The Exeter Flying Post or, Trewman's Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser from Exeter, Devon, England on April 6, 1820 · 3
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The Exeter Flying Post or, Trewman's Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser from Exeter, Devon, England · 3

Exeter, Devon, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1820
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POETRY. From the Monastery, by the Author of Waverly. SONG of the WHITE SPIRIT. FARE thee well, Ibon holly green ! Tliou shalt seldom now be seen, With all thy glittering garlands bending, As to greet my slow descending, Startiiti" the bewilder'd hind, Who sees tliee wave without a wind. Farewell. Fountain! now not long Shall thou murmur to my song,. While thy crystal bubbles glancing, Keep the time in mystic dancing, Rise and swell, are burst and lost, Like mortal schemes by fortune crost. " The knot of fate at length is tied, The Churl is Lord, the Maid is Bride ! Vainly did my magic sleight Send the lover from her sight ; Wither bush, and perish well Fall'n is lofty Avenel !" On seeing a Dovjs perch on a Window immediately after Threk Young Ladies had left it. THREE Damsels loulr'd out of a window one day ; A dove, as it happen'd, came flying that way, And perch'd on the window ; how chaue'd it ? BetweeD us, 1 judge it belong'd to the chariot of Venus, And seeing at distance three such pretty faces, Alighted to say, " How d'ye do?" to the Graces. D. NEWS FROM SPAIN. "The press is in astonishing activity in Spain: manifestos, addresses, and publications of all kinds abound in the capital. Two periodical journals have appeared; but it is said, that the most active jo urual-isU have not yet amved. "Advices reached the capital on the lGth instant, that Navarre, Catalonia, and Seville, had prououticed for the Constitution, it is asserted, that some commotions took place at Cadiz on the 10th instant, of so serious a character, that the garrison were compelled to fire. 4i General Elio was on the point.of being massacred at Valencia by the populace, who vehemently demanded his head; they had surrounded him, and his escape was a miracle. He was escorted to the citadel for safety ; hut the. people insist upon his being brought to trial. Gazette de France. The Constitution was proclaimed at Cadiz on the 9th instant, in the presence of Generals Freyre and Viila-Vicencio, in front of the army. But letters from Seville, dated the 11th instant, announce that movements have taken place at Cadiz which have cost the lives of about CO persons, amongst whom are Generals Campatia and Valdez. This unhappy affair can only be attributed to the ignorance there of the events in .Madrid. " All is in the capital at this moment. If, as it is hoped, the Deputies to the Cortes, be judicious men, it is not doubted that every thing will be arranged and consolidated for the welfare of the Spanish nation and its monarch. 'The Provisional Junta have represented to the King, the propriety of excluding, from all interference with public affairs, the 70 persons whoj in 1814, signed an Address to his Majesty for the subversion of the Cortes. Several of these functionaries are already displaced." Mo nit ear. The Paris Journals of Monday last, arrived on Thursday. The following are extracts: " Paris, March 27. On Friday the King was affected with violent retchings. His Majesty afterwards experienced such painful attacks of the gout, nw wholly to impede respiration. He passed a very bad night, and on Saturday morning had a somewhat strong fever. By the following bulletin it will be seen that he was better yesterday : BULLETIN OF THE KING'S HEALTH. "Sunday, Nine o'clock, a. m. "The King is better. His Majesty has slept two hours ; the fever has ceased, and respiration is much less difficult. (Signed PORTAL, " ALIBERT." AMERICAN PAPERS. New York papers to the 11th instant arrived on Friday. The Missouri Bill passed, in the House of Representatives, on the 1st instant, with the clause restraining that State from introducing slavery. It h ul ,t majority of only nine in its favour, the numbers n hig, for the passing of the Bill, 91 against it, 82. It ivjis next day carried up to the senate, where, upon the motion tf Mr. Barbour, the proviso, requiring the new State to interdict slavery within its limits, vas ordered to be struck out, by a majority of twelve, tlie numbers being, for the restrictions, 15 against it. 21. A clause was then added, declaring generally, the inhibition of slavery in the territories of the United States north of 3d. 30. north latitude, except within the proposed State of Missouri. This motion was agreed to without debate, and the Bill in its amended state was sent back to the House of Representatives. A warm debate ensned, upon agreeing to these amendments ; hut they were Finally carried, the numbers in favour of them being DO, and against 87. An insurrection of the blacks is stated in these Papers to bae broken out at Petersburg, in Virginia. They hud set fire to several buildings, and committed other exc-sses: but it was expected they would soon he reduced to subjection. The Bill to prevent all intercourse between the United States and the West India Islands, and British North America, had not passed iuto a law up to the 10th imt. Lord Cochrane. By the arrival of the brig Margaret, frora Buenos Ay res, we learn that Lord Coelnwv had made two more unsuccessful attacks on the Spanish fleet at Callao: the first on the 2d, and the last on the 4th of October, as appears by his own account, a translation of which follows. When the hist accounts left him. lie was preparing a' new mode of attack, it was, however, thought that his Lordship's views would not be realized. If the fleet should return to Chili, agaiu unsuccessful, it was feared the Government was so much exhausted in means and credit, they would not be able to make another outlit. Lord C. attributes his failure to the bad construction of his rockets. The Portuguese, it is said, were about evacuating Monte Video, and retiring to the Brazils, in which case General Artigas will again take possession of the place. The Monteneras, uudcr Gaul Rarnariz, Lopez, and Can-era, and the Buenos Ayres army, under the Director, were withiu a few leagues of each other, and an engagement was daily expected. All communication between Buenos Ayres and C'hili hud beeu cut off by the Monteueras, who had been withiu a few leagues of the former city and eatried ofT great numbers of cattle and horses. Great discontent prevailed in several of the provinces, and en in me city ot Buenos Ayres, and a change in the Government would no doubt take place iu a short time. Such was the general opinion when oar informant lefi there. Every thing remained quiet in Chili, aud an expedition of (iOOO men was preparing for Peru. The United States frigate Macedonian had sailed from Valparaiso, it was supposed, for Lima. Translated from a Buenos Ayres Gazette of December 15. Last Dispatch of Lord Cochrane. Admiral's ship OHiggins, Bay of Callao, lith October, ISI9. fciR, On the night or the 3d insl. the euemy unbent the sails of their vessels or war, without doubt, with the intention of deceiviug us, as they returned to bend them i&am as soou as it grew dark on the niht nf hp 4th . 1 our tDrs beiug upou the eastern side or shore, j alarmed the enemy, and they desisted from their pappose, which was probably to escape. Every thing indicated their desire of escaping if the rockets had placed their security in danger, or if they had set fire to the merchant vessels, which were united or made fast to the windward of their line of defence, formed by the Veugaoza, Esmeralda, Sebastiana, Resolution, Cleopatra, Trugil-bBo, Penuelo, and Maipo. The Resolution, Clespatra, and Castles threw contiunally hot shot at us, following the advice of the Archbishop of Lima. The new preparations being completed, yesterday evening I ordered that the brigs of war should conduct the rafts (rockets and mortars) to their position, and that the fire-ship, commanded by Lieutenant Morgell, should proceed to her destination; immediately (hey commenced to discharge the rockets, at which time I directed in line the squadron towards the eastern shore, with a view to prevent the escape of the euemy. The brigs had scarce advanced within gnn-shot of the (.enemy's,, vessels and batteries, when they commenced upon me a very brisk tire, which greatly iucreased on the approach of the lire-ship Victoria. Being already within the reach of grape-shot from the battery, and near the chain which surrounds the enemy's vessels, and the water entering her hold in torrents, Lieut. Morgell set fire to her, (all her rigging being cut away,) and in ten minutes she blew up, which would have annihilated the naval force of Callao, if there had been more wind, so that the Victoria could have passed the battery with greater velocity. WV.iling the explosion of the Victoria, I had retained the Georgiana, but it being nearly calm, I believed it useless to make a new attempt, seeing that the rockets had no better effect thij night than the first. The cause of this is already too palpable ; some burst in consequence of the tubes or cylinders being badly soldered, and others broke at the tail, having unfortunately been made of a very knotty and brittle wood. I cannot refrain from manifesting to yon my regret at these unfortunate circumstances, aggravated by the calms which continually prevail at Callao. I have determined to operate on a different plan, which I hope will produce a better effect. Captains Spry and Crosbie, and Lieut. Prunier, of the brigs Galvarino, Araucano, and Pueyrudon, have conducted themselves with the greatest bravery. The damages which there vessels received in their spars were of little consideration, and are already repaired. Lieut. Morgell, and two seamen that accompanied him in the victory, deserve for their valor a reward. The zeal and co-operation of Admiral Blanco are worthy of every praise. The captains, officers, mariners, artillery, and marine troops have all behaved with the greatest distinction. I have the honour of assuring yon that I am, with the highest considerations of respect, fec. yours. COCHRANE. Col. Don Jove Ignacio Zenteno, Minister of the Marine of the State of Chili. Letters from Lisbon received on Thursday morning state, that the Government there had detached a vessel with all the particulars of the Spanish Revolution to the Court at Rio Janeiro. Fears were entertained that the Portuguese might follow the example of the Spaniards, in demanding some change in their present constitution. The Leeward Island packet brings letters from Trinidad, dated 4th February, but they do not contain a single fact of importance. Geueral Bolivar had arrived ou the A pure, where the'trodps were collecting with a view to carry into effect the coucerted plan of an attack on Moiillo's fortified lines. General Arismendi commands the eastern provinces and Mar garita. ' Election, The contest for this county terminated on Thursday. Mr. Mellish having gained on his opponent on Friday and Saturday last, his friends had hopes of ultimately overpowering Mr. Whitbread's majority ; these hopes, however, proved fallacious. Thursday, the languid state of the poll shewed that the strength of the county was nearly exhausted, and that few, if auy resources, were at the disposal of Mr. Mellish. Accordingly, at three o'clock, that gentleman resolved to relinquish the contest. At four, the poll finally closed, the numbers being as follow : Byug, 4004 W hi thread, 3585 Mellish, 3073. The proper officer then declared that the choice of the freeholders had fallen upon George Byng, Esq. and Samuel Charles Whit bread, Esq. who were declared duly elected. The celebrated traveller, M. Belzoni, has arrived in the metropolis, after an absence of ten years, five of which he has employed in arduous researches after the curious remains of antiquity in Egypt and Nubia. The famous sarcophagus of alabaster, discovered by him in Thebes, is safely deposited in the hands of the British Consul in Alexandria, waiting its embarkation for England, along with an obelisk, 22 feet long, taken by M. Belzoni from Philae, above the first cataract of the Nile. M. Belzoni's Journal of bis discoveries in Egypt and Nubia, and of his Journey on the Coast of the Red Sea and the Oassis, will be published as soon as possible. The model of the beautiful tomb discovered by M. Belzoni in Thebes will be erected as soon as a convenient place shall be found for its reception. It is said, how truly we know not, that a connection of the most tender kind is in contemplation between an illustrious Widower and a maiden Lady of still more illustrious blood. There is some disparity in point of years, it is true, and the; advantage of experience appertains to the wrong party in the usual order of these affairs; so that it seems to partake somewhat of the marvellous; but who, in times like these, will undertake to say that any thing is impossible ? Morning Herald. A question of great importance to the proprietors of Boroughs, will be brought forward in the ensuing Parliament, by a petition against the return for the borough of Callingtou. By the 51st of George 111. the purchasers of land-tax are considered as the holders of a fee farm rent, and as such are entitled to. vote for counties, or cities, or boroughs being counties in themselves, but as yet they have never voted in a borough where a freehold gives a vote. Messrs. A 11-wood and Thompson having purchased the land-tax in this borough, opposed Sir C. Robsoti and Colonei Lygou, who were supported by what is termed the Clinton party. The returning oflicers rejected 58 votes, offered by holders of land-tax, for Messrs. Attwood and Thompson, and these gentlemen have accordingly determined to petition the House. There is no decision of the House on the subject, and should it be determined in favour of the land-tax voters, it will affect 21 cities and boroughs in the kingdom. The Grand Jury at the Cornwall Assizes found a true bill against Lyndon Evelyn and James Robert George Graham, Esqrs. the Members returned for St. Ives at the late Electiou, against Mi'. James Halse, the town cleric, their ageut, and bis relatives and clerk, Messrs. Richard and William Hitchens, and James Young and Walter Young, for a conspiracy to return the Members at the late Election by means of bribery and corruption. The Grand J ury have also found true bills agaiust Mr. Halse for bribery, and agaiust Messrs. Evelyn and Graham for the like offence. A Petition is preparing to the House of Commons against the late returns and four eminent Counsel of the Western Circuit are retaiued to conduct the prosecutions and petition. Abraham Winn, John Goodeve, aud Henry Duns-ford, were convicted at the above Assizes of bribing persons at Penryn, to vote for Mr. Swann, at the Election for the last Parliament. Mr. Hunt has given notice of his' intention toraove for a new trial, or to set aside the verdict, on the following grounds : 1. That the resolutions passed at the Smithfield Meeting were not evidence, and ought not to have been admitted as such. 2- That the fact of the Yeomanry having killed 14 persons, aud wounded 618, was evidence, and ought to have been admitted. 3. That the verdict is contrary to law. 4. That the verdict is contrary to the direction of the Judge. 5, That the verdict is contrary to evidence. 6. That one of the Jury was not a freeholder and 7, That the Jury consisted of Magistrates procured and packed by the Master of the Crowu-Offiee. It has beeu finally arranged, that the whole of the prisoners connected with the Cato-street conspiracy sbali be arraigned at the bar of the Old Bailey on Saturday, the 15th instant. It is propable" that nothing further than their arraignment will take place on that day, but the business will proceed on the following Monday to the exclusion of the regular business of the sessions, which commences on the 12th of She month. Taste op Matrimony! On Tuesday morning last, at Snaith, a man and his wife of the name of Coates, who had been married only about ten days, were both found suspended by the neck one in the stable, the other in the dwelling house. The former when found (though his feet touched the ground) was dead: the latter had taken a more eligible station, but when cut down the spark of life was not gone she is likely to live. The wife states that they dived comfortable during the first week; they, then began to quarrel, and so continued until the above dreadful eveut took place.- Verdict, Lunacy. Hull Paper. Juvenile Burglar. Between eight and nine o'clock on Monday night, as Mr. Cliff, of New Ormond-street. Red-Lion-sqnare, was sitting alone, reading, in his back parlour, he heard a noise in the front parlour; he took the candle and went to ascertain whence it proceeded; he found one of the windows forced open, and on looking about, he missed a silver toast rack aud some silver spoons off the sideboard; on examining the room he discovered a young thief, named Alexander Frazier, 11 years of age, coucealed under a table. A dark lanthorn, tinder-box, and matches, were found on him. It is supposed his intention was -to conceal himself until the family went to bed, and then to admit hrs accomplices. He was taken to Hatton-garden Police for examination, from whence he was committed to Newgate for trial. At a sale of the pure Hereford breed of cattle, the property of Mr, John Price, of Ryall, near Tewks-bury, last week, no less a sum thanl20p.guineas was given for a two-year-old bull, named Toby; for another 100; for a three-year-old ditto, 100 guineas; 1211. were also given for a four-year-old cow, named Vesta; and 104. for a three-year-old heifer in calf. Lambing has this year proved highly productive to the flock-masters, many ewes having dropped twins; and there are several instances of ewes having yeaned three, four, and live lambs each. MONTHLY AGRICULTURAL REPORT, Sowing the Lent corn has commenced in the north, and has been in operation from the early part of the month in the south with considerable success and expedition, from the good and fertile state of the lands; the soil, from the effects of frost, requiring but moderate labour and turning up in garden moulds. The improvement of the latter sown wheats will depend on thegenial nature of the spring. The early wheats are stout and very healthy, but all have been affected in some degree by the sharp north east winds, which have retarded vegetation, particularly of the grass, the. meadows being quite bare and affording no foodfor sheep. The clovers of all green crops intended for spring food have suffered severely. Swedes, the only remaining roots, are said to be half rotten, and the feeders stock are reduced to the necessity of allowing hay and corn. The invariable consequence of this is, cattle ' and sheep from all quarters sent to market half fat. Fortunately the great quantity of fodder helps to spare the hay. FASHIONS FOR APRIL. Carriage Dress. A round dress, composed of French ijrey bombazine, and trimmed with black gauze; the skirt is moderately wide; the trimming, which is very deep, is formed in a singularly novel and pretty style, the gauze being disposed in rows of full plaits, which are laid on lengthwise in a bias direction, and set very close to each other; each row of plaits is edged with black satin riband. The body is made high; the collar stands out a little from the neck ; it is peaked in the centre of the back, and slopes down so as just to meet in front. The back is tight to the figure; the waist is long; and a small jacket, which is rather full behind, has a very jaunty effect : theTrdnts are plain, and the dress fastens before. .The long sleeve 1s of an easy width, except towards the bottom, where it is nearly tight to the arm : it is ornamented by three black satin rouleaus, and finished at the hand by a full fall of white crape, scolloped at the edge. The half-sleeve, of the same material as the dress, is made very full; the fulness is divided into compartments by narrow rouleaus of black satin. A very full white crape ruff is partially seen under the collar. Head-dress, a bonnet composed of grey velours simule, and lined with white sarcenet: the edge of the brim Is finished by a full black gauze ruche; a bunch of black flowers is placed on one side of the crown, aud it ties under the chin with black strings. Grey kid gloves, and black kid half-boots. Evening Dress. A round dress, composed of white crape, spotted with white satin ; it is worn over a white sarcenet slip : the skirt is moderately full, and is finished at the bottom by a wreath of flowers and leaves com-posed of black silk; the flowers, which are roses, are very small ; a double row of leaves, placed thickly together, with the points downwards, is attacbed to them : there are two rows of this trimming placed at some distance from each other, but not so high as to be unbecoming to the figure. The corsage is composed of black velours simule; the waist is long, and it is a little, but very little, peaked in front ; a narrow pointed trimming finishes it at the bottom of the waist, and it fastens behind. The upper part of the body is composed of white crape, let in in easy folds, and confined in the centre of the bosom by a jet clap. This style of body is peculiarly adapted to the display of the shape. Short full sleeve; the upper part composed of velours simule, edged with a narrow white crape trimming, and fastened up in the drapery style. The Under sleeve is white crape ; it is very lull, but is drawn close to the arm at the bottom, and is finished by a pointed fall of white crape. The Iront hair is dressed in light ringlets; the hind hair is disposed in different plaits, which are fastened up in bows at the back part of the head; white flowers, intermixed with pearls fancifully disposed, ornament the hair. The necklace aud ear rings are also pearl. White kid gloves and shoes. 303,500 in Prizes! 102 CAPITALS! SWIFT & Co. With the greatest confidence and satisfaclion, recommend to the attention of their Friends and the Pnblic the Scheme of the New Grand Lottery, which contains Forty Thousand Pounds More Money In Prizes than any former Lottery, including FOUR . . Prizes of ... . 30,0U0 . . Prizes of ... . 20,000 . . Prizes of ... . 10,000 TWO TWO 3 per. Cent. Consols. With others of 1,000, 500, 400, 300, c. and no Prize less than 16. A great and important novelty in this Lottery is the Extraordinary Advantage to Early Purchasers, Who, by an excellent arrangement of the Scheme, may on TUESDAY, 11th APRIL, RECEIVE BACK muck more than they gave jor their Tickets or Shares, and haee their full Chance of all the Capitals and other Prizes FOR NOTHING ! ! ! Early Purchasers in this Lottery are not con fined to the drawing on any particular day, but have a Chance throughout the v hole Lottery. Schemes, with every particular, may be had gratis at SWIFT Cu's. Fortunate London offices, No. II, POULTRY: 13, CHARING CROSS; 31, ALDGATE HIGH STREET; Where Tickets aud Shares are Selling iu great variety, Also by their Agents. T. BALLE, BOOKSELLER, FORE-STREET, EXETER. NETTLETON and SON, Booksellers, Plymouth, J. CONGDON, Jun. 29, Fore-street, Plymouth-Dock, R. DONEY, Saddler, Tavistock, W. THORNE, 116, High Square, Barnstaple, W. SQUIRE, Stationer, Taunton. Plymouth Victualling- Office, 1st April. 1830. OTICE is hereby given, That on Friday, the 14th instant, I shall be ready to receive Sealed Tenders, for One Hundred and F'ftg Chaldrons of PITT'S TANFIELD MOOR, TOWNLY MAI., AVIND-SOR's PONTOP, or SIMPSON'S PONTOP COALS; to be delivered in a whole Cargo or Cargoes, in the space of two month, (Winds aod Weather permitting) alongside the Wharfs at his Majesty's Victualling Premises, at Plymouth and South-Down, and to be paid for by Bills, payable without interest, sixty days after date. No regard will be had to any tender in which the price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before one o'clock on the said Friday the 14th instant, nor unless the, person who makes the render, or some persouon his behalf,. attends to answer when called for. N. B. The conditions of the contract may be seen at my office. , THOMAS MILLER, Agent. CAPITAL TIMBER! rpo be SOLD, in Lots, with Ml their Top and Bark, 200 OAK TREES, oo Ley Farm, in the parish of Upton pyne. A part of the above timber beiujf of large dimensions, and the whole of an excellent quality, is well worth the attention of ship aud house builders. For w hich a Survey will be held on Thursday the 13th day of April next, at the Three Hore Shoes Inn, in the parish of I'ptonpyne, by four oVIock iu tb afternoon. For further particulars, and viewing the same, apply to Mr. Joseph Roberts, Ley, Cpton-pyue aforesaid. Dated March 17, 1840. 514 DEVON. Capital Timber for Sale. rX) be SOLD, together or in Lots, A 100 OAR TAKES, With their Tops and Bark, now growing on Nymit Woods, situate iu the parish of Bow, distant about li miles from t'rediton. For disposing of the same, a public Survey will he held at the White Hart Inu, Bow, on Monday the 10th of April next, by four o'clock in the afternoon. For a view of the above, apply to the Tenant on (he Farm; and for particulars, to Mr. Hole, Halse; or Mr. Croote, Lapford. Dated 27th March, 1 820. devon! Capital Timber & Coppice Wood for Salt. TO be SOLD by public Survey, at the King's Arms lnu, Cbultuieigh. on Friday the 21st of April next, at lour o'clock in the afternoon, with their Tops and Lops, in the undermentioned Lots: Lot 1st. 13 very Large OAK TREES, on East Lee, situate in Chawley. Lot 2d.- 8.V OAK TREES, on Hackney and Amiland Farms, iu Biirrington. Lot 3d. 1 12 OAK TREES, onBrega Marh, in ditto. Lot 4th. About TEN ACRES of COPPICE WOOD, oo Hey wood Wood, Wemworthy. Lot ,5th, 6th, and 7th About b' ACRES of COPPICE WOOD, on East Lee, situate in Cbawley aforesaid. For a view of the above, apply to the respective Tenants; arid for particulars, to Mr. Croote, Lapl'ord. Dated 30th March, 1820. T 10 be SOLD by private Contract, Jhe follow! OK Lot.- ol TIMBER, all nurked with white Paint: 214 OAK TREES, on Fuidge, iu the pari-h at Spreyton; I350AK TREES, on Fuisdown, in th? parish of Drewsteignton; 103 OAK TUBES and 30 ASH, on Thorn berry, in the parish of Htttesteigb; 170 OAK and 7 ASH TREES, on Nethercott, in the parish of Spreyton; 442 OAK and 51 ASH TREES, on Eastchnrch and Shortridge, io the parish of Crediton ; t OAK aud 24 ASH TR RES, on Pitton and liters, iu the parish of Cheriton-Bishop ; 41 OAK, 30 ASH, and 13 ELM TREES, on Ford and Harepath, in the parish of Drewsteignton; and 84 OAK TREES, on Downueys, iu the parish of Spreyton. For viewing the same, apply to the respective Tennts; and for further particulars, to Mr. Croote, Lap fort, near Chulmleish; or to Mr. Canu, Fuidge-House, near Exeter. Dated Fuidge-House, March 25, 1820. 1503 PRIME NAVY TIMBER, And POLLARD TREES. O be SOLD by Auction, by Mr- John Easton, at the White Hnrl Inn, iu Cullompton, Devon, on Friday tlie 21st day of April next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, 430 Capital MAIDEN and CO POLLARD OAK TREES, All standing on the Manor of Langford. in the parish of Cullompton aforesaid, about t) miles front the port of Topsliam, with their Tops, Lops, and Bark, in the following Lots: Nn. of Numerically minivers Lots Trees, marked nil h both inchfive. Remarks, 1 . 40 2. 40 3. -40 4. -40 5. -40 0. 40 7. -40 8. -40 9. -40 10. -40 11. -30 White Paint, 21 to 00 Ditto ....... 01 to 100 Ditto 101 to 140 Ditto Ul to 180 TMifo 181 to 220 Ditto ....... 221 to 2(10 MAIDEN OAIS. Ditto ....... 20 1 to 300 Ditto 30 Mo 340 Ditto 341 to 380 Ditto ... 381 to 420 Ditto 421 to 450 12. 20 With a Razelron, I to 20 13. 20 Ditto 21 to 40 POLLARD OAKS 14. 20 Ditto 41 to 00 ) This Timber is adapted to Navy purposes, and is well worth the attention ol Dealers. Mr. George Hit t, of Langford Court House, will shew the Trees; "and for any other information, apply to Mr. George Easton, Taunton, Somerset; if by letters, tube post-paid. March 22d, 1820 545 J. &T. SIVKWEIGHT Feel it incumbent ou them to state, that every advantage which may belong to the present Lottery is as fully secured to purchasers at their London Offices, 37, Corn' hill ; 38, Haym arket ; and II, Hor,Bonx; 141, Oxpobo-street; as at any other, whether Contractors or not. The sum of 10,000 is added by Government to the. usual amount of Prize Money, and is not tlie gift of the Contractors, or any particular Office, as has been erroneously supposed. Next Tuesday, 1 1th April, will be drawn, in 2,000 Prizes of 30 each; it is therefore the interest of all who wish to adventure, to do so before that day, as afterwards, when the drawing really begins (27th April), they will have the same chance for the J02 CAPITAL PRIZES, which include 4 of ........ 30,000 2 20,000 2 10,000 Consols, As if they had not already been drawn Ppizes of j30 each. J. & J. SIVEWRIGHT are happy to acknowledge the great public patronage shewn their Contract just concluded, in which, No. 1,856, 20,000, and 12 other Capitals, were Shared by them, and, with the remaining Capitals, Ac. were distributed in most Towns af the United Kingdom. Tickets and Shares are Selling al their fortunate London Offices, as abore, and by their Agents W. CURSON, Library, Exeter, J. POOLE, Tannton, Wm. HAVILAND, Plymouth, CONGDOS and HEARLE, Ply month-Dock, E. PENNY, Sherborne, W. CREWS, Shop-keeper, Newton Abbott, R. EDMONDS, Jnn. Market-place, Helston, MICHELL and Co. Booksellers, Truro, E. H. TUCKER, Bridport. SOLD by TREWMAN and Co. Exeter. HHHE Celebrated CORDIAL BALM of GI-JL LEAD is well calculated to cure flatulencies in the stomach aud bowels, all nervous complaint?; whether from taking mercury to excess, or owiug to an abominable vice, or other causes ; It removes pains iu the baeli and head, horrid thoughts, frightful. dreams,, dimness of sight, palpitation of the heart, dorsal consumptions-, trembling of the bands from hard drinking, and diseases arisiug from excess, and will invigorate aud strengthen the constitution of weak, sickly, and aged person.. Sold in bottles at 1 Is. and four in one for 33s. whereby lis. are saved, by Trewrnau aud Co. Exeter. DISORDERS of the STOMACH and ROWELS. TOWERS s TONIC FILLS. ; ; N- cases of Indigestion, Loss of AppeUi-:, Slch ness, iFdinsin the Stomach and .Boaels. and other symptoms resuitiug from a weakened state of the digestiee organs, these Pills are proved to be one of the safest and most efficacious remedies ever preseuted to public. notices Mild, but. effectual in their operation, they cleanse, aud yet strengthen the stomach, restore the appetite, promote digestiou, and keep the bowels iu a regular aud comfort-; able state, free from costiveness; but by no means too relaxed. V Sold at 2s. fld. 4s. tfd. 1 Is. and 22s. per box, by Trewnaan arid Co. Exeter; Cookworlhy, Fox and Co.: Plymouth; Syle, Barnstaple; Hanuford, Bideford ; Quick, Tiverton; Rogers, Honitdn, Gove, Sidmoutb by Booksellers or Druggists in most towns; and by lal wholesale medicine venders in London. Prepared only by Joh.v Towebs, Fairfield, St.Pefern, Thanet, (late of London.) 03- Observe his Signature on the label, and name round the scat, 425 WESTMINSTER LONDON. ERSONS desirous of Providing for .their Families or Dependents, may, by an Annual Pay meat, secure to their Widows, Children, or any other person, either an annuity for the remainder of life, or a gross sum to be paid at their decease. insurances may be made for a variety, of other purposes, to provide for renewal of leases ; to secure sums paid for places or employments; or for the purchase dt life estates ; or in aid of arrangements between debtor and creditor Annuities are granted to commence immediately, or at any future period. Printed Rates and Conditions of Insurance nuy Uo had, gratis, with the List of Directors, or of (lie Agents of the British Fire Office in the country, who are appointed Agents for the Office. RICHARD BARNES, Secretary TRE W.MAN and Co. Agents for Exeter and places adjacent. NATIONAL FIRE ASSOCIATION, 3s, hlUUGE-STREET, BLACKFRIARS. AGENTS, CALEB COO MRS, AxMtNfTRR. JOHN MACK HELL, THOSE Members whose Policies expire at Lady -day, are hereby informed, that Receipts are now ready for their renewal, at this Office, anu at the Agents, The object, of this Institution is to prevent los of Proper! v anu Life by Fire; every mesns are used which ran be devised for the accomplishment thereof. Several good inventions have been produced: some of which may he seen ;:t this Office, and at the Ag tits, where particulars may be known. - The money deposited by each Member in this establishment remains his uroperty, and is placed at interest till the end of seven years; he will then be entitled to receive back his proportion of-the savings. By order of the DireHofs O. L. BOUT1LLIER, Sec. V. B. The Life Department is conducted upon tliet same beneficial principles. 538 PHCENIX FIRE-OFFICE. RENEWAL Ueceiptsfor Policies falling due at Lady-day, are now in the Hands of the several Agents of the Company. The general Hates o? the Pho?nix Companv are as low and moderate as the nature of the different rNks will admit ; aud, in this Company, no Person nsiird in under the. liabilities of Partnership, or subject to have. Execution levied npon his Property to make good Hie Losses of others. Applications for Insurances may be made to the Agents of the Company, and ail Persons having Claims are desired to send iu the same to the Agents through whom they are insured, who will transmit tlie.ui directly to the Board ofDirectors for Adjugtineut and Payment without delay. ' The Agents for this Company, for the County of Devon, are Mr. EDWARD UPHAM, Exetkr. Mr Jas, Basleigh Honiton. Messrs. Wm. and Op.orge Eastlake, juu. Plymouth. Miss Winifred Balks, slshburtm. Mr. Wm. Syle Jiarnslnp e. Mr. Robert Hitnis, Dartmouth. Mr. John Hogg, Bideford. Messrs. Thomas and John Harris, Totnes. Mr. Geo. Doe, Torrington. SUB AGENTS. Mr. A. Staple Exmmtth. Mr. W. Warren 'iverton . Mr. W. S. Adams Chudleigh. Mr. J. Kowell Cntriieii. Mr. H. Troake, Toysham, Mr. J. Yendall Bampton. Mr. J. Bassett, Hoidsworthy. Mr. W. Bowen Bideford. Mr. Bragge, Teignmouth. Mr. J.Hill, UjcutmbbQ Binningham Fire-Office. (EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT.) CAPITAL c30Q,OO0. 5NSURANCES are eAreded by this Office againft Lofs ot Damage by Fire upon property of every defcription, upon terms as liberal as thofe of any other office, and the lofles paid with the utmoft hbciaiity and promptuude. Farming Stock on any part of a farm, or in any building thereon, infured in One Sum, on the following terms, viz. For One Year 2s. Six Months Is. 6d. per cent. Three Months.... Is. j No charge made forpolictes wherethe premium amounts to 6s. nor on removal from other offices. The Receipts for renewal of Infurances due at Lady-day, are ready for delivery by the Agents, and fhould be paid on or before the 9A day of April, as the 15 clays allowed for payment beyond the date of each policy will then expire. By order of the direftors, R. I. WiTHERLDGE, fecretary. Birmingham Fire-Office, 25th March, 1820. A O E NTS Exeter, JOHN DYMOND, Draper. Plymouth-Dock, J. Ram (ay. Plymouth, William Heathraart. Yealmpton, Wm. Millman. Dartmouth, Wm. Henry Cranford. Modbury, Thomas Shepherd. Bideford, Thomas Stockcr. Barnftaple, John Avery. Falmouth and Penryn, . . Thomas Pearce, of Pcnrjn. Tturo, .. William Vice. Bodmin, Thomas Baron. Helfton, John Laoyon. St.Columb, John Heft. Penzance, . Michael Nicholls. Lauucefion, Abm. Weftlake. Redruth,.. Elizabeth Simmons. Hayle, JohnTyach. Callington, R. Peters Wincamon, T. Meihuifh.

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