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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 14, 1938 Find Children's Need For Better Footwear Filled Children of relief recipients are bo longer being kept home from school bcciiuse of a lack of suitable footwear, Mrs. R. W. Queen Hughes told the Winnipeg school board's management committee Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Queen Hughes and members of the sub committee which was named last Thursday, following her charges that children of relief recipients were without suitable shoes because of inactivity of the relief department, visited several homes and the relief advisory board. Given Attention "We found children for the most part tilted with proper shoes, and received assurance from the advisory board of close co operation," she said. Aid. C.

E. chairman of the relief committee, promised to give immediate attention to every case reported to him." The management committee agreed that Grade 12 night achool would be made available free of charge to pupils under 21 years of age. Classes will begin later thia month. Bylaws authorizing issuance of $500,000 worth of debentures were approved by the finance committee, hut final passage will he delayed until members are informed of aclual renovating and improvement work needed In the schools. W.

A. Cuddy, hoard chairman, was opposed to the "blank cheque" method of issuing the $500,000 debentures. He suggested the amount be cut to $300,000. Vote Deferred The motley, W. R.

Milton, finance committee chair man, explained, would go into the capital account, and its use would be decided as it was Several trustees were anxious, however, for an approximate idea of work necessary and approximate cost. As a result, the matter was laid over until the information is received. The finance committee received letter from G. F. Bentley.

city clerk, asking for a detailed statement of how money for requested wage restorations would be spent. In July the board had asked the city for $58,000 to make wage restorations retroactive from June 1 and on a similar basis to these granted city employes. The requested Information was sent the city. Will Discuss Relief, Social Welfare Merger A scheme to amalgamate the unemployed relief and social welfare departments of Winnipeg will be discussed at an informal meeting of council Wednesday evening. Proposed by Aid.

Margaret McWil llams, the plan has aroused considerable interest in council. No action is expected to be taken Wednesday evening, however, the meeting being called simply for the purpose of discussion. IMAGINE! Shirts Professionally Laundered Finished tftD ONLY 0C When Sent In Family Bundle Buttons re sewn and all minor repairs done FREE. Phone 37 261 CLEANERS. LAUNDERERS it I unit THIENCIV AS A GRAND PRIZE LADIES! Here is a grand rhancp to really make your luisliand happy.

This and other wonderful prizes given away absolutely Free at The Tribune Cooking and Homemakers' School Auditorium Four Sessions. Admission 10c 1,11 ll 0 Rev. C. R. Baglty A.

O. I The two clergymen shown above have been AT JI. 'JOnn S. appointed to the faculty of St. John's college.

Mr. Bagley, formerly rector of All Saints', Springwood, Liverpool, is to be lecturer in history; and Mr. Seeley, former chaplain of St. John's college, Cambridge, Is to be professor of exegetical theology, and a canon of St. John'i cathedral.

Hurtig Silver Fox Fur Is Tribune School Prize A VALUABLE, silver fox fur, designed and manufactured by A. and M. Hurtig, will be the grand prize at The Tribune DeBoth home makers' schools in the Auditorium Tuesday, Sept. 20, to Friday Sept. 23.

Thia heads the array of beautiful and valuable prizes to be given to those attending the school and which have always proven such a delightful and attractive feature of these schools. Other prizes which will give pleasure lo their recipients include a choice of an electric range or electric refrigerator, offered by the City of Winnipeg hydro electric system; an automatic Mix master and a Sunbeam electric Shave master, presented by the Flexible Shaft Company; a tuftless inner spring mattress, offered by the Globe Bedding Company; a trip to Minneapolis with expenses paid; a handsome occasional chair, the gift of the Wilson Furniture Company, and many other. These, of course, are in addition to the many hampers of foodstugs and household supplies to be presented daily, as well as the luscious, toothsome products of Miss Claire Andree's cooking demonstrations, given away at each session. Highly Popular The Tribune cooking and home makers' schools have hit a high peak of popularity with thousands of women in Greater Winnipeg and this year they promise to be even more attractive than in the past. Miss Claire Andree will again be the lecturer demonstrator, and those who have en.ioyed her delightful talks will attest that her lectures constitute a liberal education In the most modern methods of home making and will look forward with keen pleasure to this season's sessions.

The special feature this year will be the Beauty Coiffure parade, to be presented by Chez Leroy Beauty Salon, at every session. This demonstration of beauty culture, with living models, will be under the direction of Mile. Mandelle Le rov. renowned beauty specialist. School sessions will be on Tuesday.

Sent. 20. at 2 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 8 p.m.. Thursday, Sent.

22. at 2 p.m.. and Friday. Sept. 23.

at 8 p.m. Tickets for all sessions may be obtained now from Tribune carrier bovi and at the main floor counter of The Tribune building. Intending natrons telephoning 21331. The Tribune, may have tickets sent to their homes. Admission is ten cents.

Safetygrams Home Is where the hurt is! Last year, 32.500 people were killed in home accidents, according to the National Safety Council. The biggest cause of these accidents, the council says, was faHs falls down stairways, over loose rugs on polished floors, over weak porch railings. There's nothing funny ahout a faH. It may be costly and very painful. The council suggests that you make sure that your stairways are clear.

It's a cheap form of life Insurance. Charged With Causing Injury Through Neglect Edward Johnson, Hnausa, is charged with causing injury through neglect to Archie Possia, of Transcona, who was struck while at work on the new highway between Selkirk and Winnipeg Beach Friday, Sept. 9. II ii charged that Johnson drove his car recklessly into a spreader used in the road work. Three of four men jumped into the ditch to avoid injury, but Possia was struck and thrown about 50 feet.

He sustained several broken ribs and a leg fracture, but his condition was reported as fair from Selkirk hospital. 00 IK A Lovely Complexion Expensive beauty salon treatments caa hardly do more lor your skin than the regular use of Cuticura. Cuticura Ointment relieves and promotes healing ot externally caused pimples and blackheads. Cuticura Sop deep cleansef pores and helps refine skin texture Start using Cuticura fatferv and watch complexion dreams come true! Soap and Ointment, each 25e at your drug gist's. FREE ample.

ntr JaO'Ts to Cuticura, Pept. 94. 2Sti St. Paul Montreal. I I Rev.

R. I. K. Seeley Mystery Control Is New Philco Feature; Dealers See Models Philco radio 1939 models were introduced and demonstrated at a dinner at the Fort Garry on Tuesday evening which was attended by approximately 100 dealers from Winnipeg and surrounding territory. S.

managing director of Philco Products of Canada, was introduced to the gathering by H. Allen, sales manager of the Great West Electric, and was the principal speaker. Mr. Capell reviewed the work already done by his company and stressed that in the 1939 Philco models tone and mystery control are featured. Mystery control is, really, portable control and is operated by a small box with dial much like a telephone dial, in no way attached to the set.

It will operate any place within 100 yards of the set, and by dialing the desired station on this portable device communication is at once established on the radio. To all intent it is radio controlled radio. He also told dealers that Philco radios In Canada are now equipped with Philco high efficiency tubes which, in the past, have only been used in American sets. New cabinets, too, are especially beautiful. Regular Air Mail To fit Inaugurated Oct.

1 Regular air mail services will be operated by Trans Canada Air Lines between Winnipeg and Vancouver starting Oct. 1, W. F. Lough, district postal director, announced Monday night. Connecting services will be operated from Regina to Saskatoon, Prince Albert and North Battleford and from Lethbridge to Edmonton.

All three services will re operated dally, including Sundays. Already 192.256 pounds of mail have been carried by T.C.A. in experimental flights during the last six months. Schedules for the mail service will be as follows: Winnipeg Winnipeg Regina Regina Lethbridge Lethbridge Vancouver Vancouve to Vancouver ...11.30 p.m C.S.T. ...2.36 a.m.

M.S.T. ...2.51 a.m. M.S.T. ...3.27 a.m. M.S.T.

....3.42 a.m M.S.T. ....3.22 a.m. P.S.T. to Winnipeg Vancouver Lethbridge Lethbridge Regina Regina Winnipeg ..7.00 p.m. P.S.T.

10.40 p.m. M.S.T. .12.05 a.m M.S.T. .1.38 a.m. M.S.T.

.1.53 a.m M.S.T. ..4.33 a.m. C.S.T. Militia Man Awarded Medal T. W.

Carter, formerly of the R.C.N.V.R.. has been awarded the long service and good conduct medal by the department of national defense for 20 years continuous service with His Majesty's forces. Mr. Carter left Winnipeg in 1914 to join the Royal Engineers (Imperial forces) and served for four years and seven months overseas. Discharged to Canada In 1919, he rejoined the Fort Garry Horse, at taining the rank of Quartermasfr Sergeant.

When the Royal Cana dlan Naval Volunteer Reserve was formed in 1923. he joined that division, qualinying for chief engine mnn of minesweepers. In 1933 he rejoined his old regiment, the Royal Canadian Encineers and is still serving with that corps on the headquarters staff. Minto Armouries. Plan Monument To Honor Lapimodiere Plans for the raising of funds for erection of a monument in honor of Lagimodiere, French Canadian pioneer of the west, are being made by the Lagimodiere Gahoury society.

Henri Leveque, of 2fi0 Dollard boulevard, secretary treasurer of the society, is in charge of the campaign. In 1815 Lagimodiere trekked from Fort Douglas to Montreal during the winter to deliver important documents to Lord Selkirk. Lord Selkirk was so pleased by his work that he granted Lagimodiere's request that more missionaries be ent to the west. Western Pioneer Dies LEASK. Sept.

It George McKay, 76. one of the most colorful figures in early northern Saskatchewan history, was buried at Wingard Monday. His father. McKay, was a former fur Irnder and one ol the greatest buffalo hunters in the West. THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE PAGE 1 Canada's Riches Need Defending Covetous eyes are being cast on immeasurably wealthy Canada with JU millions of acres of spare land, from many sides, and it is time Canadians awoke to the This Is a contention of Lt.

Col. A. M. Thomas, M.B.E., V.D., oi Toronto, officer commanding the Toronto Scottish regiment, vice president of Copp Clark Publishing Co. and president of the Infantry and Machine Gun Association of Canada which convenes at Fort Garry hotel Thursday.

The thought stated above had been brought home to him, the lieutenant colonel told The Tribune, by his trip through northern Ontario. "There lie countless acres which we are not now using, will not be able to use extensively for many years. Think how enviously certain European countries with populations 100 or more times denser than Canada's must regard that territory." Defenses Inadequate Canada's provision for defense is woefully inadequate, he believes. Particularly needed is mechanical equipment, guns, tanks, aeroplanes, and the rest. The present budget of around $34,000, 000 for defense could very well be doubled.

"And I speak for many more in the non permanent force who, like myself, nre citizens and taxpayers as well as civilian soldiers." Riches Inviting "Canadians must remember the riches of their country, the oil. gold, radium, coal, timber and agricultural wealth, and recognize the danger that some power may envy us that wealth." Representatives of 19 brigade headquarters, 59 rifle battalions, 26 machine gun battalions, six tank battalions, nine C.O.T.C.'s and Canada's permanent units will meet for the convention which will make recommendations to the government concerning the defense organization for Canada. This will be the first time the association has met in Winnipeg. NARCOTIC TRAFFIC Continued from Po Thr. Portage la Prairie district cultivated the plant to supply a small hemp factory which had been established In the town of Portage la Prairie.

When the factory closed down the farmers stopped cultivating It. but It still grows wild in that district and a whole field of it was discovered and destroyed this summer. Marihuana and the Indian hemp plant are synonymous, and the hemp seed from which the marihuana plant grows is sold as bird food. Bird seed spilled by pet canaries commonly resulted in marihuana plants springing up on refuse dumps. Consequently the narcotic act has been changed to cover bird seed, which now must be sterilized.

Depends on Climate There is only one species of Indian hemp (cannabis sativa), of which marihuana is one of the fairly numerous varieties. It has been cultivated or grows wild on practically every continent, but the strength of the narcotic content depends largely upon the climate of the region in which it grows. Plants raised in suitable altitudes under the beating sun of India, Turkey, Africa and Mexico, have the greatest resinous content, the brown sticky substance which exudes from the surface of the leaves at one stage of the plant's life and from which the crude narcotic is derived. Marihuana thrives in the more temperate climates and, though somewhat less lethal, the drug obtained from it is no Marihuana is a first cousin of hashish, also a product of Indian hemp and a powerful narcotic which has been in use for centuries. The word "assassin" is supposed to have been derived from a word meaning "hashish users" which was applied to a brigandish people Asia Minor whose murderous excesses were carried out while under its inuence.

Not a very desirable family connection. The drug's peculiar effect, and the sort of people whom marihuana attracts and tempts, will he described In the fifth article of this series. Report Aid Given Loyalists In Spain That the Spanish government "Is obtaining continually increasing quantities of war materials and food," was claimed today by two Spanish Civil war veterans who passed through Winnipeg returning wounded to their homes In Vancouver. They were Morus Halldane. 26, and Kris Kristerson.

42. I Halldane had lost his left lr? fighting at Gnspe. when he was enrried off tlm field of battle by Major Cecil Smith, of Toronto. I Kristerson. engaged In rifle repair work, had his right side tempo.

nrily paralzed when 8 truck In which he was riding a bombed. I The young men said I hey did I not know from what source the government was obtaining the i larger quantities of supplies. They I expressed conlidence the government forces would win in time. American Leqionnaires Pass Through City With a blare of bugles and drums, 36 American Legionnaires 'arrived In Winnipeg Tuesday standing at the open baggage car of the P.R. train from the East.

"Thought war had been declared," murmured the acting terminal passenger agent. To add to the Illusion, one legionnaire par aded across the concourse stomp ing a cane In which a cap cracked each time It was set down. "Sounded like cartridges The legionnaires were on their to national convention opening In Los Monday The party over CPU. lines his morning numbered 3f, members of the MsnrhestT. H.

hn! and drum corns, ov C.N. Iln, 3S. Fifty paired through the city Monday. i 'II! Fowl Goggles; tX a poultry yard at North Caldwell, N.Y., are looking at the world through rose colored glasses as pictured here, the owner reports they have stopped murdering his prize white leghorns. Any slight 1 peck that drew blood Inspired the pullets to leap on the bleeding leghorn and kill II.

With the glasses the murderous pullets cannot distinguish red. Have Final Say On 'Fire Traps' Bitter criticism and condemnations were hurled at Adam Beck Tuesday night by members of the Winnipeg school board following presentation of a report by a board sub committee probing his charges of last March that certain Winnipeg schools were "fire traps." Added fuel to the fiery attacks was the bill of $1,780 from the North wood commission which investigated the situation. Presentation of the account left the finance committee with very little to say except that "the provincial government approved the commission and their bill so we have no option but to pay." G. W. Northwood, chairman of the commission, is to receive $1,000 for 123 hours work on the hearing; J.

W. Halls will receive $300 for 100 hours work and V. D. Hurst, third member of the commission, who worked 140 hours on the hearing did not present a bill. The sum of $288.07 will cover othr expenses.

Claim Exaggeration Mr. Beck's statements as they appeared in the newspapers were "unfair and unwarranted." the sub committee decided. In their opinion there was no occasion to create in the minds of parents the fear that their children were In danger of losing their lives in school fires. The report added that the investigation by the North wood commission was not only costly but that it "had a serious effect on the morale of the schools." Descriptions of newspaper reports and pictures of Mr. Beck's charges and excerpts from the commission's report included in the sub committee's report.

The report mentioned North wood commission findings that ground floor classrooms were not dangpr spots for children; that fire escapes at Isbister school were not blocked by stores kept in the hallway and that an escaoe at Argyle school was In good condition. Defends Actions After the committee's lengthy report had been read full. Mr. Berk declared he was not responsible for the publicity which followed his charges of last March. He declared his actions in taking reporters and photographers to schools were motivated by a remark allegedly made by Edward McGrath.

Ward 3 trustee. "Although he didn't know I wes within hearing distance. I henid Mr. Mt Gralh tell Mr. Martin (W.

A. Martin, building commissioner), that he and Fire Chief Boulden would make statements to the press the following day which would knock mine into a cocked hat." "I'm not apologizing for anything I did to protect our children." Mr. Beck continued. "The North wood commission did a lot of good." Immediately Mr. Beck sat down, Mr.

McGrath jumped to his "You lie when you make those remarks. All I might have said lo Mr. Martin was something like 'Chief Boulden, yourself and 1 have been going around to schools fir ninny years and It's funny we haven't noticed these Not Fire Traps "Ai provincial fire commissioner I'll ay right here that there is no danger of Winnipeg school children being caught like rat in a trap in mil' schools." Mr. McGrath added. William Ross declared "Mr.

Beck's one mission on this board seems lo be to discredit the hoard and officials. The situation in our schools, while it Is not as bad h. Mr. Beck's exaggerated statement. would lead one to believe, is not of the best but It's because we have no money.

The Northwood com misison cost the board more money than we can afford right now and only gave us information we had known for some years." Fascism Denied IB? Tht Canadian Praia SHERBROOKE, Sept. 14 Assumption that the Quebec government advocates Fascism because it Is anti Communistic is "ab suri and unwarranted." Hon. Coonan. minister without portfolio in the province's Union National Rovernment. sairi Tuesday nislit hrfore a service club.

"The error Is readily fallen into by the Illogical KngMth spcaking people who cannot conceive a mncrary hcing oppnfd to bolh Communism and Kavlsni," he said. Kiwanians Mark 21st Birthday Dr. E. G. Bricker, governor of Western Canada district of the Kiwanls club, was entertained at luncheon Tuesday in the Royal Alexandra hotel.

The occasion was also a birthday celebration for 41 members born during August and September who shared the 21st relehratlon of the founding of the Winnipeg club. The Klwanis Highway of Progress was depicted at the head table. Various projects which the local club had completed during its 21 years were shown In miniature. These included support of widows and orphans of men killed In the Great War; hospital and playground equipment; boys and girls' work In North Winnipeg, the "Iron Lung," and electrical equip ment given hospitals. Head table guests were: Dr.

Bricker, John McVey, lieutenant governor Western Canada district; Charles R. Sayer, Rotary district governor; D. H. Murdoch, president Winnipeg Kiwanis; H. B.

Ran nard, T. I. A. Mahon, F. A.

Mackle, G. C. Smith, F. W. Nunn, D.

L. Evans and Dr. J. Skating. Today directors of the Winnipeg club attended a luncheon In King George hospital.

Following the meal those present Inspected the "Iron Lung" donated by the cluh from proceeds of the annual Apple Day campaign. Standard of Living Survey Undertaken A nation wide survey to determine Canadian family living expenditures and nutrition has begun and field agents of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics are now canvassing selected areas in Winnipeg to secure lists of "typical families" for the survey. Its purpose is to provide material for the study of consumer problems. They will try lo determine whether present diets among the typical families provide proper nourishment, and find out the existing standard of living among wage earning families. Although living costs and conditions vary in different Canadian cities, little data has formerly been available.

In answer to many requests received yearly from social service agencies, labor organizations, teachers and business firms, for Information on living costs in Canada, the results of the survey will be available to the public. Residents Seek R.C.M.P. Detachment Heased by A. L. Beaubien, M.P., a delegation of residents of St.

Pierre, St. Malo and Otterburn, interviewed Col. R. L. Cadiz, officer commanding the Manitoba division of the R.C.M.P., asking that a detachment of the force be established In their district.

Since completion of the King Edward VIII highway, an extension of the Plney highway south to St. Pierre and St. Malo, there had been quite a number of accidents and considerable petty crime in the district, members of the delegation said. The nearest R.C. M.P.

detachment was at St. Anne, 30 miles away. The Tweedsmuir Block At Broadway and Donald To Be Ready October 1 Winnipeg's newest apartment block, the Tweedsmuir apartments, at the corner of Broadway and Donald, is now completed and wlli be ready for occupancy on Oct. 1. This block was promoted by Sheps Agencies Limited, 804 Main who are also its rental agents.

The Tweedsmuir possesses an important advantage of location, as It is situated in a residential district, yet close to the heart of the city. Of reinforced concrete construction, fireproof and sound resistant, Froit Proof WINDOWS Patentee C. T. JOHNSON Starbuck, Mn. Manufactured by Brown Rurherlors' Uud Throughout the New I TWEEDSMUIR ARTS.

Clear vision No storm sash needed Full ventilation wh required Eirimatei Civtn for Buildings. Apartments, Homes. Now or Old Radio Engineering Labcratoritt ALEX. ZENTNER. 327 BANNEBMAN Radio Engineer Ph.

51 Bit EDGAR PRAIN Architect 511 Confederation Life Building the Tweedsmuir contains 30 suites of most modern arrangement. The lighting in each is the new semi direct system and every suite has a recessed bath and shower. Living and reception rooms are finished in oak, and Venetian blinds are provided In every room. The heating system is with copper concealed radiators of the modern type. The lot on which the block has been built is ample to permit grounds and lawns on either side.

With an outside finish of tapestry brick and Tndail stone trim, this block Is most attractive In its appearance and the same care has made the Interior decorative scheme strikingly beautiful. All living rooms and public halls are of tinted textile finish. In the basement ample laundry and storage space Is provided with up to date lockers for the conven ience of tenants. The new block la one of the finest and most modern of Its size in the city. Sunflower Saws Next MAPLE CREEK.

Sask. A sunflower 12 feet high, 12 inches in diameter and three Inches thick at the base was grown here by H. R. Moore. Moore was unable to cut through the stalk with knife to fell the huge plant, he employed ALSIP BRICK TILE and LUMBER Ltd.

Brick Manufacturers, Dealers in Lumber, Builders Supplies, Coal, etc. ALSIP'S Supply ALL BRICK for Creater Winnipeg's Better Buildings A FEW THIS YEAR: Swift Canadian Plant St. Boniface Hospital addition Convent at St. Norbert Tweedsmuir Apartments on Broadway Cambridge Hotel The Cove Apartments, Assiniboine Ave. New Apartment Block, 35 Langside St.

(Not T't For Dependable Discerning Business Men Say: "WINNIPEG ELECTRIC" Sales Department Phone 904 311 winrjipnci electric, company I ft All Plastering By HENRY BOUX 2JI PROVENCHtR AVI. Nsmed) Service FINDLAY Electric RANGES were chosen for the NEW Tweedsmuir Apartments Because Thty tr sMiHy built for the modorn kitehtn. No arojtctinf cooking too. Lift covors protect walls when raised provide welcome tablet whom lowered. Phone 53 398 A All Suites Are Equipped With CROSLEY SHELVADOR REFRIGERATORS Supplied and Installed by D.

THOMPSON ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Who Also Supplied and Installed All Wiring, Fixtures and Water Heaters 430 POWERS ST. Engineering and All Reinforcing Steel by COWIN LTD. Reinforced Concrete Engineers WINNIPEG B..

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