Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 11, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1896
Page 3
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Don't Scold about washing powders. If you feel like it, it's because you haven't got the right kind. Get Pearline, and see the 'difference. Pearline has been imitated —but never' been equalled. There are all kinds of imitations; powders that save work, but ruin clothes; powders that don't hurt, and don't help you ; powders that are cheap to begin with, but dear enough in the end. Try them all for yourself, if you won't take our word for it. But don't get them mixed up in your mind with Pearline. O^ti f\ Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you " this is as good as." or OCIlvl ".tin ~ " ••-—-•-•- -• • • Jt Back the same as Pearline."' IT'S FALSE—Pearline is never peddled,' and if your crocer sends you something in place of Pearline, be honest— send it tack. 310 JAMES PYLE, New York. Not even a grain of salt is jR^vanting to emphasize and *make perfect the flavor of foiKCE MEAT. ->Pure, wholesome,— an cconom-^ C ical luxury. Sold even-where, j? «SL. Take no substitute. ^j^g Si-ii'l num.: iSi.l nil.lro.i Tor feellm. ?S&. E I l IELL-SOULE CO., SYRACUSE, N. THE BEGIN WORK AT ONCE. Telephone Line From Flora to Logansport. Munson Tfpewfitef The fountain City Enterprise says of iho now telephone line to comied. Flora JUKI LosrsiJispori: "The .stockholders of Uie Flu-fa nud LoifHiisport Ti'k'phom- company met fit Joseph SludfbalierV! ottico at 4 o'clock Tlim-.-iilay aftiTiioon ,lul,y 2, I'm- the pnr- pust'.of ivrl'uctiiiif an organization. C. K, Nobes. Dr. J. li, Ci-omui- and Or. A. Coble woro olec-ted jis ;v coin.iuiuee to (Inil'l ,-trlic'o.s oi' inr;o:'|)oi-iilion to he lili;<.l witli the Si'f-renif.v of Snitc. "Tliey iiroeoodrtl to flip election of ulliwrs wliich vosultoi] iu ! : luv soleciloii ol' Clio I'olloiviu.K': 1'ivsuli'nr. I>r. Colile; vice pi'esiOenf. Dr. A. Micliael; seere- fitry. C. 3£. XO(HW: ti'O^SHi-cr. .T;icu!> IT. Klora: hoai'i.1 of ilirc'ctoi-s. It. D. Voor- lii'M. .1. H. Co[!len, C. E. .\ohos. Dr, .T. It. Cronici- ami Dv. A. Coble. "Tlie wnnnlctx'o on clral'tinjf artieles of incorpornrion \v;is nlso instroctoil to clra/'t n consclfiitioii and l>y-l:nvs :ini.l ivpoi't at the next moetinjr. "Tin's company proposes to erect ami maintain :i telepliouo line between Brinfrhmvr. Flora, Cainden, Roekfielrl, Burrow. Mopedale nnrl Logansport ex- c-lian^e. It (>-• also likely (Ji.it connections will be made with Frankfort antl Delpii!. thus ;riviiiK ns a complete sj-s- teni oC tolcplioiio oounoctions with n'ei^uboring towns, "Ail exchange will be put in at'Flora, mid all of our citizens cnu thus fon placed in direct connection with one another and the convenience will lie we;it- ly .'ippreeiatcil. Work will be begun at oucc on the line between here and Logausport and they expect to be able to talk to T-o- Those who are interested In Uermatol- ?"nsport within the next ten. days, but Jt will probably be'some time before the exchange Is completed here, owing to the manufacturers of tlie phones bcinj; behind with their orders."' REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H. Wipperman, Abstractor. Louisa Wright to -Margaret Rocrger- Lot In s c % sec an, "Washington tp, s bunk Wa basli river % neve. War- rauty-$300. ,T. C. Brophy to Emina IT. Reid- Lots 3.0, 40, SO, 87, Dunkirk, w of city. Warranty~$4. r iO. Mary F, Hamilton to' Goo. P. Chase— Lot 18 Chamberlain's odd \v side, War- rniiiy $100. Goo. P. Cliase to John and Mary Hamilton— Same as above— $100. Lueimhi Sutlierland to Cliiis. I'crsou- ctto— Ft lot 29 XJpton's first add. Quit claim— $100. Mtirtlia Wilson to Ch.is. PMsouette- Siiuic a? above— $100. John Olienehii In to Goo. IV. Weaver-- l>t out lot 27 admr 2 acid, Wabasli river c oC Berkley sti-eet.WaiTnnty— ?J30. Noeiiah T. Si-mpsou to Beruhard FisflioV and wife— w % aV> lot 53 ndinr. .1st add. Warranty— $4.700. Orlando Powell to S.imuel >S. Brown —So % n c y, see 20. Bethlehem' 1-p. Warr!infy--!i;2.200. F.. K llicliartls to Sarah R4cliards-rt o v. s w Vi Sl -c 2!) .Taclisoii rp. 1 acre. Warranty— -?noo. C. H. Stuvons to Jfsi.ry A. Puttou— w >/j lot 77 S. M. Tlpton's add west side THE USE OF ;OL1) HATS. One of the Most Important Parts of .Ma:.i's Costume. The C Ua miiglug Styles Rolecute a Grant y of thu Jlead CovorlnffM— How They Aru AIuclo to Look Llko Nv\v. standard ot excellence. Mar,» 'isars ot tlie "Munson" consider It THE ;BEST. You will Had It a valuable nsslstaut In jour o(lice. Address for particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAX Vi'ACT DltERS. 8.10-2-14 TTent J,nko St., Chlciijto, 111. To the Ladies. August Miller ID Marie Bellman— F nut lut .1. CluMicy's add west side. Wai rnnly— ?200, Anna. V. O.*mor to Karl M. Cook-Lo 7 Highland park. near college. _ Wat ranly— .*200. 1.1 mm-twigcs tik'd ajrgi'iSjrating ?17 OOT.riO. ogy should call on Mrs. Strlngbam, who IB located In the St. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology Is what every woman of Intelligence and refinement needs. It la conceded by our best minds that a beautiful complexion Is a necessity of the .Nineteenth century, and -which civilization must have; and every worthy husband or brother wlU take Interest In and those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wishing to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Stringham's preparations. Catherine StriDgMm. DERMATOLOGIST. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGASTSFORT, IXD. - OflFITflL, • S200.OOO J. F. Jobneon, President. B. W. Ullery, Vlco Pre«ld»nt H. J. Heltbrink, Cwhler. DIRECTORS. JT. T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott W. H. Snider. •Buy and •»'] Government bonds. Loan •looey «n penonal security and collator-. .V IBDUO special certlflcaten ot deposit! b««riziB r per cent. Intoreit when left one r*ar; 2 per cent, per annum when depo>- Itod »1z months. Boxe* In Safety Deposit Vaults of thl» kMk t or the deposit of deeds, Insurance pAliciM, mortgages and ether vallaaoles, rented at from K to tlS per year. HAVE YOU RHEUMATISM? Kalainazoo, Mich., May 5, 'OC. I suffered greatly with rheumatism for months. I tried numerous rerne diiM, with no benefit. A friend who had been helped by Dr. Jebb's Rheumatl euro persuaded me to try that. I obtained two bottles. The effect surprised me. The first bottle nearly cured me nnd by. the time I had used the second I was completely cured. I am carefu as to what I endorse, but I most uu qualified!? recommend that remedy Ou my evidence several severe cases have tried Jt, and in every Instance, so far as I know, it.has produced a perfect cure. • W. F. PARSONS, President Parsons' Business College and Shorthand Institute. ; BE?C FfSILEK, Druggist. DEAFXESS CANXOT BE CUBED by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous llninjg of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, nnd when It is entirely closed deafness -Is the r&sult, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of -the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall' Catarrh Cure. Send for .circulars, free F. J. OHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. • Sold fry Druggists, 75c. TAKEN THERE BY THE DELPHIAN BATHS. ; Mr. Frank Hildebraudt,-of Logansport, bus established himself. In the manufacture and sale of cigars in this city. Mr. Hlltlebrandt and his force of men have been brought-to Delphi by Uie mineral baths. Mr. Hlldobrandt has been- afflicted with rheumatism for a long time. He cume down several weeks ago and took a COIT.-SG of baths and received so much--benefit that he decided to move his business to Delphi in order that he might liave the advantage of our excellent mineral water. He comes here highly recommended having', been engaged Jn business iu Logausport for a.-number of years. His brother Harry is with him.—Delphi Journal. When conversation lags, open a /bottle of HIRES Rootbeer. There is plenty of life in that. A temperance drink for temperance ••'people—HIRES: , MiiilVnnlr I"' Trio Clmrlc* K. l[lr« Co.. A Via. pAckW 01*404 b guUuju, 3t>:a e LABOR -REVIVAL. Terra Haute 'IWbune: TJje-Centra Labor union has arranged with Messrs D. F, Kennedy, of ludlanapolls, and C E. Carter, oC Logansport, for a series o labor revival meetings to be'held ; liere These gentlemen have. Just closed series of successful revivals in, Lafayette, South Bend and Lo.canspo-i't.-J-n al of which the cause of unionism, was loft alive and booming. Under thler direction and- assistance -a labor directory and history, of the city will be issued. They expect to remain a month or more. Round trip rate to St. Joseph, $2; to Lake Mnxtakuckee, $1. Train learw Vanxlolla' station • every Sunday ttt 7 n. ml ...'. •....'•'• '.-•"• ?\Geo. Harrison haa the finest line of bnmraockfl In thedty. Last summer one of our grandchildren was sick with a severe bowel trouble Our doctor's remedies bad failed, then we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera" and Diarrhoea Remedy, which gave very speedy relief. We re gard it as the best medicine ever put on the market for bowel complaints—Mrs. E. G. Gregory, Frederlckstown, Mo, This certainly is the best medicine ever put on the market for dysentery, BUIU- inor complaint, colic and'cholera infan- turn in children. It never falls to -give prompt relief when used. In reasonable time nnd the plain printed directions are followed. Many .mothers; have expressed their sincere gratitude for tlie cures it has effected. For sale by B. F. Keeslint, druggist.'.'.. Read the change'of ad.- of ttie Golden Rule/- -••••'••• • • • :; • . A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, an soothing effect of Syrup-of Figs, who in need of a laxative, and If the fathe or mother be costive or bilious, ,th -most gratifying results follow Its use so that it Is the' best .family remedy known and every family should have a boftle. " • While Frank Van Dusen, first assist ant genera-1 passenger agent of the Pennsylvania lines west of Pittsburg is one of tlio busiest men in the service E. A, Ford,-general •" passenger agent whether In California or .the White mountains, keeps in close touch wit! mutters, and no Important action is talc en without his approval. SUFFEREES WITH RHEUMATISM We have obtained the agency for remedy for rheumatism which 1 has-had remarkable success. Sold on positive guarantee. You run no risk.of losing your money. We invite you to call al our store and let us tell you about it. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. A -young hopeful upon the westside sat in the window a long time the other night durJjig a thunder storm and contemplated-the scene with a wise look on his face. • Theh.be turned to Us mother Mid said: "Slammra, the" angels, are scratching matches on the .sky."—New York .Tribune. • " ' . :. ' Henry VIII was the first .king of England who; assumed 1 the title of 'Majesty." Before that reign tic sovereigns'.were" 'addressed 'as "My Liege" and "Your Grace"—the latter of whlch...eplithets was originally cdferred- Henry. IV.".' .- : '.-•/.' '.',-•... '• Purify your, blood • wltlb; Hood's aparlila,' which' will give you an appe- tlte? tQne;ybnr'ijtpmaohrand;BtrenstieD J onr-nerres:; „-,•'.•'':"•'-'.•'.;••• '^'."'-. There are millions of hats manufactured «nd tliousu.ad.4 imported to this country. The fact that the styles ihange twice a year tends to increase the consumption of this wearing ap- purel to tt cons-idera.bie extent, us there are majiy people who change their heaclg-ear with the seiuson, whether the old article is worn out or not. The hat i,s one of the most important parts ol a well-dressed man's toilet, nnd becomes of more, importance yet when considered in connection with a poor man's g-et^up. Many defects in the toilet of the latter may be overlooked if the wearer but wears, next to a good pair of shoes, a good hat. i-ly the United States imported the'major part of tbe'hiits used within ita borders from Europe, espenially from 'Eng-la-nd, Germany nnd France, t-lje latter and Vienna funiishing 1 the best quality of Ki!k bats. To-day the industry in the United States ha-S assumed such enormous proportions that it not only stippliet; the. home demand, but m.iny thousands ofAinerican .iats find their way ucross T.he Oc^an to [oreign ciwtomers. • There aro i'actoi; :s in this country, !ike tlie Stetson company in Philadelphia, t-liat produce in two neighborhood of JO.OOO dozeuaycar, while the American styles arc freely ac- hiiowlodg-etl to be superior to those of Europe. The quality ofhats manufactured in this country is also superior to that jnan'uTao,1 uvud abroad, with, the i.'x';U])lion of the sill-: hat, the nonsinnptJon of which Juts of late decreased considcr- ubly. The fact seems to lie thai foreign huts are imported solely for a curuiii ela-ss of AracrJcan cons n jmcrs ".vho iore- t'or unythinp- fon-ig-n taa domesiicarti- cle. For what with the quaJity, style and quar.Ulv of huts produced in the Unitco Stales, there seems to be DO nec';ssil-y for impovtnLion. Tim material from which the bettor olass of hats is Djnde is imported larg-elj' from several European cOurlr:es and from Soul.h America, the laUtr furnishing -the exceedingly iiue quality of >;atria far. IJiissian and Curnian liaivs, white and yellow carrot, and bejivar in ruw utid carrot state nTso enter largely in the m:\rmfoctun,', , Considering-Ahe.'R'coi 1 ! material hats e made of. it. will be izilercsting- to t.3 what becomes of t'.bo miilioi:^ o.t [•.nl.K that aveannually.orcven monthly, discarded by their o\vnci-$ in a condition which should allow their continued earipg for a considerable time to come. Tlie discarded hats of the rich mail rarely faJl into ot.her hands than those of his valat, who either uses them himself or disposes o£ them, together with.' other : ;picces of his -master's discarded vard/obe, to friends or dealers in second-hand clothing-. As these hats are generally in very good condition, thoy nd a'ready sale without the process of renovation which other hate coining- rom less distinguished sources have to inclcrg-o, and they share their fate only at a second, chncgs of owners. The averag-o professional and business man .tlocs not trouble himself bout the disposal of discarded hats. ?hcy remain generally hi some closet in be office at home until an a.pplinantfor he some appears. .But theix 1 are many men oC this class with an economical urn of rnind, who do not disdain to nter.luto negotiations with the hat cctor. Tlusiadividuolihakcs a canvass i' the 'down-town, oftice buildings, here he contracts foj the rejuvenation oi! worn headpieces, pjaranteeing to return them, for a certain consideration, "as good as Daw." He does not buy hats; he is only a sort of broker, as the actual work cf rejuvenating- a hat Is done by some dyeing and repairing es- tablislunent, which makes a specialty of this business. These establishments form the maelstrom toward which ore drawn the discarded hats from all sources. Here the 'hat of the plutocrat mixes with that of the lawyer, the merchant and the dry goods clerk, undergoing the same process of cleaning- or dyeing. AJ1 distinctions of rank disappear in the dyeing^ vat, where nutria, hare and shoddy are on an equal footing, all soaking- in the new color, which, tog-ether with a. fresh binding, assures them a new lease ol life. The career of a hat is a short one, its average of life after leaving- the factory and up to the time it gets into the hands of the hat doctor being- not more than six months. T<he silk hat lusts somewhat long-er, and its experience is generally a little more raried than that of the derby or', soft.'hat. When a silk hat reaches the rejuvenating- stog-n it is a more plia- subject than any.of its comrades. Tribune. JULY SALE OF Summer Clothing J. D. FERGUSON & JENKS. 322 Market Street. UNDERSTAND We are not closing out to qn it business, neither Is our stock such M Is usually found In closing o ut sales. OUR GOODS are of BEST MAKE AN NEWEST STY LES. We simply wish, to give our cue- tomer.s a.n opportunity of bu yiug at greatly reduced prices anything they may wish in our Immeu se stock, between seasons. Here sre some oC the BARGAINS w <? propose giving you. ONE FOURTH off onfall Crash Suits. ONE FOURTH off orTall Men's and Boys' Pants. ONE FOURTH off on all Summer Coats and Vests, Alpacas, Woolens, Serges. Straw Hats all $1.25, $1.50, $1.76, now $1.00 Straw Hats all 75c and $1. now . . . .50 In our Men's dept we will give you all wool suits as low as $4.75. $8;;to $15 suits $5.76 to $10.75. We have a line of Men's and Boys' strictly ail wool black, clay and worsted suits to close out at $7 anifftBO all Old Goods at Half Price. REHEMBER We nini'k 0111: jroofl.s JuJ'p'a ly what they are ^tftting. S ••ulv.iuMso of this sale witbo OF ALL to not miss it. Ke ing ilflssile. ' ' :i figures, .so tliat any one can toll exact- HREWD BUYERS will call and take nt iVJay. It will be to the INTEREST giil.ir p. : ces for'all goods charged dnr- lovenfors (ut This Got for Future Reference. Sketches of ail kinds prepared for decorative and commercial purpose!. Jleclianieal and prospective draw ings of Electric, Pneumatic and Agricultural devices prep.ire<l for tlie Paten t office. j Designtog a specialty. . ' ' '; Claims for Le-ttere of Patent prosecuted. . • ; , BYRON B. GORDON, Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. " Logansport ogotabtoa for Shipment. "One of the most remarkable new de- jar turcs in the freight business," said 3mar H. Bartl«tt, g-pneral jig-ent ol the -ouisyille & Nashville railroad, "is the dea of icing Vegetables for shipping ong distances. It has been tried spasmodically in other years, but never im:il this year was the plnn carried out to any'extent.. Now" the Jfew Orleans hippers are icing fcfacir vegetables right aJong. We have already this' season tauled SH cars to New York city alone hat contained iced vegetables, and tlio hipments to Boston, Buffalo, Pitts- Baltimore, Philadelphia, and, in act, to all the northern cities; have fol- bwed out this, new idea. You know tho dipmeiits of.-cuc'xVrobers, .-cabbages, cans and all kinds of g-nrden stuff have grown -very rapidly hy,.the past few eais, and now the producers have it- necessary.-to -'ice - .them. The rooess of packihp'isiiuitc interesting."' -Tf.'O. Times-Democrnt.- • ' . N itural aid Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. Allfbills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Peart Street. ' Spscial—Low rates on heaters during the months of» May, June, July, August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. The wall-known ISp«'»l»ts'<>' New York have sppolnM D. A. HAUK as agent lot their celebrated Spectacles in* «>•. Glasses, ever? pair guaranteed. D. A. HAUK lias complete assortment nndinvltw kllto satUff themselves ot the great superiority ottliesegooiiowr any minnfactured; at toe store ot D. A. HAUK, Sole agent for Logansport Ind. So PeddJers Supplied. TO PAY POSTAGE. The postal-laws against-railways car- ryiug their owu letters is about to 'be enforced Ui several cities. All letters to station agents and. officials are forbidden to be.carried.without postage. The railroads will not, however, bo required to mail .their letters as ordinary citizens. They will be supplied by the •Government.with a specially stamped envelope, which they must cancel on delivery to the train man* The express, companies have been usliig such- envelopes for some years.. CHAS. L. WOLL, -UNDERTAKER x N*. UJ Harhe* Street Culls attendea *o paomptly, • day: or ulirht. Central Union and Mutual telephone*., • Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 12L WANTED. W ANFED: CMvaMera S .Persons w.ho 'have a coughing spell eveiy niglit,. on account of. a tickling sensation In the throat, iraay.overcome It at once • by a dose ot One Minute Cough .Cure.—Jno;' M. Johnston. sell Simmons Brtrt Supporter for shirt walsw and be ts. KIU anr?lze belt, nil* ot leather. Works Itself. Com pleta oatDt. two »tyle«, spselal InduMmMt 10 eti i. 3. A W. O. Slmmoai, Boston. Mais. W ANTED— I.OIW XKTOM for Huwsll's roth, rlzi '-LIVES OPMcKISLKT wd BWUtVa, 65pp «<«. el6**ntljl!lin:r»r,».l. P.-ioa ->«IT»l.t Th» base and c^uwsc. TO* oaailisaUotlie^. 60 por U'Ot to Awn" HI i Ieal?it p V(l.«T"fl» - - . • now rendy., S,-IT« tlm» b/ goiflrtg 09 stamp.' f«r»nont(Itiilonci>. Addreis, I™. '-

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