The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 11
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So h« had Otto wntch for a pre-arranged signal which meant: 'Offer • poisoned glass to the person I am talking to now and forget other plans.' * "But there was no act or gesture Zimmer performed each time he was talking to one of his victims," proteslcd Gisela. "He never did the same thing twice!" Again Basil smiled. "It's a very simple signal that I should have spotted sooner—an old conjuror's trick often used in fake miiid- reading acts. And it's based on Ihe mind's failure to think abstractly in everyday life. Zimmer picked I up Miss Shaw's walking stick by "' Its ivory handle, then shifted his grip to , ebony shaft, as he presented the handle to Miss Shaw and spoke to her. Zimmer straightened his gardenia and adjusted his lapel when he spoke to Diiggan. Zimmer laid his hand on the white marble mantelpiece and picked up the poker when he spoke to Stephen Lawrence. Zim- mcr played on the piano, D and D "harp when he spoke to Isolda Canning. "If you abstract the idea of color from all these particulars, j-ou realize that he did the same thing four tKies—he touched something white and then something black while he was talking to a person who diech^ir nearly died afterward. ^> • - • • "'PIIE older I get, the more I amazed 1 am at Ihe way ua- patible and can't, agree on divorce like the Cannings and the Yorkes! Our doctor would confine his ric-, Urns to people who are already taking some potential poison in medicinal doses. The aged and the invalid are certain to iise sed- ativei. The unhappily married, . . . living in. a slate of nervous tcn- 'I know," Gisela interrupted. s i° n , will be insomniacs with ac- tb* fantasfc* at Sc- Basil. "There's an "After you left me this afternoon. I read Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy, too: To glvn dfnntrn wn.1 A part of Dr. Berinmr. business. l» certain circle. tho»a dinners were blKhly celebrated, but they » cr . «lw«y. u>lkcd ab oll , , n< ie r lh . rose. It wa, wM spere< i that their eplcmlor wa.i fabulous thit the disbie. snj lh. w | ne ; readied a p a 1 n t of perfection »b»oliii«lj unknown elsewhere . . . and It W.IB said moreover that l>r. Jtertrand . . ^\ a ^ nilpnlj and experienced'chemist tliln E t'hat Dr. Berlrari'd''.^^'^". " Dr - Zimmer jnors gtnbi- - . rs gtn- tlous than his fictional predecessor. Dr. Bertrand sold suicide. Dr dimmer went s step farther and speculated in murder," Basil added "When I realized that two of the three victims in this case— Katherine Shaw and Stephen Lawrence —both suffered from painful incurable diseases, I thought ot mercy-killing as a possible motive It was the only motive that fitted I'crdila's character. She had said: 'I couldn't give him poison myself.' Was Perdila allowing someone else lo do her mercy-killing for her? And was Miss Shaw poisoned by the same person for a similar reason? "Zimmcr happens to be a German doclor, possibly more sympathetic lo the Nam than he ever admitted and had seen the extermination camps where the various Nazis carried out the ancient eugenic fallacy of slaughtering the unwanted on a mass-production scale. This doctor has had to start all over again in a foreign city and so needs a shoil-cul to fortune. "He decides lo sell extermination at 3 high price to anyone who wanted to get rid of anyone else for whatever reason— the aged rich, whose heirs arc growing impatient, like Kaihcrinc Shaw; husbands and wives who arc iocom- cess lo sic-oping tablets or alcoholics taking drugs lor hangovers. He poisons e.ich victim with (he victim's own drug." "How did he find enough customers without giving his secret away?" asked Gisela. t • • "^L S ' Practicing Psychiatrist he must have had access to the Inmost secrels in the minds of many patients. Secret desire for another person's denlb is a commonplace of psychiatry. But, unlike the true healer, he would not try to cauterize homicidal impulses in his patients. He could deliberately cultivate those impulses and leach the patient lo rationalize Ihem. Then, when the patient's mind -vas ripe for suggestion, Zimmer would explain how murder could be done—at a price. "At this point. I bcuan to wonder if the actual poisoning took place at Zi.nmer's weekly dinners for his patienls and Iheir families. Ffalf the guests had strong motives for Y.'ishing someone else dead. The other half were all potential victims except Charlotte Dean — (he one innocent bystander who was only there because the blind Miss -Sh.-iw needed her attendant. When Charlotte Dean gave her account of the first dinner after Duggan's death, she told us a curious ttjing. Two of the guests started to say something and then broke off confused and stammering in ihe middle of a sentence Rosamund Yorhe nod Hubert C.ln- nlng. Each of those broken sentences Mi.<s Dean reported was a remark about the .future concern- ins a p;rir I had already thought <>' as potential murderer and potential victim. Of course I had no idea then that Isolda anticipated Canning's each of Ihe Cannings employed "/.immcr to kill the other without either suspecting." (I'D Bt Concluded) Telerision- Tonite, Tomorrow WiMCT, Memphis. Channel 4 MONDAY NK;HT, JUNE 2 6:00 Paul Wtnchell 6:30 Howard Barlow 7:OC Mama f'30 liobei-t Montgomery 8:30 Who Said That, 9:110 Slim Rhodes 9:25 News 3:30 Strike It Rich 10:30 Wrestling 10:45 News 11:00 Man Against Crime 11:30 Ncus 11:35 Si5ll Off TUESDAY, JUN'E 1 6:>15 Tost Pattern 7:00 Todav 7:25 News 7:;w Today 7:55 News II'.OC Prologue to Future 8:30 Breakfast Party 9:00 Mrs. U.S.A. 9:30 Strike It Rich ]0:00 Storyland 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search /or Tomorrow 10:45 Morning Meditation 11 :CO Fashion Insurance 11:15 Garry Moore 11:-15 1st 100 Years 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Homcmakers Program 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Ralph Edwards 2:00 Kale Smith 3:00 Hawkins Falls 3:15 Gabby Haves 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 News 4:05 Ecrl Olswanger 4:30 Fashion show MS Soup Br>x Derby 5:00 Kukln, Pran & Ollie 5:15 Neiv.5 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Diriah Shore 5:45 News Caravan B:00 Milton Bcrle 7:00 Fireside Theatre 7:30 Circle Theatre 8:00 Amateur Hour 8:45 Tliis Week In Snorts 9:00 Studio One 10:00 Dangerous Assignment 10:30 News 10:40 My Friend Irma 11:10 City Hospital 11:40 News 11:45 Sign Off EXPERT REPAIR REPAIR n>enns f XJ RA , H-fll_T€RS UdLITY SHOC SHOP iz> w. Ma IN ST. Free Picture 01 Your Caich .Iml brine your slrhifc of ush lo nur .slDrc anil we'll take a pirttire fir you any limr until 9;00 I'.M N'o rlinrgc al all. Good lurk to jnu on your fishing. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 20M W. Main Phone 3617 OUT OUR WAY ?AGB ELEVEN By J. R. William. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS X*"" -—--II HSUO, SWAOVSIOE BUGLt? \f*ru*j- I HAVE eooo News? w SOM (^ TALK FRKW.K, AMD L(,R[> SMITH ARE ' n TALK BACK HOME — SAFT AND SOLNp / FLASH THOSe BVST ME AGAIW.' VOL) TVJO VJOULP POT A BARREL WITH ONE BEAW IN T fkl COLP STDKAS6 TO nv Ur ME oo THE TAIKIMQ, FKECK16S I'M IKftNKPLH ouftE SAFE AMD BACK HOME, Bur MESES SOMETHING L MUM- TELL YOU::. -. IWERE (S SOMEONE E A^**\ ' 5T AKAV " .IRWIII.U.M WHY MOTHERS. <S6T GRAY Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Adi 6E-T A HEAT f5MM.LET'S WE TRACKED DOWN BVCIKIS WELKIM'-iMtH />FT6E IF FENtE THEM CffyCOLOHEL. OURS COESMT WHY MUST VOL) >—, I JUST DROPPED ALWAYS BRING SHAME ] TO OUR HOME?? ~ WHAT'S THE IDEA OP "SCARING ME LIKE " HEY/ WAir'Y soeev/i'M RJMNV WAV FOR A M66T ARCHER FOCUS... -BUr THEfWS ONtV ^ FEWJ ' THER6S L or* O'ROUTe&TKW MK- ' R EGIOW. m ONLV HOPE TO FIND TO SPOT 50W6 CLUE THWU HNRKOW™ E SEARCH • ftkl' IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY'RE GMWIIU'OW M6! fcjHlLE WA5H. w SCRM-<:HEt> UP AMP WEEKLY EXHAUSTED, 5T»6' GEKSOM THRU THICK TROPICAL UWDERGROWTH. SOMETHING BETIEKTO RUN ON. ON V? KVOOV03 •- V Vff WMVX ft VOCWV QOVSS . V\{«t "VO OO V\9 - CUCX AOO : WOR9V W600X \\lRi

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