Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 10, 1962 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 10, 1962
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE PHAROS-THIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, JUNE 10,1962 Repair Remodel I Landscape j[Modernize The WEEDERS GUIDE By EARL ARONSON AP Newstcatures - WHEN THE LADY Said she was planning a neighborhood crabgrass-killing lawn party she was serious. Crabgrass has no respect for property lines; it needs only a breeze to help it cross boundaries. .Unless the entire neighborhood takes steps to eradicate the annual pesky weed, ydu'll get it despite solo efforts to fight it. Ingredients for such a lawn party are enough crabgrass killer to cover all lawn areas, willing - hands, a pool of available equipment and workers who will move from house to house. You could wind up with a cookout. celebration for the weed vigilantes. You might even become reacquainted with your neighbors after the winter hibernation. Crabgrass sprouts each year •from seeds produced the previous season. It grows quickly, choking out desirable grasses. The most successful method of ^eradicating crabgrass is with a pre - emergence crabgrass killer that destroys the weed seeds as they germinate and before they cause serious problems. Calcium arsenate, one effective chemical, will retain some strength for several years. Application in. powder form should .be at the rate of 12 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Many chemical companies produce crabgrass killers. Some tested chemicals are dacthal and - zycon. The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station reported that dacthal will not harm your hardworking earthworm allies. Nor will rython when applied at the rate recommended by the manufacturer. At double the rate, the earthworm population was reduced by 52 per cent. Pax,, an arsenical product, is effective against some soil insects, including beetle grubs, but it is harmful to earthworms. Tricalcium arsenate controls beetle grubs but is lethal to earthworms. Chlordane, another crabgrass control, reduced "the number of earthworms by 89 per cent when applied at rates recommended for 'crabgrass control in a station test. Dr. John F. Ahrens of the Connecticut station said that no cultural practice was more important in controlling crobgrass on an established lawn than proper height of mowing. A test with 11 different turf grasses showed that raising the mowing height from one inch to two inches reduced stands of crabgrass from 33 to 12 plants to the square foot. Dr. Ahrens also reported that some pre - emergence crabgrass killers, particularly zytron and calcium propyl arsonate, also were effective in the early seedling .stages. Herbicides that control o.n 1 y emerged crabgrass must' be applied several times during the season. The manufacturer of dacthal (Diamond Chemicals) reports that WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST WITH STEEL Electric and Acetylene Welding Special Steel Built Tanks Galvanized Roofing Sheet Metal Work Corrugated Culvert Pipe Beams-Channels-Angles Fabricated Steel-Structural Steel Bars-Sheets Plates FARMERS: Bring your plow points, or corn planter runner.s in for repairs. If ifs mads of steel we can furnish It for you. LOGANSPORT METAL CULVERT COMPANY 220 Hanna St. Dial 5157 100% Acrylic (Liquid Plaxlglass) LATEX HOUSE PAINT Gallon 6 75 A "new Twist" in painting because Smith-Alsop Latex tlouse Paint is a time-saving, all-purpose .paint for almost all types of exterior surfaces. Spreads easily—you can apply two coats in one day. Less in 5-Gal. Cans Dries in T Hour A self-priming paint—can alia b» used on printed metal surface* or imprinted flutter*. LOGANSPORT PAINT & WALLPAPER CO. 322 E. Broadway Dial 3637 it is safe for pels and. people. The recommended dosage is 10-12 pounds per acre. It is also advertised as effective against witch- .grass, goosegrass, green and yellow foxtail and such broadleaf weeds as carpetweed, common chickwe'-d, lambsquarter and pur- slane, * * * The turnip is the source of a new insecticide harmless to man. Two University of Wisconsin researchers reported they discovered the insecticidal value of the compound, two - phenylisothiocy- anate when they observed that vinegar flies placed in jars of mashed raw turnips died. , The insecticide reportedly is effective against houseflies, aphids, Mexican bean beetles, German cockroaches and mites. Colored Concrete Could Dress UpYour Out door Living MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Concrete is a good durable material for patios, drives and basement floors. But you may grow tired of its uniformly gray.color. Concrete can be colored while being installed or much later. In new construction, the color in the form of a dry powder can be mixed with the concrete before pouring. Use only materials intended expressly for this purpose. Coloring materials are a- vailaMe at paint stores or building supply firms. Mixed Dry The powder is mixed with other dry ingredients before water is added. Dry materials should be mixed until they are uniform in color. WHEN LAYING COLORED CONCRETE- POUR BASE PATCH -UNCOLORED- FIRST ROUGHEN SURFACE WITH BROOM ADD COLORED BATCH WHILE FIRST IS STILL WET FOR BOND It is difficult to determine the resulting color without trying out the mixture in small batches first. Measure, your proportions very carefully and make a note of them. Make some small sample blocks and allow them to cure slowly and dry thoroughly. Then judge the color. Save Money B.ather than color the whole batch of concrete, you can save money by coloring only enough for a layer about an inch thick. You will have to mix and pour two separate batches. Pour the base and roughen the surface with a broom. Allow ..to .set until surface water has gone. Then apply the lopping. The base should still be soft enough for bonding. The above methods are fine if you mix your own concrete. But let's say that you have contracted YOU TOO CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN Include Zinn 'Manufacturing Co. Built-in Cabinet: in your new home or remodeling plans. • Custom Bank Fixtures • Kitchen Cabinets • 'Restaurant Fixtures I Dealers for: Tappan Appliances Hotpoint Appliances Magic Chef Appliances Formica ZINN MANUFACTURING CO. Flora, Ind. George Burnham (Salesman) Phone 967-4177 Phone 967-4384 QUALITY ^ QUANTITY if SERVICE Free Estimates On Your Order Radio Dispatched Ready-Mix Fleet PHONE 3420 HEDDE 2 Mi. West On U. S. 24 Comforfob/y EVERY ROOM COCML GENERAL ELECTRIC for as little as A MONTH WITH WHOLE HOUSE AIR CONDITIONING CAilA US TODAY! OORE "n ANAGE *» ; RIMMINS IWAWNE 6th & Michiga Phone 4426 Is your home only HALF- CLEAN? This spring when you do your housecleaning .. make sure the other half is clean, too! Have your heating system cleaned by. . . ' HOLLAND FURNACE CO. 5th and E. Market Phone 3887 for a cement mixer to come in and drop a load of concrete. If you are doing the finishing, you can still work color into the wet material by sprinkling the coloring powder on top of the material as soon as it is firm enough to support boards for you to kneel on. Dust the 'powder on the surface as evenly as possible. Then work in with a wood float, then with a Steel trowel. Work lightly with the steel trower, or you will bring lime to the surface which will discolor it. 1 Staining and painting are methods used on older concrete. Clean Surface With either of the latter meth. ods, you will have to make sure the surfaces are elea<n. Use a detergent to remove stains. In stubborn cases use lye, but haudle it carefully and rinse thoroughly. Wear rubber gloves, boots and goggles. Apply finish when surface is dry. Use a concrete stain, not wood stain. Apply according to directions: Remember that color intensity is determined by the amount of penetration, so brush out smoothly. Don't allow puddles to form. Most stains require more than one coat plus a finish coat. Use paints that are designed for cement surfaces. do-it-yourself materials. Theu' con ;inued popularity is due to their ease of application, even by those who find other handyman chores :oo different to tackle. Here are some facts about the setter-known varieties of resili' ent floor tiles: ASPHALT — Low in cost and wears well. Can be used in belowground levels and on concrete sur [aces. Shouldi not 1 be used outdoors where there are tempera ,ure extremes. Must not be cleaned or polished with any product containing oils or solvents. Spec ial types of asphalt tile are grease-proof. VINYL - Flexible and durable. Resistant to acids, grease, oil and stains. Comes in a wide variety of sparkling colors. Most manufacturers recommend occasional waxing for appearance and protection. RUBBER—Also flexible. Easy to walk on and virtually noiseless. Resistant to acids and most stains. Almost slip-proof. Should not be cleaned or polished with products containing solvents. Inclined to fade when exposed continuously to Population of Canada's Quebec province is estimated at 5,280,000, Read the Want Ads! Carrier Weathermakers For Year Round Comfort • Heating • Cooling Electronic Air Cleaners Automatic Humidifiers and Dcliiimidificrs Th« Comfort of Your Honu If Our Concarn. You can BUY Comfort for your Homo ... Probably for much Liu than You Think. l«t Ut Tell You HOW MUCH LESS. SHAW'S AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Our R«comm«ndaHon "30 yri. Experianca; 20 yri. !n th« businoti; Oldait Firm of Our Kind In logansport." It S, fltK ON THE HOUSE By ANDY LANG . bright sunlight. Resilent floor tiles continue to | CORK—Easy to walk on. Has a rank high on the list of best-sei'ing I luxurious appearance. Excessive Here's The Answer By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures QUESTION: We have just bought a summer cottage. To prevent the trouble a neighbor 01 ours had last year, we want to know how to drain the water from the pipes when the summer is over. Is this something we can d( ourselves or should we hire a plumber to do it? ANSWER: Many persons do the draining themselves, but there is no doubt that it is better lo hire a plumber. Sometimes you think you have all the water out of the pipes, only to find out later, re gretfully, that some water hai not been drained. A plumber uses a force pum[ to be certain all the water is oul All water in traps under fixture must be siphoned out. Another method, is 1 to fill the traps wit! glycerine. This anti-freeze aU' should be poured into other places where water might be trapped such as the bathroom bowl. PLANNING TO REMODEL YOUR • BATH • KITCHEN OR HEATING SYSTEM CALL US FOR ESTIMATE H.R.DIETZE Wumbing A Heating 34W M. Git K«l your building mltr!* dtiltr — or writ* dirtctto — ABESTO Mra. cAbesto I CARTER'S CONCRETE BLOCK PLANT, INC. LOGANSPORT PLANT 4 miles west on Hwy. 24 PHONE 3267 Monticello Yard Phono JU.tic* 583-7811 us« of water should be avoided, or may not be waxed. Pene- tra:ting floor sealer sometimes recommended for easier maintenance. LINOLEUM—Economical and eaity to apply. Available in a wide •aiige of colors and patterns. Should not be varnished or lacquered. In laying any kind of floor tiles, K/fael-ffaMe* ALL-PURPOSE SUBURBAN TRACTOR Dow every Job easier— mowing, "king, plowing, hauling. All-geur drive that's fun to run. 22 optional •inching tools. TEST DRIVK WHEEL HORSE NOW! HOLLY'S f LAWN AND GARDEN V4 Mire North en Old Michigan Road Phonft 2847 you can hardly go wrong unless you disregard the manufacturer's instructions regarding the application of (he adhesive. It makes a difference how much adhesive is applied and how long the manufacturer tells you lo wait before placing the tiles on the adhesive. The most common mistake of the amateur is lo apply too much adhesive, which later will result in a seepage through the tile joints. Aside from- that, putting down floor tiles is easy. Fix Up Your Home For Spring every type . . . !«t our We have floor coverings of trained staff help you te- lect the right color . . . the right type ... the right design for the room you'll use it in. Call For Estimate Partridge Floor Coverings 509 E. Market Phone 3905 ASPHALT FREE ESTIMATES PROMPT SE R VKE STREETS - ROADS - PARKING AREAS - DRIVEWAYS ENGINEERING ASPHALT CORP. L Phone 5506 or 2657 Your Plumbing Contractor Will install this new KOHLER BATHROOM in your home.... for less than you think! CAYUGA CLOSET easy to dear* and dean under CHESAPEAKE LAVATORY extra wide and roomy DYNAMETRiC BATH styled for comfort and beatify Made from the finest materials, oil Kohfer fixtures and fittings am of first qualify. Sice* and styles range from budget sets to more elaborate ensembles. ON 'DISPLAY IN OUR SHOW 'ROOM Gall your plumbing contractor for a free estimate BAKER SPECIALTY & SUPPLY CO., WC. DI'S'TRmUiTORiS

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