Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 6, 1962 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1962
Page 20
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Twenty Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune ANN LANDERS Reader's Problem Warrants Comments From Army Wives Dear Ann Landers: My fiance is a college graduate, has excellent character and high moral standards. He did graduate work in engineering school but has now decided to make the army his career. My father is opposed to anything that smacks of the military. He hates killing, guns, uniforms and violence. He was a prisoner of war in Germany for two years which undoubtedly accounts- for his bitter feelings. Mother says myi life will be hell if 1' marry a ' man \vho makes the •army his career. She warned me that we would have frequent sep- ajations and I'd have to drag our .children all over the face of the earth. She also claims some army posts are primitive, the schools are inferior and the women are driven to drink because of anxiety and boredom. 'I love Jim but now I'm.afraid t6 marry him. Are my folks right? Can you help me? My head is— SPINNING Dear Spinning: The best authorities on this subject are army wives themselves. The women who are now living the life are best qualified to tell you what you want to know. . 'I invite the Army wives to write. The most informative and interesting letters will be printed. * * * ". Dear Ann Landers: This is a red-hot office problem. Please, don't print the name of the city because none of us can afford to lose our jobs. - ,;The boss' secretary insists on opening all the mail that comes to this office. The words "personal" or "confidential" mean aBso- Jutely nothing. We've complained, repeatedly but it does no good. The boss is definitely on HER side. ', : We resent the invasion of privacy, but the problem extends beyond that. Frequently our letters are sent on for filing and we don't get to see them. Imagine the frustration when a friend or a customer phones and asks "Why have- n!t I received a reply to the let- 'ter I wrote three weeks ago?" ' -If you can think of a solution you're a genius. Please give us a .hand.-INVADED •,'Dear Invaded: Since the boss is "on her side" your best bet is ;to instruct one and all to write to you at home. It's inconvenient, but it may save you from an ulcer attack. - ,In the meantime, start looking for another job. Your working ^conditions sound impossible. * * » ' Dear Ann Landers: My brother died from alcoholism four months ago. His wife was a bar fly. She had left him and their 12-year-cld daughter, Lucy, several months tefore. The woman didn't even "attend the funeral and we don't •know where she is. - '.My husband and I took the 12^rear-old into our home. \^e have 'two nice children, a boy 8 and a "girl 9. They were thrilled at the jrospect of having Lucy in our •family. >We expected that Lucy might •have a little trouble adjusting, but •we didn't know she'd be a seri- ;ous problem. She lies, fights with our children, and is unspeakably "careless about herself. ' -She refuses to bathe and I al- -jftost have to pull her out of bed Itp go to school. - ". When one considers the home -she came from, and what she has 3iere, you'd .think she'd consider -Kerself fortunate. Instead she is -resentful and seems to hate us. "We need some help.—D AND R Dear D and R: A child reared n an atmosphere of drunkenness and infidelity can hardly be exacted to turn overnight into a >right, sunny little cherub. This girl has deep emotional wounds and they'll be a long time healing. You were courageous to accept he challenge. Please be patient. Mcy needs love, understanding and probably therapy as well. Ask your doctor about help for ler. Good luck and God bless you. Does almost everyone have a good time but you? If so, send tor ANN LANDERS' booklet, How To Be Well-Liked," enclosing with your request 20. cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, itamped. envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to lelp you with your problems. Send hem to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. Quotes in the News By United Press International BERiLlN — A West German border guard, after the fatal shooting of an East German vopo (•people's police) who had fired at an escaping "boy: "That's one of them dead. Still 35 more to go to make up for the refugees who have been murdered. One of them for every murdered refugee." LOS ANGELES - Assemttlyman Joseph California C. Shell, conceding the Republican guver- natorial primary to former Vice President Richard M. Nixon: "If Nixon and (Gov. Edmund j.) Brown debate on television, ,t will be a real pillow fight." CHICAGO — Railroad management negotiator J. E. Wolfe t after announcement of a wage agreement providing raises for 450.000 workers: '"The impact of this additional expense on the carriers is indeed serious. Many railroads are not n financial position to pay wages ineffective prior to the increase." TBMPE, Ariz.—'Former American Motors head George Romney, .o a graduating class at Arizona State University: "If you stop striving and growing, you will start shrinking and dying." Read the Want Ads! JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Reader Used Many Tricks To Keep Herself on Diet You might want to try this reducing "brick" which worked well for one of Josephine Lowmah's renders. I want to share with you part of a very heart warming and inspiring letter which has just come to me. "Dear Mrs. Lowman: "You deserve part of the credit for what I have done the last nine weeks. Last January I went to the doctor for my yearly checkup. Hubby went along. My description of myself is 'a head on a hunk of fat.' At that time I was O.K., except for being very tired and a little anemic. Who wouldn't be tired? I weighed 197% pounds. "Hubby asked the doctor about my weight and he said 'Let's for' gel it lor a while." I have always had some intestinal trouble and cannot eat much roughage. When I left that office I was pretty mad, and determined, too. I knew that'l was no longer plump, but just plain fat! OPENS TODAY! JAMES STEWART JOHNWAYNE ' r TWO GREAT STARS! >TOGF.THER FOR THE FIRST TIME! The ManWho Shot ZfbertyVatence VERA MILES • LEE MARVIN • EDMOND O'BRIEN • offit- mm PLUS iTHRHUUER "\SPlEEDW\AY" AMD TOM & JERWY "MICE POIUK" Shows at 7:00 and 9:30 p.m. Read Articles "The following day I looked lor all the clippings of your articles which I kept in a box. All day I read your articles and booklets and that night I told my husband that I was starting to count calories. I measured and counted everything that went into my rnouth, keeping my daily calorie count'to between 1000 and 1200. So on January 21st, 1962, I started I kept a notebook by ml plate 'at the table and wrote the number of calories down at each meal,' In /act it stays there all the time. I do not care how it looks because it is. my dearest possession. Now, nine weeks later, I weigh 181, having lost 1 NDIANA EACH SHAFER UKE-MONTtCEUO Riviera vt thf Midwest FRIDAY, JUNE 8 OWE N*GHf OWtVt STAN KENTON In Penon with Hit Ordiettra DAHCIHG 1:45 to 12:49 E.S.T. Admlulon VtSi Tax Incl. * HOW! DAHCINQ IN LOUHOE DON AND RON QUABTET PIIB in Tin BaHreMt NOW CLAYING NIGHTLY- DICK HALLEMAN and,his arch. Dance to fhe fine if band* .in the land — at Indiana Beach! pounds. I am still fat and am going to keep at it. "The thing that pleased me so is the fact that 'I did riot cut cut food from my usual way of eating, but I have measured and do not overeat any more. I used to eat four of five bananas while watching TV. Now I have'tea and have crocheted five handsome doilies. , Hubby, Too "After two weeks I had a partner. My hubby decided he was loo fat so now we both are calorie counters. It's wonderful to wrap my dresses around me. My zippers close without trouble and my dresses hang from the'shoul- ders. Hubby's favorite suit fits lim again. We are both so happy over it. "I give myself little goals to shoot for. Now that everything is measured I give myself a little oonus now and then as my weight ;;oes down, for being a good girl. When I had lost 12^ pounds, an onion roll was my reward..'.(I used to eat three at a meal.) When I weight 175 pounds, I shall Food For Americans reward myself cheesecake." with a piece of Isn't that an interesting letter? This reader just naturally used several helpful tricks such as dividing the long reducing routine up into short goals to shoot for, and then allowing herself a small reward. The notebook by her jlate is also a fine idea. AND it .s more fun if you have a part- If any of you-missed my 9-Day Diet, -which ran recently in this newspaper, you may order the 9- Day Diet booklet. Send ID cent* and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Josephine towman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Determine Type of Face to Get Most Out of Makeup." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1082) GAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper'Enterprise Assn. Low in calories, high in protein and good eating, broiler-fryer chickens are an. economy buy these days. You'll probably enjoy these two broiler-fryer recipes: BROILED CHICKEN WITH ASPARAGUS (6 servings) whole broiler-fryer chicken breasts Salt ii teaspoon each savory and rosemary Juice of '/£ lemon or lime 1 tablespoon butter Halve chicken breasts. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and herbs. Line jroiler pan with aluminum foil. Turn temperature control to moderate (350 degrees F.) and broil 3 to 4 inches from heat, or set control for "broil" and place broiler pan 7 to 8 inches from heat. 'lace chicken, skin side down, on )an. Brush with part of the lemon 'uice; dot with half the butter. Broil 30 minutes, brushing occasionally with pan drippings. 7urn- chicken and brush with remaining lemon juice and dot with remaining butter. Broil 15 to 30 minutes longer, brushing occasion, ally. Serve with hot cooked asparagus. . CRUMB COATED DRUMSTICKS (4 servings) 8 .broiler-fryer drumsticks 1 cup packaged bread crumbs 1 teaspoon monosodium gluta- male 1 teaspoon salt A teaspoon pepper 1 egg i4 cup milk Combine crumbs with monosodium glutamate, salt and pepper. MEETS WITH NEWSMEN WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Kennedy will hold a news conference at 4 p.m., EOT ThurS' day. Press Secretary Pierre Salinger said the session will ,be open to live radio and television coverage. SKYLINE Hwy. 17 North Phon. 4802 At 8:15 Tto GOVSof Hw 7A Amyf ARMORED COMMAND ISIS THEATRf Winomae, Jnd. THUR5., FRI,, SAT. DoubU FMtur« Tony Curtil -AlLSO- '7HJE HOODILUM PRIEST" Don Murray Sun,, Moi,, TUBS. "4 HORSEMEN 01F TOE AiPOiaAJLYfPlSE". (Color) Glenn Foni— IrtgrFd Tbrulm Wednesday Evening,, .Tune 6, 1962. CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1- Off spring 1 4-Moving S-Nahoor sheep US-Mountain in Crete 13-Dtn l<i-Race of lettuce IE-Disease marked by muscle Bpaaras 17-Former Russian rulers 19-Mountains of Europe 20-Unlntei'CBt* Ins 2i-HJndu garment 23-BelonKlnff to a croup of dinosaurs 27-Turkfsh decree 29-Horse's neck hair 30-TItle o£ respect (abbr.) 31-Sewaraa 32-DresB material ,14-JFejnaJa ruff 3 5-Plural ending: 36-OrjyaiiB of hearing 37-I/eavJfijy* ''B-Freo of seeds 42-The iTAva CPU 43-Ancient West European . country 44-.J'Qurney 46-Country of Asia 48-To the side 51-Devoured 52-Wooden pin fi-i-The self fiS-ConjUHctioa Rfi-Dlner B7-Canlne DOWN 1-Pose for portrait 2-Poem 3-Innat* 4-t3irl'a nanio 6-Movingr spirits «-lt is -(contr.) 7-Bx)B*s S-Onmo back 3-Trophy of victory 10-Conjunction U-Beant of burden I6-Dry iS-Plumlika fruit 20-Twofold 21-IjOcatlons 22-Cet up 24-^aultily 25-Greek 3etUr Ufi-Garment 28-AppraiBft 33-City In Russia 34-Held in • respect 36-Kind of cheese 38-Garden tool 40-Tjong-leBBod bird •Il-Flssllo rock 46-TjaUn for "journey" •W-Body of water •O-Solllhwesti orn Indian .(iS-Parcsl of land •D-Tlma gon« by ;i J-Piec« of cu^ tlmb«r li t-KxclamatloB. 27 35 47 16 36 13 23 24 •41 Hi u 25 30 54 57 DJBtr. by Unite! Future Syndicate, .inc. 26 e shallow baking pan with aluminum foil. Combine egg and milk. Roll drumsticks in milk mixture then in crumb mixture. Place on aluminum foil-lined baking pan. Bake in a moderate oven ',359 degrees F.) 1 hour, or until ender. No need to cover or turn chicken during cooking* If desired, serve with dunking sauce of Vt cup each of prepared mustard, pickle relish and catchup. Read the Want Ads! Arrest Four SHELBYV1LLE, nd. (UPI) Four persons were held here today on charges of practicing as chiropractors without a state license. The four, arrefed Tuesday, were identified as Hoy DeWelles, 57, and'his wife, Mia, 45, both Hollywood. Calif., and Richard Broeringmeyer, 38, and his wife, Garnet, 42, both Po:nona, .Calif. They were arrested on .the complaint of a. patien': who became suspicious while seeking treatment at their new clinic here. NOW APPEARING AT KOKOMO'S CAS A GRANDE MISS LOU MORRIS, So ma Recording artist i> ihown ab^v» talking 1o lh» "old redhead," Arthur Godfrey. Mill Norrit and hur Lou NorrU Quartet appeared on the Godfrey show while they were n New York. Their appoarance of- the Cata Grande hat been waited on for torn* tim» now and we know you'll enjoy them. There is no cover charge, entertainment charge nor minimum fee for ihit engagement. Coll GL 7* 7573 for your r*"-- 1 -" -. Adv. Here are three soft numbers sure to please Dad: ; MONTGOMERY WARD 412 E. 'BROADWAY LOGANSPORT, ilND. JUNE 4th thru JUNE 9th Absolutely bu Will Also Receive Your Child's Portrait On A DESK CALENDAR Age 5 Weeks To 12 Years PORTRAIT BIG IT x 14* PORTRAIT SEMI-LIFE SIZE BUST VIGNETTE UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED only 99< Usually Sails For 5995 PIUS 504 HMHIUW, WMPP1NQ AMD MSURANH UNMOUNTED -SUITABIE FOR FRAMING LIMIT: J Per Child-2 Per Family • Family, Groups _ Taken MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY,* ATURDAY, 9 «. m. to 5 p. m. WCWM5SDAY 9 «. m. 'till N<wn FRWiAlY 9 «. m. ta 9>. m. 5.99 (And two of them have this soft, cushion Soften-up Dad on Father's Day with our incredibly comfortable ca suals. The secret's in the insole: soft as satin, smooth as silk. Top to bottom the numbers are: (1) Casual tie in cream, black or Spanish moss;(2) Flexible slip-on with hidden gore, in willow; (3) The softest price in town, foreigner, 5.99. Father's Day,_or any day, you'll find your best shoe values for thci family at 324 Broadway, Logansport 16 N. Broadway, Peru

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