Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 10, 1962 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 10, 1962
Page 21
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SUNDAY, JUNE 10,1962 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT,. INDIANA PAGE TWENTY-ONE Hospita I No tes Logansport ST. JOSEPH'S Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Copenhaver, 210 Clinton, a daughter. ' . Admitted: Mrs. Stella Kistler, 1810 Jefferson; Mrs. Erma Walls, 1105 W. Market; Miss Susan Martin, 217 Montgomery; Patrick O'Conner, 1629 North; Miss Janis Carter, Lucerne; Mrs. Frankie Seehase, rural route 5; Lee Hall, Star City; Mrs. Faye Felty; William Downs, 1720 Magee and Master Dale Samuels, Lafayette. Dismissed: Mrs. Dorothy Shirley, Walton; Mrs. Mildred Brosier, 1826 Spear; Mrs. Delouris Hoover, 2430 Usher; Mrs. Lilly Osborn, 420 Barren; Master Jerry Smith, Royal Center; Master Ken Stiver, 100 E. Roselawn; Master John Hettinger, 306 Water; Baby Michael Razer, 1923 Grant; Baby Rebecca Forrest, route 5; Miss Jeannie Roberts, Winamac; Mrs. Florence Martin, Uniondale, Ind.; William Johnson, 700 E. Wabash; James Wooten, 614 W. Broadway; Miss Barbara Marchand, Burrows; Miss Anita Bracalente, 918 Woodmere and Master Laurence Babcock, Culver. MEMORIAL Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Vore, 1811% Wright, a son. Born to Mr. and. Mrs. John Munsey, route 4, a daughter. Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Enser, Wabash, a daughter. .Admitted: Miss Tillie Olsen, 16 W. Columbia; Mrs. Ada Schoen- radt, route 2; Dale Bower, Flora; Lee Morris, 1247 College; Mrs. Karen ,Brugh, 901 S. Cicott; Mrs. Joan Gates, route 1, Lucerne; Carmen Spencer, Fulton. Dismissed: Mrs. Nancy Beebout, 507 Plum; Master David Criswell, route 1, Idaville; Miss Mary Elliott, route 1, Lucerne; Mrs. Geraldine Ervin, 612 N. Cicott; George Flora, route 1, Flora; Mrs. Donnabella Hinkle, route 1, Lucerne; Mrs. Dolly Hoover, 2516 George; Mrs. Mary Karns, route 1, Royal Center; Mrs. Sadie Knight, 527 Russell; John Kraay, 1313 Wright; Miss Deborah Lambert, 414 Helm; Mrs. Lulu Morgan, 736 S. Cicott; Mrs. Merlin Mullin and son, route 2, Camden; Mrs. Billy Patterson and son, 624 Sunset; George Robertson, route 4; Miss Leta Thompson, 712 E. Broadway; Miss Maureen Walters, 1514 Spear; Mrs. Gladys Bougher, route 5; Everett Bott, 1414 N. Third; Miss Kathy and Master Roy Decker, 1213 Liberty; Miss Jane Downham, route 3; Miss Mancy Ellington, 214 Sixth; Mrs. Sheila Gifford, 1026 Seventeenth; Mrs. Mary Miller, route 2, Andrews; Mrs. Beverly Riggle, 1316 W. Wabash; Miss Deanna Sarver, 417% E. Market; Faye Sturgis, route 3; Mrs. Betty Wilson, route 1, Lucerne. Show Business Stars Honor Cole Porter NEW YORK (AP)-The show- folk of Broadway and Hollywood celebrated Saturday with care and champagne the. 70th birthday of composer Cole Porter, the man who gave many of them the musical vehicles to stardom. The guest of honor did not attend the party at the off-Broadway theater where his "Anything Goes" is being -revived. Porter has shunned publicity since 195E when his right teg was amputated after a horseback riding accident. But the singing of "Happy Birthday" by the 300 by-invitation-only guests was tape-recorded for Porter. He marked the anniversary in seclusion at his country home in Wiiliamstown, Mass., retreat from his Manhattan residence at the Waldorf Towers. 'This will be a real shot in the arm for Cole,'-' said Elsa Maxwell hostess for the star-studded party at the Orpheum Theater on lower Second Avenue. "He's been so depressed. Depressed and tires easily. But this will pull him out of it." Porter first hit Broadway in 1916 as composer and lyricist for the musical comedy "See America First." In four decades, he gave,show 'business such tunes as "Night anc Day," "It's Delovely," "What is This Thing Called Love" and "Begin the Beguine." WEDNESDAY The Worthwhile HD club will convene at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday evening with Nell Cook, 1000 North street. Roll call response will be a game prize for the veteran's hospital. DON'T MISS THIS GOSPEL TEAM HEAR BVAIMG. PAUL LEVIN AND BLIND SINGER BOB FfNBLBY . . . GRACE BIBLE CHURCH 5111 13th Street JUNE 10-17. . . BACH NJTE 7:80 •™«BiSW»iWSIW«»^^ AMBULANCE PHONE 3608 Complete First Aid and Oxygen Equipment FISHER FUNERAL HOME Reds Admit Mongolia Jo Economic Unit By GEORGE SYVERTSEN MOSCOW (AP) - The "Soviet 3Ioc Council for Mutual Econon> c Assistance — COMECON—ap- peared Saturday to'have stretched a point in its original charter in admitting Communist Mongolia to '.Is ranks. The charter states that "membership in COMECON is open to other European- countries which share the 1 aims and principles of .he charter." Hitherto, Asian Communist countries—China, Mongolia, North Korea and North Viet Nam—have only had observer status at the council meetings. Western sources here said that unless unpublicized changes have been made in the charter,, a special exception appears to have been made for Mongolia. Mongolfa's admission was announced early Saturday in a com- munique on .the meeting of Communist chiefs from member nations. Their two-day meeting here ended Thursday. Y, Tsedenbal, first secretary of the Mongolian party, was among those on hand. The communique said Mongolia had been admitted to membership at its own request. Adding to the apparent irregularity was another apparent conflict with the charter rules — already pointed out by Communist Albania, a founding member of the council. The Albanians protested earlier in the week that they had not been invited to the meeting. They said the .council thus "has consciously violated ils code and the basic principles of relations among So cialist states." The charter stipulates that £ conference of representatives ol the COMECON countries "is composed of representatives of all the member countries of the council —one for each country." Albania said the meeting is uiv lawful', and refused to recognize its decisions. However its ally Communist China, was believed to have represented its interests. 1,0 00 Stage Anti-Nuclear Demonstration HOLY LOCH, Scotland (AP)— More than 1,000 anti-nuclear demonstrators converged here Saturday for a sit-down attempt. to block supplies to the U.S. Polaris submarine depot ship Proteus. Po lice quickly broke it up and arrested 94. The squatters included girls with long hair and tight jeans The police, heavily reinforced anc with the Royal Navy frigate Ex mouth standing by to help necessary, warned the demonstrators they would be charged with breach of the peace if they failed lo move on at the first request. Most moved on. The others ignored the warning,.but put up no resistance. Men and women had to be lifted bodily from the en- trace to Holy Loch's Ardnadam pier into waiting police vans. They were carted off to jail cells around the country. They had come from as far south as London and as far north as Aberdeen. They were organized by Scotland's Committee of 100, which is campaigning against nuclear tests and bases of both the United States an'd the Soviet Union.' "We are not anti-American," they said. "We are anti-Polaris." The government-owned British Railways provided a special train and boat at reduced rates lo bring the ban-the-bomb campaigners from Glasgow. It seemed an' odd move in view of the government's determination to deal firmly with the demonstration. Some 300 police were drafted to deal with the protest and the Exmoulh was detached from a fleet exercise for the emergency. On the Proteus itself, everything was business as usual. Of the arrested demonstrators, 60 were charged with breach of peace and released for later hearings. But 34 who refused to identify themselves were stood up against a wall and photographed. They US Protests Shooting At 14 Refugees BERLIN CAP) — East German machine gun blasts at 14 desperate refugees who escaped on a stolen i«?easure boat brought a ;rim protest and warning from :he United States Saturday that x>rder gunplay is leading to serious trouble in this divided city. Maj. Gen: Albert Watson II, the J.S. commandant, charged in a etter to.the Soviet commandant itaj. Gen. Andrei I. Solov'yev, hat the. actions of East German guards were ' criminal, provoca- ive, irresponsible, lawless and dangerous. He told Solovyev the Soviet ion is responsible for law and order -in East Berlin, and .warned jiat such shootings could only stir up civilian unrest and disorder on x>th • sides of the wall, and "exacerbate relations between • our governments." The American protest and warning followed the escape Friday ol 14 East German refugees led by a ship's cook, Joerg Lindner, who hija,cked a river excursion boai and rammed it into a canal bank on the American sector side o: the River Spree. East German guards, firing from a tower, pier, patrol boa and other positions, sprayed abou 1 200 bullets from machine guns submachine guns and rifles into apartment houses and buildings on the American side. But the refu gees, including five women and * baby escaped injury. West German police fired abou 10 shots in return, There have been other shootings over the wall between police re cently, usually as a result of the escape of refugees. An East Ger man policeman was killed in one exchange. The U.S. protest came bare! 24 hours after the Soviet Union warned the United States, Britain and France to halt what it callec anti - Communist provocation, along West Berlin's border. The Soviet Union declared, in a note it would not permit West Berlin to continue as a base for "re- vengist and militaristic 'circles," and may take measures to assist its East Germany ally. Allied officials were reluctant to consider Watson's letter a direct reply to the Soviet note. Such a reply must come from the governments to which the Kremlin note was directed, officials said. strates vividly that the Republi- Demo Leader Assails GOP Document WASHINGTON, CAP) — Democratic National .Chairman John Bailey Saturday called the new Republican policy statement 'a declaration of platitudes" that s "specious, shallow and narrow- y partisan in scope." Bailey said in a statement that shadow boxing, I would suggest that the Republican party leadership send its congressional committee back to the drafting board with instructions to give the American people specifics instead of platitudes." Seek JFK Aid In Illinois WelfareCase the "declaration of-principle and! CHICAGO (AP)-The chairman jolicy" released Thursday by con- [ressional Republicans "demon- can party is dangerously short of 6 o,000 persons from being cut off of the Illinois Public Aid Commission has asked President Kennedy for his help in preventing rath commodities. The Democratic leader said 'good intentions and pious hopes are no substitutes for concrete iroposals . . , and just about the only thing the Republicans came close' to being specific about was what they are against. "The negative nature of the document makes it clear the only thing the Republicans can agree on is opposition to the Democratic parly. The GOP is getting lo look more like a resistance movement' than a political party with a real program ... "The,.drafters of the document were generous in giving their party a monopoly of all the traditional American virtues and ideals, I would like to assure the American people that the Democratic party, no matter what the Republicans Red s Dislike B.Goodman's Songstress TIFLIS, U.S.S.R. CAP) - Hot- blooded Georgian nationals hooted as whistled in resentment Saturday night as Benny Goodman's songstress Joya Sherrill-.sang a song in Russian. She cut her tune short. Miss Sherrill's rendition from welfare payments • in the state. C. Virgil Martini IPAC chair- .man, wired Mr. Kennedy Saturday that that number of persons would be forced off Illinois welfare rolls unless the government extends one of its assistance programs by 'June 30. Martin, in a telegram to the President, appealed for speedy congressional action to extend the program known as Aid to Dependent Children of the Unemployed. "Unless federal aid is extended, over 60,000 Illinois children, and their parents' will be destitute," the IPAC chairman informed Mr. Kennedy. • About 35,000 of those receiving payments under the program ive in Cook County. The ADCU program is a match' "Katusha" was drowned out by the clamor from the sellout crowd of 8,000. The Georgians apparently disliked her singing in Russian in this southwest Soviet city. "I was frightened," Miss Sherrill said afterwards. "They must really hate the Russians." There has always been a certain amount of linguistic and political conflict between Georgians and In Moscow and Sochi the song was a big hit and always got friendly applause. Neither the members of the band nor sponsors of the concert here had expected the crowd of Georgians to hoot it down. The audience quickly indicated their hooting was not directed at Miss Sherrill herself. The people roundly applauded her next two songs. After the demonstration sho sang "I'm Beginning to See the Light" and "You've Got Me Be- of'tween the Devil and the Deep Russians, newsmen but with bandsmen the party Blue Sea." The band also got steady applause on this first of five concerts to be given in Tiflis but it was by no means stormy. The band had expected the exhubcrant Georgians to whoop it up for the American jazz music. Prudue University entomologists recommend checking all grain in and storage, now to detect ,tiie possi- were bility of a build up of stored grain astonished at the outburst They i insect pests. If insect infestations questioned a number of Russians are found fumigate with one of who said it reflected a dislike of the combined fumigant mixtures. ier singing Russian in Georgia.'sold under several trade names. tell you, stands firm for Mother,ing one in which the government Love,, Fiscal Solvency, Freedom, Constitutional Government, Patriotism and the Camp Fire Girls. In fact, we Democrats are generous enough to concede that most Republicans feel the same way and that there is no very pressing need for campaign controversy over these subjects. ". . . . unless the Republican campaign is to be an exercise in contributes $1.1 million a month to match $1.2 million in state funds to provide welfare payments to needy children and their parents. Congress first authorized the program 'in June, 1961, and voted funds to finance it for one year. Unless extended by congressional action, the program would expire automatically on June 30. were jailed. then fingerprinted 1 and FREE SHOW JOE BODRIE " The Fastest Gun Alive TUESDAY JUNE 12 AT 3: p.m. ON EASTQAITE'S HUGE flBEE PARWNG lAWBA Presented by Eastgwte Plaza Shopping (Center Aii'n. " 7 Candidates Seek Peruvian Presidency By ROBERT BERREIUEZ -LIMA, Peru (AP) — A former bad boy of Peruvian, politics, an ex-dictator and a leftist with outright Communist support square off as the three main contenders in a presidential election Sunday which has brought threats of civil war and fears of military intervention. The, campaign has been marked by two-fisted oratorial slugging and undercover mudslinging, bul little violence. Seven candidates are bidding for the presidential chair occupied the past six years by Manuel Prado, who is ineligible for reelection. About 1,200 men and women are after the 184 seats in l-he Chamber of Deputies and the 54 places in the Senate. Only one of the presidential candidates. could be classified as representing the moderate wing. He is Manuel A. Odria, who took the presidency in a coup in 1948 and gave the country relative prosperity until 1956 but in dictatorial fashion tolerated no opposition. He. voluntarily stepped out oE politics in 1956 and' went into exile in the United States. He returned to Peru last year. At the closing "rally, of his. Na tional Union party Thursday night the 66-year-old ex-general drew a crowd estimated at 100,000 and pledged to support pro-Western foreign policies. The other candidates range from the extreme left, to the "democratic ' left," as they describe themselves. ". Foremost among them are the two -arch rivals, Fernando Belaunde Terry of Accion Popular, who has Communist support, and the aging revolutionary victor Raul Haya de la Torre of the Apra party. . Small unofficial polls, have given an edge in the'race to Beaun- de, bul; reporters have rioted that Haya de la Torre has drawn the bigger crowds and- appeared 'to have the more efficient campaign apparatus. ' •. • Himself once a strong leftist, Haya de la Torre has been the loudest of all candidates in de. nouncing communism.- He' wound up a stormy campaign last Wednesday with a rally of 250,000, the biggest in the .election. . Haya de la Torre, however, has incurred the wrath of'the military in the past, and fears Have been widely expressed that the 'military chiefs will intervene against him if he wins. SKYLINE No. on 17 Ph. 4802 TiONKTE (THRU BUCK NITE-TUES. Open at 7—Close 10 PARENT TRAP" STARRING ^ HAftEY MILLS AMD -A- IBRVAN KIETH with if Maureen O'Hara The Trap at 8:30 It's Duck at 10:45 "Enjoy A Movie in Coo\ Comfort" STARTS TQD'AY-4 ACiS! VST AiCE "Where The Boys Are" JiM MUTTON ... as a dauntless-type Soldier fighting a pr&ne type war! 2ND ACE "The Honeymoon Machine" ("Cinemascope. andMETROCOLOR,. PAULA PRENTiSS! .as a sex^-tijpe medic : ....J.L _ Contagions- : fypekfss! ; JACK; CARTER: HORIZONTAL LIEUTENANT 3.R0 lAiGE "Bachelor In Paradise" "(BUTTERCUP WEEK" ils Our Treat for the 22ND ANNIVERSARY 4TH ACE "Hprirontal lieutenant" JUNE 8 THRU 14-A'SK FOR YOUR DISCOUNT COUPON AT DOOR. PLUS IBUGS i&UNlNY AND. TRAVELOGUE "MEXICO" SHOWS: 1:55-4;00 p.m.-6;10-8s20-9:50 SMART IDEA: GET ENOUGH FOR YOUR FREEZER! YOUR GUARANTEE QUALITY "SUPER-RIGHT QUALITY PORK SUM! 59< CENTER CUT CHOPS LB. Rib End Roast Loin End Roast LB. LB. 29c Pork Loin 39c Spare Ribs WHOLE OR HALF LB. COUNTRY STYLE . LB. 43c 39c Peaches Libby Tomato Juice FREESTONE A&P OUR FINEST 3 3 29-OZ. CANS 46-OZ. CANS 79 Fresh Fancy Corn 5 •=29 C ••PACtl DlAC 1 I C3I1 m lt?2) RHUBARB OR LEMON ................... ONLY SUI^NYSROOK GRADE ' Medium Eggs 3 „„ 89c HI FRUIT — 5 VARIETIES Hi-C Drinks.. 12-OZ. . CAN 10' COME SEE YOU'LL SAVE AT A&P PRICES GOOD THRU WED, JUNE IS

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