lanark, &c For the first item en the programme the Commanding Officer's Cup, there were a trio of rnrmers, and last year's winner, Injjewood Banser, was tnade favourila, hut the goiag was pretty heavy, and he saccumbed ucier his heavy weight, the winner turaiaa up in Miss Apnnllo, antee-loaking chestnut belonging to " mine host" of the Clydesdale Hotel, Lanark. Random Shot, piloted by Mr James O-. : MA u -A?ci- Kaitiaitpit, Riiv Ttftthrmi: OyiUlllWU, Wil WW A-UO. KJAA. "-7 mnch ado. There was some talk of an abjection to the mare on sue gTOUoa tnai sue is 1101. mo proiiciwr . 1- 1 T r C" .. : Ia HAADAMAMAallAllTllliMtArAd Ol AVI! 11 . OytUlBKIrtlAl, TTI1WCWMIA-.1.0UW . , I...A .UaaUa .HTrlkinl. MWM nf it VN flO nAt knOW. UUIi WUO-.IAT1A Aujeui-15 v. . --- Inglewood Ranger easily secured tha oecwid ' i Ti . 1 Tm rhtf Thlr-I Squadron spin the Crichton family was certainly T A.J .,11 AT 1aU. AllfAKfl 1l p T B C Strongly repr-s-ieiimu, ia micuvidw, .v... o owned ny genweicen uviwstxu vun -ww-i-affair proved the jraod thing it looked for Editor, who ran quite up to the form ha displayed last year. In tie hurdle race Miss Appoilo showed aer- Beu mucn tno Deaii or we iuaiii. a.-. details: Mr Wm. Crichton's Miss Appollo. 13et. ..Mr J OarrHthflii! 1 Mr Thomas Wileon's Ingiewood Banger, 14st Kb or.' v-taSiaVaa'WiAlC 3 James Symingtons liom umu, w"??- ViiTa Tin.A ia, 4 n Irielewood Hanzer. 2 to 1 agst Miss Ap- vLVo.StolGollxTOttlA. wosnwey nwi naSed was q,uito done with. Itas ApnoUowent ahng the sacs; ana raw km 'A"lJr" ) riiT5i inrfSnnnn Ranrnr temooranly headed her. Bat aireotiy tati&dr tnumy oj jhjouh oxa. uMt"f TJtOOP itACES, 13 atoae, Tfficorwmaiaowuiw. . . . . i.r, : Aa n,afijaHotrl,)tAl last imp -Mrli. Orlchton 2 MrJamKirymingtonGoMstn.,13at Mr Vtm. :a nariauB s iiw .hauao. a-.. liA BetSs-6 to 4 on Bandom Shot, who won m tbecom-ni0Dt c. canters. NeDie Walker bolted several tunes. Hr Thomas Wilson's Inglewood Banger. ..Kr L. CrI.o Mr J 'nomas WHson'. Gipw.. x S Andrew Veitch's Korroan Pasha Mr J. Carrntora ?hgad2cSedenS before the oonr had been gone once mand, werace kwh lyuis - 7,: S Banger, JrtS& At tbe Bottom 01 we u.iiij ifcliirwrai snod the favourite coming along close on tha rails, won a good race koine by half a length ; a bad third. THIRD SCJUAXI1101. Mr John Crichton's Editor , Mr William Crichton's Moontameer Mr W. Cnchton Mr Peter Crichton's Beform... QJnSZ&Si I Mr William Crichton's Captain -,,V!?r!?n-- Betting-3 to 1 on KdiMr, who made nearly all the running, and won, hard held, by. between two and three lengths ; a bid third. lrWm.Crichtop'i Miss Appollo Hp3tMcniS 2 Mr piomWlijon's Gipsy .VlwSSn 0 ltlug-3 1 on Miss Appolio, who won easily by twenty ,.fTirrB T r.. m. tn rief at the firsu fence. JlWi(JQ IU? U lAA VHUV "J" " 1 The CAMEBOAN CTJP, for horses ridden by oBcers O. theScottisit Ki'flea. Distance-halt a mile ; weight, list lib each. Won by Btmkenny. NEWCASTLE ANDGOSJOETH PARK MKETING. .Tune 29. The fine weather which has contributed so Jargeiyto tne toch-ss of the Uostorth Park Meeting favoured the conctud-tofdS's stS, tho"tm shiningbriehUyand a ploiwantbreeie &Srtagtb? helt The atndance was of course no( , so LtrgrS In the Plate day. but still the mee mg attracted a ! Smuster of Newcastle folk, who, acceding -.tociA trach- tiAn mude holiday, aua an us cbwtouib, w. - ctpitS sSori Tw Soroed, as will be seen from thesahjotned details: . The LAStBTON. HANDICAP PI.ATE of ISO 0i winners of any race after Juoe 19, at 10 A.M., 9ib, twwe or of one vaiue lit sovs. 141b extra ; lowest weiihe not to be under 7at. Six furlongs. . , . . . Mr T. Weldon's The i'riar, by Hermit-Bub-a-dub, yrs MrSpeTtas'WHoc'oifBrigK'i Mr T. Hodgroan's S lash, 3 yrs, 7st 41b .... .... .... . . -to vey i Mr F. W. Lambton's CatobusdooD, 5 jis, 9st 6gjucSallw 0 Lord Downe'a Star of India, 3 yrs Set 71b Oorne 0 Mr J. Smith's Olivrtte, 6 yrs, Sst 21b... .... .... m.SJXi iM to 30 Tho Friar, S to 1 Flash, 7 to 1 Carabiisdoon aud faamsoorours, k. i ',,- RriM.t. was attended by The l'nar and ise.ung-0 to i "Y-s-- - ; ii,,aboroueS!, 20 to 1 v " Honour Bricht was attendee By xiie inai "-a Gabrtinnzie to ; Tdisumce. where 'lbe Friar took up the rnTnSS and s ruanmg, and stauing ma S 'TabarwasXortrd Oambusdoon lasu HBK MAJESTY'S PLATE Ji,,?mfu' ,St 8Sb' keoiruTbyl- t mbISS: ' Duchess, 2 yrs, 3st 41b J MrR-yjner-;,oyra,ieT-. 3 Mr xnsiane s ony fi.j) .-jj ar jjiatj o ntHnSnW ii,l?S?e ltUo l SbyGirl. bhyGIrl was followed by Lou e fengtbs separated second and third. The winner waa bought ThEATON DELAVAL STAKES of 10 Sovs. each for ssJtSS 3ft (tolhe fund), with 500 added, for two-year-olifrcoii Ssl lOib, fillies and geldings t 71b; iPJrtes and aUowanoes ; the second to receive 25 sovs. out ot the Mrmallwrid"0CAAisltarst, by Beaaderc- Empress.. Mr B. JardinVs'lUlV by Adventrirer-Lady Newby, Bug -- . n. -rif- i C!uA.,l,,ni T.iln Aemetn. jirj. saanys -Aasiiera laiy. riiT-A, Mrff toaWs Jady Brioke, 8st'2lb -Barrett Mr A. M'Invjre's nlly by Kxminstex-eeo of tne May, a 5U, .txjates Mr K. Temiile's Dr Slammer, Bst.ab Mr W. Walker's Cratgidea.t21b..............Aoxu. Bettlog-JtolonCItUlenurst, !mP 'rSSHa Tahd fillyr7 1 Lady Brooke. 12 to 1 others. ..RSaTst MrE. Jardias's Rsior, oy Aavom j , PlotriSm7st.-.............,.Y;- i Mr T. Uraen's Wg. Jemirna, Jyrs. as Sir J. Shaoherdii Mwioa, 4yrs,t 6,.- PlOWell. O yrs. 1st, v,".",ViL nnii-V-ahuT 5 ZT Mr T. Deverenx JWst cnoroe, ti.AJandliitd. Ainer was sold to Mr Green t! Uenian aUso claimed Sirst Srx'tfWf ASTLE EANBICAP of 200 Sovs., added to a SwSSS roflt) 3 ft, and I only if decUmd ; IfotiOTa: second to ive 25 aova. out of the takes. .tiuenBleanda W k Mr C. Perlnwa,,. , ,1--, ,.. .Piatt 3 .Griffiths Mav 0 .Kcwrnan Q :- D.ftfni 2 ivi Iaoh jurat Noweauft cnMiD i. ilalSa$wTVr a I Iau jijw-- a. iwidfe (dipped, aed Barrett teQ, tia sneraiB. ALEXANDRA PAKE MEETTSQ Oeotir or SrsicrKe. Hcrasey Wood Welter HandicS; IIS : Wo GnTw2' ISO ; Grand atana aamiteaj. i:a- stcwarai' Plat, "" fjf: M T .. . nvsnc Two-rear-oia i-iase. wmrmaiff ttitai rv,zrr Krd, Egira. Maria, IecttjeaehfSO). Henaiej Wood Weher Hairdicajj Min Ooata. Stewards' Piste aoii Gold Crn-azede. Alexandra Handicap H. C. AMtrVALS. Me ei the eflnwa esf-aged are tararoed wRMn ( el the Park, and can airte in the radmtag. LIVERPOOL JULY MEETING . WiD-StoriY. Jaly 12. ' ACCEPTAKCBS FOR IHE .liTFEEPOOI, nn. AAootamfleandahalS. wp- IK. K ID T. S 9 0 hBdelwB s 5 8 2 Fanzh-tSazj, i 4 7 13 Drearnlanrl7!7 Eetreat Toaatmaster Oerlea Xshmael Sxperiffient.. 1 31 S lErianrs I f GOODWOOD MEETINGS, TcBSBAY, July 25. WEIGHTS FOB THE GOODWOOD SliTm, Tvo miles and a halt Trs. stlb I . TIctorEmannel... s 9 2 Mooarch. ? ? 8 12 Golden Gate.... 5 I & resronei..... Hta 5 6 S 4 S S Giadstcme $ Azoline 4 Harifness 4 L Gondola. 4 QUCQ tfjM7 4 Inrsebcarer,..... j 1 J i (S SO- 8 8 8 7 8 7 8 5 8 3 Prestonpaois . -'z... Forifefiaj... 1IUH..-L. . .... Jshmael Cony Roy.... PllffMTri 4 8 6 8 4i.S 3 maaa , a Vesta 5 Tbe GOdCT... 4 IJoMtewas-,., a. 6 Seals tbe Bov 3 Ieabean. ...... 5 0 n 1 s 4 6 S 4 7 13 Bewenese.... 7 12 7 12 7 1 fifc'" privateer ta.t,(.Uj0 - tt1.V." ' 4 7 12 7 7 7 S Gtmcrai Soott.... S - "B"-" iwfcm . . Croydon .... S Lady Axvfie.. 2 Tvoiseier o Brown Bess 6 -rown 6 Y Z I Prince Eatthacy is a subscnb7t bat tSd net aftaa. 7 2 ACSTRAXIAKS V. LEICESTSESSISS, Xioe cmonifitB anutcea uwr sonwfviu. seosatnxiai mat- Cfhichcster on Wednesday and jcwiieLytcLebsfsserfc&t day to take part in tbe aiwe gaiae. A start was made fiortfer Saat .Mags with ihe ball, gettaiu; rid ccf their cvpoMotBiai attendance 11 eared tou, Stno, ska du woscatt -Waa t. played neanl' and aioviy. Tne Aiinrauaaa von tta ."V'Sf ioTH S. Barmenaaii asansfciolt and Paraiaa. Sfiaaie oo. MAd in his nfflinl dasohK.fttyl. aad aidtJy ran o fail ait-oiiuou. iu ilia tuuun miMiDJPj bhj-B! nuiat vjvuiaxi a cnu ni lm book to 22, wten lie Tas caTfhfc. H simtvo obaa&, bo. n--;fi m'wli uri nof nn ftf t-ViM A ntriiirv. i.n n-a.-a!4 -aa-(V conSdeccie. the gronnd -workioj exactly to &nit fehebocrlets. tTaif iout or ion wm. Baocswwi w reMciiiug oi7udio agtircaj, and the iaabMES -Closed after 2 hours 50 zBimttea play. After the tx-mal int-err&l Leiceeberahhre toot np the bittrins, tb. bowlxTic and firidinf of the coioRiats wore tvo uracil for the ahnta c-vVvisrTirflT. -mith fSft rlwlf. 'VW. JaaAii CMMW with. thsr acccan with tfce baJldn tbe first pare ot the gaata. TVio Inrifn-Lra rxJU frrr nn nval ennin-!IQt tit Iai wfrW The innings calls for no special comment, the lattwfcke ffvllliig untti the ficora at 43, when stampa dawn tor tits cay. J3eores id AOU IJJUlihDi Massiei e EoUomoie, b Pam- . 22 nam Bannerman, at Grotts, b Para '. 17 e Wanes, t x-lceltaa , not out. I i nuu Murdooh, o Ryiott, Pamham Maedonnell, c TrTieeler, i Parnham v ti i 4 3 z iiOlMH. WlMUUAA.ii".."..' VMi.n a (l,min 1l PallflXlT. Tlll.l..' An. aQ tMHea, e ana --ra--A-xi-KAA-....-. Fataer, b rlylott 1 Spoltorui, ST -oT-orca, o rtu- Tim... 16 Garrett, eByloti, bParnham.. 1 Krtras 1 Xztras 3 Total Total 1aSIC8TEBS&11-;E. Lord Cn-rzm-i. b-oa-irth.. 2 Warren, st Elaftrhara, i Mr A. Crotta, c -tabstitaie, h Palmer 8 Wheeler, b Spofforth. 3 Ut C Marriott, c Palmer, b SEOtforth...- 17 MrG.S. Marriott, b Palmer 0 F. Turner, b Palmer 0 Pamlisni, c Massie, b-Spoi- oh 4 Pateer .. 8 Thoinson, b Palmer....... 0 H-ylott. c l-annesm-.ri, t Sporrorth 5 Akmore, not ont 0 Extras Totd... BOWIISO ASA-LVSIB. Tj-iisierahire. Overs. JtLaideiis. Ermi. WSereta Fsx-niis-fi,. . . hcmafterRBftjoajbq .. 43.3 13 68 s . 43 21 37 1 Anstralians. Overs. Maidens. Bona. WicJwta. , 18 9 24 5 .17 IU 15 I Spoltortli.... GEKTaVEMI!!.' V. PLAYKBS. The first of the two annual matches between the chose representatives ot the amateur and professional civisic, vascommcriced at Kennington Oval yesterday. Tbewestat was chill and tlvreateriiiig, and there was a good attendaoct considering. Loctwood won the toss for theylayers, and sent intUylett and Barlow in a very bad light tooppoee Messrs 8li and Botberham. Barlow, when he had got a siDgle. was given oat Ibw, but Tjyiett and Barnes played good (sicks, dedespite one interruptica from raiojand at 2 o'clock ths score was thirty-five for one wicket. On resuffling, Mr Steel, helpeda little by the stateof lie ground, bowled with considaraWe effect, and Ulyett, Barnes, Lockwood. Bates, and Bead were dismissed wfthomVmneb troaole, Lock-wood tailing to a dear catch at the wicket. SLtoftheptljen were out for 80, when Mowers and Midwinter beam partners, and they made the longest stand oi the innings. F Messrs Grace and Studd were both hrough. on to bowl, but 45 were addtd before Rowers was stamped for a naefld 32.. PUhng. Hdl gi Peate added only 9 urns, and the uirAtags i closed tx 135, Mid-(.a. nirfii mrt bis bat for 22. Steel banted 33 overs, 13 i.a A-rt- so utiiI 4 wiekets : Botberham 37 overs, IS maidens, for 46 rnos and 3 wickets;. Grace, 12 ovra. f iai rinMM- fffciiiiil. 16 overs aoo. I bait 6 maMenit FluAinJA un wo - for 16 runs and 3 wickets. After the usual interval, Messrs Grace andlflcM begu i tha innings dt the Gentlemen to the bswbof Peated ffiO. cSShtat point for. steadv 21. J2 rtetdibr in a bad light tiil witliin a few minutes of time berm .1 . i , n .v. IioaI m Vvi Bates, hnvlad Mr "."r"" w.vTi rfMvi f,A.. A.SSO. iSe IjeBWElAlOil HAW. V-IIAA ai-1-aw I or oa runs, ocorcs ; Plavubs. TJlyett, c Studd, b Bother- ham 22 Barlow, low, b Steel 1 Barnes, b Steel 28 W. G. Grace, c Lodnrood, 0 Bates... ii L T Ti-,,, nnt int '3 W. H. Patterson, c Peati, Bates, e l.cas, o ateei y lockwood, c Pylecote, b lllut..- T Duates W. W.Kead, bBamia a AAead,cSMd4bSteei.'... 8 Midwinter, not out, n Flowers; st Pylecote, b stuaa StlHnn f KajiaI h KATt.flAr- nam , Bill, e Harris, h Studd.. .. 1 Peate, lbw, b Stndd 1 .xtra i Total. 135 Total.. . . u-.. . ..-iv Ti-,w. ;1 Unburn Place, KtSnburgh, yesterday, an d resulted uiawta t r rtoilvTu. h Mnrrav... A TJaKatSYITI a TnATam. 0 h Brice ' J, Gardner, not out....... 28 J. G. Macnsir, c Mackenzie, '0 Brace... J A. C. Slossman, o MurriS Sltraf 2 H. M. Gardner, c Ingram G. Mackintosh, b Bruce... H. H. Littlejohn.c Brown, bMuroiy. J. G. H, Macnair. b Bruce C.CMoxon, t Bruce..... A, - 11 -. ...... .-An h Flracfl. Total... , I . IA. Wl. T Ul "'I v --. - I Firstlnnmg," J. Stewart, c Boberteon, b iM...D.., 7 D, Murray. o m.msiAi3Ai - SsseTOison... G. Brown, b Gardner.. ........ 4 t Stevenson, b 4os5- F. Jones, c oaracer, d ulvw man ---v G. S. Jack, b Gardner, 5 man i'- Ost BobertsoB, b , Gardna J. R. Tail, ct Bobertson, b Gardner.......-.--- W. J. MofEatt, b Gardner G. IV. Ingram, c Stevenson, h Mossman J. M. Brace, e Gardner, b Moss- Tnan...... O.X Mackenzie, b Gardner.... W. S. Ingram, not out Extras art cut........---" c Macsenne, b Moss-man ' total. . c J. G. Macnair. a MossmarA.. ' cStevensorxbGatAaoi i b Stevenson ; liitras J Total9wtisl Total. , 20 GOLF. Moimtosr;. Mercantile Citnt !?hBSMf?S Cl.OE.-On Wednesday aBeaoon a gg s SJedTorlV tiie resujus : . T.r TaT.T- T". MTjorvlKTTT.H. llHAEAA ,,A - D. Butcheson and J. Ffndlay. J. BowTBaa, Jan., and R. Eefd :-;, C. Coutts and G. Croztt... A. Wateon and J. Pairmaa W, Biree and W. T. Cnun- mend.. A Jack and J. : " A. M'Lem and E. WuWt J. Hagjf and w. Matthew. D Wfjfeini j., j. Rl.,. D. Angos and J. Alra -D, Blues and J. Crow. . ... A. Davidson ana 11. Smith, y-i-'ilii' C. Graham and J. Mic- f g- b andIJ. Keillor. . Caldtrhead and H. Black. G. Addison and J. Strachan 16 Total Total... Majority for Mercantile, Z. irrrc M li:nW XXXXI Ji-lA3.AIAAA " WEEKLY HEKALD OF TO-MORROW (SATURDAY WIIaL COKTAjOI: ti r v T . A TALE OF CALIFOBN1AN LI? J3Y JSaWx aaba.- . 7,t o rv T? B T j E A L J vv - o totjto OR, TEE WOOING O? ffHIS. JE1TO PaaIaaC AT' fAKLUMS''1' IMPERIAL IRE LA? l'' THE STATE r-Bl STATE t.J.-?" a-. TT. )TUBK Axnv Eviction. FARMING IN AHM'"" TUB COIiAAlNa' DIVOBOT CASEv Lordlfir'5lecisioo. ajmSOTES. satTBAOKDINABY HISTORY OF TWO 1UTCB1.: AM ni-iT.TJSIOf. 04. THE SALVATIONISTS AT ASiU-pEIA-THE BWING-GILMOUB INSTITITTB, AL MSSSSlStEvSSll MATHlPASlg ,TH OF A WITH A SHABS. AV XViriXi nn" a roENTS NKABSTO SAD ACCxDENTaS NTlAllSTOAtA,v..A. THR HOLpAYS. j-vgrli. DESTRTiCTfVE.WBE .AT Jg SHEttl?F f?liKDLOBI'S. JHE COBPOBAI'IOaV yfl toAiu . TO T1KATH BY AKBS1111 HOME FWOT'LTCX ORIGINAL POETRY, pjj SC'CE OTES. g T .j. A.iiia AND D R A U - - .

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