The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on September 1, 1939 · Page 1
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 1

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1939
Page 1
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Vi X THE PRICE OF THIS EXTRA IS FIVE Cents kV.. By Carrier In Winnipeg 2Sc per Week. WINNIPEG, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1939 28 PAGES Price S cent; With Cornice, 10 cent. No. 208 eves noes Pirmn) Ado - As Sngnuall 7, ..; ? J 4 ., saiK 1 sr. ... ' Mi - .'. - ' - - ' Air Force In Action Berlin Admits By The Aisoclattd Prw . BERLIN, Sept 1. A radio announcement from army headquarters said today the German air force was in action over Polish territory. The announcement added the army was "counter - attacking" all long the German - Polish frontier. It said German land forces were determined to break any possible resistance while the navy took over protection of the Baltic sea. By The Amoclated Preiej WASHINGTON, Sept. 1. President Roosevelt directed today that all United States naval ships and army com mands be notified at once by radio of German - Polish hosti lities. The White House issued the following announcement: "The President received word at 2.30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time by telephone from Ambassador Biddle at Warsaw and through AmTmssador Bullitt in" Paris that Germany has invaded Poland and that four Polish cities are being bombed. The President directed all naval ships and army commas'! 1 notified by radio at once. ' vhi - r? it .its My will be a further announcement by the German bombing planes and troops went into action today against Polish border and inland cities. Hitler had given the signal: "Meet force with force." It was his "order of the day.' France ordered general moblization. Britain was ready to move. - l ile 'I li a f.; - hours." fc. ..,., - ....,.,. T,.., ., , ,. "f - - lwT - ) This picture of a German soldier, poised to throw a band grenade, is symbolic of .hat is happening today as Nazi troops start to invade Poland. m m mm mmmm mr Meet F - iue wnVQrdered To c With Force By The Aaaoclatm Prearl BERLIN, Sent. 1, "meet force with force an. territory for foreigners bv 1 tne same iume a n bor of Gdynia was announ The ruehrer proclaim rnany armv was ordered to ... ... , nd' was declared daneeroussurL - . - nts - mvariVri the Rifin ire Hitler today at 5.30 a.m. : radio stntion. Reports of the num - jber of dead at Gleiwitz varied. Ber - 1 .blockadr of the Polish har - n lis action eged Polish violatlms of tiiterman fjor.tier. "culn" B,"l "V oaitifcvere warned they entered Danzig harbor or nearby haijbors at thebwn peril. The annouWnytnt aald ntry operations necessitated these measures. I A . i Order To AW?; i.n lndefcnfte closin8 of alj soh()ols The cqmman to meet force tin German;, force" WeJ Issued ,he order e Rapid file orders followed com - the day,' to the army massed amending Masters of German ves - - olish frontiers,' from, the Baltic tie Is to getout of the Baltic sea and the HIk Tatr) mouitains, and Hot to enter the Danzig or Polish East Prussia, i harbor, i No instruction wai made punl'.dt The rad o warned all foreigners noweyer, lor miy atiiuu rir German soldiers te "cona 'iSt for honor and the righ: tt Jie lifs M rerjy. ected Gem,!,,! It Wt. Sf'own immediatt l.J make ' tVV tlvani - a,on th jUH""Bn"nicla' news agency this reporiea two border thli he will receive unmerciful J treatment at our hands. "Our soldiers have been shot at, and since 5.45 a.m. we have been shooting back. "I shall carry on this tight regardless of aguinst whom it may come until the situation is such that it is acceptable to Germany. "In the last few years more than 90,000,000,000 marks have been applied to the reconstruction of the German army. Our army cannot he compared to the army of 1914. It is much beter than then. Shares In Sacrifice "If facriltres should be demanded of the eGrman people, then let them know too that I am ready to make every personal sacrifice on my part. "There shall be no sacrifices made in eGrmany which I myself shall not share. From now on I belong to my people as never before, and beginning today I am the first soldier of the German Reich. Totruring Treaty "We have all been suffering treaty By The Aaioclatcd Fiwl WARSAW, Sept. 1 The foreign office said today that German planes had bombed Krakow and Katowice, in southwestern Poland. German planes hIho bombed Czestochowa, Tczew and Grudziadz early this, morning, the foreign office said. It was reported officially that German troops had at tacked Polish defences near Mkiwa, bordering the southern part of East Prussia. There was no announcement of the damage resulting from the bombing. The foreign ofice also confirmed that fighting had started in Danzig. Warsaw was awakened at 6.20 a.m. by sirens, but the alarm was recalled at 7:15. Mist and clouds were overhangirvr jf2fi"yi drizzle apparently afforded momentary rotecion awirraii W arsaw went to work asusuaj (In Paris, Havas NewjXgency'said six Polish cities had been bombed this morn,o;Krakow Putsk, Vilna, Grodno, Zukw and Bialapowj - , PARIS.&.pt. 1 (Friday) - - The Havas News Agency said todajthat official French dispatches from Germany indicate that "the Reich began hostilities on Poland this mTiiing." - , nder the torture which the. . . II. ..a - v. !... - nas Drrir.t . riahtina: Hitler i B1 (By The Attoclltea: Preu EPwLIN, Sept. 1 Adolf Hitler declared to the German nation todav he would achieve the return of Danzig ana Pomorze (Polish Condor) and halt Polish attacks on Germans or die fighting. Hitler told the momentous gathering of the Reichstag that Field Marshal Herman Goering would be his succesor, if he should meet death in war, LONDON, Sept 1 Reuters News Agency said it had learned from Polish sources in 1'arls that Warsaw was bombed today. LONDON, Sept 1 Reuters said today in a Warsaw ''Ai? atch that the official Warsaw radio announced German ,'fticherf a full scale attack against towns in ine Polish Corridfrk - "Therefore It Is understandable that action must be taken by us. "I have tried by peaceful Uitay. .i.. u u..t :t .,o. o1o,t .. .11 to bring about a solution of tne , JJ"'"5 uuuuxuiMiL o ii ontouj, ui "c",nnziii and cor unaer way, but he did not officially declare war and said he intended to be "the first soldier of' the German Reich." "I am putting on the uniform and I shall take it off only in victory or death," he said. Hitler said that "It Is a lie that we do all by force." Hitler, greeted by a great ovation by the Reichstag that had been summoned at 3 a.m. for a special 10 o'clock meeting, plunged directly into the subject of Poland and Danzig by declaring: portunitis to hilng obout tli. vuions but ." lias orcn lou "Ml the prui ?als to remedy troops"? those unbearable coii.litions di' not ... J recer. ' any consideration. "Vnil Irin.u, nrnr.,i..l. ihn! T ..... i nTie c.. t T y - v nave mane to onng anout tne in - '""Ji . turn of German territories ,tion. Martial Law wa - ' '"' " ii;y Mn :1 geBml nii;' '.o lin Nrtzls said they understood seven had been killed, while a police report said one Pole hud been killed. The German news agency brought the following police version ol the Gleiwitz Incident: "A group of Polish insurgents forcibly entered the station building, where only a normal guard wiia nr.pnl vhnrtlv nflnr ft nm (4 p.m. E.D.T.) Armed with clubs illve ntur oeiore nao announced his party was meeting "lorce with the Poles Invaded t he siudio. Jforce" 'because of alleged border violations by the Poles declared that "The Invaders thpn broadcast a w "tried to solve many problems peacefully." prepared appeal in Poliih and part - 1 "Fifteen years of peaceful effort to meet this issue were of no Danzig and corridor problems. Too Slow To Shelve Treaty "We meet to solve the problems raised by.the Versailles treaty." Denying the Reich is not peaceably inclined the Fuehrer less than ept foOiat Polish territory is duct me anditnelr presence ly 'in the name of the volunteer corps of the Silesian insurgents.' The cast announced that the Polish The orders were I . the f icu h cabinet et '. Albert Lebrun. Parliament was t' .! d in irur .merit. Pi lace t...4.. - KOI i'resident rt '. i tomorrow. avail," h added. 1 1 rror broad - "Danzig is German. The Corridor (the Polish province of Pomorze) city of was and Is German. , danger I Gleiwitr and the radio station were "More thnn 1,000,000 Germans - was at ieir own peril because of the like - mod of military action. ofrrj Battles lonuers. Morning The, witr of thf day to h, bTtee,n German border ) who encircled the invaded building:; Former AcqUISltlOnS in Polish hands and spoke of a! who lived in this territory had to Polish Breslau and a Polish Danzig. leave their homes In 1919 and (Hreslau is the principal city in ! iUlJ. German bilesia.) Killed Or Captured "Listeners hoUTTcd th "The dictate of Versailles I - not a law for us Germans." he suld in r. strong voice. ana r o isn nsnrvontc t .7t!e hes rejcteci,1itio" ,0 Bn Bl'Ked attack on the ellorti to establish neiehbo,".!', m. n ra'"n station at Gleiwitz. "The pJilUh latimA lnd li.tid h.s npppaico ?llevia' in whlin even persons An exchange of fire followed ar.d Reciting Germany's peaceful ef - . the police took prisoner all oles ions, he said Germany had made vvio had not been killed." 1 proposals for revision of "unbear 'Polish insurgents" bands at .ible conditions" in Austria, the o wep..f - i t v - ! PiUohe., on the Silesian border. Sudetenland of Czecho - Slovakla flfty8. 72Ji, . Hriv n i 'mf'ic ian hoV i 'r Th, '. ' Utm at Hichlinden and Alte Eiche uld otfter places, but .11 without , see 0 reason why Russia an,, it vtnoouy terroi. nnv"n irom i ,ar o itr. tne news aeenr - I . t - t L j . result i tJ t . ?Kbr.ihrt,hon,. V tfd. two Pnlei h' Pru - Ma "e glared to re8U,t - ! I Germany should be enemies any A wries of bord Trviolatio ua.,t - killed and many wounded in ,Vhe ',Rhl afhut c,Mhes' ' w V"P 0 LearAbie i, a gr - a power s,ow ltl bween a detachment ol I h nU,hru:r' - the ,K,T hat the Pioiei no sot, ?u - are wiilmg rmBn bc:der police and more! In mofit "f thef incidents clear that it had o be solved, he M respectithe German.' larder. wn 2U0 Po, - fifteen Poles, in - !"olish regular 'roops." according shouted as the Reichstag cheered. "To put an' end to these insane !ulin8 iix "'diers, were captured i to Gl'rmnn sourn - - . came to the Hitler spoke for 36 minutes. He notations,, nothing remnins hut ' thfl encolnter, sairtMte fluency ; aia ' ,ne "Insurgent. - " inside Ger - finished his address at 10.45 a.m. or me to meet force with force n ccutled about two ' man - The German leader promised to rom now ton. Dorrter. I But up to 3 a.m. (9 p.m. C.S.T.) he the "first sold er of the Reich "This problem would eventually be solved, but. he time it would take would not be satisfactory and has not been satisfactory to us. "At last 1 have formulated the German proposals and I must say that they aie very modest. "These proposals that I have made were declined and instead they were answered by mobilizations and by heavy ieprisals against the German populations in those areas. "I have warned, time and time again, and over three weeks ago warned English that the exist ing conditions in Danzig could not continue. One must be careful not to mistake the present day Germany with the former Germany. "I expect every man and woman that we have nothing to demand t m ,n,,Ilru8K"!11 from the western powtrs. (exemplary fashion. If our will is ..rim - powtr'' , u strong enough then nothing can Time and time again I have,ta. Greater Germany, heil! necessary, close co - operation. "Germany has no interest In tti - west. Our west wall (the Siegfried line) it and will remain our wes em boundary. "I shoudl like to express at ihis time our thanks to Italy which his supported us during these recent IBy Tht Aocltl PrJ x LONDON, Sept. 1 ( Passed by British Censor) The British government todav ordered all air raid warning systems in the country to be put Into immediate operation. PARIS, Sept. 1 Havas New Agency reported today that German planes bombed the Polish port of Gdynia this morning. Earlier it was disclosed that official French dispatches from Germany indicated that "the Reich began hostilities on Poland this morning." The report caught Paris by surprise on a. sunny morn ing when newspapers were proclaiming that "French and liritish firmness can still save peace." An hour after the first report wac received there still was no official reaction. The King Calls Privy Council "Th Gorman army will conduct fight fot honor and the right to tne ijte of the resurrected German leople Jth Arm determination. I expect tHat every soldier, mindful of the great traditions of the eteitial ierman military, will do his duty y0 the lat. "Reme Tiber alv, ays that you are I .it Ives of the National Socialist Great J Germanv. Lone 1 people tod our Reich!" ndio nnnoi nced immediately t many. i But up to 3 a.m. i the German army had been kept . in check. in anomei light at Hochlind uhere, the ency said. "Polkh , sTgents nj soldiers stormed tJJ I Diplomatic sensation of the day itMum ioue. the mimber of HeJI was the cold Indifference of the " nirtstill were undetermi - i Poles t0 German compromise of - i. oi r - .".fliers were ca tired. Tht firman border nii reaptured he building after k.i an hour's gluing. al Rjdio Sction Attack these bs tie, were rerrted o ! inon at poul the same time that ' fers. I Hitler decided early last evening to publish his offer to prove how "reasonable" his proposals were. I The offer Involved the ceding of 'anzig to the reich and a plobis - i l te fot Pomorze (the Polish i rridor). , "From now on I belong to my people i never before," Hitler said. Should, he continued, anything happen to "my friend Goering," the next in line te carry on tht Fuehrer's duties is Minister Rudolph Hess." "If naything should happen to Hess, then the senate shall be called to appoint the most worthy of tht people." I have stated and I state again PARIS, Sept. 1. The Polish embassy here announced today that "Germany violated the Polish frontier at four points." "German reports of pretended violation or uerman territory by Poland are pure invention, as is the fable of 'attack' by Polish insurgents at Gleiwitz," the embassy announcement. rud. "" ! - LONDON, Sept. 1. (Passed by British Censor) text of an authoritative liritish statement: . It is pointed out in official circles that if the proclama - tion to the German people by Herr Hitler which has already v A kl D , b'n announced should mean as it would seem to mean that A W fsT mPflKS frmany has declared war on Poland, it can be stated on nj IIUI vivuii.l. h irimc?4 u., fir - - xt itiitnin and France are ' i v v auinm iij ui - - - inexibly determined to fulfil to the uttermost their obli - ( ill a I.. Jlj A ALii . .i l). - A.ii3 p Af n H) I nlk Ml rM: ! i : - 1 ; :n . Borneo And mmnd k .... , tr fi - B: ' Ji ; - . - . Aire Attacked 6 - l I "mmJ ,. V.. i. ' t " "' longer. 'RllKnla and Cvrmniiv have I IBy Th CHnndlan I'runt decided that use of force between London, Sept. i.Th Kins Rations to the Polish jrovernment. . . them would be of use only t summoned the Privy Council to a Tne German account of the course of the negotiations others. We therefore have decided! meeting today and parliament was - . hnllv miOarlin"' to renounce the use of arm for ; called to meet t 5 p m. .Uis after.; se W no , ,y m t ; rhanceor inforn,cd the ail time. noon u a.m. . - .j as ir.nw ... . s - ni:..u i: "Every attempt of the western, were received here of a German ; lil lllxn amDassador mat ne expetiru u"!, t'""', powers to change the situation shall 'offensive (gainst Poland. fail. pcten - jtiary to appear in Herlin by the followinjr day with full rh.! cabinet met at 11:1') a.m. - .. vi - tll. all and the privy council was to meet mpfimp he honed to elaborate the "This pact shall mean for denniie to which we .hn ,iine The Polish iuni.a. - .d"r conferred proposals. In other words the Polish government was ex - to for all time. No War On Womtn "I will take the necessary action but I do not want to fight s war against women and children. "I have notified my air force to restrict activities but If our opponent takti advantage of 1 lit? I UII.Ml tIll''l"l l iMilv. . ... f - - "f ........ - . with the prime Minister Chamber - pected to submit to the procedure imposed on the presirtent lam beioie the cnt.iiut meeting. ()f Czecho - Slovakia and to despatch an emissary io otihh Great Britain s.M.ding ,.at on wh ' to accept terms, the character of which was !nV" to the ro,ih vernment. of Germany's latest moves In trie ; (By Hyi (Kr(nPh New, Asncy) European erisii . with the deepest j BERNE. Sept. 1. The Swiss government today iy toward a full war - time footing, ordered general mobilization. 1

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