Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1962 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
Page 9
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Tuesday Evening, June 12, 19(3 ANN LANDERS Friendly Seattle Folks Are Asking for Stampede Dear Ann Landers: Why do you judge everyone by yourself? Just because YOU don't want people to drop in to visit why assume everyone shares your point of view? We live close to Seattle. When we heard of plans for the Fair we were thrilled. It meant we would have company. Informer years we battled the heat and iong distances to spend time with old friends. This year we plan to stay at home and wait for people to tome to US. We have sent invitations to everyone and anyone we feel might be able to make the trip. We may not have a room for one and all but we will surely have a bed and plenty to eat. Please print our names in the paper in case we missed somebody. We love company and would love to have scads o£ visitors this summer.— Dear Big Hearted Folks: I wouldn't dream of printing even your initials. Do you know that approximately 35 million people read this column every day? Let's set the record straight. I am not opposed to ALL company. I object only to the uninvited variety. You sent invitations to everyone you could think of? Well, Dear Ann Landers: My husband and I enjoy your column immensely but you have an annoying habit we wish you'd drop. Why must you call people "Buster," "Bub," "Buttercup" and "Toots?" Eecently you called a woman "Lamb Chop." We like your advice but these flip little names you attach to readers are a bit much. Since many of your readers are older than you we respectfully suggest that you modify your language. It would .make your column far more dignified.—JUST FOLKS Dear Folks: Thank you for the criticism. The next letter is from reader who also has another opinion on the subject. at * * Dear Ann Landers: I am a cler. gyman who likes your column because you are wise but not all- knowing. You are a moralist but not self-righteous. You are forthright but never crude. Most of all I like your manner of expression. Who but Ann Landers could quote the scriptures in one paragraph and sign off with, 'Watch it, Petunia, you've got a one-track mind and the traffic is light." Don't ever change.—AVID WISCONSIN READER these people, then, are invited guests. And there's difference between guest and a passing world of invited pedestrian a an who knows how to ring a doorbell. Dear Ann Landers: I was happy to see you deal with a subject which has been considered taboo. I refer to the mother who shared a bedroom with her 15-year-old son. We have a similar problem in our family. I've never discussed this with anyone because I'm ashamed to admit that my husband and I have not shared a bedroom for the past six years. Our 15-year-old son insists sleeping' with his father. They have bed. a large bedroom with twin My husband is fed up with this arrangement and feels that the boy should have his own room and that he and I should have our bedroom back. Whenever he brings up the subject the boy becomes upset and says he wants things left as they are. What can we do about this?— OHIO MOTHER Dear Ohio: You and your husband can gel into the driver's seat where you belong. TELL the boy he's going to have his own room tomorrow: Then see that he has it. Married people are supposed to sleep with each other and not with their children. Are you going steady? Making marriage plans? If so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Before You Marry—Is It Love Or Sex?", enclosing with your re< quest 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped; self- addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. Chuckles in The News EXPENSIVE SWIM BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (UPI) —Bill Burleson doffed his clothes for a dip in the Battle Creek Riv- JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Good Muscle Tone Is Only Basis for Perfect Figure It's wonderful to be curvacious if the curves are in the righ plac- Time was, when one never mentioned muscles to a woman, however, today we .know that a lovely figure has good muscle tone [or its foundation. Today's perfect figure is contoured by muscles. These not only build the silhouette, but make grace and littleness possible. The figure depends on four factors; musculature, bony structure, distribution of fat and posture. Increase Bust The bust measurement can be increased by developing the pectoral, or chest muscles. This is like wearing padding underneath the bust instead of falsies on top of it. Many women in my figure- molding classes have increased their ' bust measurement several inches with my exercises. Readers write to tell me the same thing. The following exercise is a good one. Stand tall. Take a weight in each hand. Keep the elbows straight throughout the exercise. Raise the arms out at your sides, shoulder height. Move the arms forward, crossing them in front of you. Move the arms back to the side position. The first time the right arm should be on top when you cross the arms, the next time the left goes on top. You can use dumbbells, irons or books for weights. Bra Important The brassiere you wear is of the utmost importance. No matter how lovely your bust is, if your bra does not give correct support it is damaging. Books, or any weight, can help you develop your chest muscles. ou exercises for increasing the ustline, directions for preserving ie bustline during pregnancy nd much .more information ". link you will be interested in, end 10 cents and a stamped, self diiressed envelope to Josephine Bowman in care of this newspa >er. Tomorrow: "Exercise Feet Now 'o.Prevent Trouble Later." Released by The Register ant Tribune Syndicate, 1962) If you would like to have my booklet, "Your Bust,".which gives er but the downstream current swept and he had to him borrow some duds from a sympathetic restaurant owner. When Burleson got back to his starting point he found someone had lifted $200 from his trousers. «EER WINNER HAYWARDS HEATH, England (UPI) — Farmer Jack Jarvis received 1,000 bottles of beer Monday for winning a donkey race. He gave away 660 bottles. $11 ERROR MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UPI) - Dr. Paul A. Telsen, 66, a retired physics professor who claims to be a radar expert even had charts Monday when he told the judge police erred when they gave him a ticket for speeding. INVITE DEFENSE CHIEF TOKYO UPI)—The newspaper Japan Times said today that the director of the Japanese Defense Agency, Sensuke Fujieda, has been invited to visit the United States this fall. The newspaper said the invitaj tion was delivered by Lt. Gen. Jacob E. Smart, Commander-in- chief of U.S. forces in Japan. Telsen said "the margin of error can be as much as 3 to 5 per cent." The judge fined him $11. BEER DRINKER LONDON (UPI) — The winner of the Southwark Fair beer drinking contest downed a .pint in 15 seconds. Going on Use the Pharos-Tribune & Press 'VACATION PACK' Just notify your carrier (or call our office) before you leave on your vacation. Your carrier will save your paper each day . . . and deliver them all in a neat package the day you return. VACATION PACK makes it easy for you to "catch up" on all the local news, sports and your favorite comics. There's no extra charge for this servic :. Just call 4141 or teii your carrier before you leave. You'll enjoy catching up on the news when you return. The Pharos-Tribune & Press Logansport . Indiana SKYLINE AT 8:30 Mickey Rooney Buddy Hackett EVERYTHING* DUCKY1 AT 10:30 'Tib Ptorent Trap With Haley Mills Food For Americans GAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Enterprise Assn. You'll enjoy these two varia- ons on the fried and broiled hicken theme. Herbs, spices and ven nuts are used with discrimi- ation to.produce delicious dishes,. HERBED OVEN-FRIED CHICKEN (Yield: 4 to 5 servings) ^ pounds frying chicken & cup pancake mix or flour 14 teaspoon crumbled whole rosemary leaves 2 teaspoons salt I'i teaspoon ground black pepper t-i cup shortening Wash chicken and cut into serv- ng pieces. Combine pancake mix r •flour, crumbled whole rosemary leaves, salt and ground lack pepper in a large paper or lastic bag. Place chicken all at nee in bag and shake until well bated. Melt shortening in a 9 x 3 x 2 - inch pan in a preheated ven (400 degrees F.). Arrange hicken in pan, skin side down. Jake 30 minutes. Turn chicken and >ake 30 to 40 minutes longer or .ntil done. VARIATIONS: Replace rosemary leaves in the ibove recipe with one of the folowing: 2 teaspoons curry powder for Curried Oven Fried Chicken 1 teaspoon thyme leaves, crumbled for Thyme Oven Fried Chicken 14 teaspoon garlic powder, teaspoon celery salt and 2 teaspoons paprika for Garlic Fried Chicken BROILED CHICKEN Dr. Robert Rehm Awarded Degree Dr. Robert Rehm, son of Mrs. Alvin Thompson, 21 Eel River Ave., was awarded the degree of Master of Medical Service in Surgery at Ohio State university's commencement ceremonies. Dr. Rehm received his A. B. degree from DePauw in 1950 and his^M. D. from the University of in'cinnati in 1954. Since 1958 he nas been a resident in urology at Ohio'State university hospital and during the past year has been chief resident in urology and an instructor in the department of surgery. He recently published several papers in medical literature concerning urinary infections. On Aug. 1 he will start the practice of urology at Riverside Methodist hospital, Columbus, Ohio, He and his wife and two daughters reside in Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson anc Mrs. Marie Bennett, 21 Eel River Ave., attended the Ohio State commencement. WITH CASHEW NUTS (Yield: 4 servings) Cut a 2'/i pound broiler chicken into quarters. Mix Vz teaspoon each, ground black .pepper anc ground thyme and 1 teaspoon sail and rub on all sides of the chicken. Place in a baking pan large enough to arrange chicken in single layer. Dot with Vi cup but ter or margarine. JBroil until chick en is done, about 30 minutes in preheated broiler with oven con trol set to very hot (450 degrees F.). Sprinkle with V* cup chopped toasted cashew nuts about 10 min utes before the cooking time is up. Garnish with paprika and dri ed parsley flakes. STATE AIR,GON[>!TK>NED LAST TIMES TODAY Horizontal Lieutenant Shows at 7:00 and 9:30 STARTS TOMORROW! THE THREE STOOCIS MORE FUN 9 * THAN A* „ • MEET N ROMAN ' • HERCIMS CIRCUS! —also— •• ASTOUNDING •• UNDERSEA ADVENTURE All in Glorious Black and White tiv. Mad!! est This is BUTTERCUP-WEEK Our Treat For The 22 Anniversary Ask for your discount coupon at door IN rANTASOOPC also Loopy Oe loop Cartoon —Shows- Stooges 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Underwater 8:50 only Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune Nine' CROSSWORD PUZZLE An ' w " to Y " tlir ' !ly '' Pl '"'« ACROSS i-Irritate 4-DemonBtratfl 9-Base 12-Sallor (colloq.) 13-Ranta 3 4 -Macaw 15-r.,ook fixedly 17-Jolns 19-18 111 21-Afternoon. party 22-OrIcnta! enlutatlons 25-Stalk of grain 29-Spanfsh article S0-Prec!pitou» 32-Eplcllko narrative 33-Edlble seed 36-Dinocl 37-.Toko (clang) SS-Ediblo fiah <0-MovlnK part of motor 42-Pronoun 4,1-B.igld <5-Godde«B of retributive justice -I>imb 4H-Ceremony 60-Toted M-Approaches ' 67-Tlme gone by 68-Odor 60-Numbcr 61-Condonsed moisture r>2-Royn! 63-PJ&pen DOWN I-PosscsuIve pronoun 2-Rodent 3-South African , village 4-BIahop E-Sun god fi-Egg» 7-Openlnr S-Slaves 9-Sla.ck 10-NaUve metal 11-ExIsted 16-Inlets IB-Consumes 20-Besmlrch 22-Clans 23-Esklmo 24-Surgtcal thread 26-Tattered cloth 27-Trumpetor J)lrd S8-Salary .tl-Man's namo 34-Southern blackbird 36-Not real 39-At a distune* 4I-Ncrve network •U-Prlcst 4G-Chair« 4*-Slmpl« EO-Uncouth person 51-Mature 52-Quarr<:l 53-Canimi BS-Soak &6-VeS8el's curved planklni; 69-Parcnt (colloq.) 30 34 52 13 62 X8 27 10 11 28 Dittr. by United Fe«tur« .Syndicate, Inc. iz : atal Crash AMES. Neb. (UPI)-Two former residents of Crown Point, nd., were killed Monday in a two:ar collision on U.S. 30 near here. They were identified as George 'hieten, about 60, and his wife, .gnes, who had lived recently at :"rovo, Utah. JEWS HOLD CONFERENCE JERUSALEM, Israel (UPI) — The American Jewish Congress (AJC) tonight opens three days of talks between American and Israeli Jews on what their rela-. tionship should be. Five - hundred American delegates, along with an equal number of Israelis, will participate in •the "people-to-people" conference —the first of ifs kind. A summer tradition at its finest! ^ summer is the classic Panama by Champ. Fine import >.. ~ ,vlgorou8ly styled wittTgeaeroug 'brim, pinch front,'solid band,—' and a Bnmmort'u'l of pleasures ' $5.95 CHAJVIR MAN, OH, MAN! What a deal you can swing on this GALAXIES It's one of our FORD DKLER TIME SPECIALS' Get'em now... f) THE LIVELIEST V DEALS in town! o PRICE •Manufaclurar'a auogaalfld tet&ll prlca for a 6. cylinder, 2-dooraedan. Includes haatar coolant. antlfreeEe. Whltawalls, afata and focal tnxea, destination chargea ira aKtn, You'll love the sound of the savings you'll get on America's easiest-to-own luxury car! The car with crisp Thunderbird styling and optional Thunderbird V-8 power. Plus timesaving, money-saving twice-a-year (or 6,000- mile) maintenance. Why wait? JOHNSON FORD SALES, INC F.O.A.F.J Market at 25th Logansport, Indiana Phono 5103-5104 ONLY YOUR FORD DEALER HAS <& USED CARS AND TRUCKS

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