Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 7, 1962 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1962
Page 13
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Thursday Evening, June 7, 1962. ANN LANDERS Music While You Work Fine For Some, Unhinges Others Dear Ann Landers: I was interested in your advice to the teenager who insisted he could study only when the radio, hi-fi ' or TV was going full blast. His mother di'dn't believe him.,You suggested he re-train himself to study in peace and quiet. As a psychologist who has spent a lifetime learning and teaching industry how to get maximum efficiency out of employees I'd like to point out that peace and quiet have been vastly overrated. Music is a natural tranquilizer. Our studies show that factories and offices which have installed piped-in music are delighted with the increased efficiency Salvation Army Bible School to Begin on Tuesday "My Bible and I" will be the theme of the Salvation Army's daily vacation Bible School which will be held next Tuesday through Friday. Registration will be at 9 a.m Tuesday and classes will be helc from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. Children ages 4-14 are welcome. The program will feature crafl items, flannel graph stories, mis sionary stories, sermonettes, hymr sings and door prizes. Each' chile is requested to bring a sack lunch, Free milk will be served at recess and at noon. Senior Major and Mrs. Frank Larson are superintendents, anc teachers are Margaret Arthington, Linda Titus, Rachel Larson, and Vera Sherman. Noble HDto Fete 4-H Girls July 11 The Noble township HD club met at the home of Ida Meyer with Ruth Baade, vice-president in charge of the business session The thought for the day was given by Winona Albright,- followed with the pledges to the flags led by Ruth Heckard and the creed in unison. Anna Watts was in charge ol roll call and read a poem "Home." Approval was given, o: the secretary-treasurer reports as read by Dorothy Renkenberger and Irene Dawson. "Are You Overloaded?" was the theme of devotions offered by Abbie McKaig. A report of the Council meeting was submittec by Ruth Baade and it was statec that four of the Noble club mem bers donated blood when the HD clubs sponsored the bloodbank. The history of the song of the month was given by Clara Barr who also led in group singing accompanied at the piano by Anna Watts. A lesson on cosmetics was pre sented by Helen Blank and Mar ion Reid. It was announced tha Mrs. Albert Busard, a member and her husband will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary this Sunday with an open house from 2 to 5 at the Shiloh Chris tian church. Refreshments were served to 22 members by a committee con sisting of Ida Meyer, Dora Bus ard, Anna Watts and Mary Kay McKaig. The Noble township 4-H girls wil be guests at the next meeting which will be a covered dish dinner on July 11. Members are to note change of date. md the improved dispositions of he employees. As an authority m the subject I can tell you that his is not just an intellectual heory. It actually works.—M.C. Dear M.C.: Thank you for writ- ng. The following letter is from one of those happy, efficient em- >loyees who has been listening to )iped-in music. So she, too, is an authority. * * » Dear Ann Landers: Last Fall our office manager decided we all needed music to calm our nerves and lift our spirits. For the first week it was sort of a novelty. Everyone hummed, whistled or tapped their toes. Some of the younger ones danced. I didn't mind, although it was somewhat distracting. I kept telling myself I'd get used to it. I never quite made it. Maybe I'm a sentimental fool ut certain songs have special meaning for me. When I hear 'Blues In The Night" or "Sunrise Serenade" or "Talk of The Town" I become completely unhinged. Two months of night and day music set my teeth on edge. I found myself going to the washroom to escape it. Then—lo' and behold, one fine day when I opened the door to the washroom I was greeted by "You Are My Sunsliine." The music man had invaded the most private of all sanctums. Maybe I'M some kind of a nul or something but I don't believe it's right to force music on people. Thanks for letting me say it. -TWITCHY Dear Ann Landers: I'm almosl ashamed to write about this even though .you may tell me I'm childish. My mother died several months ago following a long illness. Al this moment I have in my closel several dresses and suits which I wore when I visited my mother in the hospital and when I carec for her at home. The dress I wore to her funeral is also hanging there. I can't bring myself to wear any of these clothes although they are stylish and in excellent condition. I've started to give them away but I can't seem to do this either. So I can neither wear them or can I part with them. Please help me.—S.P.F. Dear S.P.F.: I can't help you but you can help yourself and you must. Go to the telephone this very minute and call Good Wil' Industries. Give them all the clothing to which you attach mother-memories. Consider it 'an ad of charity. It's unhealthy to hang on to bits and pieces of the past as you are doing. This is not reverence, it's morbidity. * # * Confidential lo WHICH WAY TO GO: Parents who would give a 15-year-old girl permission to marry need to have their heads examined. And your son mus have bats in the hatches, 'too. A man 24 years old who would con sider such a thing sounds like a case of arrested development. To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposili sex send for ANN LANDERS booklet, "How To Be Dale Bait,' enclosing with your request 2< cents in coin and a long, self addressed, stamped envelope- Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope. 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. SKYLINE Hwy. 17 North Phone 4802 LOUISE At 10:00 p.m. TATE ! NOW PLAYWB ! UieMiuiWhoShot ZibertyVatance ~m UE mm m „. MILES -MARVIN- O'BRIEN- DM-M&Y PLUS: Speedway and Tom & Jerry Cartoon Shows at 7:00 & 9:30 RUSK TO VISIT BERLIN SOON WASHINGTON CUPI) - Secre tary of .State Dean Rusk plans ti visit Berlin in the course ot a 10 day trip to Europe later thi; month, officials disclosed today. It will be "his first trip to the divided city, deep within Commu nist territory, since he took offic 17 months ago. Husk plans to leave about raid night, June 18, on the European swing. In addition to Berlin, he will visit Paris, Bonn, Rome anr 'London. Officials said he alsi might stop in Lisbon on his waj home. Store Observes 10th Anniversary CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Ye»t»rday'» Punlt JOSEPHINE LOWMAN ACROSS 1-Temporary bed 4-Deca.ys S-Datum 12-Bggs 3-Monster 14-Falsifler 16-Coaae to sleep .7-PropoBltIon 19-Compasa point 20-Number 21-Part ol church Ponialo deer 23-Fastener 24-Small Island 2fi-Have a cars ZB-Artificlal language 27-Bun easily 28-Podal digit 2S-Attacks .11-Jumped 34-Man's name 35-Center i-Brother of Odin 37-FroMblts 39-Chess piece 40-Emerge victorloun 41-Outflt 42-Bealdenca 43-Mournful 44-Coni unction 45-Ba defeated 46-Boneath 48-Plumllke fruit 60-Periods of time B2-Girl's name B3 -Dispatch 54-Ratlonal 66-Pliypon DOWN 1-Farm animal 2-Enthusias- tlo tribute 3-Carrlad away 4-Klng Arthur'* lance 6-Klng ot . Bashan 6-Threefold 7-Feellng 8-Glrl'a nickname fl-Three-toed sloth 10-Motorless boat 11-Cornered 16-Prlnter'a measure 18- Symbol for tellurium 21-Snakes 22-Profound 23-In favor of 24-Speck 25-(3ood promise 27-Smaller. . 28-Klpped 30-Warbled 31-Sewlng:- nmchlne inventor 32-Obvloua 33-Lalr 36-Plcturetaklns: device 37-Alloy, of copper and zinc 38-Passageway 39-Slts for portrait , . 46-North African • valley (pi.) 42-ExclamatIon 43-Symbol for tin 46-Conducted 4C-Bmploy 47-Beam 49-PrepcsItlon Bl-Inieflntte article 3 R« 4 56 38 30 24 7 <xx a 9 10 28 52 Dlatr. by United Feature Syndicate, Inc. 7 Grace Bible School To Open Tuesday The Summer Vacation Bible School at Grace Lutheran church will begin next Tuesday and continue through June 22. Classes will be from 9:30 to 11:40 a.m. Tuesday through Friday for all children 3 through 14 years of age. The theme this year is "Knowing JesiiF." The teaching staff this year will be Miss Judy Krapf in charge of the nursery; Mrs. Richard Pitman and Mrs. Keith Walker, kindergarten; Mrs. Pat Ruschkofski, Mrs. P. Edgar Ford, and Mrs. Doyle G. Sheets, primary; Mrs. William Krapf and Mrs. Clarence M. Alexander, juniors; Pastor Clarence M. Alexander in charge of the Junior High or Catechetical Group; Mrs. William Scherer, assistant. Children interested in enrolling are to contact Mrs. Paul Rusch- kofski, or Pastor Alexander. Metea Bible School Enrollment Friday Pre-enrollment day for the Vacation Bible School at the Metea Baptist church will be Friday from 8:30 to 11 a.m. The school for children from 3 years of age through the sixth grade will be from June 11 through June 15. Closing program will be Sun- Heiden Wins Club Award Robert Heiden received a plaque as the Optimist of the Year 'at the dinner meeting of the club Wed nesday night at'the Elks lodge with the wives of members as guests. 'James Hansen, Thomas Burdge Fred. Pursch, and Robert White also received recognition for out standing work. Gene Watts, outgoing president gave perfect attendance, awards to G. W. Wolf, nine years; Tom Burdge, six years; Fred Pursch Robert White, and Gene Watts three; 'and Robert Heiden, one. Pins and plaques were present ed to Watts as outgoing presiden and to Lloyd Neel as the incom ing president by Ted Snyder, La fayette, district' lieutenant gover nor. . . . ........ Snyder installed the new offi cers. In addition to Neel they are James Hansen and Joseph Moritz vicepresidents; Thomas Burdge treasurer; Robert Heiden, secretary; Herbert Price, sergeant-at arms; Richard Reinert, Jerry 0' Morrow, and Donald Pollitt, boart of directors for two years. . As! you know, hair .styling and make-up can be used with great uccess to play up your best fea- ures . and minimize any defects ou may have. The shape of your ace is the first consideration. Most women know this, but may be at a loss as to how to lassify the face. There is no difficulty if you have an extreme- y long, thin face or one which is /ery wide, but there are so many n-betweens. Today let us consid- n- the three main types, the oval, be long and the round face. ;In order to decide which yours s, do the following: Take^a rulei ,nd. measure your face from the i airline on your forehead to the ip of your chin, and also across 'our face to measure its width. Oval Face The oval face is longer than it s wide. It is about two-thirds as wide as it is long. This is the per- 'ect face. The perfect face also s divided into three equal parts. ;. From the hairline on the fore- icad to the eyebrows. 2. From ,he brows to the bottom of the nose. 3. From the nose to tlie tip of the chin. The long face is much longer ;han it is wide. The length of the 'ace can be minimized by wear- ng bangs which partially cover :he forehead. The hair should be built out or fluffed out at the sides. A middle part also adds to the impression of breadth and is therefore, flattering. You shoult try for horizontal emphasis in hairdo and hats. Rouge should be applied low under the cheek bones and blended out toward the outer edges of the checks. Round Face The round face is almost as wide as it is long. There is very little, if any, difference in thesi measurements. The hair shouk be off the forehead and high on top. Hair should be close to th sides of the face. The emphasis in hair and hats should be on th vertical rather than horizonta lines. Rouge should be high ant day, June 17, at 7:30 p.m. The Reverend Raymond Skelton is pastor. Mrs. Charles Hubenthal is director, assisted by Mrs. Weldo Grable. All children of the com munity are welcome. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY HOUSEHOLD BROOMS Save now on these durable, long lasting brooms. Specially priced with this coupon. Reg. $1.49 with this 516-18 E.'Broadway 'Phone 4186 DAVID'S MAY 31 thru JUNE 9 TUB-0-SUDS NEW DEPARTMENT MAY 31 thru JUNE 9 ALL .STAINLESS STEEL WASHERS with SQUARE TUB-AGITATOR TYPE DESIGN COIN-OPERATED JJ-J5 WASH YOUR rprr 9fl.m.-5p.m.everyday LAUNDRY HERE I liCC Thru June 9 NEWLY REMODELED INSIDE AND OUT PLENTY OF FREE PARKING ON OUR NEW DRWE-AIR CONDITIONED SMBAD ST. at 12th Open 6 a. m.-Cloie 11 p. m.' DIAL 5940 Determine Type of Face- Get Most Out of Make-Up CAPEHART, liARTKE VOTE WASHINGTON CUPD-Indiana' two U.S. senators, Republica Homer E. Capehart and Democra Vance Hartke, voted with th majority Wednesday as the Senat voted, 57-24, to ban foreign aid t Communist dominated nations. Ian Bible School Closing Program At Young America YOUNG AMERICA — A closing rogram for the Vacation Bible School classes will be presented unday, June 10 at 2:30 p.m. in le Young America school by the 05 students who have been attend- ng. The school has been in ses- ion the past two weeks. Classes were held in the after- oon arid were sponsored by the ollowing churches: Center EUB, Jpper Deer Creek Brethren, Up- oer Deer Creek Christian, Young America Baptist, Young America Congregational, Young America ihristian and Poplar Grove EUB. Measure your face to determine whether it's oval, long or round. close to the nose and then blended outward.. If you apply rouge al :he outer edges of the face, ii Broadens it. If you have a rounc 'ace, avoid fussy hairdos. Keep ii simple. If you would like to have my leaflet, "Your Crowning Glory,' send a stamped, self-addressee envelope with your request for leaflet No. 52 to Josephine Low man in care of this newspaper (Released, by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Bible School At Bethel ME Vacation Bible School at ib Bethel Methodist church will be gin Monday and extend througl next Friday. Classes will be from 9-12 a.m and the closing program will be held Sunday, June 17, at 10:3 a.m. Rev. Donald Emler is pastor o the church and Mrs. George Dela plane is school director. Teacher are as follows: Mrs. Robert Nulf kindergarten; Mrs. Wayne Alder primary; Mrs. Jesse Beedle, jur ior class; and Mrs. Samuel Kit chel, junior high. logansport, Indians, Pharos-Tribune Thirteen Free balloons for children and wo-cent popsicles are among tea- ures of the celebration of the enth anniversary of the 3port- and store, 515 East Broadway, today through Saturdaj', June 18. Owned by Richard Golden, 603 Tanguy St., Sportlandi handles toys, sporting goods, and hobby merchandise. The store, established in 1952, was first located at 507 East Broadway but was moved several doors cast to its present location in 1953. Golden is a lifelong resident of Logansport. Faces Law Suit HOLLYWOOD (UPD- Glamour girl Marilyn Monrie today faces a possible law suit or replacement in her new film for failure to appear for work. Producer Henry Weinstem salcl Wednesday 20th Century-Fox definitely -would take some action against Miss Monroe "to protect, the picture, our stockholders and the other artists in the cast." "• Father's Day, Sunday f June U. . . For Dad on HIS Day... a '^x' _ „ Sport Coat from ... Greensfelder Bros. What better way to show Dad how much you care, than by giving him our Biscayne young-in-build sport coat. And its lightweight blend of 55% Dacron Polyester and 45% Wool means Dad can wear it all summer long, in cool comfort. Choose it now, while selections are at their peak. $35 OTHERS from $16.95 313-315 E. Market St. SPORTLAND » Celebrating Its to all you kid i during our 10th Birthday Safe June 7th thru June 16th POPSICLES «, 2c During Our Birthday Celebration Beany Copter Birthday Special Mattel Official Beany— Cecil Reg. $1.25 Genuine leather Fielder's Glove BIRTHDAY $039 SPECIAL •*• Hubley's FlipSpecfal The Rifleman Reg. 4.98 BIRTHDAY SPEOAiL $O33 Fun Baseball Pitch-Back For The Entire Family Reg. 4.95 BWTHDAY SPECIAL EXfl»A TOP VALUE STAMPS FREE with every $1 purchase or more during • Sportland'* 1 Oth iBi rthday Sate June 7th thru June 16th •BIRTHDAY $ 6 ft. Wire Wall POOL $999 Sportland 515 E. Broadway Phone 2310

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