Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 11, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 8
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U. S. Submarine S-28 | Montgomery Tells U. S. First Army Opened An Attack Against St. Lo Accidentally Lost With Crew Of 60 Washington, July 11—(UP)—Tho Navy announces thiil. tin? 'Jl-y'eiir- old submarine S-2S WJLM nr<:l:lty:it- ally lost lrv the Puclfic ren.Mi.tly wiiile engtigL'd i [1 1 raining exercises with a compliment cstlmuled a,; nbout CO men. The -skipper was Tjiei.iton. Commander Jnclc Gordon Campbell, of Chicago, who would have boon 29 on Augu«t If'th. T.he Navy snys the depl.h or water rnnke.i it impossible to salvage the submarine nnd hopo I ins bi>i'r» abandoned for the recovery of the missing personnel. Tliero are iu> survivors. The Navy adds th!i.t an investigation IA now In progress Inlo the accident, I In; nature of which wns not disclosed. There is no indic.'i- lion Just where dlic accident occurred. The S-28 wa.« the 25th U. S. submarine lost from all cause.; in this war and wax .the second lo be lost during; training exercise*. The R-l- prcvlounly was lo.-u in June, liM.'l, in (ruining exercises off Uie U, S. east const. Armies They Are Firm And Secure (Ily UnlN'd J'rcss) Navy Seaman Killed By Lightning While On Patrol Duty Weymouth, M.-iss., July :l|.-(UPl --Thi? Navy has rol'-ast-d I h» mini" of a si'nman killed by a. lightning bolt while ho an<l a bucUly won* on patrol duty at thi> South Weymouth Air Station. Tin- victim wns Alexander T-oik;i of Parma, Ohin. Loilca's companion was critically Injured by the lightning. His narjif IN withheld. Two war sentry dons walking in an open area with tho sentrii.'S filso w*vr" kilUv! by lightning. The accident iwciim«d last night, hut has just, been annntincod by the iVfivy, Htivoa rii fully in 1C countries. bi 1 :' is grown of thi! Latin-Amurioaiv While l.hi» British were -.-uccc:<s- ful in reaching Uic heights over the Orno. savage Nav.l cour.teraiLacks forced tlieiii from r.he village of Maltol— five mlio.'i soul Invest of Cni'ii, Today the Allied commander fil' ground forces in France, British Gc-n-eral Sir Bernard I.,. Monlpfoni- ery, told his armies thiil. they Oisivc ground for -solid satisfaction .with their .accomplishments in N o r- maiuly. Said "Monty": "The battle lias heen fierce. -^Uitth luis beon accomplished. Our gains <have. been djfinitc 'ind curu:rc?ic, We have>ii' 5-1,000' prisoners. We have given the Germans u. tremendous pounding. We are firm and secure. \Vell done. Well done, indeed." A n d speaking of tremendous'- jxitmdir.'gs—mar.'.' limn 1100 -American heavy bombers today ranged deep into southern Germany to strike al the .industrial cily of -Munich. The Flying Forts and Liberators, escorted by a. . largo force of fighiers, hit tho birthplace of Xa7,ism despilc bad weather, the targets hei-ug picked out with the use of instrumentp. There was I'.eavy anti-aircraft, fire, bin no Immediate reports of Gorman aerial opposilion. Hundreds of olhor Allied piano. 1 ; took off from Britain today as t,!i:: weather improved, K-A-! |-I mosquito bombers attacked Berlin ia.n n itch I. . '['here is no U-tup to the Nazis' flying bomb offensive against southern iMigland. .More of the winded torpedoi:s we're launched Uiday, although last night London had its lii-st all night i-espite from robot bombs since the offensive began more than three weeks ago. [ni;identally, a British correspondent reports from the Nor- i mandy front today that the aiv rising tlur robot bomb offensive lo bolster [he morale of their troops. For example, he says, iN'ay.i forces have been told I hat thi: whole of southern I£n;'laiu! has been wrecked and Hint 12 million person;: have Vjeen Killed. 1IUY WAK 1JONHS AND STA^ri'S (By Unltotl New and. suci'iissful American .action is ro|iorted in France today. FiMiit line clispaLches say I.ioute'iip- :>nl Cunural Omar Bi-adley's hard driving t'irft -army ha-j opened nn attack again!;! SI. Lo an,d withhi fe\v hours reached positions lej t.h.-Lii two miles from Lho .town, SI.. ]^o is just about in thu cei Let- of Mio NcyriTULtuly fronl., It's a •important road ceiiiter LLS woll i Na/.i fnrti'ftss in miles south ( C.'irenLnn at the b:isc of Lhc Che boury poiiin.iiila. •A Bril.ish radio corrcspondai says tho Ainoricnns wcn-l. ovon 1 Ih top ru i! o'clock this morning aflc :L terrific ailillery barrage ha hol'tenod the German defense.-. And ho reports they 'are aimin at. bu Lo from Iho niyrl.h and ens-t Earlier American troops had i;ap tured Pont Hebur.t and .Le Moauff —^-four miles noriihwost and fivi milos north of tho fortress town Still 'olher American gains wu'n •scot'od. in otlior secl.ori— south o .La .1-1 ayo du Pulls, where the Yank: prepared for an attack ngainst Lho inland, port of Le-ssay. And soul.h- .wiLi'd along tho Cartenlan to 'Perior.-, highway, with the Americans pulling . up to positions loss than .'Jive miles from Periors itself. At Lho /o.-islorn wing of the Nor- mnndy brittle front, the British and Canadian.* also on Lho move. They've punched their wuy to the •heights ovi.M'looking tlio Orne ri\ l or •spulh of CaeiK ii.nd .ire ncaring the west bank of the river in bil- U.T bullies. Tin; British and Canadian-.-; ;iro- dug in on a, hill c;illed .112, anJ (j'nitud Pri.'ss fror.-t lino <;lisj:>;i.!c,hO-i this morning; say some of the Al- lieu ii'(ju|)s already hiivo hrjgun to work t-lieir way down its slopes. Tlu; G-'i'in.'ins n ro throwing a curtain u'' artillery and mortar shells at Ihem lYitrn the opposite brink. Waves of German inf.1 r.Iry attacked I ho hill last night, and in sonic places mnnuyvd to ronch Ai- liod gun position-.-;. EuL after 00 mimiLos of close qiirirle-r fig-hting I ho Li'T-niiLiiK \voro driven off, a p n<l tilie slopes of the hill were littered with enemy dead. Fifty Naugatuck Food Merchants About, fifty Nnugatuclc retail merclinriU abicndcd- a mectliiiK at' tho Tuttli! Houso.lust riltfht to.-hear.' thrne»OPA officials/discuss prlcc.s,' point values, and regulations. , ' Clurcmont. I. Tollo.s, chairman of the local price, panel, was in clmrxo of l.hc muetin.y, . •. •'-,... •' ; A : pcr!od .followed the 1 talks given by the Hartford officii men, .'c period* thut; proved extremely informative to Uho local dealers' in meats anil groceries'. >1 The meeting' losl. night wa« ,ai4 ranged by il.ho locnl :panel and pic-. sen ted for the purpose of familiar-" ixing rutall jmcrchiints with the O-P-A regulationis.' and cnablliuj: them to keep 'dbreuxt with rimy. new changes 'Uiat might, have occurred in the ration set-up. Waterbury Negro Arrested By Trooper Continues Salary Of Social Worker State Trooper .Carl 'Carlson ar- c'.Htod Thomas Hunter, Negro, .of 17 Lafayette street, Wutorbury,-- his morning. Hun tor was charged with drlv- ng without llrst obtaining a motor 'eniclu.liccnse, and will appear in orough court. Thursday morning. At the meeting of the welfare boarcl lust night, the members of the ^jourd agreed to x continue the sulury of Katherin.! .Brennan at $1,800. per year. Miss BVonnan u-rrvccl us uctlns'.superintendent of. the '.-board 'of welfare, .while 'Superintendent Leo A. Scully served In tho,'armed-forces. ' . Miss Brcnnun will return to her duties. HSU, social worker. ,Thc ; board also deckled, to continue 1 , tho rental price, of $15.00 on boroufh • owned prop'crty oh Rubber avenue. The property 'is rented by-Jp.scph Hanley. ' Regular $10.00 payments on "a 3ack bill are a condition for the continuance o£ the present rental price," ' .... . . Indictments For Twelve Wholesale Liquor Dealers ' Hartford, Conn., July n—(UP)— Twelve liquor 'wholesalers arc charged In Indictments with black market activities Involving $:3,000,000 worth of liquor. The indictments -that Uiu liquor, was distributed to various pai-tii of• the United States — and charged--violation, of. OPA pric* regulations nnd sales in -the black market. DAV Holds Time Saturday Night Experts To Aid Board On Gem (Continued from Page Roosevelt Says He Will Run Again (Continued from Page 3) TheiD. A. V. will .have an entertainment and dance Saturday night at their rooms on Prospect street. Members of the Watcrbury D. A, V: will aho. bc-'-'pr.esent, including James Martoiic. "commander. ; ' Door prizes will be a fifty dollar war bond, and two $25 bonds. The public is invited to attend. fool that I owe to you In candor simple statement of my position. "If tlio convention should carry lis out, and nominated/me for the residency, I shall accept. If the ooplo elect me, .1 will serve. I£vory one of oiir tgons Borving i this war bus officers from whom' he takes .his orders. Such olllcers havo superior olllcers. Tho president is the commander in chief and ho, too, has -his superior ofll- cor—tho people of the United.. States. . . ' • ' i ' "1 would accept nnd servo, but. I would not run. in tho usual partisan, political sense. But if'the people command mo to continue In this olllco and in this war, I have as little right' to withdraw as the- soldier has to Icavo his post the lino." •. Tho president's-letter then con- tinned in this vein:— 1 "At tho same time, I think I havu a right to say to you and to the delegates to 'tho coming convention something • which ,is purely personal. ' . "For myself, I do not want to. run. By next spring, I shall have boon president and cornmander-in- chicf of the armed- forces for 12 I years—throe times elected by the people of this country under the American constitutional system, "From the personal point of view, I believe that our economic system is on a sounder, more human basis than. it. was at the time of my tlrst inauguration. ' "It is perhaps , unnecessary to say that I'bav'c thought only of the good of the American people. My principal objective, as you know, has been the protection of the rights and privileges and fortunes of what-has been so well called the average o£ American citizens. "After many years of public service, therefore, my p e r s o n a 1 thoughts have turned to the day when I could return to civil life. Waste Paper Drive July 24,25 (Continued from Page 1) CO- per cent of its paper snlva, •quota, a record that Is fai-N ahw of many other communities In tho state.. , On 'Monday, July 2-1, thu collection will b<; made on tha CILSI side of tho borough and will a!:\-> include .Bristol Terrace. The oast side was the weak sister in the collection of..two months ago, but is expected to do much better in the next- paper salvage collection ef- ! fort. 'Stores on the east' side are asked to place thoir paper and cardboard on the curb in front of. their places of business and the •trucks will .make these pickup,- •\vhen 'in tho neighborhood for the .house to house collection; •' On Tuesday, July 25. the collection will bo mode on. the west side of the borough, The west, sid tho past has done magnificent work in all salvage drives and this time is expected .to really cmt- do former efforts. Stores-, in the .west side area should leave paper and cardboard on the curb and the pickup will b" mado the same day. Chairman Pager hopes'that tho record tota! nf no tons will bo reached in the Paper Salvage Collection, a mark that Naugauiek has boon shooting at for some months, but never' -has quite equalled. • Mr. Fager stated that if every "Naugotuck resident and store head will cooperate to the fullest cxtont in, the Paper Salvage collection hero on July 24 and 25, that thtie 1 is no doubt that the collection will be' one of tho largest ever made In a town the six.e of Nauga'.ur.k. HCS OFF ON HIS FIFTY-FfFTH MISSION There he goes ngnin — out to pour more destruction on the Axis — once more to face the death of enemy fighters and fink! Ho won't hesitate to go out on IPS fifty- sixth or liis hundred and fifty- sixth mission. He knows he might not conic bnck, but he ketps on going — giving more nnd more until the Hitler nnd Tojo crews arc ready to "call it quits." This is only you>• fifth mission — and a mission which is mighty easy in comparison with the ones he makes every week. Stny in the t'^ic by welcoming the Victory Volunteers— at least doublcyour Bond purchasesand tlicr'i keep on.Yourbuying means "bombs a way" for the Axis! - BUY MORE 1 HAM BEFORE THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED BY NAUGATUCK'S CERTIFIED DRUG STORES: Donovan's Olson Drug Store Prescription Pharmacy 217 Church Street Tel. 4125 Albert R. Adams 2 Church Street Tel. 2680 174 Church Street Tel. 3341 Naugatuck Drug Co. 1 No. Main St. Tel. 4288 Parks Drug Co. 67 Rubber Avenue Tel. 2854 Edward J. Sodlosky 411 North Main St. Tel. 4921 All that is within me cries out to go back to my home on the Hudson river, lo avoid public responsibilities, -and >to'avoid also the publicity which in bur democracy follows every step of the nation's chief' executive. ' . "Such would be my-' choice. But wo of this generation chance to live in a day and hour when our nation has boon attacked, and when its future existence and the future existence o£ -our chosen method of government are at stake "To win this war wholeheartedly unequivocally and as quickly 1 as we can is our task of tho first im portance. To win this war in such a way that there bo, no further world wars in the foreseeable future Is our second objective. To provide occupations, '.arid; to provide a decent standard of living for our men in the armed forces after tho war, and for all Americans, arc the final objectives. "Therefore, reluctantly,. but as a good soldier, I repeat that I will accept and serve in this oMlcc, If I am so ordered by the commander-in-chief of us all—the sovereign people of the United. States. "Very sincerely yours, "Franklin D. Roosevelt." -That was . the letter President Roosevelt wrote to Chairman Robert E. Hannegan, of the , Democratic national committee. Mr. Roosevelt read his letter to newsmen at his regular conference with Washington correspondents. But before ho made known .his position, the president first ordered the doors of his olllce locked to prevent correspondents from stampeding to the telephones. Thus, Mr. Roosevelt's renomina- tion is assured. But the position of Vice-President Wallace Is up in the air. Now that the president has announced his own position, in advance of the convention, it appears that the choice of a candidate for vice-president will be entirely up to tho delegates, when the Democrats met in Chicago, starting July 19. ' ' It's reported 'that Vice President Wallace might himself say something tonight or tomorrow which would take him'out of the race. There also are reports that Whltn House advisors are booming Su- premo Court Justice William O. Douglas.for the second spot on. the Democratic ticket. -, ' Rep. Painter In Formal Statement (Continued from Page 1) clared thai there is not as much money in theator operation us miiy appear to the uvcruRC citi/.un. Mr. .Finscl and Mr. Durkin conferred with Mr. Pu.slio on the matter of a possible fuel s!iorlnj;e making it Impossible Tor the bor_ oiife'll to maintain a normal heat ut till times in Iho Gum .theater and Lo find out how the theater owner would rcuct under this possibility. Mr. Pasho slate that he would not sue the borough in th«> mutter of lack of heat,-,- even .though it i.s specified in the lease, but would plan- on closing the theater one duy a week if a fuel shortoge materialized. Much l.ime was tn.ken up in reading opinion of two former borough attorneys' on the matter of WK!far« Board jurisdiction in th.: matter of the li>its« ol' thu theater, mid one inl<:rcsting point: .indicated ^ that if il so dcsirud, Ihe Board Warden and Burgesses could in validate any luusc passed by 111 Welfare Board.. It wns also siate< however, that tin; Borough Bo.'ir as a nil.; ulwu.y.s went along wit tin; idoa.s of the minor boards. The board finally-agreed that th services of an expert on heatin, co.sts should be procured in orde that the board may have some thing concrete to go along will Wai-den Erophy insisted that th boari.1 indicale if it would abide b; the decision of this expert on th costs, and not merely waste UT taxpayer's money with the survey, Bonrd ' members Indicated thol they would accep! the report of th expert, in good faith and be guided on the lease accordingly, ;\nu Warden Brophy uhd Supcrin-ten- U.jnl. Scully were appointed n. committee of two to huvsj the heating survey made. Welfare board, members did r.ol scorn too anxious 10 got. down to brass Licks on tilie matter of the lease 1 , and each .lime when 'matters approached -the voling slage, Uiere seemed to be a-great denl of con- .vei-.;ation' in order. The final, decision lo await another month on.the lease and get tho opinion of expe.-l.s in several fields to aid their interpretations seemed [.o give board members a great feeling of satisfac-| tion, and one member slal.ed tha til is move should'have been ma 12 years ago. " If matters had come down to vote on the lease, on a yes or n basis, the decision might.have be; very close as William Mariano, R publican member, was absent las ROGERS-PEET FINE CLOTHES TAILORED IN THE NEW YORK MAN.J NER WERE DESIGNED PRIMARILY^ FOR THE COUNTRY'S BESI* GROOMED MEN — NEW YORKERS But the country at large demanded them I and well groomed men are no longer cohl:rf fine'd to New York city only—from Maine,^ '•'•• to California you'll find the important menjj of each community wearing Rogers : Peet fine clothes as gracefully as a native Hew ; . Yorker-^-and appreciating their good poinU;' as were -Rogers-Feet good clothes $55 to $95. ' LOVINE ELECTRIC CO.' Church Str«l DANCERS! "FILTO-KMSEN" WATER FILTER FRIDAY, SATURDAY t* SUNDAYS We Present FRAXK CAPALBO And KAI-fMA ISr..\-VDEBI liuwailun Orchentn your family N lii.-uJUi' Flllo-lilei-n and purifiOK your drink- water. Kasily attached to any faucet. White Eagb Restaurant BRIDGE STREET V TEMI'LETON'S CORNER WATERBCRY DIAL 4080 (No Toll Charge) . Member of Connecticut: Restaurant night, and tlio other mambe seemed about divided in their opin ion of the situation. in our legislative functioning. As a member of this.committee I was instrumental in the libur.altziition of the Workmen's Compensation and ' Unemployment Compensation statutes; also tho act guaranteeing state employees their own jobs and seniority rights when released from tho armed forces. This committee also granted time and a half overtime pay to State Highway employees for tho first time" '.'In local- matters I, with my .colleague Mrs. Anna Eric, was instrumental in the passage of the following-Public Acts concerning Naugatuck: .CD A pension- for Captain Lyman Lamphcrc, the oldest paid member. In length of service in the fire department. (2) Setting up) of a pension system for tho paid members of tho Naugatuck fire department—This is a contributory system, and will eliminate personal pension bills in fhis department. • (3) A permissive act paying burgesses "for each . regular . meeting attended. Approved by referendum May 19.13.—This was enacted to Improve attendance at. meetings and carry on the borough, business ,in a more thorough manner. "A b"irl was submitted, but not passed, eliminating the necessity of signing property lists oach year. This wns net enacted because of the then deplorable, conditions in the assessors' office, .some of which have improved as a result of recommendations by the Str.te Tax, Commissioner." I. believe these reasons sufficient , to ask. the support of all members of., the Republican party for, my candidacy." KEEP YOUR EYES — ON — Grand St. WILL SOON BE THERE!! In The Meantime— OUR CENTER ST. STORE IS NOW CLOSED I WATCH NEWSPAPERS FOU IOPISNTNG ANNOUNCEMENT C5 GRAND ST. (former Soars Rochuck ^Locution) IIAI.L- CHINA TABI.E LA'Ml'S I $8.95 to $29.95 ffnusiire CKNTEB ST. .DIAL.3-27H2 Naugatuck's 100th Year Your Savings Bank Passes Another Milestone And Reports Total Resources Of Over 510,000,000 A TRIBUTE To The THRIFT and SAVINGS of . Naugatuck People NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years Great Oak Farm OXFORD ROAD Tel. 5«M9; MILK — EGGS Delivery To AH Parts Of Naugutuck Too Late To Classify 11 tost And Found BUNCH of key», all uutoniobllc .. keys. Near New Dam Sunday. Reward. Telephone 3484. For over 100 years this plant has coi tinuously served our nation with qualil footwear and other fine rubber products,"! both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER Naugatuck Footwear Plant > NEW BICYCLES > BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES ' GARDEN FERTILIZER 1 LAWN FERTILIZER , HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO Ch-uiiN Your OH Tank ''• Conditions Your Car Motor CHIMNEY SWEEP CloniiH Furnace Flue* OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT Trniwparcnt Filler iuul 4 Color. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. : . Phone 5236

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