Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1962 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1962
Page 5
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June 13, 1962. Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune Five jys may be over, but your education continues on. ^w our 2 cents in. g to spend more money for food than anything |fe. It'll pay to get a few things clear. You know [fling the facts—and facts are important, be they on, History—or food buying. Don't believe every- the facts. Then make your decision. eminder—"No one gives something for nothing" s with 'stamps' or other high priced gimmicks are tg your food needs at the lowest possible prices, our word for it—Get the facts!!!! en City's Everyday Low Shelf ... Check and Compare f em!! *»«. AKES K ,.<». 26c 24c llOVi OZ. VETS DOG FOOD DBJ. MONTE CATSUP SCOT HAD CRACKERS . 1 'LIB. CAIN . 1 i-B. BOX 8c 18c 25c SAUSAGE . QUART ,Vi GAUON .V4 GIA0.ON 2k 73c 39c CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP SqOlT LAD TOMATO JUICE PBTBR PAN PEANUT BUTTER <« .12 OZ. 36c IWA'N(OK HOUSE A A INSTANT COFFEE *o ZJAR V9C BAR SOIAP IVORY RACE SOAP LUX PA|GE SOiAP LIFEBOUY RINSO BLUE BREEZE FACE SOAP PALMOUVE ./PERSONAL ""»' FOR < ,'R€G. BAR • IFOR iBAiTH 1 Oc OFF GilANfT 1 Oe Off GIANT .REG. 4 PM 25c 4 ™39c 15c 63c 65c 4^390 M'A'NPR HOUSE FACE SOAP m Aft CASHMERE BOUQUET ^ 4 0 07C BONUS BUY 1SBURY CAKE MIX 3 -- BOXES bury Flour 10 BONUS BUY FL AVOR-KIST COOKIES LEMON OUSTlARD IBANANA SANDWICH SUOAR COOKIES OATMEA1 COOKIES Mix or Mutch Them FACE SOAP PALMOLIVE .BATH 14c BONUS BUY Hart Freestone PEACHES 4 JJ4 $1 dans JL BONUS BUY MUCKERS JELLY 5 li; $1.00 JAf 2 l'/4 POUND LOIAVBS BONUS BUY MRS. GRASS SOUPS PKG. BONUS BUY MEADOWMOOR Sour Half & Half BONUS BUY IPA GRADE A HALL EGG FOODS MONTfCILlO lOIOEMainSf. LOGANSPORT 18th and Erie Fortified Village of Ben Tuong By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst Saigon, South Viet Nam—Th« fortified village of Ben Tuong lies about 30 helicopter miles northwest of Saigon, separated from the South Vietnamese capital by (lie Saigon River delta and mile fter mile of rubber plantations nd water-filled paddies which listen in the sun. From the air it appears both aeauliful and peaceful. But the atmosphere of peace is n illusion, for this is the notori- us "Zone 1>" through which only rmed convoys can pass by day nd which E,t night belongs to the Communist Viet Cong guerillas. Ben Tuong is a tiny oasis in Die midst cif the Viet'Cong who n the mor,lh of May alone at- acked it M times. In Ben Tuong the government las gathered 955 men, women and children, some voluntarily, some emoved from their jungle huts >y force. In the village there is marked scarcity of young men military age, for they either have joined the Viet Cong or have lisappcared into the jungle out if fear of being taken into ths army. Their absence is illustrative both of the Viet Cong's influence and of the government's past 'allure to -win either the sympa- % or loyalty of these outlying villagers who regard government agents only as tax collectors or unwelcome representatives of the army. Ben Tiuing and 2,000 other, similar strategic hamlets are part of a U.S. . supported effort to change that concept. A deep ditch embedded with .sharp foajr.boo spikes surrounds :he village, topped by an earthworks and a tangle of barbed wire. An armed guard stands at the gale which each morning swings back to cllow the villagers to work in the paddies or an adjoining rubber plantation.. In each family plot, a slit trench provides shelter in case of attack. At the moment, two companies of Vietnamese troops guard the village, bul. in six months time it is hoped the villagers will provide their own defense. The real lest of Ben Tuor.g's success will come when the army is withdrawn. It is reasonably safe from mass attack now because the Viet Cong attacks in the open only when sure of superior strength. Economy Move WASHINGTON (UPI)—A House janking and currency subcommit- ee has voted to take the tin out of the penny in an economy move. The subcommittee approved a neasure Monday to eliminate the 1 per cent tin content in the penny and replnce it with vdnc. Tin costs $1.1<1 a pound and zinc only 12 cents s pound. Under the bill, the one-cent piece would be 95 per cent copper and 5 per cent zinc. ANIMATED (WITH |SCO|T IAD FOODS, 1N|C. FARMING CONTRASTS [RICHMOND, Va. (UM)-State Agriculture Commissioner Parke Brinkloy, who returned Tuesday from a three-week inspection of Russian farming methods, said it was difficult to compare agricultural standards in the Soviet Union. "I saw in the same field a team of oxen pulling the plows, while six rows over, I saw giant tractors doing' the same job," he said. Soviet production standards "are way below ours," Brinkley asserted. AWARDED MEDAL VALLEY FORGE, Pa. (UPD- Richard E. Emery, principal of Indianapolis Wood High School, today was announced as one of M school administrators who have been awarded the American Educators Mudal by Freedoms Foundation. if cows could ...they'd give \ MILNOT/ excellent in coffee!

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