Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1962 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
Page 5
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Tuesday Evening, June 12, 1962 Pilot Faces Charges of Intoxication KBNTLAND, Ind. OUPI)—Three men from Milwaukee, Wis., laced public intoxication charges today growing out of a plane crash in which one of them was slightly injured. All three were shaken up, State Police said, when the plane, single-engine Cessna 172, crash landed on the Harold Sell farm near hore late Monday after hit ting power lines. Authorities said when the plan piloted by Louis Bslsha, 29, strucl the power lines it temporarily cu off electricity to about half dozen rural homes. Belsha's passengers were idenl fied as Elmer D. Phillips Jr., 28, and George Neal, 34, who suffered a cut on, his right arm. Belsha! was charged with piloting a plane under the influence of liquor. His companions were charged with public intoxication. All three were lodged in Newton County Jail here. •Police said Belsha refused to take a drunkomeler lest. The plane, owned by Spring City Flying Service, Waukesha, Wis,, was damaged. SOMETHING HAD TO GIVE IN THIS CASE i . t HOLLYWOOD OUPI) .- When Twentieth Century Fox fired Mar. ilyn Monroe for not working and PERU- co-star Dean Martin refused to appear without her, something had to give. So the studio Monday shut down production on its much-troubled movie, "Something's Got To Give." A studio spokesman released a terse stalement which said: "We are reluclantly closing it down." No mention was made about future plans for the film and there remained only a remote possibility that oft-stalled produc tion would be resumed. Miss Monroe was fired from the movie last week because ol er repeated absences from the cture. She'was replaced by Lee emick: Drafting Final Plans for Council Meeting in Rome VATICAN CITY (UPI)-ftoman, Catholic prelates today began the final preparatory meeting for the ecumenical council which Pope John XXm hopes will lead to eventual unification of all Christians under the Vatican. More than 100 cardinals, bishops and other high church officials assembled for the seventh session of the Central Preparatory Commission, the last before the council opens in St. Peter's Basilica Oct. 11. High on the agenda of the session, expected to last until June 20, were items dealing with work toward individual and mass conversions, relations with non-Catholics, and problems of the lay Catholic movemenl. But -Marlin then announced that ic picture didn't "look too good" ithout the curvaceous Marilyn nd he wouldn't appear with any ther actress in the part Martin, who met with studio of- cials Monday, said "Gee, that's shame," when informed by niled Press International of the e-eision to halt production. "I'm really sorry to hear thai," e said. "If they'd kept Marilyn n the cast I think we could have made a very fine picture. But ie was too sick to go ahead with ;, so I guess that's it. "I hope it doesn't hurt the stu- io too much, what with all that rouble with 'Cleopatra.' Maybe ' our picture had been finished ; would have made some money nd helped bail the studio out. I guess if they closed it down, it's irobably all over," Quotes in the News By United Press International •PITTSBURGH - Gen. Maxwel D. Taylor, disclosing that a force of 57,000 counleivgiierrilla special ists will be trained in^the coming year: Many of us in Washington fee that we've been put on notice that a new front has been opened The current events in Southeas Asia shows that this is not jus talk or bluff but threat." a very rea NEW YORK - James Patrick •Mullooly, arrested for shooting an oil company executive who wa: dating his .sister; "The man needed killing. Some body had to kill him. I took i on myself. I ju.st couldn't see i married man taking out 'a singl girl." MOBILE, Ala. — Former Gov James : E. (Kissin' Jim)'Folsom intimating he will leave the fiel of politics to younger men: "With my (folksy) style of cam paigning, it's come to the poin where a .candidate for-governo has to meet almost every fami'l in Alabama." SHERMAN, Tex. - Farm han Eugene Welch, who faces charge of killing a farmer's son: "I guess I'll get the electri chair. . .1 want it." New Branch BankOpening Announced PERU—The grand opening of the new Broadway Plaza Shopping Center, Branch of the Wabasr, Valley'Bank and Trust Co. will be held Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., according to bank officials. Marlin M. Roller, who resides norlh of Denver, will serve as manager. He will be-assisted by tellers Mrs. Jane Mavrick and Mrs. Linda King. Officials said that the hours o the new Branch will be identica .to those of the main bank am will be connected by a direct te ephone system which will allow close coordination. Facilities of the Branch includ $ 190,000 Loss For Estes PECOS, Tex. (UPD—Financial wizard Biliie Sol Estes look a 190,0(10 loss in his venture into IB journalistic field. Estes' share of the Pecos Daily views sold for $9,25(1 Monday. Carry Moor'e of El Paso, receiver or Estes' crumbled fortune, said :he west Texas farm tycoon had nvested $199,415 in the newspa- >er that must be written off as a OSS. Twelve Pecos businessmen leaded by two Pecos certified public accountants bought Esles sha^e in the newspaper. Attorney Jim Tomlin represented the group, 'which also agreed to pay off a J2;700 loan to the paper by Moore. Another .Estes enterprise, 'the Fort Stockton Implement Co,, drew three bids which will be evaluated for several days, Moore said. Tomlin said the daily newspaper .will continue publication. The $2,700 loan had permitted the paper to, keep, going since the col lapse of the Estes farm empire. The people are interested 1 in keeping, it the (News) alive as a daily newspaper," Tomlin said. "There was no other reason (to tiuy it) except for the purpose of seeping it going." The purchase price represented $100 per share for each of the 92V4 shares owned by Estes in the newspaper, which began publishing less than a year ago. Judge R.E. Thomason had ordered sale of the newspaper and farm implement company, the first of Estes' many enterprises to be sold since he underwent voluntary receivership. Read the Want Ads! Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune Five of WTJW-I until s,uch time as final arrangements were made. Chairman James Shouse of (he Crosley Broadcasting Corp. said Monday, that petitions would be filed, possibly loday, aimed at confirming Crosley's licensing of WLW-I and the sale of WLW-A, an Atlanta television sta(ion, io the Fairbanks' interests, Fairbanks was reported to have dropped his claim to Channel 13 when Crosley agreed lo the sale of WLW-A. Await Ruling on WLW-I TV Station INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - The fate of television station WLW-I, Channel 13, Indianapolis, will be settled when joint petitions filed by Crosley Broadcasting Corp. and Richard Fairbanks, operator of radio station WIBC, Indianapolis, are approved by the Federal Communications Commission. Crosley has operated Channel 13 since 1957 when the FCC awarded them the license. Interests led by Fairbanks contested the FCC de- moving rapidly upward. The hot cision and a recent reversal air from the surface of the sea A waterspout is a, vortex of air awarded them the license. The FCC ruled, however, that Crosley could continue "operation cools as it rises. As moisture condenses into tiny droplets, the waterspout becomes visible. Irvin Case Going to Jury Soon SULLIVAN, Ind. (UPI)-SujIi- van Circuit Judge Joe Lowdermilk conferred with state and defense attorneys today regarding final arguments and his charge to the iury_ in the second murder trial of teslie Irvin, 38, Evansville. Irvin is charged with first-degree murder in the 1954 holdup shooting of W. Wesley Kerr, an Evansville service station attendant. He was sentenced lo death at his first trial in 1955 but the J. 3. Supreme Courl last year reversed the conviclion. Final arguments and Lowder- mitk's charge to the jury are cheduled Wednesday and the case will reach the jury either !ale Wednesday or Thursday. The defense rested its case Tuesday and presented a motion for a directed verdict o{ acquittal which Lowdermilk denied. Three court-appointed psychiatrists who examined Irvin, Drs. Murray DeArmond, C.K. Hepburn and Earl Me'ricle of Indianapolis, testified that they believed Irvin was sane at the time Kerr was killed. Irvin has pleaded innocent by reason of insanity, a defense he did not use at his first trial. a drive-up window, and a nigh depository for the use of all mer chants and individuals. • City Courl Bernard Ewing, 49, of the Bunker Hill Air Force Base drew a fine of $20 ' and costs and was given a seven day jail sentence on conviction of driving while suspended in city court Monday aflemoon. , Three persons were fined and given suspended senlences. They were .Kenneth Kibble, 50, of ISO W. Eighth St., $5 and costs and a ten day suspended jail sentence for disorderly conduct; Jess Cavins, 30, Wabash, $25 and costs and 30 day jail sentence suspended for embezzelment; and Kelly Maloney, Sr., 688 Monroe Ave., $50 for pelit larceny and public intoxication and a six months' suspended penal farm sentence. Judge James Grund heard evidence in the case of Joseph Lockhart, 3!2, of Mexico, who was arrested on a charge of embezzel- ment and took the matter under advisement. The case of George Noble, 24, of the Bunker Hill Air Force Base, who was arrested on a charge of failure in support his wife was continued to June 15. Others fined in city court included Charles Quinn, 20, Bunker Hill AFB, speeding, $5 and costs; Darryl Jordan, 16, 432 E, Fifth St., $1 and costs, improper right turn; Carl Yike, 52, 324 W.,Canal St., $5 and costs, disorderly con- duel; William Sigler, 55, 261 W. Eighth St., and Raymond Chamber.',, 18, Logansport, each $1 and costs, for following loo closely. I>IES OF BURNS DROWN POINT, Ind. (UPI)— Leroy Figgans, a resident of the Lake County Poor Farm near here, was burned fatally late Monday when a book of matches he lighted ignited his clothing. Figgins was dead on arrival at Gary Methodist Hospital. Read the Want Ads! Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes , . * Relief Lasts for Hours 1 «rfc, X. Y. (SpecUO—The asthma formula prescribed more than any other by doctors for their private patients is now available to asthma jrufferera without proscription. Medical testa proved this formula^ stops asthma attacks in minutes and gives hours of freedom from recor- xence of painful asthma spasma. This formula is so effective tfaati ft ie tho physician's'leading asthma prescription—so safe when used tuv directed that now it can be soM—• Without prescription in most states —in tiny tablets called P These Primatene Tablets open bronchial tubes, loosen congestion, relieve taut nervous tension. Alt without painful injections. The secret is—Primatene combine* 3 medicines (in full prescription strength) found moat effective in .combination for asthma distress ach performs a apccial purpose. So look forward to sleep at night, ; and freedom from asthma apasma, Primatene —98*, art nny drugstore. EXTORTIONIST IS HUNTED IN AREA OF INDIANAPOLIS INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — An alleged extortionist who tried to get $40,000 from a branch bank manager with a phony story the manager's wife had been kidnaped was sought today by police. Ted M. Campbell, 62, manager of a branch of the American Fletcher National Bank & Trust Co,, told authorities a man called him by phone at the bank Monday and ordered him lo take the money to his car and drive along a certain street "until you're warned by a horn signal to stop." Campbell said the man told him "you'd-better do whal I tell you or you'll never see your wife again." Campbell notified police and they went to the Campbell home where they discovered that Mrs. Maxine Campbell, 58, was missing. So was her car. While officers attempted unsuccessfully to set up a trap for the extortionist b'y having Campbell follow orders, Mrs. Campbell returned home from some errands, unaware she had been feared kidnaped. Panama President To Visit Kennedy WASHINGTON (UPI) — President Kennedy will receive an official visit today from President Roberto F. Chiari of Panama, which wants more recognition by the United States. Panama has long sought greater financial benefit from Ihe Panama Canal, teller employment rights for its citizens in canal facilities, and improved trade privileges involving the Canal Zone It appeared these would be a mong the subjects discussed by the two presidents. PiltTiTSBURIBH HOUSE PAINT .GlAllOlN 54.49 If*. D RESS UP your mail box •with your name in • beautiful block letters set in a graceful mounting. All in everlasting aluminum •which can never rust of rot. Assembled "while you wait; locked into a solid, permanent unit. Ends forever ugly hand lettering and constant repainting. Inexpensive, too, •nd simple to install. MAIL BOX $2.25 Beautify your home for only a few dollars! PAINTS AT LOW PRICES! Brings you automatic transmission at no extra cost! Ch* M 4$fe S W .A V _ .9 _...._.-..>. j». -£- !•.*, LUIU A». .0. Ji9 !f S fl* «t L«*L Mbei <«*» OOt MnoR* 4*& #$,!»& iMh Kblfe 9 «S"T jp* jWV S Jf JWW wst? Shack yoifi 9 Buick He'll be happy to talk a good trade today! BUICK LWBRE IS THE BUY See America's Top Gplt Pros-Buick Open-NBC-TV-Sunday, July 8 Tops itvTVI "Sing'along with Mitch"— Thursday evening, NBC-TV. Brought to you by Buick on behalf of your authorized Buick dealer W. S E. CHEVROLET-BUICK INC., Second and Broadway B/J nMlont Kg vafiwrf See your Baltic D«cfer far Double <ff Check Us«d Cortl GARR HARDWARE lAiORlbSS iPRiOM IKAIY'iS lOREAiMfiRY-tRH. 35ll 7 5100,000 SWEEPSTAKES PITTSBURGH PAINT, THE BiST IATEX WALL PAINT Dries in 20 Minutes! No painty odorl SALE PRICE $3.49 SAME $1.46 ON NOW GOOD GRADE ' PM'NITlROlUJER AND PAN SiT From PITTSBURGH PAINTS NOTHINC TO BUY! OR WRITE 1 OVER 1.000 FREE PHIZES! Come in today . Easy to Win SAVE $11 , ON SALE NOW $6.29 REG. WHICH $6 70 SALE PRICE $5 JO

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