Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 4, 1962 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1962
Page 8
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Eight liOgansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Don't Allow Your Vacation To Become Endurance Test For some, strenuous tennis in work than play. Yesterday I suggested that you give your vacation some serious thought so that it may be a grand success instead of a. failure. The latter can happen. Too often people return from two weeks away from home feeling that the fun was not commensurate to the money spent. Others find that the vacation they planned turned into an en< durance test, both physically and emotionally. It is fortunate if the members of the .family are on speaking terms when they come back from a trip like this. .. Perhaps it would be wise to consider some of the following factors. What Po You Want? In the first place, what do you want from your vacation? Do you want real rest with no deadlines to meet, not even those which lots of travel requires? Or, do you feel that the refreshing of the spirit and' the mind which new sights and experiences and new people provide will make up for the wear and tear? Do you want social life on your vacation, or do you have plenty of that ,at home? What about the climate and the elevation of. the place you are considering? It seems ridiculous to me to go to a tropical climate if heat makes you feel ill, or to the high mountains if you are breathbss, sleepless 'and exhausted, at such height. No matter how interesting or charming .the the hot sun might be more like spot, you. will not enjoy it if you do not feel well. Are you going to take the'chil- dren along? If so, you will have to plan a different type vacation than you would otherwise. So many factors enter into this deci sion; whether there is anyone you can leave with them, their 'age and also the temperament and needs of the parents. Different Some parents can go happy-go- lucidly along with the most hectic brood, while others are worn to a frazzle, when traveling with their youngsters. Some husbands and wives need time and rest together, away from the younger members of the family, more than the children need a trip. On the other hand, it'may be well worth the traffic to give the offspring some new experiences and to have a family vacation together. Most of us can remember with love and wonder 'and the vivid impressions of childhood, trips we took with our parents. There are many factors to be weighed if a vacation is to be successful! If you would like to have my leaflet, "Tricks in Camping," send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 69 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow "There are Advantages to Vacation at Home." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) MAGNIFICENT DARIN PAMEU TIFFIN MM- MAflGRET TOM EWEIL See her dance in the big production number "ilsn't Kind ofiFun" Plus: Mr. Magoo Cartoon and "Wonderful (Israel" Shows at 7:00 & 9:30 ELKS 365 PERU FEATURES BILL DRAGLAND Popular Continental Organist FROM CHICAGO'S HOT SPOTS Arid lately PEDRO'S IN WARSAW PILA.TS and SI'NGS from BACH to BOGGY BEGINNING MONDAY, JUNE 4th Nightly Except Thursday Dinner Music 7 to 9 Show and 'Dance Music 9 to 1 Dinning 1 Room and 'Bar Open At $ p. m. Members and Guests Only ANN_LANDERS Complaints About Retired Men Angers /Good Wife' so terrible enjoys Dear Ann Landers: ^Recently you've printed sevei'al letters from women who are pulling .the hair out. of their heads because their retired husbands ..are "in the way." The common complaint seems to be that these •.women can't stand to..have the men around the house. What is a retired man supposed to do—hang himself in the'i'attic on hjs 65th . birthday; so he won't interfere with his wife's club activities? . Some men'don't have a dozen hob-., bies. They just want to stay .a't lome and putter around. They may iind pleasure in yard work, or reading, or. listen- ng to the radio or TV. Is ' this a ' crime? And what's about a husband who marketing with his wife? Too many women are 'pushing their retired husbands into early graves these days because they make them feel like burdens. After a lifetime'of work a man is entitled to stay at home and do nothing if he wants to, A good wife will let him spend; his retired years as he chooses.—WIFE * * * Dear Ann Landers: Our 9-year- old son, John, has a room of his own which is 'always so messy I keep his door closed. It is virtually impossible to clean his room because he collects everything under the sun. Yesterday I got fed. up with all. the junk. My mother is coming to visit and I want our house to be orderly—ALL of it. So I threw out everything—the stones, • rocks, jars of dirt from different states, twigs and favors from parties he attended.two years ago. When John came home he was furious/ He ran to the trash cans to .see if he could save anything. Fortunately everything had been hauled away. He threatened to run away from home. When my husband came from work John rushed to the door and :old him what I had done. My lusband took the boy's side and was shocked. Please help me present my side. Men .don't understand that orderliness is important to a woman. r-JUNK. HATER Dear Junk Hater: Sorry, Mother, you'll get no support from me! Twigs, stones,' jars of • dirt and old Bparty "favors are. as important to a 9-year-bld boy 'as orderliness is to some women.. ' You had "no right to throw out your son's.' precious belongings. He feels you have invaded his private domain and robbed him of his rights. And he is correct. Apologize to the boy. Tell him you :WJ11 not interefer with his collections in.the future; And keep his dpor'-shut if you can't bear to see th'e mess. ' : : •. '•• , •..**» Dear Ann Landers: People come to .you with problems large and, small. This one is small, but I hope you'll find 1 time to answer it.. • . , 'I enjoy reading the .morning paper on my way to work. Usually some well-meaning but thoughtless jerk will sit beside me. and start a conversation, I find myself indulging in small talk just to be polite; Some morning I never get to" my paper and it burns me up. If you can suggest a tactful way to cut off a conversation or.to discourage friendly characters from starting one, I'd be grateful—and so would -millions of. other commuters. Thanks'in advance.—MR. 7:55. ( Dear Mr.: Don't let anything stand between you and your morning paper. Every person-has the right to be left alone and there's nothing rude 'about insist- SKYLINE OPEN 7:00 DIAL 4802 At 8:15 NOW APPEARING AT KOKOMO'iS CASA GRANDE . MISS LOU NORRIS, So ma Recording artist, U ibown above talking to tho "old redhead/' Arthur Godfrey. MIis Harris and her Lou Norrii Quartet appeared on the Godfrey show while they were In New York. Their appearance ah thtt Caia Grande has been waltid on for torn* time now and we know you'll enjoy tham. There Is no covoi* charge/ entertainmont charge nor minimum foe for thli engagsment. Call GL ,77573 for your r«»- ••; : Adv. DISCOUNT DRY CLEANING * PANTS * SKIRTS (Plain) * SWEATERS * BLOUSES * SPORT SHIRTS Bring in any Combination YOU MUST BRING IN QARMENTS OR MORE I DRAPES BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED AND PRESSED 25% OFF WM& CLEANERS 70S NORTH THIRD STREET URGES CUBA INVASION WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. Homer E. Capehart, R4nd., called Sunday'/or a-.U.S. military inva- of Cuba to oust Fidel Castro's Communist regime. Capehart, in a radio interview, said it did not.'make sense to send- troops .10,000 miles away to Thailand and not send Chuckles in The News IN DOUBLE TROUBLE BARCELONA, 'Spain (UPD- Prof. Camilo' Doria Marti signed a housebreaking complaint against one of his students Sunday after he burst into his men- Cuba only 90 miles from the Unit- tor's home and demanded return " — ';of an examination paper with a passing grade. FAIL TO STOP PROVIDENCE, R.I. CUPD- Two cars collided Sunday at a ed States. ing on that right. If some insensitive hulk starts up a conversation simply say "You MUST read this" then hand him a part'of the paper. Wheft you've finished with your section, trade with him. , ; To learn how to keep your boy friend in line without losing him, send for ANN LANDERS', booklet, "Necking and Petting—And How v Far To' Go," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long,, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, sell-addressed envelope. 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. downtown intereection. One bore the license plate WHIZ and the other GO-99. POP TUNES OUT NORTH SHIELDS, • England CUM) — The Rev. Thomas Douglas has turned down the bride who requested that two tunes by a pop singer be played at her wedding. The Mr. Rev. Thomas said they couldn't be played on the church organ. 'PICK WRONG VICTIM NEW YORK. (UPI) - Two men' were arrested Sunday for picking the pocket of Harold L. O'Hea. O'Hea was on his way to work —as a policeman. Monday Evening, June 4, 1962. CROSSWORD PUZZLE An ' w " *° s ' turd< y'' "<•«'• ACROSS 1-lmitates G-One, no matter which 8-Glrl's name 12-Dispatchcd 13-Pedal digit U-l'hus 15-Mexican shawl 17-Older 19-Muse at poetry 20-Narrow Inlet of the sea 21-Obtains 23-The swectsov • 24-Exlaf. 2G-Shuts noisily 28-Organ o£ hearing 31-A slate (abbr.) 32-Mohammedan name 33-Sun god 34-Deface iJfJ-Squandcr 38-AVeaken 39-Goddess of discord ^.-Direction 43-Start IE-Harvest* 48-Rugged mountain crests 50-SewJnff implement 51-Eoundary 52-Tlmo gone by 54-Tumult fifi-Coneumes BG-DoIty 57-Carpenter's tools DOWN - 1-The commas-Equal • 3-Anger 4-DecIartt B-Dined 6-Ncgatlve 7-Altirmatlvo S-Natura spirit •J-Hairy ' Ill-Man's namo ll-Nob!eman 16-VesselB 18-Newls 22-Strlkps 23-Cbcmlcal compound 24-Limi) 25-lnlet 27-Beverago 2il-Macaw 80-Knock 35-Temporary ruler 3G-Mathcmatl- cal ratto 37-ChaIIenge 38-Placeii tor combat iO-Coremonles 42-Prophcts 43-Large bundlo 49-Slnlc In ,44-Silkworm middlo 46-Furrow 50-Bow 47-Places 53-proc«<l 12. IS 19 3-1 21 35 26 36 32 17 18 20 37 42 28 3B DlBtr. by United Feature Syiidlcnte, Inc.. / 10 33 MISHAP KILLS G.I. HONOLULU (UPI) - The first American soldier sent to Thailand in the emergency airlift from Hawaii has been killed in a truck accident, an Army spokesman said. The spokesman said the private first class was killed while riding in a truck Saturday night. His name was willilield until relatives were notified. ifss in this emblem there is STRENGTH.... & Symbol of financial fitness, this emblem signifies First Federal's membership in the Federal Home Loan Bank System. FHLB membership helps to assure uninterrupted service for savers and home seekers, despite seasonal variations in savings supply and home loan demand. Created by Congress in 1932, FHLB is similar in structure and purpose to the Federal Reserve System for commercial banks. 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