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Vol. XI No. 302 Helena, Montana, Sunday, September 19, 1954 Price Five Cents Eisenhower Prepares Four Major Talks Including Speech to Be Given in Missoula Wednesday U. S. Policy Shift Seen In Europe Stalemate publican Women's clubs, the Citi- Fraser, Colo.

(JF) President Eisenhower interrupted his trout bens for Eisenhower club of Call fornia and the Democrats for Ei fishing vacation Saturday to work Crisis Diplomacy senhower club of California. The president's Los Angeles speech will be a high-light of the on four speeches he will make in the west next week. One will be a major political address in Los Republican campaign to maintain Wiley Opposes Reconvening Senate ntil Def inite Agreement Is Reached on Anti-Red Defenses GOP control of congress in the November elections. It wil Ibe Eisenhower's first openly political address since he spoke Aug. 19 at Angeles.

The president went over prelim' inary drafts with his press secre I I I "IS rX I j1 ft i 1 tary. James C. Hagerty, and ar Washington (JP) Sen. Wiley the Illinois State fair in Springfield. Friday morning Eisenhower will address the national convention of the American Federation of Labor in Los Angeles.

Then he will fly (R-Wis.) said Saturday he is opposed to calling the senate back into session until some definite agreement has been worked out between France and Germany and other West European nations for back to Denver. November elections. It will be Ei- anti-communist defense forces ranged to polish them later with his chief speech-writer, Bryce Harlow. Eisenhower plans to return to the summer White House in Denver Sunday afternoon. Late Wednesday, he will leave on a tLree-day flying tour which will take him to the west coast, then back to Denver.

The first of four scheduled addresses will be at about 6 p. Wednesday at the airport at Missoula, Mont. He will get a look week's speeches, the president took time out to give his host, "The situation is much too deli cate now to have a senate ses Aksel Nielsen of Denver, a golf lesson. substitute agreement will be developed. "But I certainly would not call the senate together while we are trying to get the nations of Europe together," he said.

"Debate or actions by some senators or committees might upset the whole thing." Asserting that this certainly is no time for "a great debate" on international affairs, Wiley said: "This is a time for sane thinking." Wiley said he would communicate his views against a session now to majority leader Knowland (R-Calif.) who, with Democratic leader Lyndon Johnson of Texas, would fix the time for recalling the senate to consider the McCarthy censure report sion," said Wiley, who is chair Nielsen, Eisenhower's long time man of the Senate Foreign Rela fishing companion, never has taken tions Committee. THOUSANDS OF PERSONS are expected to attend the three-day celebration of the centenary of the up golf. So the president took him out to a cow' pasture this morning and showed him how to whack the Fails to Budge French Position By John M. Hightower Washington W) A week of crisis diplomacy by Foreign Secretary Eden of Britain and U. S.

Secretary of State Dulles has failed to win French agreement with tha United States and Britain on terms for re-arming West Germany. This means that the heart of the anticommunist North Atlantic Alliance is deeply, perhaps fatally split It heightens the possibility of a shift in U. S. policy from reliance on France, Germany and Spain as the mainstays of European defense. Sober Statement Secretary Dulles, returning from a flight to West Germany and London, Saturday disclosed the dimensions of the crisis In a soberly worded statment issued at Watter-town, N.

Y. He left his air force plane there to seek a weekend's rest at his Duck Island retreat in Lake Ontario. Dulles made these major points in his statement: Despite a series of announce With future world peace at stake, Wiley said he fears "this founding of the St Ignatius mission in western Montana opening next Friday. This view shows the as it stands today. If weather permits an outdoor mass will be celebrated in the spacious grounds adjacent to the church itself as a part of the celebration.

could become a political football' ball. if the senate is called back before the Nov. 2 elections, or even after that "unless some alternative for EDC is worked out quickly." Wiley is just back from a month there at the latest in techniques for fighting forest fires. From Missoula, Eisenhower will fly on to Walla Walla, spend the night there, and then dedicate McNary dam on the Washington-Oregon border Thursday morning. After that speech the president will travel to Los Angeles for a major address at a political rally In Hollywood Bowl Thursday evening.

The rally is being sponsored in Europe where he conferred with Cardinal Spellman Will Preach At Pontifical Mass Opening Celebration at St. Ignatius Stevenson Calls For Accord in Democrat Party top leaders of France, Germany and England both before and after France rejected the European defense community and its plans for Census Bureau Plans Tally Of U.S. Cattle Washington (JF) The census rearming Germany. by the National Federation of Re Cardinal Francis Spellman, arch Outdoor Mass Only Two Free After Major Prison Break There has been talk of reconvening the senate later this year to bishop of New York, will preside If the weather permits, an outdoor mass on the lawn adjacent to and preach Friday at the Pontifical act on the report of a special com Indianapolis (JF) Adlai E. Mass which will open the celebra mittee which conducted hearings the mission is planned, with Cardinal Spellman to officiate.

Stevenson Saturday night sounded tion marking the centenary of the on censure charges against Sen Bureau said Saturday it will try founding of the St. Ignatius mis McCarthy The report has to get an accurate tally of the na a Democratic call to battle against Republicans who he said rely on defamation, deceit and double-talk Flathead Indians and members of other tribes in the northwest, many sion. The celebration; will end tion's cattle this fall. not yet been filed. Wiley said his opposition to Sunday night Atlanta (JF) The Atlanta Federal Penitentiary's biggest Thunder jets Raze Chinese Coast In Heavy Action Taipeh, Formosa (JP) Nation alist fliers of American-built Thun- in a "reckless grasp for power" in The beef nose-counting will be senate session does "not Involve ments from Europe in the last few days about agreements to hold various meetings on the German is The three-day religious, civic and historic celebration will include a done as part of a general survey the McCarthy matter that is a the November election.

The 1952 presidential nominee of them in native costumes, will be "on parade" to depict in various ways the customs of their ancestors. The pageant will be of particular interest. It is being prepared un colorful pageant, "One Hundred local matter." of every farm in the United States. break in history left two prisoners at large Saturday after baying bloodhounds led to the capture of two others Friday night The agriculture census will begin The foreign relations chairman put the democratic campaign for control of congress under, way in an address prepared for a $100- Years of Achievement." Special features, in addition to the pageant, will be Pontifical Masses, an historical parade, band concerts and Fridays escapees, George H. der the 1 direction of Prof.

Bert Hansen of Montana State univer told reporters he was convinced that the rapid trip through free Western Europe by British Foreign in the northern states early in October and follow the close of the harvest southward through Novem a-plate dinner that had become the derjets claimed they destroyed a Evans of Douglasville, and sity, in co-operation with the Cen center of back-stage feuding over sue "it would be a mistake to assume that any acceptable solution has been fully developed.1 Dulles Informed German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer at Bonn that President Eisenhower, congress and "the American people generally" share his view that West German sovereignty and "preliminary steps' toward rearmament Charles Richard Perry of Mem Chinese Red tanker with rockets, blasted gunboats, set an Indian dances. Cardinal Spellman's appearance ber. temual executive committee. Secretary Eden was inspired by a feeling that "some alternative for The first beef cattle came to the The pageant will depict the ar phis, both 29, slipped through a sewer pipe Friday afternoon to short-lived freedom. They at St Ignatius will mark the first control of his party.

Stevenson accused the GOP of "give-away government," of responsibility for "alarming deterio ammunition dump ablaze and machine gunned fleeing Red artillery EDC must be found quickly." Wi rival of the "Blackrobes" in 1854 new world with Columbus, on his time a prince of the Catholic ley said he was hopeful that some and will show some of the im second trip here in 1943, the cen emerged in a woodland several men in a big jet-bomber attack Saturday along the mainland coast. church will officiate at a religious function in the Helena diocese. ration of our worldposition, of sus bureau said. In the first na hundred yards from the prison 20 months of "drift, division and A communique Saturday night re- walls. Cardinal Spellman will arrive at tional census of agriculture, in 1840, about 15 million cattle were portant events in the history of the century-old community in western Montana, It will be shown Friday and Sunday evenings, Sept 24 and demoralization.

Prison officials said that when Missoula Thursday night. He and America, he said, "is ready for reported on U. S. farms. However, ported "excellent results" in what was believed to be the heaviest Nationalist air action since the vest pocket war flared up in the Que- bloodhounds found the trail the pair, split up.

They were captured a fresh start." the bureau said this probably did "I think," he said, "the good Home Show Will Stage Final Sessions Today not include large numbers of wild only a few hours apart Friday 26, and will take place in a natural theatre on the hillside overlooking the mission and facing the beauti the Most Rev. Joseph M. Gilmore, bishop of Helena, will go to the mission Friday morning and be met about 9:30 o'clock by an Indian escort on horseback at the moy area Sept. 3. cattle in the western border re night sense of the American people will prevail and that America has already made its decision on those gions.

The biggest herds every re Two others, George Ellis, 29, The raid on shipping, along the pocket war flared up in the Que- can no longer be deferred "until European unity is achieved'. This unity would hava been achieved under a European defnse community plan which the French parliament killed two weeks ago. Disregard French Dulles' statement made it clear that even though he had hoped to salvage the principle of supra nationalism from EDC to build future French-German cooperation, President Eisenhower and he are now giving top priority to German ful Mission mountain range. This site is located about two miles west top of Mission hill, overlooking his and Charles Eur ard Stegall, 36, made their getaway Wednesday ported were in 1945 82,600,000 cattle. Then they fell off sharply moy area Sept.

3. of the mission just off U. S. high demagogues who rely on defamation, deceit, and double-talk." toric Mission valley. through the same sewer.

Warden way No. 93. A Solemn Pontifical Mass, of Concluding sessions of the 1954 At the same time, Stevenson Helena Home and Merchandise Thanksgiving will be sung in the The historical parade will take W. H. Hardwick said they twisted an opening in a barred grill that covered the sewer and then slith show will be this afternoon and to The raid on shipping along.

the Fukien province coast brought claims of four Red gunboats damaged, with one probably sunk, a tanker destroyed, three motorized junks and many wooden -military called upon fellow Democrats to "so conduct this momentous campaign as not to weaken but to again, in the next five years, to 76,700,000. This fall, farmers will be asked to tell the census taker the number of cattle and calves of all kinds that are on his place. He will be place Sunday afternoon, Sept 26. It will include floats and historic night at the Civic Center ballroom mission church by Bishop Gilmore at 10 o'clock. Cardinal Spellman will preside at the throne and preach the sermon.

He also will ered to freedom. vehicles and will depict some of where Capital City merchants and strengthen the nation, in this trou Despite an intensive search industry have wares on display, sovereignty and rearmament regardless of France's final attitude. bled 1 hour." He cautioned them against any sowing of discord, mis after Ellis and Steagall escaped, guards at the prison did not dis A special children's matinee per asked how many cows, including the number of heifers that have speak at a luncheon following the mass, at which civic and religious Many western leaders are try formance will be presented on the trust and hate. craft damaged. The fliers said many Red guns were destroyed in the Amoy area, where the vest pocket war opened with a Communist artillery attack cover the sewer opening.

calved, how many heifers and heif leaders will be present. "The fact is," he said, "that we ing to figure out what next steps to take and "we hope that suffi er calves he has, and how many of About 5,000 persons are expected the scenes, activities and social customs of the community during the past 100 years. Another highlight of the celebration will be the All-Indian Children's choir, which will participate in the Pontifical Masses and also comprise part of the cast in the pageant The choir is under the stage during the session from 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock this afternoon The night show hours are from "i until 11 o'clock. to see the celebration, including are Americans, first, last and always, and may the day never come when the things that divide us cient preparatory work can be done during the coming week to justify on Nationalist-held Quemoy seven Fleming Defense scores of other bishops and arch his stock are bulls, bull calves, steers and steer calves. He will also be asked to report the number of his milk cows, including those preliminary meeting" of foreign bishops from various parts of the Featured on the stage shows are seem more important tnan tne ministers in the week following.

country. things that unite us." Harris Nelson, the one-man band and comedian, and Pee Wee Weber, The British government is invit Closes With Story of.Ordeal Stevenson flew here Saturday that have gone dry and milk heifers that have calved. ing eight other countries, including organist. for the Democratic campaign curtain raising, declaring that "the the United States and France, to Additionally the census bureau direction of Mother M. Cecilia, O.

S. of the Ursuline academy at St Ignatius. Plan Ceremonials The fifth annual Home show was hailed as a success Saturday night join in a nine-power conference in Lt. Ft. Sheridan, 111.

(JF) Sheppard Counsel Hopes to Gain Bail for Client London about Sept 28. The coun CoL Harry Fleming has completed country not only needs to have a Democratic congress but we are going to have one." will ask the number of cows and heifers milked on each farm the day before the census taker called and how much milk the farmers by John Larimer, general chairman for sponsoring Exchange club, In addition to the Indian dances his court-martial defense with a cil of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will meet about two weeks later to deal with the same which uses the profits for youth of the pageant, the Flathead In He stepped into a scene of an psychiatrist's testimony that hunger, brutality and "brain wash miles east Nixon Cites Work On Red Releases Huron, S. D.v (IP) Vice President Nixon told a Republican rally here Saturday night that the Eisenhower administration has kicked Communists out of government not by the hundreds but by the thousands. Nixon also said the administration has taken broad steps in helping the farmer through reduction of taxes, keeping the nation at peace and elimination of controls. got The farmer will also be asked gry controversy wmriing arouna dians also will re-enact their traditional ceremonial "Good Friday" to report how many pounds of but problem.

projects in Helena. "The show is a success from the standpoint of public reception, the ings destroyed his will to resist Cleveland (JF) Lawyers for Dr. Dulles flew to Europe Wednes procession, unknown elsewhere in his Communist captors. Democratic National Chairman Stephen A. Mitchell and former chairman Frank McKinney of Samuel H.

Sheppard seeking his day night He went directly to see crowds, the entertainment and for Fleming, the first American offi freedom on bail hope to finish ter he churned the preceding week and whether he sold any milk or cream, and the quantity and dollar value of the sales. the United States. Combined with this procession, which is conducted through a fire-lit pathway in keep their case Monday with the testi the fine displays to be seen," Lari mer said. mony of three more witnesses. cer to be tried for his behavior as a Korean war prisoner, is accused of collaborating with the Reds during his three years in captivity.

Want Secret ing with Indian tradition, will be special devotions at the tribal Moscow (IP) Soviet Russia Pale and in need of a haircut, the handsome Bay Village osteopath listened Friday to the last of has offered Denmark $200,000 for Summations of the court-martial cemetery in honor of the dead. Also of great interest to tour the secret of cheese preservation. 12 witnesses testify about events Adenauer at Bonn and then to see Eden at London. He by passed Paris. Whether this was some kind of "snub" as had been much debated, was not as significant as the fact that it publicly dramatized Dulles' feeling that he had nothing profitable to say or to hear from French Premier Dendes-France, whom Dulles considers in great degree responsible for the French assembly vote shelving EDC The Sunset Stops French Process Server In Case Involving Ailing Heiress testimony will be given when the hearing is resumed Monday and the case may go to the 11-man ists and to those who attend the concerning the murder of his preg celebration will be the exhibit of nant, 31-year-old wife, Marilyn.

court late that day for a ruling. Sheppard, accused of first degree Indian arts and crafts and curios, which was prepared in the Mission Fleming, 46, of Racine, is murder in the bludgeon slaying Montana, National Weather Pans JF) The sun set on was not called by his attorneys to church hall. Many of the individual accused of taking part in Red propaganda broadcasts, of attacking the process 'server Saturday night testify at the bail hearing, held be baby, the object of a 4-day contest between wealthy young Goldsmith and the wife of tin magnate Ante-nor Patino. Judge Jean Ausset of a break between exhibits are being provided by the Indian families of the Salish.and the war aims of the United States symbolism and Jimmy Goldsmith apparently fore Common Pleas Judge Edward Forecast, Helena and vicinity- un-1 Washington and Paris on tha Ger Blythin. y.

and otherwise cooperating necessarily with his captors. cloudy, warmer today. Windy. man issue was unmistakable. Kootenai tribes.

The exhibits also will feature other! tribes of. the The official Helena tempera- I) Ufa af ml A-ni ffTt was He sat taking notes on a legal- won get his ailing 4-months-old daughter back from his multimillionaire Bolivian in-laws before Monday. Mostly cloudy Monday, cooler, occasional showers. High 65, low 40, size but: sometimes had to northwest and Alaska, stifle sobs when witnesses referred Another feature of the Centen The 20-year-old British hotel to his wife, whose pretty face was nial celebration will be the beauti heir earlier Saturday won his court hacked to pieces before dawn on ful frescos which decorate the in Mankilling Giant Python Goes AWOL Over Eight-Foot Wall in Fort Worth fight to regain custody of the July 4. terior of the Mission church.

These Montana Station-Billings Belgrade Max. Min. Pep. 68 45 Max. Min.

Pep. 69 52 .07 paintings and murials were com National Station Bismarck, N. D. Calgary, Alta. Cheyenne, Wyo.

Chicago, 111. Denver, Colo. pleted more than 50 years ago by J. Carignano, member of the So ruled the child should be returned immediately to its father. Lawyers for Mrs.

Patino said she was willing to return the child but would do so only after the court order was served on her. Under French law, such papers cannot be served after sundown or on Sundays. And the sun set first, in a hazy, dazzling mist The process server had tried, but had not been able to find Mrs. Patino. After dark, he entered the Antenor Patino home and came out announcing he had delivered the papers to a valet but not to Mrs.

Patino. Nobody would say whether that would Broadus Fort Worth, Texas (JP) Ant No trace of the missing snake 63 70 57 59 Butte 18-foot python named Pete was still had been found. Case Says Senate Could Return Within Week 63 78 88 84 95 95 89 loose here Saturday night Cut Bank Dillon House Chairman Not Alarmed at Farm Surpluses Lake Benton, Minn. (JF) A search party of Forest Park Kansas City, Mo. Las Vegas, Nev.

zoo officials and police were beating the bushes for the giant, man- Los Angeles, Calif. Washington (P) Senator Case .01 Tr .13 killing reptile at nightfall. ciety of Jesus, who labored at the St Ignatius mission for more than a decade. This self-taught artist was born in Turin, Italy, in 1853 and died in 1919. An interesting feature of the mission museum is the collection of writings in the Indian language.

It is believed to be the largest collection of Indian languages ever displayed in Montana and can be seen. during the celebration. The .38 Tr (R-S said Saturday the report 34 43 41 35 36 36 46 46 43 39 44 41 40 45 41 25 41 37 43 67 52 74 62 58 59 76 57 46 72 38 47 53 46 64 Paul 80 New Orleans, La. 94 New York City 65 of a special committee weighing Pete's absence from his home in the zoo's snake pit was discovered early Saturday morning. He apparently pushed aside a tin plate used to close one end of his box.

Then he went over the stockade fence, which is about eight feet high. Harry Jackson, operator of the reptile exhibit, last saw his 10-year old charge at 2 p. m. Friday. About 4.000 persons were in the zoo grounds when Pete was found 65 61 67 62 64 63 62 64 71 58 58 Drummond Glasgow Great Falls Havre Helena Kalispell Lewistown I Livingston Miles City Missoula West Yellowstona censure charges against Senator bring the case to a head.

Chairman Hope (R-Kan.) of the house agriculture committee said Saturday "we should not be panicked or too much influenced" by surpluses of farm products. Libby Youth Dies .01 Tr McCarthy (R-Wis.) may be finished Meanwhile, Mrs. Patino was observed in an automobile that cir time so that the senate could re In Fatal Game turn a week from Monday to take Portland, Ore. i. 67 St Louis, Mo.

92 Salt Lake City, Utah 74 San Francisco, Calif. 77 Seattle, Wash. 62 Spokane, Wash. 60 Washington, D. C.

80 cled around the house from time Hope described surpluses as up the issue. writings were made by mission Tr time. She has not lived there "temporary." .09 11 Libby UP) A 15-year-old Lib Case, one of the six members of aries who wrote down the Indian words in an effort to learn the since she became estranged from her husband. by junior high school youth shot Whitehall 65 the bipartisan committee, empha 22 himself to death here Saturday, language. sized that he was not making any Goldsmith declared in court that Maximum temperatures for preceding calendar day: precipitation recommendation about when the The Centennial executive com if the Patinos did not return the apparently in a game of Russian roulette, Sheriff Ray Frost said.

for 24 hours ending at 5:30 a. minimum temperatures for 12-hour senate should be called back. But Frost said George Williams shot mittee members, who are handling all arrangements for the celebration, are the Rev. Cornelius Byrne, S. chairman; the Rev.

Michael period ending at 5:30 p. m. East of Divide Partly cloudy, slightly warmer today. 1 Windy In baby, named Isabela after her dead young mother, he would specifically charge the Patinos with kidnaping. He already has charges himself in the left side of the head.

"We should remembers," he said, that the wheat surplus which has received so much attention in recent months was accumulated in only two years 1952 and 1953 and that it was the direct result of the relaxation of our control program because of the Korean war and of the remarkable coincidence of two exceptionally good wheat years "It was created by circumstances of a temporary nature and can be dissipated just as quickly by other equally temporary west portion. High today 62 northwest to 75 southeast Tonight partly to be missing. Zoo curator Lawrence Curtis said all of them were cleared after Pete was found to be AWOL. Reptile expert Jackson said Pete is not particularly dangerous unless he's stepped on. The snake kills by coiling and crushing.

Pete was brought to the 100 four years ago from Bangkok, Thailand. He's a foot in diameter and weighs several hundred pounds. He can travel through the trees and swim streams, -v Frost said Williams and three other companions were visiting Bob Murray. -14. who was baby-sitting.

The "an unknown per- on file accusing he said there is "a possibility" the committee will complete its report in the coming week, in which case he said the senate could reconvene Sept 27. Under this timetable, he added, the censure resolution could be act-! ed on in time to give senators a T. Shannon, S. the Rev. A.

J. Ferretti, S. Centennial coordinator; Phil Beckwith, repre of kidnaping the son or persons' cloudy. Increasing cloudiness southeast, west, north portions with showers in northwest Monday considerable cloudiness, showers, colder west and north. Partly cloudy, little change in temperature West of Divide Partly cloudy, little change in temperature today.

High 55-65. Increasing cloudiness tonight showers. Little change in temperature. Considerable cloudiness Monday, showers, and colder, with snow in higher elevations. senting the town of St Ignatius and neighboring communities; and Walter McDonald, representing the companions told of Williams finding the gun, inserting a bullet and spinning the cylinder.

They said he held the gun to his ear, pulled the trigger and nothing happened. The gun fired the second time. child. The wrangling in a Paris civil court was another chapter in the bitter relations between Goldsmith, son of a wealthy British hotel owner, and the Patinos. final four weeks of campaigning i time before the Nov.

2 congression-. confederated Salish and Kootenai al elections. tribes..

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