The Morning Chronicle from London, Greater London, England on May 25, 1819 · 4
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The Morning Chronicle from London, Greater London, England · 4

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1819
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THE MORNING CHRONICLE. LONDON: TUESDAY, MAY 5, 1819. There was a report current yesterday, that a Deputation of Gentlemen from the City had had a conference with the Earl of Liverpool and Mr. Vahsittart on the present embarrassing state of our finances, and that they had actually recommended to the Minister the measure of a Property Tax, not an Income Tax, from which agriculture, manufacture, commerce and professions should he free. We canr.ot give credit to a rumour so improbable, as that-any set of men should have the confidence to propose a tax from which they were themselves to be exempt. It has Indeed been said, ever since the ministerial majority on Mr. Tier-key's motion, that a project for imposing new burthens to a great amount is to be hazarded; and it is said that pressing invitations, by a circular letter, have been sent to all, who supported Ministers on that general question, to meet Lord Castlereagii on the 7th Jane next, previously to the opening of thft Budget, that he may learn from their own mouths whether they will follow up their vote in favour of Administration, by engaging to support them in the Taxes which they propose to lay on the people. Such a meeting was held before the debate on the State of the Nation and this new scheme of holding a select out-of-door Parliament seems to be now established as a common prac-fir. tlmnoh it is utterly subversive of the duties of a faithful Representative to gwe a premature pledge of his vote on any question, without nearing it imy fully discussed.' The names of all Members who debase themselves by attending such meetings ought to be made known to their constituents. Our readers will see from the important proceedings in the House of Commons yesterday, that great contrariety of opinion prevailed on the question of cash payments; as we mentioned in yesterday's paper ; but from the very able speech of Mr. Peel, followed by the opinions' of other Ministerial Members, it is clear that they are not disposed to yield to the representations and alarms of the City. Yesterday the depression of be. Stocks continued, and serious doubts were ex-immspH whether anv set of men would be forward in contracting for a loan of 22 or 25 millions, if they had not an assurance that the Bank would advance tne in-Statments after the second deposit, as heretofore. We received yesterday the Paris Tapers of Friday last Thursday being Ascension day, was kept as a holiday by the Chamber of Deputies, who did not meet, and at the Bourse, where no business was done. The King transacted business on Thursday with the Marquess Dessoiles, and gave audience to the Duke of Ragiisa. The accounts from Bordeaux state, that the Marquess de Sesalbo, Grandee of Spain, passed through that city on tiie 15th instant, on his way, according to report, as Ambassador Extraordinary from his Catholic Majesty to one of the Courts of Europe, for the purpose of demanding the hand of a Trincess. Which of the Courts is to give a Queen to Spain is not yet known. The King of the Netherlands is said to be shortly expected at Ghent. The Prince de Schwamzesucro arrived at Brussels on the 17th instant from Vienna. The French Marechal de Camp M. Hui.ot d'Osery, brother of Madame Mokkau, passed through Berlin on the 11th instant, on his wav, en courier, to Petersburgh. .'prince. Leopold of Saxe Coburg, after passing some days at Stbaff hausen, had proceeded to Zurich. His Royal Highness, after leaving Switzerland, intended to return to England. From Frankfort it is stated, that the Germanic Diet had appointed a Committee of five of its Members to oonsider the -present state of the German Universities. A failure of some consequence took place in the City on Saturday, and two more were announced yesterday. This is only considered the commencement ctf that general distress, against which the mercantile people have for some time been struggling. ' It is curious ;to see The Courier giving accounts of the fall of Lima, under dates from the Island of St. Thomas, when there are almost weekly arrivals from Buenos Ayres, with advices from Chili, and certainly when the last came away, no expedition had sailed against Peru. We are sorry to state that another hurricane has taken place in the Isle oi France ; it commence- on ie ui of January, and has done great mischief to the shipping, and also to the plantations of that ill-fated Island. Lord James Stuakt, M. P. for Cardiff, paired off in favour of Mr. Sumner's morion for a Repeal of the Duty on Coals. , Selkirk District of Burghs The Election of a Delegate to vote in the name of the Burgh of Selkirk took place on the 14th inst. when a gentleman, .attached to the principles of the lamented Charles Fox, was elected by a decided majority of the Council. The candidate for a seat in Parliament was Mr. Pringle, of Clefton, well known as a friend of the same admirable principles, but he did not present himself til! the Government Candidate had, with the ut-most,assiduity canvassed the Burgh for :wo days and eights. The Whig body in the Town Council, however, were firm in their resolution to support a gentleman of the same politics, and were determined to cooperate with their brethren in the Council of Linlithgow, who, to their honour be it said, were of the same principles. In a few hours after Mr. Pringle started, and the other Whig Candidates had given up to him, the Town Council by a decided majority gave him their support, whilst the minority, according to their own declarations, were split into three parties. From this time no struggle, no canvass, no contest took place, but the Government party to the last hour still persevered in their exertions by holding out threats, and at the same time every species of allurement. It required, therefore, much vigilance on the part of Mr. Pringle's friends to prevent any of their number from being kidnapped, which was the dernier resort of the other de, and we rejoice to say, the cause of patriotism was decidedly triumphant. On. the whole the election of a delegate in the interest of a Whig Candidate in this Burgh, may be considered one of the most decisive triumphs of principle over influence that has ever .oc-Otirred in electioneering, and we hail it as a triumph for.Scotland and her Burghs. Mr. Pringle is now returned to Parliament. ....Lady Grey. ....Mrs. Long Wellesley. ....Miss Finch. Lady L. Gordon. ....Miss Fitzroy. ....Lady M. Ryder. Miss Caton. Lady H. Brudenell, THE MIRROR OF FASHION. -TO SHEW THZ VJTRT AG- AND BODT OF THS TIMS, MS FOK.M AND PRESSURE. Yesterday morning the Duke of Yowc left town for Windsor. The Duke and Duchess of Gumjcesteb honoured Drury-lane Theatre with their presence yesterday evening. The Earl and Countess Hahcobrv gave; a magnificent dinner ca Sunday last, to his Royal Highness the Duke of GtowEsm. joSVtSeBt vnie, the Earl of Harrington and jiTUroHne WnAope, Lord and Lady Bulkrfey, General 4(t2w, Colonel Lygo, the Honourable Mr. Cotton, SirAr- ChES'eftat the Argyle Rooms, ison Tuesday, tfcrtad oi June a Grand Vocal Concert. HER. iiOYAL HIGHNESS THE DUCHESS OF SENT. . In a part of our publication of yesterday, we announced the following most cheering event : ' v " We are happy in being able to state,. that her Royal-Highness was safely delivered yesterday morning;, at Kensington Palace, of a Princess, at a quarter past four o clock. " The following Privy Councillors were present on the occasion: - . " His Royal Highness the Duke of buss-, " His Grace the Duke of Wellington, " The Archbishop of Cant-By, " Marquess of Laksbown, " Earl Bathl-ust, " Mr. Canning, " Bishop of Londox, " Mr. Vansittaut. " There were present, besides, the following Gentlemen belonging to the Household of the.Duke of Kent: " Lient.-General Wktherall, Comptroller. " Major-General Moore, Equery. " Captain Casbuov, ditto. " The following bulletin was issued immediately after the event " Kensington Palace, May 24, 1819. " BULLETIN. " Her lioval Highness the Duchess of Kent was safely delivered of a Princess this morning at a quarter past four o'clock. " Her Royal Highness and the Process are dohig well. ( " J. Wilson. Signed DAv ID D. DAVlo. " Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent and the Infant Princess continue in a favourable state. J. Si! 5 'C'C Signed DAVID D. DAVIS," SALE" EXTRAORDINARY. To the EDITOR or the MORNING CHRONICLE. SIR, The Rev. Stephen Weston derives coin from r x.oiww commune commodum, but the derivation was always doubtful, and the fact is no longer true. The coin even of the present reitrn is so far from being common, that it is a rarity to be trea- sirred im ik tne camner, or museum, oi -nun. uw 1; proportion, Une circumstance, uowever, seems w nave their consideration. There is no Act of Parliament against the sale of copper, but not so with regard to crowns, half-crowns, shilling, and sixpences. By the 6th and 7th Will. III. cap. 17, " if any person or persons whatsoever shall sell or buy arty silver money undipped of the coin of this kingdom for more in tale, benefit, profit or advantage, than the same was coined for, thev shall forfeit the sum of ten pounds, &c." And by the Jtn and 6th Ed. VI. c. 19. imprisonment is superadded. In days like ours, so fruitful in Spies and Informers, this hint, if not too late, may be useful to Mr. Christie. Mav 24. , P. S. It does not appear that there is any of the Aoitim Regime" put up for sale, which would indeed have been considered an uncommon curiosity. Argyle Rooms. On Friday night, the French Comedians performed a Comedy in one act, Ze Valet de Son Rival. After which the burlesque piece Werlher, was represented. After the plav, the usual ball took place, and commenced with a quadrille by the French b ,nd, in which the following distinguished dancers tooic tne leza : Earl of Glengall Ear! of Iloseberry. Lord H. Cholmondeiey Mr. H. Ball Lord Loughborough Earl Clanwilliam i Hon. Mr. Primrose Jiari ot uenoign """r Trip nhnvp Wfirp'fnl lowed lw several other sets ot mstmguisiieu amateurs, and the merry dance was kept up with lively interest until four o'clock. ON HEARING MR. CRABBE AT TIIE MAGDALEN, ON SUNDAY, MAY 23. When CitALEE to instruct us the pulpit ascended, So aiilt his sermon Divine Truth defended ; So clearly the Doctrines of Faith and Works stated, That could it three centuries back have been dated, And Calvin himself been enabled to meet us, He'd have burn'd his own Books instead of Servetus. KING'S THEATRE. ' This Evening will be produced Mozart's grand romantic Opera, entitled IL FLAUTO MAGICO; on Misted di Iside. With entirely new scenery, machinery, dresses, decorations, &c. After the Opera the favourite new Ballet of LA ROSE; ou, Les Disguisements. Orders cannot be admitted, and the Free List is of necessity suspended for the present. For the BENEFIT of Mr. RAE and Mrs. W. WEST, THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY-LANE. This Evening will be performed THE STRANGER. The Stranger, Mr. Rae; Mrs. Haller, Mrs. W. West. In the course of the evening, ' Sweet Bird,' by Miss Cubitt. After which, The DAY AFTER THE WEDDING. To which will be added, a new Musical Farce, called HIGH NOTIONS; or, A Trip to Exmouth. THEATRE ROYAL, COVENT-GARDEN. Tiiis Evening will be performed The MARRIAGE OF FIGARO. After which a dramatic Sketch, called nrxrrrrxiiwri . Hnlf-jn T-lnnr in France. To which will be added, A ROL AND FOR AN OLIVER. To-morrow, JSvadne, witn Lozening, anuowemau nuiuium, THEATRE ROYAL, ENGLISH OPERA HOUSE. . The Arrangements for the Summer Season of the English Opera intervening, the Proprietor is under the necessity of an- 1 . . . J-,?.. nnvrnKT XTT T ITO TIT.. Tiff A rP 1EMITG nouncinc tne iaoi. stviiii niuniom uuoi'u . . .. mrtr-i rrvrtTn T.A 1, t DTD ..1 .. AT HUMK ana ot ltiii i -who 'r, Monday. Tuesday and Thursday in this Week; and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the following week, being nnsitiveiv his last aunearances until next Year. No Per- formance on . Saturday, (Whitsun Eve). ROYAL AMPHITHEATRF.(Astley's), Westminster-bridge, THIS EVENING, at half-past six o'clock precisely, the Evening's Entertainments will commence with a New Grand Historical Equestrian Melo-Drama, called HYPPOLITA, QUEEN of the AMAZONS; Hyppnlita, Mrs. Astley. In the course of the Piece, a Triumphant Procession and Public Coronation of Hyppolita; Chivalric Combat, in the superb War Chariots; total Conflagration of the Castle, and final Defeat of the Rebel Amazons. Various extraordinary Evolutions on the Cord Volante, by the Young American ! being his 2d appearance in England. HORSEMANSHIP by Mr. Avery, A Comic Song by Mr. Sloman. Extraordinary Exercises by the Grand Equestrian Troop of Voltigeurs and Tumblers .'Mr. Dimond, the Flying Hussar, will, without any elastic apparatus, take several Extraordinary Leaps. The whole to conclude with KING HENRY VIII. AND THE COBLER. ROYAL COBURG THEATRE. THIS and following EVENINGS, at half-past six o'clock : 1.. K fn.inn', I?rtarrainnipnta will mmmfMlCe with for the 2d time, ROBERT THE BRUCE; or, the Battle of Kannockourn, wnose wonaenui vicimy tiuiincu. mui, Appellation of the Restorer of Scottish Monarchy. After which, the laughable Burletta, called, THE SECRET. The whole to conclude with THE NORTH POLE. A New and Interesting Comic Burletta, will shortly be produced, under the Title of Florence Macarthy.. SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. BETTING ROOM, May 24. The near approach to Epsom caused as full an attendance as ever was seen at Tattersall's, and it being the day for making up books, betting was very brisk, as follows : DERBY. I 7 to 1 agst. Sir Topaz, j 10 to 1 agst. Euphrates. I 14 to 1 agst. Quail, j 20 to 1 agst. Any other. OAKS. 8 to 1 agst. Walker. 2 to 1 agst. Pledge. 9 to 2 agst. Sultan. 13 to 2 agst. Louisa. 7 to 1 agst. Domine. 2 to 1 agst. Dodona. 7 to 2 agst. Blue Stockings. 7 to 1 agst. ISarossa. 8 to J agst. Catgut. 12 to 1 aiist. Sail. 16 to 1 agst. Gooseander. 20 to 1 agst. Spotless. BulsTOt Election. A letter from Mr. Wm. Frlpp, Jun. Chairman of the Committee who conducted Mr. Protheroe"s late Election, appears in the . Bristol Papers, in which Mr. Fripp explicitly states", that, previous to the late Election, Mr. Philip Protherbe (brother of E. Protheroe, Esq. M.P.) declared to bim, " on the honour of a Bristol merchant, that he would be answerable for al! the expence9 of the contest, but requested that his name might be kept secret." Upon this guarantee, which, according to Mr. Fripp's letter, was twice subsequently confirmed by Mr. Philip Protheroe, the whole of the proceedings of the Committee are stated to have been founded. A landsman upwards of fifty years of age, has undertaken, for a wager that he will row a boatuiitfar, and run ovei; the eight bridges, viz. -London, SoutLwark, Blackfriar's, Waterloo, Westminster, Vauxhallj Rattersea, and Putney Bridges, within two hours. The task is to be attempted this day. Bank op'Enolanu. The Keports'of the Secret Committees of both Houses of Parliament, and the Detates on the subject of the Currency,1 are inserted at full length in the 47th and succeeding numbers of Dolby's Parliamentary Register, each number 16 pageB, demy 8vo, price only 2d. Complete sets of this impartial and UBeful work may at present be-had, from the commencement of the Session. Published by Thomas Dolby, No. 34, Warftmr-street, Soho, London, and sold in all the populous provincial towns. n ... (JORN EXCHANGE, Mokdat, Mav 'a. Our supply of Grain i" general since Monday last has been moderate, with the exception of Oats, of which, there has been a tolerably Targe arrival, chiefly from our own coast. The shew of Wheat this morning from Essex : and Kent was very small, and there was more., briskness in the trade than we observed last week, whilst the stands were generally cleared at a small improvement in value, say from Is. to 2s. per quarter. Barley, though in short supply from our own coast, goes off heavily, but foreign grinding parcels sell on full as good terms Beans and Peas meet a dull sale, though with little variation in value. There have been but few fresh arrivals of Oats since Friday, and the trade is dull ; last week's prices are, however, fully supported. Flour remains in the same unsettled state we noticed on Monday last, but 55s, per sack is the highest price that can be obtained, which we therefore continue to quote. Price op Flouh Town-made 50s. to S5s. per sack. Royal Coburg Theaihe. We know of no place of public amusement, that keeps pace with a liberal public in return for its patronage, more than the above theatre. Novelty is the prominent feature of its management, and was strongly enforced last night by the production of an entirely new Historical Me-lodrame, taken partly from Walter Scott's Lord of the Isles, and Barbours. History, whatever stage effort can produce, is there elicited in the happiest manner. Its incidents and situationsits scenery, machinery, the costume of the dresses and decorations so peculiar to Scotia's land, are there characteristically given in a style of superior excellence. The combats too, and combatants, are worthy every eulogium ; the use of the bow and cloth-yard arrow, the claymore, pike and targe, with the highly renowned fact of the death of Bruce's standard bearer, Walter Ross, was represented in a manner beyond de-scriutibn. . Its effect was electric, and honoured with the loud est applause we ever heard. The North Pole, at half price, closed the mimic scene, and Robert the Bruce was announced for repetition this and eyery evening this week, amidst the most cheering acclamations. The house was crowded in every part. DIED. T.ntplv nt- Mnmrpnl. in Canada, where he was respectably established and universally esteemed, Mr. Robert Dyde, for merly of Pall Mall. Yesterday, at his house in town, Frederick Nicholson, Esq. of Old Jamaica Wharf, Upper Ground-street, and Barnet, Tprrfnrrishirp. On the sad instant, at 25, in Welbeck-street, Mary, wife of Stanes Chamberlayne, Esq. of Ryes, in the county ot li-ssex, ana only daughter of the late Wm. Brocket, Esq. of Spains Hall, m the said county. . Yesterday, at the house of Baijer Otto Bayer, Esq. in Ben-tinck-street, Kender Mason, Esq. of Beel-house, Bucks. On the 22d instant, in the Wandsworth Road, Mr. Samuel Rashfield. At Spilsbury, in Oxfordshire, on the 20th instant, Cary Hampton Weller, .Esq. STOCK EXCHANGE. Bank Stock 221 222 220 3 p. Ct. Red, 663 7 6J i J 3 per Ct.Cons. 671 $ n 5 67 H 3i per Ct. Cons. 7.5 4 4 per Cent. 84 J 3 I .3p.Ct.Navy 10211015 101 J Lontr Ann. 17A 17 Imperial 5 per Cent. 64 J India Stock 207 203 India Bonds 20 14 8 11 pre. Ex. Bills 2d. 1 dis. par 2dis. SALES BY AUCTION. By Mr. EVANS, at his House, No. 26, Pall-mall, THIS and three following days, THE THIRD PORTION of the Curious and Extensive LIBRARY of the late ."JOHN NORTH, Esq.. containing a Collection of fine and splendid Books, illuminated manuscripts, old poetry, old plays, and scarce tracts; including the celebrated Towneley Mysteries, Chronique de Francois Premier, a magnificent manuscript with splendid miniatures, Roman de la Rose, a MSS. with exquisite paintings, Histoire du Petit Artus, MSS. with decorative paintings, a missal of extraordinary beauty; Piranesi's Works, 17 vols, russia; Gough's Monuments, 5 vols. ; Nicholls's Leicestershire, 8 vols. ; Dibdin's Decameron, 3 vols, large paper, with original drawings, &c. &c Leasehold Estate, Sunbury By RIST and CROGGON, TO-MOmil VV, at twelve, at warraway s, m une uni, Desirable LliASJitiULU ttSlAlii, aengnt-fnilv situate on the banks of the Thames, at the corner of , i !t ..:!, T a.,r.T.,-.. i ,1,, m,fiT rrencn-streer, in me pieaaam vukic m uuuuuiy, in m. of Middlesex; comprising a comfortable DWELLING HOUSE, in excellent order, and with immediate possession, containing four bed rooms and closets, a handsome drawing room, a bowed dining parlour and entrance hall, a light kitchen, pantry and good cellaring, a small garden, and other conveni-encies ; also a Dwelling House and Premises, with attractive Shop, now in the occupation of Mr. Bull, and on lease for about seven years, at 30 guineas per annum. The above property is held on lease, of which about 27 years are unexpired, at a low rent. To be viewed by application on the premises, where particulars may be had; particulars also at Garraway's; and of Kist and Uroggon, 64, uornmii. Capital Brewery and Public House, Linfield near Brighton. By RIST and CROGGON, TO-MORROW, at twelve, at Garraway's (if not previously disposed of by Private Contract), ALL those Valuable and Extensive PREMISES, known by the name of LINFIELD BREWERY, now in full trade, with plant and utensils, capable of brewing 60 barrels per week, with Malt House, capable of making 400 quarters annually. The Coal Trade is also at present carried on to great advantage, the premises being within about half a mile of a navigable Canal, which comes from Newhaven. A well accustomed Public House, adjoining the premises, with garden and stabling ; the whole in full trade. Also, excellent storerooms, vaults, cooperage, mill-house, stables, piggery, and every requisite convenience for conducting an extensive and lucrative trade ; and comprising an excellent Dwelling House, containing five bed-rooms, a dining-room, a parlour, a counting-house, two kitchens, a large productive garden, of about three-quarters of an acre, inclosed by a lofty brick wall, and a paddock adjoining, about a quarter of an acre. The above property is part Copyhold and part Freehold, situated in a country surrounded with free public houses, 14 miles from Brighton, 11 from East Grinstead, 12 from Lewes, 3 from Cuckfield, and 38 from London. To be viewed, by application, and particulars had on the Premises; at the Libraries and of the Ship Inn, Brighton; Crown, Bast Grinstead; lalhot, cucuneia; otar, Lewes; of Mr. Gibson4 solicitor, 81, Lombard-street; at Garraway's ; of the Proprietor, Mr. M. A. Whichelo, West-street, Brighton ; and of Rist and Croggon, 64, Cornhill. Genteel detached Cottage Residence and Garden, about a mile and half from the West India Docks and the Royal Exchange. By RIST and CROGGON, TO-MORROW, at twelve, at Garraway's, unless an acceptable offer be previously made, A Genteel and very desirable detached and substantial brick-built COTTAGE RESIDENCE, in perfect order, and with immediate possession, very eligibly situated in Cottage-lane, a pleasant remove from the Commercial-road, St. George in the East, and near the Half-way House; containing three good bed rooms, with closet, &c. a well placed water closet, a handsome drawing room, a neat dining parlour, a light kitchen, wash house, good cellaring, a chaise house and two-stall stable, a neat court, and a large productive garden ; held on lease for about 15 years, at the trifling ground rent of 32s. per annum. To be viewed, and printed particulars had on the premises; particulars also at the George, Commercial-road; at Garraway's ; and of Rist and Croggon, auctioneers and appraisers, 64, Cornhill. . Valuable Leasehold Property' ork-buildings, and York Mews, New-road, near Paddington. By RIST and CROGGON, TO-MORROW, at twelve at Garraway's, by direction of the Executors of Miss Bowlesworth, deceased, A Valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, com- r;., . .vkini-i-al TiriMr-hmlt- TKvplJinrr House, with front and back gardens, eligibly situated No. 16, ork-buildings, M.,,wni nm-'iininrr fW rnnmi!. a Hrawititr room, a dminc room, a parlour, a hall, front and back kitchens, and ample n:-.. L,.A M- Tahc nt- flio Inw. rpnt nf fiftv-fivfi pounds per annum : also a coach house, three-stall stable, and tnree loaguig rooms over, suuaieu uiuumiuoi uwu6 No. 21, Great York-mews, on lease to Corfield, Esq. at 811. per annum ; the whole under lease, whereof 70 years are unexpired, at a ground rent of 10 guineas per annum. To be viewed by permission, of the tenants ; and particulars had on the premises; of John Caley, Esq. 26, Queen's-square ; particulars at uarraway s; ana oirust aim ivu, Valuable Freehold Property, Borough, and Two Shares in the i nearre iuiyui, iruiy jurtnc.i ' TO-MORROW, at 12, at Garraway's, THE ABSOLUTE REVERSION to One-third part of FREEHOLD PROPERTY on the death of a Lady, in the VOfh year of her age, comprising the Old Ship Inn, yard, stabling, warehouses, &c. situate in High-street, m the Borough of Southwark,let on leases to respectable tenants.wluch expire in about' four years,' at very low old rents, amounting to about 1801. per annum. Also two 1001. Shares in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The premises may be viewed (by permission only) and particulars had at the Old Ship Inn; at Garraway's; of Mr. Gibson, Solicitor, 81, Lombard-street and of Rist and Croggon, 64, Cornhill, Auctioneers and Appraisers. Genteel .FarniturTand Effects, BurrovvVbulldings, Black-frlars-road. --By HERRING and SON, on the Premises, 82, Great Surrey-street, facing Nelson-square, Ltllb JJAI, rtWE -genteel and modern HOUSEHOLD FUR- i N ITU RE, FIXTURES and EFFECTS of T. P. POPKIN, Esq. retiring into the country, comprising fourpost drapery beds, plain and tent ditto, goose feather beds, mattresses and be&ding, mahogany double and single dies ts o dowers, washing and dressing tables, glasses, chairs and other chamber articles! a drawing room suite of chintz cotton window curtains, with modern continued drapery; handsome japanned rosewood chairs and Grecian couch to correspond ; elegant modern chimney glass and mirror, in carved and gilt frames j card and sofa tables on claws ; a fine toned piano-forte by B sels carpets and rugs, dining room rfJdjring -tables, cellaret sideUsrd, nMeufed bookcase, circular spring dial, floor J: ' good titcnen requisiteVand various .fTSS fd on Monday .l thesale, catalogues then JP! and of Herring and Son, auctioneers, &c. 109, neet-street, SALES BY AUCTION. Capital Freehotd Houses, Argyll-street. By Mr. WILLOCK, at Garraway's, THIS DAY, at twelve, in Three Lots, by order of the Devisees of George Whittingham, Esg.. dec. HPHREE substantial well-built FREEHOLD it HOUSES, most desirably situate No". 28, 30, and 31, on the West side of Argyll-street, in the Parish of St, James, Westminster; in the several occupations of Sir Gerard Nroel Noel, Bart., Sir Christopher Hawkins, Bart, and Lady Hort, all on leases at rents amounting together to near Five Hundred Pounds per Ann. To be viewed seven days preceding the sale, but only with tickets, and particulars may be had at Garraway's ; of Mr. Rice, solicitor, 5, Jermyn-street ; and of Mr. Willock,25 Golden-square, ot wliom ticicets ror viewing cue iiuuto, Freehold Farm, Dagenham, Essex. By Mr. WILLOCK, at Garraway's, lliia uai, at rweive, A Compact and valuable FREEHOLD FARM, XJl very desirably situate at Dagenham, twelve miles from London, and three from the county of Essex, with a neat Farm House, large barn, stables, all requisite outbuildings, and Ninety-four Acres of rich Meadow and Arable Land, in the occupation of Mr. George Edward Pollute, on lease, w Inch expires at Michaelmas next, at an old low rent of near Two Hundred Pounds per Annum. To be viewed till the sale; and particulars, with apian of the farm, may be had at the Bull, at Dagenham ; White Hart Inns, at Romford and at Brentwood; Angel, at Ilford; of Messrs. King and Lukin, No, S, Gray's Inn-square; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden-square, London. . Britannia Grove House and Meadow, between Craven-place and Westbourn-green. By Mr. WILLOCK, at Garraway's, THIS DAY, at twelve, A Substantial well-built LEASEHOLD HOUSE, most delightfully situate between Kensington-gardens and Westbourne-green, called BRITANNIA GROVE HOUSE, containing four neatly finished rooms on each Boor, with all requisite offices, stable, chaise-house, large productive garden, and meadow,, and another house and garden adjoining. The premises are situate about a mile and a half from Oxford -street, and are held for an unexpired term of farty-seven years ; thev are in excellent repair, and in the occupation of Mrs. Simmonds the owner, who will give immediate possession. To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may be had on the Premises ; at the Black Lion, the corner of Craven-place, opposite Kensington-gardens; Red Lion 'at Westbourn-green; at Garraways; and of Mr. Willock, No. 2.5, Golden-square. Lease and StockoOaiicy Articles, Gold Watches, &c. &c. Ma-gasin Francais, Coventry-street. By JAMES ABBOrT,at Mr, Hickman's Auction Room, St. James's-street, THlo and following Day, at twelve, (a Covenant in the Lease, prohibiting a sale on the Premises), tmnnrr HPHE whole of the fashionable and capital STOCK JL at the MAGAZIN FRANCAIS, comprising fancy and other writing papers, distilled and scented waters and pomatum of every description, bon bons, elegant writing desks and work-boxes, opera glasses, gold watches, musical snuffboxes and seals, opera glasses, snuff boxes with medallions, two curious Car-racoa screens, Angola shawls, white petticoats of fine texture, artificial fruit and vegetables, a superb desert service in or-molu, the centre plays three beautiful airs, a few specimens of china, and a small collection of pictures, rich paper hangings, &c. On the first day will be sold the Lease of the Premises. May be viewed on Monday before the sale, when catalogues may be had ; also particulars at the place of sale ; and of Mr. Abbott, nASr.'.ryir.rr the RriricH Vi rP-rtdl C H. Strand. v.rtc"i.uun, ciur,iiiii,6 ..... , SALES BY AUCTION Modern Plate, Diamonds, Pearls, Gold Boxes, fashionable Jewellery, Antique Rin,H S' Necklaces, superior Gum by Manton Sm'lfi Duelling Pistols,' &c:-By Messrs. ROBINS' 2? Ocious Rooms, Piazza, Covent-garden, TM r ' j?,? S, NE THOUSAND OUNCES If MfW PLATE,inteasets,ur,1Slwaiters,candlesk "ERK salts, mugs, spoons, forks, ladles, &c. superb briSfTW gant pearl necklace and sprig, fine loose pearl Se, ,i duto, musical snuffboxes, ten carats, bri lian iieeii meter, several capital gold watches, brilliant diamf a cir0Si. , cameo rings, brooches, pins, &c. elegant iewelW -aiid ferine gold neck and watch chains, superior coral Z L"1 suiei seals and keys, plated candlesticks and branches s 6 superb tea chest with rich silver mounted cut rfa's, erncs ki Dasin, arait-Doara ana chess men, superior Runs i , 5nj Smith and othert, cases, duelling pistols, &c from M Wardour-street.-May be viewed the day prior andK had at the Rooms. - "a catalojBtJ Sloane-street. Lease of excellent House, and mr3i ' Plate, Jewellery, Plated Articb.vPictures &c l? S,t0t: ROBINS, on the Premises, on Thursday 7 Mci'"i' without restriction, ' ' at tvrel, THE STOCK consists of plate, handsome nlaf , " tides, elegant jewellery, gold .snuff boxes Md -i metal watches, a few good pictures, bronzes, carvino -.'"'i cameos, intaglios, rings, &c. Also the Lease of ft V 'Vor'', spectable House, handsome modern Shop, tws rooms' ly and private door ; the first floor is let, and more mav h m a floor! situate No. 17G, Sloane-street, KtiighrsbricVe. ft ;,e'i8iMy' newly built, in perfect order, and held for 6 year- e per annum; taxes low. May be viewed till the !aton'v0l stock one day prior, and catalogues had on the Dremi mi Messrs. Robins, Covent-garden. r iaes; aad of Genuine Collection of Pictures By MessreRoimT their Spacious Rooms, Piazza, Covent-garden on next, at twelve, s'utn, on Fnjj, THE genuine Collection of PICTURES r oi tne rieuusa uuu luvtu scuoois. with a fV.u. i r English, particularly a fine view of the hLu, hTtVS aChurclpiece, by'vanVliet; a UndstZ', Both; and a Portrait of the Mother ? , I ni, .l,,ff?J W several by the following much esteem,! "S,"' mans, Ostade, Berghem, Rembrandt, J Stem rw.Vt: V, de Veldt, Teniers, Itottenhamer, Van Sn ffl miens, ourgn, juiiscij, urawer, Anderson, Mofland Znff ' Ouwater, Ibbetson, &c May be viewed two days prioT ' catalogues had at the Rourns. ' v UI lM Three Thousand Ounces of elegant Plate, siiperblShnv and other Jewels, Gold Snuff Boxes, French Clock; V v i able Jewellery, &c By Messrs. ROBINS, at ,hZ i01- Mercantile Residence. Handsome Household Furniture, Sideboard of Plate, Wines, Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, and Effects, Circus, Minories. By Mr. ADAMSON, on the Premises, No. 5, Circus, Minories, THIS DAY, at eleven, by direction of the Administrators, THE excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, sideboard of modern plate, two gold watches, library of books, china, glass, 50 dozen choice Port Wine, a grand pianoforte, a hand organ, cellaret sideboard, a drawing room suite, and numerous valuable effects, of the late Mr. John Paul, deceased. At the same time will be Sold, an Agreement for a Lease of the House and Offices, peculiarly eligible in point of situation for a merchant, ship-broker, &c. The House to be viewed till the sale, and the Furniture Monday previous; and particulars and catalogues had on the premises; of' Messrs. Sweet, Stukes and Carr, solicitors, Basinghall-street; and of Mr. Adamson, as, l'encnurcn-street, t ..-fi,.. ..iwiiucy next, at oni UPWARDS of 3000 , OUNCES of el, PT. ATP! milTf mnrt.rn nnr! nf M .:..:... 0' brilliant diamonds and other jewels, in ear-rinis.braoi'!i''!F51 locket, valuable star pin, &c. ; elegant jewellery, gold' ,A boxes, French clocks, &c. Maybe viewed on Saturday an morning of sale, and catalogues had at the Rooms, Excellent Furniture, valuable Library of Books, and Effects, Skinner-street. By Mr. rLiiiCrllili, im& uai, at eleven, by order of the Assignees, npHE remaining part of the HOUSEHOLD FUR- X NITURE, capital library bookcase, full sized billiard table, excellent celleret sideboard, four sets of iofty drawing-room window curtains, a very fine figure of Venus de Medicis, fine paintings, linen, china, and rich cut glass, together with the valuable library of books, and numerous effects, removed to Mr. Murrell's Rooms, Skinner-street, Snow-hill May be viewed on Monday and morning of sale, and catalogues had of Mr. Fletcher, 64, Old Broad-street, and at the Rooms. At the same time will be sold, by order of the Assignees of Messrs. Tatum and Palmer, about -100 Pieces of Satin, and other Papers and Borders. To Paper Hangers, Stationers, and others. Leasehold Premises, Stock in Trade, Furniture, and Effects, Hart-street, Blooms-bury, By Mr. FLETCHER, on the Premises, 29, Hart-street, Eloomsbury, on Friday next, at eleven, by order of the Assignees, THE Genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, together with the fashionable STOCK in TRADE; comprising satin flock, and other papers, flock, t 1.,-.. ,,-.,-,:t ; m,murnic nfiWrc nf Mr. Richard iiiiu.i., in iiou-) cii ni-.t. - --- - n-"t Wood, paper hanger, a bankrupt. Precisely at one o clock, will be sold, an agreement for the desirable Premises, in excellent repair, with commodious shop. The House may be viewed till the sale, and the effects one day preceding; particulars and catalogues may be. had on the Premises; and of Mr. Fletcher, 64, Old Broad-street. . Kent. Capital Freehold Estate and Two Genteel Family Re-sidences, at Otford.-By Messrs. ATTFIELD and SON, at the Auction Mart, TO-MORROW, at twelve, in Two Lots (unless -previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given), by order of the Representatives of the Rev. Stileman Bostock, deceased, Lot 1. f TFORD NEW PARK ESTATE, J situate in the Parish of Otford, in the County of Kent, consisting of spacious farm-yards, barns, hop kiln, stables, out-buildings, and 369a. Or. 14r. of excellent arable, watered meadow, pasture, and hop land, in a high state of cultivation, held by Mr. William Stunt, for a term of which three years will be unexpired at Michaelmas next; but immediate possession may be had upon an agreement, which may be entered into between the tenant and the purchaser. The Estate is very compact, abounds with game, surrounded by good roads, skirted and watered by the River Darent, and is distant from Seven Oaks, three miles ; Bromley, twelve; Farningham, five; Tun-bridge, ten; Dartford, eleven ; and from London, ' twenty-two. The hops grown in the Parish of Otford are equal in quality to any in the County. The Land Tax is redeemed. Lot 2. Two substantial brick-built Freehold Dwelling Houses, with stables, yard and gardens, in good repair, situate in the Village of Otford, in the occupation of Mr. William Stunt; immediate possession may be had of this Lot. The whole of the Property may be viewed by applying to the Bailiff, on the Premises ; and particulars may be had, of Messrs. White and Bostock, solicitors, George-street, Mansion House (who are authorised to Sell by Private Contract, and at whose Office a Map of the Estate may be seen) ; particulars may likewise be had of Messrs. Attfield and Son, Whetstone and Hadley; at the Bull Inn, Otford; Crown, Seven Oaks, Rose and Crown, Tunbridge ; White Hart, Riverhead; Bell, Bromley ; Leicester Arms, Penshurst ; Black Lion, Farningham ; King's Arms, Westerham; Bell Inn, Maid stone; Bull Inn, Dartford; and at me Auction mart. The Collection of Genuine Pictures of Mr. John Bankrupt. By Mr. MURRELL, at the Auction S TO-MORROW and following Day, at twelve, byfecS of the Assignees, PT H E Genuine Collection of interesting Pip,, JL TU RES, selected by Mr. Gunton with good taste, and s- verv liberal prices, forming an Assemblage of a simerim- n,!! from the Italian, Flemish, Dutch, and English Scliools' among which will bs found the following particularly fin. Specimens, viz.: A Grand Landscape, with Caule, Rubecs' a Cattle l'air, feig; Landscape ana uattie, Jiergem; PeaJ sants Regaling, Dusart; Holy Family, ParmigOTa;'jTa,J scape, with Horses, Wovermans; Sick Lady, Jan Stem; iVioJ man, witn rneasanc, sc. van i; juannscape, tuinftoro Interior, with. Boors Regaling, Ostade; Visit to the Guii father, Van Stry; an Interior, Tilburgh; several Fruit igjj Hower fieces, Van uss, mignom, dec; several beautml OJ binet Gems, and a lame quantity of Picture Frames. The wWJ of the Collection being the sole Property of the Bankrupt, is b be submitted to the best bidder, by direction of the Assists, without a single reservation, and is well worthy the attention t: the Amateur, who will find in this a most desirable opportucijj to enrich his collection. May be viewed two days preceding 41 sale, when catalogues may De nac; at the place ot sale; at it: Grosvenor Coffee-house, Bond-street ; and of Mr. Murrell, Skinner-street, anow-hu- lie vi!i mil xjiui tii j. wj.ia.j, i,ia a,,. more extensive Premises, No. 5, Wellington-street, Strand TWIC nr,A fnnr frtllnwiiTo, Have mr,-k'fi THE select and elegant CLASSICAL L1BRAR1 of that celebrated Amateur, Mr. CHARDIN; cotisi-lit of a complete collection of Variorum Classics, in the finest dition, and are selected copies, during a pursuit of thirty 5m by Mr. Chardin. Together with a fine selection of fees Italian and Spanish Literature; among which will be Sum more particularly, many of the early Spanish Chronicle?. life wisea few Manuscripts of the XI Vth Century, with may-upef Miniatures, brought from the Library of the Vatican, atii elegant Bookcase ; to which is added, a most superb ttt d'02uvre, representing the Baptism of the King of Book, e.w cuted by order of Napoleon, by the celebrated Ariist,'5Ii GoubauJ. To be viewed till the sale, and catalogues (price Jihad at the place of sale. U JJC11V1 1I1U 1UIL, ltll.U, I'lUUlll.j b, UK R. PHILLIPS has the 'honour most respectful! :c kt, xri,:i;,., r,m, that THT! ..,. IU UUUlllL tne liuuimj li ,jkiii,,i ; DAY, atone o'clock, he will submit by AUCTION, at b: l AT- r- VT... IJ .U PfllUr cS freniU'i and Excellent OLD PORT, of Vintages l80Gail808; )f iy navourea xarec, jm raoc, v m ue uriavc, u -f-j:. t,ij: cl. R,.il,. C.,rtlinir9nrf KillerrCb-, pagne, Hermitage, Constantia, Malaga, Malmsey, Old Am Noyau, &c. the property of a Nobleman, from whose residence . ' i ':..a . .i, t,o. ar.iv he tasted at tie nicy win v 1j1.111111t.uu i.w uit uuit.t.u-jv, - i -- T time oi sale, aim catalogues u l uic uis-i-mn . temple; ana at iNO. id, iew ona-sireei. T..,! A T...- o:. 15.. TIT. DHTT I TPS MhbGra! icaiiuu ami uuicu l ittuic?,. ut tn. a uh""- i, xt.... r j . ., on1 fn nwmelM Rooms, iTiew .uuuu-aiicei, un nmaj nvt .v. at one o ciock, , . , A T7nl,,okl rnlUflnn nf leino-TtlllM. fit" .? n.,.., D4TVTTTVrr:c A , Few, u aim ?uli. x iiniiiivi'i " -' - t, . r ...m i ,c n than natron Oil- jrropercy ui-a ucuucmaii, wcii uuwii Vt-- rj Pjr Arcs sou --uiiectur ; -uiung wiiitu -ic mu .-...- -migiano, Vandevelde, Rembrandt, Carraci, Morland, bhh scaiicen, rotter, u. iyow, uomniKuiuu, Ymiai dyck, Cuyp, 'iemers, S. itosa, torregio, teK ot tne moaern scnooi. iuav oe viewccu i uj-r.--- s-a sale, when catalogues may be had at Air. runup . rsonu-street. - Upholsterer's Stocfe. By Mr. abuu n UZ $ Wermoni, at ins opacious noom, o, .uim" street. THIS DA Y. at twelve, without reserve, ,p . . ' r , crcrrli ni SI Ui rHi Kemamine rart ot tne oiu"'"'",,,! JL HOLSTisK-Kli declii some four-post and other bed Kent. Penshurst A very desirable Freehold Estate, at Penshurst. By Messrs. ATTFIELD and SON, at the Auction Mart, TO-MORROW, at 12 o'clock (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given), by order of the Representatives of the Rev. Stileman Bostock, deceased, COLD HARBOUR and FINCH GREEN FARMS, situate in the several Parishes of Penshurst and Chiddingstone, in a fine sporting part of the County, in the centre of Preserves,' well wood&rarhi watered, and abounding with Game. Cold Harbour Farm comprises a substantial Farm House, with suitable barns, stables, yards, gardens, and outbuildings ; also a hop kiln, and 01 a. 2 u. 20 v. of arable, meadow, and pasture land; and hop ground, and 10a. Sr. 10 p. of wood land. Finch Green Farm adjoins'the above Estate, and consists of a Bailiff's Cottage and Garden, with barn and cattle sheds, and 33 a. 3 n. 23 p. of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land. The Timber on both the Farms is of the finest growth and quality. The Land Tax is redeemed. The Estates are admirably situated, surrounded by good roads, and are distant from Tuiibridee. four miles : from the Wells, six : from Seven Oaks, eight; and from London, thirty-two; the tenant, Mr. Hollamby, will shew the property ; Messrs. White and Bostock, of George-street, Mansion House, solicitors, are authorised ts Sell by Private Contract, and at their Office a Map of the' Estate may be seen ; and particulars procured : particulars may also be had, of Messrs. Attfield and Son, Whetstone and Hadley; at the Leicester Arms. Penshurst; Rose and Crown, Tunbridge; the Sussex, Tunbridge Wells ; the Crown, Seven Oaks ; White Hart, Kiverhead ; Bell, Bromley ; Jtsell, ttlaiastone ; Chequers, Lamberhurst ; and at the Auction Mart To Cabinet-makers, Upholsterers, Carpet-dealers, &c. &c. By" Mr. THOMPSON, on the Premises, St. Saviour's Church yard, Borough, TO-MORROW, at twelve, by order of the . Assignees, npHE genuine and entire STOCK in TRADE of JL Mr, William Barton, Cabinet-maker and Upholsterer, a Bankruot: comorisine a variety of verv excellent mahocanv and other new furniture, Kidderminster and Brussels carpets, made up of various sizes, feathers and feather beds, with part of the household furniture and other effects, At two o'clock on the same dav will be sold. Three Leasehold Houses, situated as above. May be viewed and particulars and catalogues bad of 1go.c Ca Cnlii,i,iw n tn "V .:J- -Kivwial KltlgciQ cum WVIlj uw.i.,lws iaj .fcJUC UlllUiaVlUIJ, XTAllll- cnester-Duuaings, Westminster? or mr. inoirtpson, 1, tjuauty-court. Chancery-lane; and on the premises. HOLSTERER declining Business; cmum m steads ana iiaiw;";'.iej some iour-posc ana otner oeasceaus au '.nMe5, bedding, new blankets, Marseilles quilts and covmerj ; veral nieces of Brussels and Kidderminster 6trpf wTofc handsome Inn and card tables, sofas, can . . Mr. Abbott, appraiser and estate agent, ato-o ttoom. Marti r : -; , ,.,rrTTTrTg Auction Woollen Cioths.--liy lvir. j . sail i n, " t , IE i TO-MORROW and following Diy, 1at,T,E3 BOUT FIVE HUNDR,,";wl rT.nTWS rnncktintr of SaXOnV tt" .,i rPllPl , vJ.'v,v) ' O I ' . Fattf U IUC- rpJI of linen-drapery, &c. which will be d;vi3catalogb'jl i .:A n TnocHav anrf m nr nm tr oi sale, . as UUUVCj w- t, w....., v - ,- 1 ll R. HICKMAN begs to P,y, tm ..t T ...,. .I,:of. nn account .iCM aiua.anu oiner -ucinuue, . 0I1 toe"'-.,. of Boofc Sa es, ne was necessitate" r--' will be SOLD'by AUCTION, at Us Gall r, the 2d of June, a-t 12. Auction Gjmy Genuine Pictures.-By Mr. HICKMAN, at I ickjiam, u "'v , mt ,et. on Thursday, ijESI A COLLECTION of GENUINE rs-gl A of the Italian, Dutch, Flemish comnrisinir true and fine specimen ui -T-b m b - Boa garth, Munro, &c. &c.-May be vew the sale ; anu caiaiuEuc . near r - r. TT a. ,,-fimi Mart, -. ... . For Sale by the Cafldle.-ivc W0) prei f of England, THttii " Lots nmr mHE followmp Jgy tin Frenca o- 6 Cases Burgundy 5 Do. White W J s!e, 22 Dozen itea uii."b- j. ln v- $ o Tin. Claret . J r..n Fine ,u 3Utanua.,mife fiSDo-F'Branrtt , lOOGaJJr' M 1 Af ,o Tin f!lnret i o Hhrts. Sherry f5STd-2 Hhds. Cape Madeira , 300 Dozen Port, Sherry, and Madeira n nM Crusted Irort, s the time oi sa.e, nvV:sworn"',T i, 43, WUK1-T- JOS

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