Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 6, 1962 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1962
Page 6
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Six Logansport Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Delicate Situation In Hyannis, Mass. EDITORS NOTE—What will be the fate of the southern Negroes wtio have been given one-way bus tickets to a (own near President Kennedy's summer home. The situation is approaching a crisis and this dispatch tells about the problems facing the village of Hyannis, mass. , By HARRY FERGUSON United Press International HYANNIS, Mass. (0PI) - The dock is moving relentlessly toward crisis hour for this village some four miles up the road from President Kennedy's sum. mer home. The next week will determine whether Hyannis wins or loses its struggle to take care of 'the destitute southern Negroes whom segregationists are sending north on one-way bus tickets. Housing is the crucial problem. Most of the Negroes now are living in the dormitory of the (Jape Cod Community College, which opens a summer term in mid-June. They must move out then and, as of now,, nobody can say where they will go. News oi Hyannis' troubles has got arocnid the country as witness this "u'n. signed letter received by the E. German Policeman Escapes (UPI)-An East German policeman defected to the West before dawn today just a few hours after his fellow border guards shot and killed, a- refugee trying to escape across the East- West Berlin frontier, '^The 20 - year . old Communisl guard appeared suddenly out ol the darkness on the West Berlin side of the wall early this morning and asked Western police for asylum. He was in full uniform and carried his weapon. .West Berlin police said they die not see him slip 'over the wall tha ! divides the city. Details of his escape were not made public. .'.Tuesday night two Communist guards shot an • unidentified man as he attempted to swim the Spree River to the^ West Berlin bank. His body was recovered by Eas Berlin frogmen after a 2^-hour search. At Jeast two of the Communist bullets landed in Wesi Berlin territory, behind the ol< Reichstag building, but West Berlin".' police were too far away to help him and did not shoot back ;During the night a man, woman and child climbed over the wal into East Berlin in a reverse Slight that puzzled West Berlin police. They were helped down by two G o m m u n i's't guards and were driven away in a .truck. , West Berlin police saw the reverse flight from a distance oi about 200 yards. When they reached the area, the family hac vanished. The police said the unknown couple and their child simply could have taken an elevatec train from; West Berlin to Fried richstrasse station in the Eas s'Sctor, Revival Set at Calvary Baptist ^Revival .services begin Thurs day evening at the Calvary Baptist church, 50 Seventeenth Street The evangelist will be Rev- Stacy Shaw, pastor of the Univer sity Baptist church in West La fayette' and director of the Baptist Bible Union at Purdue Uni versity. The services, will continue nightly through Sunday at 7:8 p.m. Rev. Shaw will also be speaking' at the 10:'30 .Mornin] Worship service and the 6.-.3C Training'Union on Sunday. Ther will be special music at e'ae service. FINE SUNDAES for a real taste •real ,try one! Dive right in at the big, .heaping scoop of creamy lice cream topped by our 'smooth, rich sauces!! For Treats Of All Kind-jTry Our SODA'FOUNTAIN at the CENTRAL DRUG STORE 4th and Broadway -own authorities from Natchi- oches, La.: 'My, my, what has come over you folks in Hyannis? Don't you know Teddy Kennedy rolled out he red carpet for the first Negro bat went to the land of .freedom? Teddy said Massachusetts is where freedom started. The Ne;roes in the South were satisfied ritil the Kennedys started to ram he Negroes down people's hroats." The key facts of the situation lere are: It is not true that a "Little larlem" suddenly has sprung up n the yard of Kennedy's summer lome. His home is in the neigh-! boring village of Hyannis Port. It s located in what is. known as ie "Kennedy compound," a enced area containing houses be- onging to the President, his brother Robert and his father. ^Everybody here agrees that he segregationists are trying to embarrass the President because Jf his. civil rights .stand, but, udging from the' mail .arriving ere from the South. Kobert Kennedy is the real target of resentment. There are 'frequent references in letters and .post cards to he position he took on the issue of he freedom riders in the South! —Wegro ' men \ can find tempo- •ary work here during the tourist eason, but will -be out of jobs after Labor Day. —Not everybody in , Hyannis approves the position of the town minorities in welcoming the south ern Negroes and trying to find a Jlace in the community for them. "There has been some grumbling, all right, but it is a small m'inor- ty," one official said.) -Wot everybody in the South approves of sending the Negroes o the North. The Little Rock, Ark., Chamber of Commerce issued a statement saying "only a small minority of Little Rock citizens are supporting the movement." Southerners who, write encouraging letters to Hyannis officials frequently enclose an editorial from the Arkansas Gazette of Little Rock noting that 20 children were among the Negroes leaving on one weekend and adding that the sponsors of the irip "succeeded in bringing a measure of undeserved shame down upon the whole oif Arkan- So far as Hyannis is concerned, he children are the toughest problem. The number of Negroes o be cared for fluctuates because some of the single men eave immediately for New York, Boston and Philadelphia as soon as they see conditions here. But at one point there were 49 southern Negroes here and 33 of them were children. Their ages ranged 'rom 17 down to 18 months. Three women who either are separated from their .husbands or lave been deserted have .a total o(..27 children. "The problem' here," saM Thomas; Murphy, the- village official in charge of welfare, "is that we don't want the mothers to work even if we can find jobs 'or them. There' is nobody else lo look after the children. . '] would estimate that it' costs. $100 a month to take care of each NTegro who has come here. For- unately for Hyannis, the state classifies these people as "unsettled persons" and reimburses us for the money we spend on them. But there still is no anr swer to the housing proMem once we have to move them." Tough Job For Yank In Thailand By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst BANGKOK, Thailand — Matt Cerbec is a big, friendly man who has been sweating it out in Jangkok for-the last three months. Kerbec, an electrical • engineer r rom Trenton, N.J., is representa- ive of a new breed of American one meets all over the world .hese days. As American aid dollars spread hrough under-developed countries ,hese tanned muscular men are as at home in Kabat or Thailand as in New Jersey. They follow ' closely behind to lelp ; install new roads and jridges, purify, water, build dams for electirc power and irrigation and communications systems. Kerbec, 42, has been in this jusiness since he was graduated from Rutgers under the GI bill.in 1951, He has mounted unfamiliar skis to climb a mountain-top .in Norway to'.inspect a microwave station,' seen a king's kitchen installed, in. Morocco and is on hand here awaiting 1 the start of a vital new communications system between Bangkok and Saigon. This piece is written in the belief that in a world of cross currents and astronomical budgets, loo little credit is given these Americans who work with their bands at_ the"' 'grass foots level among people who will form their own concept of the American image and whether the democratic way of life is worthwhile. They, sell .the United, States to people where diplomats cannot reach! I asked Kerbec if he had any rule for getting along with people of strange lands. "The golden rule," he said, "is to treat them the way I like to be treated." The United Stales will have spent more than $300 million in Thailand at the end of this year and both Thai and American representatives believe the results will be good. This is partly the result of men like Kerbec. On the personal side was a new type of "American, go home' letter received by American advisors who asked not to be identified. The letter, from a Thai school teacher, paid tribute to American aid. It said "'The love o] freedom must be very strong in Americans to have you do this for us" and concluded: "Go back home to. America with a good idea of our people. Tell them we like Americans, too. And it is true, sir, partly because of you." By HORTENSE MYERS INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - The seven women who ' operate the single telephone switchboard Sfjrv- 'ng all state agenc'ies in the Hbo- >ier capital, are unacknowledged experts in governmental affairs. Chief Operator Beulah Vaughn explained that the switchboard, called Centrex, was .the first of ts kind in the world when it was installed in 1960, and has been in operation since , the State Office Suilding was opened. One number—Mel rose 3,4000— will reach every state- official or Busy Switchboard At State Building Church Unit At Walton Plans Event WALTON-TKe Women's Circle of the Union Presbyterian church wil] meet Thursday, June' 7 at 1:30 p.m. at the church. Hostesses will be.. Betty Bamer,Charlotte Martin, Helen Morris, and Lottie.. 1 Hinkle. ' '• : ' 'Mrs! Kenneth Bower will .discuss the lesson, • "Christian Missions in Latin America." New Books New books for adult patrons of the Wallon-Tipton Township library include "Swamp Fox," Bass; "History of Indiana Literature," Shumaker; "Hope; for a Troubled .'World," Munro; VTen Days , that Shook the World," Reed; "Jesus of Nazareth, The Hidden Years'," Aron; "The Troubled Child," Moak; "Your Gifted Child," Brumbaugh and "Nine] Hours to Rama," Wolpert, Personals Mrs. Berniece Smoker, of Burlington, entertained at a dinner recently in Logansport. Guests were Robert Cole and children, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Logan and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Murphy. Mrs. Esther Snider, Indianapolis, is visiting Mrs; Goldie Bean and the Robert Trader family. Tim Peter entertained Dave Darnell, .Toe^ Spence and Kenny Lowe at his home recently. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne "'Shirley and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Murphy attended the Memorial Day race. Mrs. Barbara Helm has returned to the home of her parents, Mr. 'and Mrs. Joe Lybroofc, from the hospital in Indianapolis. City Police Arrest 127 Logansport police made 127 arrests during the month of May, according to Chief of Police. Lee Morns'- monthly report to Mayor Otto Neumann and the board of works. The arrests included 86 for traffic violations and 61 for criminal offenses. Speeders were the main offenders in traffic violations, 26 being arrested during the month. There were 10 arrests "made for'driving with no operator's license. Thirty-one, persons were charged with public intoxication and there were seven assault and battery cases. Total amount of fines am} costs collected in city court during the month' was $3,503. Nyona 'Lake Group Plans Fish Fry MACY — The Nyona Lake Civic Association will hold its first annual Fish Fry on Saturday, June 9 from 5:30 p.m until 8 p.m. at the Fulton high school auditorium. The event is being held for the renefit of the special street light- ng fund. The association is less than one year old and has installed four street lights at Nyona Lake. They )lan to install three more lights his year, according to Mrs. Roy Crawford, secretary. AT MOM,?: -PLEASING PRICES! the briefer the better! Say one word—Hanes—and you'll get all these features! Gentle athletic support. Hygienic double-thick seat. Highly absorbent cotton.; Heat-resistant elastic In waistband and leg openings. <j»l EACH 3 FOR $2.95 /America's favorite T-shirt with reinforced neck that won't sag, EACH 3 FOR $2.95 $1 Git mort thin you, tarplnid tof-pl HANES 503-505 Broadway Phone 3236 agency, from the Board of Accounts to the Watch Repairing. Examiners Board. Although callers are encouraged to learn the individual numbers of the departments so they may dial directly, many do,not. fiande 3,flW elWt * day," Mrs. Vaughn said. "Some of these are transfers from calls that were dialed direct. For example, Governor Welsh's office gets" many calls which are transferred to other departments." Replaced, 28 Boards The single switchboard replaced ! separate switchboards which had served the individual departments and agencies. This means that the seven operators are expected .to know as much about the various phases of state government as did the 28 women who were located in the departments themselves. "People .ask us questions like where ,to .go to get a refund on taxes, how,to, find out if they have gold in;their.backyard, and wheie to register 1 a ; trade mark for liquid fertilizer," Mrs. Vaughn said; "One caller wanted the controversial department." Admittedly, several departments might qualify as "controversial" but by polite questioning, the operator was able to connect the caller with what he wanted—the contributions section of the Employment Security Division. Mrs. Vaughn was telephone operator for the,state library before the .switchboard merger. Miss .Catherine Griffin, her assistant, and Mrs. Eva Midiael both came from Employment Security; Mrs.. Thelma Godme from the Department of Revenue, Mrs. Kathleen Norris from Public Works and Supply, Mrs. Catherine Fulford, State Highway Department, and Miss Anna Mae Byrd, Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Each Has Specialty Each helps the other when calls come about her "specialty." In addition, each operator has a file before her containing an extensive amount of data about state government. They also must know about city, township, county and federal government since many callers actually want one of these other units rather than state government. The switchboard is located just inside the northwest entrance to the State Office Building and Mrs. Vaughn has just completed a window exhibit, facing the corridor, which contains nearly all types of telephones which have been used since Alexander Graham Bell invented the instrument. Included in the exhibit is a "telephone of tomorrow"—a mock set of an instrument operated by push buttons. But -regardless «f the instrument, the women who handle the switchboard figure they should be prepared, for anything from a call by President Kennedy to Welsh; to an emergency appeal for an incubator. Wednesday Evening, June 8, 198& GET GREEN STAMPS WITH EVERY PURCHASE YOU MAKE FOR DAD /£ quickly, easily at HOOSIER FINANCE Wrap wp xtl your bills—car, furniture, appliances, medical of personal—into one easy monthly payment It's smart—and saving, too. Call us today! LOANS UP TO $450 or more! 0 10OSIER] FINANCEJ HOOSIER FINANCE 504 £. 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