Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 8, 1962 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1962
Page 9
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Friday Evening, June 8, 1962. ANN LANDERS Ann Provides New Way of Life-Even Ironed Sheets Dear Ann Landers: I know you must work hard writing your column which appears seven days a week. Do you ever wonder if you are getting through to people? Well, I'm the mother o£ four children, and I'd like to tell you what your column has done for our family. It has provided- us with new ground rules to live by. Here are just a few:' l.-B. A. L. (Before Ann Landers) everyone in the house used to open up every bit of mail regardless of the name on the envelope. You put a stop to this practice. 2./ Our relatives used to drop in three times a week.. Your column gave us the courage to ask them to please call first. Now when we have other plans we tell them, and we .are no longer trapped in our own home by unexpected company. (And, incidentally, they are over here much less often, which suits us fine.) 3. Our 15-year-old daughter told us three months ago that she is not going to smoke no matter what the rest of the crowd does because, "Ann Landers says it is a filthy, stupid, expensive, unattractive habit which doesn't do one thing for anybody." 4. My husband used to go on "silent spells" when something bothered him. He learned from Ann Landers the wisdom of talking things out. You may have saved him from an ulcer. 5.1 used to nag my husband endlessly about hanging up his clothes and putting things in their proper place. Your column taughl me that it takes less energy to do these things myself. You may have saved me from an ulcer. 6.1 don't know whether I shoulc kiss you or kill you for this one Ann—but now I'm ironing the bed- sheets.-TRXJE BELIEVERS Dear Believers: Thanks for a marvelous letter. You've made my day.. Dear Ann Landers: My husbanc and I have a lovely home anc we entertain fairly often. We enjoy company and it's no strain for me to have a dinner party for 12 or 14. When the weather is gooc we have had as many as 30 for a barbecue. Many people we have entertained have never' invited us back, There are five or six couples we've had to dinner at least a hall dozen times. I know for a facl that they have had parties and not included us. Yet, whenevei I invite them they are Johnny on-the-spot. My husband says if they didn' 1 care for us they wouldn't accep our invitations. But why don' hey invite us back? Am I petty? -EX-CLUDED •Dear Ex: Some people like you well enough to go to YOUR par- ies, but not quite well enough to nvite you to theirs. If you've learned who these xjople are, wise up and take them off your guest list. • # * * Dear Ann Landers: I am 15 and trying .hard to learn goodi manners. When I meet a person for :he first time I feel foolisfi saying "How do you do" because .his phrase has no meaning. :hink, "Pleased to meet you"- is better, My girl friend says it's corny. After a person says, "Pleased to meet you", I find myself saying "Same here" and I ieel like a sap. But what else is ;here to say? Maybe something is wrong with me but I dread meeting new people because I'm uncomfortable about such things. Can you help me or am I beyond hope?—MUSH- MOUTH Dear Mushmouth: Nothing is wrong with "How do you do" }ut if it seems foolish to you, by all means say something else, such as "I'm happy to meet you." agree with your girl friend about "Pleased to meet you." It's corn ball and more often than nol it comes out "Pleezedtameetcha." "Same here" suggests a bankrupt vocabulary. It's far better to say "I'm happy to have met you, too." And if you will add the person's name to whatever phrase you use, it always sounds better, Are your parents too strict? You can benefit from the experiences of thousands of teenagers if you write for ANN LANDERS booklet, "How To Live With Your Parents," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long : self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help .you with your problems. Sent them to her in care of this news paper enclosing a stamped, self addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. BAT KILLS BOY HOPEWELL, Va. (UPI)-Mar tin Lewis Nault, 9, died Thurs day when he was struck in the head by a bat which slipped from the hands of a fellow fourth grad er during a baseball game on the last day of school. ACTRESS MARRIES LONDON (UPI)-Hong Kong born Nacy Kwan, 23, star of the film "The World of Suzie Wong,' honeymooned today with he bridegroom, Peter "Pock, an Aus trian ski instructor. Miss Kwan met the 22-year-ok skier in Innsbruck, Austria, seven weeks ago while she was on loca tion for the film "The Main At traction." JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Exercise Preserves Figure and Health Every woman should include exercise in her daily routine for best health and to keep figure trim Q. "Do you think a mask which S -lemon juice in it could be used every day? A. Of course it depends on how much lemon juice, but as a general rule, it seems to me that lemon juice would be too drying to the skin of most women. . Q. "What-is your'opinion of the hormone creams?" A. I think they help to keep one young, and all of the doctors Chuckles in The News CROOK COPS CROCKS RICHMOND, Va. (UPI) - Police are looking for a crock crook. Robert V. Perkins, 60, reported the theft of a $20 crock from his front porch and Kathryn Gravins, 69, said someone stole two antique crocks from her home about the same time. GOD FOR MUSCLES WESTHAMPTON, N.Y. (UP)Anyone for the tennis twist? Marse Fink, tennis pro at the Westhampton Bath and Tennis Club, today advised 15 minutes Of twisting before taking the courts as "ideal to get the muscles used in tennis limber:" GIVES HIM THE BIRD FAREHAM, England (UPI) — Pub owner Walter Wareham is itching to get his hands on his pet parrot: that has roosted in a nearby tree since it escaped from the tavern. Everytime Wareham climbs the tree Polly squawks, "The cops are coming," and flies to another branch. THIEVES GET BOLD SPARTA, Wis. (UPD—Gather ine 0 a k s o n reported some one stole her car from outside her business establishment while she worked. She is a matron at the Monroe County Jail. I have talked with feel that.they are safe. Q. "I am interested in the croam stick to cover up pimples. Will you please put the name of one in your column?" A. I do not use trade names in my column. However, any time any of my readers want to know :he name of some,product I describe, I will be glad to send it iE the reader will send a stamped, lelf-addressed .envelope with a request for it. Q. "What do you think about plastic surgery to remove excess fat froiji the abdomen?" A. This, operation is done successfully. However, have you tried calorie counting and exer- ise? Q. "I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 110 pounds. I have a medium frame. For a while I exercised faithfully without results, so I gave up. After reading continually about the need for exercise, I will attempt it again. But I become discouraged. Please reply in your column." A. You are not overweight at all. Even if you had a small frame you would be on the light side. Maybe there just isn't any fat to come off! Exercise is won derful anyway for health and for keeping the figure in good form. It also helps correct or prevent flabbiness. Q. "I am now in my 59th year and my .hair has been gradually turning grey since my late twenties. Where the grey originally began, is now a dreadful, yellowish tinge unless I have a rinse about every two weeks. I am so tired of having this done so often. If my hair were a pure white, I would be satisfied—but I abhor this yellow tinge. My hairdresser said that this comes from an acid condition." A. I do not think an acid condi- ,tion is the cause. Many-women and men have yellowish- white hair rather than truly white. I do not know what 'you can do except . continue the rinse. This seems well worth while to me. (Released, by The Register and Tribune .Syndicate, 1962) en nn L—r en enEZJ L—i a acu a o-cua C3 en 0 D D D D D 0 D D D D Q 0 Q a EAMS JUST BRUSH ON with NEW APPLICATOR CAP. Disappears in Minutes. DEAT to ROACH that cross it! Quick, Sure, Easy Way To Get Rid Of ROACHES —ANTS Without Dangerous Sprays S-ANTS Roach or Ant problem? End it the quick, sure, easy way..-. with d-CON® KOAOH-PRUFB or d-CON ANT-PRUFE! d-CON ROACH-PRUFE and ANT-PRUFE come with a special applicator brush. You simply brush on a d-CON DEADLINE next to baseboards and other places in your kitchen where roaches and ants crawl. And that's-all! There's no dangerous flying spray to settle on food—yet this ROACH-PRUFE or ANT-PRUFS —. »w v"-j a o Q a D D D Q D^ a D D Q ,D a o DEADLINE is SURE DEATH to roaches, ants, silverfisri, water bugs and other troublesome, crawling pests that cross it! And' this DEADLINE is invisible—'causes you no embarrassment! 'd-CON ROACH-PRUFE and ANT-PEUFE are so economical, too ... . one application'lasts for weeks. So end your roach or ant problem the quick, sure, easy way . . .without dangerous flying sprays that can contaminate your food! Get RoACH-PRUFE or ANT-PRUFE, the pest killers you can control. Only pennies per application, d-CON ROACH-PRUFE d-CON ANT-PRUFE BIBLE SCHOOL AT CAMDEN CAMDEN,— The Community Daily Vacation Bible School begins June* 11 and will continue through June 22, Sessions-will begin at 8:45 a.m. and be dismissed at 11 a.m. Four 'and 5-year-old Kindergarten will be held in .the Lutheran church. Primary grades, 'one through five, will be at the Bap- list church. Grades 7, 8 and 9 or Junior high will be held in the Methodist church. A nursery for children of Bible School helpers will be at the Baptist church. Rev. Lawrence Tedrow, pastor oE the Methodist church will serve as Dean of the Daily Vacation Bible School and Mrs. John Frye will act as secretary. Referendum NEW HAVEN, Ind. (UPD—The New Haven Town Board has directed that preparations be made for a referendum next November on whether the Allen County town should become a fifth-class city. IN OPERATION SINCE JUNE 8, 1940 Today Is Our 22nd Anniversary JUNE 8 THRU JUNE 14 Is Buttercup Week JheMuiWhoShat ZibertyVatance MILES' MARVIN-O'BRIEN• ONE-urn Also Thriller "Speedway" and Tom & Jerry Cartoon Shows 7 and 9:45 Radio 'Drawing at 9:30 p.m. Logansport, Indiana PharoivTribune Kin* CROSSWORD PUZZLE *"•«""> V'.terday. ACROSS 1-Weaken 4-Wand 9-Snako .2-Man's namn U-King of birds 14-Meadow 5-Prcclslonlat in teaching 7-Simpler 9-Performed 0-Fragment U-Seaeoning 3-Dlving bird 4-Saucy 7-Fa)sehood 8-Kdge 9-One borna 0-KxlsU 1-SwiHs river 2-Soed container 13-RIvor In Italy :4-Collide 8-Ciave food to 87-Quoen of tho underworld 18-Larnproya 89-Kan's nickname 40-Narrato 41-Cltrus trult 43-Uncouth person 44-ConstelIatIon li-Suspended LS-Dine iO-I.tem of property 62-Period of time iScBitter vetch id-Athletla Kroups Sir-Lair DOWN 1-DrJnk slowly 2-Exlst 3-Oar 4-DIspatr.h G-Mako laco 6-Symbol Cor silver 7-Dappla 8-Fright a-Wlng-footed 10-Blshorrlo ll-]2quallty IG-River Island 18-Savory 50-Total . 21-Sliver 22-Passa(roway 33-Ventllate 25-Ropulso 26-FIsh from moving boat 38-Choer 29-Statt 21-Jtem of property 32-Fondle Sa-Apportloni 30-CoolIng device 37-HinderoiI 39-Armed band 40-Sunburn 42-Flesh 43-HousehoId . pots 44-Jnsect 4G-Paddle 46-Dress border 47-Baforo 4S-Man's •iilcknama 61-A continent (abbr.) 49 13 50 20 52 10 25 11 Distr.. by United Feature Syndics :c, Int. 8 No. On Hwy. 17 Phong 4802 LAST SHOWING . TONIGHT Hope* Ball Kfcel ir Tina AT 8:15 AT 10:00 p. m. SiTAiRITS TOMORROW 1 NM5NT CliNtY ELIA-KAZMTS^HfiE $|g|l). .*J« ..Jllk BONUS TOMORROW ONLY Strangers WheiiiWe Meet STARTS SUN. "THE PARENT TRAP" With Holey Milk HMON.JT'UK. Mickey Room: Buddy Hacket Jackie Cooper SKYLINE NORTH.ON HYW. 17 PHONE 4802 AT 8:30 p. m. DURING OUR UNDER THE STARS OF OUTSTANDING. ENTERTAINMENT * Open Week Oays f ram 7 to 10 p. m. Open 'Saturday from 7 to 12 p..m. Buck Kite * Tires. & Bonus * Sat. Par ent Trap Hal.y Millt Twin. :..,-!• ,•••>•,* 101 Dalmatic is SPHENOOR IN T«E GRASS Natalie Wood-W. Boatty Moon Pilot Brian K«ith •POCKETFUL OfFMUMiiClBS Glm Ford—R«l. Daull

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