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The Dayton Herald from Dayton, Ohio • Page 8

The Dayton Herald from Dayton, Ohio • Page 8

The Dayton Heraldi
Dayton, Ohio
Issue Date:
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20. THE DAYTON HERALD, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1015. PAGE EIGHT. rra a it a is i mUhliAY! KEITH Will dUftmuri VAUULVILLt. fltA INTERIOR VIEW OF THE HANDSOME KEITH THEATER VS- i -y i ll ak rti.wfc.5rj:Wiwi VC 5 -X-, i MATINEE PT.

20 4 if 1 15 Ml ALL-STAB BILL OPEMIWG WEEK a. it 'k -hfcix vc kick Manager Brown Selects Wurlitzer Piano for use in Keith's New Theatre "Wurlitzer Pianos stand the test of theatrical use better than any other known make. They are the choice of the leading theatrical stars. c.s riT rj, h. THE B.


WITH PliiE EFFECT mm HEBE Unique Machine Owned By E. D. Goodwin, Does ONE-THOUSAND SEATS 1 Qc PERFOnfflANGE EVERY EVENING Oil 0 oriL'inil condition and color. In fact, ninny buildings are made to look bitter than when first erected. The method not.

only cleans but also preserves the material cleaned. Three men to operate the machine whii cost more than One man is in charge of the nozzle which throws the sand aralm.t the building. Another is en-Mated in operating the engine, while a third cleans up the wind as it. ills in the canvas hood and thenee to the sidewalk. Pry sand, cleaned and washed Is foi red thr.iugh a three-nuarter inch hoi" at a pressure of pounds or more against the stone.

This brings about the same result as using tt piece of ejdreniely heavy sand-paper. A sp'cial constructed canvas hood covers the (caff old and catches the sand as it fills from the A canvas duct allows it. to fall to the sidewalk, The noxrle man. who operates the machine is protected from the dust nnd ihr! with a hood that gives him the fipponra imp of deep sea diver. WOULD CONTINUE WORK.

According to Mr. Goodwin there ar" many hiiild'ims in Payton In need of such tiea tment as accorded by iplendid Work. or The Carpeting and Upholstering for the New Keith Theatre was Done by 75c PRICES: IO-2Q-3Q-5Cc BOX SEATS MAKE YOUR SEASON RESERVATIONS HOW fTohnbly one of the most unique machines seen in Payton in several years is the sand blast ej.Kine. owned by K. T).

'loodwln, of Cincinnati, now heintr used in cleanine the stone front of the Auditorium theatre, formerly the M. C. biilldinsr The machine, is one of the best things that bap visited this city and ditrini; the past three weeks has been used in cleaning the stone fronts of the new P. V. Keith theatre, idly Mulldintr and other buildings of tie eitv.

Although rod (t new invention. Mr. Great Changes Made and All Is Ready for Opening, Monday. When the V. Ko'tli theater, formerly tho anfl the N.Hlotml, opens its doors on Moniiy, Pept.

20, It will not only have ehnnged iis name, hut will have been entirely redecorated, both ft to exterior mid ns to interior. The outside of the'txjildintf hns heen f.tnd-lilnsted, and the ftitie makes the hovipe look new outHidt, as well ss inside, A mammoth electric in which l.fifd) lights', tha words Keith's nightly into the At the top of the finn is fountain, from the amber howl of which green, KjwrklinR water flows, m.ide by the KTeen electric difplfty. The water trickles over the text of the BiKii, of which the letters nie in- scribed In white lights. A new bill- SEE THE LARGEST AND SV105T ELABORATE ELECTRIC SIGN IN DAYTON ON- tae sand blast Many per Ooitdwin having been in the business sim. promliierif ki-ms of T''aytnn Jr fi I 1 TRE for the past seven years, the machine have off.

ra il miggef iiiriH that. Steele is Ps (list appeara.nre in this Mich school be denned whlin others city. The pr-ieess is knosvn ate of the opinion tt-it the ronnty as the sand blast method nnd liter -tile commissioners should see that the sand papers the entire fronts of the courthouse receives the treatment. Imildipts upon which It is used. Ac- I The cost of such work Is more than cording to Mr.

Goodwin the sand I reasonable aoconlinsr to Mr. Goodwin. ill 1 blast method can be used In cleaning Put little more thin the cost of painting a building Is charged for restoring it tn its natural and original beauty. Tim nnchtno, which will remain in Dayton as long as work is provided for it, has In on used In cleaning many of the largest bul'd-Uttrs in Cincinnati. Amors them ire the following: Ma1 Icy t'atevv building, 'trie inn a 1 1 Times -f-'dar building, At National lank budding, ffnrititi'icd on Page Eleven) marble, stone or brick buildings.

In the work on the cltv building the machine not only cleaned the sandstone front and trimmings but, also the brick side -walls. METHOD EMPLOYED, My the sand blast method no of chemicals of any kind are used. Tiie cleaning Is accomplished blowing sand by compressed air stain the building which removes t' iVrt and i ef the surface In its borird. of hnndr'oniB trtetnl, the clKht weekly ncta. which will iil-wiiys of the left the Keith circuit can offer.

New chandeliers and new fideli'Hs tune been pl'iced throimhuiit thf lobby nearest the entrance. exit JiRhts are jdticed In a line uround hot it imude nnd onlsldo of the cntrnncr. The wond-work of thlg rl of the Inbhy bti-n nithmjiiiiy tritmoeJ, while due pii. lures In newly puf ims-'ed K'il ft imf are hun ft upon the wmle. In the biiiliy nerij'esl the 11 udltorlu hi, hae luen in v.hile i-'oij uutliiie rijuiire.i in the p.ttu'.x.

tin tile b'tliutiy tile 1. hIick' at easing room, which is litiiidico in peii old it: WU. are oi 1 9 -r trf I MUTE BROS. Pl'iecil the I'pct ie in front, of Keith's Theater, feet hi-h, the larp'st in the city. Vov Heavy Hauling, Mnvin jnnl Fii'et in.cj sei us.

MUTH BROS. 121 LA BELLE STREET Bell East 510, Homo 4116. 1 'HI rv, Hi 'tii ft 1 1 I I tf 1 2 i IV i V-V 1 ftecn. hile eld Icm- diuiierles urn 'ifed. h.

re IH fptlMI I I 111 mirror a n.l I tv wlihir nit i i Mm. i wa- i' i. I Till- I I I M. ut the iiinlitoi jilhi v. hei-n tiie Met Mini? eh-inv lias btt nia.l.-.

In M. id of I he led of to. vxiis diaperies h.i be, i ioiet. ei rv MtMnwjun nrti iis tt 3 'd tOe is i.Vdlv -Rj 12 'iiel ii ih In i-, i 'ti i i in h. I i tc.

tire an of i i red velvet. tb'd li i illlilar to i -Id ro.e "I'lif lis at tomilrh till' I I I tltHl ll (.,, ji, Inndn the bovi loir i of the popiil ir niiiltierty iu, i the tail diviiin (tie Ha Jioin tile uiid eiee. Ail of the ats ba been i'- finished In ton i i.v. I The (arpetfl, iiiHl'-iid of bi iliK ay red, ate of I ti Harry n. wJul, thei Ao sb.iib ininKliiifs wed bna he' 'I'bounii hue FEONT OF KEITH'S THEATRE.

VIEW OF CITY BUILDING. A TTT DON'T In mulberry, the ciiliii for thy bnvei Hour are jn jidlowt, while Ibe bojun, and (or the tipper eellliv. 1'riiiib ftfyr li.ur luen us. The PHE soft. rich, beauti- ful effects on the walls of the B.

F. Keith Theatre were made with Irvin-Davton Flat Wall Tones. The wnJN of your hme, ft stdi or lull can piaile "just as licaiitiful and attr.n tie ith Irvin-Dnvlnii. (iet a iiili'i' card at nur stou slbtwiip.v 111 attr.K tie atid liar-liKiiiidiis eitlor foiiiliinatintis. frotit a 1 1 i be oi i hi ti out lined Brick or Stone Buildings Have Them Restored to Their Natural Color by with a double row of iU i.ts (rfiead of a relt ron Is ahr.

fliilNhe.1 In yelb.w. A new anbivtor (Uttalti ha been Installed of ttiiilberrv rid and yellow to harniotil?" will) the color heme All wood wot Is of iMiiy. way el'ect-Ive. It the it lench around It. 1111.

UMIIIVi MsilM, III ii1'(t the new HuMin mtteni In tiie lobl.iy arid udlloi i to, been plarad within tie hovel, new PkIiU lave lae inr-iliiH'rt Spot lights itooilll his. (.,, H.n.i of all kinds Ija laa-n inst.ilb rl by Ellei el of lie, oratlonti wire ih tie by the llike Kumler cniiifiane, rn I tie i at pet ere purr hiced of 'ippid. An eiitrey nr of i iv ten ootnined, and 'ny oti'er e'i efrecm. jn fhn rear of the sudlto-rlutri in a ill t.kimr fountain, Irunt tiefj no I Inn. iin oi (he prim liai cnaiin' In (be "le.lHr low dating Dvi-triii Ids the K.

phon feiii, vt hlelt, ti ii" of photl lo ne-toiti, d'uvvs a tjisri Wir jrmn 1 1 roof nnd th I 1 1 the nd ll oriiire, raucliift,(iiiK cln alatlon. The irvin, Jewel No Acids or Chemicals Used. See us cleaning the Auditorium Theatre (formerly Y. M. C.

and get an estimate to clean yours. E. D. GOODWIN, Cincinnati, Ohio '1 1- AT COLONIAL DAYTON, OHIO jon ijo. 17 E.

Third, it.iia Anclnr.

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