The Dayton Herald from Dayton, Ohio on November 25, 1922 · 7
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The Dayton Herald from Dayton, Ohio · 7

Dayton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1922
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1922 THE DAYTON E VENINC HERALD PACE SEVEN :','V-V"- - IN 7 s v;' J o V iff! it yi iiin i a nr. ii. i. ... mum. mu'Z ; V!: --i:-v.-l - Jl l". 4 Ollft. iV ' ; IB I 1 II III PredyStoneTeresaValeriotn DilltQVan James JCorbett Marion Cavanaqh in ''TfW.Tnrt'' ah hho Iirrryix ' ah MPWoHkoTU.l.w- . , J,.. .. n : M l:U.wUi AT DAYTON THEATERS VICTORY Fatqrdav! "Pu'cv") Sundavt Dark; Monday: "II Trovatore"! Tuesday and Wednesday: "Shuffle Alonn" Thursday to (Sqmlay inclusive: "Tip Top." LYRIC Saturday: "Greenwich VHUjte Revue"j Sunday for week: "Radio Girls.' LIBERTY Saturday: "iMargia" Sunday for week-"Broad-way Billy." B. F. KEITH'S Open a Monday with bill headed by "Stars of Yesterday," Ed Janis & Co., and other acta., LOEWS DAYTON Saturday and Sunday: "Sparks of Broad, way," and other acts: Monday for week: "At th Tarty' anJ other acts. OPENING OF NEW B. F. KEITH . THEATER IS GALA EVENT OF WEEK; 'TIP TOP THURSDAY ayton's Newest Playhouse 1$ Superlative Affair, and Open- ing Bill Is in Keeping; at Victory and ' ' Other Theaters. JIIE big event of the eoniingf week will be the opening of tho new B. F, Keith theater at Fourth and Ludlow, In keep, ing with the magnitude of this event in local theatrical cir. cjer the management of the local house has arranged two pro , grains for the week which will surpass any bills yet offered here, The first-half bill will include Ed Jan'a and his company of .. vmatilt performers, including dancers, singers, and farcical enter tainarsj two eomposera of popular music, an act staged by six old-timers, two noted violinists, Billy B. Van, and Jmes J. Corbett. The headline? for the last half is Chcrlea Ahearn and his group of comedians in one of the funniest acts on the circuit, Dayton is indeed fortunate In set iveiy successful run on the road. curing po magnificent a theater as the new Keith house. This building ig (ho last word in theatrical construction. Its interior is magnificent, being built; to accommodate twenty-fiv hundred people. The lobby a a huge -rotunda which will handle a largft crowd with the UtmoBt facility. The interior deco-trition is beautiful, The eeats are as comfortable aa it is possible to provide and so placed that every patron will have a free and unobstructed view of the stage. - The fame policy of entertain isui nit. uv juiiuiycq at in nin o.u i mu eir cumeuians ui wis niuHitai house. No patron of the Soi th I romedv, will cont nue to amuse at It is a negro show which brings "Darktown" Deiore the aud ence a realism that is atartling. The Lyric - management has planned an exceptional show for the1 Thanksgiving season, Sim YvilUams, one of the real comedians of musical extravaganza and vaudcvil'e,' will' be the star entertainer of "Radio Girls," a'd to be one of the most unique as well as amusing shows on the road. One of tha hits of the offering is the real Egyptian dancing of Mademoiselle Cleora. which is said to be a lical treat. 1 Billy Graves and Happy Lawson, two star comedians of the musical Main street theater can have much riiticjHm to offer upon the type of acts furnished in the past. The management is indeed to be complimented, upon securing such consistently , good bills. The same standard will be maintained and the Dayton publ'o is assured of a continuation of hirrh-class shows in tha new Keith theater. Thanksgiving night will be a time of jollification at the Victory theatci when Fred Stone's "Tip Top Revue" opens for a four days' lun. This Is the show which ran at the Globe theater in New York all last year, and whoso success as a comedy vehicle has been unsurt passed by apy production in recent times, "Shuffle Along" will hol() the stage at the Victory Tuesday and Wednesday nights and Wednesday matinee. This is a nvsiral show .f mat merit which is havlnsr a 2 the Liberty. Supnorted by their able cast these funnv men will piescnt "Broadway Billy," which is in keeping with the entertaining vehicles used by this comnany during its local run. One of the real hits, of this show is the jazj orchestra which plays during the run of the picture. All this week they we-e specia1ia!ntr on "Sam, the Sheik of Alabam," one of the biggest h'ts of the present year. Loew's Davton has arranged ari nnusuallv attractive bill for Thanksgiving week. A southern musVal j-evue. "At tt'e Fartv," will headline the bill, frowrtd close for 'avor bv tve p'aylet, "Samson nd Pe'ilah," a verv langhnhle skit A comedy duo, a troun of gvmnass cifl a good sh't cnmrletfl the menu. There wP' a'sn he a fine picture shown and Nelson Anderson's nr good brand of muBie.-J. K. M. ' ' -"' ' -' it T ys- ii a MmeGardim in Trovahora" vicbonj Part of the chorus from "Straff le Alonq " tic tne vvcrorq CLaUdeeA.6.Marion &t B.F Keith's New Theatre , Emma Wilson- with Radio Q ids Co.aJc the Lqric IRENE BORDONI WILL BE HERE DECEMBER 7 ?. N , . f Fox and t3ritt at Loews Daycon allsvesk 'BEFO'DEWAH'IS CELEBRATED IN NEW LOEW'S HEADLINER FRED SCONE'S FAST TIP TOP REVUE IS THANKSGIVING SHOW Noted Comedian Coming to Victory Thursday for Four-Day Engagement. At tho Victory for four days starting on Thanksgiving night with a matinee on Saturday, Charles Dillingham will present the most versatile, eccetnric cp. median of the Amerxan stage, Fred Stone in & new musical comedy, 'Tip-Top" with a company of one hundred players, farceurs, frclicksome chorus nymphs and experts pantomimists who will hold high revel during their short stay here. The demand for seats has been so larp-e that Mr. Stone naa agreed to play an extra performance so the engagement will close on Sunday night instead of Saturday night. In his present show, the latest "The French Doll" New Comedy From French: To Pe at Victory, Irene Bordoni in "The French Doll," a new three-act comedy adapted by A, E. Thomas from the of a long list of highly successful mus'cal extravaganzas, in which he has appeared, Fred Stone is said to have his rarest opportunities, His first entrance, 10 or 15 minutes after the rise of the cur-1 French cf Paul Armont and Mar tain, is one of the most surprising, ! eel Gerbidon, comes to the Vices well as spectacular stunts tory for 3 days beginning Thursday ..... . ' . ,. . evening, Dec. 7. Miss Bordoni hav- which the vcrsat le comedian has jng for' the time being for,aUpn ever perpetrated. From that mo- musical comedy appeared in this ment on to the finish, the star straight play last season in New will thrill staitlB his audience with York at the Lyceum theater and . , , . : successful attracted larce audi- lTeJl ult'w'S ' ence8. ior my Although ?L?f w.D iffi a wJ derived from French BourCi her nw jL J". fr ? t. 1LZ f present vehicle has its srenes laid character songs. In this ahow, N York Citv and Palm Peach. Stone is on the sta?e almost from th first curtain to the last, with something unique in each successive, number. Son'e of tha merrymakers with Mr. Stone include the Brown brothers famous clown band that has been one of the chief features with the comedian for the last five or six years; the white sisters, two little girls, who combine mis-rViovous ant'es with melody; the Sixteen Lon:Ton (Fntfand) Palace Girls, a danelni act imported especially for "Tip-Ton;" "and the fa-mous Globe theater chorus of be-witching beauties. ijorida, and while some jf tho characters are Gallic, most of them are American, Tho story concerns the troubles of an inpecunious French nobleman and his family who are trying to keep up appearances and incidentally dispose in marriage their only daughter to an American capitalist. The difficulties that stand in the way of this laudable am bitlon are what makes the fun in Mr. Thomas' play, Mr. E. Kay Goet?, Miss Bordonl's manager, makes the promise that the cast to be seen here is nearly the same which supported his star during the long run in New York and it is a most excellent one. Among those who will be seen in the principal roles are: Harry C. Browne, Will Doming, Edmiard Durand, Claire Grenville, Mary Kobinson, Frederick Raymond, Jr., Eupene Borden, Laura Lussier nd Turton Brnwn. ' IITITITTTIITIITITIITIIIIIIIH 1 HAT. ff $ 2:15 I hlM "5 frasHTil jg.. Gil5 '! SPECIAL FEATUPF c L E O R A CLArSIC DANCER i M M M N M LIBERTY One Week, Beginning Sunday "At the Party" Is Based Upon Southern Plantation Days. Other Acts. On Monday afternoon an ' entirely now program of vaudeville will begin a week's engagement at Loew'a Day- ton theater, offering tha latest and i 'X wer iw aAiightrul in 'niir wifle r roadlng hoop skirts, but thORo haunting melodies they must be heard to be appreciated, One of tha most unlqu playle'.a In vaudeville Is offered by t'uxel Han-, hm and Adln WIlHon, It Is "Bnmxon itml Uulllnh," written eapttf.lbliy (or theH nrtiHts from tha VKUimtttu by ICihtil Clifton. Vot and ftrltt are n oii)l of bvv who gu ;Uhing On fun ami cat eh a whale. If you lli to luiiKh don't full to sea thli act lieu and Unlmur are Anmriojit fc rc most gymriHSlH and they provo tho r'i t to that title iy t heir rcmnrk-nlilo dlHnltiy of i,qMllllrltlo ten'.i. f'..nv and lleln Wfiliier ar 'Must Kids," nnd In their ohHrmlntf way, tak u nck ta the dflVH of childhooa gnu tile k.. ....... ,iiw. r..M .1,.,.,. I It t lu red RRhuolhousn. 7'"" u"vt " Cloning Iih engnKcment torta; is on of Broadway. 0f ti,e best hills of th saason. Tha hesdlina attraction Is a mu- "Sparks of Broadway" Is the fu-slcal rvue of tho old southern d iv, turud offurinK and aiiionf; the uthcr which Ms producers havu Hilled "At nuts are omr und Ada f.ind; tho tha i'arty. In thosa .ld days. lie.'Hellls Duo; pitnpliens and llrun!lU', for tha war of tha rebellion, thn fair and Harry flewlvy and company- (TiTl KV I Ulllh WITH BILLY GRAVES, Marion Cavanaugb, George Graves, Bluey Morey, Happy Lawson and the Saucy Bahy Quartet. WE ALSO mmw. n N.I.II AN ALL-Si'AU CAST Sa'un'ay, Sunc'ay and night prices, 25c an 50c, Weekday matinees, I5e and 25 c. , .t M X .2 K 31. M m. 1L f.i. 1 M A JL J A A A -A A 4. .sm 3 i tin iruiiiriHiv. DAYS COf!f,!ECI!iG MONDAY NIGHT A SMART PROGRAM OF STANDARD B. F. HfllH f At a In a ED. JANIS & CSfMY "Smart Divertissement of Music, Song and Terpischore'1 raTOE IIACEIt & GOODWIN Singing Comedians and Popular Song Writer STARSOF YESTERDAY With Barney Fagan, Lizzie Wilson, Joseph J. Sullivan, Tony S.'d"".'i & "A tlEA'tK CF OLD HUES'' x claode & mmw "Still Arguing' IIECUDUS SISTERS & JUAN REYES I Premier Violinists and Pianist BILLY B. VAN a JAS. J. CORSETT In "A Spirited Travesty" EVA OSCAR SHIRLEY & AC ER'S ORCHESTRA WITH AL ROTH In "Songs of the Moment" From Syncopation to Grand Opera The best picture romance of the year EL HE HflEOfERSTEia "OHE WEEK ma coavvAY tearle- of love" Continuous Performances from 1 P. M Until U P. M. VAUDEVILLE 3:00 P. M., 6:30 P, M., AND 9:00 P. M. rncill An DDinCQ AFTERNOONS.... 20c and SOc . rUrULAlf rnlUCO EVENINGS 30o and 50c I Entire Change of Show Every Monday and Thursday. -rnniiiiiiiiiHiriKssEiLEs.sEC'fKssTr IKIEIUCIIIIIIIIlIICllCIBIIiSEEIUIBIBBeiE&ECIEEEEBBCIllSIIEaBaCEIElK lEEEBEEESEESBSESSf E" MliEE3B888EEElEEEISBEEEEESEEEElIBgEESlllEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEi8Il s s p : St m m m m m m m B B M H W E s M ' m m m m 1 m as- M m m . m 0 MONDAY Iil3HT, fi3VE"EE!l 27 TCOPOUTAU OPcflATEC ASSOC. presents 1 Vordijr Beautiful Opera n 3 1 iulj; , I oh ' With I A g a Cast . . . jHL I V Famous B I , STARS -JxQ! 1 IN I .- H lcri-v-'tUj'nl'r I hi it l , f. mm. . i m TISESDAY-VEK'ESD AY, fiOVEKEEa 23-23 mm AR 1E0KECDAY imiiim B Ail -A ....... TH c WORLDS SENSATIONAL RECORD BREAKI f JG MUSICAL COMEDY 3 A PHL HSUDAY ATTOTIOH ! " Tne. Finest Singing Chorus America MH e r.wr III ' .:il.-fZt 5( 11 tll fa Z& er mucin LVHf B ItifM 1 THURSDAY, NOV. 30-FRIOAY. SATURDAY, SUNDAY, DEC. 1. 9. MATINEE ON SATURDAY ONLY I ENGAGEMENT EKTRAOROINARY CHARLES DILUINGHAM PRESENTS THE WORLD'S MOST VERSATILE COMEDIAN THREE DAYS B"G. THURSDAY, DEC. 7. MATIMiU ON SATURDAY E. RAY GOETZ PRESENTS The Radiant French-American Artiate, mm r BOB DO H I IN A COMEDY WITH SONGS THE FRENCH DOLL AMERICANIZED BY A. E. THOMAS "Th prettleit fllrl at tha ma. ment. undoubt. ediy ia Irene Bordoni." Archie Bell In tha Cleveland Newa-taadar, ALL COLORED COMEDIANS ALL BRONZE BEAUTIES QUARTETTES BLUES-SINGERS JAZZ ORCHESTRA "SOME DANCERS'1 MAT. 60c, 75c, $1 00. EVES 0o TO $2.00. SEATS NOW. nips.- n "the Craataat ef all Fred Stone Shows" "HP TOP" Written by Anna Cat dwell AR H. Burnalde Muaie by Ivan Carytl Staged by Mr, Bumdda I Off-- ...p. i;wVLf i:o Includ na Famoua Clown Band, Whlta L Sfstera, Sixteen London Paiaoa cuns. u.ive Zall, and Globe Theater Beauty Chorue. Mat. BCc to S2.&0, Evea, 11 ta S3.' Saata now Pr'ceai Nlghta, SOo to 1230. Matinee, 60o to (200 w FOUR DAYS, BEG. SUNDAY KI2IIT, DEC. 10 After a aolid year'a luecesa In New Yoi K and HHimrhant Chleaoo anflaaement Jl A. L ERLANGER in association with B. C. WHITNEY p'm m m H N Kt tl Si Maui M m m H U H IM M H M m n in n M M H I! n M a M a m A A II M Si at M AND THE COMPANY'S OWN ORCHESTRA SEATS NOW SELU"C 50c. 75c, $1.00, $1.50. $2.00 HE owners of The Victory Theatre extend heartiest congratulations to The B. F Keith Circuit upon in the future growth and prosperity of this, our home town. We wish for them cont'nued success and know that the ctizens of Dayton and vicinity can look forward to the enjoyment of the best that vaudeville has to offer throughout the world. Again, heartiest congratulations and sinccrest welcome. THE SCHW1JND KKALi x UUIVJAWY. a Firsf Time Htrt 1 at HIS NEW LAUGHING Book, Muiit. I Tries by RIOT ..' St.i i, . t)f.wrr.Trr ED WYNN JULIAN MITCHFJX oi'.ntK.fA . MAILORDERSNOW. Plaaa:50e. 11.00, S'.w. U-W. w w-w ElXXISXHXSMBEIiaiE-MBfcMIiHIIl.M i . , .- . i . , ,vs. j r . s ...... .

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