Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on June 11, 1962 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 8

Issue Date:
Monday, June 11, 1962
Page 8
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Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune ANN LANDERS Hubby's Vocabulary Lacks 'Please' and Thank You' Dear Ann Landers: Every now and then you pick up the newspa- . per and read where a husband shot his wife or vice versa over some trivial matter. I know now how such things can happen. My husband has a habit which is driving me to the breaking point. When he wants a second cup of coffee he doesn't ask .for it. He just sits there and points lo his cup with a forceful downward motion of the index finger. I have managed to control my temper up lo now but I'm afraid one of these days I'll go haywire and all creation will break loose. Why this gesture infuriates me so I don't know. Am I completely out of my mind? How can I get a grip on myself? — ON THE BRINK ; . Dear Brink: The gesture infuriates you because it suggests that you are in a class with animals. When you want a dog to do something you point. Why seethe in silence and build an ulcer? Simply tell your husband you can understand English and he can skip the pantomime. It should work no hardship on him to ASK for a second cup of coffee. And, incidentally, some husbands have been known to say, "Please" and "Thank You." * * * Dear Ann Landers: Since everyone I know reads your column I hope you will print my letter. You Chuckles in The News By United Press International FIFTH FREEDOM MEDFOR'D, Mass. UH)—Ad- !ai Stev»nson asked for "a fifth freedom" Sunday during a commencement address at Tufts University. The U.N. ambassador, who last week addressed Boston University graduates said he wanted "a freedom from speeches." 71-STROKE HOLE COCORRO, N.M. (UPI) - Fred Silva won lhe El Fuego Baca golf shoot Sunday with a 71—for one hole—and don't scoff. The lee is on a 7,000 - foot mountain and the green is in a valley, three miles away. LAUNDRY PARTIES BRISTOL, England (UPI) Town officials have a new teenage problem — how to stop the wee-hour parties the youngsters have laken to throwing in all night self-service laundries. CALLING CAROLINE FORT LEE, N..I. UPI)—Curiosity seekers, aware lhat the Presidenl was in the New York area, gathered quickly Sunday •when the Palisades Amusement Park loudspeaker blared: "Caroline Kennedy to the administra- . tion building." But Caroline turned out to be fte 4-year-old daughter of Mr, and Mrs. William Kennedy oE Jersey Cily, and only one of 53 child. ,ren who were separaled from ." their parenls at lhe park. NO UNBLEMISHED RECORD CLEAR LAKE, Wis. (UPI) Democratic Gov. Gaylord Nelson ; launched his campaign for the • '.U.S. Senate in his home town Sunday night with some misgiv ings. He admitted to residents tha 1 . he "broke too many windows with "a BB gun here to tell you I have an unblemished record." leed not change the facts to con- eal my identity. I want to be ecognized. I only hope the peo- le referred to in this letter will ecognize themselves and do omething about it. Six years ago I loaned my ward- obe trunk to the daughter of a riend who was going away to ollege. The girl is now married nd has a child. She still has my runk. Last summer a relative borrowed my son's golf-cart "for a veekend." His name is emblazon- d on the cart so there can be no uestion about who owns it. It's till over there. During the Christmas holidays ny neighbor asked to borrow my ilver cocklail shaker. She said he'd return il "tomorrow." When went to fix some cocktails last •eek I had no shaker. What makes people behave in uch a thoughtless, inconsiderate manner? I can't figure it out. Ian you? - GENEROUS JERK Dear Generous: This doesn't ake much figuring. Your two p ords "thoughtless" and "incon- iderale" sum up the situation. There is no cure for these char- clers. Unhappily, your only re- xiurse is lo 'phone them or write reminder. But why wait months nd years? * * * Dear Ann-Landers: The woman »vho signed herself "Chippendale oul" also has a Chippendale lead. Her definition of "gracious iving" is something she dreamed p out of nowhere. It takes more lian flowers on the table and inen napkins to make living gra- ious. We eat on oil cloth every night and I put the milk bottle right on he table when I feel like it. No xidy in the family has croaked at the sight of a pickle jar or a catsup bottle. Yet we live more raciously than some people who lave a great deal of money. I'm reminded of the weekend '. spent with a girl friend during my college days. Her folks lived on 'an estate. They dined by candle-light and had two kinds o( wine on the table every evening. These "gracious livers" were skunk-drunk from the minute 1 arrived on Friday evening until [ left on Sunday afternoon. They argued and used lan- uage thai would make a muleskinner blush. There was never any conversalion al Iheir table- only fights. So, if you don't mind I'll stick io my oil cloth and pickle jars. The gracious livers can have candle-light and profanity. — JUST A SLOB * * * To learn the difference between marriage-that "settles down" and one thai "gets dull," send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, tamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad lo lelp you wilh your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. Protect Your Clothes Put them away ctean! Our Economical Family Plan ANY PLAIN GARMENT c ea. Minimum Order— 5 Garments Box Storage for summer protection to all woolens Trust Your Clothes with one who knows LONG'S CLEANERS 17th & Broadway 3rd & linden Eastgate Plaza JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Fatigue Can Make Life a Matter of Self-Survival Social Security QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. Q. If I earn ¥2400 this year and don't earn anything next year, -could I prorate my earn- ngs to give me $1200 for each year? A. No. Each year's earnings must be considered separately. * 2. Q. My, son wants a social security card. Can he get one even though he is under 16 years of age? A. Yes. He can get a social security number at any age. . Q. My 6-year-old daughter las been disabled since birth. If I should die. would her social security payments be more than .hey would have been if she were not disabled? A. The benefit rale would not e any higher, but payments would continue after she becomes IS, provided she is otherwise eligible. Which cartoon character you identify yourself with is a clue as to .whether you're enjoying life or suffering through it. Have you.ever slopped to think about how feeling tired can affect a life? It may be having a drastic effect on yours right now. Chronic fatigue can ruin ,a marriage or a career. Often the brilliant student is by-passed by one who has an average mind but a plus in energy. Studies of the lives of great men reveal that they have or had one characteristic in common—abundant energy which activated creative thinking and goaded them into action. Exceptions Of course, there are exceptions; men who had limited energy or ever poor health, but who reached the heights, However, it is interesting to note that these men were acutely aware of the value of energy. They were careful to utilize what energy they had in constructive ways, and wore constantly trying to improve their store of this precious commodity. For instance, Darwin attributed his success, in part, to the fad that he was quite frail. Because 'Plus Bugs Bunny & "iFabulous Mexico" 'Shows at 7:30 & 9:45 f this he had to learn lo avoid any waste of his energy. Think (or a moment what excess energy really means. It is •evcaled in optimism, in enthusiasm, 'in good humor, in acute awareness of what is going on around one in personal, daily life md in the world as a whole.'' It s the ingredient which makes it wssible to invest in life leartedly. Self-Survival No matter how much you love people or how many gracious im pulses you have, or what fascinating ideas or ambitions, you cannol make them live and sing if you are exhausted. If you are ex hausted, life becomes a mailer of sell-survival. You cannol be, or it is much more difficult to be, an understanding mother, a thoughtful friend, an intriguing wife or an oulslanding success in your job, if you always are lired. WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Kennedy and his advisers were reported today to be seri- usly concerned lest business ex- )ansion stalls before the end of he year. Insiders said the White louse was more concerned over he failure, of capital outlays by orporations to spurt than by the Vlay 28 break in the stock mar- PHARMACEUTICAL AWARD TEERE HAUTE, Ind. (UPD- The Indiana Pharmaceutical Association will award its 1962 scholarship lo Stephen Moore, a Terre Haute G a r f i e 1 d High School CLEVELAND-A modest upturn nay develop in steel buying ncxl nonth when the automobile com- anies start ordering for 1963 model runs, Steel magazine said. senior, annual at the association's 81st convention June 21 al French Lick. Moore won lhe American Pharmaceutical Association award at the 13th annual National .Science Fair International at Seattle, Wash., last month. NEW YORK—Eastern Airlines >aid its shuttle service between Joston, New York and Washing- .on earned $700,000 in the first hree months of Ihis year. The jrofits was wiped out by losses on other services, but showed the If you are lired mosl of lhe time, why not investigate the sources of your weariness'.' You cannot afford to be lired if you wish lo live vibrantly! HI 4 # If you would like to have my leaflet, "Pep," send a stamped self-addressed envelope wilh your request for leaflet No. 56 to Jose phine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Must Have Goo< Muscle Tone To Have Good Fig ure." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) SKYLINE No. on 17 Ph. 4802 TONWE WRU BUCK NITE-TUES. Open at 7—.Close 10 "THE PARENT TRAP" STARRING •^ HAILEY MILLS AND •^ WAN KlfiTH with if Maureen O'Hara The Trap at 8:30 It's Duck at 10:45 YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN PROFIT MAKING WANT AD! CUP AND MA,L TO ... Please insert this Want Ad for .......... days. I prefer to start my Want Ad on .......... Write your ad in the spaces below. If you want your name and address included in the ad, WRITE THEM IN ALSO. Write only one word to a space. Please print. Words (10 Words Minimum) 10 15 20 25 Figure Your Own Cost 10 Words—1 Time —$1.00 10 Words—3 Times— 1.90 10 Words—6 Times— 2.40 15 Words—3 Times— 2.85 15 Words—6 Times— 3.60 TAKE 10% DISCOUNT FOR CASH WITH ORDER ON ALL CLASSIFIED ADS Clip and Mail to Classified Department, Pharos-Tribune and Press Your Name Your Address... News of Business, Industry WASHINGTON—The two Hepub- ican senators from New York and Democratic congressman from 'exas have raised doubts aboul he feasibility of lhe lax cuts iromised by President Kennedv or next year. Senator Kennelh dealing charged lhe President is duffing. Monday Evening, June 11, 1962. CROSSWORD PUZZLE A "' wer lo s "« urij "s"« '« ACROSS 1-Heap 5-Dl-y S-ToiTld 12-Arrow poison 13-Apportion H-Natlve racial 16-L,Rtln nonjunctJon Ifi-.Tump IS -Intellect 20-Teutonlc dnity 22-The NWeetuop 24-TrlaI 27-Sea In Asia 2!t-Arrow poison 31-Confederato Kennral 32-Ropkfigh (pi.) 34 -Domesticate 36-A continent .17-Clever 30-Met,il fasteners 41-narmiiit (abbr.) •IG-LImb 47-Equal 43-Malo sheep fpl.) 50-Paradls« 52 -Foray 54-Pronoun BB-VentllalB R7-Preclpit.ation 59-Compass point «J -ncfa.es 63-Pa.rt of store f>B-Pllnst.er (57-Worm fiS-Arrow 6D-Fflilnre (slanR) DOWN 1-Baker'B product 2-Concerned 3 -French article \- Lamprey B-Fa.moiiR vlolinmaker 6-KceI regret 7-Pronoun S-Comlfiiwed moisture 10-ConjuncUon Il-Symbo] for raJJurJum 17-Ba.b.vIonian dctty 13-That thing 2I.-RaBe 23-Scorch 25-_P*e]lnp S 27-Fit for plowing 30-Arabian chieftain 33 -Cense 35-Without e 38-FItcher 40-GreonJnnd settJemont Id-Wheel teeth •fS-I.nijRhinp: Bl-SJymhnl for nlcl<el R.''-Iloni:tn cods Fifi-Kl.-iff bS-Ca!ch fiO-Dlnc ill -Pronoun r»2-(.'onjunciion ti-l-A. mat« (abbr.) fifi-tirook ]oti.*>r 53" 69 Dlntr. by United Feature Syndiciilc, Inc. // SEMINARS FOR DIPLOMATS jwill address Hie opening spssion WASHINGTON (UPI)-The Slate| of lhe five-week course, yivcn by Department today starl.s the firstl^e department's foreign Service of a series of seminars to teach Institute. Aboul SO to 60 civilian diplomats and military officers alld military officials destined to how to help new nations deal with!serve in developm R nations will ai- inlernal subversion and external !(cnd <ne flrsl .wnimar. lh e goal threats. Secretary of Slate Dean Rusk potential of the no - reservation service, the company said. is to train about 500 officials during the first year, Read the Want Ads! ... are available at your friendly FIRST FEDERAL Want to Modernize, Repair, Fix-up Your Home, or Add a Room? C OME in and talk over your home improvement plans with our courteous 'Loan Counselor, you'll find his friendly advice helpful. Home Improvement Loan Rates are Low at your FIRST FEDERAL and you'll find our loan repayment plan is tailored to your income and needs. Hundreds of your neighbors have used First Federal financing help, perhaps we can help you too. 314 Fourth St. at the Time and Temperature sign ASSETS OVER 18'/ 2 MILLION DOLLARS WHERE you save DOES make a difference!

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