The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on September 21, 1938 · Page 21
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 21

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1938
Page 21
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THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE. PAGE J! II HOUSES. UNFURNISHED ICentinutd from Prtcedlng Pa a I ss HOUSES. UNFURNISHED Continued from Preceding Column! 57 HOUSES FOR SALE (Continued from Preceding Column! 57 HOUSES FOR SALI fCantlnuad from Preceding Column) 57 HOUSIS FOR SALI (Continued from Preceding Column! WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 21. 1938 WITH . ' Secority SECURITY POOL CARS Cut Freight Costs 25 to 40 - VEEKLt BKRV1CK TO A LI. LARGE CANADIAN CITIES THE SERVICE IS BETTER Secority Storage Phone Ci7 171 All Depts. M OVERDALE T Fully - modern, ft - rm. house, 3 bedroonu, large living - room, H.W.H garage. Rant J.VO.OO soft ETHELBERT ST Lint S - roomea house, 4 bedrooms, hardwood ftoore, H W H , gamae J..0.00 41 CAMBRIDGE Th la beautiful home ha. 4' bedrooms Hnd large library ovei garage, lovely living - room with open lire, place, 3 bathroom, centra) hear, at. tached garage. Rent $R5 00 Hi CLAREMONT AVE.. Nor., $".11. 5 - rm. bung., large living - room, open fir, plare, extra room In basement, heated, H.w.H. Rent . .... $4 3 no tit CLAREMONT AVE.. Norwood F.VI. A - rmd. bungalow, extra room In base - mint, H.W.H.. garage. Rant ....(.woo C. 8. OUNN CO., LTD. to Union Trim Bld(.. M 151 POSSESSION OCTOBER 1lt at Reresford Ava., S rooms ... $25.00 16ft Balfour Ave.. 4 - rtn. bunialow $32.30 oat Corydon, S rooms $30.00 1ST Italia Ava., rooma $30.00 7S0 Corydon Ava,, g roomi 125.00 t$1 Portase Ava., mi.. 2 acraa land. Immed. possession .... $20.00 ISO Mountain Ava., 11 rma.t Two antrancaa. Suit 1 families) ... ISO. 00 NATIONAL TRUST CO. LIMITED 250 Portage Ave. 95 131 ttt HUNTLEIOH STREET 6 - room cottage. Hot malar htat. Will aVi a reasonable amount of decorating. 127.60. la MOUNTAIN AVENUE rooma. Not air brat. Outside newly painted. Will dacorate Interior. $22.50. 4S3 STRADBROOK AVENUE rooma and large giexed aleeplng bat eony. - Attached garaee. new furnace. Will decorate to ault good tenant. 140.00. The Canada Permanent Trust Co. M GARRY rr. PHONF) 7 176 U MUNROE AVE., S rme 125 00 22$ CLARE AVE., 7 rme. .... $40.00 10 tTRATHCONA, rme. ...$.12.50 lel ROM AVE., 4 rme.. Hi Horry. Black cV Armstrong Limited too Toronto General Truata Bldg. 23 3(4 UftftT TICKET, GOOD FO TWO, 18 hold at The Tribune Office for C. O, FUtktr, .V. Hreen K. Kild, in ie The Ooldwyn Follit,M ' in Tecbnlcnloi. and an all - itar cest, at lha Garrick Thralrt. MOVING : I.AROE COVERED VNS PROMPT. fARKKIU. SKRVICE REASONABLE RATES PHONE 42 844 MAIN STREET . Approx. S ooo sq. feet of apace In .x - sto.vy building and basement, located between Portage and Oraham Suitable for retail store, restaurant, offices and warehouse. Attractive rental. , ,, The Canada Permanent Trust Co. MS OARRT ST. PHONE S7 171. ft? RIVER AVE., 7 rooms $KO 00 04 CORDOVA ST., 5 rooms $47.50 161 KINGSTON ROW, $ rooms .... $43.00 726 ALEXANOER AVE., ft rooms.. $22.50 341 EDMONTON ST.. 10 rooms ... $"5 .00 32 VAUOHAN ST.. 10 rooms ... (45.00 743 RATHOAR AVE., $ roomi ... 120.00 Oldfield, Kirby & Gardner Ltd. ' 134 PORTAGE AVR. PHONB S3 371. 183 RUBY STREET Very attractive 7 - room house with gar - ag. 146.00. Immediate possession. 500 CAMDEN PLACE ft room house, with Barege. Jn excellent ondMlon. $37 50. . Phone 95 515 Continued an Next Col'imn 78 AeleJInf, Calculating ane) Chtckwriring Machine BALES 4 COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE. All mak. a sew and need. A. Lloyd 4:lark St Co., Ltd., HO Bannatyne. Ph. S 705. BilliareJ Tablss BILLIARD TABLES, BOWLING ALLEYS, n.w and ami - hand supplies. Brunswick - Ralko - collandar Co., S2 Arthur. 2S 077. Csrpst CUsnsrs ppjg Cleaned and Meodetf our apecislt. Satlafeetton guaranteed. Reas. prices. Speade Carpet Cleaners. Ph, 61 362. Educational WE TUTOR IN HEART PROBLEMS. Personal Interviews. Bog S46. Tribune. Furniturs DOMINION FURNITURE CO.. LTO. 4SI Notre Day Ave. Ph. S 193. Janitor Swppliss JAMES PURDIE, AOENT, S0 ERIN ST. Ph 33 5. fcyerythms for a building. Uathtr Coodi Rtpsirtsl GUN CASES), LUGQAOE, GOLF BAGS HIPPER WORK A SPF.C1AI.T! Birt Saddlery Co., Ltd. Opp. City Hail. Professional Directory 79 Bailiffs SIMPSON ft CO., LICENSED it BONDED Bnllifla 7ul Mclntyre Blk. 114 ll'Ji Chiroprsctors DR. HUGH J. MUNRO. QUALIFIED graduate of Universal Chlinpractic Col - lege. Davenport. La.. 1V12, 2S yra ' prac - tn Wpfi. Lare ellenleie soordins greateat exp. S2S Somerset Blk. 21 17U. OR w. J. KINO. CHIROPRACTOR, Drugiesa Pn . 10 yra practice) tn Wpg. 33 Somerset Bik. 22 S20 Kea. 4a 140 DR. JAMES LOVE X RAY AND NEU - rocalometer Benlee Pelmet Grad. 917 somerset Bik Ph 2S S05 CR. W. IVENS M.A GRAD. 12ft. N.C.M. H 1.0 service 3IIR Itiketee Hlvd 5ft 4S5. CR. P. a. McELREA. PALMER GRAD Neuroralometer Rerv 4U5 Tribune 25 :lft Chiiepodisls FEET BAO .' INSTANT RELIEF. DR. A. R lennox 31ft BomersM Blk 23 13'.. Detective Agencies MrOONALO DETECTIVE SERVICE LTO. P.m. IP'S. H ft.. Rovai Bank R dg . Wpg Agent, tn principal citiea. Canada and United Slates. 160 Gtrtrudff. room Immrd. .. hQ 00 OCTOBER lit 1 Ltnort tt.. 7 rmi. H.W H . sir tXt "0 Tl Arimiton St.. 7 room sarai Sin nit 7fl ftherburn. ft roomi. ft a rag ... $40.00 171 M pie wood, ft rmi and tunnvtm. - car H W rifat. rc5 bath.. SAO of 04 ft. Drivt, Fort Oarry, beautiful d - rm boui - t nn lance river Int. 771 McMillan, t rma.. H W.H., Car. m oft $21 River. 7 raia., 4 Wedrmi - Moon YALF AVENUE NKWXT DFCORATrn 10 - ROOM ROI'KR AND OARAfJE. IN'SULATKD A MP CENTRALLY HEATED FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS A PPLT THE SMITH AGENCY LTD. Phone SS.Vl.VS7 F.vgs. 41 2I SSISSSSSSS lia Briatol, 5 rmi.. mod., garage .127.50 41 Roeewarne. ft rme., mod., car. .$40.00 201 Hampton, ft fma.. mod., duplex. upper S4.VOO 207 Harblaan. 7 rme.. mod S2:,.nn 1 Luston. t rme., mod $33. 00 $74 McKemle, ft rme.. mod $30.00 SO Lansdowne. ft rmi.. mod s.' Sift Arnold, ft rme., mud $20.00 tS Academy Rd., t rme.. mod., garags 142 50 SeO Home. 4 rme.. eeml $17.00 Call at oitr office end eee cur romplele liat. J. J HWANSON COMPANY. LTD 0 Paris Blrtc. Phone t 221. 56 WANTED TO RENT WANTtO TO RENT BY RELIABLE couple - 3 or ft - rm. nrll - furn. houie. Pn. 4 5 07. 57 HOUSES FOR SALE NORWOOD $2,400. Walking distance tn city. Recently built, mod. and up - to - date bung; oak floors, fireplace, etc. $400 cash, bll. $25 per month. A bargain. LEAVING CITY Owner sacrifice for Immedlala isle except tlnnally fine ft - rm. ultra - mod. bung. Hot water heat, oak floors and trim: lot o0x:li0 to rive - . Beautifully landscaped. 75 Kingston Row. Elm Parlt. WEST END $1,400. I.Ike new. attractive and well - built bung . : bright, apacioiis rms. Paved street, close to Portage Ave. Originally cost $1,200 to build. C. E. SIMONITF. LTD. Oft WcARTHL'R BUILDING Phone A 4 1 1 . Km. 204 nI. MUST RE SOLD Garfield St., South of Portage 0,nir4 - o Diinjtaiow, s rma. and aim porch, iarx llv. - rm., J Rood bedrrtnma. and fin. In xr)lpnt ahape. Mtut sfll. Immediate pos?ea - Oak fin. Ownw III. loo. ft. 8, Phon 97 BTKVKN'ftOV Kvg. 47 071. ftJOl M. WEST END $2,650 Mitut b sold, wfll - lorated fl - room houxp. In A - l shape throughout. .New oak f.oor: 3 hMroom. plenty of cupboard apace. Fine kiii'hfn with spai - for hr. nrxik. A re - mirkahle buy. Will consider small cor age In exchang. 8. I. 8TEVKN807 Phone 07 43:i. Rvgn. 47 073. 4.M1M LtNOail 8T. Krame home. 7 moma. maple llnora, fire plare, H.W.H., lol 33 ft., only $3,000 nH $;0o HART AVE. 7 rnomi. frame hoiMf. maple floor 40 - ft. lot. Pnre S2.700; caah l.'.OO. J. A. W A l.l - ACK. 2i7l7. on RIVIP HEIGHTftt Ml NIAGARA Colonial design home, ft room.. onIc Ars . InUid flrs. downstairs, H.W.H. irentrai heatl. modern kitchen, latest bathroom ultra modern fixtures. Thla hmtitlfiil home for Immediate sxle. Real buy for a god rash pavment. Ph. 27 010 It appointment to view. $3 )00 WEST END Choh - e ft - rm. brlt k bungalow fUcrifire nn a unl of Ill - health $1,000 taah. bal. 8Rt . ptivable $23 per month. M. n. HKI.B V, fl A48 401 Mvlntyre Blk. Res. M M7.V GLEN WOOD CRE&CENT DISTRICT ft - room bungaiow ; excellent basement; attractive pen and in first rlas condition. Rnap at $2,800. Terms. Uoffatt Rd - yard. 1101 UrArthur eldg. 4 ftAO; evgs.. 3ft 279. CLAREMONT AVE. "FINE ft - PM. FAMILY ohme. n flrat - clasa condition H.W neat eiec. fireplace, hw... ftra up and down atda drKe to garage Seen by appi Ph 32 744: ga 42 ftftj RIVER HEIGHTS, 30 BROCK 8T. Drue out tonight and aee this beautiful, new. up - to - date, 8 - room home. Price reduced, ft Interest. Terms arranged. IE AUTtFUL ft - RM. HOUSE FOR SALE In Norwood, newly decorated, si earn heat, ft.", - font lot, well treed. Urge garage. Ph. 20t 24. ALEXANOER AVE 4 - RMD. HOUSE. fully - modern, garage, $1,100. 304 Confederation Life Bldg. Ph. 95 3 J 3. 321 ARLINGTON ST SNAP FOR QUICK sale ft - rm. F.M. stucco bungalow. Low tates. Owner leaving city. (Continued en Neat Column) Business Directory Mcsiftngtt Strvict WESTERN MESSENGER AND TRANS - fei 311 Noire Dame Ave Pb. 26 316 Picturss ane) Picturs Framing PICTURES, PICTURE FRAMING. ART. sis' Materials, oil Paintings Richard. aor Btoe.. J2 Main St Ph HR A..I Printara A Highly Efficient Organization . Producing Quality Printing Call. Phone or "rite for Full Particulars CENTRAL PRESS LTD. 322 Bannatvne Ave. Phone 24 452 ALBION PRESS PRINTKRS and PUBLISHERS (I'i 0 - Br nrea, 81 Phona 2$ 144. Lscktmitha J. Q AM M IE KEYS MADE, DOOR CLOS. er expert. :''41, Main St. Ph. S5 VJU. Stationftty Suppli$ G. R. BRADLEY 306 Canada B"1g. CO., LTD. Phons 2S S13 Scalss OA YTON SCALES. SERVICE HOBAR1 . Oavton Representative, Western Csnana. Ryan Bros. Ltd., Jamea St Ph. PS 52ft Dantittt rR. PETERS. DENTIST. 400 BOYD Hide i DENTAL PLATEB: All Types All Pruss Law Off ica QFORGE O. McVICAR, LAWYER . somer.'t Bid! Estate house., sis per. , : Mjttag FOR PEP, TRY tIMONES MASSAGE. I . Sect Ion C. Ft Garry CrL (top flr i MAE KENNEDY. STE. S. WSSTMINS - ter Apia. Donald 4s Ellioa. Ura.: Patent n4 Tiadft Marks FEATHERSTUNHAUCH & CO. (Established 1SS5I PATENTS uakkb. etc all oountrie Free Consultation and Ltteratilra upon developing, marketlrg and protacllns sound tdeas at minimum cost. OFFICES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES Manager, C. C. KENT 434.437 CP R. Bill Phona S3 12 WALTER C. BOOOISS Wev.rn Patent Specialist 22 Years' ears FRFR APVtrE RF.AS CHAF.nES 314 Affleck Bids. (opp. Eaton a). 17 SS4. DUPLEX FOR 12.500 kiher brook at. - 7 rms.. brick, tiwri.' floors up and lown M - rm. suite upstairs with own sink, rented at $15 per month i; new furnace. Paved street and paved lana. Taes l0f. 33 - ft. lot. a real investment. CATHEDRAL AVE., tl.tOO Near Main ft rma. and sunporch; garage; fenced. (Coat owner 3.7jO.) HEPBURN SOUTH.' ftl.SOO - 5 rms. and tmnport - h; oak floors and On - lh. Klec. fireplace; eentre hall plan; in aulated. Garage. , 3:i(t. lot. BEVERLEY ST., SNAP. 1.M0 ft rma, and den. t , - story; hot wati r heat; newly pelnted and In good repatr. Fullv modern, with excellent full base ment BANNATYNE AVE., WEftTON, $1,20,4 ft mm., 1 ii - storey ; full piurabing and new furnace; wired; glazed verandah, iiarage. Taxes $49. TOSMACK BROS. 23 Iftft 1.0ft Avenue Bldg. Rei. M 2.S4 - 71 "41 RIVERVIEW Two Outstanding Offerings BARTLETT AVE., close to Oaborne - New type stucco house, (or owner's occupation ; 2 storeys : U.K. with firep.act; L.H.. kitchen; oak fin - lh and floors; 3 lovely bedrooms, bath room with rei - eaa bath, tile floor. Hot water heat; garage; iO - ft, lot. ftacri - fice, $4,900. BALFOUR AVE., near Flaher m - siorey brick residence. H.W. heat ; hardwood floors throughout; L.R., D.R. and kitchen; 2 B R.'a and bath tinetalra: M - ft. lot. Only $3,200. with I $700 cash. Oldfield. Kirby & Gardner, Ltd. ' PHONK $3 371. F.VKM.NG8 4ft 422. SHERBROOK ST., near Westminster Modern brick house, ft rmn., maple floors. 1st floor: hot water heating, freshly dec orated, garage. $2. loo. NORWOOD. KlTftON ST. 4 moms, each fir or with aeparate entrance to upstairs ah good - si ted rooms, fully modern. 0 - ft lot. within walking distance of Portage and Main. Mak excellent duplei. $1,700. BEAVERFROOK ST. Pritty aturro bun - galow. living - room with open fireplace. 2 bedrooms, large sunporch nit living - room and bedroom, 40 - it. lot, garden, garage, etc. 12.800. W. J. KENT 50$ Confederation Lift B.dg. 3 $2P Possession October 1st REAL VALUES $3 500 Tdeai location on beautiful river lot. Substantial l - rm. home with, many fine feHtu:cj. A real harga n pfl. - e. $3 ?00 Near Stafford Ave. on McMillan. Ie.ilrab.e ft - room home, at present being put tn f.rat - c ase shape. Terms arranged conveniently at this low pr c. $3.000 South of Porta nn Raglan Hd. ft good rooms, hardwood flonrs, etc. This notice la exceptionally warm. JOHN A. FLANOKR8 CO, LTD 33 000 - 23 004. 0 1 Someraet Bldg. FORT ROUGE Near school and ear. ft rooms, frame. F.M.. oak finish, hot water; e i n room. French doors, fireplace, beam calling: garage. Bargain. $"i,70U. COLLEGE AVE East of Baiter - - ft roomi, frame. F.M. Bacrifice Price, $l.ft0. M AGE R DR. A - room frame, screened verandah. H.7M0; rental terms. HINOLEY AVE 4 rooms, frame, screened pon - h; weil - lreed lot. $1,400; rental terms. ARGUE BROS. LTD. 202 Lombard Rulldlng Kvgs. 41 321 7 201 73 oHJ ftT. VITAL Mod. bungalow. 4 rooms and hath. Insulated. 4,ow taxes. 37 - ft. lot. Close to car. $400 cash and $25 monthly. Pr.ce. $2,250. QARPi ELD Near Sargent, ft roomi. H W. f.oors throughout. Air conditioned. Possesion Oct. 1st. Reasonably priced. Term managed. PROPERTY FOR BALE IN PARTS OF THE CITY Phone F, H. MrCREA Rvga. 22 744. 41D - 121 Somerset Block. 42 13. HOUSE BARGAINS Kingston Row, ft rooms, oak finish. $4 V)fl Elm Park, 8 rooms, oak finish ... $.vor0 Crystal Ave., West, 1 roomi $n flM) Fifth Avenue, 6 rooms $l..t00 St. Vital, 3 rooma and chicken coup. nn acre lot I ?"ft Toronto St., small store and dwelling $1,800 NORTHERN MANITOBA INVESTMENTS LIMITED 201 Somerset Building Phone 21 101. Evgs. 201 723 LILAC STREET Rtween Jees'e Ave. and Warsaw: 7 - room frsme and shlng), residence. Oak f.nsh end map. floors. H.W. heat. With a few repairs and decorations this ran be made a most desirable home. $1,500. Allan, Killam & McKay 4$ 371 Evgs.. (Ask for Mr. Skynner $5 222 FOR SALE OR RENT til ASH BURN STRKET 6 - room frame hotie. sierp'ng balconv. 7n A - l condition. $2,100. Rent $30 00 per momh. The Canada Permanent Trust Co 2 CARRY ST. PHONK 7 ITJ - ft. IContlnued en Next Column I Towel, WINNIPEG SANITARY TOWEL SUPPLY Co . : v William Ave. Phone so Sift. Window Cltansrg FOR SERVICE CALL ?S til linminton Window Cleaning f;o. MODERNIZATION Building snd Contracting ). R. WILLIAMS eV CO. PAINTING, nise. Carpentry. .'i.u Young. 67 Itt.'t Foundation snd Rapairt YOUR FOUNDATION WILL NOT SETTLE Uhen Underpinned by the Spredboi Rifled Pile Co. 447 Agnes St Phona 3 Si ALTERATIONS, REPAIRS A FOUNOA. Hons. S. H. Juba Ph. 2S 147. Clssing GLAZING SERVICE COMBINATION door, $7 00. S. H. Juba. PH 20 147 Lumber, luilderi' Suppliss THE EMPIRE SASH A OOOR CO. LTD. BKRVICE COURTESY QUALITY Henry Argyle Phona S3 351 DOMINION LUMBER eV FUEL CO. Winnipeg. 57 S4B. Tranacona, , LYD. Ph. :a Pkyiiciant snd Surgsons OR. KRISTIAN J. BACKMAN Specialist Veneresl and Urogenital tliseasee 703 - 704 MrARTHL'R RI'ILDINO 211 PORTAGE AVE.. Ladlea' F.ntranca: 704 clours: 10 a.m. to I Phone SS 731 DR. FRANK BOYO Specialist Oenltc - ttrinary, Skin 4 Venereal Dlseaeea SOT McARTHL'R BUILDING Hours. 10 am to 1 p.m. . Phone S3 (7$. DR. GRAHAM WILSON. SPECIALIST Venereal. Kidney, K adder, elkin 2liS Endertna Bldg . 334 Portage Ave Hours: t to I and 2 3" to S. Ph 2X013 Residence: 47 0TP Ladles' Wairlng - Room. HOURS. P A M to S P al DR. J. OlNSBURG, SPECIALIST Venereal a Skin Disesaes, 403.4 UcArthiif Bids Hours, San to S p.m. Pb. S5 023 Vsttrinsry Surgeons SPFCIALIST FOR PETS J. Tlngley, 3SS Sherbrook. City Homes and Business Properties SOUTH 12J M A Ye A I R AVE 2S - torev. brick. 40x46. 12 room., oak Score and Smth. hot water heating, fully modern, lull basement; garage; lot 76 - ft. frontargc. .0 0. 154 MAVFAIR AVE 2 - atorrv, frame, 21N4A, ft rooms, meple floors, hot air beating, fully modern, full basement; lot 31x120. $3.00u. CENTRAL 56? ROSt AVE 2.torey. frame. 1,K. 9 rooms, hr floora and huiah: fuliv moilein, full basement; lot 27x112. I1.2.MI, lie SHERBROOK ST. - storrv. frame. 222i; 1 rooms .osk floors, hot air heating, fully modern, full basement; lot 25x100. $2,500. BUSINESS PROPERTIES GRAND UNION HOTEL, ror. Main end Jamea Ave. Rrtrk. 40xM. 2 - storey. 3 stores. 30 rooms, steam heating. $20,000. ati JAMES AVE - storey brick ware - house, 50x100. steam heating. $7.5' 0. S DUFFERIN AVE Brick store and cottage attached, 2xJ5; lot Kxl32. ' $3.5 0. THE TORONTO GENERAL TRUSTS CORPORATION Poi - lage at Smith. Phone 25 34C. SOUTH OF PORTAOE $3,500 Situated near Woselev. Attractive stucco hi.ngslO'V. 5 rooms aid aun porch, large living - room with open Brepisce. oak floors and Owner III. Must sell Immedl - ,Uly' S I STEVENSON CO. Ph. 87 1 13 ' Evgs. ' 0J.1 - I0.1 '4 FURBVSPLENDIO FRAME HOME. t. rooms itaxes lt)4, $2,300. Vrllh $..00 rash. Ph. 29 232. 60 PROPERTY WANTED A to i.;. SECTION Within 50 mite, of Wlnropeg. Can pay $2 000 cash. ROX 243 TP.IBUNK PROPERTY WANTED If YOU wrl ID sell vour house, we have buyers waiting, F H MrCREA. 41S - 421 Somerset Blk. 22 744: ewa. 42 663. DOUBLE HOUSE, CLOSE IN. CAN PAY I cash. Box 241, iriouna. iVToTTcRES ON OOOD ROAO. WITH biillolngs. Pay rash. Box 242, Tribune 62 ROOMINC HOUSES LIST WITH LISTER" BOARWO - Hiil'RK NR. NORMAL SCHOOL 13 rooms, H.W. heat, very vell furn. Rent only S.0. Present rev. $150. Could be greatly Increased If board given. Full furnished1 and equipped for board. Sell for $7.l. Call THK H. N. I.IRTKR COMPANY, SIS Somerset Rlk. Pn. 20 264: eig. 401 555. SNAP COMF., S - ROOM, FURN. HOME, clean. Rent $23. Warm. Donald at Box 170. Tribune. 64 ACREACE POULTRY, MINK f ARMS. Mkt. Oardene O Buffet, gull Mclntyra Bk Hb PI 125 65 EXCHANCE , CRESCENT Vt'OOD Recently bul stucco home consisting of 7 Ane rooms. Including fine den over attached garage. Original cost $13.50 . Will sell for S7.500 cash or will take bungalow in exchange. S S. STEVENSON CO. Ph. 7 433 Kvgs. 47 073 - 403 164 66 SUBURBAN PROPERTY " Suburban Home Love.jr suburban borne, bungalow atyl,. t acres, iswi, frUtt trees anrubs and garden, pavement almost to door. Sacrifice price. A. R McNictol Limited ?ss Portage Ave . 69 FARM LANDS THE CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY Company now offers. l,or sale improved and unimproved farms on NEW E.ASY TERM. Large Are. a. in Alberta and Saskatchewan open for settlement. For full particular., apply to Rupt. of Sales, 10 Dept. Netural Resources. CPU, Calgary, Alberta. SO ACRES 14 miles from Winnipeg, with buildings, all under cultivation. $2,250: $800 Caen, bal. arranged. ROX 244, TRIBl'NF.. STARBUCK GOOD SEC. WITH huildlnss. Snap, $27 acre. Olhbs, S43 Somerset Blk. 71 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SALE BUTCHER SHOP IN 0000 locality, fully equipped, and up - lo - dt. flxturcs Included. Haossge ouiat snd smokehouse. Doing good busine.s. Rent $15. 3 rme. Stock and nxturea SAOO. Csah $300. Owner must leave city, 501 244. NEW INDUSTRY, 25 EMPLOYES. RE. quirea working capital operating profit, ably fcxe. possibilities investment with position if wanted Khares $10 Rpio - Well Woollen Mills Lid . Siflon. afao. FOR SALE AS A GOING CONCERN, well established repair business Con. aider exchange Excei.ent opportunity for father and several eons, providing profitable employment Box 160 Tribune. WE SPECIALIZE IN SELLING Businesses of all kinds and can suit four requirements. If you wish lo sell, we'll cive you action. SCOTT REALTY CO. 407 UcArlhiir B.dr. BUTCHER BUSINESS WITH GROCERIES Extra well Good locsl..n. Turnover aiiprox, $4,000 per mth. itland alrlctelt Investigation. , Hell or exrliitnse lor fully - equipped dairy. Box 247, Tribune GARAOE, BUS RESIDENCE. TOURIS7 Camp, Chev., Radiu. Oil and Llgnttnr. Contracts Approx. Sfto.000 year turnover. Sell o r exchange for i - lear - ll':e farm, equipped. Rm. 24, 31S Carlton sr. WE SPECIALIZE IN SELLING Businesses of all kinds. Let us know your reo'tirrments. We can suit you. SCOTT REALTY CO., 407 McArtlmr Rlrtg. 73 FINANCIAL PERSONAL LOANS $7.i to $300 12 MONTHS TO REPAY s. - nai. Slonthly Budget Payments LIMITED 207 Cl'RRY BLDO PHONF. S3 3t. LOANS Perioral or Business SHORT TF.EVI OR MONTH I. V $1U0 to $1,000 Commercial Securities ' Corporation, Ltd. 342 ala.n Street. Phone S3 444 Persons! Logins AND COMMERCIAL FINANCE $75 to $500 INLAND FINANCF LTD. , H M Scott. Manager. 303 PARIS BLDG PHONE 5 7$S PERSONAL LOANS Ta laiarlrd People f'oneolidata Your Dents With r.ENEHAL FINANCE CO . LTD 411 Pane Building Phone SI 111 PERSONAL LOANS $M.M to SSOO 00. PEOPLE'S FIN A NCR CORP.. LTD 803 Pans Bids Est 12S Phone 01 !.', MONEY TO LOAN ON FIRST MORT. gages Agr.ements and Mortgages pur - che.ed liternetinnal Ian Co $2 334 Continued en Nest Columnl VI' EST 454 VICTOR ST 2 - storey. frame, - .24, 7 rooms, flr floors and Snlsh. hot air heating, fully modern, full nasement; garage; lot $5x100. $3,000. 4JI WELLINGTON AVE 2 - storey. freme, 20x2ft. 7 rooms, flr floore and Bnish: hot air heating, fu ly modern, full basement; lot 40xftt. $2,000. NORTH 34 BANNERMAN AVE. t - atorer. frame. 20x30, 7 rooms, flr floors and .flnlsii, hot air heating, lull basement; lot 2, - nllt. $2.00r. 30 COBOURO AVE 2 - storey. frame. 2lx2ft. ft rooms maple floore, hot air h - atmg, full basement; lot 33xfcv. $3,000. SUBURBAN WEST KILDONAN, 11$ JEFFFRSON AVE I l, - store), frame. 212m. 5 r.ioms. flr floora and Anlsh. surface foundation; lot 50x100. $750. $34 KILBRIOE AVE t - storey, frame. 20x20. 5 rooma, scml - modrn. surface foundation; lot 25x100. $000. 125 PERTH AVE 1 - etorev. frame, 22x24. ft rooms, flr floors and finish, surface foundation; lot 25x100. $1,100. 71 FINANCIAL IContlnued from Preceding Column! MONEV TO PAV DEBTS' ADJUST WITH, out It. MrQinn. 212 Corned. Life Bldg. PBRS. LOANS. $25 - $250, TO EMPLOYED Winnipeg Loan Co.. 4m Main St. 71. AlllO MUOOARD 4 CO. LTD. C;.,. AU' 1 Somerset Bile - II 77$ """Ce OUEST TICKET, OOOD FOR TWO, IS i, - i .i in. irioune imice for R. nregorv. 3R4 I.lpton St., to see "The loldwyn Follies." in Technicolor, and an all - stsr cast, at the derrick Theatre. 74 RANK LOANS Persona! Loans The Canadian Bank of Commerce LOW RATES Apply it any Branch President Lists University Aims The University of Manitoba aimed to graduate students who were 'ardent, vigorous and cour - sgeous explorers, seeking the truth," President Sidney E. Smith said today when he addrosed first and second year sludents in arts and science at the Broadway buildings of the university, before the opening of classes tn the 1938 - 39 session. "I trust ou will develop a healthy scepticism that is a great deal more than mere contradiction." He warned the students against confusing sceptism with scorn for religious convictions and faith. - "You should have visions without hectic Illusion.", and be able to guide yourself, and give guidance 1o others." ' President Smith listed reason for students to attend university as t learn how to earn a living, lo equip themselves to live a life, and to take their plare as citizens and assist in the molding of civilization. There was a plare for both practical and theoretical courses Jn university. He urged the students to study the opposing forces of democracy and dictatorship. "Democracv ha.' free competition nf ideas. Undei dictatorship there Is none." Prof. H. Noel Fieldhouse. head of the history department and chairman of the library committee of the university, spoke briefly on the use of the lihiary to students taking an arts or science course. Dean William Tier presided. WEDDINGS I Morning Bridal Unites Verna Olga Mayhew And I. f. Cuthbertson A wedding took place Wednes - day, Sept. 14, at 11.30 a.m., in the United church, Minnedosa. when Verna Olga, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jamns Mayhew, Fox - warren, was united In marriage to Mr. Isaac F. Cuthbertson, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Cuthbertson, Foxwarren. Rev. T. A. Payne, of Clanwilliam, otfi - ciated. The bride was given in marriage by her father. She wore a gown of wine French silk chifton velvet, with shirred front and shirred puffed sleeves. Her corsage was of Sweetheart roses. Illy of the valley and ferns. Hr hni was a wide brimmed model with wine stitching. The bride and bridegroom were unattended. Miss Christina Cuthlierlson, sister of the bridegroom and Mr. Arthur Mayhew, brother of the bride, were witnesses. A wedding breakfast was served at the Tre - mont ho;. - l, after which Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbertson left by motor for Kenora and International Falls. They will, reside at Foxwarren. The bride's mother wore a black sheer redingote over black and white, and a black Breton sailor. Her corsage was of gladioli and ferns. Elizabeth P. Sibbald Weds E. A. Bourgeault KENORA. Ont. The marriage of Elizabeih Patricia Sibbald. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Sibbald, of Kenora. to Mr. Errol A. Bourgeault, ton of the late Mr. Henri Bourgeault ond Mrs. Bourgeault. of Winnipeg, took plnre the evening of Sept. 7 at 7.30 o'clock in Knox United church. Rev. A. R. Maunders performed the ceremony. The church was decorated with ferns and silver baskets of gladioli. The guest pews were marked with hows of white tulle. Mr. Walter Dolman played the wedding music, and during the signing of the register Mr. Bert Petrh sang Handel's Where'er You Walk. The bride - gioom was attended by Mr. Henry J. F. Bourgeault, of Winnipeg, j and ushers were Messrs. Edwin Hslrlorsen snd Leo Charles Dc - ' Ga;:ie, of K'nora. ' Given in msrrlage by her faiher, u.. BI J J. .Northwestern On - ridge Upened. hrWs new $r,no,ooo Trans - Canada highway bridge linking Keewatin and Kenora oftlclally was opened Tuesday by Hon. Peter Heenan, minister of lands and forests in the Ontario government. Mr. Heenan tlower centre). Is shown cutting the ribbon with a pair of inscribed ceremonial scissors presented to him by the town of enora. The brief "ceremony, under rhairmansnip of J. C. Ouellette (lower left), president of tlie Northwestern Ontario - Associated Chambers, of the bride wore a gown of - 'white embroidered. French silk. net. over taffeta, with puff sleeves, full skirt and matching bolero. ' Hef finger - tip veil was held in plare by orange blossoms. - She carried a sheaf of white gladioli. Miss Jean Sibbald, sister of the bride, was maid of honor. She wore a gown ot mauve satin with matching bolero. She wore a chapel veil, and tarried mauve and pink sweet peas. The bridesmaids, Miss Dorothy Copeland, of Gait, Ont., and Miss Constance Bourgeault, of Winnipeg, were dressed alike in princess gowns of pink silk organdy over taffeta. They wore chapel veils held with flowers, and carried colonial bouquets of sweet peas A reception was . held . at the home of the bride's parents. For traveling the bride cnose a brown tailored suit with a tweed top coat and small felt hat. Her corsage was of pink roses. Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeault left for a brief trip io Winnipeg, and on their return will' reside in Kenora The bride's mother,. .Mr., W. Sibbald; wore a gown of grey silk crepe with maicning lacset nun blue hat. Her - corsage . was of sweet peas. Mrs. H. Bourgeault. the bridegroom's mother, wore a gown of continental blue crepe with matching hat and corsage of gladioli. Miranda C. Anderson Weds Beverley Cook Crescent Fort Rouao Un led IVOUgo uiuii - u church was the scene of a wedding Thursday, September io, at 7 p mv when Miranda . Colberk, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Anderson, became Ihe bride of Mr. Beverley Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Cook, of Melfoit, Sask. Rev. R. McElroy Thompson officiated. Mr. Ira Cook was the best man. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, wore a navy triple sheer frock, wilh a navy fell doll hnt and a couige of Talisman roses and illy of the valley. Miss Beverly Anderson attended her sister as bridesmaid. She wore a navy taffeta dress with a small navy felt model hat and a corsage of Talisman roses. A reception was held at the home of the bride's parenlsi 603 Mtilvey ave. , Mr. and Mrs. Cook left ' on a motor trip south. For going away the bride wore a navy tailored suit and a grey tweed top - r - oa with a fox collar. Iler hnl was a small navy model and she wore a corsage of Talisman roses. The brine's mother wore a navy sheer dress, a small navy felt hat and a corsage of carnations. Cbevrier - Hunt Bridal Is Solemnized In Archbishop's Palace The marriage of Kalhlecn. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .1. E. Hunt, to Mr. I.oe Andre Chevrier, son ot the late Mr. Horace Chevrier, of Winnipeg, and Mrs. Chev tier, took place at 2.M o'clock, Monday afternoon, in Ihe diauing - room of Ihe Archbishop's I'alnoe. Rev. Father W. A. Joidun oflijl - aled. ' Summer blossoms were combined wilh palms and terns as deem a - tlnn for the room. The bride was given In nvirriag l) lir r father, she wore a yov n of : while velvet featuring short sleeve' wilh bows of shirring finishing the ! base of Ihe V neckline. The skirt i was full and widened In the hack j by inset gores. She woic a chapel ' veil of while tulle, secured lo her i hair wilh a coronet of rhinestones. She carried a bouquet of Templar roses and lily, of the valley. She was attended by Miss Mary Slione, uho wore an orchid chif fon jacket fnk. with Grecian diaped bodice and accentuated fullness in the skirl. Her veil was of orchid tulle and she carried pale pink Butterfly roses. Mr. Gordon Jaffakin was best man. A reception followed the ceremony in Ihe Antique tea looms. - Mr. and Mrs. Chevrier left for Dululh. The will reside at 1012 Chevrier hlvd.. Fort Ganv. Mrs. Hunt, the brides mother, wore a gown of navy sheer, pal - j tcined in a white leaf design. The ! gown was pleated hack and front j and had a V - neckline. Her hat was an upturned model in nsvv lories wilh gtev trim. Sh" wore a corsage of Richmond roses. G eat e . - s - a - RBsW 1 - Li i II I'! Most Of "U" Professors Spent Busman s Holiday r ETI'RNING from travel abroad IX scientific research, and teaching in 'University - summer - chool, professors of the University of Manitoba face - anotheiv.eight, montki teaching in the regular sessions of the university. More than 23 of the local professors took classes during summer school at the Fort Garry site of the university, ,whjle others taught at the sessions of Canadian anrie American colleges. , Prof. C. Meredlthr Jones, member of the French department, did research among manuscripts in the Bibliothequc Nationale, Paris, and the 'British muse net. - studying the historical Ri't'liracy nphe 'sociological In forrn I iot contained in'lhe old French epic Songs Of the Ut ate. - - Queationi Reliability For a long time, - students of mediaeval history have accepted as fact, and wittibut further illustra tion,, the description of,, mediaeval i me ann oeiiei.wun wnirn me oia 1 epics att.J(yjs.hly.Jecpjs.tetJs. Prof. Meredith - Jones, questioning the reliability of the manuscripts in these details, has worked for the last two years on a study of mediaeval religious beliefs and customs. His work this summer in Fiance and England almost completes his research. lie will compare'' life In the , I.. ..... - ,1, . tin. m.,1 ',""u,c us"."s l"c n,lu j. . , , rl.,lr.lH In live French national epic with evident'? of chronicles, cartularies and me - d'aeval liturgical documents. Workfi pn Book Miss Doris Saunders, dean of junior women and member of Ihe English department at Ihe university, studied 18th century English during the summer school of the University of Chicago. Miss Saunders is working on a book which will he an exposition of Samuel Johnson's knowledge of early English. "But all my time was not spent in classes," she said. "I took a great interest In observing student life at the University of Chicago. I think there lis peibaps, a more serious and studious - atmosphere In he found there than at University of Manitoba." lnt An Aristotelian cult was springing up among keen - minded students at Ihe Middle West univers - i Hv. Miss Saunders reported. 'They I admire him both as a scientist and I an historian." she explained as she 'described the philosopher's growing : popularity at the University of Chicago Continjes Research Prof. R. A'. Wardle, of the zoology ! department ot the Univeiity oi i Manitoba, continued his research 1 on the tlsh tapeworm. He studied : the effect of the tapeworm on the , blood condition of an infected dog. Symptoms apparent in humans after infection by the tapeworm. ! such as nervous and digestive dis orders, which are believed to be a result of the Infection, were traced in dogs suffering from fish lape - wnrm. No definite conclusions have been reached. Head of the department of political economy at the university, I Prof. Robei t McQueen taught , at ihe summer session of Queen's I university in Kingston, Ont. Prof. Roy Danieii. of the English department.' ISUght' at the , summer school of Western Reset ve i university, Cleveland.' Ohio. Pref. Rupert C. Lodge will return this fall sfter a year' leave of absence spenl al Harvard university doing ( research and writing jn philosophy, ! Prof. Anton Burle, of the German i department, taught at the summer ! session of Munich university, in i Germany. Wave Of Thieving Worries City Police r ....... v. - . ! . gang of . store - breakers The which has been operating on a wholesale scale in the west end and Fort Rouge districts recently, struck again during the night, looting the confectionery of Jacob Cohen at B52 Sherbrook st. While Cohen and ' 'his Tamltt slept in the living quarters adjoining the store, the burglarj'Toieeil the fiont dnor and stole aasoited brands of cigarettes valued al - KBO and $5 in rash from a purse in the downstairs liv ingToom. Citv poP 'e have pul estra cruisers cars on duty in the areas in z t Hi 4 - i Commerce," was held, in .the. centre, of .he. ncjJ1 900 - foot trafffeway over Keewatin channel. Secout, of the two cabinet ministers to .participate was Hoo Colin A.. Campbell' (lower r.ight), minister of public works, .Though the bridge stilt .has to be surfaced with asphalt and will not be in use until, next spring, automobTTes carrying Mayor .Thomas McLellan, of Kenora,' and Mayor Robeit Mitchell, of Keewatin (shown aoove, were aie io pas ine centre of . the bridge' to . complete the opening ceremony. . . . . and in America, academic ar and in America,' academic and an attempt to check the wave of I II IE V II I .IIV kVIICII IWUUIIJ V. , the third in' - about "24 tiours, two' siores having been rAnssieked early Tuesday. 1 DAVID LIDDELL Funeral services were held Tuns day - a - flernoon foe David LiddeiV yv U, , Illicit . llll llll'tll A,, l,,c w. - i,. Own Cameron. Highlander of Canada and Westminster church. The full Masonic service was given in the Masonic temple.' Rev. W. Gordon Maclean, of First Presbyterian, church and chaplain of the regiment, "and Dr. E. M. Howse, nT Westminster church, - officiates! Members of St. John'i lodge assisted at the graveside service at Elm - wood cemeteryr "' ' Four Cameron fighlanderg wer? guards of honor'w hilf the bocU' was lying In stale, and at the cent, lery Charles Honey sounded THi Last Post. Honorary pallbearers were: James Mackie, William Douglas, J Ben Parker and Sid Foreman, of ; the Masonic order; Lt. - Col. H. F. Osier arid Gavin McGhie. Active bearers were Major Alex Swan, Lt. - Col. H. MacKenzit, Alex. Phem - I ister, William Morrison, R. A. Sib bald and Don Robertson, Of Ine Canleron Hihglanderi. The . .Clark - Lesjtherdale funeral service' was in charge. MRS., JQHN RQY. Funeral services will be he eiex ! Thursday al .9 l ip. for Mrs. Johrf I Roy, 526, Bann,al,vne, ave:, Who died Monday in King George hospital. Services will be held in Sacrerti Heart church and burjal will bev In St. Mary's cemetery. Kerr's funeral service is in charge. Surviving are her husnand; nije son, Joseph, St Claude, Man.; two;. daughters, , Mrs. Leonard Einfeld. f Winnipeg,, and Rita, of St. Agnes Priory; her mother. Mil, Mary i Kipling, St. Claude; and, three : brothers, - Alex Kipling, Alfred Kip - ! ling, both of Winnipeg, and Gilbert.' of St. Claude. MRS. JOHN MAITLAND , Mrs. John Maitland, 48. of 571 Furby st., died Monday in the Gen - J eral hospital and was buried, today. Rev. C. Carriithers officiated in the Kerr funeral chapel and burial wa$ in Brookside cemetery. ,. ; Surviving," besides her husband.; are two daughters. Margaret and - Patricia, - and a grandson, Ronald, i LOIS CORNES ' J ' Lois Corhes, infsnt': daughter of! Mr. and .Mis., John Cornea 54 Langstde st.. wjio died Monday, was; buried Tuesday. Funeral services' were. held, iti . Krfvr's chapel aid! burial vras in Brookside cemeteryj LELAND TO DO Leland'Todd, infant, son of Mr. and Mr. William Todd, of St. Lau - ' rent., died Monday' in SI. Boniface? hospital. 'The Desiardin funerwL service Torwar'ded the body to S Laurent for funeral services and. burial. - ' . ' : JOAN ' VELTRf ' Joan Veltri,' infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Veltri, SS5 Plinauet st , St. Bonifafe. died trv - ( i'"4" ,,: . t,nsnit.t - Funeral services will be hnlnj Thursday from the"DesJardin ' funeral home to Holy Rosary chiirrV and huriaKwill be In St. Boniface remetery. '. 4 ' II ' i ; CONTRAST 4 - 4 SAINT JOHN. NiB. Two tieedlf worked quilts, given special prizes ot the Saint John exhibition, were made by a one - armed man, Albert Evans, 'who - has. earned his. living; for the lar 'Ti years by doin j ssr repairs here. littitarij,V ,'. ':'.' - : - . .' . v ' - i "Z 0 I. J

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