The Pall Mall Gazette from London,  on March 8, 1870 · 8
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The Pall Mall Gazette from London, · 8

London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1870
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Evening Edition; PALL MALL GAZETTE, TUESDAY, WAXOrj 8 MILITARY DISCOUNT BANK, 29, Duke-street, St. James's, S.W.,, . Makes cash advances to noblemen, officers in the array, and gentlemen of property, at usual rates on marteteble and other lecurities, freeholds, copyholds, and .feSfand BiUs discounted, accounts opened with regiments, firms, ana inlll applications to be mejMy orJy ORTGAGEl-Mes.srs. HENRY SALTER and CO Mortgage Brokers, are prepared to APPOIN i additional c6rReIp5nDENTS in proviiieial tovns and districts Bank managers, surveyors, accountants, and otnergen tlemen in communication with owners of property wiU hnd this aceucv valuable and often of considerable service to their clients Tetadsto which Messrs. Salter and Co. have access for loans on landed estates, life interests, reversions house property rates of towns or districts, &c are practically uu-ES and they are always in a position to arrange mortgages at the lowest current rates. No preliminary chaes are made. Every information on application.-ll, Pancras-lane, London, E.G., Feb. 1870. DIVIDENDS 5 and 10 to 20 PER CENT. For Safe and Profitable Investments, Read SHARP'S INVESTMENT CIRCULAR (post free). The March Number ready. Capitalists, Shareholders, Investors, TRUSTfES, will find the above circular a safe, valuable, and reliable guide. Messrs. Sharp & Co., Share Brokers, 33, Poultry, London, E.U ONEY.20 to 800 Lent on Furniture at a Day's Notice. . Advantages offered :-Free use of furniture, a fixed and moderate interest, easy repayments extending over a long term (if desired), avoidance of publicity or sureties are So preliminary charges (no unfairprofit being sought), and the interest covers aE expenses.-Apply (personaUy only) at Estate Offices, 2, Southampton-street, Strand. Advances also on leases, life policies, and dock warrants. ONEY to LEND at 5 per cent., with Life Assurance, on real or good personal . security . bales of Reversions, Life Interests ...'S: Apply to D. MacGillivray, F.I.A. andl.S.S., 39a, Moorgate street. ASH .10 and upwards ADVANCED at a day's notice upon the note of hand alone of gentlemen holding business appointments. No charge unless the money is advanced, as no inquiries will be made Lorn Inn and suburbs only CITY INVESTMENT AND ADVANCE COM1ANV, St. Clement's House, Clement' s-lane, EX.. MONEY promptly ADVANCED on personal or available security. A moderate interest. R Wl? by instalments. No preliminary fees. REAL and PERSONAL ADVANCE COMPANY (Limited), 3, Tavistock - street, Covent-garden, and 14, Southampton-row, Bloomsbury.--P. J. HARVEY, Sec. CRYSTAL PALACE ROYAL HOTEL. Facing the Crystal Palace, and close to the Railway Stations, from which all parts' of London can be easily reached. A most dusi-.nV.lo TauUnnr-p fnv Winter Sen-son. rrO THE WEALTHY AND BENEVOtpvo, JL Young Married Man, who has become involved t' extent which is for him hopeless, wishes to ' BORROW security, the sum of 150, for three to four years at mn!fU!11 interest. He has held a respectable position for omc : and will gladly give full particulars in confidence' a. iiarV I. B., Post Otlice, Coleman-street, U.C. ' A(i"esl1 BOARD and RESIDENCE is offered to a GentT" or Two Friends, engaged during the day, in the h Jr Si a widow lady residing at Shepherd s-bush, near 3Iet-Sc''' Railway. Address, A B Dell s l ost Office, St att&s race, New-road, Shepherd's-bush, W. 'fc. A in Paris), music, singing, rtmjmciua. urawmg, anucaUthVT 1 c7.,, y,at minimi. Good rcfereneiK Y c.:.,.11'. brary, 86, Wigmore-sweet. ESIDENT GOVERNESS. -A Lady, 'oE Jistaousneu umiui, "s luamuuia rami ic tinction. ,1011, UCSUC& ii .,-i... l. ;li.uu 'qiureii'.iji: English, French, German, music, and singing. til)e-a t required. E., Mr. Fores's, 12, South Audley-strcct. R ESIDENT GOVERNESS. A Lady, experien i Tuition, desires a RE-ENGAGEMENT ina liowi.;.? 11 . ifumilv bii.vinir a reference of six years. Acniiirim..n," 7' "' lish, French, Italian, and Music. Church lJrincijic1 &Y wishes for three Pupils, from nine years of age and unwi-.C' f Address L. L., Hoddcsdon, Herts. ' G OVERNESS. The Friends of a Youmj LadVfc. '' T leaving school are desirous of obtaining for her a tion in a family where the children are under ten ycarso'f She is in her seventeenth year, ami capable of instraeti.? ' English, French, music, singing, and drawing. She isa'ai'' ' and conscientious. Address, "Alpha," 31, Manor-road Ei'.f Lewisbam High-road, S.E. ' LADY'S MAID or Young Ladies' Maid. Good hi. dresser, dressmaker, and milliner. Not been oat bet. Good reference to house of business. E, II,, i;av.ili.r'! 30, Davies-street, Berkeley-square. WANTED, by an experienced and superior Person s situation in a good family as LADY'S MAID. Rtf. understands her duties, and has travelled abroad. Age,:' Most satisfactory references. C, at Miss Loekie's, Cos-dressmaker, 20, North Audley-street, Grosvenor-square, W, " A S BUTLER, or INDOOR SFyRVANhorugV by a respectable man, age thirty-one. Marric;i tj family. D., Post-office, Stafford. AS INDOOR SERVANT. Knows how to serve well 2t table ; willing to make himself generally useful. No objection to a situation as under cook ; perfect in pastry baser:. Good character. A. K. R., Post-office, Cannon-street, (Joi . mercial-road East. CLERGYMAN wishes to RECOMMEND I Young Alan (now in his service), as VALET or FOOTMAN and VALET, to any gentleman requiring the atte ndaro: of an active, respectable Young Man, who understand-; ;L, duties of such a situation. Has travelled with a for, master. Address Rev. J. P., 30, Old Bond-street, London. AS UPPER HOUSEMAID, or single-handed, wfe; Footman or Parlour-maid is kept; town or country; good character. W. C, Laburnum Cottage, Hornsey-road S UNDER HOUSEMAID, in a Gentleman Family, a person from the country, with a gcci character. Address E. H., 66, Bexley-street, Windsor, GARDENER (Head), or good Second, Single. Age 26 ; total abstainer ; good character. AddiK A. B., Drysdale, Stationer, Brixton-hill. GARDENER (Married), age thirty-five, practical . persevering, useful to lady or gentleman rcquirir.; head man at country residence to manage garden, grass lani, and stoclc. Twelve months' good character. S. W, IV.- . office, Hornsey-road, N. AS ATTENDANT to a GKXTLEMAN of in!im ; health or habits. Has had great experience, is glv penman, and speaks English, German, and Spanish. No objection to travelling. -W. It., US, Camion-strect-mil, (Jo;: mercial-road Enst. O "CLU B -H O USES AND HO T E LS, HILL AND ROGERS beg to call attention to their unequalled style ef ; GETTING UP TABLE-LINEN , in the highest style of finish without the aid of caomav, . also every description of Household Linen in any qur.i.ty, r. eluding Blankets, Counterpanes, Lace, and lrfjno Ccaus .. which are done equal to new, and returned on the shores BEULAH LAUNDRY AND SCOURING WORKS 254, South Lambktii-uoad near btockwell). HALFORD'S WHEATEN PERISTALTIC BISCUITS, 14, Down-street, Piccadilly, W. For invalid; persons of sedentary habit's, children, and all sufferers fr indigestion. Sold in boxes, plain or sweetened, Is. each.-Ses Medical Times and Gazette of December 25, 1S69. RYSTAL PALACE PERFECT BROYN OK BLACK HAIR-DYE, in cases from Is. 6d. to 2is. Inventor of the Crystal Palace Marking Ink Pedestal ; Proprietor of the llmjal fndelible. Each in bottles at 6d. and Is. See each label has the words, "Prepared by the Daughter o? the late John Bond." Trademark, Crystal Palace. Won;! 75, Southgate-road, London, N. OES YOUR HAIR TURN GRAY ' Then use HERRING'S PATENT MAGNETIC BRUSHES an.l COMBS. Brushes, 10s. and las. each ; combs, 2s. tSd. to Bk each. Pamphlets upon application. Depots, 5, Great Maw.-borough-street, W. ; 93 and 90, Citv-road, E.C, andalliwr-turners. rrHE HAliT "COLOUR REGENERATOR is the JL original preparation for restoring colour to hair that lu become gray from illness, change of climate, or any preffiauirc cause, m bottles at Vs. (u., i-s. uu., ami sjs. wkd, CHARLES BOND, human hair cultivator, onpoaW Marble Arch, Oxford-street, W. tin DINNEFORD'S FLUID MAGNESIA, the Best Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Heartburn, Headache, Gout, and Indigestion ; and as a Mild Aperient I'.: Delicate Constitutions, Ladies, Children, and Infants. DINNEFORD and CO., 172, New Bond-street, London, and of all Chemists. M "uRIATe" "OF AMMONIA LOZENGES. It Bottles, 2s. Useful for Bronchitis, by loosening V phlegm, and preventing violent fits of coughing. I', and P. W. SijUlRE, Chemists on the Establishment in Ordinary to THE (JUEEN (Cazottod August 8th, Ih37 December 31st, 1807), 277, OXFOKD-STKBKT, LONDON. niHE VOICE! THE VOICE! Price'8 Ked I Currant and French Rose Lozenges. Testiimni'-from the risiny Baritone : " I find your Lozenges in1? strengthening to the voice than any others I have yettrioj-They relieve hoarseness and relaxed throat in a roir.iuk and agreeable' manner." R. Lansmero. Prepared by PRICE, Chemist, 2, Lower Seymour-street, London, Per post 12 stamps. G A L V AS I S M. PULVERMAC!II'S' f MONTHLY RECORD of Authenticated Ccrei Painful IVrrilifcittiw lOvli-iiimir A ll'.i.-fr.iiviv 1)V Patent Perfected Self-Applicable Electric Cliia-p : and Batteries, may be had GRATIS on appii'-dw" J the Sole Inventor and Patentee, J. L. i'CuV;;; MACHER, 200, f.nt-stueet, London, W. Absent gratis if required. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, in use 70 years for INDIGESTION. In boxes at Is. ljd.', 2s. ad., 4s. 6d amlHs. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, in use the last 70 years for BILIOUS AFFECTIONS. , In boxes at Is. lid.. 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. INDlGESTION7BE7K"ELETj September 3, Gentlemen-I f eel it a duty I owe to you to express gratitude for the great benefit I have derived from ta ' Norton's Camomile Mis.' For a length of tune 1 suau excruciating pain from indigestion and wind in the st oru . . having tided nearly every remedy without deriving anv i xjj ' at all, but after taking two bottles of your valuable pill? i quite restored to my usual state of health. Please give i publicity for the benefit of iiose who may thus be aimu I am, gentlemen, yours truly, Henry Allpass. Io tac v priotors of 'Norton's Camomile Pills.'" C02MFnON7"WASTINGr, IMPE Rl'EO 1 DIGESTION AND ASSIMILATION'. M , SAVORY and MOORE'S PANCItKATIC KMblWNjW PANCREATINE are the most potent remedial agent. '-( are the only remedies yet known for ctfecting the diges''. Cod Liver Oil, and preventing uau.-ca when taking 111 -e they also efficiently supply the place of the oil wneii ' -stomach cannot tolerate it. These facts are now tho published records of numerous medical men, 0N 0jV from which, accompany each bottle, price from s- t0 'i SAVORY mid MOUKI-., M:i, Ni;w Bo.vd-stiibist, London, all Chemists. . , .j Note. Savory aud Moore's name and trade man-, on - bottle. - I"N.ui:iUTED WEAKNESS AND DEiULl'v; This subject is popularly treated in UYI'OG.VSliviA. new work bv Mr. Harry l.obb, M.R.C.S.E-, He., Electrician. Post free 2s. 61. Contents Weauiic- :, mering, Spinal Debility, anil Irritation, Loss ot .1 one, -vous Exhaustion, &c. To bo obtained at 31, Saekvjho-irl- Piccadilly, W. . Printed and Published by Richard Lamiiert, at the Otli 2, Northumberland-street, Strand, in the Parish . Martin's-in-the-Fieldi-, London.-T'UE-SDAY, March S, A LADY desires a RE-ENGAGEMENT GOVERNESS. She teaches English, French fa,: ! MIDDLE-CLASS SCHOOLS CORPORATION. Notice is hereby giy .that XftING of engagementof the Lord Mayor, the ANNUAL MEEilNG ot this Corporation will be held on FRIDAY, March 11, msteadof THURSDAY, March 10, Hon. Sec. ' 7, East India-avenue,' E. C. ECHNICALlEDUCATION.-The Worshipful Company of Conchmakers and Coach Harness Makers of 1 lie City of London offer for the year WQmo mU to persons engaged in the trade of Coaehinaking, being masters, foremen, journeymen, or apprentices: For Freehand f 1st prize, the Company's Silver Medal. Drawing ... 1 2nd prize, the Company s Bronze Medal. For Practical ) 1st prize, the Company s Silver Medal. Mechanics.. 2nd prize, the Company s Bronze Medal. The award will be made by the Science and Art Department, SThe pTforS has been won by Jeremiah Mullins, aged 19, Coach Painter, now a Student m .the School of Art , at Cork, Ireland. Byorder, GEO. W. tMmB KITCHEN REQUISITES (including Brushes ana Turnery).-WILL1AM S. BURTON has every article for the Furnishing of Kitchens arranged m four sets, each s. d. d. s. d. : s. Kitchen Utensils Brushes and Turnery suit 73 If. 0, 3 10 10 12 5 3 19 1x7 1 7 15 9 10 0 0 3 16 Total '90 19 7'39 13 8"l8ia 5l7 0 65- 1. Suitable for any Mansion. 13. Suitable for small Houses. 2. Do. good class Houses. 1 4. Do. Smallest Do. Any single article may be had at the same price quoted for it in the dilf crent lists. , : William S. Burton, Furnishing Ironmonger, by appointment to his Royal Highness thel'nnce of Wales sends aCata-W contoiningupwards of 700 Illustrations of hrs unrivalled Stock with lists of prices and plans of the 20 large show-rooms, post free!-39, Oxford-street, W., 1, 1a, 2 3, and 4, Newman-street ; 4, 5, andb', Perry's-place, and 1, Newman-yard. LMER and SON'S EASY CHAIRS, COUCHES, JC and SOFAS, celebrated for upwards of 40 years for their ce and comfort ; 300 different shapes, of the best quality, on vTew and ready for immediate delivery, at their extensive KmrScSes, Nos 31 and-32, B-SmEET, Oxford-street, W. Every article marked in plain figures. An Illustrated Catalogue post free. ILMER and SON beg respectfully to inform their numerous patrons and the. public that their new Show Rooms are now complete, haying been redecorated and e-nrranced with the most varied and extensive Stock .of i mm-tirffn the United Kingdom The spacious Gj qmw TinmTiR cover an acre of ground m extent, anu every SttcTeSStodtaiflSn figures." 31 and 32, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London, W. rfTHE BELGRAVE OTTOMAN, forming instantly I an elegant centre ottoman or four luxurious easy chairs at pleasure A most convenient article for small rooms, and ING COMPANY only, 12, Sloane-street. INDOW CURTAINS AND BED HANGINGS. G DIACK, 212 and 213, Oxford-street, W., invites attention to his magnificent collection of Bod and Window Hangings. His stock comprises the best fabrics of Lyons and Spitalfields Silk, consisting of Silk Damasks, Terrys, Reps, and Brocatollcs, &a. Prices unprecedentedly low. Utrecht and Rheims Velvets, Wool Damasks and Reps, Cretonnes, French and English Chintzes, &c. Patterns and drawings forwarded. EUOND-HAND DRAWING-ROOM SUITE of real Italian walnut, comprising a beautiful stuffed couch, two easy and six small chairs in rich green damask, elegant chiffonniere with plate-glass back and three doors, noble chimney glass in carved gilt frame, large oval inlaid table on massive pillar and claws, unique four-tier whatnot, inlaid occasional table and two willow-seat chairs. Price 22 guineas, a great bargain, the owner having to leave town. On view at R. BOWMAN and CO.'S, Upholsterers, 97, Fuliiam-road, BROMriON, S.W. . GAS HOT-WATER BATH, new pattern, round end, 13; oblong, .13 13s. DEANE and Co.'s improved GAS BATHS require no hue and can be heated in thirty-hve minutes. Engravings free by post. Baths for all domestic purposes, well finished, strong, and durable. Bath-rooms fi tted complete DEANE and CO., 46 King William-street, London-bridge. Established a.d. 1700. BROWN and GRBEKTS KITCHEN RANGES, with Close or Open Fire, roast in front, and are unsurpassed for economy, cleanliness, general convenience, heating baths, and the cure of smoky chimneys. Prine Medals: London, Dublin, and Paris. 72, Bishopsgate, and 447, Strand INNER, DESSERT, BREAKFAST, TEA, AND TOILET SERVICES. Cut Table Glass op Every Description. The Stock consists of the newest and best patterns, selected with much care, and is admirably suited for parties furnishing to choose from. Ornamental Goods, combining novelty with beauty. First-class quality superior taste low prices. ALFRED B. PEARCE, X), Ludgate-Hill, E.C. Established 1070. AMILIES REMOVING or WAREHOUSING FURNITURE, Ssc, can, by applying to the Manager of the BEDFORD PANTECHNICON CO. (Limited), 194, Totxen-ham-court-road, obtain estimates for either purpose, which will be found to bear favourable comparison with the terms offered by any similar establishment. SLER'S CRYSTAL GLASS CHANDELIERS. Wall Lights and Lustres for Gas and Candles. CHANDELIERS IN BRONZE AND ORMOLU, MODERATOR LAMPS AND LAMPS FOR INDIA TABLE GLASS of all kinds. ORNAMENTAL GLASS, English and Foreign. Mess, Export, and Furnishing Orders promptly executed. All articles marked in plain figures. LONDON. Show Rooms, 45, Oxford-street, W. BIRMINGHAM.-M'anufactory and Show-Rooms, Broad-street. Established 1807. IRON WINE BINS ITAEBOW AND JACKSON, . Wine and Spirit Merchants' Engineers, Manufacturers of Iron Wine Bins, Bar-fittings for Spirit Stores, Sealing wax, and every article required for Wine, from the Press to crush the Grapes to the Decanting Machine for the Table, 18, Great Tower-street; S, Haymarket; and No. E8, Manscll-street, London, and 23, Rue du Pont Neuf, (between the Rue de Rivoli and the Rue St. Honori), Paris. French Wine Bins open, 12s., locking up, 27s. per 100 bottles. COAL. GEORGE J. COCKERELL and COMPANY, Established 1833-Best Coals only. -Cash 2tis. -G. J. C. and Co. sell no other than the best Wall's-end coals, which they import direct from the pits both by sea and rail For domestic purposes these coals are the cleanest, the most durable, and the cheapest in the end, whether for the dining-room, for the drawing-room, or for the kitchen. Vendors to Her Majesty, H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, andH.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh. 13, Cornhill; Eaton Wharf, Pimlico (Office next to the Grosvenor Hotel) ; Purfleet-wharf, Earl-street, BlackfriarB ; Sunderland-wharf, Peckham ; Durham-wharf, Wandsworth (office 106, High-street) ; aLso at Brighton, at local prices. Caution. G. J. C. and Co. employ no agents elsewhere entitled to use their name. . COALS. CLAY CROSS COMPANY supply direct from their Collieries at Clay Cross the bestj equal to Wallsend, at 23s. per ton ; seconds, 20s. Cash on delivery. Orders to chief office, 12, Burwood-place, Edgware-road, W. COALS.-TOHN BRYAN and Come-Elirwharf, Vauxhall, S. Best Hetton's Wall's-end, 2tis. per ton; best Newcastle, 24s. : Silkstone, 22s. Arrangements have been made for large supplies of this famous inland coal. Derby, 21s. Delivered at Clapham, Brixton, Streatham, Dulwich, Wandsworth, Peckham, Belgravia, Kensington, or-any part of London, at a short notice. Coke 14s. Cash prices. OAL. HERBERT CLARKE. Orders should be addressed to him by his name in full to the Great Northern Railway, King's-cross, or Holloway, or Clapham Station, L. C. and D. Railway : Lambton Wallsend, 26s.; Wallsend, 25s. ; H. C. Silkstone, 24s. ; Silkstone Hard, 22s. ; Cooper's Silkstone, 23s. ; Double Diamond, 23s. ; Black Shale, 23s. ; Hard House, 23s. ; Barnsley, 20s. ; Derby, 21s. ; Kitchen, 18s. ; Large Cobbles, lb's. o'd. ; Hard Stoam, 18s. ; Baker's Coal, 18s. ; Nuts, 16s. ; Coke, 12s. per 10 sacks. Welsh, &c. COALS, 17s. 6d., kitchen ; Derby, 19s. 6d. ; best Silkstone, 23s. ; best Main, 24s. ; best Staffordshire, 24s. only. Best coke, 12s. per 10 sacks. Allowed on two tons, Is. per ton; Derby and kitchen, Ud.-C. S. HUBBARD, 59, Albany-street, Regent's-park, or No. 13, Wigmore-street. Caution. Mr. C. S. Hubbard has no agents. COALS. Every man his own coal merchant, saving 10 per cent. Best Stewart's Wall's-end, as supplied to her Majesty, cleanest burning, and most durable of any, 25s. cash ; best Old Silkstone, large, hand-picked, 211s. ; hard Silkstone, 22s. ; best Derby, 21s. Discountls. per ton on andabove two tons-STEWART'S COLLIERY COMPANY, 202, City-road, E.C. Delivered free. SAVE HALF YOUR COALS and Cure your Smoky Chimneys by using the PATENT AMERICAN KITCHENER, which can be seen in operation daily at the COLUMBIAN STOVE COMPANY'S SOLE WAREHOUSE, 155, ClIEAT'SiDE, E.C. Prospectus free. HORSE and CATTLE KEEP. Deasicated Grains, t per ton, 0 15s. in two-ton lots. Fifth season. Universally acknowledged tho best and cheapest food for horses, cattle, and sheep. Dr. Voelcker's analysis (showing over 75 per cent of real food), and testimonials, on application MILBURN and CO. (Limited), 76, Church-lane, White-chapel. mHORLEY'S HORSE and CATTLE SPICE will JL Coax tho Appetite when all other compounds have failed. In Penny Packets only. To bo had of all Cora Chandlers "in London, and of all Grocers, Druggists, and Corn Dealers in the Country. COCOA for CATTLE and HORSES, One Halfpenny per feed ; Seventy feeds sent with directions for use on receipt of 3s. Agents wanted where not already represented. Cocoa Cattle Food Company, 72, Mark-laue, E.C. NEW NOVEL BY THE AUTHOR OF " JOHN HALIFAX. " Now ready, at all the Libraries, in 3 vols., A BRAVE LADY. By the Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman." Hurst and Blackett, Publishers, 13, Great Marlborough-street. DEl)ICMiDBY"PERMISSION TO THE QUEEN. Fifth Edition, now ready, in 8vo, IBs., VOL. II. OF HER MAJESTY'S TOWER.. By W. HEPWORTH DIXON. "Mr. Dixon dashes off the scenes of Tower history with great spirit. Both volumes are decidedly attractive. -1 imos. Hurst andBLACKETT, Publishers, 13, Great Marlborough-street. ' UNDER THE ESPECIAL PATRONAGE OF HER MAJESTY. Now ready, 39th Edition, 1 vol. royal 8vo, with the Arms beautifully engraved, 31s. 6d., bound, gilt edges, LODGE'S PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE FOR 1S70. Corrected by the Nobility, and containing all the new Creations. , T. . " A work which corrects all errors of former works, it is a most useful publication." !T?ik!S. Hurst and Blackett, Publishers, 13, GreatMarlborough-street. Now ready, at all the Libraries, in 3 vols., HA G A R . By the Author of "St. Olave's." , " ' Hagar' is a book to lie cherished in the reader s memory as a .specimen of the purest and most refined order m the art of fiction. The story is full of strong human interest, and is rich in beautiful bits of description." Examiner. Hurst andBLACKETT.Publishers. 13, Great Marlborough-street. Just published, in 1 vol., elegantly bound in cloth, 1 lis. (id., ERNEST GEORGE'S SKETCHES, German and Swiss, being actual Transfers, by CoweU's Anastatic Process, of the Original Pen-and-ink Drawings of forty-rive picturesque Views in Nuremberg, Cologne, Wurzhurg, Coblentz, Prague, Bale, Lucerne, Thunne, Berne, Lausanne, &c. &c; with short Descriptive Text by the Artist. London : W. M. Thompson, -IS, Pall-mall, and 20, Cockspur-street. EW AND POPULAR NOVELS. THIS DAY. KILMENY. By William Black, Author of. " In Silk Attire." 3 vols. J ONGLEET. By Elleray Lake. 3 vols. HITHERTO. By the Author of ," The Gayworthys." 3 vols. Ready. London : Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, Crown-buildings, 188, Fleet-street. Just published, price o'd., A PLEA FOR A FREE CHURCHYARD; or The Case in Support of the Burial Laws Amendment Bill. By J. CARVELL WILLIAMS. Arthur Miall, 18, Bouverie-streot, Fleet-street. Now ready, in 1 vol. crown 8vo, price 9s., IR DAVID BREWSTER'S HUM LIFE. Bv his Daughter. Edinburgh : Edmonston and Douglas. London : All Booksellers. Now ready, in 1 vol. demy 8vo, price 1 12s., RECESS STUDIES. Edited by Sir ALEXANDER GRANT, Bart., LL.D. Edinburgh : Edmonston and Douglas. London : All Booksellers. Now ready, in 1 vol. crown Svo, price 7s. 6d., ..T MEMORIALS OF AN ARCHIVIST. BERG-ENROTH'S LIFE. By W. C. CART WRIGHT, M. P. Edinburgh : Edmonston and Douglas. London : All Booksellers. HfP (TRA-RT.TCK P.FADE'S NEW STORY, P UT YOURSELF IN HIS PLACE, Jn the GUlvJNrllLilj juiU-TAiiilii, luuuuuijf. Smith, Elder and Co., 15, Waterioo-piace. Three Volumes, post Svo, THE GARSTANGS, ' OF GARSTANG GRANGE. By T. ADOLPHUS TROLLOPE. " The story is told in forcible language, without any painful striving for effect. . . . There are some capital descriptions of country characters as they existed at tho beginning of the present century, and especially that of Patience Garstang is pointed with great force." 27ie Queen. "The picture of Garstang Grange, dreary m its outward aspect, drearier still in tho stern moroseness of its inmates, is powerfully drawn." Guardian. .Siuith, Elder and Co., 15, Waterloo-place. Ready this day, with 10 Coloured Views from Sketches made in the Country, and a Map, demy Svo, 18s., RECONNOITRING IN ABYSSINIA. A Narrative of tho Proceedings of the Reconnoitring Party prior to the Arrival of the Main Body of the Expeditionary Field Force. Bv Colonel H. ST. CLAIR WILKINS, R.E.. Aido-de-Camp to the Queen, Commanding Engineer Abyssinian Expeditionary Force, &c. Smith, Elder and Co., 15, Waterloo-place. Ready this day, with Illustrations, 1 vol., Svo, lb's., ROUND ABOUT PICCADILLY AND PALL MALL; or, altamble from the Haymarketto Hyde Park. A Retrospect of the various Changes that have occurred in the Court End of London. By HENRY B. WHEATLEY. Smith, Elder and Co., 15, Waterloo-place. TMMERCIAL HISTORY AND REVIEW OF J ISbU-On SATURDAY NEXT, March 12, a SUPPLEMENT under the above title will be issued with the ECONOMIST, Containing a careful digest of the leading Merchants' and Brokers' Circulars in the different brandies of Trade, Returns of Prices, Accounts of the Banks of England and France, Appendices relating to Special Subjects of Mercantile Interest connected with tho Year, tc. The object of the Supplement being to place in possession of the readers of the ECONOMIST a Commercial History of 1889 worthy of preservation and adapted for reference. Advertisements for Double Number must be forwarded on orbefore March 10. Unstamped, Is. id. ; stamped, Is. (id. nKEsFADvSTKijTO'TARER IN LANCASHIRE. LIVERPOOL COURIER. A first-class Daily Newspaper, price One Penny, has a lare and rapidly increasing circulation throughout Lancashire, Cheshire, and Yorkshire ; also in North Wales, Isle of Man, &c. A most valuable medium for advertisers. Rates of charges and copies of the paper sent free upon application to the proprietors ,!NLING ar(j qq Cable-street, Liverpool. Best Advertising Paper in the Western Counties. THE WESTERN MORNING NEWS. A First-Class Daily Paper, the oldest hi tho district. Independent in opinions. The earliest and fullest in news. Circulates among all classes and parties, and the best medium for advertisers. , . ,. Rates ot charges and copies of tho paper sent free upon application to the Publisher, El) ward Hawkinos, 31, George-street, Plymouth. pengf"parliament.pall MALL GAZETTE and all other papers posted to all parts of the world, and delivered in town as soon as published. Advertisements inserted.-Apply to W. ALEXANDER, 24, Old Cavendish-street, W. Established 1760. K" IdDRIGUES7 MONOGRAMS, ARMS, CRESTS, and ADDRESSES, designed and STEEL DIES en- NOTE PAPER and ENVELOPES stamped in colour relief, and brilliantly illuminated in the highest style of art At Henry Rodrigues', 42, Piccadilly. W. THE FETTES COLLEGE COMELY BANK, Near Edinburgh, trustees. The Right Hon. John Iuglis, of Glencorse, Lord Justice General. The Hon. Bouverie Francis Primrose. David Anderson of Moredun. Archibald Campbell Swinton of lymrnerghame. Robert Diuidas of Arniston. head master. Alexander W. Potts, M.A., late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and for some time one of the Assistant Masters of Rugby School. ELECTION OF FOUNDATIONERS. .The College is to be opened in September. It is designed to provide boys with a liberal education, qualifying them for the Scotch and English Universities, professional life, &c. Forty boys will this year be admitted on the Foundation, to be maintained and educated at the expense of the endowment, twenty between the age of 10 and 12 years, and twenty between the age of 12 and 14 years. The number of foundationers will be afterwards increased to fifty. The endowment is intended for the education, maintenance, md outfit of young persons whose parents have either died without leaving sufficient funds for that purpose, or tlu-ough '.nnocont misfortune during their lives are unable to give their mildren a liberal education suitable to their position in life. The election to the foundation rests entirely with the rustees. All applications for the admission of foundationers this year must be lodged with the cleric to the trustees on or before the 1st of April next. The trustees will then select from the applicants those whose claims appear strongest, and the candidates so selected will be requested to attend in Edinburgh for the purpose of examination early in the month of June. The final election of the forty Foundationers will take place in the month of July, and in selecting the successful applicants tho report of the examiners will be taken into consideration by the trustees, who, as formerly advertised, will select those whose claims appear strongest, and who are most likely to derive advantage from the Institution. If parents or guardians who have already lodged applications desire to send in any additional information in support of them, they can do so by letter addressed to the clerk to the trustees on or before tho 1st of April. No schedules will be issued for parents or guardians to fill up until after the first election has been made. Applications for rules, of admission to the foundation, particulars of tho examination, Ac, to be made to Frederick Pitman, W.S., Clerk to the Trustees, 48, Castle-street, Edinburgh. Edinbiu-gh, January, 1870. FOB MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. Second Edition, .iyst ready. ON LABOUR : its Wrongful Claims and Rightful Duos-its Actual Prescntand Possible Future. By W. T. THORNTON, Author 'Of " A Flea for Peasant Proprietors. vo 1 4s "AdsniraWc as tire work is in itself, embodying the results f a lifetime of disinterested study, and full of new light upon obscure questions of "economical science, it has done most service perhaps by calling imperatively upon every man of note to revise and test his opinions upon this momentous subject. Westminster Jteview. THE COBDEN CLUB VOLUME ON THE LAND QUESTION. Second Edition, now ready. 8' YSTEMS OF LAND TENURE IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES : a Scries of Essays published under the sanction of the Cohden Club. 8vo, 12s. Tho subjects treated are : 1. Tenure of Land in Ireland 2. Land Laws of England 3. Tenure of Land in India 1. Land Sj'Btem of Belgium and Holland 5. Agrarian Legislation of Prussia during the Present Century (i. Land System of France 7. Russian Agrarian Legislation of 18018. Farm Land and Land Laws of the United States. The Times. " This book is an important repertory of information on the manner in which other nations have dealt with a great question which is the dominant question at present with ourselves." rpHE LAND-WAR IN IRELAND : a History for A the Times. By JAMES GODKIN, Author of "Ireland and her Churches," late Irish Correspondent of the Tiiwis. Svo, 12s. This day. " The book is one that should bo road." Daily News. riHHE RIGHT HON. JOHN BRIGHT'S SPEECHES JL on QUESTIONS of PUBLIC POLICY. Edited by Professor ROGERS. Author's Ponular Edition, extra fcap. 8vo, 3s. (id. Copies of the 2 vol. Svo Edition may still be had. SIR C. W. MUCK'S " GREATER BRITAIN : " a Record of Travel in English-speaking Countries (America, Australia, India) during 1S66-07. Sixth thousand. Crown Svo, with illustrations. Price (is. "A work full of suggesti veness and power, pleasant to read, as a record of travel, but possessing larger claims upon our attention than any more traveller's story. Many of the subjects discussed in these pages are of the widest interest, and such as no man who care, for the future nf his race and of the world tan afford to treat with indifference." Daily Muss. BY PROFESSOR FAWCETT, M.P. A MANUAL OE POLITICAL ECONOMY. New and Cheaper Edition, revised throughout, with Two Hew Chapters on "National Education" and "The Poor Laws and their Influence on Pauperism." Crown Svo, 10s. (id. fHHE ECONOMIC POSITION OF THE BRITISH JL LABOURE It. Contents : The Land Tenure of England Co-operation Causes which Regulate Wages Trade Unions and Strikes Emigration. Extra fcap. 8vo, Ds. BY R. DUDLEY BAXTER, St. A. rpHB TAXATION OF THE UNITED KING-JL DOM : Its Amount, its Distribution, and Pressure. 8vo, in. (id. UTATIONAL INCOME: THE UNITED 1UNG- DOM. With Coloured Diagram. 8vo, 3s. (id. MACMILLAN and CO., London. P 0 L I T I C A L E C 0 N 0 M Y. S- MITH'S WEALTH OF NATIONS : An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. .By ADAM SMITH, LL.D. Edited with Notes by Professor Rogers. With Portrait. 2 vols., Svo. 21s. This day. A HISTOR Y OF AGRICULTURE AND PRICES IN ENGLAND FROM 1.259 to 1400. Compiled entirely from Original and Contemporaneous Records. By Professor ROGERS. 2 vols., Svo. 42s. MANUAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY FOR SCHOOLS nnd COLLEGES. By Professor ROGERS. Extra fcap. Svo, 4s. (id. Second Edition witn index. I'kis day. Oxford : Printed at the Clarendon Press, and Published by and Co., London, Publishers to the University. .Immediately, in 1 vol., crown Svo. 8- KETCHES OF MODERN PARIS. Translated from the German by FRANCES LOCOCK. Richard Bentlky, New Burlington-street. Second Edition, in 3 vols, post Svo, "OED AS A ROSE IS SHE: A Novel. By the JTbj Author of " Cometh up as a Flower." From the Times." ' Red as a Rose is She ' is very far from relying for its interest on the sort of incidents usually recognized as sensational. To be able to build up a fascinating story out of the ordinary materials which form the groundwork of this novel is a great gift ; and there are few readers who will not be fascinated by the tale as the authoress tells it, and will not take a deep interest in the hopes and fears and joys and sorrows of Esther Craven." Richard Bentley, New Burlington-street, W. Now ready, in crown 8vo, 7s. 6'd., mHE POETRY OF THE PERIOD. By JL ALFRED AUSTIN, Author of " The Season, a Satire," Richard Bentley, New Burlington-street, W. In royal Svo, with 14!) Illustrations and a Portrait of Count Rumford, price I2s. OUR DOMESTIC EIRE-PLACES: a New Edition entirely re-written, enlarged and adapted for popular reading, the additions completing the Author's contributions on tho domestic use of Fuel and on Ventilation. By FREDERICK EDWARDS, Jan. Works by the same Author : THE VENTILATION OF DWELLING-HOUSES, and the Utilisation of Waste Heat from Open Fire-places. Royal Svo, with 107 Illustrations, price 10s. O'd. SMOKY CHIMNEYS, their Cure and Prevention. Fifth Edition, revised. Royal Svo, with -10 Illustrations, price 3s. o'd. THE EXTRAVAGANT USE OF FUEL IN COOK TNG OPERATi ONS : with an account of Benjamin Count Rumford and his Economical Systems ; and numerous Practical Suggestions adapted for Domestic Use. Royal Svo, with 47 illustrations, price 5s. London : Longmans, Green, and Co., Paternoster-row. Just published, in Svo, price One Shilling. AGRICULTURAL LABOURERS. By CHARLES . WHITEHEAD, F.S.A., Author of " Night Schools," " What may be done for the Poor? " &c. London : Longmans, Green, and Co., Paternoster-row. Just published, in Two Volumes, post Svo, price 21s. f THROUGH THE NIGHT; a Tale of the Times. JL To which is added, ONWARD; or, a Summer Sketch. By WALTER SWEETMAN, B.A. "Turning, however, to the Stories, we admit that Mr. fiweetman writes pleasant English, and has a genial ap; preciation of the facts of life." Atb.sna.mi. "The same desire to instruct and convert is boldly avowed in Mr. Sweetman's two tales, but it is conjoined with the power to tell a story well and briskly." Guardian. "The story of " Tln-oughthe Night" is in the main subservient to the purpose, religious and social, of the book ; but it is so wrought as never to flag even when the characters are in a state of discussion." Hominy Past. "hi these two volumes Mr. Walter Sweetman essays to prove, first, that the Roman Catholic Church can show that the balance of probability is in favour of her claim to be the divinely appointed guardian of revealed truth ; and secondly, that her own inspired teaching should make us all good Liberals." John Bull. there is yet plenty of it, and 1 London : Longmans, Green, and Co., Paternoster-row. Just published, price Is. (id.. BEN RHYDDING AND THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC DISEASES. By WILLIAM MACLEOD, M.D., F.R.C.P., Edinburgh, Senior Physician to Ben Rhyd-ding, Consulting Physician to the Ilkley Hospital. London : R. Hardwicke, 102, Piccadilly. Beautifully Illustrated, price Is. (id., T OMLINSON'S HAND GUIDE-BOOK TO BEN RHYDDING, BOLTON ABBEY, and the Neighbour-London : R. Hardwicke, 192, Piccadilly. hood. This day is published, price 6s. CHOICE AND CHANCE. By the Rev. WILLIAM ALLEN WHIT WORTH, M.A., Fellow of Sit John's College, Cambridge. Second edition, enlarged. Cambridge : Deigiiton, Bell, and Co. London : Bell and Daldy. This day is published, crown Svo, extra cloth, price 5s. L IDS TO CONTENTMENT. Selected by L JOHN MORRIS, Editor of "The Book of Consolation.'" Cambridge : Deigiiton, Bell and Co. London : Bell and Daldy, York-street, Covent-garden. This day is published, price 12s., AUTOBIOGRAPHIC RECOLLECTIONS OF GEORGE PRYME, Esq., M.A., sometime Fellow of Trinity College, Professor of Political Economy in the University of Cambridge, and M.P. for the Borough. Edited by his DAUGHTER. Cambridge : Deigiiton, Bell, and Co. London : Bell and Daldy. In a few days, 1 vol., demy Svo. rpiHE AUSTRO-H UNGARI AN EMPIRE, AND X the POLICY of COUNT BEUST. A Political Sketch I Men and Events from 1S60-1870. By an Englishman. Chapman and Hall, 193, Piccadilly. Now ready, New Edition for 1870, with all the new Knights, BOD'S PEERAGE, BARONETAGE, KNIGHTAGE, &:., for 1870 (Thirtieth. Year), containing all the new Peers, Baronets, Knights, Knights of the Bath, Bishops, JVivy Councillors, die, corrected throughout on the highest authority. Wjuttaker and Co., Ave Maria-lane ; and all Booksellers. Famiiies and Gentlemen boarded by the week or mouth. Tariff sent on application. ARGUE'S PARIS and EUROPE HOTEL and RESTAURANT, 9, LEICESTER - SQUARE. Private dining and supper rooms. Open till after the Theatres. Restaurant a la Carte. Reduced Tariff. Dcijeilners a la Fourchette. Hot and Cold Luncheons. Half-crown dinners from 5 to S. TICE.-For tariff of the HOTEL DES ANGLAIS, J.1 the new first-class hotel, facing the sea, and under English management, address the Secretary, Mediterranean Hotel Company (Limited), 6, Dove-court, Old Jewry, London ; or to the Hotel, Nice. SaSIDE. EARLY SPRING. ILFRACOMI5E HOTEL. Delightfully located on the margin of the Sea, and very enjoyable in early spring. Address, .1. BOHN, Ilfracombe, North Devon. LA ANDALUZA, Sociedad de Almaoeuistas, Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz Bay, Spanish Wines exclusively. For duty-paid Price List of thirty-five different qualities address JOSE PIODELA, 124, Fenchurch-street, E.C. Sample (one dozen) cases 25s. and 54s., sent on receipt of remittance. VIN ORDINAIRE, pure and sound, 12s. per dozen, bottles included and carriage free. JOHN RICHARD WACE and CO., Wine Importers, &c, 45 and 46, Baker-street, Portman-square. nfAHAiFs LL WHISKY. Dublin Exhibition, 1865-This celebrated OLD IRISH WHISKY gained the Dublin Prize Medal. It is pure, mild, mellow, delicious, and very wholesome. Sold in bottles, 3s. 8d., at the retail houses in London ; by the agents in the principal towns m England ; tfr wholesale at 8, Great Windmill-street, London, W. Observe the red seal, pink label, and cork branded "Kinahan'sLL Whisky." LLSOPP'S PALE and BURTON ALES, in line condition, in bottles and casks, are sold by J. F. TIMMS and CO., at their new stores, under the Charing-cross Railway Station Offices, 10, Villiers-street, Strand, W.C. FRESH BUTTER. Try ALL WRIGHT'S Model Dairy. Always good. Price Is. 6d. per lb. Delivered in any part of London daily. T. ALLWRIOHT, First-class Provision Warehouse, 15, Ratiibone-place, Oxford-street, W A U C E .-CLARENCE'S CAYENNE SAUCE pronounced by connoisseurs the best sauce, and to avoid counterfeits ask for CLARENCE'S CAYENNE SAUCE. Sold wholesale by the Manufacturer, 2, Church-place, Piccadilly ; also by CROSSE and BLACKWELL ; and retail by all grocers and oilmen. R YsT"- c" AR AC A S C O & O A. The especial excellence, delicious flavour, arid invigo; rating qualities, of this new preparation, are due to the use of Caracas and other choice Cocoas. I"1Tr"y"TS CARACAS COCOA. ? " No more delicious, refreshing, nourishing, and wholesome beverage has ever been manufactured." Morning Post. FRY'S CARACAS COCOA. "As an agreeable invigorator, refresher, and nourisher, it could not be too highly recommended to the general community." Civil Service Gazette. PURE WATER The latest patented Cistern Filter in general use is the SELF-CLEANING CHARCOAL CISTERN FILTER a great improvement filed in July last by FREDK. LIPSCOMBE and CO., Temple Bar, who are fixing more filters into cisterns than all the other filter makers put together. Prospectus free. EARLY SPli ING FASHIONS, 1S70. DRESSES, CAMBRICS. SILKS, FANCY Superior Wearing Useful Fancy and B New Costumes of Rep; Silk Velvet Jackets, lined Mourning Goods of every Blade Silks, 3 to 5 guineas, lack Sillcs, 35s. Ud. to 52s. 6d. i, Luxemburg and Janus Cords, through with silk, and quilted, 42s. aescnpsion au very moderate prices, figures ; patterns forwarded. ANY, FiNsnintr-squARE, E.C. all marked in plain CATER and COMP. HIRTS. FORD'S EUREKA. The most unirrue and only pertect-ttttmg shirt made. Observe ! Double-stitched, six for 45.s. 3S, Poultry; Branch, 308, Oxford-street, W. EUREKA SHIRTS. CAUTION. It having lately come to the knowledge of RICHARD FORD and CO., Shirt Makers, 3S, Poultry, London, that some persons are manufacturing and selling shirts marked or called "Eureka, ' "The Eureka," "The Improved Eureka," they hereby CAUTION all persons against selling or buying any shirts so marked or called, as Messrs. Richard Ford and Co. claim the exclusive right to use the word " Eureka" as a Trade Mark in connection with shirts ; and they hereby give notice that they will institute legal proceedings against any person infringing their riguts. EDMANDS and MAYHEW, 33, Poultry, E.C. Solicitors for the said Richard Ford and Co. March 2, 1870. SHIRTS. In FORD'S EUREKA SHIRTS are united the highest class materials together with that special excellence of fit which is their distinguished characteristic. Illustrated lists, mode of self -measure, &c, post free. RICHA RD FORD and CO., 33, Poultry. Branch, 30.S, Oxford-street, W. A M I L T HOSIERY. GENTLEMEN'S SHIRTS, DIES' UNDEROLOTHTNl LADIES' UNDERCLOTHING, the best quality at moderate prices. WILLIAM CHURTON and SON, 91 and 92. Oxford-street, W. OUTFITS for INDIA, CHINA, and the COLONIES supplied by THRESHER and GLENNY, next door to Somerset House, Strand. Every article of clothing manufactured expressly for the different climates, and lists of the necessary outfit for every purpose and appointment forwarded on application. CHUBB'S NEW PATICNT SAKKS. 'sweRktoa' with diagonal bolts, to resist wedges, drills and lire. Lists of prices, with illustrations, of all sizes and qualities, of Chubb's Safes. Strong-room Doors, and Locks, sent free by CHUBB and SON, 57, St. Paul's-churchyard. EXTRACT " O V MEAT" SUPERSEDED. GUICHON'S MUSCULINK, in the form of a sweetmeat, from pure meat pulp, combined with fruit and sugar, for debility in consumption, cancer, chronic diarrhma, dyspepsia, &c. Recommended cspeciallyforall diseases of children. Boxes, 2s post, 2s. 2d.; 22s. dozen free. Of THOMAS TOMLINSON, Chemist, 6, Lower Seymour-street, Pokt-man-square, W. ; and all chemists. BRITISH COLLEGE OF HEALTH,, London. Read tho Report for 1870. May lie had of all the HygeianAgentsforthesaleof MORISON'S VKGETABLK UNIVERSAL MEDICINES throughout tho world, and at the College as above.

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