The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on February 27, 1932 · Page 11
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 11

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1932
Page 11
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11 Silver Tea in Aid Of Junior Red Cross ! WINNIPEG HAS MANY LEAP YEAR BABIES - MONDAY IS THEIR DAY 23 IIP A THE WINNIPEG EVENING TKIDUNE, SATUKDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1932 Mn. Jnbn Bracken, Mrs, John Dick, Mr. Jf. M. Speechly and Mn. J. E. Lehmsnn. asslatad by Mrt. W. O. Vlnoent. Mr. J. T. Mitchell. Mrf.' 8 McDowell. Mr J. E. Thorn, Mr. A. It Hlfc - nell and Mr. W. B. Purv will preside at the tea tables t th Silver Tm to be given by the wive of Uie mem fcrt of the Griffon Club, la aid of their objtctlv fund to assist lha Junior Red Cross In their endeavors en behalf of the crippled children of the province. The tea will be held In the draw Inr - rooni of the Y.W.C A. on Tura - jday, from 3 to 6 p.m. ' lire. J. g. McPharaon, wife of the president of the Griffons Club, U convenor of the committee In charge, which Include Mri. H.I Krown, Mre. C. A. Dick. Mre. J. M. Crahame, Mre. L. D. Hignell, Mil. J. A. Mitchell and Mr. D. C. Tatar - aon, '. Oneat will be received by Mre. J, . McPherson. Mre. K. B. Vincent, Mre. H. F. Thorns and Mre. J, O. Cowan. The serving; will be done by the wlvee of the club member. BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLE TO STAGE MUSICALE The regular monthly musical un dr the auspice of the Young People'e club will be held at 10 Sunday evening at Flret Baptist church. To program to be pre - . seated la one of a eorlea of fin musical evenlngt which tb voting people have been ennnsorln; for a rorulderable time. The art lit, as sisted locally, will Include Mle Glady Eddl. violinist: Mice Gladyl . Miller, plsnlst; MIm France Rtrat ton. eoprano, and Oeorr Douglas, baritone,. An oRerlng will b taken to esatat the elub In carrying on Ha work t the King Edward hoepltil. Anniversary Tea The Mother' T" club will hold their tenth anniversary tea to On Wednesday, March 2nd, from t to v p.m.. in ins I .in v - .. rmunni. nere win aiso oa a noma cooaing table. Mrs. Velaennsn, and Mr. Rg. Penwarden will contribute the musical program. The president Mrs. J. . Cameron, Mrs. D. J KrolL Mrs Raver end th eon. venor, Mrs. Ferguson wtll receive ins jrutsi. The WS.D. elvb met at the home cf Mre. H. Allen. 141 Bristol ave. The prlr winners were: Mrs. J, Johnstone, W, I Burton. Mrs. A. Aubert. NU - FASHION BEAUTY SERVICE At Special Low NU - FASHION MARCEL PERFECTION MANICURE .. PERFECTION HAIR CUT ... NU - FASHION Shampoo and Finger Wave . . PROFESSIONAL Face Massage . Price 50 c 50c 35c 75c 75c PERFECTION PERMANENT! Dsy r Evening Appointments, Nu - Fashion Beauty Salon Room 2 - S Edward Building S2S't Portage Ave. Phone 27 227 No lonely evenings for this BLONDE WE gnMen lislr magnetise. ettrct geU hermnredete then eny other girl in the crowd. And H e Hlondex thel givoe her the lead. Thie special ehsffipnoputseaptU veting sparkle, glorious go'drn color in sll blonde heir. Not only doee Blonde prevent darkening but safely brinira bark alluring gnldenoiiRhtneMi to faded, tuntre - leae light hair. Not a dye. Simply a fine powder that, bubble iiutantly into a rich, renetrattng foam. Fine for hair and eralp. Thouundi of lovely Mondre relv on Blondes. At all drug and department store. Ste Monday1! Paper 7C I I I bdt li - - 'A l J: mk ym - f j r . v 'iX 1 h iTu - i ; f4 Xy rrmtn c. Cr&hanv By LILLIAN GIBBONS Ever since Caesar atralghtened out hi calendar mesa there have been date difficulties The solution of having a leap year once In four doe not account for tlma astronomically. There were eleven minutes and even a few aeconds each year that went off Into the fourth dimension. And why February should have to take cara of tba "leap dsy," nobody knowe. Julius arranged the calendar to bava II day In each of the odd - number months, and thirty in each of the cix alternate. Except February. Nobody waa around to stick up for February, ao It bad to have the odd 20 days, with 80 In the leap I year. But when Augustus wss em - I peror, he said he wouldn't plsy If j ha couldn't have SI daya In his ! month, just Ilk Julius. 8 - they gav him his extra day, and took one away from February, leaving It 2 days, with 29 In the lean year. The data difficulty Is tlll perpetuated. Babies born on February 29 are cheated out of a birthday cake for three yearn, and then Be Thrifty On Monday See our New Seaion Style they are a triumph and at very mo derate price. CLEVER NEW FROCKS for all occasion New built - up walftllnM . . . wider ehoul - der . . . clinging skirts. Brighter colors and striking color contrast , . . Daytime and "Sunday Mght" atyle SPRING COAT! and SUITS In the 1032 Htyle arriving daily, and are now on display at unusual prices. THE DEBONAIRE "Exclusive Womrn's Wtr" . . 282.Kenndy Street I Door North of Portage .. r - aaadi ' ' . - ' ;i3'Dir hdia . vv , . VJfc r only - get en extra candle In the fourth year. But not all year divlilbl by four are lesp years; century year must b divisible by 400. Hence, a baby born on "leap" day, 1806, would not get another birthday till 1904. because 100 wasn't a leap year. This matter of a few aeconds Is important, too. By the time Pope Gregory thought about equinoxes. the extra aeconds had become ten daya. Tbia date difficulty wa overcome by suppressing ten daya from March, 152. To avoid Tim making this mistake again, he arranged that only the century years divisible by 400 should be lesp years, Extra Day in Leap Year First Noted By Priests In Egypt Centuries Ago Shadow of Great Pyramid Found to be Different in Computing Seasons By MOSES B. COTSWORTH Leap - day la put Into our calendar every fourth yesr, to keep the calendar In accord with the solar year, which Is 5 - hour and 48 minutes longer than th usual year' 365 daya This nearly tt - houra excess can only be Included as the calendar' SMth day in each leap - yesr. We kno.r that the Egyptian were the first people to discover the exsct length of he year, nd consequently the need for Inserting the leap - day. But It Is only within the last year that we hav re - dlsi - overed how I they did It. The writer has been ; privileged to bring (his knowledge to light, after a world - wide research. The evidenrea he hsa ao - cumulated Indicate that the F.gyp - i tlan discovered th length of the year and th need of a leap - yeer, by measuring the shortest yearly ahad - owa of the great pyramid. Th great pyramid was th most perfect ot Ui eerles of pyramids, which were purposely designed to keep agricultural operations true to th seasons. Its erection culminated experiment made by the Egyptlsn astronomer priest who measured sun - shadows at noon and the passage of stars at midnight. In ordr to fix the recurrence of the Egyptian seasons. 52 - Degree Slope The slop of the pyramid was built to tb angle of nearly A2 - de grees. so that it apex would cast. th moon shadow on Ha meridian sines three day are gained In 400 years of tfme. Several people In Winnipeg have had this little ralsndar trick pliiy - ed on theni by the sunk. They are cheated by Tim and bv Cuessr from having cake, candlca and presents. Charles W. Graham. 570 Montrose: Mrs. It Y. Kllvert. 0 Gertrude ave.; Paul Nanton. 229 Rnslyn Road, ars some grown - ups who on Monday will receive birthday congratulations. Mrs Oeorg Steven, now of Montreal, formerly of Winnipeg. Is another. Manr children In Winnipeg picked the" 29th for their birthday. But they've turned the table; Instead base - line, where It could be eaelly and accurately measured. During their date equivalent to our 27 to 29 of February, th high priest measured the shortest receding sha dow at noon, by laying their snored rod on th meridisn floor. The measuring rod w not les than 4 - feet long, because the shadow's length of February 28 was 4 - feet shorter than It was on Fobru. n - L - - - - - ry 27. They found that the short - est shadow's length In every veer that White could n menaured on 4 - foot rod, and that during each of three ouccesaive years the shadow l.nnlk.n.J fnn ......... ana uiil nays wrre luumru it tween each of thoas 3 years. Next they made th Important discovery that at the end of 4 years their dav - count nifiur e I . to .Hi diys Instesd of 363. and that the shsdow leaned bark to lea than Its length 4 yars before. Therefore It th" lean - year's shortest sha - dow at noon nu - amircd a foot, that for the first of 3 yenis is feet long; the second 2'v feet; the J , . nj, I 1 1 - - , third 3'. fret, but In the fourth yenr the .With diy's V - ng'h was 4' feet and p - ached beyond the 4 foot rod. Then next day was leaip - day when the noon shadow re - anptarp Its shadow Imped beck 4 ft, to less than S a foot in length. Visible en Feb. 29 Tf the pyramid's pointing spx hsd not since been destroyed, together with the ralng - etnna which originally formed the perfect shadow slope, that evidence would now he completely visible on Feb. 29. The reality of thst phenomenon is nevertheless born out by photographs of the shadow chsnge I hid taken laxt February nnd which I am hsving taken this year on Icap - dny and March. The great pyramid's slope of 62 - degrces now yearly cuts off the sha - j dow on March 1 when the sun peeps over It e.pex. 44 feet high, end shines down the slope without, making any noon - shadow until Oct. 14, of being deprived of birthday goodie they are showered with them, being all the mors Important on this special dev. Little Joy Csrter. of 163 Harbison ave.. Is wsll named. She is a little Joy bringer to her family. There ar eleven yeara between Joy and th next In the family. Her mother ey shs get a birthday every pay day. Bobble Slater, 1003 McDermbt, was born In th General hospital, where bis father I an orderly. That wa an Inside job, Mr. Stork, picking th 29th to bring Robbie "out of the Everywhere Into Here." Norman Hicks, of 43 Selkirk, comes from a family where lm - when th noon ahodaw r - pptar bees use th lower sun I then behind the apex. Those dates, March 1. and Oct 14. wer not so numbered In th ancient Egyptian calendar, but ar th dates In our calendar to which the date In the old Egyptian calendar correspond. Thess season - finding dates were of trie greatest Importance In Ervpt. It wss only after menv trials In building pyramids that their designer at the great pyramid fixed It slope at r2 - drgrees, as the basis of whst Kter proved to be their successful experiment In finding the true length of year, by the use of the leap - year measuring of the pyramid' hortet shadows. Knowlsdg Secret Those early astronomer not only I nept mat most vbiusdw nowuge - J?,. from olhfr ,,, - h. from all outside the priesthood, by never Inserting leap - day in their public calendars. That k. - ;.; a mighty weapon In priesthood hands, until Julius Caesar conquered Kgypt and wrung' from Soslgenes. lha Egyptian tronoiner, their vital secret that the leap - day Insertion wa only msde In th controlling calendar used by the priesta on the 10th. 20th, and 80th days or fach month, to declare to the people whst agricultural and soTnrth operations must be done during the next 10 d'O's. Julius t'seser's adopted rule, In - vsriahly Inserted a leap - day In every 4 years. That was too much BSBB fiortant events ar alwavs orcurr - ng. Norman ha 00 leas than two palra of twins for brother and sisters, besides odd ones. Mttl Lillian Stepko, of 1007 Bur rows ave., will celebrate her first birthday on Monday, and John Echewskl, of 1109 Alfred ave. will celebrate hi fourth. Other little leap year children, born In Winnipeg, ar now In other cities and towns. Mr. and Mrs. Joo Hearst. 891 Balmoral, hav a little girl who is away at school. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. McKay, formerly . of Winnipeg, are now in Saskatoon, with their little elght - vear - old. Col. and Mrs. Arthur Fontesciie Duguld, now of Ottawa. became nature's year Is only .54 oft a day longer tbn 3't5 days. not .2S of a d iy long"r. That frao'lomil difference canned an ceis of 10 leap - days to be inserted before Pope Gregory's r:form of the calendar In 1DKX Pope Gregory establiehed his rule wheioby three leap - day re omitted during every 400 years. SKETCH CLUB NOTES The lovely model of last week. "The Dsnclng Girl" certainly afforded th members a splendid opportunity for figure work. Mrs. Jesn Eydrn made what wss considered by many of the member to be the most charniinc sketch from this model, although the vigorous pen and Ink work of Mr. J. C. Pavls was admired, also the life - size heiid of Mrs Zella Ilcklnin In water mior. anu the psatel of Mr. 11. If Harris. Speaking of Mr. Harris' work. It has been amualn and interiwtlns nr Inte, to see what realy line results he has ohtnlned while work ing with crayon on common brown wrapping paper of an unglszed. soft variety. Which nil goes to show 1 tliHt it Is not hsvinit expensive tool, but the force behind the tools that makes the i - eaiilt Next cik 'The Dancing Girl" will pose egsin in ten or l.Vinlnutc poees - quick ekrl' - hes, In dlrT"rent pontilnnp - - .1. K. M. juality has mo substitute 'JgtJJ "Jrcsfljtvm i!e panens Arthur Birth J a have a son who was born In Winnipeg in 1920. Mr. and Mr. J. Ducharme, of Vivian P.O., Manitoba, have a llt'l four - year - old who will k".p the 29th for her birthday. Other llttl leap year, born here, are now lost track of the children of Mr. and Mrs. J. Robson, formerly of SOS Fur by; Mr. and Mr George Cavanaugh. formerly of 718 Corydon: Mr. and Mrs. B. Tlmmons, formerly of 139 Kennedy. So Winnipeg ha Its star of leap day blrthdav. In England and Wales, though, the British Record Office tell u there are no less than 2,000 persona who celebrate on February 29. lnttquceraRnom It Serving Supper t 0c end 50e From 5 to 7.30 p m. Enderron Bid;. (Upit.iri) 88 113 FACIAL and SCALP EXPERT A'rlnkl. ftrtr urul rtanrinjff pMitlvly lim)nti by famffUf F.iire Vmn jTienlVMl. Kiamlnation arxl fvit fir, ftrrvir day of Pm(, Knurl n now with fr f - .ii FuMon fUatlty fUlnn. 3M4 Pmtft Aw. of. ICafoiVsV, For iV"i'Dtnt phoM n Of Quklt Rtlitf from V I COUGHS & COLDSYI TAAtf V MIXTURE Th very first tip W this potrat. pungent, penetrans mixture gr results, , ACTS LIKE A FLASH Ik ASINSIISIP 1 2I Winnipeg Women . Use . . SEMI - - i FINISHED Laundry Servict A Pound and really enjoy washday. - O What Is Qeml - Finlshcd! A Laundry Servict that wash vrrthing tweetly clean. Flat work I neatly and efficiently Ironed wearing apparel returned jut damp enough for Ironing. 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