Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 8, 1962 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1962
Page 1
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Summer School MSPORT PUBLIC chedule! WE S P 0 N S O R ONLY THE WORTH WH I LE .; A" ' ...-&£& LOGANSPORT, INDIANA Founded in 1844— Leased United Press International News, Photo Wires FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 8, 1962. For MI Departments. Price Per Copy, Ten Cents SOVIET WARNING TO BRITISH Begins Monday AtLHS '••Filial'preparation's for the opening of summer school in Logansport Monday were announced Friday by Norbert Kniesly, director of the program. Tentative enrollment to dale has reached 429, some 30 more than the previous record attendance set in 1900. From 7 to 7:30 a.m. Monday registration will be conducted in the high school library for students who have not already done so. Late registrations will not be accepted after Monday. ALL STUDENTS who have enrolled, except (hose having a driver training class at 7:30 a.m., will convene in the auditorium at 8 a.m. Monday for a general meeting followed by the distribution ol schedule cards. Period 1 classes on Monday will begin at 9 a.m. and last through 9:55 a.m. The. second period has been scheduled from 10 to 10:55 a.m. A faculty meeting will'fol- low the second period Monday. THE CLASS SCHEDULE until summer s-chool closes Aug. 3 wii! be from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. and from 9:40 to 11:40 a.m. An exception is the- driver training course which will be conducted from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. according to schedule. Registration in typing, sociology and driver training classes have already been filled, Kniesly said, but a few openings are available in health, civics, psychology, reading acceleration, algebra, general mathematics, speech, girls physical education and English classes. STUDENTS FROM outside the Logansport community school district must submit a letter from their school principals authorizing Logansport officials to enroll them in specific subject areas. Regular attendance in summer school classes is compulsory since the state requires 73 clock hours of instruction as a condition to awarding credit. ELABORATE HOMES—Pfc. Jerry Fritz, of Logansport, top photo; is shown reading his paper in the shaded grove where he has constructed a shelter that looks more like preparations for a home and garden contest than war.. The D. S. Marines have devised these shelters in preparation for the coining monsoon season in Thailand. The signs on the trees advise entrance is by invitation only. The off -tile-ground three-man shelter shown at bottom, was designed by Pfc. D. J. Byrnes and Pfcs. R. S. Lewis and E. B. Beekman. (ITPI Unifax.) JFK'S VIEWS NOW YOU KNOW The largest land snakes, mostly belonging to the boa constrictor and pylhon families, can devour up to 400 times their daily caloric needs and have been 'known to fast for more than a year: The Weather Forecast Northern 3rd Indiana Partly cloudy this afternoon. Mostly cloudy tonight and Saturday with scattered showers or thundershowers likely tonight or Saturday. Not much temperature change. Lows tonight 58 to 62. Highs Saturday 78 lo 84. Central & South Indiana Partly cloudy and'rather warm with scattered thundershowers likely this afternoon and tonight. Saturday considerable cloudiness and continued warm with scattered thundershowers likely. Lows tonight 62 to 68. Highs Saturday in the 80s. Sunset today 8:11 p.m. Sunrise Saturday 5:17,a.m. Outlook for Sunday: Partly cloudy and mild with scattered thundershowers. Lows in the 60s. Highs 70s north to 80s south. THURSDAY FRIDAY lla.m. 73 1 a.ra G4 Noon 74 2 a.m 64 Ip.m 74 3 a.m 63 2p.m 75 4 a.m 62 3 p.m 7!) 5 a.m .61 4 p.m 84 (ia.m 01 5 p.m 85 7 a.m ..63 C p.m 81 8 a.m 65 7 p.m 79 9a.m 71 8p.m 74 lfla.m 72 9 p.m 71 lla.m 77 10 p.m 70 Noon 80 11 p.m 08 ' Ip.m 81 Mid 66 2p.m 82 High year ago. 79 Low year ago 63 Barometer . *t S p.m., 29.90, steady River Stage , River at 7 a.m., 4.32 Planning Tax Cut, But How Much? WASHINGTON OUPI1' — President Kennedy plans, to ask Con- ;ress to cut personal.income and corporate taxes effective next Jan. 1, but the question is: How much?' The President told his news conference.Thursday that a comprehensive tax reform bill calling Hail Record Set by B52 Jet Bomber GOLDSBORO, N.C.~ (UPI)- A B52H jet bomber of. the Strategic Air Command Thursday flew a record 14,400 miles non-stop with no more extra equipment than an additional co-pilot. The huge, eight-engine jet covered the distance in 22 hours and 38 minutes over a "closed course" ringing Greenland, Alaska, California and Florida. The flight eclipsed the earlier closed circuit distance record of 10,078 miles, set by a B52 G-rr 1960. Two officials of the National Aeronautics Association accom panied the bomber crew of seven to validate the record flight under rules of the Federation Aeronau tique Internationale, governing body of air records. ' The record-setting craft was similar lo another SAC bomber which set two world distance records and nine course speed records on.. a- more than 12,000 mile flight from Okinawa to Madrid, Spain. The B52H can carry two Hound Dog guided.missiles or four Sky- bolt ballistic missiles slung under its wings. However,' the record craft carried no such armament on the flight. It differed from the earlier record holding G-model by more powerful engines and the armament system. Capt. William M. Stevenson, 37, Miami, Fla.,' piloted the flight which began at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base here. for across-the-board tax r«luc lions would be offered for fiction n the next Congress. . But he shied away from giving any figures on the size of .the pro- nosed.cut..He. said work on the :>ill shou'd be completed later in .he summer and "at that time I junk we can discuss it in more detail." There have been reports that the reduction-might amount to $5 sill-ion a year.. Responsible sources consider that figure the maximum and point out that the tinal decision will depend on the slate of the economy and the government's finances. Studies Rate Cuts One idea that has been looked at in Ihe Treasury is lowering the bottom tax rate from 20 per cent to 15 per -'cent and slicing the top rate from 91 per cent to 65 per cent Similar cuts could be made in the rales in between. By itself, such" a 25 per cent average -cut in rates could lop more than $12 billion a year from Treasury revenues — more than the administration 'would be willing to sacrifice. Such rate cuts would be offset in part by broadening the income tax base . anc making other revisions to bring in revenue. Most, corporations now pay 52 per cent on profits. A reduction lo 48 per cent has been mentioned but this is by no means certain to be proposed. Leaves Door Open Kennedy did not rule out the possibility of asking Congress to cut taxes this year. While he saW the present judgment was thai reductions would .not be needec unil next year, he added that "if circumstances brought a new situation, then we would have to make other judgments," The income tax cut was one nl Five tax proposals Kennedy saic he had made lo spur the ec;..i-> my. Three are pending before Congress and the fourth will be put into effect by the administra- Heavy Fine For Driver Rolland Floyd Baird, 21, of 717 West Market St., lost his right io drive: for •fiveflml: a half years, was sent tp.--'.jau"'for 30 days, and assessed fines and cosls totaling $245.25 by . City Judge Frank Tolbert Friday on. three charges growing out of a • high speed flight from state police while his license was 'suspended. The penalties and offenses were: reckless driving, $100 and costs, 30 days in the Cass county jail, and license suspension for five years; speeding, $70- and cosls; driving with suspended driver's license, $25 and costs and suspension of driver's license for an additional six months. IT WAS THE heaviest total penalty for Iraffic violations in the memory of veteran Logansport police. Baird was taken to the Cass county jail to begin his sentence. If he is unable to pay the fine and costs by the time his sentence is completed, he will have to serve an additioiaal 49 days at the rate of one day. for each $5 of the fine ancl costs. He was arrested Sunday evening by State Trooper. Glen. Hosier .after his automobile had crashed into a retaining wall at the James Hettinger residence 'at 1630 High St. following a 100- mile-per-hour chase. HOSIER SAID Baird had been drag-racing with William Strah- lem, 21, of 1121 E. Market St., on county road 350 E, and fled the scene to avoid arrest. Baird's driver's license had been suspended in August of 1960 and had not been reinstaled.- • Both the automobile and retaining wall were damaged extensively at the time of the accident. -. Check 11T Autos In Safety Lane Logansport : police checked ^l: automobiles in a safety lane in the 1200 block on North Third street Friday morning. Sixteen failed to pass the check and the drivers were given ; warning tick ets to have corrections made. There were 365 vehicles checket at the same pomt: Thursday with 26 vehicles, failing lo. pass. The check was lo continue dur ing Friday afternoon according to Tfc. Sgt. Joe Wallace. " $5 Million Estes Funds Missing? DALLAS, Tex. (UPI) - Th Dallas Morning News said in copyrighted story today that a auditing firm is, looking' for a apparently missing- $5 million i Billie Sol Estes' accounts. t Th Dallas Times, Herald said Ih money may -well be" in a-' Swis bank, tion within 30 days. 'yf''«<''••• SMOULDERING RUINS O F HUNTINGTON FACTORY RUINED BY FIRE Plan To Rebuild Huntington Plant HU'NTI'NGTON, .Ind. (UPI)-Of- icials of a company which lost its )lant in a multi-million dollar fire lere Thursday met today to plan reconstruction of the structure, one of three destroyed by the The fire, of- undetermined origin, eft 260 persons jobless and eliminated another , 200 -potential new obs for this city of 16,500 popula- on. The blaze, which began in an unoccupied building scheduled for renovation into an automobile bat- ery factory, 'burned out of con- rol for two hours and threatened ieveral other buildings including many homes in an industrial and -esidential area six blocks east of he city's business center. More than 30 families evacuated heir homes at the height of the >laze and city officials rushed .rucks into the area to help the louseholders remove their belongings. The fire threatened for a time lo spread to an Erie-Lackawanna Railroad storage lank containing 80,000 . gallons , of diesel fuel Sparks from the blaze also set fire to the roof of (he railroad's loca, depot and office building but firefighters extinguished. the blaze. The fire began in an unoccupiec 225,000-square-foot building ownec by 'National Battery and Ceramics Co., leaped across a narrow stree and sw.ept through the three-stor; plant of Utronics Corp.. and the one-story plant of Caswell-Runyan Co. - ' . . The blaze destroyed *!'• °f unoccupied building except for a small portion protected by 1 a fire wall and all of the other two buildings.' Firemen from nine lommunilies managed lo save the iffice building and a new,-addition >eing constructed for Utah Elec- roriics'Corp., a Utronic 'subsidiary. President Frank Pyle Sr. of Jlronics, who called today's meet ng, estimated his firm's loss at 12 million, including $1 million in electronic parts. A. H. Schenkel, iresident of Caswell Runyan, said was unable to make an im mediate estimate. There was no damage estimate from officials of National - Battery and Ceramics Co. Residents of the area began reaming to their homes Thursday night after the fire was brought under control but Fire Chief Wiliam Burmart urged that they remain out of the houses overnighl while the fire smoldered. Utronics, with its subsidiaries which manufacture radio and hi-fi parts and dryers, employed 225 oersons while Caswell-Runyaii manufacturer of radio and television cabinets, employed 35 per Swimming Classes To Begin June 18 Swimming- classes for beginners, intermediates, and advancec swimmers, and junior and senioi life saving instructions have been scheduled for the municipal swimming pool, according to an announcement released Friday. The classes will be held at 9:30 10:20, and 11:10 a.m. June 18 through August 17. Reservations for the classes .are now being taken at the pool Classes will be filled on a firs come, first served basis. Rakestraw Eyes Court State Supreme Court Judge 'rederick Landis of Logansport, . candidate for re-election this ear, will be opposed by Judge Frederick Rakestraw of the Ful:on circuit court if Judge Rakestraw is successful in his bid for .he Democratic nomination this month. The 38-year-old Rochester resident announced Thursday that he is seeking election to the Supreme 7ourt from the fifth district. The Democratic nominee will be chosen June 22. Judge Landis is expected to be renominated without opposition at the Republican state convention on June 19. JUDGE RAKESTRAW was the first Democrat elected to the Fulton circuit court post in 18 years when he was chosen in November, 1954. He was re-elected in 1960. Judge Rakestraw's term as circuit judge will not end for four more years. Judge Rakestraw resided • in Akron and practiced law there from 1949 until he was electee circuit judge. He is a graduate of the Indiana university law school. HE AND HIS wife have five children ranging in age from years to seven months. He is an elder and Sunday school teacher in the First Christian church of Rochester, pas- president of the Kiwanis club and a member of the Rochester and Akron Chambe'rs of Commerce and the Rochester Elks. 8 Buildings To Be Sold Seven houses and a grocery store will be sold to the highcs bidder by the Logansport com munity school corporation, ac cording to a public notice on page 3. The buildings, all on North Third Street, are lo be remove: from the property within 60 days to make way for the construction of the Columbia junior higl school. The grocery store is located ai 1300 North Third, and (he addresses of the houses are 1302 1306, 1312, 1316, 1322, 1326 and 1328 North Third St. The bids are due in the office of School Superintendent Carl A Zimmerman by 7:30 p.m. June 25. ROAD TO RECOVERY—Eight-year-old Donald Cadwallader, of Monticello, is recovering from the effects of a cave-in in which he was buried under eight feet of sand fw 25 minutes (he past •week. The incident occurred in a cave where the boy. and two companions were playing. Police, firemen and volunteers dug for 15 minutes, uncovered Donald and revived him with a resuscitator and oxygen. Protest Border Action MOSCOW (IJPI) — The Soviet government officially warned Britain today that it will take "the necessary measures" if West Berlin polio.! continue to open fire to prol.nct East Germans fleeing into West Berlin. In London, the Foreign Office said similar notes were sent to the United States and France, which with the Soviet Union make up the four powers governing Berlin. The Soviei; news agency Tass said the warning came in a So- viei note handed lo , the three Western embassies in Moscow Thursday. The note specifically protested incidents of May 23, 24, 26 and 27 in which West Berlin and East Berlin police exchanged fire. It singled out the incident of May 23, when West Berlin police, n an attemiit to protest an escaping East German, shot and tilled an East German frontier joliceman named Goering and ravely wounded another border guard. Izvestia, lie Soviet government newspaper which also published lie note todny, confirmed that the Americans .imd French received notes "analogous" lo lhal sent to Britain. TRICK E. GERMANS BERLIN <IUPI) - Eight East German crewmen of a driver excursion bout got their captain and engineer, drunk of champagne, beer and schnapps early ioday and i/ien escaped to West Berlin five' women and a child under n hail of machine-gun bullets ' fired by Communist guards aboard pursuing patrol craft. When the captain and engineer awoke from their drunken sleep, all 14 refugees had reached safety uninjured. West Berlin police helped the refugees escape by shooting back at the Conraunisls. The captain of the cruise ship and his engineer then took their 500-lon craft back to East Berlin under Communist police escort. West Berlin police said apparently no orifi was wounded on either side in the gun battle. One of the refugees, identified only as "Peter C." because of relatives still in East Germany, said they gilt (he captain and engineer druiult before seizing t h e boat. Communist border police began firing when Ihey saw the excursion boat make a wide sweep in (he River Sproe and head for the mouth of Ihe Landwehr Canal l\\o West Berlin. Apprehend Seven Juveniles After Drinking Spree DELPHI—-Eleven juveniles and a 19-year-old youth were arrested at 4 p.m Thursday by Carroll county Sheriff John Roth and State Trooper Dale Douglass at Lake Freeman and all were charged with illegal possession of alcoholic leverages. Involved . were two girls and five toys, M from Lafayette. The 19-ye.ar-old was arraigned in Justice of Peace Lee Stone's court and fined $5 and costs.. The juvei'iilcs will be brought into juvenile court at a later date. They were released on juvenile bond. , and on Sunday Some Safety Tips for Drivers City's oldest, smallest industry

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