The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on August 16, 1935 · Page 12
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 12

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 16, 1935
Page 12
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TWELVE THE WINNIPEG EVENIN t TRIBUNE, WINNIPEG. MAN., FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 1935 (Vol. XLVI. No. 196) :. ON THE AIR .. With DENNY BROWN Grace Moore ' new film "Love Ale Forever" will be presented by the Beauty Box Theatre company on NBC - KFYR Friday at 7, wltn repeat broadcast over WLW, KOA at 8.30. Francla White, recently tumcd from a three weeks' vaca tion, will have the etarring rols. .T.n Prri tenor: Theodore Webb baritone, and John Barclay will alo be featured. Worki of Ippolltov - Ivanov, out standing composer 01 nis own country, wu be presented by Alex ander Lnunaiain, .Russian coimutiu, of the CPC'i "Sinfonietta," during the broadcast Friday at 8.30 p.m. "Caucasian Sketches Suite," descriptive of comedy, pathos and romance of Russian oik life, will be the highlight of the broadcast Dr. Hugo, commander of the Graf Zeppelin, will be heard peaking from Kio de Janeiro, Brazil, over WON and stations of the MBS network Friday at 9 p.m. The famous German filer will be Interviewed by John T. McCutcheon, Chicago cartoonist - explorer. McCutcheon will also tell of hie own recent aerial adventure down the west coast of South America and over the Andean mountains to the Argentine. Friday Evening I 30 Studio Music (CKT). Good Scouts (CJRC). Dot and Will, skelca (KFYR). 00 Studio (CKYl. Iniiner r.i.Ii (CJHC). Kt.iHIn Ik'KVRl. is RhMody la Black sod White IWBB - C'KT). Market News 'CJRO. I 30 Varieties IWBB - CKY). Pinner Parage (CJRC). 4 15 Bernard Latham, aclar (WBB - CKT) Studio Program (KFYR). CFRB CJGX CJHC KFt . KFYR KOA . KOIL KSTP KYW WBAP WDAF WDAV WE AF WENR K FAB KMOK KSL . WBBM CANADIAN STATIONS u CKV , SJO CJRM ..... o CKX N.B.C. STATION 040 WFAA WHAM 110 WHO 1000 WJH 7M WJZ WLS S'O WLW 0v wmaQ e?o wow . so WSM 40 WTAM 100 6M 430 I26U 1460 10?0 soo e:o 440 Sou 170 CB S. STATIONS no WCCO S10 109U WHAS 420 1110 WNAX '0 770 WOWO t - 0 OTHER STATIONS 770 KNX 1O0O (Cll and uv) tint tot) 7.00 p.m. While Hearti ara Sirring Orchestra, Soloists. Ottawa ICRC - CKY, CKX). Rujbjr Football OS toe Air Gossip, Flsshbarks (CJRC). . BEAUTY BOX THEATRE: "Love Ma Jrbrever " with Francis whlla, Jan Peerce, tenor: Al Goodman Orchestra (NBC - KFYR, KSTP, WsKX). until S. 7.30 p.m. Nit wit Court Sketch, Calfiry (CRC - CKT. CKX). dlth Smlthaoa, eoprano (CJRC). 7.45 p.m. Wlif Carter, Yodetllng Cowboy. Cslisry ICRCCKYl. Viewing the News (CJRC). 8.00 p.m. From a Rose Garden, organ, soloist; Hllts ICRC - CKY. CKX). Concert Melsdles (CJIfi. Ed. Dlnrman, aololst (KFYR). First Nlfrhter. drama (NBC -, WHO. WMAQ WI.W. KOA W2XAF). Chicago Clvle Opera Orchestra (NBC - WINR. WHAM. WJR). Richard Hlmber Orrhestra (CBS - WCCO, KMOX, WHAS, WBBM). 8.15 p.m. SquMMhonrs. Tubbr. Whalen; Sports Iteporter at S 3S (CJRO. Studio Pro ram (KFYR). Musical Moments (WON). 8.30 p.m. Sinfonietta! Alexander ChutiaMla, eon - dueior, Toronto (CRC - CKT, CKX). Try to Stick Us (CJRC). Al Pearte's Gang (NBC - WTAM, WMAQ. XFYR KOA, WFAA). The Music Boa iMBS - WOrJ WX.W). Glenn Lea Orrhestra (WENR). tola Ravel, contralto; Lelth Stereru Orrhestra (CBS - WCCO. KMOX, WHAS, KSL). 8.45 p.m. Jack Randolph, barttona (WENR). Musical Moments (WCCO). Sport Page (KMOX). 9.00 p.m. Keen. Weather Report; Toronto (CRC - CKY, CKX). Tims. Weather, Slim - off (CJRC). Muslca.1 Moments (KFYR, KKL). Dr. Hugo Eckener, commander of Graf Beppelln. Interviewed at Rio da Janeiro by J. I. McCutcheon, explorer (MBS - WON). AMOS "N" ANDT. blerVface comedy (NBC - WTAM. WMAQ. WFAA, KOA). Carl Hoff Orrhestra (CBS - WCCO, WHAS, WBBM. KMOX). 9.15 p.m. Jest Crawford, organist (CRC - CKT, CKX. from NBCi. Dream Ship (WON). Tonr and Sketch, with Mario Chamlea and George Brown (NBC - KFYR, KOA, WSM, KFli. Lum and Abner, sketch (MBS - wXW). 9.30 p.m. Fart Bill Orchestra, Banff (CRC - CKT, Wiring s Pennaylranlans (KFYR), until C3rl"f Volln rrrrheetra (WCCO). ni.nn Im Orchestra (NBC - WMAQ, WTAM. WHO). Lulsl Romanelll Orchestra (CBS - WHAS, WBHM. KMOX). Wayna King Orchestra (WON). Beauty Box Theatre "Love Me for fiver" (NBC - WLW, KOA, KF1), Until 10. SO. 9.45 p.m. Oliver Naylor Orchestra (CRC - CKT, CKX. from NBO). Anson Wekes Orchestra (WON). The Open Road, sketch (NBC - WMAQ, WTAM. WHO, WOW). 10.00 p.m. Live, tVaugh and Love string Orchestra, ololats, Winnipeg H'RC - CKY, CKX). Dixie Memories (KSL). Bhandvir, violinist; oe Relchmaa Orchestra (NBC - WJR, WHAM. KOIL). Bra Pollock Orchestra INBC - WTAM, WHO. WOW). Frmukle Masters Orchestra (CBS KMOX, WHAS, WBBM). 10.15 p.m. Heidelberg Ensemble (WMAQ). Bhep Fielda Orchestra (WON). 10.30 p.m. Night Song Ensemble; Edmonton (CRC - CKT. CKX). Musical Varieties (KOA). Horaoa Heidi Orrhestia (WON). Ortlf Williams Orchestra (NBC - WTAM, fnitq, WHO. Ks - VBt Billy Blsset Orchestra. Toronto (NBC - VTJR, WLW. WHAM. WENR, from rRC). Jsn Bavltt Orchestra (CBS, WOWO, WBBM. WHAS l. Richard Himhor Orchestra (WON). 10.45 p.m. Jos Banders Orchestra (WGN). 11.00 p.m. Time, Weather, Sign - off (CKT). Olena Lh Orchestra (WKNR). Arlla flunmons Orchestra (NBC - WMAQ WHO. KFYR, KOA). Continental Gypsies (MRS - WON. WLW). Floyd Towns Orchestra (CBB - WCCO, KMOX, WHAS, WBBM, KSL). 11.30 p.m. Al BaM Orchestra (NBC - WXNR, KFYR, WHO, KOA). Horatio llto Orchestra (CES - WCCO KttL, KMOX. WPRM). Joe Sanders Orchestra (WON, WLW). Orcaa Melodies (WMAQ). 11.45 p.m. Wkea Day Is Dona, organ (KMOX). Ben Pol(o:k Orchestra (NBC - KFTR, WBNK, KOA). Horaoa Heldt Orchestra (WLW, WON), Midnight Paul zHodanrls Orchestra (KOA). Johnny Courtney Orrhestra iWLW). Mp Fields Orchestra (WON). Saturday Morning 1 to Breakfast Club KFYR). until a, f SO March Time Musle (CJRC). T eo Toast and Marmalade (CJRC) (.00 Bright and Early (CKT). Frank Luther, songs (KFYR), IS Gospel Blnger (KFYR). .0 Melody Maid (WBB - CKT). Ballad Recital (CJRC). Oyper Orchestra (KFYR). S.aa opening Markeie (CRY, CJTtC). s.OB Ooldea Momenta (WBB - CKT), Morning Meditations (CJRC). t IB Musical Gems (WBB - CKT). plana Ramblos (CJRC) Tony Woos, nadlngs (KTTR). B tweanet alacUons (WBB - CKT). Tour Hoeao and Ulna (CJRC). Whltasy Ensemble (KFYR). t MDanoe Musk: (WBB - CKT). . aaSS Children's Program (CKT). Tho Prince CJRC). IB la Classical Memorlee (CJRC). IBC So lot (KFTRK B SB M'd - Bessloa Oral Prices (til). Jluslcal Cockta.l (CJRC). Words and Moste (KFYR). M.B BtadK Program (CKT). JJ iiTlsne. Weather (CKT). 11. 0 Studio Prtajrajxt (CKT). Orgaa Malo (CJRC). 11 . Closing Markets CXT). rci sattla orchestra (CJRC - CKX). Farm and Home Hour (KFYR). 11. 45 Allan Caron, organist (CKY), Saturday Afternoon U. 00 Noontime Parade (CJRC). Uerrymmkeia urvhteua (CKX). 12 30 Stud o Music (CKYl. Concert Music (CJRC). Weekend Review (KFYR). 1.00 Mosaics. Mutic (CKY). The Prlnct (CJRC). 1.15 Luncheon Dance Musle (CJRC). 1 30 Sign - off unlll (CKY). - off until (CJRC). Music Guild (KFYR). 2.00 Musical Adventures ( KFYR). 2 15 Bavarian Orchestra (KFYRi. 2.45 Teddy Hill Orchestra (KFYR). 3 13 Wano Duo (KFYRl. 3 30 Austin Wylle Orchestra (KFYR). 4 (0 Kaltenmyer Kindergarten (KFYR). 4 3.S A.rna Kitchen, solo. st (KFYR). 4 4 Merrr Macs srtnrs ( is". "VRi O.OO Music levers' Corner (CJRC). Art of Living, talk (KFYR). Short Wave Program Daventry, England Transmitters used are (Hill. 25 S metres (11. Tl, and OCC, tt.a metres tv.o megs.) P.M. 5. (to Big Ben; Summer Revellers, variety. S 45 Korelcn Atfalrs. talk, g 00 RaJalaika Orchestra. 30 When Wins is Red, Convivial pro gram. 4 J News, silent. .00 Big Ben; "Voyage of Discovery," talk. I. Is Songs of English Country Folk. 9.45 News, close down, other short - wAva stations broadcasting regular programs: Berlin DJD, 25 4 met., 11.77 mc, 4.05 to 9.30 p.m. Pans FYA, SJ.S met., ll.T me., t to t p m. Madrid EAQ, 10 met., 10 me., 4.15 to 30 p.m. BRANDON MAN HEADS CANADIAN POLICE CHIEFS Chief George Smith, of Win nipeg, is Elected to Western Executive By Canadian Press) SYDNEY, XS, Aug. 16 H. B. Everett, chief constable of Bran don, ManH was elected Thursday as president of the Dominion Chief Constables' association, succeeding Chief David Coulter, of Hamilton. Niagara Falls, Ont., was select ed as the 1936 convention city - Other officers elected were: First vice - president, William Wren, chief constable, Westmount, Que.; second vice - president. George Taylor, chief constable, Port Arthur, Ont.; secretary - treasurer, G. H. Guthgie, chief inspector, Toronto. Western executives elected were: Manitoba: George Smith, Winnipeg; Saskatchewan: R. E. Brown, Blggar; Alberta: J. M. Tavlor, Medicine Hat; British Columbia; John Laurie, Trail. KeSOlutiona nimAit Ot il.n - .n.lna crime and highway accidents were H'aicu on me records. .Because there had been an increasing amount of housebreaking in the last three years with the advent of old gold sales "the members feel that the Department of Justice and th AttnrnPV - ErpnrDl rf fha vinces should combine their efforts to establish a system wtiereby only registered jewelers be allowed to purchase old gold," read one resolution. Chief rnnntnMpa tillvi1 (haf legislation should force buyers to Keep kuiu articles ror au aavs Before smelting to enable law officers to check on stolen goods. They also advised that purchasers keep a complete record of old cold bought MAJOR A. BUCHANAN, MONTREAL HORSEMAN, DIES AFTER ILLNESS POINTE AU PIC, Que., Aug. 16 Major Alexander Buchanan, 73. member of one of Canada's leading families and a former well - known horseman and horse Judge, died at his home hera Thursday after a lengthy lllnrfs. A son of Alexander Brock Buchanan, former secretary of th Rnlc of Montreal, he was born In Quebec. Associated with the Bank of Mon - ' treal in Vancouver when the warl broke out. he was appointed to the British remount department in Montreal on his retirement to enter the army, in which he attained ! the rank of major. Since the war : no nao lived in retirement. Among survivors are his widow, daughter of the late Hon. James O'Brien, of Montreal; a brother. Charles Buchanan, of Vancouver; a nephew, Alexander Ronald Buchanan, of Vancouver, and a niece, Mrs. Nancy Stringer, of Vancouver. RADIO RULE ON SPEECHES IS NOW MODERATED By Canadian Praeel tiiAWA, Aug. is The Can dian Radio Broadcasting coenmts - iuu iiunuus regulation w appeared in new form Thursday, redrafted tn (! aatlaf nM Inn wt 1 . . Conservatives and bearing the en - uoraauon or me government. As drafted originally by the commission, the regulation aroused a storm of protert by Liberal members. Its purpose was to prevent abusive, defamatory statements being broadcast but It was worded so it was possible to Interpret It as preventing anyone criticizing existing legislation. The new regulation reads: "No broadcasting station may broadcast anv speech, printed matter or program containing defamatory, libellous or obscene statements with regard to persons or institutions, or. statements of a treasonable character or Intended to promote change by unlawful means and which might lead to a breach of the peace, or any advertising matter containing false or deceptive statements." Members of Court Osborne, No. 32, Canadian Order of Foresters, ara advlerl that th nrAiM..l to Selkirk has been postponed. DIAL ALL DEPTS. 322 Ill Tfc ' TP amount!? s, 'll . INCORPORATED 2?? M AY 1 6 7 O. Mary Carter Says! Our "New Things" Shop la filled to capacity with quaint and Interesting novelties). They make perfect gifts for shower or wedding. And as bridge prises we could suggest nothing better. Phone 8 - a - J uk for local 319 and let me do the restl Extra Heavy Service Hose 69c 9 a.m. Special Personal Shopping Only I Irregulars of 1.50 .quality! Popular 12 - thread pure silk - to - welt hose, in eight ojnaii. Bnaaes. n uu - iashioned, and in sizes a to 10J. Hosiery, Main Floor Clearing Blousettes! 9 a.m. Special Personal Shopping Only! Point D'Esprit! Organdy! Gingham! Lawn! Novelty cottons! An exciting array of styles white, pastels, plaids, checks and stripes. With plain or puff sleeves. 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O pkt tor ssl 6 BISCUITS, Paulln't Assort - 44. ed Sandwich, per lb aCC FRUITCAKE, ft lbs. 0 Oenct, lb., 15c:... for b9G TOMATOES, Choice Colleen Brand, 3, or 25c PEAS, Sieve 4, Colleen, 4fl No. t tin .....1UC 9 to 10 a.m. Specials PORK AND BEANS, Ayl - mer, 16 - os. ft ft tin, per tin OC Limit 6 tins a Customer PEARS, Light Syrup, Land o'Lakes, No, 2 squat iln, 3 tn. 25c Limit 6 tins a Customer . Corn Flakes K:9 - ,. 4pKt..25c Limit of 4 to a customer. Nut PEANUT BUTTER, 13 - oz. jar, wci 26 - oz. Jar SALMON, Choice Red Bounty, 's size tin SHRIMPS, Wet Pack, per tin PORK SAUSAGE, Sweet Clover, 14 - oz. tin Sweet, 25c 14c 16c 19c CASH AND CARRY MEATS FRESH KILLED LAMB Loins Lamb, per lb 15s Shoulders Lamb, whole, lb., ft) Rolled Roast Veal, lb 100 Chump Roast Veal, lb 120 Fillet of Veal, per lb ISO 100 Vouno Boiling Fowl, fresh killed, per lb 13e Hip Roast Beef, per lb t Ocrvicc Groceries, Dial 322 PINEAPPLE JUICE. Libby't, 12 - os. tin - - 2 for 27c CREAMED MUSH ROOOMS, II - 01. tin - ... 23c CORN STARCH, Canada Brand, 1 - lb. pkt. 10c; 3 for 29c TUNA FISH, Furuco, 6 - os. 20c HERRI NCS, in Tomato Sauct, Farna Brand, 14 - oi. tin 19e TOMATO JUICK, Aylmer, W i - oa. I',"'. 3 for 20c JAM, Empress Raspberry er Strawberry, Kit ft 4.1b. tin 90C MARMALADE, Sheriff's Seville Orange, CCrt 4 - ib. tin PEANUT BUTTER, Golden Nut, 27 - os. tin, c 13 - oz. tin GRAPEFRUIT, Aylmer, No. t Must tin bhucadpLk cubes. ! TrV": 3, .r 49c PEAS, Green Giant, 9 )C 17 - oa. tin, 18c.... ess for J3C BEANS, Aylmer Aspsragus Pack, S: - ..r!.,.,B:..2for45c JELLY POWDERS, Shlrrlff'a Lushus Assorted or Sweet Mys tery Chocolate J pkts. ... w Dessert , for 15c 22c PUFFED WHEAT, 1 pais. Quaker Brand... Sa for TEA, "Bay" Red Packet, and Ceylon, per lb., 63c; per ft - lb GENOA FRUIT CAKE, Made, 4 - lb. slab BISCUITS, Paulln's Rob Roy Creams, per lb 25c 23c Indian 27c "Bay" 95c 23c Meats, Fish, Dairy, Dial 322 Nint toTtn a.m. Special Mlf HO AST BEEF, si f YOUNG BOILING Pr in e w PORK AND BEEF SAU - ftA0.e'. 2250 fresh killed, per id ROLLED ROAST VEAL, per lb. . FOWL,' .15c 11c Fresh Killed Lamb LEG SPRING LAMB, . per id. LOIN SPRING LAMB. per id 8HOULOER SPRING LAMB, whole, lb STEWING LAMB, per lb , 20c 18c . 9c 6c Fresh Killed Veal FILLET OF VEAL, in. per lb ISC LOIN ROAST VEAL, 4e per lb r IOC CHUMP ROAST VEAL, 4. per lb. IOC SHOULDER ROAST VEAL, per lb I C H B C Red Ribbon CHUCK ROAST BEEF, Ser lb UND SHOULDER ROAST BEEF, per lb... BLADE OR THICK RIB ROAST BEEF, per lb.... PRIME RIB ROAST BEEF, per lb RUMP ROAST BEEP, whole, per lb HIP ROAST BEEF, per ID DEEP SIRLOIN ROAST BEEF, per b WING ROAST BEEF, per lb Cooked Meats COOKED HAM, sliced, oer lb JELLIED OX TONGUE, sliced, per lb , H BC JELLIED VEAL, per lb , H BC HEADCHEE6E, per lb H B C BOLOGNA, sliced, per lb , Standard Beef " DE on "HICK RIB ROAST BEEF, per lb... PRfME RIB ROAST BEEF, per lb RUMP ROAST BEEF! whole, per lb. . . . OE.U.8IRLON ROAST . BEEF, per lb WING ROAST BEEF, per lb ROLLED POT ROAST BEEF, per lb Beef 16c 20C 22c 28c 25c 27c 33c 34c 58c 45c 15c 10c 12c .10c 17c 16c 19c 21c 14c Fish and Poultry SALMON, Red Spring, freeh caught, per lb..... CdC HALIBUT, Medium, fresh 94" caught, per lb. CcG SPRING BROILERS, milk fed, fresh killed, rj per lb COC CHOICE BOILING fresh killed, all weights, per lb , CHOICE ROASTING ENS, fresh killed, per lb FOWL, 19c CHICK - .28c ' Smoked Meats SMOKED PICNICS, - per lb Z5C SMOKED HAMS, whols or'vZZ hslf, per lb s34C BREAKFAST BACON, - sliced, per lb 9C Dairy Counter BUTTER, Hlllcrest Creamery, per lb , CHEEsE, Medium Old CHEESE, Chattau," PliiVn'o - pkt. 25c 29c 15c Service Fruits, Dial 322 NEW POT A. TOES. Manitoba 15 ibs. on. for UW YELLOW ONIONS, C lbs. Manitoba 9 for I I C CORN, Manitoba Golden 4J Glsnt, Isrge, per doz I 9C ORANGES, California Valencia, heavy with Juice. Extra Special, ST 27c. 31c, 35c LEMONS, California. special, per dor B.C. CANTALOUP, each B.C. TABLE PLUMS, per arjuare basket... APPLES, B.C. M lbs. sje Duchess. 'Keclal.. H tor eSOB "Bay" Basement A3C 15c 69c

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