Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 1, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1895
Page 3
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ic Great THE HE:GHT O? ITS GLORY} I Are here to stay. We have leased our building for a term of years and will give you an opportunity of attendin a strictly Genuine Sample Shoe Sale. No concern in the country has the facilities that we have for offering good^shoes of all kinds for Barely What The Leather Cost! You can't imagine how cheap they are, you mast see 'em. Don't allow yourself to be made a tool off by ''Jealers who have "nick-named" a lot of old stock shoes "sample shoes" lu order to work them oft. We'll not misrepresent goods. We'll keep no shoddy j^oods. -We'll not try to fool anyone. We'll refund your money if desired. We'll treat vou right. -OUR- We sell Grand * Saturday, March 2, -WILL BB- DflYflNDEVE. JJox of fine Cuurtics to every Lady caller. Nice Saving Hank 1'or the CLilrtren. You jet 'eiu it'you buy.or not.; dont buy and don't anything but sample Shoes and Slippers. and no one can touch our prices. The Xew York Bcnltcnpt Company'* Homier Movement or Modern Mercliandleluc. Another day of unlimited success. Our place of business was thronged to Us utmost capacity while the many purchasers went their way rejoicing, and are hearalding the glad tidings broadcast. The low prices took the masses, and the way we are selling this monster slock will bring money to the people's pockets, and those who have not attended this great sale better come at once while these telling prices last. Remember they are only for ten days, 80 make hay while the aua shines. New York Bankrupt Co., 324 Fourth St., Logansport, Ind. P S.—We will not allow any special discount to merchants or local dealers during this great sale. AVe'll guarantee every pair of siloes and slippers you buy of ns to be cheaper than you can buy elsewhere or refund your money. Glance at a Few of our Prices and Tiien Come and See our Goods. Ladies' flue Doc^ola batton sold everywhere at $3.00 our prices Mis'ses' fine custom made spring:; or opera heel. Sixes 12 to 2, sold every where at $2. Our price shoes 98c na! or 93c Childs' spring heel shoes jplid and warranted worth $1.00 Our price c Men's fine nobby dress shoes regular price f Our price Infant's Dongola button Every pair warrated. Worth lOe. Our price.-, $1.38 shoe. IOC Child's'fine custom made tips or plain. Regular Our price price $1.75 78c Men's fine hand sewed, better made. Worth $4.50 Our price Nothing $2,38 Ladies' fine Viei kid button or lacs, hand turned, nobby and line. Made to sell at $3. Our price Boy's calf shoes, solid and wearers. Worth; $2.00, Our price $1,68 good 98C That's the way the whole stock runs. Don't miss^the Grand Opening. 322 Fuur Illjf Successes. the needed merit to more than make good all the advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal sale. Dr. King's New Discovery, for consumption, coughs and colda, each bottle guaranteed—Electric Bitters, the great remedy for liver, stomach and kidceyE—Buckien's Arnica Salvo, the best in the world, and Dr. King's Now Life Pills,' which area perfect pill.. All these remedies are guaranteed to do just what is claimed forthem and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to toll you more of them. Sold at B. F. Keesling'a drug store. .An I7|uet on Ilroadiviy. A horse owned by George Harrison ran away yesterday morniop on Broadway and Sixth street. The wagon was upset, and the horee fell down and wae soon captured. The animal took fright at a street car. Wlmt IM the Work 'of the K.lduey«? To remove from the blood its.im- purities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and gUing strength to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goes through the kidneys every three minutes', and If these organs are unable to perform their Go into the best grocery stores, in any city-—the stores -.hat have die most intelligent tnuie— nnd ask them what is best for washing and cleaning. They'll, tell you, "Pearline." Ask them how the imitations compare with it, in quality and in sales. They'll tell you that they're far behind. \Vhat does this show? \Vhy, that the people v.-ho have the finest and most delicate tilings to \vash ; and who would be least likely to risk these things widi any danger-, ous washing-compound—it shows that these people have proved to: themselves that pcsrime is the best. And it certainiv is. you an m;i .'fill £'.:or., be hones:- Pcrldlers and some " this is as cooi! r.<" roccrv. -.vjll 1^31 you. r.s IV-.-Ii-.r.- IT'S-' : if yo>- • ::.i'.,.;r semis, i : ,S rV;,L. Ixc^ Yorfc. PKAISED BY THE PRESS. THE LEADING D ULIES INVESTIGATE MUSYON'S REMEDIES. And Declare They Cure i»ll Out of Every 100 Pcrsouc. •'From testimonials received, from facts gathered by a Times reporter, we find tbat out of every 100 who have used Muoyon's litiGuojatiiiri Cure, 96 have declared themselves cured or greatly bent-liled. There can no.v b> DO' hesitaacy in .Haying that Munyon'd Rheumatism Cure may be termed a positive cure for i heuma* tlsm. v —Poiludelpbia Tirneb, May, 14, 1893. "We know that thousands of people in our.mtdst bave biitn ourtd by MUD- yon's little sucar pellets."—Boston Post. "Munyon'a Remedies act almost in- stantaneo isly, speedily curing the most obstinate cases in a few hours." — 3*hi[DorG American. 1 Orer 1800 people 1 have written us that ihey have been cured by Mun- yon's-Esmedies."—New York Press. "Munyoo's Remedies are handy to To the Charlite* a Fi«e Show. On Saturday afternoon Mr. Barlow, manager of Bartholomew's Equine Paradox of twenty-four educated horses, extends an Invitation to tho matron of the Orphans' Home and the management of the Homo for the Friendless to bring all or as many of. ihe inmates to the malinee on Saturday afternoon as possible, and they will be admitted free 10 see the wonderful strinjr of educated horee^. Yours truly, • S. B PATTEESOX, ' Manager Opera House. The People's Savings Bank. Ike Oppenheimer, Manager. 322 Fourth St., East Side. work fully, sooner or later the system carry, plesstnt to take and absolutely | ' No Alum, Ammonia or Cheap Baking Powders used in the Manufacture of Crystal Pancake Flour. We guarantee its purity. Don't permit your Grocer to substitute an inferior brand for Crystal. Manufactured by Crystal Rice MARION, INDIAiNA Crystal Wheat Flakes are the best. F. W, KINNEY, :1:11 ItOADWAY. ix Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. i our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. H. E. TKUiX, M. D. Special attention given to Nose, Lung, Llrer and Chronic Diseases. Office and Residence over State National Bank, Hoars 10 to 12a. .m., 2 to 4 p. ra.,nnJ7 toS p. m. All tails promptly attended. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted, Cheap Cottages For Snle. Wanted Lota and Acres For Sale. Wanted Small Farms For Sale. Wanted Buslneu Blocks .For Sale. Wanted to Erchanse Fnrius for City Property. Wanted Merchandise jo Trade for Farm.'. JLDDHKSS X. 31. <3OBI>».\,Sprr Block .Lozanspcrt, Indiana. GILLOTrS STEEL PENS H THE MOST PBETECT 07 PZNS. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and i Emtolmers, 613 Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 1. Spring oapes at the Trade Palace. No fancy prices on hats at Fisher'*; the Hatter, j Go to Modi-ell's, Hubler'a old stand; for fre«h flsk and oysters. All the latest styles in hats are DOW shown by Fisher, tho Hatter.. Best fiib and oysters at Modrell's, Hubler'a old sUnd, 315 Third »treet. We never were in a better poiltlon to take care of our wall paper trade than we are this •oaion at the Lo- jjrrsport Wall Paper Co. Our line ii complete and we bare secured on* of, tbe but workmen in the Skate. A Crowning- Success. C. E. DeVos editor of the Cooperville (Mich ) Observer, is a worthy example of what puch and energy, with keen business propensities, will accomplish. In a conversation with your correspondent, Mr. DeVos said: '•I was born in Keene, Canada, in 1855. In 1857, I migrated with my parents to Pello, .Iowa, received a com. mon school education, drifted into the printing 1 business, and removed to Battle Creek, Mich., where I became foreman in the large printing house of Gage & Son, I recently purchased the papor o( which I am now editor. My life work has been very confining and exacting and, as a result, my health gave out and Ihrokedown with nervous exhaustion and sleeplessness. I was in such a condition that I could not sleep until completely worn out, mv appetite failed me and I had to choke down whai little I did eat. About two months ago my attention was directed to Dr. Wheeler's Xerve Vitalizer and I concluded to try it. It had a wonderful: effect oa me; In a few nights I was able to get all the sleep needed, my appetite returned and became aa ravenous as a wolf's, my weight increased twelve pounds, my mind became clear and active, in fact, I was restored to health and I look and feel an entirely different man." Inquiry and observation has proved Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Yitallzer to be a truly wonderful cure for all nerve troubles, such as nervous pro itration, spasms. fl:s, mantal depression, ex. uausted vitality,despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. Home-Seeuerw' £xcnralons Sonth and Sintheaut via Pennsylvania Lin;*. Special low rate excursion tickets with twenty day-limit will be sold March 5th, April' 2d and 30th, from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania Lines to points in Alabamla, Florida, • Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. For details, apply to nearest Pennsylvania Lice Ticket Agent, or aidrass F. V«i Duten, ChUf AisItUnt General Patten, g-er Af ait, n»Hb«af, Fa. la poisoned. Therefore, ' San Jak id the indicated blood remedy. Xerronn Debility. Every person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or failing memory, is entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have ox. tended medical aid suoh as is found In ••San Jak." Sold by Ben Fiiher, druggist. A Wedding Reccptlou. A reception and dinner were dered Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Means terday at the home of Mr. and Willis Graham of Market street. ten. yes- Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Means will for make their home with Toung of North street. the present Mrs. S. E, Beware of Ointments C inlnln Mercury. As mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering It tfi rough the mucous surfaces. Such 'articlos should iK>vsr beus j d except on prascrlp- tlons From reputable physicians, ns the damage they will do is ten foM to thecoodyou can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Care manufactured by F J. Cheney <t Co.. Toledo, 0,, contains no mercury, imd is token Internally, acting directly upon the olood and mucous surfaces of tlie system. In buymg Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure_you get the genuine. It Is taken Internally and made In Toledo, Ohio, by V. J. Cheney it Co Testimonials free. by drogglsts, price 7Sc. per bottle. Decided JguinHt Ellin. Judge McDonnell yesterday overruled a motion to arrest judgment on the verdict of the jury io the case of the State against Rlley Ellis. It is probable that an appeal will be made to the Supreme Court. Hurelont Ee»ult«. From a letter written by Rev. J. Gunderman, of Diamondale, Mich,, we are permitted to make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommend, ing Dr. King's New Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous in the case of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist church at Rives Jane, tion she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding la grippe. Terrible paroxsms of coughing would last hours with little interruption and It seemed as if aha could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory In results." Trial bottles free at B. F. Kaesling's drug store. Regular size SOo. and $1. Freim fiib and. oysters, be«t and cbeapeit In the city, at Modrell's, Hublar'iold stand, 315 Third street The new shapes In bate an •hewn by Fisher, tho Hatter. now Or Interest to tbe i'alr Sex. On tbe second page of today's Journal will be found an interesting article, a column and a half in length, on "Woman and her Clubs," being a history of the many clubs la Logansport •rganizad by the fair sex. There will also be found a program of tbe musical entertainment to be given at the • Souvenirs' Reception" .to be held this afternoon at tho store of Flavefln A Crismon4. Munyon's Rheumatism Cure is guaranteed to cure rheumatism In any part of the body. Acute or muscular rheumatism cured in from one to five days. It never falls to cure sharp, shooting pains in the arms, legs, sides, back or breast, or soreness in any part of the body in from one to three hours. It it guaranteed to promptly cure lameness, stiff and swollen joints, stiff back, and all pains In the hips and loins. Chronic rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago or pain in the back are speedily cured. Munyon'a Homoeopathic Home Ram~ edy Company of Philadelphia, put up specifics for nearly every disease, which are sold by all druggists, mostly for 25 cents a bottle. Those who are in doubt as to the nature of their disease should address Professor Munyon, 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, giving full symptoms of their disease. Professor Munyon will carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of his advice absolutely free of all charge. The Remedies will ba sent to any address on receipt of retail price. Sent on TJielr Way. H. 0. Smith and wife, the former being blind, were shipped from here to Delphi yesterday morning, they having been kept at the jail overnight. Smith was raising- a disturbance on Fourth street when he was taken in and locked up. The pair seem to be traveling on charity. As overheard by our reporter: "John, please get some sugar at Mc- Caffrey'e; he gives more for the money than the other dealers; to economize we must be careful to get our money's worth of everything—and Oh! John, don't forget to stop at Ben Fisher's drug store for a bottle ol Brant's Balsam; it only costs a quarter and It cured my cough eo quickly before. I have confidence in it, besides it'a eco- •omlcal to use; the bottles are extra large, while the dose is only a half teaspooaful. Get Brant'* ft! Ben Fisher. ^ two Thousand Extra Journals. 1 wo thousand extra copies of the Journal were printed today in addition to the large regular edition. Adver tisers recognize the Journal as the leading'dally newspaper, of the city and the best medium for reaching the people. It is hardly necessary tq call attention to the matter concerning the Majestic Range on the second page of this issue of the JOURNAL, as our readers cannot fail to see it Tbe many , facts stated and testimonials given make interesting reading and prove •- tbe high grade of the famous Steel Range Majestic. A Delicate Operation. Col. Robert Krcuzeberger was operated On at one o'clock yesterday af- - lernoon by Dr. Eastman, the eminent specialist of Indianapolis, for appea- dicilis. A Woman"* .full Souteuce. Mary Streuve, wife of Albert • Slreuve, the Pan Handle engineer, -. was committed to jail yesterday morn* ing by tho mayor for alleged drunken^ nees and boisterous conduct. Her sentence was ten days. ;• Ho Gladly Obeyed. John Riley, a quarryman, was or-. ; dered to return to work by the Mayor yesterday morning, and he gladly obeyed. He had spent the night in jail, and was accused of being drunk. An KaVly fflorulUK Fire. The fire department was called to put out a fire resulting from a defective flue at John Eckert's saloon about 5 a. m., yesterday. The damage w»» about $100, and was covered by insurance. A &moko HuuMCltiirncd. The smoko house of Henry Buzzard living four miles south of tko city was destroyed by fire Wednesday night. The house wss full of meat at the ' time. The loss was a total one. Milo Allen Ford and Jennie L. Keiser have been licensed to'wed. Backlen'* Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts, bruiaea, sores, ulcer*, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erap. tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satlsfactionjor money refunded. Prioo 26Jcents per box. For | sal* by B. F. YEARS OF INTENSE PAIN. Z>r. f. H. Wcttx, druggist and physician, Bumboldt, Nob., who suffered with heart disease for four years, trying every remedy and all treatments known to himself and fellow-practitioners; believes that heart disease is curable. Ho writes: "I wish to tell what your valuable medicine has dono for mo. For four years! had heart d iseaso of tho very worst kind. Several physicians I consulted, said It. warn Rheumatism of the Heart It was almost unendurable; with shortness of breath, palpitations, severo pains, nnablo to sleep, especially on tho left side. No pen can describe my suffer- gs, particularly luring tho Ia*t mths Of those four weary yean. ;DR.J.H. WATTS. I finally tried Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure, and waa surprised at the result. It put new life Into and made a new roan of me. I have cot had a symptom of trouble slnco and I am satisfied your medicine has cured me for I have now enjoyed, since taking it Three Years of Splendid Health- I might add that I am a druggist and hare sold and recommended your Heart Cure, for I know what it has done for me and only wish I could state more clearly my «n!Ter- ing then and the good health I now enjoy. Your Nervine and other remedies ol*> give excellent satisfaction." J. H. WATTS. Hnmboldt, Neb., May 9. -34. Dr. Miles Heart Core is nold on m. podtiTB fmaractee tbat tbe first bottle will Denett. All drngglstaieli.lt at O, 6 bottles for SB, or Heart Cure Restores Health ;

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