Daily News from New York, New York on January 17, 1921 · 28
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Daily News from New York, New York · 28

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1921
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DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, JAN U Ait IT 17, 1921. TOP HATTED SATAN DOES FOUL DEEDS IN STRAND MOVIE "THE DEVIL." Produced by Associated Exhibitors, Inc. Presented at the Strand. THE CAST. rr. Mu'Jer George Arliss Mlmi Sylvia Hreamer Maria alalia ..Lui-y 'VW3 Her Auri M. ArU : ; )Vul l Veau.t, EMsmm'i (JorKi K'jHcti. . .Roland Bo:toraitiy By McELLIOTT. - "The Devil"' is a chap in a h-yh Iiat (Mr. Goorgc Arliss) Who goes about cooing bits of gossip Into the ears of a pretty Fiancee; Iler Suitor, a Painter Chap m a velvet coat; And a Model named Mimi, Who's supposed to be the most beautiful pel in Pari3. George is evidently awfully bored with things As they are, So whenever time hangs heavily on his hands lie puts his topper on with an ineffably affectionate pat, Adjusts his priceless monocle And sallies forth to "start something." He's no end of a rnischief-maker...- He makes Marie (that's the fiancee) Fall in love with Paul (that's the artist) And then he proceeds.....heart-less wretch! To tell poor Georges (the heavy suiter) All about it... '. You'd think after that He'd call it a day. But no! He decides it would be ' a rare iest To break Mile. Mimi's heart, along with the others; Nice, kindly family friend To have around the house I FONT think. - Of course if either Georges or I'aul Had had three grains of common sense They'd have filing him downstairs, And messed up his sartorial perfection In high-handed, masculine fashion Instead of letting him run his course. Anyhow, you'd better take your sense of humor With you to the Strand this week, Because youH need it. Mr. Arliss (I was going to say) AMUSEMENTS Motion Picture Theatre Crowded! Packed! Jammed! GEORGE ARLISS In Associated .Exhibitors" Production The Devil THIS WEEK ONLY trahD B'WAT AT 47to ST. "A NATIONAL INSTITUTION- Direction Jos. IMunkett. Vi ttie ttttla Lady. Vamp Me Little Ld. Play a llltU Jul an Blun. inmn ew ravra, Vaa Caaaet Leee. Learn to Play It at the CIWISTENSEN SCHOOL of Popular Piano Music f9 ItsfciM mrm 1S mn rt4 V.v. au.t krtnW mJ ih. ataal ' - - . 1 Many ot cut radttt Are drains inoar V V 7 - -a - rmrm MMfW USlfr-TTl 1R1HJ- clans. IndivlUiul iitstrwrUoa. On our totAk-i 4 or emit for LiBiairiiii .a...- .. .1 CHRISTENSEN SCHOOL Z W. AZA St. c Tel. Bryairt 379 I I 1 W. 125th St. TeL Moraing 8950 la Vii tte tmi Lady. & fa i B, 1 Vame the Little Lady. V tH i VICES Personification of All in The Devil" HE LOOKS RATHER LIKE one's idea of his Satanic majesty, doesn't he? Of course we are boring you when we add that this gentleman is George Arliss, who plays the title role of "The Devil at the Strand this week. We will say for George that he's the personification of all the vices in this role a home-breaker de luxe and all the rest of it. looks like The DeviL I suppose that cannot posVbly be a libelous statement Since that's what he's got tV to represent. Miss Sylvia Breamer is aw .My pretty as Mimi; Miss Lucy Cotton a lovely and innocent nancee. Although too typically Ameri can, I think, To be cast as "a fine type of f renchwoman. .'. The picture points a moral Which is, I imagine, that if a young woman Flings out her arms so's to make a cross of herself No one, however diabolical, can harm her. - The settings are extraordinarlv magnificent. The Devil s own particular vine and fig tree Lookmsr like Versailles and West minster Abbey rolled into one. AMUSEMENTS Motion Picture Theatres CRITERION Coot. Noon tn V " M. "THE INSIDE OF THE CUP" A Paramount Picture. RIVOLI B'WAT at 4ih St Ceo. Fllsmaariea ProdwUon 'Paying the Piper M Swlw.WI'd Tribes of Africa R! Constance Binney 1 KIAL.T OR'HSTKA. Beg. Sunday Cecil B. DeMille's rSSiulrSn "FORBIDDEN FRUIT" AATU ST THFATPF Midrea Evrvnings, t.lS. ' Matinees, t.ll. "Th theatre resounds to cheers, whistles and yells of delight." if . Mail. D. W. GRIFFITH Presents WAY DOWN EAST Symrtaony Orchestra. Yoeal Aroomranbnent All Hhu Heaamd. Buy la Advance. Brer Betty Compson PRlS0NEftft nr invn Oapttoi iirmud Orrfcstr. Vt- AKiL. VTt.. - 11 ULS Wtr)f ljtrgpot nd Most Heauttful 1T;etrt. BROADHURST ill? f jb-w., - i wice 'any. 1.30-S.IO wnxiAU OVER THE HILL FOX Praaenta By W1U Cailttsn. Dlncttd by Ham MlUarda. BROOKLYN Motion Picture. Theatre Aafwati- bRGOKLYN n Ore. A Craraa C 'THE DEVIL" ti : ( m 1 1 ! i 1 1 aa J STRONG DIET FOR CHAP WHO HATES MILK-FED FILMS "OUTSIDE THE LAW." Produced by Universal. Presented yesterday at four Broadway Theatres. THK CAST. . , ?llky Moll Madden.. .PriscllU Dean "Danner" Phil .Wheeler Oakman Black Mike Ixn Chaney tLlV'Vt 1 A. E. Warren Silent Madden Ralph Lewis That Kid Stanley lioeihals Sluncan Stader. Melbourne MaePowell Inspector.. Wilfrid Taylor By BOYLE. A wealth of Chinatown local color, Lon Chaney and one fascinating baby would make any photoplay worth seeing. "Outside the Law" has the additionalattraction of Priscilla Dean she of the artful smile and her likable husband, Wheeler Oakman. The picture is not, as you may have been led to believe from the bill posters, a little foretaste of the horrors of blue laws. Those posters were merely an instance of the genius of a well-known press agent who wanted you to remember the name of the film. The characters, roost of them, are more obvious lawbreakers. than the man who merely is happy on Sunday. Silky Moll and Dapper Phil help themselves to some one else's jewels. Black Mike, played by the screen s best bad man, Lon Chaney, is the boss of a gang of crooks. Madden runs a gambling den. They're all bad eggs, but all of them have a little bit of eood in them except Black Mike. He lives and dies the cruel is t of crooks. Lon Chaney's vivid portrayal of this evil spirit is made the more remarkable since in the same film he also plays the Vole of a good Chinese servant. For facial expression he is unequaled on the screen. I do not, however, consider that his playing in this picture is as thrilling as in "The Penalty," because, even with two roles, his part is not a large one. The baby is one of the most charming and natural I have seen. And the gradual redemption of Moll and Phil, through contact with the trusting youngster, is expressed with restraint and genuine ness. Any one who revels in Chinese settings will eniov those in "Out side the Law." I do not know who AMUSEMENTS APOIJ.fl THKA.. W. 1M St. . 3 V-- J(lsln W-.1. A Sat. t mseo FA VERS HAM IN MARK TWAIN'S RiilA.TIO COMtlr THE PRINCE PAUPER ISELVYN Sii-wWaX SEl FHMtIMIOMnp is nz 11II1E.3 JV-Sl.tiTWi Thara. Rat.. S IReedWHE MIRAGE LUINLaACKE. lat,. wed. a Fat.. 1 GRANT MITCHELL Comedy7 "THE CHAMPION" rn lire 1W t Ktaa. M Fhooa 31 rKA4.CE. Ma,t Wwl a. 8.t.. IS'iiBrrant MARGARET ANGLIN n THE WOMAN OF BRONZE" DANCE PALACE " Terrace Garden The Pastime of Dancing Is a Moral, Healthful Relaxation That Should Always Be Encouraged The nightly and Sunday afternoon dancing at Terrace Garden presents the highest development of the dance. i On Tuesday, tomorrow night. ! i ne ieaa:ng leature win te a j Stag Contest for two sliver curs. i Terra Garden Dance Palace SSth St., near Lexington Ave. kfj LYRIC MATS WED . SAT. f& W HER FAMILY TREE Z SOPHISTICATED No Baby Vamp Itolea for This Screen Actress ';:V'' f v r TV. - i t i ' - ; i ' - ' ' ---.;' : I i - if - Priscilla Dean. the art director is who designed them, but he deserves the jade green medal and I hereby slip it to him. . I recently heard of a man who dislikes. pictures of what he calls the "milk-fed" variety stories of "love babies" and their giant sweeties. I am sure this chao will like "Outside the Law." As for the folks, who lap up the "milk- led variety, it is not lor them. AMUSEMENTS NORA Clhrtrrtnn 44 WorBWAV BAYtS tfUCC EV5&30 win, MIX m&BROADVAYt CONTINUOUS riAMteCPM wtfh PRtSOLLA DEAN LON CHAMEVand gQQ OTHCRS AND BIG BILL OF B. F.KEITH ACTS PFNTRAI THEATRt. IKna.13. alata. run 4TUl A irwa;Wtd. Hat. I 30 f. RAV COMSTOCK m. MORRIS BEST PraMat The Sensation of London and Pane. DELYSIA MJ-.'"?how "AFGAR" Hm taa Wwa Yat ay ttprai." T.Vt-mm. CENTI RV THEATRE Bwl 8. Mats. 'LAST i St C. P W. iWed Sat.. 1 WEEK r. RAT COasItJCK and MORRIS 6 EST IMECCA Praaant tha Worm MUSICAL EXTRAV.6ANZA OF THE ORIENT ACTflR Them.. Il war St 45th St Btaa. a IS nJSKJt Mata. Wed. Pop.) 4 Sat.. 1.15 1IKVKV W. OATAliK off.r. HERSELF h V CORMEPEO rjrOn AP MATISEK HMINKMUV rTJrtvLAIX Kntlro Lower Floor 1.6 f ASlNll"h B'way. Ea at VOlllU MBta Wed. Pop.) sat.. l.0. pifVh'Muaif!. HONEYDEW DnnTU TOMORROW MGItT R.se a"-waaa First Matlnaa w.lneaday AfiKORfiK I in THE RL1SS GREEN GODDESS Bronx Opera House "THE MAN WHO CAME BACK" wth Paul Oorilon anil Ail. la Oleaaon. Wm. A- A fiXU CT TW. K ot B wmr. K.a Uradl'a Mata Thura Sj ot.. jj WINTER GARDEN Tfuri-IH PiSSING SHOW ,Mr, ELTINGE .a . .S "LADIES NIGHT" Pw J .:ESTORtVOUR POULTRY SHOW Madison Square Garden Jaa. IS-tt. A. M. ta ! r. If. ANSWERS Bennie B.: Your name would be hard for fans to remember. Yes, it's all right to change your name for professional purposes without any legal formalities. Tillie: Wvndham Standing's last picture is "The Marriage of William Ashe," filmed by Metro. Its address is 1476 Broadway. AMUSEMENTS NEW AMSTERDAM Sally MARILYNN MILLER LEON ERROL in EMPIRE"'" 40th St. ICvaa. I 11. Wed. A fat. III. CHATTERTON MARY ROSE ff-ary MUlrr'a Thratrs. Hi W. 4IJ SU. Eves. l it. Mata. Thurt. Sat 1.1 8AM H. HARKI.a offers Mrs. FISKE "WAKE UP, JONATHAN 1" . c-TaAXSftAKTIHC JEA14 I IRFPTV Waat !d St. Evaa.ati.1 alata Wa4. SaU. 1.11 niTzi Musical Comady Hit I AIW Dll I v Ln Li I DILI. I Cobaa A Harria - i w WUXUMt STRANGER 'th firoioB irrY. KNICKERBOCKER" aEarnxortAtrr wynicULAV t-f-o. rnu a u tt... h aiu, . 3 THE TAVERN "Wnm Al.l TTTK WTiOOTI?f rowt HlinSTiM w " "t- aai. at Its W-3Jl U.ttnr. VIV-1 a ft at. ! I U CEO. M. i THE MEANEST MAN I IN THE WORLD mr. roiiAt r Tine Trri.it iioi.h. QOti TIVi XI UAIKTV. B'aay 4th. Mats. W4 Sal ("I OP.F al aaf tb ft. liiaa. a S.M FRED STONE -Tip.fop55 BaoCK iejBF.BTO! rraarala IZUMissLuluBett BELMONT w Unrant N. J.J iULOCK rutllfaTON raaaaata TT t-Uda Tarsal Xaraaaa Trfara JT nil TON r.oon heats at hox omn REPUBLIC Tonight at 8J0 JOHN COLOEN Pnarau a BVinah Coawdr. GRACE LAUUE ZCTAsVIa HALE HAMILTWc94ZJtA? lh-1st Year LITTLE THEATRE lffET 4 ST. I ttmim. W..1 , Thn A Rat.. I Loew s New York Theatre & Roof font. II A. M. tn It P. M. Roof ta I A. M. rVM. S. HART. "Tke Tsatiai Blok" Loew's American "--.r."J "Are All Mm AlikeT" IAJ) Seal K'ini. at Co.. Iminal 4. Anser A D . AiH'i. Knorr-Rlla at Co.. othnn tltl RIM OOD TIMES mm A-TTHa. J C Eft ILY a eiv. N A T niPPODROIX THA I aWglCHOOOPCOPJHCC WvaTU r:onosco TMEArRErst45St V 6x3oMuiMaSst2JoX4 V W BROOKLYN CASINO m Ki.F-tn k rt THK FNTIKK l AMII V Al t. t r.r. i !. ntlLt "JINGLE JINGLE' w8 Hu FVlrt. Morrlwr WlWI Barry O'aal. xG&JAZZrSc TsurM anyona In t Waona IndtrMvaJ prints lanona by craumW Mraa furMt bow. Hpartal raws, arrraaa .n ui CaH fir fra f1TO.wfrmflri. r.xc1 r m '.i FRANHIIN M'UOOL OF Ml -lr. tit . 14tB HL .'Iniir,,:.. ;t'.t IJ fit. .! I f w e m 9 m a I LIT I JAraa I ICa' "W Alia AAtO WOnOBOvi.

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