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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 10

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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by St. ing which and at 1 10 THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE FRIDAY, SEPT. 16, 1938 "Skipper," tI the German shepherd Dog Is Aquatic Star: dog owned Walter Wallace, 129 Burrows is almost as nautical as his name. Ever since his master took him for his first ride on an aquaplane "Skipper" has been an enthusiast, and he whines and ride the board by himself, often but when the pace gets really fast Gets Year In Jail For Stealing Car Robert H. Bell, Vital man, was convicted on a charge theft of a car owned by Kays 296 McDermot Magistrate Henri Lacerte in St.

Boniface police court Thursday. He was also convicted of breaking and entering the home of W. P. Marquardt, St. Vital, stealing goods valued at more than $200.

He sentenced a year on count, the sentences to run each. currently. Cyclist Hurt Falling off her bicycle while riding through the Osborne st. subway at 4.30 p.m., Thursday, Kathleen Denial, aged 15, of 72 Morley sustained serious head injuries. barks if he's left on He can making the sharp turn without a slip, he's glad to have his master along.

Mexican Notes Worthless Mexican bank notes pass for Canadian money are flooding the city again accordto complaints received from merchants by city police. A number of storekeepers have reported five, 10 and 20 peso bills being passed recently. A few days ago one of the worthless bills turned up at the north end liquor store. Suspects Held Charged with stealing two ladies' coats valued $28.65, Palmer Donald McGregor were arrested after a chase on Bannatyne Thursday afternoon. The pair appeared in city police court today, elected for jury trial, and were remanded until Monday, For Finer BI BLUE MALKINS LABEL Flavor MALKINS' DE.

TEA TEAS Bright's Commission is not responsible for statements made as to quality of products advertised. ITALIAN FRENCH TYPE TYPE VERMOUTH THE ESSENTIAL PART OF A GOOD COCKTAIL! Brights $1.25 Brights PER BOTTLE TuTH MOUTH MADE BY THE PRODUCERS OF THE FAMOUS BRIGHT'S WINES BRIGHT'S Concord Catawba BRIGHT'S Hermit Port Sherry 16 oz. Bottle .50 (Fortified with Pure Grape Brandy) Carton of Six 26 oz. 2.50 26 oz. Bottle .60 One Gallon Jar 2.00 Carton of Six 26 oz.

3.00 This advertisement is not inserted by the government Liquor Control Commission. The This Useful SILEX GIVEN AWAY FREE At The Tribune Cooking and Homemakers' School next TUESDAY. WED. NES DAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY. PLAN TO ATTEND ADMISSION 10c 300 In Meet For Model Aircraft "The Jimmie Allen Model Aircraft Meet" will be held Saturday afternoon under the auspices of the Model Aircraft League of Manitoba.

The event will take place starting at 2 p.m. at River park west of the street car line. Three hundred contestants will take part in the of events under supervision officials. variety, The planes will be flown from four pits simultaneously. Fuselage model contests will begin at 2 p.m.

and will be divided into seven sections juvenile, novice, junior. senior, adult (over 18 years and under 21), girls. and championship. The latter classification will include winners entered for the provincial championship and. awards will be a silver trophy and a gold watch.

Gasolene motor driven planes will he featured in a separate contest following the Jimmie Allen air races. Contestants must 1 be under the be rfom the official Jimmie age and model planes must made' Allen kits. Timing of flights will be in charge of four officials equipped with stop watches loaned by the Royal Canadian Air Force. Ald. Fred G.

Thompson will officially open the meet on behalf of Mayor John Queen and he will launch the first plane. Meet officals include F. B. Furgeson, chairman of the Model Aircraft League of Manitoba: C. A.

Richardson. contest manager, and F. W. Belt, assistant contest manager. NARCOTIC 3 TRAFFIC from Page Three been a contributing factor in an alarming number of sex crimes.

Its use is particularly dangerous adolescents, of both sexes due to it leads to the commission of acts which normally would be prevented by a sense of moral restraint. The power to judge between right and wrong is obliterated, and the behaviour is characterized by foolhardiness and a complete lack of scruples. In the U.S. southwest, where the stuff has been grown and smoked illicitly for years, there are cities where approximately 50 percent of the crimes of violence are said to be attributable to marihuana ad- dicts. Little Information In spite of the widespread use of marihuana, and the complete ignorance on the part of the general public concerning its origin and effects, very little reliable information about the drug has been disseminated.

Probably the following from the International Narcotic Education association states the case as well as anything: "Marihuana is a most virile and powerful stimulant. The physiological effect of this drug produces a peculiar psychic, exaltation and derangement central nervous system. The stage of exaltation and confusion, more marked in some addicts than others. is generally followed by a stage of depression. "Sometimes the subject passes into a semi-conscious state, periencing vivid and extravagent dreams which vary according to the individual character and tality.

In some thia stage is one of self-satisfaction well being. In others it is alarming. presenting the fear of some indefinite danger or of impending death. "Later the dreams are sometimes followed by a state of complete unconsciousness. Sometimes convulsive attacks and acute mania are developed.

Can Be Deadly "The narcotic content of marihuana decreases the rate of the heart beat and causes of pulse. Death irregularity from the effect on the heart. "Prolonged use frequently develops a delirious rage which sometimes leads to high crimes, as criminal assault and murder. Hence marihuana has been called 'the killer The habitual use causes a very marked mental deterioration and sometimes- insanity. Hence it is frequently called 'loco Like the pleasures of every other fools' paradise, the exhiliration that comes through smoking marihuana can only be had at a price.

Just another case of the game not being worth the candle. Fined $200 For Possessing a Still Mike Peleschaty, 23, who pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing a still, seized at 1156 Main Dec. 14, 1937, was given a minimum sentence of $200 fine or three months in jail by Judge Whitla in county court today. The court took into consideration Peleschaty's youth and previous good record, but remarked that he had "a mistaken sense of loyalty to other persons involved." C. B.

Philp, K.C., for crown, had said that Peleschaty refused give police any information about other persons concerned in the ownership of the still. Whereabouts Sought Acting Chief Constable Charles MacIver received a request from a firm of lawyers at Astoria, to try and locate Mrs. Grace Johnson and her two daughters, Genevieve and Vivian who were believed to have lived here a few years ago. A sum of money is coming to them from a will. Mrs.

Johnson was separated from her husband, Johnson some years ago. She thought to have Peter, come to Winnipeg and worked as a beauty parlor operator. Her husband's father died recently leaving considerable sum of money to Mrs. Johnson and the two daughters. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these persons is requested to communicate with city police.

House Fire House Fire A short circuit in the radio started a fire in the home of J. Margolis, 67 Regent Transcona, about 5.45 p.m., Thursday, Damage. by smoke and water has not yet been estimated. Believe It or Not By Ripley (Reg U.S Patent COFFIN, DEATH CO. AIA UNDERTAKERS GRAVE STREET CAPETOWN FLAGSHIP A FIRM IN SOUTH AFRICA 1900 CHIC AGO "CATERPILLAR, DAN O'DEA of CHICAGO HAS RIDDEN 3000 MILES IN AIRPLANES BUT HAS NEVER FLOWN! Homewood Country Club AFTER THE PASSENGERS ARE UNLOADED FLOSSMOOR, O'DEA RIDES IN THE PLANE ACROSS THE FIELD IN.

TO THE HANGAR HE MAKES ABOUT TRIPS A DAY A TOTAL DISTANCE OF 2 MILES. MANGO GREATEST TREE GOLF SHOT 18 INCHES HIGH BEARS FRUIT EDWARD P. ALLIS Raised by THOMAS, Ruskin, Fla MADE A 307-YARD HOLE ONE Cape 1934, King Fatares Spadicam, Inc, World rehas Wagers Horse Can Swim "Gate" The Associated SAN question FRANCISCO, no one Sept. seems ever to have thought of before -whether or not a horse can swim the Golden Gate- be settled here Sunday. William F.

Bennett, theatrical agency man, Thursday disclosed what he said was a sporting proposition between Ritchie Roberts, horse owner and trainer, and sportsman William Hyne, by the terms of which a Roberts-trained horse will attempt the swim and, incidentally, gain himself one or two tons of hay. Roberts expects to swim the Golden Gate, too, keeping his horse company. The sea-going horse, a sturdy animal named Blackie, was reported as being in the pink of condition after a year of rigorous training. Bennett said the proposition provided that Hyne would buy a ton of hay for Blackie and a dinner for a select group of sportsmen if the horse succeeded. Roberts, confident of his animal, will buy two tons of hay and pay for the dinner if the horse fails.

Blackie can't lose. Army, Navy Veterans' Meet To Open Monday The first annual convention of the Army and Navy Veterans in Canada to be held in Winnipeg since 1930 will open at the Manitoba provincial command headquarters, 299 Young Monday, Among matters to be discussed will be preliminary preparations for the celebraton of the centenary of the organization in 1940. Robert Wilkinson, M.L.A., Vancouver, first vice-president will preside in the absence of Major-General W. A. Griesbach, now in Australia on business for the Dominion government.

Delegates from more than 110 branches across Canada will attend. Dr. P. B. Mellon.

Ottawa, secretary-treasurer, arrived in Winnipeg today and Mr. Wilkinson will arrive Saturday. Three Winnipeg men have held the position of president of the association. His Honor W. J.

Tupper. lieutenant-governor of Manitoba. was the first Dominion president after incorporation in 1917. Mr. Justice F.

G. Taylor, and Capt. E. Browne-Wilkinson held the post in later years. Temperature Gamble New Lottery Wrinkle MONTREAL, Sept.

new wrinkle in lotteries, whereby bettors allegedly gambled on the temperature of a chosen city for an advanced date, was uncovered here Thursday when provincial police raided a downtown address. No arrests were made. Approximately 10,000 copies of a weekly sports publication along with A similar number of alleged lottery tickets and other documents were seized. Police said letters from almost every city in the Dominion asking for tickets were found in the office. Reunion Planned Plans are underway for a reunion of the First Battalion, Canadian Tank Corps, to be held in Montreal some time this fall.

All former are requested to comunicate either M. F. Badgmembers, ley, room 305, 1411 Crescent Montreal, or A. R. Haskell, room 104.

19 Melinda Toronto, for further particulars. Police Politics Politics reared its head in police headquarters today as first signs tem and in Winnipeg he was a shipper in the stores department. Besides his wife, he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. J. H.

Wexall, Sudbury, Mrs. C. L. Haines, Melville, one son, Jack, at home; one half-brother. William Hall, Ochre River, and five sisters, Mrs.

James Armstrong, Mrs. W. D. Stewart, both of Gladstone, Mrs. 'T.

H. Dodd, Grandview. Mrs. H. B.

Styles, Prince Rupert, B.C., and Mrs. W. Parsons, Bowsman. Man. The water must be boiling Warm a crockery tea pot Put in one of tea for 'each person and one "for the pot" Add fresh, BOILING water Steep 5 minutes (1) and serve Only Fine Quality gives Fine Flavour "SALADA TEA 705 Cross Stitch These In Wool Or Silk HOUSEHOLD ARTS BY ALICE BROOKS Lively Motifs Easy to Do in 4 to the Inch Crosses PATTERN 6195 "The bigger-the better" holds for this cross-stitchit's 4 to the inch.

You can imagine how quickly this gets done particularly since you use a heavy floss or wool. You can make a lovely pillow with matching scarf for livingroom or library. The speed of the work will fascinate you. Pattern 6195 contains a transfer pattern of 7 motifs ranging from 6 inches to 13 inches; color schemes; illustrations of stitches; materials needed. To obtain this pattern send 20 cents in coins (stamps cannot be accepted) to The Tribune Household Arts 60 Front West, Toronto 2, Ont.

Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. of the election campaign for executive of the Winnipeg City Police Athletic association appeared around the building. Although nominations will not close until Saturday night, several posters have appeared on bulletin boards soliciting votes for Constable Dave McIntosh for secretary. A sign in a doorway of the detective office is inscribed. "Make Dave McIntosh your choice for secretary.

The old reliable." weThe after election a brief, will be whirlwind held cam- next paign. Luncheon Speaker A voyage on the Nascopie, Hudson's Bay boat in the Arctic, was described by Rev. W. G. Martin, of Grace church, when he addressed members of the Empire club at a luncheon meeting in the St.

Regis hotel today. It. was the opening session of the club winter season. Obituary PAUL AMOS Paul G. Amos, 55, of 1477 Notre Dame died Thursday and will be buried Saturday: Funeral services will be held at 3.30 p.m.

in Mordue's chapel and burial will be in Brookside cemetery. SIMON COSTELLO Simon A. Costello, 65, of 880 Fleet died Thursday' in the General hospital. A funeral service will be held today, at 4.30 p.m., in Mordue's chapel, following which the body will forwarded to Port Arthur, for burial. Born in Forest Falls, Mr.

Costello lived in Port Arthur for many years before moving to Winnipeg 12 years ago. In Port Arthur he was a lineman on the Canadian National Railways telegraph sys- "Player's Please" We are pleased to announce that the original Player's "Medium'" Navy Cut Cigarettes, Plain or cork tip, are now reduced in price 10 for 10c, 25 for 25c, 50 for You can also obtain Player's plain end only, a new cigarette selling at the same prices, with the Wetproof paper that does not stick to the lips. Choose the one which suits you best "Medium plain end or cork tip plain end only, with" Wetproof paper. "Player's Please" ms.

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