The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1931
Page 7
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Bi/mlEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS I'wo cents a word lor first lustrum and O ue teal a ftoru ^or each subsequeut takm Jo.- j es5 tl i au 6()) . 4 Cuuuc UIB words aud scud, tJ»o cash. ['hone 3U6 i'OU SALE FOR SALB-jjaby chicks. Pay tins 'nil. bte as auoiu plan. Marilyn Iluciicry. i-C-Ti' LU1ES liankrupt stock of merchandise will DC me talk of Bly- llicvillc. 2'JC-K2 ALFALFA 1'OK SALE-12 0)' 15 tons ot 3rd and 1th cuttings— wen cured M McClure, Illinois— 519 IKT ion. C. !•;. Dromon, Slkes- lui, Missouri. 1C-KS PAGE SEVEN AUTHOR OF r'Glt RENT FOR RENT— Apartment In building. See Parkhurst Company. OC-TP FOR HKNT— Furnished aparlmenl, 303 Dousan. 28P-K5 WANTED WANTED — Two or three room furnished apartment. Box "C", Courier Mews. 28P-U2 POULTRY WAMTED-Market pri- , ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs, Dora Mlzcll, 2207 18th St. TF WATCH Lutes given a\vay windows for prizes Saturday morning. 29C-K2 IlKlilM IlKlli: TODAY .IIKII VI, IIUHDKX illtrovvrii thnc her half-Bluer, llllv.VK l-:Vi:itr.'lT, In iilniniltLA lo rlujie ivhh TOMMY WJt.sOX. Sbc Irln In V r«vi-n1 IL,. itinrrlNKr ,>y klduitiituK Tommy \\\\\\ the n*»l»lnncc uf her HclKli- b'jrhitutl "KUHB." '1'brj- raptor* Jiltu on Ihr l-vr uf 1lu> HuiiriiU'nl mill drive him uul Ki Iflr ruunlry lilii-jru UrrjL ur^r* him lo riinllnLii' lu volli-Kc anil mil brcnk Ijir hrnrl til hi* nduriiiK limn, HIIS, llnriMAN, nb,, l< flMPtirlliK: lilm. t-'nlllnj; to i-oiivEm-i- bliu HI Mi, fully, llrrjl , ulU lilm ii "M3LJ ' aatl Inktjt dim Imck i<> lu-r fc[!kl!T. Irrnr, i-nrji^cil nl lh~ toni; Mnlt. rrfintr* n, luii-n n, Tomm*'* fxiil.nualinti nnd ixjxrtHini'* I'tir <-li.|u'i-!t:il. !>t-»|<"i»li'n<ly. Tummy i-nrrlva 111. »illl<M>.i. tamr ninl Mili'i II 1,11 Hip [i,iri-)i ,i» LU nuiil ruri'lK h:m nl llit- tltmr. POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. I,. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad SI., west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Mo* C4. • . • • 24C-TF WANTED—neliaWe. manv between ages of 20 aud 50 to supply old established dsmnnfl for Rawleish Products in North Greene county. Other -, good' localities available. Surety contract required. Company furnishes everything but, the car. Goau profits for hustlers. Write the W. T. Rawleigh Company, Memphis, Tcnn., or see me. Dave Edwards, Leachville, Ark. 290-Kb f*"- XOW CO (IX WITH Till! ST011Y CHAl'TlOIt III II/^OINC! flailing wllli your ^ uncle!" Mrs. Huffman asked Tommy. "Nol If I can help U." he Faiil <le- :erniinc-illy. "Just going down for ;ome Ice wfitr-r." I "Tommy Wilson, you liav-;ii't I seen drinking!" [ "Oil. Aunt Km, does everything ' ^IwayB have tu be according to! ule?" "1 didn't roally think you liafi," his aunt answered v.-ilh a touch of, abaslnucnl. "I'll so duwu and lix Ihc Ice water tor you." I Tommy did nol object, ami she I aioved on, her heavy ligure in the' Si-ay dressing BOWII grotesquely resembling a giant penguin. U'iicn he figured she had reached the lulchen he slipped tiuietly down tho stairs and out lo the front porch. He was on his way hack lo the froal door, his suitcase in his baud, when a hail from the neighlJoriiiK garden brought him to a halt. "Hey, Tommy," a shrill voice called, "(join' on our picnic?" Tommy did not stay lo hoar more, lie hurried back upstairs tuiJ shoved.Ihe suilcrtsc under the bed. A few minutes later his aunt , ,. , , railed up from llie lower hall: uncle scofted. Come on, let s so. "Tommy, Michael's here nnd wauls I ,' r ,!'°>' went out nnd got into Mr. lo know if you're going on lue I H ° ; "<<™ 3 slimy new car, their fishing tackle slowed in the ton LOST AKD FOUND /t LOST-While Goid -\Vatch and A \ Clmln Saturday. Five Dollars Re%'-,-:mi. Hctiirn to Courier. i'-K-2 He i;uc !cl/i' picnic? Tommy his head out o' 'neau. f/jc sfaiVi and out to ths front porc/i. rpi.MF. passed and Tommy fidgeted while hia uncle remained In... u .. t ^ >„..-- slllc ihe Garage. At this rale Inil no EiRii of a lunch has-! tlic-y'J never eel hack In time for his door aud called back: "No, I'm kcL llj;lt Tommy could see. not. I'm. "You're going with me." his Uncle Cloorgc put in, emerging partially from the bathroom. "Seeing "Don't ivc eat?" he worried. "N'ever mind," his uncle answered abruptly. "Start her up." They had gone about 10 miles on you're awake you've got no excuse | a ,«.«•'state highway tint traverses 'iol to." Tommy had his choice, thought lie had, aud he. certainly | wasn't going ou any picnic tnal \ was personally, conducted by Ik-ryl ments,,.on Main Street, .in , very best condition: A five-rpo'm.. .house on Secuix^ SlreelJ jusl'frcshiy dec-' orated. Telephones 197 and'a 1 !!. ... 23C-K4 "I'm wilh Uncle Cieo jwn to. his aunl. 1'EKSON'AL CARS WASHED, Greased, Tops Dressed, Bodies Polished, 50c each jub. Bob King, 417 W. Ash. 28P-KO EDGAR COLKMAK — or anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please write John Forshawe, St. Louis, !Uo., General Delivery. 28P-K-1 LUTES Bankrupt stock for real values Saturday morning. 20C-K2 Wife Charges Husband Bossed Her Housework hurriedly, thinking escape hoth invila- la [lorliou of \M:\£ Inland from east lo ivcst when liiey pas=oil Jieryl aud the members of her picnic i;arty. Tommy scowled darkly at them in answer !o ihelr shouts of greeting and wild hand waving. "What made yuli ciiange yuur inhnl?" .Michael shouted aiiove.tlnj 1 rest. "That l;id's a pest," Tommy muttered. him tn sco Ire;:o h:fore the day was gone. And lio'il made up his mind since starling out that lie must sec her. Maylio she woulilu'1 be so stubborn after a night o lliinkir.y things over. And it would ST. LOUIS, (UP)—For instance, faid Mrs. Martha DcVeaux in a hearing on her divorce suit "there was (he time my husband called me into the bathroom and pointed to a date written en the dust on tlio looking glass. " 'That dust has been there at least three months'," he said. " 'When first I noticed it. I wrote the day down, Just to see how long H would be before the <liibt was Aomovcd.' " I Mrs. DcVeaux'.s chief complaint * her husbnnd \\iir, always trying to tell her how to rto the housework. OR dressed 11 he inlEht lions. hm-*i5 irucle. jziiepsint,' his 1 inlenlion, cornered him as he waF j him trying to leave the house and How dragged him into the kitchen. | lleryl's old car far ia the rear. Mr. Ilia mint fed him with special I Hoffman protested, hut Tommy paid c-rire. "The poor boy looks all hir.i r.o IiciMl. He felt like gelling fagpeil out," she remarked syinva- thetieally to no one in particular. "Wouldn't you like some spiced pears. Tommy? I've got tv:o left from last year." Hpiccd pears Tommy liked especially. "AH right." he said, conferring a fnvor upon her. "Hurry up," his uacle urged us he dawdled over a third helping of the fruit; "there's more important things In life than pears." "Don't I know?" Tommy mourned. "Il'nip, It don't look like it. Come jn, it's lime lo go." Tommy got up with a sigh. 'Save the rest of (hem for dinner," K"! said ?j Aunt Kmnia.'indicating ^\e remainder qf the pears. acting "iuany," and be couldn't vu"Kill <*orU SwtiiiriAE wilh." his dersia:. i it. cortainly suit his plans to have their elopement over with. II wanted pleaty of time be-fore col loge reopened to bring his aim round to his point of view. lie was about to go fnslilo ant urge his uncle lo get along to the! destination <.wuen lieryl anil -h? vang came rattling down upon him Mr. Hoffman, noting her arriva iiuit his stalling much to HID relic ::e nnexpnji.-od emotion moved ' of the i:ar;ise owj:<.-r, and on lo step on the ga^ and they lo (ell her he was glad she'd at a speed lhat loft there. For a minute Tommy listeae with his brow wrinkled in ]ii- nlcxity; then he sav,- lijhl. Tin coakcd-up jol;. Uul h coultin'l see why—ivlien his uncl favori-d his malch wilh Ircae—Ii i:ho'.iltl drag him away from her o Sunday aud hand him over Beryl. He wasn't left Inug hi It wits revealed lhat all his uncle wr.uted was to store his nice now car in the garage and havo Beryl drive him to the fishing grounds in iier music box. which could stand oat In the blistering sun and salt air for hours without harm to It's com mil nily-p;: jilted surface. "i guos3 you don't know what you've done," Tommy Eaid darkly lo his undo when he-hail him for even with soino cue. In far kss time ttian Mr. Ifoft- nuin cxpcctcil tlicy nrrivcil nt ;i jar or : . crossroads ci'rm-r whore t !i c.y turned soiitli to the fi~!:'Q!; sronnrls. Tiicro, re;:nris ]tacl it, the bhicfisli wore running plentifully. "Stoii liere at (Ids K^i'^^c .1 r.iiu- «lc." -^^^. lIufTiuaii £«iil to Tommy .is lie slowed up for the turn. "Wlint for?" ' "Xtvcr you iniml Do as 1 say ami Jrtoi 1 ." Tmui.iy sioiipcil. "J v.atit tn EUO a fellor iti IIPVC," liis uuclo c ^iid, seLlins down from Ihc car. "Don't Fell him a One," Tommy OUR BOARDING HOUSE "Is that so?" his undo nsktil wjjl> (i lom-h u( real uiiilely. "Wlij'fl tliotiKhi . . . IHT mother wns over lo MIL- (healer Inst nlKhl. looking for yi.ii. ami slic said irciia VMIS KOllli; -niay Toi-'n vvlillo. 1 thought It was all rigin when 1 me! lioryl." "WlicirM you i.,cot her?" Tommy ustoil skt-inically. "AI l!i>; ihus bture. 1 went In for n sc,|.i." "Mi:>t have Ijeen pretty late," Tummy pin-.-ueil, "She was ill homo when 1 hn iliero laet nlglit KUd that svasu'i parly." "Siuo it was Into. Kho was cet- Hun puiavlhliii; f"r licr mollier; fald sl:o nail liystorh-a, but K!IO lonkeil lllic r.ho ncciicil Eomctliiiig for licr- tcir." "H']:i, siii: ii'.iuln a i[ulfk roi'ov- ery," 'J\ii:nny utoi-tcil. looking over lowanl lloi>l, wlio wus lit nl lug her picnic ;-rui](i Into lesser space in Hie old tin-, of couroo he. could • not sco tl:,' shadows under her eyes. ih:;t l!i<j color wlilcli wn« nbual- naturally today was from .e |iut. Slic was laushlug. nl li:iiilci-liig lier EIIIIS with licr mloruary llp.hl-hcartness, which •enicil in Tommy in hta present 001! ol lilMoriiesj towaril her llko ii cb|.tcially vile form of gross- c?s. "Conic on." she called to them. My kills will be getting hungry efore you'vo got your hooka aitud. 11 >KIiYI, insisted uiion ilrlvlu? auil Tommy had to sit sriucezed tu elwccii her anil his uncle. "If a cop seer, ynii," he warned opefully, "j-oiril set a licket for ils ovcrci-owiling." "I know every cop on I.ous Is and Ijy his first name." Beryl oasteil, a:ul Tommy snlil, "I daro ay you do." They arrived finally, somewhat ntn^'-d EIS lo the proper owner- hip of various assorted arms and egs, nl the lieach, and piled out wording lo their respective fk- iess. Beryl watched Tommy and liis • • qlc (alee off (ur their iisliing with Eeumne longing in her shadowed ij'es. Sl:o lovcil lishliii;. hut nho couldn't leavo her yang—that was ler promise to their molheis. They needed her supervision, for ,hey ivnre "rai'iu 1 ,to go," as tiiey nfornieil her. "If you \vant to do something. Hg into tlie depths of Priiio of tho Sea and get ili;u stove asEcinhk-ii." she directed them. "\\Vrc going to, Jtavc fish." fJcuJjCLVpe. -^voiwe g>ee^ ~THr= "TrluMB IM A t.orf ov-TRICK PIES AROUMP HERE -~ so MU WlUT VOD "To DO WrTJl 0 SPOOK S"fLiFF l\i MA"5oT?'s 'Roo^A ! ARE ^/OLJ "Tr(E QKi6 VOID'S HAUKSTlri6 If? ^' By JlTM MV -fO^GtJ )M A MOUSg-rRAP, nu-r I'M MOT; -iVe BEE^ ACCLJSEP OF A LOTf OF SA6S, MV RECORD IS CLEAR OT PlMCtf MO, MRS. rit.O ; Pt-e,g Aefte^s UOBODV \ irlOSTlMS "FOR ( -THAT Griosf| \T'<5 A REAL COM5C(E^-flOlJ5 ,SPOOK \AlriOTAKES HIS VJQRK SERIO.L1SLV/ "W^?v SPOOK; O P' ~-~£L] V~~ S j£ - -I- >^~ ^ ,^ > P*T. Off. jAStnvtct, ISC, \s-\ -In BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES . THAT'S W By Martiu - : ?!ispi'jioi:-ly. liis uncle, a moineiil on', nf Ilevvi's hearing. Phis." never forgive me for t'VMaybe." I'lgray grunted... /Jliey liusicil tbcniselves; with the stove anil fuel, wllli iliBBlns a ilccp ho!o in ilio paml lo keep the ivater- nielon anil tiottleil ilrinkin^ water cool, with sc'ttinp. kites in working order, ami various other occupations, until oue of-lhe number cut liis foot on a piece of broken glass. Then tliey ail stoorl around while U'.-ryl gave first aid to tlio Injured —all hut Angle, the youngest boy. Augie, who had been eyeing the \valer \vitli lalinilo craving for i[3 lefresliiug coolness, llioughl ll a izooil thuo—vvilh everyone busy—to fulfill his wish. IIo wasn't Ihe least bit interestctl- fa ivhat \vas .^oing on where Miss 13.?ryl was— too olteti it was work. The water was fun. He wadcil out uatil the water was up to h!9 K.-iist. Then he slarlca to swhu. He wasn't a bail swimmer for his age-eight—but what ho hadn't seen, far out, aud rapidly coining nearer was what aoiyi people call a water kitty. Un- dreaming of hia danger, he swam straight for It. (To Ho Continued) :'•& SURE . WuR B16 BRCWEVi V\\«tO Pl^te 'BY "TO 1 TVE/Rt •btfsRCH , CtRM W , "WERE. t OWlER. OPtRKVlKl' OTv Ov TO YOU VOUMD (\V\. THEY TO UO YOU HAW. 6f« , WO01.0MT n BE HOT- Vr , fSTER My ^Wif f IMDb US , 4T YOU CW "WANK OF "n\ DARNDEST TH1MSS 1 —i \l >, pJMJ BT hU SEBVICC. IHC- REG. U. S P»T. Ofr ='«I D [WASHED* GRFASEDJ EATON AND SON rhcnc 700 Main & 5th Si New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 1 tUP)—Cot- ton closed easy. open high May July Oct Doc Jan. March 9BG 1010 1071 1070 381 1013 1050 1071 !I50 1080 1C33 10-10 1040 1103 1103 1002 1003 FRECKLES AND H!S FRIENDS SUKI'KISK! Spots ciosal quiet at 9iO, ofl 25. •~,\ FAY 0. DAVIS Atn-nlcr Kent Dealer Phone 4J1 Invest With Safety G r « I'aid qnnvicrly on full paid stock, ?XOO and lip. Guaranteed by first mor! ptKe lo.ius on liomcs in Klytlicville. Secured and Insured. Biytheviile Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May Col'.on eluded \\eak. Jnn 107H 1080 March 1100 Spots quiet at 025, ofl 27. iou:i 1028 10 J .0 IMOb Clo.slng Stock Prices THAT "TUE CR<X>'£ \t\VO S"E)L£ CLD MAN WEcToK'S RUBY is FARBAR, DETECTivS S7ESLE LEAVES FOR SPAOYS1D6 TO is. HOW TVIAT I W NHHo TUE CRook 1 HWCMo VJHO TO FOR... AMD IF ->foc . FOUMD THAT CROTCH. I'D /. STILL B£ IW D\)C'£ Y_ soup.... /--' VEAVI...THAT VJAS 1_1X|<L. ••HASH To VAK6 TVl£ TWs A1B TISUT. I'LL CHEOi \NITM TU& STATIOVJ AtSEMf A^O TUSM THE r CHASE BESIMS.... \wsui-, uene O1SHT BAck MJHEEg START6D FROM..... AWD THE tJs*r TIME j. ser FOOT IN THIS TCNJM I-LL. HAMS A voows EMEI? SK. THIS F6U.CWJ ESFOHE? ^tx) So(-D MIW A TICKET THE M'SHT OF MEcToHB ROBBERY."- R6WEWBER. •z WASH TUKHS A. T. & T Anaconda Copper Auburn Auto Chrysler Cities Service Continental Baking Ocnctal Electric General Jlolor.s Monlgomcry Ward New York Central Packard Hadio Corp Simmon 1 ; Toxas Ccrp U. S. S'.ccl 185 IH'. OREGON Sl'ATK COM.CGE. CORVAIjLIS, Ore. tUl 1 )— Ambitions offlclals here Hgiircil tlint Oregon litsh school bands traveled 111011: than SC'J.OOO miles during il:c lajl eight years to attend slate band contests annually held by he colt- IJv Crane ~^~~- —^ • • -. - '' .-^ -~-*.. \ iS)iW8iis © EUo*)iK&i IMIM CLOUDS, FORtauMstus OF THE p\pro l«i WORM, P.PPEM? TOVJAP.T) DUSK, PEDRO, MEP^Otfb WSX100S, 5\itf\V<S T;'.£ MAKING H6 C-IVtS « EMT HO CAUSE To VJORW THO. UlS OL' BOKI, SHE LOOK LAVC (K NO-C-00? TOD-6UT WWCrt 'CR iC. WE OES' SCOOT AROUN' BYW6V

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