The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1931
Page 6
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SIX P.l,YTliKVII.I.E. (AUK.) t.'OiJUIr'K Gives Baseball Terrific Drubbing Chuck Klein Breaks Batting Marks With Bang When He G;ts Chance. rniTOirs NOTE: TUH is iiis second of a h 'rlt-s cf thn-c arl'.- rbs on the iriut'n;; iKisrb.ill ;rl- vcnfun-5 of Cliuck Klein, sliism' exlraordinaiy of tl;c 1'liils «lm (n flirt* years advam-cil fro'" n S3o > ball player (u on; of the nusl valuable mm In ihc- inuj-;u, UV WILLIAM NKA Service Slinris L'JII-jr NEW YOIIK. May 1. —When Chuck Klein was r-jlcasen by F.. - - nnsville fo'.ir years ago. h?' v.-cu'. back to the farm, n hi'ail-b:ok™ young man. In his first venture In• to organized baseball, lie had f:t:b-J. Yet four years lator h? v:as It 1 sign a contract with l.'e l'!iill>r, lor three years calling for iiiurK- $15.000 a year.. Klein played semi-pro ball after bring given (ho gnte nt Ev.insvilti;. lo demonstrate his \vorlh. lie continued to play baseball, b-'i-aiis^ he Jikcti the game. lie wiinlcd (;> liv.? .down (he djsgrnce of that Ev.-uis- \vilie release. ^ Jj started banking home runs all -^ ever.the lot for the s:mi-pro team. Finally In August l^e. Rood news came that Evansvllle wanted him back. He went back to Evansvllle with hew enthusiasm. In fou:l:sn Barnes he slugged well over .300, including Ihrce horns run., played a great game in the ontn.'M anJ then —l;:oke lib nnkle sliding inn first \..££se nnd went back ID tn: l.irm again. Undaunted, he reported njain to Evansville in the spring o! 1013. Tr.e Fans' Asrolntion. luweve-. having sustained a financial svk on the chin in the preceding season, sold tlie Evansville franchise lo nob Coleman, nnd peddled the players here and there for v.-hal>ver they would bring. When President Benrd of the Association couldn't got anything for a player, lie gave him away. Chuck Klein cams v:ry close to being one of (h? players B:ard gave. nway. Port Wayne, In the Centra 1 . League, wanted Lee 'Wiisli, nrsi baseman.. Beard offered to s?ll Walsh for $500 provided Fsrl Wayn? -al:o wouId -,b\ly' Klein for $233. Pi- nally Port' Wayn^'inadD'tlie'-deal. tn order to get Walsh, and gave Klsin a tryoul in;the outfield. FRIDAY, MAY 1. 1931 Hi- 1 tre. 'Ihrs-! .liars wen ii- lo pluie his slu.t so ai lo be in a on (heir strung departments favorable position tj piny Ills ir.-H, nvls and Cubs Held Mle; FiV/^'niii"^ 11 ; Hold Show in Giant Win. V,'..ll.T Travln claims lh: nil Important « Triiu-i'i, wlio r.larcod ; t :UKC at tile HV.H i>I 3' ho putt Is i< t .'. fry ,) | ( !ay tin- Mlinjiinis. «! play, ailhoneh urrallc at j in olhcr iJartfi. ' L</1 me tiKulu ttif crntiorrr — i l!o'.liy Jones, of course. I Ixlt'cvo ! l.i' liai thu bc:;l a:iswer for' llio ukovc i|iicst!on: -When playing a hole, Ihe ECC- end shot clcjximls lo a ):ir.i> extent on the laitucra i.'. fii' ;ir:l iiiii lual of the third 0:1 ihc «-: of till- sec-end." There yon fee that one shot de• • ' '••• • • ier ami a.l arc «|inilly - linixii-lant. So it the he is bound to clmii'j:! a i! lo a 5 and JL 5 lo a 4. lU-membei Ihls tip -Kciy yo- r iicuci still, but cion't fi!i[;.:t tu t-:-' ..c.-,. v,-.-ul :s in u. 'l't,.Mr)lclt(>\V: What is flit" sur- i 1 :.. way it fM'nz out of bunkers? " <• -..ivn a tad c';n floats in water is that g:ises have ionnc-! inside otting to decomposition. — :.t mate n lijliter tlian u gc,).l (iv. «hii-h cim-ims v.'hltc nr.a yolk only, as these; :i-.o Wlllf-l". The b'j hands that Chuck Klrln, the Phil Mu-frrr, wraps arounl a bal arc shmvn alwvc, rl^ht. Klein lias Ireim-inluus iimver i" his liaml-i, wrists mill arms, which helps to account for llir lilttinf marks In h:is fslabllshed in the last two y«ue. To the l.-ft Klein 1-j shnv. n whon he was pluyinff liijli srhool bukctbll nf Soutliporl, In.i. llclow, center, hi- is slnun us n hi K U i;ch ool freshman, anil lo Ihc rMit is Ins tlaiicc ns lie f:icvs n pltclier. HO1V THEY STAND Soutbfrn Uhmin^ham W. I,. Nashville New Orleans Mobile 10 G 10 7 8 7 7 7 n 9 1 8 7 8 7 10 ;t. Lculs A !ryout was all Klein named. He piaywl 80 gomes in Ihe season of 1023 for Fort Wayne, slummed 27 home runs and liil fo: an nver.aj? of .380. Scout. Jo- b'Rourke of t:-.e •Pl:i:s went down to Fort Wayus to look him over. O'Rourke v,js inv pressed. He wired the late BUI Baker to buy Kle:n at once. Baker dickered with the Fort Wayne man- - L Loms '" agement and got- Klein for S5.00J. On the last day of July i:i !9JS. Chuck bacame o big leaguer. The stalwart red-head with in: powerful arms and wrists soon suited lo blas^ National League pitching in the same'carefree wa\ he had slugged in Hie Centra! Logus. At the end of the scas.n. he had complied n balling average of .360 and in his G4 games tlu. year hit 11 home runs. Klein looked like a big lea^in ball player then, but a great nunj young men have been sansaliona- in their first year up. When Klain reported at- the training camp ir the Soulh to start the season o 1939 he faced his first real tejt- the second year. : American League W. I,: Cleveland ............. 3 4 Washington ......... New York ...- ........ Detroit .............. Chicago ............. Philadelphia ......... loston ............... .C25 .588 .533 -500 .490 .407 .407 .412 .602 .Gift ,.571 .500 .500 .455 .300 .273 W. L. P-t 3 .127 N'ev,' York .. 3csto:i Pittsburgh . Philadelphia Brooklyn ... Cincinnati . -5 7 3 10 1 0 .727 .GD2 .c-a AM 2)1 .100 GAMES TODAY Fnutlirrn League Nashville nt Memphis. Ciiat'.anocga pi Little flock. Atlanta al Mobile. Eirmingham at Ne'.v Organs. DID YOU KNOW THAT— Al Simmons tells a story about a certain player in UK big leagues who Ls a very snappy dresser . . . almost loo snappy, in fact . . . well, one day this IJeau Brummel came dashing into home plate on a close play . . . Umpire Brick Owens called him oul .... Beau Brummel wns furious ... he dashed up lo Owens, laprxxl 'him on the chest and screamed "Where did he touch me?" . . . . to which the ca'uSlic Owc.'.is. in an ultra-refined tone, made the following reply, "Oi the marcel, deary, right on the marcel] 11 Jacobs Screams. Joe Jacobs, malinger of t' vrarld's chnmplon (by icul) Max SchmcUng, bought some n?wspa|x;v at the clqar stand hi tlie hotel lot by in Cleveland the other day. Hi turned to the sports pages. Sid denly he screamed. "What's this!" he yelled, his eyes looking as large as one of ll^rt Pcnnock's stow tolls. "Sharkey t- fight Camera in Brooklyn June 10' Wliy it's murder, yes murder. "Why. llicy can't pull off anv- Ihlng like. Ihat! Cam?ra's unrlci contract with the Madison Square Garden Corporation ot liliiiois t meet Ihe winner of the SchmellnT Stdbllng championship bout, nn, J he can't do this because he's violating his contracl and Ulat lsn'1 right." Ah. but my dear Joey you dT.V r.novv these coxing people! Yr Diggers Plan Tvitim- . drart , k » ow ' llc «" lic ln " ",' j \l- • c i [Spread. You don I know Hie trick phailt Visit rteie ounday ! some of those bD\-ers' ninnag^rs wil _ -stoop to. I Just tell yo'.i what. JDD 1 there are some pretty bold fellow? Out to turn the trick that Slkes- cormcctcd wUh | )3:<l!1 » no-vadnyr Urn failed to accomplish Inst Sun- I ^j.j t i ley rir( , Me.\y la try to g^ day. golfers of the Jonesboro conn- 1 flV ,. uy wllh a1m:)5[ nnyl h|.,j;' try club will be here Sunday to . • * meet the Blytheville country club "\\ e Have Iti-ard golf learn in an inter-club tournament over the nine-hole coursj here. The? Cul.'-'j an I CurJ'mls ^x-" 1 'all ."el t:> sellk\,lc:n|:or.i'.lly at leas'.. their dispute over thu i-I-jtl-in-tl I^eayiiL 1 l?uil yos'enlay bi:l I .;• f| 11 - inenls Intervened. In the 1 Ami" 1 !can 1-cague, Ihc indlniij lojlt one on the thin [loin Ihe Ti;4^is b u i held their leait. The V.ints i)U':.-J! ! tlie Marks. Ilie MfiCkiurn rrm Into lit 1 :! ' JohiiHjn, Yankee Jnii'ler, tl i'Snli-! j cblphia yeslenlay and wei'c dif.y : I &t:p|ied. 7 lo '1. Tlie Alhietire go; but hh hlls svliik- tii2 Yiinlii t:s..i Ihclr elglil i-if Wallicrj fi advan- ' lage. Jimmy I'oxx went :l-jw.i swinging three times. • I Wane Hoyl held HID Indians In check while his Dslruil mat-i pomidH oul a 9 to 4 victory ov:r ] CUvelnnd. Tr.c Tigers Ju:n;ii.'d to an ' early stun by iuoi-in? four rinis c:l ; Iliu-llln in Ihe (Irsl inning. Ftinicr.'i of l!iu Indians had a pjrfecl day al bat willi throe out of tnrec. Clilcago's Willie Sox won a 10 t-> 9 victory over the St. Lciil., Browns In 11 Innings. Nine assarted babubs j coiilliljiilal lo the merriment d?- 1 spile the cjlc-scly iilayrf gamj. Ap- pllng made three misciies. P-oynoUs scored the winning run on c'lssoil's single. Mclialn was ti^e wlnninj and Kimsey the losing hurler. | Tlie llrnoklyn Dodgers s3l t!:'_' Phillies back 0 to I 1 with Phelps ', ng Ihe Philadelphia crew in j check. A homer by Johnny Fred- ! crick with tlie bases holding nvo : mates a!dcd (he Brooklyn C'.iiua. .Fred Mtulininons ot t!ie Oi.iii'.', , nnd o!d Tom aachary of tin li:n- ton Hraves hooked up in a pitc-lvn; duel al New York and ths OJant-! won. 2 to 1. Filr.sinunrms no', vinl held ll'c Uraves to lt.a hi;- ba: punehcd the winning run ac;-csi the plate. Tlio PilLsburgli PIratos won. S lo 3, from the Cincinnati Red.s. A homer by Lloyd Wnnar lunieil th:trick along with Pie Trnynor. whu drove In four hits. M;!tic th: winning pilcher. The Waslilngtcn-Iioslo;] game l^ Ihe American League nii:l (lie C'li- cagr.-st. Ixjuls game in |h; National League were past;)o:iej. CraiEjheacl County Divot How did he meet that tesl- By 2 t-,vo-nsled exhibition ot basebai: blasting that sent records inlo the discard which had stood for yean, First of 'nil he set a new league- home run record with 43 homers cracking Hornsby's mark that had been g*d for Eix years. He hit sis. homers in four consecutive games di.-p'icating the feats of Ken Williams and Babe Huth. He hit three holers in three consecutive t!m-s Rt bat, rivalling the performances of Cap Anson, George Kelly. Bab2 Ruth. Elmer SmilS and Ed De'=- hanly. In his first full season he made m->:c than 200 hits, taking rank with Willie Keeler, Lloyd Waner .-.nci Jim Williams, the only players who hit safely more than 200 tin-.ES in their first, years in the majors. At the end of the season his battinj average was 355. Last year he yielded the horn? run crown to Hack Wikon. He rolled up a total of V) homers against Hack's 56, tut he batted 30 points better than ths Chicago tlugger cc.-npiling an average of .385 which made him the t'r.ird best batter in thi league. His record-breaking continued with 59 doubles, breaklnj th? National League record of 5S set by Ed Delehanly In 18D9. He scored IS3 runs, surpassing the' record made by Hornsby In 1929 Ha led the league in lota) bas-s with 455. For his second slraljhl season he made more than 2-30 hits and bringing his total of hits for his two and a half years in th» majors to 560 iafe blows. His base lilt total for 1930 consisting of 250 hits, -*as a mark reached only cnce by Hornsby, and never attained by such sluggers as Ruth or Hellmann. And, In 1930, he set a new Na. tlonal League record wllh 44 assists from the Outfield. He so unproved - • i 3 a by Bootlegger Will Have Rival American League St. I^)uls at Chicago. Cleveland at Dolroit. Now York at Pliihdelp'.-.ia. \Vashington at Boslon! N'jliomi League FTlon at Neu- V^rk. Phlbdclpliia at Brooklyn. Cincinnati nt Pitlsburgh. Chicago nl St.. Ixjuls. Ycll wonl(l lvc s | loul[ | tDM s ,i r])r i= c .i j 0: , )- you somi , o[ lh t: According to reporls. the visitors : things we have heard abmil are coming 25 lo 30 slrong. Intent smnn A | ect , v ,., 10 mr ., ng ., bDxsr j on breaking (he locals' slay-nt-! why, even In New York city. w!i;r: home record. The Craighcad coun- i boxing ls lmui , r 5U ,,.; r vlslon of sly golfers arc probably tlie greatest I nllgl1s t, n body of men as MnL'oon rivals of lh clocal divot diggers and F , lr ] CJ . nn( | p], 0 i an . [| O you km-.\ bhdlcs and i>n»les will probably that, once in a while, w'e'.l m.v.-b clutter up the course Sunday when | OIKC j,, „ v(;ry . great . | 0 .,^ lvll i,,. these two teams go into action. • somc bony puts soin-nhin,; acrov The Blytheville golfers Imvc hail , that- Is Just n mite, just n mite no better hick at, Jonesbaro than 'mind you, smelly? the Jonesboro goiters have had | And contracts? Why, even a con- I here in the past and a win away tract isn't sacred to some of I'-ov from home for the visitors would | chisclerr. down In N T cw York. M.n: give them a decide dadvantage in ' yon. Joe, I am not naming nim^ the series of tourneys to be slaved, and I wouldn't accuse anybOLiy (a between the clubs this summer. The : the world, but once when I was ;: locals, who in the past hnvo ap- New York. I heard thr.t once in : pcarcd bewildered by tils nigged ; while Ihose New York chlseli'u a" Stmil'lv AT'i\r lOll Jonesboro course, plan tn oulshig tually prleil a promising baxn nu vJllIUUI), I»1<1\ Jwlll the visitors here Sunday and Hum his manager apart, even tl-.:..;.! -~- Ol" Fn'st Division Tf=\ mNof Bealcn and Rains Holds Them Idle. Tl'v first division trams in llio n-t'1-.-n "irc»it l^s' erni::id yi-s- r «hv "'hiln the fourth pl.irc Lit- : ? Rock Travelers were held idlu by rain nnd escaped the jinx t!iat! followed tlv> other leader?. The pace selling ririr."'.i'.'hain ^rons were taken for n r:ric by: rlc^. Nnw Orleins pitcher, who! 'efl the linrons with six lonely hits| and a 9 to 0 defeat. His mat.:-, j oundcil out 15 hits off the Baic;i | •inrlers.. Inclrdini; a home run by \Vine3arncr. The Nashville Vols oullastrd the ^^el]lpllis Chicks in a slnugi-ing inatch, winning 10 to 7. They scored Ihrce runs in tlv ninth inning fitter Hie Chicks knotted the count in tiie eigluh with three runs. Poarcc war, tl;e wining hurler. one of rcveii used dm in? the eame. Red Oldhr.m held the Atlanta trackers to six hits nnd the Mo- inle Marines won 4 lo 1 nt Mobile. The Marine.^ £01 nine binglcs \\ith (V -^ir runs scattered over fcur int-.- ings. The Pebbles and Lookouts v-erc 'die because of rain. |;iau-r will scop tc» think CUP pieces SHOT 50 TME BALL WILL IN A FOSItlOW Tilt 5UCCMD. LX- ._ Buy Eagls lint !or Ilivor, o! cou:se. fJiillvy it for economy too. The bh n«>' Bi:thday Can qives you 20% moic malt , . . . at no more cost Take homt oncer two Birthday Canso^f Qaglz. You'll a9r«ciiKds /( nade ill way by the way il'i 1 b^at the Crntghead county ma^h'.c F'ic Bollard's "Baby Bootlegger." wiekters over their own course •vhich was by far the fastest of later. be boats in the outboard motor- •o->t r'xatta at Barfield last Sun-! CHANCERY COURT. day Kill be forced (o the limit if I SAWBA DISTRICT. t wins n race to be staged at' "!?-fe!d. Sunday May 10th, it is staled they did have contracts, chlr-clrrs took the boxers over themselves. Of course, tlits in:,' have been only a rumor. Jcv; y,x CHICK A- , k n°w how those things start. MISSISS-i Bl:l one of the New Yo-k u:i, J. W. Meyers, who thrilled the •ro--d last Sunday wth n small cower motor and a trim little boat, has challenged Bollard to race a row nnd more powerful boat he <; secured and the latter has accepted according to reports. Bollard's boat was so much, faster than the others nt Barfield last Sundny that he «.is not forced to extend his motor lo easily ouldis- lance tr:£ others. It is possible that Boonc Hall's 'Old Ironsides," one cf the fastest and most powerful boats of the ?roup. which was missing last Sunday, will also be ready for the ice. Weather permitting the races will bi staged about 3 o'clock in .he afternoon. IPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. John R. Trail. Plaintiff. vs. No. 4947 I.udella M. Trail. Defendant. The defendant. Ludella M. Trail. fnus was telling me thai fi;li;.T who have been suspended were- t: luslaled sonicliin^s by th? co-i'ii commission for apparently m IY.I. all. even though tl-..--ir in fleldint! last y«ar that Mame^r Burl Shotton of thn Phils ha? liken him out of right fleW this yea v and placed him In center where he will have more cr.anccs to show his fly-chasing ability. warned lo appear within tlii-ly nul offenses had lost none o: •.,]., days In the conrl named in the | hciiicusntss. caption hereof and answer the I " * " roinnlaint of the plaintiff, John II. I >! > Rood ness! Trail. Yon remember liovv C,irn^:i -A, Dated April 23, 1931. suspended in California Ix-c-u.- , R.'L. GAINES. Clerk. »'h.n looked like a p'r.oncy v..; Bs' Elizabeth Blythe. D. C. thai Bombo Chevalier? Au.l :,n. L. Ntillling. i member how the New Yor'< ,--;;• Atty Ad Ijltcm 24-1-8-15 ttiL^sion raised Its hands m t,.. ; : I at the aftalr. and susp::-.i!e I C'l-. BLYTHEVILLE SPECIAL SCHOOL "era forthwith, with a grca'. s!i - • DISTRICT NO. 5 jo! indignation? For the school year 1931-1932.' And now the Dodger A C ; the following money will be nr-ecud. Brcoklyn has signed up c:-i:n-r for schcol purposes: General Co:'.-i la mecl Jack Sharkcy. lic-n :i:i- trol, $4.712.00; Instruction. $4?.- ; they wanted Maxic lo ft;!-,! ;,. , 179.25; Operation of the Plant. $5.-1 apaln. and when yon drum::,-!. ;>-. 1C1.PO: Maintenance of the i'hnt. | athletic commission form-:-.- K $103.00; Fixed Charges. $2.7Cf; : iiounce.1 (hat Maxie wasn't i:.r.-. Frc.iii Wrather for Cana-ln TORONTO. Out. i UP >— Whu' I'orcntD rtsi.lcnl^ ^ere eij^ym; v.,irni spring \, farm_':s of :;icon lov.'ivlilp, CO milts e;:sc of 'lore, cr^ani^ed a "s'noveliny b-.'e' '.o clear the roads of snc.vnritts lo .hp cera:-le:y. X3LE MALT SYRUP HIGHEST TEST at the price of ordinary gasofin • QRAVITY from 60,6° to 71.4° TO MATCH WEATHER PHILLIPS 66 is made by the world's largest producers of natural high gravity gasoline John Deere Implements and Repairs FOR SAU-: KY DAN M. DUNCAN At BROWNE & BILLINGS, Old Location TOMORROW: When "the Powerhouse" Capital Outlay, S250.CO; Debt Her- Total S85.911.fil. money Is secured vice. $21.548.76. It Ihe above an 18 mill tax must be voted. CECIL SHANE, President C. S. LEMONS, Secretary. 24-1-8 p'.on any longer? Now. 1 Ihe Shaikcy-Carncra alTajr u • lilil-;d as a world cVia:n;i:< •- c\ent. Of course, it's nil probably r Ei.t everything dof.s look .1 b!; peculiar, doesn't it. Joe? tons. Courier News. Planting Seed For Sale Mis-Del No. 2. @> SoO.On per (on, Dc'fos flll. (c? {il.'i.nn per Inn. Stctl pinrniilcc'l pure and ^ori:iin;tti:)ii test J!8" n . This Mis-Dfl is one year from lircedinir station. Staple 1 1-S incli, lliirds itself. The mo?l satisfactory cotton 1 have ever grown. 1'rices V. 0. H. Gridcr. Maj. F. P. Jacobs Grider, Ark. You can't control the weather. But you can choose a gasoline which matches it. So don't blame your engine, when changes in climate affect it! Instead, switch to Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. You will get absolutely uniform results from your motor because the Phillips principle of CONTROLLED VOLATILITY matches this gasoline to the monthly changes in your weather. Its year 'round gravity, from 60.6° to 71.4°, is always higher test than others. At no increase in price. The more skeptical you are, the more Phillips 66 performance will amaze and delight you. You actually feel the difference in pick-up, power, and smoothness. Your engine runs cooler. You get longer mileage. The 5,918 members of the Phillips organization invite your critical test. Remember, extra high test costs you nothing extra, when you fill up at the Orange and Black 66 shield. Also Phillips 66 Ethyl at the regular price of Ethyl gasoline

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