Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 6, 1962 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1962
Page 14
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Fourteen logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune Unique Institute of Biological Studies 7 NEW YORK (UPI) — Dr. Jonas E. Salk got overruled. He wanted this new center of science to be called "The Institute for Biological Studies" and it is so called in the preliminary announcements. Instead, its name is going to be, "The Salk Institute for Biological Studies." It doesn't exist now except as a set of architectural.. plans, a building site in San Diego, a board of trustees, a director (Dr. Salk), six resident fellows (one of whom is Dr. Salk), and four nonresident fellows. Yet it was dedicated last week and the plan is '.o "move in" a year hence. Thai's the kind -of confidence jasil O'Connor has in himself, and his associates have in him. Everything depends Upon the public contributing $15 million during the next few weeks to a building fund. No one could believe the confidence is misplaced. He is America's champion fund-raiser. Millions For Polio Through the "March of Dimes" he raised the millions which led to the development of Salk's "killed virus" anti-polio vaccine and to the "live virus" vaccine which is promising to replace it in lhe_jiext few years. With his National Foundation, he is raising the building fund. Overruling Dr. Salk were O'Connor; Dr. Warren Weaver, who is chairman of.the trustees; Gerard Piel, president 'of' the board; and the business men, lawyers and scientists who are its members. Their view is that Salk has the breadth, depth, flexibility yet discipline, of mind to lead a different kind of scientific assault on the basic secrets of life which biology longs to expose. There must be no question that he is the leader, they held. Salk is self-conscious about a full-fledged insti- tute bearing his name but he had to give in. Science Of Life Since.-biology is the science of life, biological studies are going on in every university in the world, in countless laboratories public and private, and are the preoccupations of many scores of thousands of scientists. But at the Salk Institute a scientific atmosphere will prevail which exists nowhere else. In the words of Weaver, in an organ of the American Association for th« Advancement • of Science, it will oe "an atmosphere of unpar- alleled freedom and flexibility, within which the controls will rest with the scholar-scientists." They will have no .worry about persona! security because they will be appointed- for life with no strings attached; They willrbe independent of any need to undertake specific projects in'order to get grants of tax or charitable funds 'because they will be endowed. And they won't be burdened by administrative duties nor handicapped by a frozen departmental set-up. Expects Great Things . Weaver, who is a former presi- Wednesday Evening, June 6, 1962. dent of the association and one of America's best known men of science, expects great things to come from biological studies in the next 50 years. He expects rit to conquer diseases of all kinds but "even more significant," he continued, it will advance "man's inner life of the .mind and the spirit." . "At last man will begin to understand his own nature, his place m the total universe of living and non-living, matter, his essential oneness with the star, the cell and the atom." MYSTERY SOLVED . CHICAGO (UPI)—Police Tuesday solved .the 'mystery of !w\v a six-foot king sinake got into Dr. William J. Monilaw's seventh- floor apartment, They found an empty snake cage in the eighth-floor apartment of a vacationing tenant, who neighbors said kept a "queer assortment" o'f pe:;s, An automotive factory can transform raw Materials into a finised automobile in 28 hours. 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