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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 31
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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 31

Daily Newsi
New York, New York
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SUNDAY NEWS, MARCH 9, 1958 31 MM f3 i i si. I I 1 Is" A long, seemingly profound scientific dissertation on the properties of matter also came in the mail. One urgent request came in for more data on "the phenomena Jimmy holds flying horse which shattered on its mystifying solo. Before him on table are fragments of sugar bowl and status) which somehow hurled themselves against walls. Young Hermann, who is an honor student in junior high, has been under suspicion among amateur detectives.

But police say he is blameless which you have experienced." The information was to be sent to Chief E-f on-toh-noh-watha. Spooknik Orbit Dotted line (A.) path of figurine which loomed from table to secretary desk, gouging nick that Jimmy Herrmann points out. Companion figurine later followed same path and apparently "exploded" before striking, for it peppered desk with more than 60 scars K. Pieces lie on floor. subterranean streams beneath the Herrmann house.

Rioflir V.iAar'a tVtfnrv tbat Offers of assistance have poured in from public relations consultants, a man who can tip tables without touching them, Kovpral inmatpsi of mental hos a recharge basin, or small reser pitals, a number of flying saucer voir, about a mile or tne Herrmann house is transmitting energy waves perhaps released by the supersonic vibrations of low-flying jet planes. (Mitchel Air Force Base is only three miles away.) ing "a kind of rumbling" at ths instant of some, but not all, events. Still, how can an underground shake, which does rtot otherwise affect the house, mov 75 pounds? And why is the Herrmann house the only one affected? (Police have received no other flying-objects complaints.) And what of the uncorking and uncapping of bottles, the original Herrmann affliction? "I thought I had a solution when a bottle of holy water went over on its side and the top unscrewed," says Herrmann. "The bottle was warm and the water wa3 warm. My idea was that some Zider thinks it is possible tnat the supersonic of maybe subsonic vibrations are carried along the streams and erupt, with incredible force, beneath the Herrmanns' house.

The energy has to go some place, he savs. fans and three real estate agents who would like to sell the house for the Herrmanns. Herrmann has received a sizable library of books on the occult, including several tracts calling on the damned to denounce Satan. He has also been informed that $125 worth of bonds are hidden in his house. A clairvoyant volunteered this tip.

-Queen Mysikitta sa Sennta dropped by to offer her help. She left her card, which is green and transparent. An upstate lawyer made a 500-mile round trip just to talk to Herrmann for 10 minutes. THE tall, somewhat haunted-looking recipient of all this attention shrugs and shakes his head. "There's some natural force causing this," Herrmann insists.

A devout Catholic, he dismisses the occult as nonsense. Because holy water bottles have tumbled and a statue of the Virgin Mary has flown across his bedroom, suggestions have been made that a priest be called to exorcise the devil. A discreet inquiry was made along these lines, but the solemn ceremony of exorcisation is rarely performed, and never in such circumstances as the Sea-ford case. Army, Navy, Air Force Won't Hunt for Spook Herrmann, a captain in the auxiliary police, has done some detective work of his own on the case. And when he talks about it, he speaks angrily: "This country's full of nlf-made claims adjusters.

The Navy, the Air Force, the Army everybody says the same thing, right away: 'We're not No investigation. No cooperation. Nothing. "Don't we have scientists in this country? Doesn't anyone want to find out why things like this happen?" One man who does is Robert E. Zider, a technical specialist in high energy particles acceleration.

He is a member of a group which is building a 35-billion-volt synchrotron at the AEC's Brook-haven Laboratory. Strictly on his own, with the aid of a dowsing stick (which he sheepishly admits is not exactly a scientific instrument); Zider says ha discovered He has also shoun that the paths of his dowser spotted streams coincide with the flight patterns of the hurtling objects. (Herrmann confirms that he didn't give Zider the lines of flight taken by objects in the house until after Zider concluded his charting of hidden underground streams.) At least Zider's theory is based on scientific reasoning. Herrmann would like nothing better than to have someone attempt to prove it, perhaps with devices oil exploration firms use to manufacture "little earthquakes." These man-made subterranean shock waves, which can be charted, might give investigators a picture of just what is under the Herrmann house. The police investigation has narrowed to a search for some unusual to say the least feature in either the construction or foundation of the house.

One possibility is that the house is undergoing some kind of stress which produces propelling power, much as a rubber band does when it is stretched and suddenly released. A few of Herrmann's correspondents have strayed close to this same idea. But he isn't going to take them up on their suggestions. "Everybody else is nuts," said one. "Your house is tilted.

Put in a pipe and let out the pressure." Another construction wizard, who diagnosed the trouble from afar, believes something is wrong with the steel beams. To prove it, he asked Herrmann to please mail him one of the beams. The theory of stress or earth faults would account for the upward thrust of relatively light objects. (Their "flight" would actually be their downward curve to the floor in obedience to the pull of gravity.) But there has been no discernible trembling of the house. Mrs.

Herrmanl reported Rear high frequency beam could hava warmed the water, maybe building up enough pressure to pop th cap. Perhaps the cap was loosened by vibrations. "But, like everything els His voice trailed off. A COMPLETE Jog showing the date, time and type of object, has been kept on each incident. The number of persons in the house and where they were at the time are also recorded.

Tozzi and Herrmann have gone over this log time and again, but they can find no pattern. Nothing Goes Flying Yfhen Family's Asleep Things have bounced, bounded, flown or crashed as early as 7:15 A.M. and as late as midnight. As far as the Herrmanns know, nothing has happened when the whole family was bedded down, but there have been incidents when only the children were asleep. A period of quiet came during the 48-hour period the family stayed with friends.

At the suggestion of a Massachusetts woman, a cap was put on the chimney and, for a couple of days, the Herrmanns thought they had solved their problem. But the longest stretch of peace they rave had since Feb. 3 was four days. And the investigation goes on. Tozzi pounces on every scrap of infoimation, every suggestion.

Such ashe one which told knowingly about the involvement of "garden angles" in cases of this kind. Tozzi pondered this on until he came up with a solution: the writer was talking about guardian angels. The mail still keeps coming in. Most of it contains well meaning suggestions- But one stranger felt it his duty to report: "I know of a case something like yours. The climax cam 'when icy fingers tried to choke them Herrmann's patience is wafer-thin by this time.

Ha has instructed his wife not to stay in the house alone, and the kids are under orders to freeze when they hear a crash in the house. Mrs. Herrmann, a registered nurse, has held up well. A meticulous housewife, the smashing of treasured belongings has unnerved her. But she is too sensible to panic.

Like her husband, the doesn't even think about abandoning their home, which they moved into when it was new, in August, 1952. "Why has this happened to us I We're a close-knit, affectionate family," she says. She's proud of Lucille, a pert-looking ninth grader at Seaford Junior-Senior High School, and Jimmy, an honor student in the seventh grade there. Jimmy's Unperturbed By Poltergeist Fans Jimmy, who is currently reading Secret of Saturn's Ring," is aware that he has been under suspicion (strictly unofficial). But he is chipper and apparently fuses to concede that any weird occurrences frighten him.

Lucille, a rock-and-roll fan, was naturally upset by the destruction of the phonograph in the rumpus room. Now, though, she spins her records in the dining room, which is less soundproof. Somewhere around Long Island la a little girl who seems envious of Lucille. The girl phoned it was a local call a few days ago and reported that her avorit leprechaun, O'Leary, her just around the time the Herrmanns' ordeal began. The anonymous tipster was sure that O'Leary was practicing his craft at the Herrmanns' because he isn't around her house tying her pigtails in knots any more.

Many of the people who have written to the Herrmanns often with no more of an address than "Haunted House, Long Island" are fascinated by the idea that some unknown force can unscrew caps from bottles. A few days after this phenomenon was first reported, a Texan wrote to say he was sending along a bottle which he hasn't been able to uncap for four years. Would the Herrmanns please keep it in t'eir house for a few days, to if it'll be opened? And if the ghost obliges, will they seal it with paraffin and send it back? The bottle hasn't arrived yet, and the Herrmanns aren't disappointed. The Herrmanns have also heard from the research director of a packaging firm who is professionally interested in what he sees as a revolutionary cap-unscrewing technique. Another writer tried to comfort them by confiding, "I have had the same experience with Canadian whisky corks." A temperance leader warned: "Wood alcohol is the dwelling place of certain evil spirits.

Those who, indulge in it become possessed of those spirits.".

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