Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 5, 1962 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1962
Page 7
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IOGANSPOR! PUBLIC LIBRARY Tuesday Evening, June 5,1962. ANN LANDERS 'Perfect' Woman Has One Defect-Obnoxious Hubby Dear Ann Landers'. I have a dear friend whose company I enjoy thoroughly. She is kind, intelli. gent, witty and gracious. The problem is her husband. I don't know how much longer I- can tolerate him. He knows everything. Just mention a subject and he's an authority. Name a place and he's been there. There is no living person he hasn't met at one time or another. He corrects people's statements, improves their English and assumes the role of "chairman" whenever two or more' people are present. His voice is loud and he can drown out anyone. In addition to these attractive qualities, he has a habit of pawing women. I don't mean he's lecherous, Ann — he's just the "confidential" type who likes to put his arm around a woman's waist when he talks to her about gardening or politics. I'm fond of his wife and I hate to think of not seeing her socially. But this man of hers!!! Would it be wise to say something to her —in a tactful way of course?' — FRIEND Dear Friend: It is never a good idea to criticize a man to his wife or vice versa. Regardless of the spirit in which the criticism is made it's seldom appreciated. If your friend's husband is such a pain in the neck, see the woman in (he .afternoon. Don't try to continue the friendship on a "couples" basis. * * * Dear Ann Landers: Our 17-year- old son is going steady with a girl who is also 17. We've always made it clear to our children that they may bring their friends home whenever they wish. This girl walked into the house with my son this afternoon. I was entertaining 'guests in the living room. My friends were strangers to her. She actually sat on my son's lap and ran her fingers through his hair. He was embarrassed but said nothing. I was so upset over her cheap behavior I could scarcely hold my head up. When the girl got off my son's hp to leave she kissed him passionately in the presence of all of us. He turned white and looked as if he might faint. I didn't say one word to him after she left and he said nothing to me. He avoided looking at me at the dinner table. Should I have made a point of the incident or was I wise to say nothing?-UNSTRUNG Dear Unstrung: You were wise, Mother. Anything you might say would have been anti-climatic after the girl's performance. Some decisions are best arrived at without help. I'm sure your son appreciated the silence. « 4 4 Dear Ann Landers: I'm a boy 14 and only in the seventh grade. 1 belong in the ninth grade but I was sick a year and a half with heart trouble and had to stay at home. My sister is 12 and she is in my room at school. Believe me it's tough to be in the same grade with a sister who is smarter and two years younger. I hate to recite in class because I sound dumb compared with her. There are times when I've thought of quitting school the day it's legal but I know this would be a mistake. Now I'd like your advice on whether I sould change schools. My favorite teacher told me I could get special permission from the board of education, but I'm afraid I will miss my friends. What is your advice?—B. Dear B.: Apparently your favor* ite teacher is .encouraging you to change schools. She's right. Listen to her. You will make new friends at the new school, and you may even keep the old friends from the old school. So you win all the way 'round. Are you.tempted to smoke be. cause te crowd does? If so. send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Teenage Smoking," enclosing with your request 10 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you- with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. He Just Couldn't Adapt Himself To Automation ROLLESTON, England (UPI) Horace Moulds, 53, was the envy of all his bachelor friends. They were jealous of the fact'that he worked with 52 girls in the packing department of a sugar fao tory. Moulds was happy in his job until one day automation came to the factory ,and machinery replaced the' girls. Moulds'became so upset he apparently decided' he had nothing left to live for. Coroner Claude Mack ruled Monday that Moulds committed suicide. "He worried over the machines," Mack said. "They re. placed 99 per cent of the human element and it was possible Mr. Moulds could not adapt himseli to automation." IOWANS TO HEAR WELLS IOWA CITY, Iowa (UPI)—Dr. Herman B Wells, president ol Indiana University, will be com mencement speaker at the gradu' ation of 1,280 students from tht University of Iowa here 'Friday. SKYLINE At B:I5 JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Vacationing at Home Has Advantages Now is the time to think about the kinij of va cation you will take, and you might give thought to a vacation al home. Sometimes a vacation at home is 'the very best one you can have. It is possible to be so tired that (he effort to get ready and the travel involved are just, nob.worth the financial strain. A vacation at home need not be dull. You immediately fall heir to such simple luxuries as sleeping as late as you wish and sunbathing in the back yard, going for 'a swim or sail .at mid-afternoon, reading books you have been anxious to read but haven't had time for, 'and working on hobbies you find fascinating. Special Treats Also, with a small fraction of the •money you would have spent on" a trip, you can give yourself some special treats. You can enjoy an expensive restaurant, or go to the theater once in a while. You even can spend a week end at some Inn nearby which you find intriguing. If there are children in the family, a maid or .nurse for one or two weeks to help with their care and the housework might be most rewarding. This certainly would be a vacation for the woman in the home, and it would allow the husband -and wife to go on small jaunts together. Historic Sights Close There are probably all sorts of interesting and historic sights within a few days' drive from your home which you never have visited. We are all apt to neglect such things when we live near them. We may put off going to see them because they are so accessible that we (eel we can go Gives Rules on Voting at State GOP Convention INDIANAPOLIS (UPD-Indiana Republican State Chairman Thomas Gallmeyer said today that delegates to the June 19 state convention will vote on all 13 state ticket nominations at one time, Kew'c'ohtests were expected and Gallmeyer said it would be pare- tical to adopt the omnibus vote system to streamline the convention. Gallmeyer also announced the appointments of State Sen. Robert L. Brokenburr, Indianapolis, as convention secretary; James W. Traeger, Gar>, :hisf sergeant at arms; Thorn Wertenberger, Wa- foash, chief doorkeeper; J, Kenneth Black, Columbia' City, chief usher, and Karl Bissey, Columbus, chief page. Gallmeyer said that a party campaign workshop in preparation for the November election will be held (lie afternoon of June 18, the day before the nominating convention. The state committee will meet any time. However you look at it, there are times when a vacation at home is what tile doctor ordered and what you would enjoy most. The important thing is—think it over! » H 0 If you would like to have my leaflet, "Tricks in Camping," send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 69 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "She Used Helpful Tricks to Keep Herself Reducing." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Logansporf, Indiana Pharos-Tribune Seven CROSSWORD PUZZLE *•»«.•• t .Y..t.rd.y.p U ai, ACROSS 1-Warning devico 5-IdenticaJ 3»Uncooked 12-Region 13-Porsian poet (•first name) H -Period of tiina IB-Syrup of pomes ran* ales 17-TitJo of respect 18-Eludo 19-Proposltlons 20-Small child 23-Spanish article 24-Uncouth person 25-Century plant 27-Concern 32-Unlt of Italian currency 33-ACternoon party 34-Heraldry: grafted SB-Accompanied 37-Ma.rlt left by wound 38-Roman bronze 33-Pair (abbr.) 41-Soa. eagle ,42-Novolties 44 -Trail 47-Fuss 46-Roadsldo slfrn G2-Qolf mound 53-WlnBS 64-S-shaped molding 65-Abstra.ot boinu DC-Unit of weight (pi.) 67-Speck DOWN 1-Contalner 2-Bo mistakon 3-Confedcrato Ken oral 4-Path. G- Fellowshlp -Ainong -Horse'n nock hair -Beforo -Home -Dry -Armed conflicts -Hall! -Reveals -Soapstono -Mlxturo - Violent and destructive wind (pi.) -Symbol for .cerluiji -Roof odffes -Born -Baby frogs -Heavonly body -Gull-lIlto bird -Bona - 43-Arabiim soaport 44-Storai;;e pit 4 5-Plot - mamma) 49-Tlms sron by CO-Soak El-Rivor In Wales I 2 •43 3 4 38 16 S3 113 i 17- Dl»tr. by United Feature .ByndlMU, IncZ 10 I) I 3o that morning and the workshop in the afternoon will bring together all state ticket candidates, congressional nominees, incumbent state officials and county party chairmen. Campaign techniques will be discussed, with talks on registration scheduled by Thomas Bath, South Bend, and Edward; L. Hasnerl, Knox. DENIES (MARGES NEW YORK (UPI) - Johns- Manville Corp, issued a general denial Monday of charges in a federal indictment that it conspired with Keasbey & Maltison of Ambler, Pa., to monopolize the asbestos cement pipe market. The indiclmenl, was returned in Philadelphia. 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