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The Pittsburgh Courier from , · Page 2

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Saturday, July 18, 1970
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PAKE 2 THE NEW COURIER JULY 18, 1970 NATIONAL eras By Diggs Dalrooih Any person with a physical or mental condition severe enough to prevent him from doing any substantial work is urged to telephone or visit his social security office without delay. It is not necessary to wait until the end of a 6 - month "waiting period" before acting on a claim for social security disability benefits. In one out of every ten cases involving disability benefits, money has been lost because of failure to file a timely ap plication. This was revealed in a recent study conducted by the Social Security Administra tion. Reasons for delayed filing were varied. But a number of persons hesitated to file be cause they were optimistic about an early recovery. Protection against loss of 0z 0 (Distributed By Sengstacke Newspapers) WASHINGTON One of the most dramatic ads seen around here for sometime is being run by black owned Independence Savings and Loan Association. The nearly quarter - page ad shouts "Loan a black some money and you'll be lucky if you get it back." , And efore you recover from thot shock, the Association adds in small print that it's not true. It then follows up with a recitation of its own two years of experience in loaning black people money and "not one repossession or eviction." . . .Over in the neighboring state of Maryland where most of the lawmakers live when they don't live in Virginia, the State Board of Education has released a report which says that race is a factor in the hiring of school principals. The report is based on a survey that shows that "black principals tend to be more qualified than white principals" based on teaching certificates and other qualifications. The survey found that twelve white principals in the state had no col lege degree at all. The level of achievement of black principals was found to be higher. INSIDE STUFF: At this writing top White House aides were struggling to keep big Jim Farmer still within the Nixon fold. Farmer, former director of CORE, is alleged to be leaving his job at HEW where he has served as an assistant secretary. There was some talk of trying to "lateral" Farmer into another position at HEW which would be lower in rank, but Famer is reported to be balking. Farmer has been critical of the Aministration's role with blacks, but he has not openly criticized the President. He said upon taking the job that it was better to have someone on the inside working for betterment. The report filtering out of HEW is that Farmer would like to leave, and soon. The White House is all jittery about this prospect. To lose Farmer would be a major slap in the face of the Party. . .Sargant Shriver is now heading up the Democrats in the State of Maryland. He could be most effective in this role. . .Would you believe it: Vice President Agnew was a party to the pledge for a clean campaign this fall. STRATEGY ON THE HILL: Edith Green, the Oregon Democrat and the author of the bill to amend Title VI to include sex discrimination putting it under the Civil Rights Commission, is still wiping egg off her face after her cute li'l ploy with Atty. Frankie M. Freeman, national president of Delta and member of Civl Rights Commission. Edith, who is accustom ed to having her way ran Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm in ahead of Mrs. Freeman's testimony to j support her cause. Shirley, born in Brooklyn, was busy saying she has been discriminated more because j of her sex than her color. Frankie, calm and collected, told Edith and her committee that her bill would put an undue burden on the Rights Commission and that further, she felt racial discrimination had top priority. She said further that under the Green bill, there could be no aid to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as they are now constituted as well as men's and ladies' rooms. Shirley, who sometimes sticks her nose into batches of egg, unneccessarily, left before the testimony by the St. Louis lawyer. It was well that she did for Frankie literally ate both of them alive. RIGHT ON: Look for a top midwesterner to become a member of the Federal Parole Board. Scovel Richardson, the federal judge in New York, once served the board under President Eisenhower. He later moved on to become its chairman before the judgeship. The appointee will be black and only recently was named to another juicy federal post. Remember you read it here first. . .Larry O'Brien has told some intimates that the Democratic National Committee is considering the filing of a bankruptcy precedings. If this happens, the DNC will be in big trouble. Black publishers meeting in Chicago recently talked darkly of the Democrats and what they owed them nearly $100,000. . .Harry Belafonte who has become somewhat of a political gadfly found himself with loser Howard Samuels in his bid for the Democratic nomination for governor of New York. . .No one had more fun than the ten African Ambassadors when they took their wives out to the publishers con fab. RAPPING AWHILE: The political wars in New York will be interesting this season. Former Supreme Court Justice, UN Ambassador and top labor lawyer, Arthur Goldberg is the Democratic candidate for gov ernor against Gov. Rockefeller. File Disability Claim Now: Social Security earnings due to disability has been part of the Social Securi ty Program since 1954. Disabil ity payments, however, are no longer limited to persons with "permanent" disabilities. Now, a disabled person may be eli gible for monthly benefits if a physical or mental impairment is expected to last at least 12 months. Of course, work under social security is also a re auirement for eligibility. The amount of work differs, depending upon age and the date disability begins. Benefits start after a six - month waiting period and retroactive payments are limited to 12 months prior to the month in which the application is filed. This means persons who delay filina their claims longer than 18 months after disability be gins, wiUlose benefits. i f ! ' 1 iiiit fftm ASBl'RY PARK, N.J. Residents of the racially torn section of Asbury Park wait in line outside a community center where they were given a week's supply of food. The food came from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, lated story, Page 1 (UPI Telephoto) Smith (wolim h Fight Suits COLUMBIA. S. C. (UPI) I under any Gov. John C. West said at'tration. week's end South Carolina will ' - The hard commit all its resources W months fight the federal desegregation, firmly and agreement with this action." McNair is in Denver, Colo. attending a meeting of the ed ucation commission of the states. Re - APBURY PARK, N.J. As young blacks read a newspaper in the foreground, firemen fights a smoky blaze in the predominantly black section of this strife torn seaside city. See related story page 1. (UPI Telephoto) previous admiuis - : quality public education in this school issue, but added, I state," West said. the Republicians continue ahead must be faced. ln8 to keep politics out of thejbe an issue." realistically," the," " " " suits filed last week against Canden attorney said. "We ten school districts. "The only!win exert every effort to pre - chance we have is to fight and Vent the destruction of our, as long as I have anything to;schools we will fight know - say about it we will fight to'ina there is no hone of outside preserve the integrity and ef - inelp or svmoathv." fectiveness of our public school j The ,j g Justice pepart - educational system," West mnt fin,,, cilc .: hn S3 1Q. I Hi erf rifi c TKiifcH o r K'rrtirirT West, the democratic candi - ithpm .vith failllr. . (,lhmi. an date for governor, said officials' Bcceptable desegregation plan, of the ten districts will meet with state Attv. Gen. Daniel' West blasted Sen. Strom McLeod and State Supt. of I Thurmond and Rep. Albert Education Cyril B. Busbee to Watson lor trying to blame tne draw up specific plans to fight suits on holdover Democrats the suits. 'n the administration. West said he talked early. West said most of the ten Friday with Gov. Robert E.I districts had bargained in good McNair and "he is in complete, faitn with the federal govern - ealities of the West said he had been try - ! bring it up, I assume it ment, and contended the cur - i rent suits could only disrupt the educational process of thousands of students. "Our schools are to be mas - West told a news conference! sively and completely inte - that South Carolina has had I grated this year without re - more d e segregation forced gard to local conditions and upon it since the beginning ofjdespite the fact that it threat - the Nixon administration thau'ens the very existence of mi yj 'K mu i if r f t ST. I.OVIS A sticky profest against alleged racism in hiring practices being enacted by Glen Easterling as he pours molasses on the carpet of Southwestern Bell Telf - phone company's employment office in downtown St. Louis Easterling and George Johnson were arrested and hooked on suspicion of malicious destruction of property. Easterling was also charge with resisting arrest. (UPI Telephoto) m Sabs By ISABELLE HALL I WASHINGTON (UPI) The I n ternational Revenue Service (IRS) announced at week's end it can no longer legally justify allowing tax - exempt status to private schools which practice racial discrimination. Nor, the IRS said, can it treat girts t such schools asj charitable deductions for income tax purposes. IRS said in a statement is sued at a news conference that to make favorable rulings of exemption immediately avail able to private schools an nouncing racially nondiscrimi natory admissions policies and to deny the benefit of tax ex - dmpt status and deductibility of contributions to racially discriminatory private schools." All private schools with fa vorable rulings of tax exemp tion outstanding will soon receive a written inquiry from the district director of the In ternal Revenue. The IRS released its state ment shortly after the Justice Department announced it had sued six more Florida school districts to try to force them to desegregate by schools" opening this fall. Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell had said Earlier marked the start of one last big push to get 121 head - core districts to comply with civil rights laws. The IRS said that when it asks a private school about its admission policies, "it is an ticipated that in most instances evidence of nondiscnmina tory policy can be supplied by reference to published statements of policy or to the racial constituency of the student body." The new position on the tax exempt status was announced by IRS Commissioner Randolph W. Thrower. The position appeared to be a complete turn about from a Justice Department brief filed May 18 with the U. S. District Court here. That brief said the 1964 Civil Rights Act did not prohibit granting tax exempt status to private schools which practice segregations. The Jus tice Department stand was taken in a suit brought by parents of black children seeking to enjoin IRS from exempting certain pri vate' schools in Mississippi. The tax question has been heightened in recent months because some whites in the South have sent their children to private all - white schools rather than have them attend integrated public schools. IRS said that where a private school fails to establish that it has a racially nondiscriminatory a d m i j s ions policy, an outstanding ruling of tax - exempt status will be withdrawn. "However," it said, "A school seeking to clarify or change its policies and prac tices will be given a reason able opportunity to do so in order to retain its ruling of federal tax exemption." "In any event," it said, "full opportunity to present evidence and be heard will be provided in accordance with usual revenue procedures and the right to appeal to the courts will be available, similar principles will be followed in acting upon requests made by new schools for rulings." Taunts Black 2 Lose Jobs BECKLEY, W. Va. MayoriTalmadge Alley without pay John H. McCulloch has fired after they admitted they had one police officer and nanded; taunted James Poindexter, 19, 1 another a 30 - day suspension of Beckley, last June 19. ! after both admitted taunting a The two officers told the "if, black boy who dated a white, mayor that they drove him to to' girl. 'a rural area outside the city will The mayor said he fired; limits after he was seen with Gary A. Roark and suspended an unidentified white girl. OlSCOVfR AMEKICA QD) (fe M$tu The vacation you've always dreamed of is happening now In the U. S. Virgin Islands. The Virgin Summer. A summer filled with soft night trade winds, sunshine days, and Caribbean waters so clear you can spot a parrot fish a hundred feet away. The Virgin Summer Is lazing all day on your own private oeacn. Battling a record size game fish. And shopping for duty free silks, china, and jewelry In intimate Virgin Island boutiques. Right now, you can discover all of the Virgin Summer - and at substantial V vacation savings. 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