The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on September 16, 1938 · Page 8
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 8

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE 8 THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE FRIDAY. SEPT. 16. 1938 SERIAL STORY PHOTO FINISH BY CHARLES B. PARMER COPVRIOMT. KM NKA SCRVICC INS. CHAPTER VII UNCLE Sandy was having his troubles - :h the colt. "You. Linds, keep back," he warned sharply, as he led Golden Toy alongside the fence keeping away from 'vhizrjng motors on the highway. "Uncle Sandy, let me get a van," Linda ivggcd, but he be - ' ram Indignant at the idea. "Ain't ! no colt I can't hr.ndle, if I do be ' fifi. You keep away." 1 With his hands on a hoiso's tope, he was different from the seemingly weak old fellow who had chosen his words carefully the night before. Now, he spoke strongly the jargon of the tract:. Norman met them at the gate, took the haltcr - ropc grudgingly. "This here colt, he be ail a - sweai - in" Norman complained, when thev reached the bnrn. "So'd you be. if you'd been a - dodgin' those dad - blumed cars.' F w 4 Ytr Virl - f AdrertUma Aaj bttn pasd upon by a Bomrd of rAiwvVitfit. 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This beautiful ARISTOCRAT Silver Fox Scarf is one of the many valuable prites to be given away FREE , at the Tribune Cooking School CIVIC AUDITORIUM Tues., Sept. 20, 2 p.m. Wed., Sept. ?., 8 p.m. Thurs.. Sept. 22. 2 p.m. Fri.. Sept. 23. 8 p.m. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW ! Tickets 10c from your Tribune Carrier. I'ncle Sandy said. "Take thU here dry cloth," he threw a rubbing cloth at Norman, "and you rub that colt till he's all dry - - and the cloth's all wet. Bone him j good, or I'll haste you." , i Nfirman went to work surilly. ! "Whats" come over Norman?" Linda asked, when they were in the house. Then, with an amused start, she noted that she, too, was lapsing into the colloquial. "That fool Norman?" Uncle Sandy said. "He's got religion In his old age. Thinks rami is a tool of the devil." He shot a quick glance at his niece. "How come you didn't want to sell? I could a - run up that Hill fellow made a pretty penny. Linda shrugged her shoulder ; "I'ncle Sandy" it was hard to 1 explain; she had come homo, on j impulse, to care for him. She I wanted to slart him out as. a breeder aanj,: she found him a j horse - under. This wasn't the Xu - ; lure she planned for him. j Maybe the thought strut k her with force he didn't need her as much as she had thought. "Why couldn't we sell?" he insisted. "We'll make rain r money racing Ihc hoisc," she Miid. "How (dine you hook up so quick - like wi'h this Brown Don - aid?" She j.milcd at his abruptness. "1 had about gone my limit, and I wanted the colt." He said nothing to that. Ju. - i nodded his head. She didn't have the money he thought she had. ' They moved out ta the font porch. ' Maybe maybe Monte was right, j Linda reflected, she should have stayed in New York; sent the old j chap the money he needed. It j was hard for different generations to live together. But - and a great : glow came over her at the thought - she would never have met him if she hail stayed in Manhattan. "This here Donald, the oung , fool wants to make a lepper out of that , - olt," Uncle Sandy re - 1 sumed after a bit. She found herserf defending the Idea "What's wrong with that?" "What's wrong? There ain't but I about three steeplechases in the world that's worth runnin' after. ' It s a rich man's game. Every time you send a horse out, chances arc he'll come a cropper and bust his neck at a fence. We're going after the Jockey Club Stakes" "I must see about supper." Linda interrupted and went itKide. At early dark, she and Uncle Sandy were sitting on the porch when a car stopped at the gate, and a man came up the wnlk. "Anybody home?" It was Bruce Radford's voice. "Come up. son. set," Untie Sandy pii.thle tones. "Hello, Linda" Brine spoke warmly, as lie took her hand. "You got a great colt today congratulation - " He turned to her untie, and by the lieht from the hallway Linda saw Bruce take a long pnvelope from his pocket, give it to the oid man. "Found this in the house: thought you'd like to have it, Mr Sandy." Her uncle look the envelope, "Oh or - thank you. son." He got up. "Excuse me. Think I'll sec if the colt be bedded down." He went inside. "You didn't "nine to try and buy Golden Toy?" Lin la asked coolly. "No. Aid I don't blame you for not selling. Mind if I til dow n ?" "Why not?" He sat on the steps at her feel, as a new moon rose over ; "c s ra ceme up and called in hos - ! mores. He was silent for time. So was sne. "Linda?" There was emotion in his voice. "Yes, Bruce." She was mailer - of - fnt't. "This reminds me of Barrow itreet. Remember?" I They had gone to New York in the same year. She had lived on Barrow, in the Village; he on i Commerce. She was on an afternoon paper, he on a morning. On his Bights off, they'd go out to - gether; drink Angelina's red yrlne, eat her tasty antipnsto and spa - ghetti. come hack and talk at i Linda's. ' "Remember the first time we i saw the moon over the warehouse roof?" he reminded her. ; "I also remember some tall l.tlV, Bruce," she prodded him, "talk about a great novel you were 'writing. Sinclair Lewis was going ; to be a selling - nlater alongside you. Remember?" He ran his fingers through hit han. 'I've sold two . - tones time being back home here." "Two? You should have sold two dozen! 1 suppose you sold them to the higgest magazines?" "Not exactly. They were detec tive yarn, - but wan: I hey may hav e been ti nble, but the money was good." She shook her head. "Bruce, I'm ashamed of you. A big, tat man. living on inherited money." "Wait a minute! I've had my troubles. And I can at least say " he broke off. "Say what?" Still he didn't finish. "Go on," she urged. "t saw you fall like a ton of brick today for Brown Donald." "What's this?" She straightened in anger, but she knew his charge was true. "I think you are disgraceful, Bruce!' "I just wanted to say," his, words came 'n a drawl, "I may be a fat. lazy 'ti, but ij's mv family's money I'm living on; what little's left I'm not living on women." "Bruce Radford!" She got to her feet. So did he. "What do you mean?" He looked up. look her hand. She jerked it free. "Listen, Linda - 1 was crazy about you, hut you gave me the gate. I'm still crazy " "Never mind that! Explain" "Well, I don't think you'd ever met Donald, till today. I heard about how the two of you chipped in bought the colt. All right, all right! 1 know that's your business. But, Linda" "That's right! When a man gels the best of you, naturally you get mad about it." "But, Linda, you don't know the man's reputation: for the last year a Pennsylvania woman has been keeping him, while he's been riding her jumpers. Before that it was another woman" "I don't believe a word of it!" Linda flared. "But its the truth. I tell you." She was getting excited. 'Weil, I don't believe a word vou say, hut at least he never let . an old, sick man be forced to pay his last dollar, on a debt he wasn't morally obligated for." for a moment Radford didn't answer. Then he looked up. She saw him grin in the moonlight "Did you say sick. Linda?" His question, his grinning face, disconcerted her. 'Good night. Linda.' he aM. rising. He turned from her. went down the path to his ear. drove fjuickly off. After a long while Linda went inside. Her uncle was rearhirg down to pick up the long envelop" which Bruce Radford had given him. It had fallen to the floor. ilo h rnni nnrrt I I . I jpmbi V J. J THE WINNIPEG HOME Recipes For Assorted Picftles Reply to Numerous Readers By KATHARINE MIODLETON Clt'lt a year for pickles! When I answer the telephone I can usually rUnnnrl 'nn Dtn mil lininir for ntnlflnt nnH when rnv letters arrive. I knovy that most of them will be questions about pickles. And vv hen I think I'm all caught up I And that I'm still writing columns on home - made pickles. One reason for this is, I think, that the vegetables and fruits have been particularly good this year. And another, the most important reason Is that I find the brides of recent years are, more and more Interested in cooking, and anxious to try their hands at canning and pickling. And I'm all for them doing so! Never mind if you haven't done any before! You'll never learn younger so go to it brides, and remember I'm here if you get into difficulties. Nor do all of (he calls come from tnex - 1 perirnred housekeepers. Many of the letters and calls received are from those who have Kstharine Middleton, been housekeeping for torn years, and either want to tiy new recipes, or remember the flavor of old mixtures for which they haven't the recipes. And the recipes given here today are j all In answer to requests. The one for the Ripe Cucumber pickle, by the way, was supposed to he includ - ed In the column the other nay and somehow it was missed. But here it is right now: Ripe Cucumber .Pickle 1 dozen medium - sized ripe cucumbers 3 tablespoons salt 4 cups vinegar 6'j cups while sugar 2 tablespoons mustard seeds Pee cucumbers, slice down ! lengthwise in half and scrape ou 'seeds. Cut in fairly large chunks, ;and place in layers in a large bowl, i sprinkling each layer with salt. I Leave overnight. Next day, drain ! thoroughly, in the meantime, while these are draining, add sugar to vinegar, bring to boil, stirring until sugar dissolves, and boil hard for live minutes. Add prepared cucumber and mustard seeds and simmer gently until cucumber pieces are almost transparent. Pack cucumber pieces in hot. rlean jars, till ! with boiling syrup and seal tight. Recipes Uncooked Sweet Mixed Pickles 6 lbs. red tomatoes 3 lus. green cabbage 2 large green peppers 2 large cooking onions 2 cups chopped celery 4 tablespoons mustard seeds i cup peeled and shredded horseradish i 4'i cups sugar j 2'i cups white vinegar j Blanch tomatoes, remove skins, i cut in chunks, and drain well. ; Shred cabbage. Peel onions and i chop. Cut tops off peppers, rlean lout, and shred. Mix all ingredients i thoroughly In a large bow l, and 'allow to stand until sugar has riis - 1 olved completely. Pack in steri - ' lized jars and seal tight. Hot Indian Chutney j 1 !h. vege'able marrow 1 lb. cooking apples 1 lb. green tomatoes 1 lb. Damson plums 1 lb. cooking onions 1 clove of garlic 2 cups sugar 5 tablespoons salt 4 tablespoons mustaid seeds 1 teaspoon dried red chillies 2 teaspoons whole cloves 4 teaspoon white pepper 1 Small piece of root ginger 2 cups vinegar . Peel end core apples and chop coaisely. Peel marrow and rut in chunk. Remove stems from tomatoes and cut tomatoes tin chunks. Peel onions and slice. Halve plums, discard stones and cut plum halves In chunks. Dice garlic fine. Mix fruits and vegetables, cover with salt and sugar, and leave overnight. Next day place mixture in large preserving kettle. Crush root ginger, and tie with cloves and chillies in cheesecloth bag. Add mustard seeds, pepper, bag of spices and vinegars to vegetable mixture. Bring to boil, and simmer gently for about six hours. Pack in hot clean jars and seal tight. Sweet Pimento Relish 2 dozen good sized sweet green peppers 3 tablespoons salt 4 cups vinegar 7 cups white sugar 1 tablespoon mustard seeds 1 tablespoon whole allspice berries 1 inch stick of cinnamon Blade of mace Small piece of root ginger Cut tops off peppers, and clean out well. Put through food chopper, place in bowl, and sprinkle salt on top. Leave overnight. ; Next drain, pour into a square of ' cheesecloth and allow to drain ( thoroughly. Crush piece of gin - ger, break stick of cinnamon and ' place these two with mace and ! allspice berries in a small cheesecloth bag. While peppers are draining, udd sugar and bag of apices to vinefar. Bring to holl, stirring until sujar dissolves. Boil for about 20 to 33 minute, or until syrup Is fairly thick. Add mustard seeds and the well - drained green peprers. Simmer gently for about 20 to 25 minutes, remove bag of spices, and pour into hot clean jars and seal tight. Oil Pickles 3 quarts large green cucuribers 1 lb. small pickling onions H cup salt 3 cups water 2 teaspoons celery seed ' 4 tablespoons mustard seed B tablespoons brown sugar 6 tablespoons olive oil White vinegar. Peel cucumbers and slici. Peel onions and slice. Mix vegetables, cover with salt unit upir . .. leave overnight. Next 'day. diain thoroughly. Mix all other Ingredients excepting vinegar, pour over mixed vegetables, and mix well. Park mixture in hot sterilized sealers and fill jars to overflowing with vinegar. Seal tight, and leave for at least 2 months before using. Women's Institute To Hold Rally Day The monthly meeting of the Winnipeg Women's Institute was held In the Y.W.C.A., Tuesday eve - ning. The secretary reported a X the nark in June and a . i f j ,. i, i, t n In picnic August, picnic was held at the nome oiline prcsiaeni, in - . Wager, 1 1 Matlock. Plans iere made to visit the Beausejoi t and Transcona institutes. A rally will be held tn the T. E.on assembly Ijajl. Tuesday, at 1 1 p.m., when other institutes will be entertained. Tht guifst speaker. Miss M. Me - Pherson, ipoke on Specialized Services anft'work being dont for unemployed girls. M:s. T. Paulson; paper on Current Events. Mrs. H. Marshall spoke on what the Institute is doing in England. The Past Mistress association, L.O.B.A.. Manitoba, will meet at the' home of Mrs. F. Holland, 733 Fleet ave., Friday, at 8 p.m. Continuing Martin 's 18th Anniversary Sale Right at th Height of the Season Comts This Timely Offer. A Reduction of 10 Will Be Given On Every Purchase. Fur and Fur Trimmed Coats, Untrimmed Coats, Suits and Dresses This offer is foot1 far a limitos! lima only, wo IH(lst tnst yoa ikeo "'y and lake aosnafe this worthwhile savinf. SPECIAL EASY TERMS PURCHASES TO $15.95 PURCHASES JO $32.50 DOWN DOWN 5 Months $1 3 6 Ln Months TO PAY THE BALANCE OPEN SATURDAY TILL 10 P.M. 348 2 PORTAGE AVE. (ID 01) Modern Kitchens Are Designed for Better Living f 't - 4t - , SELECT - Unexcelled Modern Gas Appliances Economical, Clean and Beautiful There is no nccJ to look wiih envy at the above kitchen, il is rasy to own one. Start w,,ih modern Cas Kangc, then add the gas refrigerator, and for a constant supply of hot water a gas aotomat - c water heater cannot be equallr - d With Ihpse brautiful appliances, top rate performance is a,., See them on display in our Power Blrlg. Mddern CAS Ranges Have Produced A New Era In Cooking Broiling thr U'l.c'i. easiest Hipc lrd mrilvd of meat crxkciy, is fsst becoming the sccrptcrl mode of steak picparalion. Cas. s th. - inVal fel for broiling. Investigate the new mcihr.d of baking, rorstmg nd simmering on an up - to - date gas ran;c $69 - 50 Pries" from EASY TERMS . PHONE 904321 WINNIPEG ELECTRIC r CO. i PROMOTERS OF PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY ' POWER 6 IDC. PORTACE and VAUCHAN rtwtfp t f t t Jon Sigurdson Chapter Holds First Meeting of Season The first fall meetins of the Jon Sinurdfon chapter, I O D.K., was hold at the home of tht regent, Mrs. J. B. Skaptasnn, Mmyhind St.. Manrtuy evening. Members pHid tribute to I le late Mrs. i i. ijcrgman, one time .honorary vice - ipvent. Money vva voted for a patient wlio is confined to hospi tal - , ! The knitting convenor rii. - plav od articles knitted by memners duiinx i the holidays for the unorganized I area. There were also two sweater for sea cmle.s. : The educational secretary mude j an appeal for hooks for a ruial I school. Mrs. J. B. Skaptason was' chosen to represent the chapter at I the semi - ennual provincial meet - ; InR at Brandon. Mrs. B. Thorpe j will he convener of the annual fall tea to be held In the Eaton As - j tembly hall, Oct. 8. i Miss Morgan, exchange teacher from London, spoke. Mrs. R. H. ' Hart reported of the I.O.D.K. national convention held in Vancouver thU summer. The hot - to served coffee, assisted by Mrs. B. Thorp, Mrs. J. K. Kristjanson nnrt Mrs. L. E. Summers. The Y.VV.C.A. board will hold the nnnual full tea Friday, Sept, '111, in ; the gymnasium of the Y.W.C.A., I Kllice ave. : The sevvlnz circle of Alexandra Memorial. L.O.B.A.. 7n7, will meet l the home of Mrs. P.. L. Smith, ?( - ' Dominion st. at 8 p.m. Monday. Kirxt Baptist Women's associa - ' tin met Kri laj at ll..",0 p.m. in the lunch parlor. Reports of the eon - vent ion held In Vancouver were "iven by Rev. and Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. K. Gregory. Court Hudson. No. 40!), Inde - u'lident Order of Korrestcrs. will pen the season with a whist drive "ollowlng the regular meeting, Monday, at the Royal Templars' ::. Voiinc street. Members of; - 'her courts will be jtuests. The Clpclic society will Imld a slver lea Saturday in RovrI Templars' hall. 3fi0 Young st. 1'ie : following will lake part in a pro - ! gram: Mrs. Helen Jardinc Ka - I - ' wood. Misses Annie and Pegsy McT.eod. Mr. R. MscKay and Mr. Tl. Dnvies. Winnipeg Assembly 20. Canadian Daughters' League, will meet Men - da; at 8 p.m. In the Donalda block Donald st. A reception for applicants and Initiation will be held. Mr Hector Belton was th guest of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs George R Belt, n. In Winnipeg Wednesday on his way from Red Lake, where he has been usistins the Anglican missionary in charge of outposts. Ilo left Wednesdav night for Lennoxv llle. Que. whe;r lie will continue his studies a' Sleep for Health It Pays Ta Buy KNOWN QUALITY n nj I r u l - nflW JLk l&tm) &v ?umw S y?A VTOMrMrW - "N. X VjlV ' I !SrO SMOOTH 1 "SSfy 'V I COTTCN'FirTH,K) ) I Uv' SS NkTr7 ni l karano $4950 ii $1250 Canada's Nationally Accepted Standards of Value in Better - Rest Products Sec Also The New DEEPSLEEP MATTRESS The OSTERMOOR BALANCED SLEEP UNIT ThrSLUMBER QUEEN SPRING At Your Dealer's During the - NATIONAL "COAST TO - COAST" SALE OF "BETTER - REST" PRODUCTS SIMMONS LIMITED Plant. Oftict and Showrooms WINNIPEC Warehouses and Showrooms RECINA SASKATOON, CALCARY, EDMONTON Bishop's College.

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