Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1962 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1962
Page 6
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Six Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune News and Views Have By Mary D'Andrea They say every dog has his day and Sunday it's Dad's turn. Yes, Mom, Sunday is Father's Day. You almost forgot, didn't you? Well, don't panic. You've got plenty of time to pick out that perfect gift for your imperfect guy. It seems we members of the fairest sex too often overlook Dad on his day, assuming that the big lug doesn't have an ounce of sentiment in him and he would just as soon • forget all gift- giving occasions. BUT THE TRUTH of the matter is, men don't like to show their feelings. They're embarrassed to let anyone, especially their wives, see them opening gifts in happy anticipation. • . Why is this? Well, when your husband' was a little' kid, he learned that boys who cry are' "sissies" and -to be called that was a fate worse than death. So he gave up crying. Even when he took a beating in "friendly" neighborhood fights or broke his leg or got conked on the head with a baseball bat ... he did not cry. He became a man, got- married and had kids. (He's got .lots of reasons to cry.) And when you and the off-spring present Dad with a beautifully-wrapped package containing that very expensive something he's wanted for -a long time, he probably feels a hot tear somewhere up there above the eyeball. But instinctively, he blinks it away because little boys and men don't cry or even look like they're going to. NATURALLY, since tears and sentimentality go hand in hand, we assume these hard-hearted males have traded the soft spot in the heart for a,big one in the head. • It just isn't so.' Dad likes to get presents but he's become used to being overlooked. But remember, how hurt YOU were last year when he forgot your anniversary? Did you storm and rant... did you threaten divorce because he didn't love you anymore . . . did you pout for three days . . . did you go on a shopping spree to get even . . . well, yes, as a matter of fact, you did. Remember? Just imagine how hurt he was when you "forgot" his birthday. He didn't say a word because gifts are sentimental things and men aren't supposed to be sentimental, and the whole thing goes back to childhood. BUT, IN SPITE of the childhood bit (if you don't like something, you can always blame it on your childhood) the truth boils down to this—men simply don't like to shop for women's gifts. After a couple of trips to a lingerie counter (coming away with frilly black things and red faces) they've had it. That's why the little woman ends up with a check on a "few dollars" to "buy yourself something because I don't know what you want . . ." With women, it's different. Men's stores and the apparel therein don't embarrass us in the least. Besides, shopping is our favorite hobby. So go to it, Mom. Get him something really nice. AND, BY THE WAY, that old saying about it's not what you pay for the gift but the thought that counts is just so much hot air. Maybe you got by with it the first year of married bliss but after that hubby probably feels like strangling you with his umpteenth pair of socks or the millionth lie that won't be worn. So, get something different. I don't know what, but something out of the ordinary. What am I giving? Oh, I always give him money. I don't know what in the world to buy. PREVIEW OF THINGS TO COME-What do you think happens to a married man who is suddenly thrust into the role of bachelor once again when the little woman lakes a vacation without him? How does he manage when he can't even boil water much less an egg? How can he possibly figure out the dials on an automatic washer when he. can't even find the outlet for the electric coffee pot? We'll let you know. Bye for now. Thursday Evening, June 14,'1962. Fun Worthwhile HD Contributes Gifts For Veterans' Party Gifts for a veterans' party were given in answer to roll call at the Wednesday evening meeting of the Worthwhile HD club at the home of Mrs. Nell Cook. Mrs, Edward Kuhn, president, opened with the creed and Mrs. Merle Miller gave the secretary's report. Mrs. Bill Bushing reported on the flower fund and the adopted patient. Mrs. L. P. Graham offered devotions. Mrs. Cook gave the health and safety report on care of picnic food. Mrs. Kuhn reported on the Council meeting and appointed the following nominating committee: Mrs. Mary Pumel, Mrs. Graham and. Mrs. William Julian. The lesson on the history and use of honey was presented by Mrs. Jack Lyons. The July meeting will be with Mrs. Kuhn and will feature a cook-out. During the social hour, prizes FULTON WSCS The WSW3 members of the Fulton EUB church made plans to attend the convention at Oakwood park during the recent session held at the church. Nellie Riemenschneider had charge of the lesson on the topic, "Church Colleges and Homes," with several members participating. After the secretary-treasurer reports were given the group made plans to pack the clothing collected by the society. Several reports were submitted and Mrs. Pauline Depoy gave a report on the special project and Charlotte McCroskey on childrens work. Mrs. Carrie Unger and Mrs. Kassebaum were in charge of the social hour. The closing prayer was given by Mrs. Blanche Fred and refreshments were served to 15 members. went to Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Marie White. Social Calendar THURSDAY ' 6:30 p.m.—Circle 5, carry-in dinner at Calvary church dining room. 7:30 p.m.—General WSCS, at Wheatiand avenue church. 8 p.m.—Hi Neighbor HD, Jo WooJever, 541 Clinton. 8 p.m.—Logansport Court 4, Order of Amaranth, IOOF hall. 8 p.m.—American Legion Auxiliary, Memorial home. FRIDAY 8 p.m.—Ladies Eagle Booster club, club room. 1:30 p.m.—Mothers of World War H, Unit 18, Memorial home. Women of Moose Hold Initiation A new member, Myra Edgcrly, was initiated at the Monday evening meeting of Women of the Moose with Margaret McCartney, senior regent, in charge. Chapter night chairman was Olive Ingram assisted by Ida Mae Vernon, Freida Gerlach and Lula Weakman. Reported ill were Ethel Way and Helen Titus. There were 20 members present. Kate Wysong won the attendance prize. BIRTHDAY CLUB The Birthday Day club convened for a noon covered-dish dinner re. cently at the home of Mrs. Mary Caldwell. The afternoon was spent playing games with prizes going to Grace Nicodemus, Pearl Sprinkle, Dora Martin, Ethel Burkhart, Edna Leffert and Hulda Vernon. Others attending were: Lulu Sharp, Lulu Cunningham, Earl fones, Derena Spitznogle, Lora Herrick and one guest, Sylvia ^ree. ******* THIS WEEK'S ******* WINNERS IN THE WORLD of CASH SWEEPSTAKES 1st Prize of $1,000 2nd Prize of $500.00 Exchangettes Meet At Burnett Home Bouquets of roses and carnations decorated the entertaining rooms when Mrs. Paul Burnett was hostess to the Exchangettes Tuesday evening. Mrs. Don Ba- shoro assisted. During the short business meeting, secretary-treasurer reports and correspondence were read. It was voted not to have a booth at the July 4th celebration. Refreshments were served at individual tables where cards were also played with prizes going to Mrs. William Julian, Mrs. Richard Burk and Mrs. Pat Kroeger. There will be no meetings in July and August. FRANKLIN COLLEGE Mrs. John Beard, the former ue Handy of this city, received a . A. degree in absentia Sunday t Franklin College. Mrs. Beard raduated cum laude and was also amed to Alpha, an honorary for xcellance in scholastic achievement. She is residing in Los Cruces, ew Mexico, where her husband s serving wilh the U. S. Armed 'orces, stationed at While Sands fissile' range, Mrs. Beard is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orma Handy, of 821 North Third. COMPARE OUR DIAMOND VALUES! REMEMBER-MOHEY SAVE* IS MONl-Y EARNED FERNBAUGH'S "Famous For Quality Diamonds" Father's Day June 77 57 3rd Prizes of $25.00 $25.00 Winners of the first week's drawing June 9, 1962 Lucille Neff Mrs. Frank Bellamy Margaret Hollenback Clara Summers Robert Earhart RR1 122 S. Cooper Street 1311 S. Purdom St. 318'/ 2 E. Broadway 285 Washington Bringhurst, Indiana Kokomo, Indiana Kokotno, Indiana Logansport, Indiana Peru, Indiana $5.00 Winners of the first week's drawing June 9, 1962 Mrs. Mable Foster Mrs. Kermit Granberg Emerson Clapper Louis H. Wise US'/a S. Washington St. 1250 Chanute Ave. 1126 .S. Washington St. 166 N. Hood Street Delphi, Indiana Bunker Hill A. F. B,, Peru, Ind. Kokomo, Indiana ' Peru, Indiana ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES OFTEN, YOU MAY BE A WEEKLY WINNER Open only to residents of Indiana residing in areas served by the sponsoring Coca-Cola Bottlers in Anderson, Bloommgton, Columbus, Crawfordaville, Elwood, Frankfort, Greencastle, Goshen, Indianapolis, Lafayette, LaPorte, Ixjgansport, Muncie, Marion Newcastle, Plymouth, Rushville, Shelbyville and South Bt'nd. THE TRADITIONALIST stands tall, slim and casually correct with his selection from our fine assortment of light-weight, comfort tailored slacks . . . plain and subtle patterns. from $8.95 Free Gift Wrapping All gifts beautifully w.'apped for Father's Day. " AND "COKE" Ml MCOISICREO TUOC.MMK* OP THE COCfeEOU COHPAHV . WND-SWP-3 MEN'S WEAR 405 E. Broadway Dial 3273 Stage Perry lies Reunion at Park The 2Ist annual Perry lies reunion was held recently at Dykeman park with 33 family mem bers and five guests. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper, Lafayette, Raymond Woodruff, Susie Crabb and Andy Hartoin, attending. It was voted to hold the 196S reunion at the same lime anc place. . Officers were retained for the coining year. They are: Kenny lies, president; Frank lies, Sr. Sunday is an »xlra-special daj for Dad and ther e's no better way to please him llian to plan his favorite meal, c>::ok it outside and let him preside over the outdoor grill. Cook-outs havm become a favorite of families everywhere and (hey give Dad'tlie opportunity to display his culinary skills that are usually limitjd to the outdoor method of food preparation. The two most popular foods wilh men have always been meat and polatoes so don't disappoint Dad. With a fe\v additions, these hardy foods tak'iin on a new and savory taste, Ihunks to barbecue sauce and a charcoal fire. Barbecued ribs are lops with most men and here's the way to serve them with french fried po- tatocs (the frozen kind are quick and easy) for n taste treat sure to please the wr.ole family. Use your favorite method of cooking ribs. To shorten outdoor cooking time, parboil ribs for an hour or so and Ihen barbecue on foil-covered grill, BARBECUE FRIES WITH SMOKY BARBECUE SAUCE 2 tablespoons drippings from spareribs or melted butter 2 packages frozen French fries '/•i teaspoon seasoned salt !4 teaspoon salt Vt teaspoon celery salt 1/3 cup barbecus sauce Heat drippings or butter in fry pan on grill over moderate heat. Add polatoes; sprinkle with salts. Brown French fries, stirring as needed. Drizzle with barbecue sauce. Serve with spareribs. Yield: 4 servinjjs. SMOKY BARI5ECUE SAUCE 1/3 cup brown sugar '/i cup vinegar % cup catsup 1 cup water 1 cup thinly sliced onion 6 thin lemon sjices ('about Vl lemon) 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon V/orceslershire sauce 1 teaspoon liquid smoke or as desired 1 teaspoon sail '/i leaspoon pejipcr Combine ingredients in saucepan; simmer to blend flavors, about 20 minu(i!s. Use for basting spareribs during last 30 minutes of cooking time: and for Barlwcue Fries. Yield: 2 cups sauce, enough for 4 to 5 pounds spareribs and 1 recipe fries. vice-president; Thomas Goodson, secretary and treasurer. The Big Difference In Stores Today Is The Way People Are Treated One Week Only! annual SALE tf NU-BVE Starts Thursday — June 14 * save up Co 46? a gmir Patented construction features give you perfect fit without binding or cutting. Perfect anti-chafe protection without bunching! Stock up now! Full cut, not stretched to nhape, actual legs tailored in, exclusive non-roll webbing elastic waistband guaranteed to outwear pantie itself! Sized 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Elastic Leg Brief Acetate, reg. 89c 3 pr. $2.22 • Band Leg and Full Flare Acetate, reg. 1.65 .. 3 pr. 4.1 1 EX. ig., reg. 2.00 ... 3 pr.4.98 Nylon, reg. 3.00 .... 3 pr. 7.83 • Short Flare Acetate, reg. 1.65 . 3 pr. 4.1 1 Ex. Ig., reg. 2.00 ... 3 pr. 4.98 Nylon, reg. 2.50 ... 3 pr. 6.52 Ex. Ig., reeg. 3.00 .., 3 pr. 7.83 Use Our Budget Account LINGERIE-SECOND FLOOR 409-415 E. BROADWAY-SHOP-Iues., Wed., Thurs., Sot., 9-5, Friday 7 a. m.-9 p. m.

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