Wilkes-Barre Semi-Weekly Record from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on December 23, 1918 · 4
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Wilkes-Barre Semi-Weekly Record from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · 4

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1918
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER. 24, -1918. TUESDAyJDECEMBEH 24, 1918. BRIEF MENTION " (Dal It Record. Dec. SO.) i Sant to Retreat Henry Rowland, arrested "Wednesday night, charged with vagrancy, will' be. Bent to Re treat for three months, by order of Magistrate Brown issued yesterday morning. . K. of C. Unit at Virton Friends of Thomas A. Galvtn. a member of the local Knights of Columbus Ambulance Jt"nTtr"have Tecerved -carde-statlnr-that the local unit Is at Virton. Belgium. Virton is just across the French border, direetly north of Verdun. Sergt. H. J- Price Safe Mrs. Elizabeth price of 216 Sambourne street has received word frim her son, Sergt. Harold J. Price, that he is well and safe. Sergt Price some time aso was reported as missing in aetion.He in with the Motor Transport Corps France. Call to Sofdiers and Sailors Uniformed men of St Mary's congrega tion, in the army or naval service, ! who have returned home, are re? quested to meet at 2 o'clock on Saturday at Knights of Columbus Hall to take tip the question of a guard of honor for the funeral of Dean Mc- Manua. ' ' ' BIRTHS To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krebs. ?71 North River street. Dec. IT. W$. a daugh ter. - , To Mr. and Mrs. E. V. liumpnrey, jr.. of Upper Lehigh, Dec. It IMS, a son. To Mr. and Mr. Thomas . Mulligan. SO Chapel street, Dec. 12, Vi a on. . To Mr. and Mrs. Foster B.' Williams of Ashley, at City Hospital. Dec. 14. ISIS, son- . . '':., DEATHS ' - Ostrich Farm Sold The Esp ostrich farm has been sold to William K. Creasy. on of "Farmer" Creasy of Catawlssa. for MO.O00. Twelve ostriches stHl remain as the property of thcredltorg-of the ostrich farm, Mr. Creasy will till the soil in the good, old fashioned way in having the acreage yield its fruit and grain. Ushers Give Pay "to 1K)?h Serre-Tour-City Club ushered at Concordia concert last evening. The money, amounting to XI, which they received from the temple managemeLt for ushering, was turned over to ' the Concordia fund for the 109th Christmas and also cheeks amounting to $15, recently collected by the club in its campaign was given' to the fund. Daily Record. Dec. 21.) Policeman Finds Key '.A large bunch of keys was found by Traffic Policeman Foust near West Market street and Public Square. Here's Hoping Several of the 109th F. ' A. Regt boys have written home, saying that they expect the regiment to leave for home early in February. Arrested for Shoplifting Mrs. B. D. -Scamtsco, aged 40, of Pittston, was arrested" at the Steam department store yesterday afternoon by city der tectives. She will be charged with shoplifting at a hearing in police court this morning. s .. Special Train for Liberty Bonds The Lehigh Valley Railroad ran a special train over the Mahanoy & Hazle- ton Division yesterday to distribute the many thousands of dollars' worth of Liberty Bonds subscribed for In the recent drive.. (Daily Record. Dec .) HOLLENBAClCAt Brooklyn Dec. 19, 1&1S. Mrs. John Welles HolTenback, aged about TO, of pneumonia. CAHALANAt Dorranceton, Dec. 1, WIS James Cahalan. Infant aon of Mr. and Vi-s .Tnmpo Cajialan. rwvri In Wilkes-Barre. Dec. IS. 191$. Mrs. Alexander Young, aged 33, of nnptimonla. BEXSON-In WIlkes-Bajre, Dec. IS, IMS. Eliiabeth D. Benson, aged 4. of pneu monia. 7 1 a'i IWSWTTn WHkM-Barre. Dee. 19. 1918, Mrs. John Zaakowakl, aged 28, of lnnueniia. GRATTON At Parsons. Dee. 19. 1918. William J. Gratton, aged 61. of complications. YASKEWTCZ At Lee Park Dee. 18. 191S. Stanley Yaskewict, aged 36, of pneumonia. DUDKK At Nanticoke. Dec. 19, 1918, George Dudek, aged 2 months, of whoop-lne- comrh. 1 PJCHARDS At PittstOn, Dec. 19, 1918. Albert Richards, aged 83. of influenia. HARVEY At City Hospital, Dec. IS. MS. Mrs. Thomas Harvey ot .flams, ot com plications. JOYCE At New York. Dec. 19. 1918, Am- -brose Joyce, formedly of Pittston, aged 17. of Influenia. . . JEXKIN9-At Lee Park, Dec. 19. 1918, -' Jonah Jenkins, aged 32, of pneumonia. BOYLE At University of Georgetown Hospital, Washington, D. C, Dec. 19, 191S, Miss Margaret A. Boyle of Wilkes. Barre, aged 24, of pneumonia. (Daily Record. Dec. a.) CHI HER In France, 1918, Anthony Chi-her of Pringle, killed in action. KORSHALLA In France, 1918 Steven J. Korshalla of Larksvilte, of disease. CH ESN A In France, 1918. Benjamin J. Chesna of Plymouth, of wounds. JOKES At Plymouth. Dec. 20, 1918, Mrs. Elmer Jones, aged 67, of paralysis. GRATTON At Parsons. Dec, 20. 1918, WilMam J. Gratton, aged ST, of complications. - , SENETKOWSKI At Dupont. Dec. 19 1918, Joseph Senetkowski, aged 4i, ot pneumonia. WOOD In Franee, Nov. 12, 1918, Harry Martin Wood of Pittston, of wounds received in action. SCHMALTZ At Pittston. Dec .20, 1918, Mrs. Albert Schmaltz, of pneumonia. MANN At Plains, Dec. 20. 118. Mrs. Charles Mann, aged 28, of compilations. MONTAGUE In Mercy Hospital. Dec. 20, wis, Josepn Montague or .Miner s mius, of pneumonia. . BANYAR At Maltby. Dec. 20. 1918. in fant daughter or ilr. and Mrs. Ueorge Banyar. aged 0 weeks, of whooping cough. RYAN In Wilkes-Barre, Dec. 20, 1918. Miss Marv Rvan. of nneumonla. McMANAMAN In Wilkes-Barre, Dec. 20. 191. Anthony McManaman, aged 4, of pneumonia, KROPP At Nesblt't West Side Hospital. Dec. 20. 1918. Mrs. William Kropp of Wilkes-Barre. of nneumonia. BRACE At Forty Fort, Dec. 20. 1918, Mrs, liig Cemetery. Floral offerings were carried by William Lindsey, Alfre fctratton, Nathan McClellan, Lawrence Henderson, The pall bearers were David IX Roast r, charle Goodwin, Charles Brader, David Ralston, Thomas Morgan and Alexander Cook. A choir composed of Mrs. Robert Johnson, Alex. Cook, William Russell and Miss Isabella Roth sang. REEDlrTEAMAS ipRSTWEiER Missouri Senator fndulgfs in Tilts Becker at Subscription. . .$1.00 a Year TUESDAY ..DECEMBER 24, 1918 Washington," Dec 20. Most of today's session of the Senate committee investigating German propaganda was taken up with bills between Alfred L. Becker, assistant attorney general of New oYrk, and Senator Reed, of Missouri, who la not a . member of the committee. Senator Reed, mcross examining the New York official who had been on the stand two days, charged that Morton E. Lewis, attorney general 6' New York, and Becker mieused their flcialositionsin-nmking publlja in formation contained in affidavits secured by them j under special war legislation. These affidavits referred to alleged meeting of William Ran, dolph Hearst with Bolo Pasha, executed in France as traitor, and former AmhflAKAn'np von Rpmatftrff " xi- n.i,.. .i., .v- w I WANTED TO BORROW on first morfr- ir, thf I. a;;Zt,r say- gar6, wilkes-Barre City property, A-l wig that the affidavits made public security, from nrivat nrtv umo r were, not secured under the snec'al have you J2.O0O? Address Box 21. Record legislation. He said .tha rortnin H,a Office. SEMI-WEEKLY RECORD WILKES-BARRE WILKES-"BARRE RECORD Ca NO. -V6 NORTH MAIN STREET, WILKES-BARRE. PA. ISSUED .TUESDAY AND FRIDAY BY THE . Charles D. Llnskifl. Circulation Manager It takes, on an average, ope weak to change the data labels on the paper, nd all the way from three to ten days toiput a new name on the list. If you dqf no bear from us in ten days after wilting. leae write aealn. , - - J", When change of address ia desired, both me oia aua new addrais should erven. Entered aa second chua mat wilkes-Barre Postofflce. at tha uest Advertising rates sent on " Rejected communications cannot ba pre served or returned. Contributors or correspondents who may desire Ito possess their manuscripts, if unused, should kaep a copy. When sending news items, pleas write on one aide only of the paper. Subscribers living cutslde of lAtsern County and beyond the reach of our traveling collectors are requested to pay In advance. ' Remittances are at the risk of the sub. scrlber unless made by registered letter, cherk. or postal or express order, payable to Charles D. Linaklll to whom all mat ters concerning subscriptions for tha Semi-Weekly should be addressed. FARM WANTED TO BUT 'Farm' only, or will buy farm and all stock and tools, near Dallas, Lehman or Brawn's Cornars. An swer to Box 22. Record. WANT TO BORROW Store Open Evenings Central city stores, ablaze with the glittering array of Christmas stocks, bright lights and gay colored decorations of the Christmas season, were opened again last evening," and will remain open every evening until, Christmas. Investigates Influenza Situation Dr. S. P. Longstreet, director of the department of health of Scranton, re turned yesterday after spending two weeks in Philadelphia and Baltimore, conferring with the health authorities or tnose cities on the Influenza situation. ft - Loss Daughter While Shopping-John Rinkiewicz of 115 Hudson road. Plains, was a much perturbed man yesterday afternoon when he oame out of White's drug store and couldn't find his daughter Sophia, aged 7, whom he had left outside to wait for him. He spent the afternoon searching the central city for her without success. No Trace of Highwaymen A detail of six State troopers from the Wyoming barracks ts searching the country in the vicinity of Alderson for the two young men who entered the store of L. R. Avery, at Alderson, Thursday afternoon and held him up at the point of a revolver, and were going to loot the store, when they were frightened away. No trace as yet has been found of the highwaymen. (Dally Record. Dec. a.) Homeward Bound A troop train of Pullman sleeoers. filled with soldiers returning from overseas service, passed through this city last night about t o'clock on their way to western camps. Offers Pheasants James D. Geary of Klatlngton. State game protector, offer, to release Ifig English pheasants that are now In his bam, throughout Northampton and Lehigh Counties next spring. Reduces Trolley Far. ri-n Pennslvanla Railroad Co., operating closures putrportina; to show association of Hearst and Bolo were made public "for what I frankly admit weie political purposes." He justified this course on the ground that their publication was in the public interest. The information under discussion was given to New Tark newspapers mainly In Augst, September and Oc tober when Becker was a candidate for the Republican nomination for attorney general of -New York State and Attorney General Lewis was a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor against Charles S. Whitman. ' It appeared from the cross examination that Hearst was con-eldered a supporter of Whitman and Senatpr Reed sought to show that Emma F. Brace, aged 27, of heart trou- JLewls and Becker Intended to damage wnnraan Dy anacKing nearm. Senator Reed read from a New York newspaper of July 31. 1917, a story teTttnig of Bolo Pasha's attentions to a Metropolitan opera singer, a ' Spanish woman, - whose relations with Bolo were declared by Becker to be entirely blameless. In this story was a letter from Bolo to tha singer mentioning "My Friend, Mrs. Mlllloent Hearst." M4 Becker admitted .living given to the papers the statement containing this letter. "What was the purpose of giving it out at this partlcuar time?" ln- qud Senator Reed. '" : "It was an interesting Item of news which 1 thought the public would bs glad to read," Mr. Becker replied, smiling. "Was there no purpose to connect Hearst with Bolo?" "I had regarded the purpose to show the connection of Hearst with German propagandists as more in-teresting to the public than the disclosure of Bolo'a attentions to the opera singer." Becker added, shouting to. drown Senator Reed'a voice; "I think It should have been done a long time before." Senator Kine; of Utah, then askd-"Did you attempt to prejudice the public against Whitman by showing his connection with Hearst?" . Mr. Beckor replied: "It was Lewis' campaign committee which, did this." When the cross questioning was in. terrupted by adjournment, to be resumed to-morrow, Senator.Reed asked Mr. Becker to produce vouchers showing expenses incurred by State secret ervtce agentg In obtaining deposl- ble. SWAXNICK At Luserne. Dec. 20. 1918, William F. iSwannick, aged. 31, of pneumonia. MERLI At Luzerne, Dec, 20, 1918, Cesare Merli, aged 22, of pneumonia. JON'ES-In Wilkes-Barre Dec. 19," 191S, Ruth Jones, aged 13, of influenza. THOMAS In Wyoming Valley Homeo-puthic Hospital, Dec. 19, 191 John Thomas, Sr., of Wilkes-Barre, o pneumonia. STRITTMATTER In Wilkes-Barre, Dc. 20, 1918, Harry C. Strittmatter. of influenza. FINE At Plymouth, Dec. 20, 1918. Florence Fine, aged 27, of pneumonia. (Daily Record. Dec. 23.)- CHAPIN At Beaumont. -Dec. 21, 1918, Stephen K. Chapln,' aged SO. of complications. . V . MALONE At Kingston, ' Dec. . 22, 1918, Mrs. Thomas P. Malone, of pneumonia following influenia. KINNEY In Mercy Hospital, Dec. 2J, 1918, Rev. James J. Kinney of Wilkes-Barre, of pneumonia. HANNOX At Parsons. Dec 2J, 1918, Peter Hannon. of pneumonia. DANIEL At Brooklvn. N. Y.. Dec. 22, 1918. Mrs. Beatrice Hutchlns Daniel, formerly of Wyoming, of pneumonia. EVANS At Nanticoke. Dec. 20. 19U. Rob ert Evans, aged 94, of complications. ' CONNELL At Sebastopol, Dec. 21. 19H John Connell. aged 28, of pneumonia. BROWN In Wilkes-Barre, Dec. 22, 1918, ; .tnss Margaret Brown. FOWLER In Wilkes-Barre, Dec. 22,1918, Albert H. Fowler, of heart trouble. NOVOJOSKY In Wilkes-Barre, Dec. 22, 1918, Mrs. Catherine Novojosky, aged 'in, of confinement. SMITU-In Wilkes-Barre, Dec 22, 1918. Asner Mnitn, aged 3&. PARKISH At City Hospiti Dec 21, 191S. Mrs. James Parrish of Wilkes-Barre, sired 22, of pneumonia following childbirth. BARLOW In Wilkes-Barre. Dec 22.1918, Mrs. Rose Barlow, aged 40, of pneumonia. LKLASZfS-In City Hospital. Dec. 22. IMS Sylvester S. Leloiu of Miner's Mills, sged 18. of mine Inlurtes. JONEJ-At Warren. Ohio. Dec. 21, 131 8. 1 nomas j. Jones, formerly of Edwards-vllle of Dtirumonh. GALLAGIIEH-In Wilkes-Barre, Dec. 22. li'is, Mrs. Cornelius (ialingher, of pneumonia following Influenza. BALLOU At Dorranceton. Dec. 21. 1918. Elon D. Ballau, aged 49, of complications. I!F:nrF-At New York City. Dec. 22. 191. Mm. F.IUabfth Onbfl Bchre, formerly of Wllkps-Harre. of complications. ELI'KIPG E At Denver. Co.. Dec. 13.1918. John F. EldridR. formerly of Wilkes-Barre. of general debility. asked whether the loyalty of Paul M. Warburg was being questioned. Mr. Becker said emphatically no euch question was involved. "There is not a man who has been more loyal to our country than Paul M. Warburg, and I think' the country will suffer materially by his having left the Federal Reserve Board," remarked Senator King, Democrat, Utah. 2,396 DIE IN EPIDEMIC DALLAS (Correspondenro. Doc. 20 ) FARMERS' INSTITUTE The commute, on arrangements for the Farmers Institute, which will be held In the Dallas M. E. Church January 1" and 18. met at the home of trolley lines in th Panther Cre k and I J- K- Hlldcbrant Tuesday evening. The Schuylkill Valley, on Saturday an pounced a reduction In fare. In some Instances as much as II cents. Will Soon Return to Belgium Mls Fmann Sllverrrnys. a HeiRinn refuge, who derrlbed Hun alrorltlMi she nai witnessed m n0r native land at a mass meeting hiM nt wlntef st the local armory, will return shortly to Ifeiglum. Loses Teeth In Fall From Car jumpinr from a rnovinr Orove nn-1 Brown car. David Hufh, ar-d 1?, Of J0l Andoyer freef. fell to the tret, rcevln(r several larerallona nf th body and the loss of two 1eth. Company fifflrlnts r making an effort to hreejt up the prsrflre of Mrs noarimr movmr fsr, and thoe who r raurht will he held for JurcMle Court. MARRIAGE LICENSES m '"r P"1. Dee, n V Terfi:r , Wtomintf """i"! nnr-i r'tt, Minnia.l Mi'rrl , . I'it'rtnn .t ipoifr Rm-om). t.'h ' J.tT p'"n'tm L.m- i'.M' "JL Urnh ..W -lr. rr. '"'I Tnr' W'llkea-trr -nM I'hll'lp .'.r.'iirxM'Tflle Mary E. !-?;.) KInr.ton rrUr lwrd, fiw T? efirf T, fV-oM , r,rr J'len T. Port.f 'kt)!N J'er'nsM 3 Thntnim wijr-l:rr .4h V.r Wsiiace J,ni. ArnH WPK.rr,, , Kr.T.n ,r7,,-J.l fryT -... KIr-e.lon I, Z PAT"f ...PS'h S " f1-.tr., A4 Ttw h Wl(e-Hrre IURRUCU T"Orwa.-.wj;tjAf 7.1. f,. J" T'" ef .rke-prr e"T m -ij:th May w!',, e,f Im- rommittev c-nsints of Fred Houck. sir. and Mrs. I), v. Honeywell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank OaJTahan, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 1'arrlnh, Mrs. Chenfer White, Mrs. F. M. Gordon. Mrs. John Franti and J. C. Ryman. The meeting was preided over by J. E. Hildebrant Frank Oarrahan acted as secretary. Fred llou k was elected chairman of the coming Institute and A. E. Lewis secretary. Mr. F. M. Gordon was appointed chairman of ub ...entertainment of gueti. and Mrs. John Frant will have charge of the moiic. Choir prctlr will be held st the home of Miss Ethel Yaple on Friday evening this week. Ther will be no community Christ-rna tree thi.e year. The condition of Kenneth Shaver remain unchanged. M! FIie Morton, who hafi been HI with influenT. I Improving. Have lb soUc'tors en you thl week for Red Cro memberhlp? If not com to th Bed Cro fonms or to lh chairman, Ber. J. R. I'ennetl. snd At leM he fur to wear your 1I1J Rrl Cms button when the bos come home. TOJCKSVILLE ' Mr. sn'l fr William 01ert nnd family 'i Weetvllle, N. J., sr spndinar mn f1m wi'h relatlTe nt thl p'sce-. y. V. Joirinn of Lehman srnt n few diiy rently with reiatlre In thl Mr and if". Dsnlel Irrnr ami children r i;j t thi writing. Tnuline nsd Irene T)etder are flblfl to t fjt rin if"-r i !rr lln. Vf. snd Mr. W. V C"!e ntiend1 the funeral f-t 'he latter' Kl'tT at Hsley rrertly. Influenza Has Hit Luzerne County Hard Since October I According to figures submitted yesterday -at a meeting of the general committee appointed to . combat the epidemic, figures' which were obtained from State, records, Luzerne County has had. 2,396 deaths from influenza and the attendant pneumonia since Oct 1. . In Wilkes-Barr 346 homes are at present housing Influenza patients, divided by wards as' follows: First, 26; Second, 25; Third, 34; Fourth, 22; Fifth, 18; Sixth, 26; Seventh, 13; Eighth, 16; Ninth, 26: Tenth, 25; Eleventh, 11; Twelfth, 28; Thirteenth. 59; Fourteenth, 98. Fifteenth, .120; Sixteenth, 10. These fisrures represent only the number of homes affected and not the number of patients. ."In many Instances . the patients are as many as six in a house. -.. The record of deaths in the' county since Oct 1 is as. follows, according to the State records, although these; records, do not in some Instances "V" B0 BEE BftOra EH! FARMERS CAR Dodge Brothers Business Car saves money for the farmer by saving time. It saves money by "nelping him to get - things done and done quickly. :'. It aavea monev hv rrowdinar mora worV into a given time with lese effort. I .. It saves money beoauae the operating cost is' low, whether it is running ampty or loaded. ' It saves money because It costs next to-nothlng to keep in repair. These facts about Dodge Brothers' Business Car are backed up by actual experience. , . Here is e-liUle case ia point ',"'' George- Forrester la a butter and egg buyer of Saline, Mich'. He formerly used three rigs collecting this produce, from, farmers shipping by Interurban from Saline to Detroit la easy to drive Now he uses Dodge Brother Business Car, covers more territory than aver before, vses two less men and haula his butter and eggs U Detroit Instead of ehlpplna; them. Wherever the Business Cajr hasT baen sold, Dodge Brothers' dealers can quote you equally impressive facts and flgurea. The Business Car over country roads. It has ample capacity and la still ao light that it doea not eat up- the profits after it. has delivered its load and Is returning empty. Dodge Brothers are'known for their careful methods of manufacture and merchandising. They recommend the Business Car to American farmers aa a reliable maana , df speeding farm -work, a holding aowa in everneao. i It will pay you to visit us and examine this car The haulage cost is unusually low ' ' ' Frank F. MatliesonXo. but It Is not in It with the old U. S. A. "The fifth division, that is the ono I belonged to; Is ore of the divisions that la nnOr tn Clarmav anil le r tf,lt lT.lth re5ord9 wtnlcl ar ,by I had not been wbunded I would now . liotn jfnones t f ' H H i . hi t authorities of several of the smaller municipalities in the valley. Deaths from . Influenza, ' Luzerne County, Oct. 1, 1918, up to and including Dec 18: Ashley Borough Falrvlew Township 43 .8 Avoca Borough ...28 8 4 80 in V tc tXft ring in vuiaiiiiiiK . tlons in the Investigation of Bolo's f "gsIto" Township . .v c.. in.. I ringlo Township . Courtdale Borough Conyngham Dorranceton Boroug-h, . Including AV'estmoor ....1 Duryea Borough Edwardsville Borough ' 121 Forty Fort Borough 14 Freeland Borough 60 Hughestown Bor.ougli 7 .leddo Borough 18 Kingston ,Boruo;h 68 Larksvilic Borough 82 Liizerne Borough 44 4 14 i Minpr'a 1110 nnrmmh IA activitl-s 'n the United - States. - The mrA Tar it ViaD t that tia waiiM t do not such thing" as they were con- i Morougn r Zi fiinimi lownnip 6 Hanover Township 46 192 ' 18 fldentlal. J. nro.ugnoui nrosi 01 hip t rurw ej- v. amlnation by Senator Reed, members ' v0"rt .Townshlp - rf ia aiih.enm mlttee In rhnree nf the," -0PPf,k ; i-..i-i .ot .iinv n,.iJ,l',v Columbus Borough 4 time two of them leaned forward with their heads In their hands. GERMANS STOOD OFF BY NEW YORK FINANCIERS Parsons Borouirh Flymouth Borough and riymouth 1 ownship be on German oil, but as It is I will nave to besatisned. . "I was wounded about twelve kilos beyond the Meuse River after driving the Dutch over the river. They blew up the bridges but they could not stop the Yanjks for they swam and waded It until the engineers could get the pontoon bridges up on the other sldo of the riven then there was a canal and they blew , out the gates, and flooded the low lands, and' we had to plough through, mud and water, almost up to our knees. After we got across we dug holes -and rested for the night. In the morning we relieved another division and had gained our objectives, and dug holes to wait for our relief to come up. Then all at once there was a few machine guns let loose on our pos'tfon, "and were making It quite hot for u. and the captain called for ten men to no out and do patrol duty, and I went alon? with nine other fellows to And the Dutch, and ran Into about forty or fifty of them. Our sergeant realizing theyhad us outnumbered, told us all we could di was to hold them off until we could get back to the rest of the company, and It was while trying to iijeret back that I was wounded, and one 49 After Completing a ditch as long' as ! canister of mv gas mask uijruciL uuu 'my wiuiii, 1 weni. 10 iep usea it several times mat vil and did not awaken until 8 a. m. Then we got up and started to dig deeper and while doing this a chunk of a high explosive shell struck my steel helmet The other fellows were digging in too, but the shell landed closer to them but none of them were hit. We then pulled out for a safer place, where we stayed four days and that was a plenty, for it had the name of 'Death Hollow and it never lost its reputation while we were there, as the shells came thick and fast "Stroh and I were detailed to go 1U) 'OR- L I wu') . me to , Wadhif the result was to out my the blink as I would occas hale some of the gas. "Lieut. Carr sent m back to it, rest, but it did. me no good. I ft-, . pieces, bo the major sent field hospital, where Lieut, had charge. I was there one Wi xnen was sent to I'ans ror a ten a furlough. Then I went to base pital No. 117. After being there a days I felt much better and have I niit'iu,iiifi v.cij uaj BiiiK.o. a Willy mj thirty-five pounds In that time, but 1 1 I am back again within three pouV f n r An. kArGOM Wa nt orl r.H In V. nn. bulance and went as far as it could i 2f my original weight 178 pounds) take us and then w started to hike "lts :'i"'leu V11 BPai in a the balance of the way towards a piece of woods, wher the horses were. Whpn"all of a sudden, 'bang' goes a bomb from an airship. I dropped, but Stroh was g'iie. He separated from was sent from there to a rcplacerrit camp ot Blols, but on the way I hut day and a half at Chaumont, one d; travel from Tours. I saw the sights these places and found much to in 8 1 est me, especially the grand acen Fbt1 of Mrs. CWIes Midi Tn f'lnersl of Mrs. Oarle Mann -( feld from the family home on Delaware nB't, Flair. ye1erdnv sft'rnoon at J o'dk. f-enrW wr rm1ii-'1 st the re'tlden'N? hj It' -Vf. Tvi r.f F1!ri rrehHeriari C'burck J4 Interment was In Wyom- "Gravely Disappointed" in Kuhn, Loeb and Co., Senate Investiga- gators are Told Washington. Doc. 2". When Alfred 1 4. Decker, dt-ptity State attorney gen--rnl of New York, resumed h'a tes'l-mrny to-day on German propngand before the Senate committee, he dl-oHsaed the flnarwlng of the propaganda program. He an Id th Herman government wis "gravely disappointed" In it hores rf financing the scheme through Kuhn, Ixwb A Co. f New York. fSermnn 'frl-rlnls, he asserted, believed the standing of the firm of M...M. Wnrburg A-'r., Hamburg, Germany, would slv them an Influence with Kuhn. Loeb ft Co., through Otto II. Kahn, one of It nfTWrs. The bankers Imposed S'icli d fTV'tiM conditions the German had to ro els'-where for financinl nrrnntrerm-nts Ilpcii!iing the fnrdlent, Mr. Becker (Mf the" i-ommtttrp an nrrntmr of an nrTidavIt mail" by Count Jnmes M'noMn. n Italian rublect and a snn-ln-Inw of Ixtils Hwift r Chirngo. Count Mln-t-to's internment was ordered by IreH. lnt Wllfn. Count Mlnotto told of a conference b bad With Mr. Knhn fter his return from Kurnp In 115 I- hlch an in-vestment In th A titt'o- "-'renrh loan by Kuhn. Ixieh. Coniany was dlK-riied. Mr. Kahn was quoted as saving that wfill his firm had not ln-veated In the loan, h nnd Mortimer HrhlfT did riot deny having lnveit"d terennlly In It. Senator WnWitt, Democrat. Iil)'ta-wnre. Vibjrcted 1o this testimony on th ground of Irrelevancy. Mr. l)cker nld the pnrpos of reading ih affl. davit was to show that In 1915 Kuhn, lotb A Company were "painfully neutral." Senator Nelson, Republican, Minne sota, asked If the N. M. Warburg, of Shlckshlnny Borough 25 ' ' I" fellows was killed. But Fritz fiugar Notch Borough 22 ' Knt "ome t.urprlse when he ran Into uorrance Township 4 Swoyervllle Borough ; 81 Warrior Run Borough 15 west Hazleton Borough 5j West Pittston Borough 53 the rest of the company, and they ha 1 to beat a hasty retreat, after leaving about ten or fifteen dead and wounded. fp you ae he came oiit second best In thnt deal, the same that h F.xetor Township 1 j did In all their engagements with the West Wyoming Borough 22 Yanks. White Haven Borough 3j "On Rundav I met some of the fel- Wyoming Borough 30 lows from Pennsylvania and they tiazioton , 338 Hnzlo Township ' 77 Butler Township ( rittston, pittston Township and Jenkins Township 211 Wilkes-Barre 343 Total 239, WOUNDED BEYOND MEUSE RIVER John T. Killeen Describes Fighting Americans Did in Water Up to Their Knees (t'ally Hecord. Dec, 21.) The following letters have been received by Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kil-km of 474 Jiwnnet street. Luserne, from their son, John T. Killeen. "I was wounded on the sixth of th month, hit with a machine gun bullet about the knee, but thanks'o the e-.lclency of our medical department over heie I am coming along fine, I am at base hospital No. 94 located neara tittle town called I'runlers. 'I uppor-the .States was somo t bice to be the ilajf the armistice was sienfML They say here1 was some time oitrr here, but I id nohsee any of It as I was In theAospital) then. I had about two) months' trailing arid as then put in the. 60th nfantry Co. D and thn starteif-to-afd ttve front I look part In five engagements. I pulled through th battle all right and was sent out on patrol with n'ne other fflloms. and this was when they jjot me. The bullet fractured my leg. and one of the other boya was killed, but w accounted for !?ht of them. Hsmlmrg. was not a rbother. or relntfwl Tuesday ana tn mv befor In some way to Pawl M. Warburg, for- 1 nanasgmng. 1 am getting along merlv member of th Federal Reserve fln'' my wound la about all healed spent the afternoon with me. "From your lov'ng son and brother, - i - "John T. Klleen." PURSUED BY HUN AIRMAN Ralph Danner of Local Regiment Breaks Speed Record to Escape Machine Gun Fusillade Hoard. Mr. ISerker replied In the afflr motive, Mr. Becker said th pitrpos of the testimony i to sbowr tKnt whils fr. Kahn w telling th French rn-ernmert th Arm bfld subscribed to th Anslo-Frenrb losn, tbe firm was als telling the tjerrnsn government It had not po subscribed Senator Rd, Iemocrat, Missouri, but It will take some tlm for the bone to knit so will have to be patient for a wh'l.- They tell me th hospitsl he.r that w hsv a good chance of b n ent home Instead of going bnc to our nmpanr. and that sure does sound rood ff sit of us fsllows her who ar wounded aa t for on would b wid fo se th old t. fl. A aeiln. France may be a nice eiao all riaht. (tuilly Brcord. Dc. 23) A Th following letter was received yesterday by Mr. nnd Mrs Willinr" 1. tianner of 225 Fast Market street, from their son, Ralph, aged 20. a member of the 109th Field Art. Rc-t. hospital corps. In Frnnce. - "U. H, Re Hosi.ital. No. 1. "Havenav. Franc. Nov. 24. 1l. "My Dar Father: We wnt to Van-nes for training, when finally we wer ordered to th front. We went through, Paris, which Is certainly a batitlful. grand city; through Cbafeau-Thierrv up to a pine called Mnley, where we unloaded from the train. The first thing that greeted my eves was a Fritz with a nat Yankee bullet hoi In ht skull. After rness we hiked all dav and went In a wood for the nisht. We were quite a ways fmm shell fire yet. The net morrjng the first battalion left for the frt linn. Lieut. Carr had cbsrae of that battery and Stroh and myself wer attached to H battery of Pittston. It was Sunday morning, August 4. thnt w went Into our first position. Such a sight I will never forget If I live to b H0 years old. It was l:Jo a. m. when We went In and we arrived af our pos. tlon at and no sooner had we t-een off the road wbn bang, bang, came shrpn shells. "I was mighty glad We were not that rbad. where the eh) atnKk and Pi!odel. Then all r.f a sudden eome one veils 'gas. Twenty minuts later rame the signs! 'All clear,' when we started nraln unloading oiir medical chest. Then came 'rss' agsin but luckily It lasted only a little while Our first thing to dfi after we wt unload, ed was to 'dig In' to make a little ahelter for protection from gun fir me so mat in airplane wouia not; At Hb.is I was put In a casual ci see us. 1 laid in the ditch about haIKl)a,,y all(i flont to Savenay for duty! ". 4 aiMiian u"'i'iu iw.ji , nert 1 nm as gooa as new. 1 . trip iomrm, nut non 01 tnem ciose enougn : (,et back with the 10nh Field Arti to hurt me while I was lying flat, j Bcgt. but could not. as C class After I thought he was through bomb- . cannot be reclassified, so I am lng I got up and ran, and the airplane hi re until It ronu's time to go bac operator kept In tune with his ma-1 the good old I'nlti'd States and ci chine gun. and maybe I didn't run and 1 'Home. Hweet Home.' I think all t cover some ground. I never ran so M fled ni'n will return before the treJ fast before in my life and never ox- so I may get home before the res pect to ngaln. Finally I came' to an our bunch. Savenay is only twJ ftuto truck nnd crawled under It and miles from St. Naiaire and a found there lots of company. A gun eighty miles from Vannea. J h crew Mmi a French nntl-alrcraft unit traveled quite a bit, but all In a cli were nil under the snme maz-blne nnd : Trace It on the map and S. Lovd you couldn't hire them to leave that:"" mother, and a me,rry ChrJ shelter,- nor me either. rna" n tWVPY New Year. YJ "WelL that iust about finished me lwln "" aipn and It took all my nerve away and didn't return for a long time. A we got the horses and started for ,n,nnm uHjmcBK : , Bn(, Uurnf h I'-oj-m. ..nou.er lor inn: vflr Mft dly ,K,n on vesseH ,,, . 1, ,,,, t .n,, ,,iW r nr. 1 ln. ta the vicinity cf the j position back of Flsmes. And bHIeve , ,, (;i,,rnuar Bnd In a re- ent me h was some place. e rna our ; t hSn parent, stated that he hadi M-nNii. niiuun on inr, ouisKirta or a transferred to BOTVlCB on the U, village called ( ourvllle. and every day 1 s. on.ion and sent to Constantl! that town was shelled very heavily, j w it n ft rrew thnt will bring one o We were there a week when I got fin- I'nlted States Navy vessels to At i Ished with a !KHnh. Somehow a piece I that has been Interned there thi'f of hlKh exfilOMive shell had pierced the four years by the Turkish govrrr m. loving sn, Ralph. 1 fter en(' !, I)annfir haTe ancJj . son. Howard, who has been In the ill j , service In the V. 8. Navy about ill .,.... , ,.n H .1 I r I I. Jit II A Sensible Christmas Gift Are you uncertain in some cases just what to give what you can afford and what will surely be acceptable? Why not give a Dank A'ccount? This is always acceptable and is a practical gift that will last the entire year. We offer cur wishes for a Joyful HoHday Season. Wyoming National Bank n m 1 n "1 'A

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