The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1931
Page 8
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^ \tl\f KtCIIT ITayli Society—Personal FMY. Ursus Middoiulori'ii Is I Given Reprieve From Deulli Tues<lay. April 2811). the Senior class of the Hayll hl?h school celebrated "Senior Day." The day be- (•nn with the seniors forcing all oilier students to enter tlv> building by the fire escape. This was followed by a program. Talks were given liy [acuity members nnd musical numbers were r.nirterod by students. The Senior will, clas.s prophecy and history wore rend in bringing the program to n clo^e. The remainder of the day was spent nt Wolf Ilayou wlicre a plc-| nic was enjoyed The young womcits auxiliary nf the Baptist ehnreh met last Tuesday pvcnin* nt the churrh (or their regular weekly iiro-'ram. There " V'^re thirteen member. 1 ; present and Uvo visitors. The subject of the lesion wns "Cliiisti'.iii > Character discussion." Dii'.iii 1 ,' the) ocoooonnnnn ela linllii ciiifwypbv. business session H was- decided tn sell candy on Saturday, llv pro• cccris lo hel(i defray pxpi-n^es ot i Y. W. A. nirJs lo Arcadiii H'.'i this summer. At the elcse of evening delicious refrosliir were served. the Utlli: Richard Hay Rimler-. was the guest of honor at the hrmie of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Drury Sanders. Tuesday aMCTnoon, on the occasion nf his eleventh btrlh- (lav. The following cuesls altond- - cd: LouiFC Wilt, John MUc' Trilnor. HEclmrd Alexander, Helrii LaFont. Fli/.ibelh Ilnivv, tiiio'.'die Allsnn. \"c Slplcr jr.. .liianita Klr- f. bv. Dorothy Onines. Phyllis and '->',Tm1« .filcler. Mnla ami Mcil Walters, Clarion tonkin. Ben Hall. Vnuerhrn Williams. Marjorle Tach,':ill, MarvVEOTll Ruth Bird Clemens and -Toe Poohain nnd Burly Ohism. Helen. Nndine Billy and Jim Lemons of Ifrnnclt were also tiuests. The. afternoon was stinu in plaviiur eanu's. Candy, cake ;J and was served. -' Wednesday thn Frr'liwen enter 'ta'ned the Seniors of llayti hlsh school with a nlcnic at llrnwn's Fe"rv. Bent riding and prunes were cnioved until the suuuer hour when simuvlclYvs anil drinks were served. Mrs. Hcrshal Ward and Miss Bpbcl Mnlhaway of Paniia, Mo. were Ruesls ot Miss Ethel Dorrls, Y/o-'nerday. Mr. August Streitf of Lcs An• pelrs. Oil., \vho has been visiting ills .-n-.-nie Mr. and Mrs. T'ete Str'iff frr ll'f p'si t*vo weeks lef Tiirs'lnv-f-r Fit. I.ouis to visit with relatives there. Mr. and Mrs. Aikele Mouhtdls . and Prank -FltTccrnlcl nit ended lo bu<i»e.5S In Blyllvjvnie. Ark., Wednesday. Mrs. Lottie Hustings of Carrion d->'e.. 111., is visiting her sister, Mrs Gladys Foster. Mrs. J. A Mevers spent Monday in nhaffre. visiting relatives. Mr=. Altart Ungn? visited li Chaffce, Mday and Saturday. . Mrs. R. P. Arnold spent las wek end at Steele with her mo thor. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Ravensleli nnd Mis" 1 ; Naomi Harbert and 1 ouirr: Witt \ver2 Bursts of TDoluh Galnes at Carulhcrsvillc Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Catcher motor • ed to Elythcville. Sunday for I visit with' friends. Mr. and' Mrs. Willnrd Russcl had as their quests Sunday, Mr and Mrs. J. W. Bcrvyaian of Pe oria. HI. Mrs. Whi. Welkcr. nnd Mrs Paul Speaks motored to Joncsbor Tuesday for a visit with relatives Mr. nnd Mrs. Roclv Jabour c Caruthersville and Mr. and Mr Rlclinrd Abolse of St. Lous wev guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. Khou ie. Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lilcs an daughter visited friends at Nc Madrid, Sunday. Mr. Earl Shaw nnd Mcsdam Jack and Ollic Chii'in shopped In Memphis. Monday. Mrs. B A. Dcwccse visited her father. Mr. Sam at Card- vr.Ml. Tuesday. Misies Virginia McDonald anci Milflrrd Heard visited friends at Blytheville. Sunday. Miss Ernestine Vauehn returned lo rer home at Keauclt. Saturday after visiting Misr^s Leon and D*nhna Sanford for the past "IW H that Isn't always the iiiilcmobile HII-] cairc.'i tnmbic on thu road.'.Most rp:irt: <.<>n!rnh arc" a I Krjui'llinis tt'.s the driving.. : 0!l pro'.cnt machines, and ::i lillli- . 'lime are a ureal many opera- atlojili.jn n.'id I);- nven (o Ih'j Mldiis and oilier tilings tn think. |TI.I.IT tlmin; 1 of thr : rar during I :il;uit !n ill-win 1 ,- besides Hie trjf- i;|:c-r:i'.io:i. i:ir. '.vhere Ihe .•.park •• Cn 1 . mid Ihi'M I'rrinlre at least nn ! !•; mil automatic the Icvi'r sliuiild : cl( mi nlai-y knowledge of the opera- j he yi-t In acccrd^ne:; with tin- M)i-c.l lion ol Hi!' ii:otnr and other pnrtsjur ll:c- t-nulnp :md vuriml as the c-n- 111 ll!(1 ''•"• inliiB spied ri'cs and falls. Her? are a fe«' hints toward! If the sjark is uilvniiml loo far, i.pinjirr ilrivlns meilioils whk-h, li.ilnn; uill lie a sli.'lH itu-:u!li:' | follmu'd, will a-ld to the pleasure I knock and 111- eiiaine v.ill nn! o]>fr- I of ;: Irlp and at the same n m , ; j-.ivi- ronsldei ;!bl;' v.*t.'.ir ami lea ' c.-n ll-.L.' car. ute smoothly. Iii-l:ir<!e:l loo f-r. ilip' s;nrk ccniin' will c-ansc ovii'heat-: Hr.: aud l>. ! is of iio 1 , 1 .e:'. * * * • MGSL j.p.i!: i(-.:i'.i:]l (][.'talion \\i\i Wore slat-ling, see (hat you • be needrd v.l-ih wi'.u: nn a h:=i-[ un.iMji ;:f:s'iliiw in the tank! imll. or cHinlilii-.' n hill In hi'jli. be rui-' that the oil and | 'then the inotoi 1 \vill 'Inv: duv.'n,' and :>•; it dries Ihe s]!.;r:: shr.nlU !»•; jriai-di'ti u-fi)i-(llng]y. . This sliould Ix- duns n i lo lie :iiii:<.r point r;> Miiricient. Also] tires are JnllatL'd ' and water fiipjilies w that thi I i'"fi' !'•>'• Fi-nlc;! at the wheel, hut j||i| be- plat-p yoinvclf :-r|iiare- ly anil upright In your seal nnd re- i-iiiiii In lluil position until you leave the car. It will keep yoii '"" 1 <" /lli tllL ' '"'''"' 1:ilj(US slnuly, s;aln- !n " Hu ' r<1 ll r: "'"all.v. "'« s l»rk :!rior ^''cul.l he, advanced slowly . :<\--t< anc; r adv for any emergency '• v:llil ils s| ' 01 ' "" U; lllp 1111>to1 " lirxs The fiu,t startinr n|icrnl!on is !li ' its .slrU!-.-. Tlie-n Hie Miai'k will; n''vii]ii'iii! the hand Ihrotlle ami:' 11 ' r " IU ' "^'inciil. 'Uiis sit tent iunj ........... ••'-.. -'-i ..... -••• '^•'-l,,. ...... ^,-,, . . . .. .• ., ^ ; Souan-h uf Norlli American \v:ld lifi' trilay an lirown lir::r, a ty^ic of uhk-h . vllnctlcn , . . The* r.nvi'rnnu'lit lias set asii the- mail, \ulhiii ivhidi lie iv.ty luit be saved from :t rfsftvuiir.n, shown on slml by hunters. !v XI-IA Service \Vilh a slroke of his pen. Presl-''"Nl" ent Hooves- ha 1 ; t^lvru a repi'lpve ', lux Ihe n unlolil luiiuli-pds of wilderness '- rrr'nin I has ii:-olectc[l the animals lo some rr-iarilhv,' I IIP spark control. The ihrotlli- shiuiltl l» opened hardly more than half way, especially diir- | in 1 : lln> warm srason when little is • rcqniKil io Marl the molor. 4 • » The alnrlcr . button or pedal ! shoiilil 1 1> deuresscd nrinlv mid i released tinitiedlalely after Ihe cn- 1 nine uei!lns (o lurti on its own rxmcr. If (lie hultoii Is depressed, the contacts may spark nnd burn. Tliis. besides wcarlnij down llrsc lni]ior(ant points, causes a t'lent drain nn the battery. Failure to release the billion ciuicklv mnv cause the starter pinion to be held against the fast re- voh'inr; lerth of Hie flywheel, thus chlunin- olf some of Ihe 'teeth. While Hie engine i. 1 ; ninnln;, the slnrlcr Inntoii should never be dc- If so, some nf llie llv- spniLsman Invnd- wheel trclli mav be chipped off. or slavler sprlnp; may be broken and then the vawin's kill was lim- approved the creation! llei! to a lota! of three bear. In' iMccruts, v\in had liccn con-' ['r.vermncni permll anrt a cuvern- leiiined to <ieath by the Kims of | nienf (Miide had lo lx> obtained, yjoi Isiuen. Wlien IIP a sancLiiavv fe.r the Alaskan vhidtn Imtli brown nud -;-0',vn brar. tin 1 biiieji. and proud-j "nu: so far as Iheir ferocity i.s "t ra',* of cn:nivri:-ni!s aniiiials in - : rencenu'd." Cicodu-in dee-larc-d, ; lie wrrld is believed to have be™, 'llinl':; mo=tU r fable. Drown bear, •ivcil fvoai pxllsirtloy. The 1'resl-; In the wilds, are no! dancerous. Cent's pioclam-Uinn' move than j Tlvy have been hunted for a lout; •'onblps the area of Knlsual Nn- lime, nnti have learned that there 'iona! Mnniuivnl. a hu-;c ram-!, is "ifoiy onlv in llii;lit. ires-crvp ivlilch now has n lolnl j "Of couisc they are lerrlb'.e •rcn of ^fiiT.^o Trcs—ns larce i u'he:i co:ircnie{l.. and sometimes '•; main- of the nnllo'.ial parks in cli:ur,^ when they are wounded 'hs United Sites. • ' ind in a furry of \iuln. l!ut any ' ' ' ArrcFs to Hie Sra '. inilmal will n^ht his way unl of a Hut it is the direction of the en-' li'^ht place." 'arn-nuent thai 1? particularly Im-! has been fairly: or the Ijolt shcnre I off. The prc.vnl-day motor at one. A l xuv c'i:r,ld'jable strain on: :u moic-r ai.-il Itn-.tiicn its life. H » « Mnre hints on Ihe proi>cr 0])cra-!l lion nt the i-ar will be i:i«n! FRIDAY, I-.b\.Y_l._ 19;',1 & 'i mmm Bargains for Saturday and Monday Fancy La, *# liints ;g Func-y Di'l. of Aik. .1,-C JlliJ lilHi-ks. ,'j ill S 1.41.0. KlHfKS. A RFAN^ «i-«u..'fcn«l«r. Di.rtl'Sk? Slniis'.U'SH. LI). Ll\€& Froch SJZ P1!AS unsp Fresh ™? ®^ Heads W* ^fi trrA570 Ni-w. Kino re £|J (}nalily. 1.1). 3 ORANGES ^ lifonii;i SS, 30° f)T) A Mfl]7Cl Califofiiia ISO's QOC g HaAlNllilh Dozen JO I fF'TC ^ c ^LilkJ Ki-li. t) ft>rn, ClalltjtiK, l?tio(s nnd AlljJ ('(imp Out—I'itiu Cone Instantly. Guaranteed Fresh Country, SHOKS DON'T lUIK'l 1 ItKSUI/l'S GUAliAN Manv a man and woman has ex-. rlaitiH'd O-Joy when they found iheir rnn-s nnd callru:es i;onc-- _ pain ptnr—and shr.r" hurtiiv.: no '] more. Pav a dime foi- an envelope PEACHES Faney Eraponi S 12 C ',T|B ^ !?&^''fg:^s-M^*fygv-jy'j^^yp^g RK & BEANS 3MB », v - I-'resh Slock aUi^llb - -I UK,. of six O-Joy Corn Wafers. Press on the is tone. silently that many n driver is deceived into thinking It has stopped on him. liefore stepping on the I a water, thin nn itarter button, lo be sure that the cnrn, sli;> on slices, motor Is no ruiiiiiim. turn off t!ic | Later pc'l olT walcr and out comes litr.ltlen for a menicnt. (hen turn | corn, calli-ir-, vnols and ?-ll. Abso- il on ai;:iln. This assures a dead! lutdy tjuaraiitecil. No bulky dough- motor. Then the button may be de- mil pads or buin.iij acids. Just a ]:tc= < -ed with safely and (he engine-a wafer, thin us pa|:e: - . Av<iid itarteil. • • • luiniodlafly on slnrlins. j er priced tuhstilut:?. O-Joys are Mil-west, best rcmerty ye;. Six for the 'dime at dniSElsts. —Adv. 1 McnKincnt has been an inland He^crve. and tl'i? l>ears have tiecn 'asv prev to sixntsmen every s'.uu- ;iicr whru they followed the : treaa\s down to the sencnnst. Sow, howevor. the biund<ii-ics 'lave iicen exlcnOcd to the coastline of, Slieiikof Strait. In In? fu- i«re. Mr. Ui.sns Mlddcndoilii and Ills family can sneiicl their sum- -ers at the various r.?ar seashore enter Bnll Team Si^ns ; V/ect Tennessee Players Ueiitm r?rc he local ;?.ii;i CCX3TER, Mo.—The Cooler teim ot the Southeast Missouri Ilasebull ns-^wlation lias signed uj) a 111:111- b?r of prominent semi-pro plavers. incliidui!; Joe Hensou and Jrrry Sadiei' oT Jtirk ; on. Tcun. Heu?on ha:> n reputation as one of the leading piiehers in west Tetnic.^? •erorts without interference frnm semi-pro tall he two-lcpced creatures who kill' Looter will play from a crcat'disinnce. 'Ihere. too. • £ "' K n >'- " :>ttcl >' 01 , , 'her will i rot acquainted with d. will be Asher nnd Bixler. related two legsccl sn.vlcs ce.lleil i wilh earner^ 0 <! ° lbrir """^Uav :« of shalio,, rich in; Tradition of l)an;rr The ncv: sanr.tuari' lie-, directly irro^s tb.e strait fvo:n Kocliik 1s- la'nd. ho:ne of iVo famcns 5\^>:liak '•ear, which is believed lo be a fivs; -ousln of the Alaskan bro^u varl- ""Iv. Both are about the same size. Off (lit 1 Algerian cnast are r>( «1iiRi- miles of shallows, rich fish. Hint have hard!^' been tone cd so far. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. N Rankin vis- H'd friends nt PiEsett, Ark.; Sunday. _Ellis Kohn spent several da,vs this week at St. Louis buying stock for the Kohn store. Mr. Jim Cury of Bassctt, Ark, was a visitor here Thursday. Mrs. Gladys Foster snd' Mrs Lillie Hustings visited friends at I'ortageville, Wednesday cvcui Mrs. Claude. Dick left for her home at Columbia. Mo.. Friday after a visit v.ith Mr. and Mrs Angelo Monhalas. Mr. O. E. Hooker nnd A. H. Gan non of Caruthersvil'o attended business here, Wednesday. \Tosdames Charlie T;ainor anr 1 Tom Jennin?s shopped iu Mem phis. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Harre' attended to business at Carulh- Ersville Tuesday. Miss Maude Chllton spent the week end with her cousin, Norma Holt, of Braggadocio. the Inrsesl and ;whaps the uio't fcrinitlable of all Ir-ars. ar.rl in iirosporous fi^hin^ sciuens liave Attained weights of mare than 12CO IMimds. Bccaii.s? ol their great size, fine iclts and n carefully iuirUi:ed Ira- ilitlon that lliev ar. 1 extremely clau- lost valuable pri/*\s that spnrts- ic:i can brlns; down in N'o'.lh merica. Acccrdiua to O. O. Gco:l- 'in. of Ihe American MUFO'.IM of alural Ulslory. the iurre.i^iu': ;ipularity of Ihe Aiaskan inniin- s a huntiii^ eroinid roou \ have ti'.^atencd exlernilua- J ,:on of the Protection Increase Tl'.o gcvrrmuer.t RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday TO DO OK DIE FOR, LOYl CASH GROCERY SUGAR I.iniif 10 rounds 48 c I'inls ECGS Fresh Dozen RIJTTKR •* ! " rris Sl| l>rcmc or Urooklicld SOAP Crystal White 10 liur.s Q-JELL l-'ruil I'liivors RADISHES., ,,ch,5 c LETTUCE 1 1 OHANttKS I-arjic and OAC Sweet. Doz. <JU TOMATO .lUICK'IM- nioiitc. Can ir PINEAPPLE Nft2! C:m lirokcn Slices K:u-h BREAD iin " ROLLS Kai-h? Yes FISH GROUND INTO VI.OlTt OLEO Marola I-1 I'omul I'rinls Colored I'mmd 20c Brookfield or Cloverbloom P -l? A f?-i'!i'P Yellow Clinj,' Sun- 1AC iiAlmiO set (Jolri. | jlfc . ran 19 PINFAPPII? T!ill?da1u % ( ' I inil'/li I SJli I/ar-fc Cnn bo MATARf%1I SpwRhiitii <"• -9fi^ WfAtAiibni Nuodit-s. r, i-k-s/D SNOW DRIFT ,,,,,. : P and 0. Octagon or Crystal White EOIJR .Sfsu^rSs, W LARD I'tire , 01 AC S-!,!i. I':iil i3l,OJ Compound OA K-U. iMil OU Uncolorcd rj" 2 l.lx. 5 1 M COFFEE 'Ti^? EGG NOODLES Kcn-Mt'K Ci'lnphanc MATCHES •2 lioxos BREAD Salt Hism;; l.oaf 15c OATS, Ci'lil Medal 25c .l:= tlnindcr cf tlie I 1 .:;; U-.rt'us. the crack of machine c.'.n;. :i-,c crash ot bombs—faces tov,arrt ihc .nemy. but beyond the c'.n::ior !ny vhe dream of men's tlr?iio. A thrilling Story cf KiVi-. i:i';-;:;i;r. p.-rll nr.d Irajcdy—the 1 :no~: HT.- Eattonal picture ot (hi- cnrrnit season. A snya o' the cro^-scction n: l:fe. riinnin; the gamut n! ail l-.-iiiuu emotions. JSS-KX&S;] IJ ?»«S'»V ! ' s " ;: of turning 50 tons of fish into 12 ^H.i.^SS/b-.W.-)'^"'"*-' 1011 Shilling nnd M;iry I'lirr Ions of meal every day. is at a-i- | -^!^>'--^*^ U All HKO I'M UK l-'eutttri' e:ior here. The mill is installed on Also Serial and ('inni-ilv beard a' four-masted schooner. It . ' Also Comedy anil Shcrl Ui-..-': : crier here. The mill Is Installed on board A fciir-mastod schooner. It pr'nls all the superfluous catch ot the fishing trawler?, which was for- i merly tlirou-n > overboard, into n flour njnvllimn in pi«« nnrt tallle, HAMS I'onnd 16lc FRANKS ull ( | RIBS !!«(. K. C. liref Pfltind 27c 1!f ;, f 19° I BACON s " liar fi 16° ' Country Pork . Pnnivl l: urookhrid OAC 1 ST1CAKS K. C. Uotim! r-,rC Pound H.,x L\) I i,|,. £t) SALTMFAT I'OHK HOAST l!c<t llcllios I.I). l.V I'or lir.ilii'u Pnuiid i..,16 (: |LAMBK; 0110 Golil Dot oi -ore li I'otiuils Lo 1 QVR11P Slcamb.K.1 C9C a oiulJl i-a (;ai. anc; Cat. JD Fancy Wiscensin |g Daisies, Fui! Cream teeu?a sa 1 DRESStD HENS ... PURE H(HJ LARD ,.„. ll c MESSED ERYERS ,..50 C COMPOUND LARD ,,,ll c Pork Made From Country Pork, ib. SPEED BACON .....2^ VEAL ROAST ,.,m c J*!tUJ...',i».;jiai».RI*SESBI:- BOIUNGBEAT- u.!0 c BACON ^ SI ^V19 C COTTAGE CHEKE ,^ Fancy K C Baby Beef Shoulder Clcd Ib.l9c, Prime Rib Ib. 18c, Thick Rib, pound

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