The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on January 20, 1944 · Page 18
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 18

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1944
Page 18
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TAGE 18 THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE THURSDAY, JAN. 20, 1944 THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME By Jimmy Hatlo; Sapforo OiDtr buv A SUIT FOR OVER. TM3 YEARS UNTIL ME WAS GOIN3 IN "WE. ARMV THEM HE BOUGHT OUT THE - STORE" I - - i J j " Til ! I II I I cSfcGRAV WSTOireN S VbEEMTWSLOW CAME TODV - ANDSO THIS, DEAR - IS IT S WWrlUJ - AND THE DRAFT BOAC0 DID A CUTE LITTLE. IMPORTANT ? UU N V COMES TO $215.68. V ISNT TAKING US OLD j VALENTINE. FROM WHY, SAPFORD - ' WOW ABOUT THAT 2 MABRIED SUVS - I'LL THE DRAFT BOACD V WHATS THE MATTER. - 7 ( TUXEDO VOO TOED J I LOAD UPON SHIRTS, ) ' V - LV VOURT - PALE?'' V ON" AND THE 5 TOO - AND I NEED t "XJ WW Horse Sense Bridge By SAM CORDON Th KibiUer No - trump hounds are bridge players with a stubborn streak. They work on a unique partner - ahlp - basis. Ynu must tell them what you have; what they have, they , keep to themselves. As a result, many partnership from. He has an easier chance to give and get Information about your combined suits. If your partner can make any responding bid to your no - trump contracts are wrecked on the rocks opening, he certainly has enough of distribution. Hands are played t no - trump that should have been played In some suit. And suit contracts fall far short of their goal. Habitual no - trumpers aro always telling you "my hand lookt?d as if It should play In no - trump from my side." Or, "I didn't think we could make game in a minor " In all other respects, they look like human beings. They had sense enough to say yes to their wives. But they like to wallow In no - trump bids up to their neck. It Is always better to start with on In a suit than with one no - trump. That goes no matter what' type of hand you hold. Providing, of course, you have a biddable suit to show. If you open with one no - trump, partner must respond at the lev! of two. Whereas, if you open with to answer your suit hid. And If your hand belongs in no - trump, you can still got there. You have this hand: A A Q 8 V K Q 10 4 O K 8 3 A A J 10 You opening bid with that hand Nurse Training Age Lowered Girls of 17 years of age who have their Grade 10 or Grade 11 stand ing may now enter to train as pupil nurses, following a recent decision of the provincial department of health, Mrs. E. VV. Gerry, super visor of the women's division, rational selective service, an nounced today. Until now, young women have had to be 19 years of age before they were allowed to commence training as pupil nurses. Dr. T. A. Pincock, psychiatrist will address a group of 17 - year - old girls who have been called by selec tive service in an attempt to obtain a sufficient number of young women to take training as pupil nurses in mental hospitals and re lieve the grave shortage of staff which now exists In Manitoba's mental Institutions. Girls would now be able to complete their course as registered nurses at the age of 21 years, Mrs. Gerry pointed out. For two years of this time, they would receive $25 per month plus a cost - of - living bonus of $5, with no government deductions and full maintenance and uniform provided. Pupil nurses receive three weeks' vacation on the completion of one year's service and work an eight - hour day and six - day week. Transportation to the hospital would be paid. lilrls of 17, wllh Grade 11 stand ing, woula enter the Brandon mental hospital as pupil nurses. They would remain there for two years, on pay, and then go to the Winnipeg General hospital to complete their training and qualify as registered nurses. Girls of 17 with a Grade 10 band, played some airs commem - jstanding would enter the Selkirk orating Burns' birthday. r Portage la Prairie mental hos - Other artists participating in the pjui for two years' service follow - conceitwere: Audrey Davey. Jean - ng which they may finish their nette Young. Betty Hay, Georgina training with a course which en - Cole. Highland danrers; Angelina titles them to employment as Lazaneve, L.narne tngiann, t - va qualified psychiatric nurses, BurKe, Maneune justice, Hugh Mc - private cases in institutions. Police Troupe Plays At Shilo Members of the Winnipeg City Police war service concert troupe entertained 2.000 personnel of A - 3 A.T.C., Shilo camp, Sunday. Det. Joe Anderson, jollce athletic asso - one In a suit, he can always respond at the level of one. Furthermore, he has a greater selection of responses to choose (Show, and Eva Burke was mistress fi ceremonies, cpi. vv. 01 own, R.C.A.F., was accompanist. Const. Jack Reav and Det. Bob Young, members of the police pipe Donnell, singers; Georgina Cole tap dancer; Sergi Bezkor. violinist; Cpl. E. Bittner, A.C.A.F., accordionist; Jack Parker, novelty dog act; George Prodan and Barbara should not be one no - trump. It; Rogers, roller skating duo. should be one heart. There Is ab - j ... solutfly no question about that, j...,.., And now, we start a new series. ! W07JS Honored You may not be ready for it yet. 1 u . . . , But ready or not. we are crossing by Hygiene ASSOCIQtlOn me ooraer inio siam territory. Condensed Rule of Horse Sens Bridge may be purchased at The Tribune circulation counter for 25 cent. Out - of - town tubicribers should mall cash or money order. Culbertson On Contract N.C.O.'s To Train For Commissions Transfer of four N.C.O.'s in the A15 Infantry Training centre, Shilo camp, to the Officer Selection and Apraisal centre, Brockville, Ont., to qualify for commissions was announced today. Lt. - Col. Donald H. Williams. Tnpy are CP - William Joseph chief venereal disease control! Campbell, J06 Magara St.; Sgt. Ar - oftlcer, Canadian armv, has been!,nur Walter Chiistianson, 123 awarded an honorary life member - ! Chestnut st.; Sgt. Parker Garrison ship in the American Social! 'mams, ronage 1a i - raine, ana SUPERMAN Thit feature appetrs every wee in the Colored Comic Section By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster YOU WWTAINLN w - - - WPLL'. THIS MiSSeo IT ALL, CLARK! FIT5 RWHT SUF6RMAN rAI WONDERFUL) IN WITH k JUST A LlTTLB UK5 KM, O MAKE f RAM or 6BLF,., S BUffcHMAN KECOMS MV CCAL UNCLE ' MOW. NOW, that isn't ryK' fT'9 ABOUT TIME STPAIGHTCNHO you A.' .r ' K I U - v y , 1 1 . 1 UllLJl Paneii. NO. UNCLH TRUTHS J II I WT UNCLB CUt I YV - VrC" MUST BE TOLD V TRUTH! ) "T ' V - hit y n w - r 1 1 vi u k ,n i s - i I Am mr ; II M M.' I jr.W J I - ft LITTLE MISS MUFFET By Fanny Y. Cory WO THEY SAY ANVfH NIGHT ABOUT EPH r 1 1 Awn UO J II KAUP' LE?' NOT THIS TIME - MOSTLY ABOUT I THE COUNT TAKIM'SOME PAPERS I AND HIDING THEM tKI TOWN TILL THINGS BLOW OVER. riLn rnnriMunou iAv ucc rv - T N the' BOOKS fixed up 6ood - if he JUST GETS RID OF THESE PAPERS. IHEY SAID SOMETHING ABOUT I YOU, MISS EFFIE. SEEMS LIKE J I 0L0 TOOTINHOPNS BEEN H0L0IN7 TERRY AND THE TIRATES By Milton Caniff The average player, on lead dummy and when East played low, gainst a small slam contract, laysjwent right up with the club king, down an ace whenever he holds; In the tirst place, If West had had one of those potent cards, wrltesilwo aces along with the spade suit correspondent. The following Vhich the whole setup indicated deal Illustrates one of the iniquities! ne must have, he would either nave orenea me oiciaing or mane a secondary spade bid over the t I of this practice. West, dealer, Both aide vulnerable. Rubber bridge. NORTH J 10 9 V K 10 5 4 0 Q 9 8 6 ' 4 10 3 WEST EAST 4 A Q 6 5 3 A K 8 7 4 2 CQ82 (?J973 0 5 - 3 0 Q 3 2 A 7 6 SOUTH ; A - ... . V A 6 , O A K J 10 7 2 ' - K J 8 5 4 The bidding: Wetf North East South Pass - Pass Pass 1 0 Pass 2 o Pass 4 A Pass ' 4 o Pas 6 0 Pass. Pas Pass No ooner was the final pass out f East' mouth than West banged down' the spade ace. That lead alone - ' was all the declarer needed to simplify his play! He ruffed, cleaned up the oaUstanding trump, then led a cTub from one diamond; in the second place, with two aces, it is certain that he would have doubled the slam bid. Thus, if West had not led the spade ace but had made a neutral heart or trump opening, declarer would have had a sheer guess on the club lead from dummy whether to play the king or the jack and there would have been a 50 percent chance of his guessing wrong. This correspondent's point that an ace is not always a good lead against a slam contract, is well taken, although it is only fair to observe that in many cases that very lead is vital. A good bridge player, however, would have guessed the club situation correctly. Let suppose West opens a heart or a diamond. As soon a possible declarer leads a spade from dummy, and when East fails to play the ace, It Is highly presumable that he doe not hold that card. Now declarer, working on the sound principle that the aces are probably "split" between the defenders, plays East for the club ace, and on a subsequent lead from dummy, when East plays a low club, declarer confidently goes up with the king. Hygiene association, It was announced today. The high award was given in recognition of Col. Williams' work in the field of hygiene both before and during his connection with the Canadian army. It was Col. Williams who organ ized a successful four - year cam paign in British Columbia against venereal disease. Before starting the British Columbia campaign, he was for three years on the staff of the Mayo clinic in Minn., and spent two years at London University on a Beit scholarship. He is a graduate of Manitoba Medical college. Sgt. Kenneth Hammond Redshaw, l lo Evanson st. I I Manifobans Get Wings Recent graduates from wings parade whose homes are in Manitoba are listed below: No. 3 Bombing and Gunnery school, - Macdonald, air gunners. Sgt. R. Altham, 227 Horace st., St. Boniface;' Sgt. A. J. Hunter, 552 Beverley st.; Sgt. W. J. May, 3T1 St. John's ave.; Sgt. G. B. McKav, Rowlands; Sgt. J. H. Udink, 214 Jamieson ave.; SgL W. G. Warner, Dauphin;; Sgt. E. D. Wilmot, ste. 12 Shipman crt. No. 7 Bombing and Gunnery school, Paulson, Man., wireless air gunners, Sgt. A. G. Bowdrey ave.; Sgt. L. N. Porter, 390 College ave.; Sgt. R. L. Stephenson, 744 Banning st. No. 7 Air Observer school, Por - tnqe la Prairie, Man., navigators, Sgt. O. W. Armstrong, Rossburn; Sgl. H. Ferguson, 280 Harbison ave; Sgt. E. W. Gaff ray, Pine Falls; Sgt. M. Hirtog, 230 Trent ave.; Sgt. M. Mazur, East Brain tree. Air bombers, Sgt. R. D. Atkinson, 430 Beverley st.; Sgt. H. P. Chipman, ste. 8 Eugene apts.; Sgt. W, J. Burton, 229 Balmoral St.; Sgt. P. C. Logan, 14 Smithfield ave.; Sgl. J. E. Nicol, 1506 Lin coln ave.; Sgt. A. W. Robinson, 134 Spenre st. Final Decrees STRICTLY BUSINESS - McFeatters Mr. Justice Major in divorce Bethany; Sgt. G. W. Calnek, 613!coul't today pronounced decrees Furby st.; Sgt. M. Dzick. Mulvil - ' final to Jennie Siyskind from Louis,:eS5t - irW - AGD,,i533oSiebUun!Allpn Sisskind. married at Winni - . ., . . ,v,u.. . .i.,,pebi April 27 19.. M(Jrie RyhRn No. 1 Central Navigation school. Rivers, Man., navigators, Sgt. J. D. Burns, Manson; Sgt. D. W. Cotte, 504 Matheson ave.; Sgt. W. J. Drysdale, Beausejour; Sgt. W. W. Kuryk, 944 Manitoba ave.; Sgt. J C.v Todd, 588 Greenwood Place, Winnipeg. No. 5 Air Observer school, Winnipeg, Man., navigators, Sgt. N. M. Fillip, 95 Bond st., Transcona; Sgt:. VV. R. Gordon, 626 Walker ave.; Sgt. B. M. Grafton, 575 Balmoral St.; Sgt. A. Jackson, 581 Furby st.; Sgt. A. Knoll, 729 College ave.; Sgt. R. J. Lougheed, 169 Lanark St.; Sgt. C, J. McDowell, 45 Magper Drive. St. Vital; Sgt. A. A. Rich, 421 Graham ave.; Sgt. J. A. Schollar, Fairmont Rd., Charles - wood; Sgt. C. J. Soloway, 791 j Selkirk av.; Sgt. J. P. Vernon, 1 Sheridan apts.; Sgt. C. E. Wood, I 208 Lenor it.; Sgt. N. M. Zunlc, J lit 'Lusted at.; air bombers, Sgt. i R tt Chapman, AOO'J Wolselc 1 . 1 f J from Michael Ryhan, East Kil - donnn. married at Winnipeg, Sept 9. 1!33; Maurice Gerald Lanla. St. Vital, from Marjory Agnes Lapla, 1 Winnipeg, married at St. Boniface. I Sept. 30, 1940; Alma Gertrude Horricks. Winnipeg, from Herbert Raymond Horricks, Chicago, married at Winnipeg, Sept. 29, 1&28; Vivian Cryer from John Cryer. Winnipeg, married at Crown Point, Ind., June '4, 1927; Jemima Partridge from Frank W. Partridge, Winnipeg, married at Fort William, March 22, 1937. Leave Over Stoker 1 E. C. Ductiarme, R.C.N V.R., returned to Eastern Canada recently after spending a leave at the home of hi parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ducharme, 618 Young st. Stoker Ducharme went east In July, 1942, and this wai hit first visit home since then, iTERCy, THE A.T.C. TVE,IK.J 8 WA4 HURr.MEfc EEUP'J I I L, It J CUVS SAlp'CAPTAlM colonel Fl rZ &ZPA 1VVVW viifl - ' - r'i I ,w THE f " r 1 gu" 1 DICK TRACY . By Chester Gould ls - , - - n I I THIS 16 NO - Nriflf rWlRPHV'S AT THE TCOMEON FT Oi$ I ALWAYS f jrn. 1 PLACE FOR MB ffJf PI RE ESCAPE AMD I WE'RE "A. ft, II CARBV A n.WJSlVH.l I I'LL. CO DOWN A ft: THERE 'RE TWO MEN GOING JA1 f JfKSPA,?e.'N Mil CONGRATULATIONS R P qA .lan 7n 1 - a 1 a a wosi Mev. m t m. i - iaraing, vie - U1U LulLr WAHUU I This feature appears every week in the Colored Comic Section By Saunders and Woggon luria. onrn narKway, neriiora - shire, Eng., 1863. fhom now on.vour Tno, tvette - tmey 1 I oreat observation! what a pity I I riEtD GLASJesXoH! YOU MEANl J. Arthur Wilson, Winnipeg, I - .eabcm ro the 1 probably found I If post, this Leoee. I I ditched the ) II chief.' vye could rsTBETCHUM - j Rochester. I norn I'nina, unt., loin. i"Zi Vr;'uT - Y."."" It J.rr.. . fT.. I I "Jf'"' I I I VZSl, I 5. R. Root, Emerson. Man., born 1 ... - j WRECK OF TrIE V - r FLY.' t - ryk SCHLICK PAID US 1 - v LINE IF WE HAD SAV SO?" I County Wellington, Ont., 1S66. I - Jzl tM C0TTA6E .' WAMOO I 1,1 V - r THAT VISIT.' J f BI - WHAT - r A FAIR.'.' r - f WAHOO FINDUM I Archibald Bennett. Dauphin. Vr'omnOwT H t2S (TUM' h 1 txkumV J Man., born Argenteuil, Que., 1863. V 4. , sSMV7 t V STeVE? V. - r V lrCTsw?y1 f; j (tt - Sti 0' HENRY ' Tht tetturt ' appears ' every week in the Coloted Comic Section! ' By Carl Anderson Iif Wi$yW K 1 11 n n 117 n m i do i hears y - r - ? ris, )" V - VXNJ - . A,a - (MESS CALL?) $h ,' sXs ttMVfU - 1rlj tM? A HENRY - WAKE UP COLONEL) vqCk V"40 V nT" W ' . ,t . t .' Ik UJ C5? Ml freckles HIS FRIENDS By Blosser .Z5 rU'W?JtiiF ; s " r, 1 l y ,f,' ' . , - J Gosh, junb. ns okav fou H'LDA be ga - ga )f I ojlv uZTT ?c?o?V f 0 m OVeK A S.NGfeK. BUT I THOUGHT YOU HAD CAME HERE; SlMiF "ilfoP HAIR LOOK? V I "This medal is in recognition of your long service as office . AOgE sense m TOunUr5i0R' comes' halkcoones 7V , V boy one week today!" tl V and even if he IS l frbooes TrA,s1 - ' srr XJ'lf ., ITIN" V"! SIDE GLANCES - By Galbrotth . P2 fiJk l ' As3 0UT 0UR WAY By wuliams 0UR BOARDING HOUSE .... with .... Major Hoopla ()L ' ATrCrT JUST A SECOMD.' 1 A I j :0i?fr. I UoO BAD' I l WOKVT YSOL) MUST HAMe W HOVM't - L : Sfi. 'rTjl ; ( cl - v k WW OrJOiOEN BEUEVE PATTED WSCHlhJ I N168RIW6 1 IMPS' teHEiH t lzllllhrSX i uIeeda"7 JZyi &Jt7ZZZT' 1 1 ?S3Sv, - - r WWIvi . AyyrS rhoptuppeb - ; 7r r - i&x&Lj y IM IM 1 iiia vjzMm. MmMm P nr - : - W3Tn i 1 1 iSVi,iy I I 1 I I 1 TT 1 MY "Mom, if you can't join the WACS, why don't you be a spy? You're beautiful, and you catch us every time we iU. to get awax with any thing I" THE COATINS

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