The Morning Chronicle from London, Greater London, England on November 4, 1851 · 1
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The Morning Chronicle from London, Greater London, England · 1

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1851
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0 rnhig EDITION. EVENING Price 5d. So. 26,487. LOXDOX TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1851. VJAoihe CAPE of GOOD HOPE, carrying Si-" mails, leaving London ontlie 10th ami Ply- Wr , 15th of every month. Tlic HELLESPONT, 500 uiouil' llRw v mS Will leave Plymouth on the 16th Novem-fwm will, mails and passcngers.-For passage, apply at hrr .'.'ril Sfrcw Steam Shipping Company plhcesj 2 Kal .'.i,.i,uriiliiiss: ihr goods and parcels, to Balfour, Laming, tws; j5Y, Fcnehurcli-street, London ; and at Liverpool. ami vi rTTuto PHILADELPHIA, from Liverpool. a1 , shins CITY of MANCHESTER, Capt. Lkitcu, to sail r "Hiicste NAeiubor and the CITY of GLASGOW, Capt. w vlie, to stul ... .. Hi ' fmir.finc- si. (mm (limn, lihik.'ls. 1 .' ..1... . iiin-.-iiiii City of Manchester, to sail train Liverpool V,.,i. steani-iii vf!-'1 V i iniii- on the 5th November, will liave tickets given tliem ft hy first-class railway trains to New York, For further .,f,v, tue. . j;..1i;si,.uv's Guide, or apply in Loudon to Edwards, !;!:; "''' . Co jj cornhill ; in Paris, to Frederick Redfern, 8, Liverpool, to l.K'hai'Uson, Brotncrs, ami etween LIVER- from SOUTHAMPTON to horse power, and CO.u- -..nn 1 ciass steamers, uiu a.m 'suiijpas-eii; ;ers as follows: ' from Liverpool to Soutbanipton every Monday. COMMODORE. -Monday, November 10, at Eleven forenoon. From Southampton to Havre every Wednesday. , , 1 uvdnosdaT. November 5, at Kino o'clock evening. Ai'-!" ... '., c..,i.l,;1nii,ton to Havre: Chief cabin, 5s. : steerage, Pa i-Yi-iglit'on fine foods, from Liverpool to Southampton, tis. J. l.ihl. ' Hit or paa"c, apply, in Havre, to Donald Currie ; in .tw K;r. (1 and J. Burns, '.), Buchanan-street ; in Liverpool, to ' ii.iv..r 1 tlmnford-street : in Southampton, to James jsnro-rnrri. I Uk Chambers; and in London, to J.l). Foord, 52, Old Uioail-.-treet. .'IV tho 17th November, and until April, 1S32, these A; will aasc to call at Southampton. I rev-- VSP MARIPOSA GOLD QUARTZ MINE m Jo APPLICATIONS for SHAKES will be . . r. i.. l. U.Ua -i-i i j......,.,, n..A l,o flnnnv the 8th instant, and the Committee 01 r,.ou J "f1,'?l - 'ii0t Sliarcs to aiiphcants unless the re- juaigemcut ' ii ufactorv. Offices, 4, Adams-court, ov. LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, Lorn S miE of rilOFIT INCREASED from ONE-II. Lowdon. :VLF to ,. i- ellveted with this Society after Midsummer, 1&.0, and 1 " in few at each Septennial period of division, will iS' ril'Y'l i KOUn-FIFl'HS of the Not, Profits t the i'.M.tl1-11 ...... ,,-.1 ,n ItiKn in i.wniiri-t.ion to tbcireoll- I'Al' t.i tho'-e profits, and aecordnitf to the conditions eon-tiie Soeietv's Prospectus and Act of Parliament. .,iM,n renuired bv this Society for insuring; young: lives If l .uer than in maiiv other old establislied ofhees, and m- i inllv uroteeted from all risk by an ample guarantee Uluioii to tlie accumulated funds derived from the mvest- taiix-a in Thv w-' art' siiri-rs ai .,:.; ma i't pit CHARLES HENRY LIDDEItDALE, Actuary. rn'IK ItOYAL BRITISH BANK (incorporated r", f.. n.raivini' DEPOSITS at interest, UTOking A : ' .,.uriHi.s. irrantinL' CASH CREDITS, A", ..'.. ,','ii- wen- other description of banking business, . ,1 null-,' 1 . -, , r I L 1,1 I mi, nil Of I'i Vitlllt tnd bearing interest or noi at inu v i. i.-n-, leisers. iiMnrfiFmnfil ebfirfTO. UlKl ai'e transferable " ; . !! '111 i-i and 13, Tower-buddings. mm COMMUNICATION b Pi'li il and SOUTHAMPTON, and ft W,., ,' . Jri... steamers ADMIRAL, 400 tO 1 niuble and niav be taken eiuier ior uupotins, v ,-V.I tniisactioiis of commerce at home or abroad, tlie .,..4 . :.-csent allowed bv the Bank arc as f.illows, viz. : I. p .'.iu lor new shares forth gradual increase of the capital '.. . i'i... (iiririor four nor cent, per annum. ,.it aci-"iui'.s, or deposits for six mouths three per cent. ;,,, ,' drawir.If accounts, held at call rates varyiir,' ;!..;iii,iaml time in bank. 1 11 all. eases the nitei ciit urecKiuuo ik-I't'-rini "f business .-.nil forms of application for opening :.. Wi!i bo supplied nt the chief otllee of the Bank, and i-'uk1rmii the Strand, Lambeth, and Islington. Bv order of the Court of Directors, HUGH 1NNES CAMERON, General Manager. !:;i,!iimse-yaril, Lothbury, London. rSK of CORRECTION at WANDS- iVOKTH, Countv of Surrey. Kotico is hereby given, die General Ouarber Session or the Peace, to be holden at t Xewiu-toii, in and for the County of Surrey, on Tues-i-iith ilav'of Jaunarv, now next ensuing, and at the hour "..VMS 'on the said"day, the ELECTION and apointment ,.-M,-t-of SS1STANT CHAPLAIN of the House ol Correc-Wainlsworth, in the said county, will take place. The at Chaplain must be a clergyman of the Church of Lulaud, .-A orders, betwx-cn S and 55 years of age, and married, re will be .tISO a year, and be will be provided with an -hml ollicial residence in the estublislimeut. i -.ii who mav desire to become Candidates for this office uired on or before Mondav, the 24th instant, to deposit or ..i. .1 .;t,.,i cpvi'i-nl aiinlinations. testimonials, and F tiim li.iv! th of one t . il--.- A.-!-'... a;: sre r. tcit lv i'tt- ;d the olllce, hereunder mentioued, of the Clerk of the IW for die said county, where they may obtain further uifor-ma!: n rosi'i-cting the qiialiflcations, conditions, and nature of the ih'.T- fit' the saiiloflioc. Persons desirous of becoming Candidates are further required personally to attend at the Sessions House, Xen-i'. "ion 011 l'ridnv, the 28th instant, at One o'clock in the inter... " n, to meet tlie committee appointed to determine upon t!iv:i litne.-s to become candidates for the said office. U'ORONZO GREIG, Clerk of the Teaco. r,o - r.'i-nftice, North-street, Lambeth, Surrey, Nov. 1 , 1S51. mill? Metrooolitan Commissioners of Sowers X hereby give notice, that they do intend to MAlvE, at a Cmn of Sewers to be held at their Principal Oltico, fto. J, r.r.., i.-.t.i snlin-smmrs. iii tlie countv of Middlesex, 011 Vt cdncs- ,i,v ion, iinvnf NnvcmVim- instant, at Eloven o'clock in the l..r'eneoii, a DISTRICT SEWERS RATE on the following separate semrs.N district within the limits of the Metropolitan Commission i f Sewers, that is to say, a district sewers rate of 3d. 111 the pound rat;:-11, Jhoru division; and that such proposed sewers rate is If: t. 'l for inspection at their said Principal umce, mo. 1, uree- i-w s..Hi-snuare, ami win mere reiiiiun 101 uen iii.-.i..i..... fiwi u'elock in the forenoon on the said 12th day of November ; and Unit- tlie same niajbo inspected and copied, or extracts there-iiK 'may be made by'parties interested therein, at all reasonable time- du'riii" the period aforesaid. OHice hours from Nine a.m. to "And further, that any objections in writing to the nil .i-fo-id rate bv anv parties interested therein, will be received Mieiiioiilercdlivthe said Commissioners at the said Court of Kevi to be so held 011 the said 12th (lay of November, at No. 1, lire k-treet, aforesaid, before making such sewers rate. 1V..-.1 tiiis 3d day of November, 1851. Bv order of the Commissioners, E. H. WOOLRYCH, Secretary. !!-.;r.:-:m!it:m Commission of Sowers, Principal Office, -No. 1, Greek-street, Soho-square. rillUBBS' LOCKS and FIRE PROOF SAFES. V -No instance has ever been known of a robbery having Ui-:. cBeeteit through anv one of Chubbs' Locks having been picked ' :.j e'.c,lwiiia false key- In all cases of fire, Chubbs' Patent I'm-i 1-,, f Sales have given complete protection to books and paper-, ami tln-v arc also the most secure from the violent attacks "f In;: -,'lar-. Patent Detector Locks and Fire-proof Sares of all size- ..h sale and made to order. CHUBB and SON, 57, St. Paul s t'iwrrliyaiil, Loudon ; 23, Lord-street, Liverpool ; 10, Market-street, Jhiki.esttr ; and llorslev-IIelds, Wolverhampton. BED, BREAKFAST, with use of Coffee-room and Attendance, One Guinea per week, at the PLOUGH UWu.aml TAVERN, Blnekwall. Gentlemen desirous of sleeping ?: nen, also families arriving by steamer at Blackwall, will find fee -::; (-..aif.irt and aceonnnodation, equal to a private resi-"'.'.. The liute-1 commands a fine view of tho river and shipping, wi attaiinlile either by omnibus or railway every quarter of an tour. The i,.,Ui) is situate within three minutes' walk of the J'i station. Omnibuses from the West-end direct to the hotel HEDGES and BUTLER, Wine-merchants, fcc, , l;5, laicnt-strcct, London, and 20, King's-road, Brighton, -i tl.v recommend tlie following WINES : Gordon's uoiuen 3s. per duzcii -. superior ditto of soft and full flavour, Nt and brown Sberrv. from 30s. to 54s. ; Amontillado (a delicate, pale, dry wine for invalids), 48s. and 60s. ; old , 80s., 12s., and 4Ss. ; white Port, 60s. ; Claret, 28s., and 00s. ; Cbahlis and Sauterne, 36s. and 48s. ; .".iilJliistlk., 80s. mid 48s. ; sparkling ditto, 60s., 72s., and lUuledieimer, Stcinfcergcr, Johannesbcrgor, and Liobfrau- Siiel Slit. J.T mi.. Cliaiiiiiae-nc. 42s.. 48s.. 60s., and 72s. : fine old baeK, ib'i.i.1 1, ; -"in sii.u-, iot.a, eiiuuin, lsuu ,-t'. Utdpak- Cognac Brandy, 60s. per dozen. ProntKiiac. Tokav. Vermuth, and other rare wines. STEVENS and SON, Wine and Spirit Merchants, y I'.islKHjs-ate-street-within. SHERRIES, excellent dinner I"5", -ss., -i7s., 30s. pcril.izen ; ditto, wines of highest quality, .,., 4. per dozen; Lisbon, finest rich or dry, 24s. t , ; -'Uar.-ala, highest quality imported, 23s. per dozen ; """n 'ty choice, 3iis. per dozen. Temis, cash on delivery. "RASS 'S EAST INDIA PALE ALE, at 8s. per f dozen, and 30s. per 18 gallon cask. FIELD, WARDELL, .1 . . 1 after devotim- 'ret. nt.t.Biit.ion to bottlmsr this muoh- ,e. , - , 1 -111 lien oner 11. W I IIUU ll wima mil mi j- 1 't liMirst .sf ....-is,,..: t:i-. i,rnr...n.n..,nei. Snfst.i'b lit.rton Ales, Lnndonand Dublin Stout, Cider, and PeiTy, s'-.ller Willi tlmi,. tv..:.... n'.- c?n;..itD nf n ,.ir-untsprinr lls Pn O s.wl ')... f..... J TA- ... nnBl-c rtf -. mm i..iunill VIC, Odgue U11U i UIKIl, til 3J '""tis. 22, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden. A PPETITE and DIGESTION IMPROVED. tht EA Wld PERKINS1 WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE imparts vi... . ,jn, uuiit,, l limes, ann sa au. ami uv iw imn mm ne ?,J.a.ll.'.,.(lr. , ,, ,.,.,.,,, ,-,o,.rpM.K. rlirriiRt. tbn Ufe-i.-r 1. ?" "scofthis aromatioand delicious sauce is tho host lC S1-111 wholesale by Lea and Perrins, Barclay MI dealer, in sar TF'-'.Gi'osverjor-streetjGi' eii-u; ,i K''?Ui-'M -MOSELY, Surgeon Di 11, hmg of Hanover). hiHNtn call 1 osveiior-squave, Dentist (by appoint- M'l...., . i"g of Hanover), begs to call tho attention of his g Loudon to his NEW DESCRIPTION of ARTI- V-...-."L llsitin. aiainr.,, UL-ils, 01 which lie is the sole inventor luui luidsr.Ji, iV-iUarautced never to decay or become discoloured. T 1... . -..' unilatf to tiif, iif,i.uroi ntj not. t.o bo detected bv 'ttr'r; observer, and will bo found superior to any teeth introduced. This method does not require the rc- 4ii',.. ,l"e reniainin' teeth or the extraction ot any stumps. 'wKt'in-i w" 0,1 ms of the most tender nature; and at the Ko f... .:. :f c"nMstent with the best material and workmanship. Nov-j.'. ' I'v perfect satisfaction be given. Consultations free. . - "'"-muoiis lmcnt. k ? STOPPING -DECAYED TEETH. Price Aii,-., '"'-''atroiiizcd by her Majesty and .H.R.H. Prince ilf.s. .'.J , '; HOWARD'S WHITE SUCCEDANEUM for stopping ' f, , ""K'cver large tho cavity. It is placed in the tooth bar,iii ii 1 '' wit.lm,t any pressure or pain, and immediately year,', , ". a white enamel; it will remain in the tooth many l"'Wt, !;lv"'-!cxtl'acUo unneccssarv, atid in-resting the further a. i. . W 'ICCaV. ntl,l ii; fiv a,..'. r.n.,l,ln. nslv VsAfni'O tlKfid. ' 'leeav. and i it Hid i ' tr "eie discoloured in the tooth. All persons use oi.'i i ; - with ease, ns full iHrfctinm; urn (inclosed. Prenared ., lltver fi,., "JV..T," .J. ".u'' All Prepared "l'.aru,.Snrgeon-Dciitist, 17, George -street, Jrlanover- l.i- iincf Rnlfl 1V Mtc-tt' -U. Kf.,it . . . IS... ..ft .1 TT . JO Sl..Fn.,l- n v -iieui. ; Ganger, lOU, uuu juiiii,y, wi v.yiu ut!tr, 4. Chransni,,. i;,i,, (is flnrnh 11. and all ! iui. i? Vt"a?rs in the kingdom. Price 2s, 6d. Mr. Howard con- S:,,:.i;i" ' ,llclossof teeth on his New System ofbelt-Aaiie-tVr-i li! r '""S8 w wires. This method does not require tho MT rj., ;01 mi' teeth or roots, or anvpainful operation whatever, ""weet, Hanover-square, At home from Ten till Four. JILLIAM HENRY NEWTON, deceased. ' NOTICE. All nersons havintr any CLAIMS on. or owinir any DEBTS to, the estate of Iho late WILLIAM HENRY NEWTON, deceased, late of liiisinghall-street, London, warehouseman, and also of No. is, Albion-street, Hyde-park, are requested to send particulars of such claims nr ibbts to Messrs. Hillnd Heald, 23, TlirOgniorton-streei, LonuC", -Solicitors tot" Administratis. PURSUANT to an Order of the High Court of Chancerv, n.adc in a cause 11 Goodwin against Jeffery and Others," the CREDITORS of GEORGE JEFFERY", formerly of Tollbridge Wells, in the county of Kent, comedian, and late of Rochester, in the said county, victualler, deceased (who died on or about ihe 1st day of September, 1S4!)), are, on or before tho 2d day of December, ISol, to come in and PROVE their DEBTS before Richard Richards, Esq., one of the Masters of the said Court, at his chambers, in Southampton-buildings, Clianeery-lane, London ; or, in delimit thereof, they will be peremptorily excluded the benefit of the said order. WILTON and BLACKMAN, 1, Raymond-buildings, Gray's-inn. E EXHIBITION of the INDUSTRY of- ALL I NATIONS, NEW Y'ORK. We, the undersigned, hereby givo notice, that the date, November 4, given in the Circular issued on October 14, applies only to articles intended for immediate shipment from the Crystal Palace. Application to exhibit other goods will be received until December 15. In answer to numerous inquiries, we also notify that the New York Exhibition is not exclusively confined to ibi'mcr exhibitors, but is open to all parties. As. the Exhibition will positively commence 011 April 15, 1cn2, all goods must be shipped by February 1. Applications for space (wall or -counter), and for further particulars, must bo addressed to the office, 43, Clarges-street, Piccadilly. CHARLES BUSCIIEK. EOWA11D RIDDLE. TUIE KING- EDWARD RAGGED and INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS and EASTERN REFUGE, Albert-street, Buxton-street, Spitalfields. A PUBLIC MEETING in AID of the FUNDS of tiio Instigation will be held at the School-house, Albert-street, TO-MORROW EVENING, Nov. 5, 1851. The Right Hon. tlie LORD MAYOR will take the Chair at Half-past Six o'clock. Subscriptions and donations will be thankfully received by S. Gurney, jun., Esq., treasurer, Lombard-street ; N. J. Powell, Esq., sub-treasuver, 101, Wbitechupel ; Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Co., hankers, Lombard street; Mr. II. It. WiUinms, hon. sec, 2, Beau-: uiont-square, Mile-end-ioud ; and by anymember of tho committee. "OVERNMEiNT SCHOOL of MINES, and of V7T SCIENCE applied to the ARTS. MUSEUM of PRACTICAL GEOLOGY. The INAUGURAL and INTRODUCTORY LECTURES are arranged as follows : Thursday, Oth November, at Three o'clock, GENERAL INAUGURAL, by Sir HENRY DE LA BEt'HE, F.R.S., &c. Friday, 7th November, at Eleven o'clock, CHEMISTRY', by Dr. LYON PLAYFA1U, F.Ii.S. Monday, 10th November, at One o'cloek, NATURAL HISTORY, by EDWARD FORBES, F.R.S. Tuesday, nth November, at Eleven o'cloek, MECHANICAL SCIENCE, by ROBERT HUNT, Keeper of Mining Records. The Lectures upon GEOLOGY hv ANDREW RAMSAY, F.R.S., MINING and MINERALOGY by WA11INGTON W. SMYTH, M.A., and METALLURGY by Dr. PERCY, F.R.S., will commence 011 the 0th of January. For particulars respecting terms, Sc., application should be made to Mr, Trenhnm Kecks, m tlie Museum. HENRY T. DE LA I3ECHE, Director. MARTIN'S HALL SINGING SCHOOL. Director, Mr. JOHN HULLAII. ELEMENTARY CLASSES Class 106, for Gentlemen, will meet THIS EVENING, Nov. 4, at Three-quarters-past Eight o'clock ; Class 107, for Ladies, will meet on Thursday Evening, November 0, at Half-past Six o'clock. Terms, lis. for a Course of fifty lessons. Tiekots and full particulars may bo had at St. Martin's Hall (temporary entrance, SO, Long-acre). npilE NEW COSTUME. MUSIC HALL, JL Store-street. THIS EVENING Jlrs. T. C. FOSTER will deliver a LECTURE descriptive of a CENTURY of FEMALE COSTUME, fran the HOOP to the BLOOMER, illustrated by paintings (life size) of various fashions from 1751 to the present tunc. At tho latter part ot tlie Lecture Mrs. roster win wear an elegant modification of the Bloomer costume. To commence at Half-past Eight, 'iickcts, is. ; reserved seats, s. ; private noxes, 15s. and 21s. LAURENT'S CASINO, Argyll-rooms, Great Windmill-street, St. James's, is OPEN EVERY EVENING fur the Winter Season. Laurent's well-known and celebrated Band: principal Comet a Piston, M. Boulcourt. During the recess the rooms have been re-decorated, and many improvements made, under tlie sole direction of Mr. G. F. Bryer. Doors open at Half-past Eight, commence at Nine o'clock. Admittance, Is. jPHl J of HINESE FIREWORKS. One Hundred Buses these Tare and curious Fireworks, just landed from Canton ; each box contains upwards oi too pieces, price irom os. to 10s. per box. The immense and splendid slock of Chinese articles exhibited at tlie Great Exhibition are now for sale at IIEWETT'S large Chinese warehouse, IS, Fenchurch-strcet, City. 1f ESSR; spectio is. J. HOLMES ana UU. invite an m- ion of their AUTUMNAL FASHIONS, tho stock being replete for the ensuing season. Their registered Shawl Cloak may be bad in every colour, mid having several looms now at work the prices are from iilO t.o 15. They have also a Shawl Cloak at lower prices, for which they have additionally a great salo ; and, lastly, they beg to claim attention to their vast stock of Shawls, for which their well-known mart for this article continues its unrivalled notoriety. All articles throughout the establishment are marked in plain figures at that low rate of charges which has given sucli gencml-satisQtotion. Foreign and British Shawl Emporium, 171, 173, and 175, Regent-street. TJEW FASHIONS, NEW COSTUMES, NEW 11 CLOAKS for the. WINTER. HV. COOKd CO..,most rbspeotfully announce to their numerous -and distinguished patrons, that thov have just returned from Paris, and upon the occasion of the HE-OPENING their spacious SHOW-ROOMS, they have this season made unusual exertions to produce such a collection of CLOAKS, Bonnets, Cups, Head-dresses, Coiffures, Collars, Evening Dresses, Berthas, &e., as in style, material, and variety should be worthy of their approbation ; which, in accordance with the spirit of the times, they are offering at prices so moderate as to satisfy the most economical. They earnestly solicit a visit to their Cloak and Millinery Saloon, which abounds with novelties possessing unusual attractions. Hy. Cook and Co., Parisian and Pamil'v Mourning Warehouse, 246, Regent-street, London. ESSRS. NICOLL'S ESTABLISHMENTS 1 B IN LONDON Are thus arranged (Excellence and Economy being conspicuous throughout). In REGENT-STREET, at Number 114, orders are taken for all kinds of the best Momingand Eveningattire suitable for Gentlemen. The NEXT HOUSE, Number 116, is connected with the above, as also with the other two houses, but- is chiefly devoted to the production of Naval and Military Uniforms, complete in every requisite accoutrement for Officers of tlie Line or Militia and Cadets' outfits, &c. At Number 113, specimens of Robes fur the Pulpit, Bar, or Municipal ofiice, mav be seen and tested, as also great improvements in the form and' general appearance of Riding Habits, &c, for Ladies. At Number 120, Boys' and Youths' Clothing are prepare, with College Caps, Gowns, Sc., as adapted for public or private schools, &o. In the SPACIOUS SHOW-ROOMS, extending over all the houses now enumerated, there is the ever popular Paletot and Morning Coat, ready for immediate use, and in all their varied adaptations for convenience or climate, together with Dressing-gowns and articles constructed for luxurious ease, and a division ex clusively for travelling and sporting, inclrding all the new in- a dcDartment are well attended to. , At THE CITY ESTABLISHMENT, 22, COENHILL, Morning and Evening attire, with Palotats, may be obtained as in Regent-street ; but there simply specimens of the several other Departments above described aro submitted. .... The WHOLESALE and COUNTING-HOUSE DEPARTMENTS are for tho WEST-END, in WARWICK-STREET, and in the CITY. CHANGE-ALLEY. ' ICI ON PARLE FRANCAIS. . HIER SPRICHT MAN DEUTSCH. QUI SI PARLA ITALIANO. AQUI HABLASE EL ESPANOL; LIVERIES. As the season is rapidly approaching when, in most Families, orders art . given for the usual supply of their Servants' Clothing, Xoma.bimLUrtlU, "0, 113 land 120, REGENT-STREET, also at 22, CORNHILL beg to announce that they are prepared to submit tbeir prices with draw-"s(i contemplated); and whether for a bungle suit or where a quantity is needed, this department will be found to pre entail the economical and useful advantages or which the other branches of their business have now, for a long period, induced much publie'ifavour. MESSRS. POULSON and COMPANY'S REGISTERED PARDESSUS, or WALKING COA'f.-This reallv u'otul and I truly elegant light Autumnal and Winter Over-coat , co? ec y pronounced a redeeming trait to the many indc-scidhable Tin entions of the day, wherein novelty is attained at the sacrifico of good taste, and that classic elegance characteristic or tho SotnMr it is admirably adapted for walking, riding, and S where the continued action of the body renders a ta wt Knheiiltliy and cumbersome. In Autumn H e price is Two Guineas, but those for ) Winter w ear n T nleroto 04, Regent-street, Quadrant; and .11 the country and colonies of thoir authorised agents. mHB WINTER REDINGOTE, iutr J- Mr. BINGLEY. glrtT introduced by gentlemanly, and unassuming style, richly lined qui. material is clastic, warm, nnu "'"'.""w " ; : - f thinner mu- TJiiHiinTitn nt n .Tilt Ilbl M,ra. witir'snk reahis iU inoderate .charge of two Wiineas and a half. To be had only Marlborough-street, Regent-street. of the Patenteo, 22; Great INTER TROUSERS.-R. G-RAVES, Tailor and Trousers Maker, JttHWHto, W Ihe rebtS of th? EEX SoSitS IllUli iim ""' i ' i. -v n .-, T n nlcn bfifS to CHI J lJlir- &on toboT cut of Trouse- to be worn with- Close at Seven P-m- ; . BEST COKE for domestic purposes, delivered t ouantities of two or more chaldrons, at the rate of ,5i,ti,ncitv. and 10s. within -three miles west of T pt This low price will only continue to lain oy. -Annlv tc . A. A. Croll, Gas Works, Bow-common Cash to be paid on delivery. THrHlTLAW'S MEDICATED VAPOUR BygiA w iMoK oSvi!. CUTANEOUS appropriated to meaications, &c, left by the late Mr. tached. The &J? ?' 'w .ml tt Reports of the Asylum Whitlaw- .tttoidfl&Wi-i &c, founded 1822 for the Cure of "Seated Vapour Bath Institution, are at ' i i tr, Ladies and to vmcti lomaic jitiio ted to Lames, auu .. .. & left bv th0 )(Lt,o NETV THRICE-A-WEEK PAPBE, mHE EVENING- JOURNAL.-Au earnest desire has been expressed, hy a large number of persons resident in various parts of the country, for the publi-"I'.lon of a Journal, ;;ncnring at convenient intervals, which shall contain all the political, ecclesiastical, and other matter of general interest to be found in the columns of TliS Morning Chronicle, but in such a orm as will admit of its being supplied at a less cost than a daily newspaper. The proprietors of Tlie Morning Chronicle have given their best consideration to tho wishes which have been thus intimated ; and they are led to believe that a paper published on threo alternate evenings in the week, and comprising in each number the more material and important contents of two Morning Chronicles, would he acceptable to a very wide circle of readers. They have accordingly commenced the experiment of a publication of this description. THE EVENING JOURNAL, the FIRST NUMBER of which appeared on Monday, the 0th instant, will be published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ; and will contain every article of general interest and importance printed in The Morning Chronicle of the day of its publication and of the day preceding. It is perhaps needless to state that, among the matter thus selected for re publication on alternate days, will be the leading articles of Tho Morning Chronicle, its Foreign, Domestic, and Commercial Intelligence, its Reports of the Parliamentary Debates and of important proceedings in tho Courts of Law, tho Letters of its Special Correspondents, and the various communications on Church questions which form so prominent a feature of its columns. The size of The Evening Journal is the same as that of The Morning Chronicle, and so is the price of each number, viz., Fivcpence; consequently, the yearly subscription to the new triweekly paper will be exactly half the annual cost of The Morning Chronicle. Tho Evening Journal is printed at such an hour as to admit of its being forwarded hy post to all parts of the countrj' on the night of its publication. , Orders are received hy every newsvender throughout the United Kingdom, or, in case of difficulty, may be transmitted direct to the Publisher, at the officc.of The Evening Journal, 332, Strand. The Morning Chronicle Office, Loudon, October, 1851. POSTAGE ENVELOPES, Is. per dozen ; five quires of Queen's note paper for 6d. ; eight dozen superfine cream laid envekmes for 6d. : lareo cream note, 3(1. per quire. 4s. per ream; superfine Queen's ditto, 2d. per quire, or 3s. per ream ; superfine cream laid envelopes, eight dozen for Sd. ; black bordered ditto, eight dozen for Is. ; black bordered Queen's cream laid note paper, 4d. per quire ; large note, 6d. per quire. Wedding stationery of every description. Coronets, arms, crests, and initials stamped on paper at one-half the usual charge. A, well selector) stock of dressing cases, work boxes, tea caddies, despatch boxes, writing desks, Wittington's cases, blotting books, Biblcis and Prayor-hooks, to be had at Charles Stookeu's, 53, Quadrant, Regent-street, London. M AGNUS'SENAMELLED SLATE CHIMNEY PIECES aro patronized by all architects and builders of eminence, and by tho puDiic generally, -iney are uueuper, mwe beautiful, and more durable thai marble, and may bo had trom 25s. to 50 guineas each. ENAMELLED SLATE BILLIARD TABLES. Magnus's patent Enamelled Slate Billiard Tables combine the nicest mathematical accuracy of workmanship with tho chastest elegance of design, and possess all the qualities that are esteemed hy the scientific player. Enough, that they are deemed worthy a place in tho drawing rooms of Osborne and Strathfieldsayo. N. B. Slate articles of every description supplied to the trade Pinilico Slate Works. 3D and 40. Uppor Belgravo-place, Pimhco mWO HUNDRED and FIFTY' STOVES and JL Ti: HREE HUNDRED and TWENTY-FIVE FENDERS, all difi'erimr in pattern, forming the largest assortment ever couecteu together are always on SALE at the Show Rooms oi W1UL1AM b. BURTON. They are marked in plain figures, and at prices proportionate with those that have tended to make liu establishment the most distinguished in this country. Bright Stoves, with bronzed ornaments and two sets of bars, 2 lis. to ifio 10s. ; ditto with ormolu ornaments and two sets of bars, 5 10s. to 12 12s. ; brouzod fenders, complete, with standards, from 7s. to 3; steel fenders from 2 15s. to 0 ; ditto, with rich ormolu ornaments, from 2 15s. to 7 7s. ; fire-irons, from Is. Od. the set to 1 4s. Sylvester and all other patent stoves with radiating hearth plates ; and kitchen ranges. WILLIAM S. BURTON is enabled to sell at these very reduced charges from three simple causes, which ho is most anxious the public should understand and appreciate ; First, from the frequency and extent or his purchases. Second, from those purchases being made exclusively tor cash. And Inst not least, from the non-allowance of the usual discount of 10 or 16 per cent, to architects, builders, &c, on the amount of coods sold through their recommendation, by which arrangement the price of such goods is of course enhanced to, at the very least, the extent of the discount. , . WILLIAM S. BURTON has just completed some extensile a -terations in his premises, by which he has TEN LARGE SHOW ROOMS (all communicating), exclusive of the shop devoted solely to the show of GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGERY, including cutlery, nickel silver, plated and japanned -wares, so arranged and classified that purchasers may easily and at once make their selections. , , rl Catalogues with cmrravings sent (per post) free, ihe money returned for every article not approved of. 80 OXFORD-STREET (corner of Newman-street) ; Nos. 1 and 2, NEWMAN-STREET ; and 4 and 5, PERRY'S-PLAOE. Established A.D. 1820. ENHAM and SON'S IMPROVED COOKING r a -Nvin-s smmliod t.o several of the principal Club-houses, Railway Hotels, Public Establishments,' anaTrivate Families, com-bininir irrcat efficiency and the utmost economy of fuel with perfect RiniDlieitv of management and the most substantial workmanship. Specimens of the new Roasting Ranges, Broiling Stoves, Dishing-up Tables Hot-water Drving-closets, Steam-kettles, Sc., were lately shown'at the Exhibition, Cla..sXXlL, No. OS ; and a largo collection, including kitchen ranges, at every gradation of price, irom 60s. to 30 may he inspected at BENHAM and SONS' Manufactory and Show-rooms, 10, Wigmore-strcet, Cavendish-square, London. EATING, VENTILATING, aud (JURIS ot SMOKY CHIMNEYS, Stoves ior Ciliureiies, ruuuu ings, and Dwciung-nouses, ouimiuj ;, FEETIIAM and Co., Stove-makers, &C., to her Majesty, 9, Chiloid-street, Bond-street, beg to announce that they have succeeded in nroducing a NEW STOVE for heating and ventilating apartments, composed entirely of earthen materials, the outside being of porcelain, and the inside of fire-clay, with hollow chambers between for the free circulation of pure air. Con he made to any dimensions or shapes, at prices from o and upwards. Baths and kitclioiis fitted up on new and improved principles Mark 1'eerhaKi i and Co undertake the effectual cure of smoky chimneys without charge, if not successful. Established 60 years. CiMOKY CHIMNEYS.-No CURE no P AY. O F EDWAKDS, Stove-maker to her Majesty, 42, Poland-sireet, Oxford-street, begs to call the attention of the public W tie very advantageous terms upon which he undertakes to CURE SMOKY CHIMNEYS, of whatever description, estimates for which would ho previously given Nearly thirty years' experience in all the branches of his business enables F. E. to undertake the cure of chimneys on the abeve satisfactory terms. TfcrEW SHOW ROOMS for BEDSTEADS. 11 HEAL and SON have erected some extensive Wsirerooms for the purpose of keeping every description of Bedstead In iron sSenl! extensive to allow them to fit up a variety, ootu in and manqgany, 01 iy'i'", --""'' . -' ... nf japanned bedsteads ui iact, m uasu ... """"','"" " Vfr stlad that is made ;and they have a so aneantotl- ctiipletefor t he tonShngTf bedsteads as well as bedding And Sout attempting to compete with the prices at which the lowest eh. I of Citure s'sold, and which isfit for no useful Purpose their SW.M'Twhettier of a plain anil simple f fa. handsomer and more expensive character, are of well-seasoned materials, sound .workmanship, and warmntcu. Heal and Son's List of Bedding, containing full particulars of Shts sizes and prices of every description of bedding sent III Thy postf'' 1 application to their factory, 190 (opposite the Chapel), Tottonham-court-road, Londoiu SPENCER'S CHINESE LIQUID HAIR DYE is pronounced by thousands, who have used it for upwards of twe-vyeOT?to rfew minutes, without trouble, red or grey hair, whiskers, moiistachioT&c., toadarkbrown or black by simply applying it wi- ainh While other dyes destroy the hair with their per-wiui u ... ... n,.i,r ,.m,r,tns t,s Growth. Price 3s. 6d STTdS 5 : tto To be had of SPENCER and CO., 2D, Not-unr'ha 11-place, Fieldgate-street, Whitechapol-road, London ; also of Ingram I"'''Br'i" hlI1 . p 'ut 229. Strand ; Sanger, WO.Oxford-Jtreet ! Bardiy Ctf- Atkinson24, Old Bond-street ; Elmore S reet, Bimingham ; and of most perfumers and meTcto-vcnJors in town and country. Remittances attended to post paid).-Observe : Spenceraiid Co.'s address is on the wrapper. REATXHIBITION of 1851.-PRIZE fl-r Mien A L awarded to F. S. CLEAVER for his genuine 5fWFv l othe? TOILET SOAPS, which, notwithstanding the osUmatlon thov Save for a length of time enjoyed with the public, ?s n confinSon of the merit that has been attached to them, L auS of wWeh will be more strictly attended to than ever by P S Clearer to perpetuate the honour that has been conferred upon him- To The had of all vendors of fancy soaps, and at tho mCufactory, 18, Red Lion-street, Holborn, London. 0 the AFFLICTED. A certain and speedy T cure for all persons aniicisc , chest or hni m St. . joint u, ... "Ah SOAP, the proW ties of which are,so astonishing iu diseases such as erysipelas, ring-ties oi wniui iiiwf m,,Sniiiia criint ons. as it nroduces a ZuTar 3S of H e pores, rendering tho skin clear and healthy. tms eouol lv effleacioi s in hums, scalds, bruises, or wounds of long IVmmrtbatnc i family should he without i .-Sold at Meosam Sco?s Medieated Cream DepOt, 238, Strand, London, in pots at Is. lVsd. and 2s. 9d. each. . . qrANT RELIEF and SPEEDY CURE by. NDU BARRrf PULMONIC COUGH BON BONS and t, r A TtT4 (TA BON B6NS.-These two delicious preparations are D1ARRHCEA. tl . for Much, asthma, brouclutis, effdctnu,i SSinS-w j m sr and all aliea ous mm c . relflxc1 state of the bowels., diarrhoea oho ic Engish cholera In boxes. Is. iy2d., 2s. a ., s. o , ' ' London . Edwards; through all modiomo vendors. - . IFTY Years' indescribable agouy from Dys- x ai A,,n nnnHnnt.inn flfltllJ s i V in. a ti i ? v R p v e el 1 e ii t health-restoring : nnekod for all climates, a I ,, .. ... OJ . K1UD 1 Id lbs., 22s. li IDS., US. W- 10 lbs-.-, 33s. 2 lbs., 4s. od. ; oios., lib. , - . 200 miles, on iiie iu iu. ------ .,.,-, ,97 Wow Ron il- isnrri iute vw., .... - and Butler, 155. Regent-street ; also at c.3i land 4ol, fetrana, o,, Upper Basor-streot; n, oi " AS AGENT, STEWARD, RENT COLLECTOR, or ill any other similar Capacity in Town or Country, a Gen-! tleman in the country, aged 28, who would study to the utmost the interest of his employers, and can furnish the highest testimonials us to integrity and ability from the magistracy and gentry of his present locality. Security to any amount. Apply to Mr. W. Ansel!, Eaversham. mO ENGINEERS aud FITTERS. WANTED, JL an active, sober, and trustworthy MAN, to l opair and w-ork machinery and direct native workmen, for a term of years, in tlie East Indies. -Letters, with particulars of wages required, references for ability mid character, late and present employment, to bo addressed to B. C. P., Arnold's Library, No. 45, MarchmoDt-strect, Russell-square. ANTED SOME GOOD COOKS. Cooks, having irood characters, may immediately obtain eligible places by registering at tlie Office of the Servants' Royal Provident and Benevolent Society, 40, Great Marlborougli-strcct. REAT EXHIBITION BUILDING. To PAPERMAKEBS, WATERPROOF PACKING MANU FACTURERS, Sc. Messrs. FOX, HENDERSON, and Co. are prepared to receive TENDERS far the CALICO which has been used for covering the roof of the Great Exhibition Building. Application for permission to itispect the calico to be made at tlieiy unices in tne liuuuing. renaers, seating price per cvvt., io ue addressed to No. 8, New-street, Spring-gardens, on or before the 10th instant. TThOMAINE ft VENDRE. Le vaste DOMAINE JLr dc la BERGERIE situe sur Ics hords du lao Leraan, a 4 licues do Believe et 7 de Lausanne, et forme unc Gtenduc do 201 hectares. Co domninc sc compose d'unc habitation principale avec pure, dc 0 fennes avee usine a moudre ot battro lo grain, et d'unc foret de ehOues. Sa position est des plus belles et son revenu assnrfi. S'ailresser ft M. Feiix Marcel, a Lausanne. QILVER TEA and COFFEE SERVICES. IO Printed lists sent gratis into tin country, in answer to a paid letter, with full particulars of size, weight, and price, or purchasers will find a most extensive assortment of the Silvci Services in the Show-rooms. Either tea-pot, sugar-basin, cream-over, or coffee-pot,-may be had separately. T. COX SAVORY" aud CO., Silversmiths, &c, 47, Cornhill (seven doors from Grace-chureh-street), London. TH L E I N G T O N aud CO., JDi PATENTEES OF THE ELECTRO PLATE, manufacturing Silversmith, Bronzists, Sc., beg respectfully to call attention to their Establishments, 22, Regent-street Loudon 45, Moorgatc-strcou, And Manufactory, Newball-strcet, ili rmingham ; at either of w;hich places they have always an extensive stock f their own productions. The Patentees feel the necessity of informing the public that articles sijitl as Electro-Plated, by Elkington and Co.'s process, offer no guarantee for their manufacture unless such articles boar thoir patent mark, viz." E. and Co., under a crown." Estimates, Drawings, and Prices sent free by post. Rcplating and Gilding as usual. Q-ARL and SONS, Watch-manufacturers, 18, O Poultry (near the Mansion-house), invite attention to their new and verv extensive STOCK of GOLD and SILVER WATCHES. The patterns are of the latest style, aud the movements of the most lii'dily-iinisbed description. Every make can be had. Tho follow-in? prices will convey an outline of the stock, combining economy with quality:- , . Gold Cases Silver Watches of the horizontal make, jewelled m and Dials. Cases, fniirhnlpa tiiaintiiininL'nower. 1st size 5 10 0 1 IS 0 Ditto. 2d size 7 10 Ditto. 3d size 8 10 3 10 0 Patent lover movements, detached escape- 'meiit,' jewelled in four or six holes, 2d size. 9 9 8 3 18 6 Ditto, with the flat fashionable style, with the most highly-finished movements, jewelled in 10 extra holes, 3d size 14 14 0 5 18 0 A written warranty for accurate performance is given with every watch, and a 12-mbnths' trial allowed. A. very extensive and splendid assortment of fine gold neck chains; charged according to the weight of sovereigns. A pamphlet, containing a list of the prices of the various' arfcicies in gold and silver, may be had gratis. Address, Sari and Sons, IS, Poultry (near the Mansion-house). AMERICAN CLOCK "WAREHOUSE for the SALE of those superior Timepieces, AMERICAN CLOCKS, the largest assortment m the country. They are warranted to keep correct time. Thirty-hour clocks, 12s. and 18s. ; eight-day, 31s. and 35s. ; also, alarm and office clocks in every variety. With a large assortment of American carpet brooms, pails, rocking chairs, &c. Also, theCHILD'S VELOCIPEDE, a new and beautiful invention, and of such simple and cosy construction it can bo worked by children abovo three or four years of ago. It combines the pony and carrhvo, and by a backward and forward motion of the hands bold of a lever affords an easy and graceful exorcise, promoting health, and the muscular development of the arms and chest. It is i recommended hv our most eminent physicians. Sold by ROGliKb and CO., Importers, 54B, New Oxford-street. DAVIES'S BOTANIC WAX CANDLES, lid. per lb. ; sperm, 2s. and 2s. 2d. ; German wax, Is. 2d. ; British wax or sperm, Is. 4d. ; patent sperm, lid. ; fine wax, Is. 5d. ; transparent wax, Is. 4d. and 2s. 4d. ; best wax, 2s. 3d. ; composite, O'Ad., 7Vid., 9d., and ad. ; Palmer's, 6&d.; magnums, 8d. ; middling size, 7Mid. ; store candles, 4y2d. and 5d. ; wax-wick moulds, Od. ; yellow soap, 44s., 60s.,ando4s. per 1121bs. ; mottled, 56s ; Windsor soan, is. 4d. por packet; Brown Windsor, Is. 9d. ; rose, 2s. ; almond," 2s. 6d. ; sealing wax, 4s. 6d ; argand vegetable, or earcel oil, 4s. 6d. por gallon ; sporni. 7s. 6d. ; solar, 3s. Od. ; seal 4s , for Cash, at DAVIES'S Old Established Warehouse, 03, St. Martin's-lane, opposite tho Westminster County Court. PURE LIGHT for LONG EVENINGS. See the PEERLESS SELF-GENERATING GAS LAMP, a .,. tnvoniiim of rrniit nractical value a rival to coal gas. Wicks, class chimneys, smoke, and attention avoided. A brilliant light br , !'(!! nn,V,lllO nnV.-TIl!! lltfi !l S frrLSllVaStOO at nan tne price oi uii ui v.uiiini..v. v - ;- o--- . - . tan No clockwork, springs, or other machinery, but simple, portable, safe, and durable. 20,000 have been sold and approved since patented in August last. This un:que apparatus can be had for 8s. each and upwards, and adapted for every purpose where a olican and pleasant lieht is a desideratum. It maybe seen, and prospectuses and engravings procured, at 128, Hoioorii-nui, i.on- !. 'm ... llr..l. TI.wl.WLflnlrl,. SlltirnOld 1 aon, runi-uriuye iv uiieo, miiiU..D.iv.",-- --, Oak-street, Manchester; and at lamp dealers generally. EFFICACIOUS CURE for CORNS, BUNIONS, CALLOSITIES, 6c, WITHOUT CUTTING, or causing the slightest pain, by Mr. EISENBERG, Author of " Practical Exposition 011 the Human Foot," and " Diseases of the loot Mr EISENBERG'S system is at once novel, and based upon long experience it has received the sanction of the Royal Families oi Europe, and the first of the nobility and gentry, he having, by careful study and actual pract ice, rendered himself master of that branch of surgical art in which he has been so long engaged as well as made most important discoveries m the treatment of the diseases of the feet. Mr Eisenbergmaybe consulted daily from Ten till Five, at his residence, 14, Cookspur-strcot, corner of Pall-mall. COPIES OF TESTIMONIALS. CFrom H R H Prince Loui; Napoleon, President of the French 1 ' ' Republic.) Monsieur Eisenborg m'a extrait les cors avec un grand succes et uno grande habilite. " Loms Napoleon Bonaparte. " Avril 14, 1847." fFrom the Most Noble his Grace the Duke of Hamilton.) "Mr Eisenberg operated on my feot successfully and skdfully. ' " Chatblhkrault. Hamilton, and Brandon. " Hamilton Palace, Feb. 12, I860." fFrom the Most Noble his Grace the Duko of Northumberland.) " Mr Eisenberg has very skilfully removed several very troublesome corns from my feot without causing mo the slightest pain. NorthmnberlandHoiise,Lojirlon." " Nortiio..bkkand. (From tho Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Jamaica ) " This is to certify my opinion of Mr. Eisenberg's skill, after a intiso of six years his operation is attended with success. ? Chester-sqnare, March 29, 1851." " Aubrbv G. JAMAICA. From his Excellency his Prussian Majesty's Ambassador to the xioiii un, a -"nnnrt. of Oreat Britain.! " T have verv reat satisfaction in stating that Mr. Eisenberg has extracted two very deep corns y,JZ EcSl'KowWg'e which have procured hnn ,so very deserved a reputation. : BUJ,SK. (From the Most ram i"i " . , .,, " Mr. Eisenberg has extracted my corns with extraordinary skill. fFrom the Most Hon. the Marquess of Stafford.) Mr Eisenberg has extracted two corns from my foot with great skill, and very satisfactorily. Stafford. fFrom tho Right Honourable the Earl of Airiie.) " Mr Eisenberg has removed my corns very satisfactorily. " Airiie Castle, Nor. 8, 1849." Aibub. fFrom the Right Hon. the Earl of Listowel, Lord in Waitingtoher 1 Majesty.) " I certify that Mr. Eisenborg has- effectually removed my corns tviniit. ipnsr, 11U.1I1. cternm tVii Ttiirht Hon. Lord Crewe.) ' Mr. Eisonbeig extracted my corns with great skill ' Crewe." (From the Eight Hon. Lord Feversham.) "Mr EiBenbere: has eradicated my corns with great skill, and Without any pain.-July 10, 1843 , " Fevbrsuam. fiwn Oia Wiirht Hon. Lord Sondes.) " I have much satisfaction in being enabled to bear testimony to Mr. Eisenberg's skiirul treatment. Aug. 19, 1844. Sonbbs. fFrom the Right Hon. Lord Beaumont.)' "Four vears a?o Mr. Eisenberg extracted the csriis from my feet with great skill, since which tune I have not suffered anyre-Wrn.-AugustlO, 1850." Beaumont. fFrom the Right Hon. Lord Maedonald.) Mr. Eisenberg has operated upon my feet most successfully. i lACXOIi fLDh rnm the Rlnht Hon. Lord Arundell.) " It is five years since Mr. Eisenberg attended my feot, and I think it but right te say thattlie cure has been complete. "Junes, 1860." "Arundill. fFrom Colonol Major Hay, Coldstream Guards.) It is now seven years since Mr. Eisenborg operated on my feet, then in a very bad state from corns ; his operation was easy and effectual for I have never suffered since. Charlks M. hav, " Nov. 6, 1850." Colonel and Major, Coldstream Guards, (From the Rev. Dr. Spencer Drummond.) ' I have returned to- Mr. Eisenberg to certify to his skill after eleven years' oxperienco.-Dec. 18850." "Spencer Drummonii. From Dr. Charles Meyer, Secretary aiid Librarian to H. R. H. . Prince Albert.) ' it i v,D nr nat nloasure in testifying to the very skilful manner in which Mr. Eisenberg has operated upon my corns. ' C. MUTER. " HUCKlllgnaHl roiiieo, ami o, ai. (From Col. W. L. Froestun. K.C.T., M.P.) " It is now Bve years since Mr. Eisenberg1 extracted my corns with ereat skill, and, Phaye been free from corns since. " Feb 26 L" W-LooKYER FitKESTUN, M.P. The' orieinals of the above autographs, with many thousand more, can be seen at Mr. Eisenberg's residence, he having received permission from the distinguished persons to give publicity to the oood ellects he has produced. No professional connection with any person, Observe ; 14, Cockspiir-street, comer o Pall-maUi, i -f IL RECOLLECTIONS of WALES. ft, AIRS newly AK RANG ED for Piu, uy mi KIOUAKl?.?. Ko. 1, "Pour Mary Anne," nr.rHiof the "ound onrli nf ilm c.Mw.mmnc ,lf nnnilivinn en,,, l.o line s'ClCcteii lf int AT.. I ..!,...-. ,ia i.w.iioA.ln.1 In H.. o i1, his purpose, and at the same tinio made them most useful jW ' teaching' pieces." Vide Dramatic and Musical Review, No. 305. (Copy.) " 0, Somerset-street, Portmaii-squaro, Nov. 1, ISol. " Dear Sir I regret lo see by the advertisements headed 'New-Music by Brinley Kichanis,' to which you have direct ed my attention, that an attempt is therein made to mislead the public, and to induce a belief that (be 1 Beauties of Cambria' is a recent work of mine. Having eiuercd into an engagement with you to confine my labours connected with the Welsh melodies to those published by your tir:.:i, allow mic to state that the ' Beauties of Cambria,' advertised, so far from being 'new,' or even recent works of mine, were written aud published many years since, while I was a student ; and I beg distinctly to assure you that, with the exception of tlie ' Recollections of Wales,' now in course of publication by you, I have not edited, nor entered into any on-gftgomcnt to eait, any works connected with the music of the principality since the period already alluded to. " I remain verv truly yours, (Sisncd) "Bkislev RiciiAkns. " To Robert Cocks, Esq., Miuic Publishers to her Majesty, New Burlington-street, London." OST-OFFICE LONDON DIRECTORY for 1S52. Chief divisions of tho Work : Ollicial Directory, Street Directory, Commercial Directory, Trades Directory, Law Directory, Court Directory, Parliamentary Directory, Postal Directory, City Directory, Conveyance and Banking Directories, to., Sc. Reviews of this Edition for 1S52 are contained in the Times of the 21st October, 1S51 ; Daily News, 14th October; Morning Chronicle, ljth; Morning Herald and Sun, 17th; Examiner, Globe, Britannia, Atlas, Spectator, Literary Gazette, Shipping and Mercantile Gazette, and llcrapntli's Railway Journal, 18th ; Weekly Dispatch, 19th ; Standard, :21st ; Morning Post and Morning Advertiser, 2:irl ; Illustrated London News, John Bull, Bell's Weekly Messenger, and Mining Journal, 26th; and Era, 2oth October, 1851. JOURNAL FRANCAIS, publie a Londres Le COURR1EK dc l'EUROPE, fondc en 1840, paraissant le Samedi, donr.e dansch.ique numero les nouvelles de la seniaine, les mcillcurs articles de .tons les journoux do Paris, la Semifine Dramatique par Th. Gautier ou J. Janin, la Revue de Paris par Pierre Durand, et reproduit en cntier les ronians, nouvelles, etc., en vogue, les premiers ccrivains dc France. Prix Oil. London : Joseph Thomas, 1,'Fincii-lano. PUBLICATIONS. BOOKS ON HUNGARY AND AUSTRIA, JUST PUBLISHED. Ill 2 vols., postSvo., 21s., The WAR in HUNGARY, ISIS-IO. By MAX SCHLESIKGER. Edited, witli Notes and an Introduction, by FRANCIS PULSKY. CoMrKNTS : The March Revolution in Vienna Speech of Kossuth Revolution in Pesth Kossuth's Views on Austria Hungarian Commanders Conduct of Jellachich Kossuth's P0I1C3- Character of Kossuth Promotion of GOrgey Windischgratz at Presbuigli Prince Sell vvarzeuberg Popularity of Kossuth General Pern General Wclilen General Guyon Cruellies of Haynau Adventures of Two Hungarian Ladies Gdrgey and Kossuth Giirgey pursued by the Russians Kossuth's Letter Policy of Austria Present State of Hungary, ece. 11, In Svo., price 14s., Second Edition, Tho GOTH and the HUN ; or, Transylvania, Debreczin, Pesth, and Vienna in 1S50. By A. A. PATON. Contests : A Visit to the Head-quarters of the Austrian and Russian Annies at the close of the War A Steam Voyage on the Theiss Tlie Bannt of Temcsvar Grosswardein the Hungarian Arsenal Debreczin and the Secret History of Kossuth's proceedings Pesth and Vicuna, with Personal Recollections of Scliwarzeu-berg, Winilischgratz, Nugent, Jellachich, 'Itaynau, Wallmodcn, Sclilich-Bach, Brack, kc. " 111. In 1 vol., price 10s. Oil., ADVENTURES and ANECDOTES of the SOUTH ARMY of the EMPEEOR of AUSTRIA during the late HUNGARIAN CAMPAIGN. Narrated by Eye-Winiesses. Edited by J. W. WAR RE TVNDALE, Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to her Majesty. THE HON. FRED. WALPOLE'S NEW WORK. NOTICE. T HE ANSAYRII ; or, THE ASSASSINS WITH TRAVELS IN THE FARTHER EAST, Includinrjr A VISIT TO NINEVEH, IS NOW READY, And may be had of all Booksellers. 3 vols. Svo., with Portrait and other Illustrations, i 2s. Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to her .Majesty. NEW WORK BY THE AUTHOR OF " TYPEE," &c. In 3 vols, post Svo., THE WHALE. By HERMAN MELVILLE. IS NOW READY AT ALL THE LIBRARIES. " Contains graphic descriptions such as wo do not remember to have met with before in marine literature." Athemoum. 11 Displays fertile fancy, playful learning, and an unusual power of enchaining the interest. Nothing more honourable to American literature has yet reflected credit on tho country of Washington Irvinir, Fenimoro Cooper, Bryant, Longfellow, or Prescott." Morning Advertiser. "Intensely interesting. It is not a mere tale of adventures, but a whole philosophy of life that it unfolds." John Bull. "A singular novel. The satire is biting and reckless." Spectator. "Tho raciest thing of the kind that was ever produced. The author's ink must be tlie black liquor of the cuttle-fish, and his pen drawn from the wing of the albatross."- -Evening Paper. " In some respects, Melville's greatest effort." Atlas. Richard Bentley, New Burlington-street. Now ready, in 2 vols. Svo., 28s., A HISTORY OF G1 REEK CLASSICAL LITERATURE. By the Rev. R. W. BROWNE, Professor of Classics at King's College, London. " Mr. Browne lias the happy art of conveying information ill a most agreeable manner. It is impossible to be insensible to the charms of his polished style." Atlieniouni. l'rorcssor lirowne nas acuicvcu complete success m uns uik. No book on the same subject, is so well calculated to assist a reader forming a correct estimate of the oldest lvaropean literature. Morning Post. "A work of truly singular value and importance. Morning Herald. ' 1 Th is book will be of great value to the student." Examiner. " The best history of Greek literature in the English language." Literary Gazette. ' ' A valuable and attractive work. It will be extensively popular." Britannia. ' A well-written history. The author invests the dullest parts of Greek literature with extraordinary interest." Atlas. A valuable and meritorious w ovk." Ulone. Richard Bentley, publisher in ordinary to her Majesty. WORKS BY JOHN MINTER MORGAN. In 8vo., 2s. Od. ; imperial 4to., with plates, 12s. Cd., THE CHRISTIAN COMMON WEALTH. Dedicated, by permission, to the Earl of Shaftesbury. "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom yo will serve." The Rkvolt of tho Bees. Revised. Price 2s. Od. Lettehs to a Clbroyman, on Institutions for Ameliorating tho Condition of the People, chiefly from Paris, in tho autumn of 1845. With an Account of Mettray and Petit Bourg. Price 2s. 6d. Letters to a OuiiiovMAN during a Tour through Switzerland aud Italy. Price 2s. 6d. Colloquies on Religion mid Religious Education. Originally published as a Supplement to " Hampden in the Nineteenth Century." Price 2s. 6d. Tracts. Price 2s. Od. London : Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans. NEW WORK BY SIR B. C. BRODIE, BART. On Friday, November 14, will be published, in 1 vol. Svo., PHYSIOLOGICAL RESEARCHES. Collected and republished from the " Philosophical Transactions," with Notes. By Sir BENJAMIN C BRODIE Bart., D.C.L., F.R.S., Corresponding Member of tho Academy of Sciences, ot the Institute of France, &c. London : Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans. Now ready, in 1 vol., post Svo., KOSSUTH and MAGYAR LAND ; or, Personal Adventures during the War in Hungary. By CHARLEb PK1DHAM, Esq., B.A., late Correspondent of a loading Morning Journal. Lon(on . jBmes jjadden, 8, Lcailenhall-street. Now ready, prico Is. 0d., by post Is. 10d., ARCHDEACON SINCLAIR'S REPLY to the Bishop of EXETER, in a Second Letter to tho Clergy of M'ddlCjUviugtons, St, Paul's Churchyard, and Waterloo-place. firms M. A. ROCHE lGme aunee. M. A. Roche recommence-, le 9 JNovemore ses uours ue ram. mairc, de lattovauue, ui-uswjuu uohmu.iu.', demoiselles do 0 illS ans. A. ROCHE : Les Poiites francais depuis le Moyen Age jusqu'il nos jours. 121110, cloth, Os. A. RociiE : Les Prosatcurs francais depuis le Moyen Ago jusqu a nosj'ours. 12mo. cloth, Cs. A. Roche : Histoirc d'Angletorre, adoptee par 1'UiiivcrsitG de France. 2 vols. Svo., 12s. Histoire he Fhaxce. Par A. Roche (Moyen Age) etPhilarete Cbasles (Temps Modcrnes). 2 vols. 8vo., 15s. Nouvellb Gra.mmaire Frani;aisb. S'adresser pour le prospectus, 1, North Audloy-street, Gros-venor-square. " ' Now ready, No. XL, for November, THE MONTHLY PACKET of EVENING RE ADINGS for YOUNGER MEMBERS of the CHURCH. Price Od. Contents : Conversations on the Catechism Conversation X. The Cardioscope. Cameos from English History, Cameo X. Earl Godwin. The Castlo Builders, by the Author of "Scenes and Characters," Chapter VII. Our Feathered Neighbours, Chapter IX. Stilt-Walkers. The Plover Tribe. Pictures of the Heavens, No. III. Tlie Constellations. Annie and Julia. The Pigeon Pie. The Nuns of Orange. Hints on Reading. London :. J. and C. Mozley, 6, Paternoster-row. J. H, Parker, Oxford, and 377, Strand. Antagonistic to Sophistry, Vrejudico, and Empiricism, 14' Wood- nnt dl rnanc. 9. vnlc Is ennh r hv BORt. 19. 6d.. O1 N SINGLE AND MARRIED LIFE; " To he or not to be, that is the question. By R. J.-CULVEIIWELL, M.D. (1841),. M.K.O..M. (ia-r;, u..-., (UZ4;, za years aieuicaiana ruion&iu hv.vlw... Programme : Advent of Puberty and corresponding AssociationsDuties and Casualties of Single Life Marriage and its Cor,, sideratious-Happy and Fruitful Alliances Mode of Securmj thenl Infelicitous and Infertile ones Their Obviation and B.smoval. Sherwood, 23, Patevnostor-row ; Mann, 39, CoruhiU ; Carvalho, 147, Fleet-street ; aud all booksellers ; or by pout from the Author, 10, Argyll-place, Regent -street, At home aftlly, ten till Bve ; Evening, seven till tit no. MRS. TEOLLOPE'S NEW NOVEL. Now ready at all the Libraries, in 3 vols., R S. M A T H E or. M w s FAMILY MYSTERIES. By Mrs. TROLLOPE. " A production unique in ctiiracter and of singular merit. This interesting story displays rcmarkahlo knowledge of life and motive, .and unites, witli great variety and fettility in the conception of cha."l";ter, greater frtodom, energy, aim minuteness or delineation than ai'y otl,c'r of Mrs. Trollopo's novels." Morning Post. Colbin'-'1 and C., publishers, 13, Great Marlborough-street,' THE NEW" WORK ON EGYPT' AND NUBIA. Now ready, in 2 vols., with Illustrations, 21s., K HARTOUM AND THE NILES. Bv GEORGE MELLY, Esq. Mr. Melly is an animated writer, and a quick observer his style is buoyant, lively, mid agreeable, and his bonk is from first to last instructive ana entertaining, morning rost. " Independently of the amusement and information which may be derived from Mr. Melly's interesting work, the references to tha relations which exist at this time between the Sublime Porte and Egypt are worthy of every consideration which statesmen and public men can bestow upon them." Messenger. Colburn and Co., publishers, 13, Great Marlborough-street. CAPTAIN SPENCER'S NEW WORK. Now ready, in 2 vols. Svo., with Illustrations, and a valuable Map of European Turkey, from the most recent charts in the possession of the Austrian aud Turkish Governments, revised by the Author, 28s, bound, m RAVELS in EUROPEAN TURKEY, JL In 1S50, Through Bosnia, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Rouniclia, Albania, and Epirus, with a Visit to Greece and the Ionian Islands, and a Homeward Tom- through Hungary and the Sclavonian Provinces of Austria 011 the Lower Danube. By EDMUND SPENCER, Esq., Author of " Travels in Circassia," &c. Colburn aud Co,, publishers, 13, Great Marlborough-street. L1F1S OS QUEEN ELIZABETH. Now ready, with Tivo Portraits and a Vignette, price 12s. bound, YOL. IV. of LIVES of the QUEENS of ENGLAND, By AGNES STRICKLAND, New, Revised, and Cheaper Edition, embellished with Portraits of every Queen, 1 ' ' ' Vol . IV. comprises 1 THE LIFE OF QUEEN ELIZABETH, COMPLETE, Occupying nearly 8G0 pages. Colburn and Co., publishers, 13, Great Marlborough-street. 13, Groat Marlborough-street. GENERAL SIR CHARLES NAPIER. " LIGHTS AND SlIADSS OF MILITARY LIFE." Edited by Licutennnt-General Sir CHARLES NAPIER, G.C.B. Now ready, in 1 vol. 8vo., price 12s. bound. " A narrative of stirring interest, which should be in the hands of every officer in her Majesty's service." Globe. " One of the most interesting, and, as regards General Napier's share of it, one of the most original productions of the tlay." Indian News, Colburn and Co., publishers, 13, Great Marlborough-street. THE NATIONAL ILLUSTRATED LIBRARY. Now ready, the New Volume for November, PICTUliES of TRAVELS in the SOUTH of FRANCE. Translated from the Fruncli of Alexfmder Dumas. Illustrated with 50 Biiirited eiigravinjrs on wood. London : IDS ami 227, Strand; and to be had of all booTiSLllor3. SALES BYAUCTION. Sale adjourned from Thursday last, it having been found impossible to conclude the Sale on that day, on account of the number of the lots, within business hours. I'irsl-class Wines, bottled expressly for private trade. mff ESSRS. SHUTTLE WORTH and. SONS are TjL instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, TO-MORROW, November 5, at Twelve, tho REMAINDER of the FIRST PORTION of tlie STOCK of a highly respectable house, retiring from the BOTTLE WINE TRADE ; comprising, abeut 83 dozens of choice old crusted Port, from ten to twenty years in bottle, of Thompson and Croft's, Oiiley's, Roiz, Quarlcs, Harris, and Co 's, and Royal Oporto Company's shipping ; 184 dozens of puie, gold, and brown Sherry, of Duff Gordon's, Domecq's.Garvey's, Perez and Co.'s shipping ; 33 dozens rich and dry old Lisbon, of Holford's shipping ; Hi dozens Sillery Champagne, in pints, iu splendid condition ; about 18 dozens choice old Hock ; and about 70 dozens first-class old pale and hrown Brandy, Jamaica Rum, and Highland Whiskey ; also, in addition, about 30 dozens first-class Champagne, 14 ditto Claret, IS ditto Medoc Leoville, &c. ; 20 ditto pale Brandy, bottled at Bordeaux, and 15 ditto Cordials ; also, in bond, one hogshead and nino quarter casks pale and brown Sberrv, and two quarter casks superior gold ditto ; lying ill the cellars, No. 4, Charlotte-row, Mansion-house, where they may be viewed until the sale, between the hours of twelve and three. The wines may be tasted at tlie time of sale, and samples had by payinent, which, witli catalogues, may be obtained of Messrs. Shuttleworth and Sons, 23, Poultry. Improved Ground Rents, arising from a compact Property in Lambeth. MESSRS. WINSTANLEY are instructed to SELL bv AUCTION, at the Auction Mart, on Friday, Nov. 14, in One Lot, 07 10s. per annum, being the improved GROUND RENTS arising from zl houses with gardens, a public-house, and other premises, in Barrett-street, Lambeth, 8 messuages in Jonathan-street, and 12 cottages adjoining ; held for the remainder of a long term by one iease, and underlet for the same period. To be viewed by permission of the tenants. Printed particulars may bo had of Messrs. Chester aud Son, Church-row, New-ington Butts ; at the Horns, Kennington ; the place of sale ; and ol Messrs. Winstanley, Paternoster-row. Capital modern Furniture in excellent condition, Pianofortes, Chimney Glasses, and numerous Useful and Ornamental Miscellanies. TV. ESSRS. OXENHAM aud SONS will SELL fL hy AUCTION, at their Rooms, 353, Oxford-street, near-tlie Pantheon, on Friday next, at Eleven for Twelve punctually, the capital modern FURNITURE, consisting of rosewood drawing-room chairs, sofas, couches, and easy chairs, suites of curtains, inlaid and rosewood loo, card, occasional, and fancy tables, cheft'o-niers, pianofortes of every description, chimney glasses, mahogany dining-room chairs, couches, and easy chairs, sets of patent dining tables, pedestal and enclosed sideboards, bookcases, library tables, Turkey and Brussels carpets, four-post, Arabian, and other bedsteads and hangings, with the bedding complete, mahogany and japanned wardrobes, drawers, washstands, dressing tables, toilette, glasses, &c ; the domestic requisites, chitia and glass, and numerous useful and ornamental miscellanies. May be viewed on Thursday and morning of sale, and catalogues hao ON NERVOUS AND GENERATIVE DISEASES. New Edition, Illustrated with Forty five coloured Engravings, and containing tlie ncwly-discovercd Preventive Lotion. Just published, the 60th Thousand, price 2s 6d., in a sealed envelope, or sent by the author, post-paid, for 40 postage stamps, MANHOOD : the Causes of its Premature Decline, with Plain Directions for its Perfect Restoration, a Medical Review of every Form, Cause, and Cure of Nervous Debility Impotency, Loss of Mental aud Physical Capacity, whether resulting from Youthful Abuse, the Follies of Maturity, the Effects of Climate, or Infection, &c, addressed to the Sufferer in Youth Manhood, and Old Age ; with the Author's Observations on Marriage, its Duties and Disqualifications ; the Prevention and Cure of Syphilis, Spermatorrhea, and other Urino-Genital Dis eases' as adopted by Dcslandes, Lallcmand, and Ricord, Surgeons to the Hospital Venerien, Paris. By J. L. CURTIS, Surgeon, 15, Albemarle-street, Piccadilly, London. r.KYIKWS ot- THE WORK. "Manhood, hy J.L.Cuvtis. We agree with the author that, so far from works of this class beiugohjectionahleinthcbandsofyouth.or difficulties beingopposod, every facility should be given to their circulation ; mid to strengthen our opinion we need but refer to tha recent distressing events at our military and scholsstie academies at Carshalton and Woolwich." Naval and Military Gazette, Feb. 1, lasi " Wn feel na hesitation in saying that there is no memberot society bv whom the book will not be found useful whether such iMrsoiihold the relation of a parent, preceptor, or clergyman. Evening Paper. Sold also by Gilbert, 40, Paternoster-row; Hannav 63 Oxford-st.; Mann, 69, Cornhill, London; Armstrong, Bond-4' Manchester; Howell, 8, Chureh-st., Liverpool ; Campbell, chemist'' 13(5, Araylc-st., Glasgow ; Robinson, 11, Grecnside-st., Edinburgh ; and Berry and Co., 159, Great Britain-st., Dublin. Consultations from 10 to 3, and 0 till 8. MEDICAL ADVICE ON THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURITY. FIFTY COLOURED ENGRAVINGS. In English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, aud Italian, in a scaled envelope, 2s. 6d., or post-free, for 42 stamps. SELF-PRESERVATION ; a Medical Treatise on the Physiology of Marriage, and on the secret infirmities and . disorders of youth and maturity, which destroy the physical and mental powers, enfeeble tho natural feelings, and exhaust the ener-iries of Manhood ; with practical observations on the prevention and treatment of nervous debility, local and constitutional weakness, syphilis stricture, and all diseases and derangements arising from indiscretion. With fifty coloured engravings, illustrating the anatomy physiology, and diseases of the reproductive organs, their structures uses, and functions, and the various injuries produced in them by solitary habits, excesses, and infection. By SAMUEL LA'MERT, M.D., No. 37, Bedford-square, London, Doctor of Medicine, Matriculated Member of the University of Edinburgh, Licentiate of the Apothecaries' Hall, London, &c. Dr. La'Mert is the only legally-qualified medical man who has exclusively, and for many years, devoted his studies to the treatment of these complaints. Sold by J. Gilbert, 49, Paternoster-row; Hannay, 63, Oxford, street ; Starie, Tichborne-strcet, Haymarkot ; Mann, 39, Cornhill; Gordon, 146, Lcadenhall-street. At home for consultation (or by letter), daily from 10 till 2, and from 0 till 8. The Silent Friend, in Six Languages. Fortieth Edition. Containing tho Remedy for Prevention of Disease, Illustrated by One Hundred. Anatomical Explanatory Coloured Engravings. On piii,cii..ii ftenerativfi Incanacitv. and Impedi ments to Marriage. A new Edition, 190 pages, price 2s. 0d.; by nost. from the establishment, 3s. 6d. m postage stamps. . hPiHE SILENT FRIEND, a Medical Work on JL the infirmities and decay of the generative system, from excessive indulgence, infection, and the use of mercury, with remarks on Marriage, and moans of obviating disqualifications grated by One Hundred Engravings. By R. and-L. PERRY and CO., Consult-ing Surgeons, 10, Beniervst., Oxford-st., London. Published by the Authors. Sold by Strange, Paternster-row ; Hannay, 63, andSauger, feo Oxford-st. f Starie, 23, T.tchbourne-st., W'ket Gor&n 146 Leadenhall-st. ; Barclay, 95, Farr.iigdoii-st. ; W. Sutton, 10, Bow Churchyard; W.Edwards, 67, St. Paul's Churchyard ; JJutlw.l r Cheapsrdo ; R. Johnson, 68, Cornhill I ; Snnpkm and Co., Stati.oners'-hall-ct., London, Part I. treats of the anatomy and ph- si0logyot the reproductive organs, and is illustrated by 2 colouro el)gravings. Part II. treats of the consequonces residing fr0-a exce8sive indulgence and their lamentable effects on ae systP',,, Droduoi'"-and bodily weakness, and nervous -,xciteeT,t j g ... -? aental explanatorj' engravings. Part treata Qf h.l'Tul,traM,lbyII, from iniection, primaryor 5c01)f)... . diseases resulting rections fortheirtrcatmenr ..aiyiorm, andcontains explicit dl-Part IV. contains a ren- "'ustrated by 62 coloured engravings. apBlication, hy wb'-' 'edy for tho prevention of disease by a simple devoted to the r -en the danger of infection is obviated Part V. of unproduet-' -onsideration of marriage, and its duties. Thecauses philosoph' -ive. u''ons are also considered, and the whole subject ciusiv' . 101,1 J'lllcl".iredinto. TiieCordial Balmof SjTiaoumis ex-ten' -O' employed in treating nervous and sexual debility, impo-T -x, ete., lis. and ,33s. per bottle. The Concentrated Detershre -s.sseiico, an anti-syphilitic remedy, forpurifj-ing tho blood in cases, oi infection, secondary symptoms, eruptions, and the abuse of mei.' a i ' and S3si Perbttlo. Perry's Purifying Specific Pills, 2s.9dr,-4s. 6d,, and lis. per box, a certain remedy for gonorrhoea, gleet strictures, and chi onic inflammation of the bladder. Sold bya-lK medioiiievendoni in town and country. Consultation fee, if by letter' 1. A minute description of the case is necessary, statiniagei I habits, and position in society. 5 packets, with advice, to beuow'i the establishment only, by which the fee, 1, ia saved. Meyarsf' i Perry, surgeons, are iu attendance daily at 19, Berners-st., Ou&idv St., from 1 to 2, and 5 to8; oaSundaystrotall tol. j

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