Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 11, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 7
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TUMPAY, JULY 11, 1844 NAUQATUOK DAILY NEWS Page Swen t WANT ADS - - Employment Employment In p,y PERSONNEL OFFICE A ' ROOM til Ki/n>N MOTEL STABILISATION PLAN '"•"SCTKlW MACHINE HKM'RRS , TOOL MAKKKS DAY SHIFT STABILIZATION PLAN APPLY .THOMASTON MFG. CO. TlfOifASTON. CONN. 'ii,-l|i Wuiiti-il—KiMimln 2 Jlvlfi WunUul—l''ninule- CASHIEJl WANTED EVENINGS' ' APPLY PERSONNEL ROOM 111 ELTON HOTEL STABILIZATION PLAN iu Wuutetl— Male or Female Announcements Lout And Found HAVING LOST my KM ratio book "A" iaatied me by the loca rationing board, 'I hereby til application 'for'a new-one. '•'• EARL DOUTY. NIGHT CLERK MALE o.- FEMALE 11 P. M. TO 7 A. M. APPLY PERSONNEL OFFICE, ROOM 111. HOTEL ELTON STABLIZATION PLAN LOST—Monday afternoon, In Mur pdy's utorc, wallet containing sum of money In bills. Reward Mrs. Frank Rueln, 102 .Maple street, or call 3255. Announcement I . u nav — 1» ilit clrunlnK »»<! rtiwl- few hour.* u weok. Good Apply NiuiKuluclc Dully Tel. 32M. \VATTR10SS * i'. M.T0.1 A. LV HOSTESS S K'lTCHEN K/.TOX HOTKL M. •U \VuntiHl: I* lioiim, ' v ' >l! - Food and wage City Uineh. 9 Nu. St. •jl ,VA1TKKS " day* P<" r TEACHERS STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Making Footwear Duriii!,' Summer Months IIKI.l' WANTED—HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS AND BOYS DURING VACATION; ALSO PART TIME MAN AND WOMAN. GOOD PAY, VERY -PLEASANT WORK. EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY. APPLY PETER PAUL, INC." NEW HAVEN RD. PHONE 020.1. MONUMENTS Special pricoi on All Memorial* IV. RICHARDS 260 So. Muln Bt, Nuugatuck Automotive 14 AutUH Fur Suit) J-IOUSEMAN, MAID, .WSHWASHER APPLY PERSONNEL OFFICE ROOM HI 12LTOX HOTEL STABILIZATION PLAN DODGE — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Soles Service Parto, Accessories Mnlcolnv A^ 7 . Starr Corp. •18S Watertown Ave. Dial 5-1140 For Sale HOUNCM For Sitle FOB SALE—Hurry! Hurry! Vu- cant 6 room one family house, nil Improvements, 2 car garage, nice lot, reasonably price. Located nt 02 Hotchldss street. Patsy Ljibrlola, realtor, 172 High strtet. Phone 3-i:iS or 5834. 1940 Sttiilebaker Stxlnn, radio, heut- iM', good tires, (food condition. Price J800. Call or wrllo '.Stanley Kijlb, Hunter's Hill, Naugatuck. USED CARS at new ceiling prices or lo»n. PA CXABD-WATEBBUBY, INC. 480 Watnrtown Ave. Dial 4-C109 Add Similes: Effective as » News Want Ad. Automotive 14 AutoH For Sule 'IU4U Chryttltir — WlniMor JDoLnxti good condition, • private . owner Telephone Wtby, 3-4033! "'v ; Auto* Wanted, We Will Pay You Ceiling irPrice 1 -; . ... . c *; ,.i.:y, -i' ,*• •'-: For YourcCar »' ANY MODEL ANY MAKE FREE MOTORS,! INC. 492 N. MAIN'ST. NAUG, Merchandise ,/\i t . '. • • .FOR-SALE!-! . A .EC- •yyiishbr : KdBy ^Washer ' , . ' • Jfamilton Beacon Vacuum Clcanei •. ' '. Electrir. Iron .Francis Fn'.rmtiire Co. ' 4-1!) NORTH MAIN STRRET '. Telephone 3000 SPECIAL E ''l"ff in y nll .'••''• . iui'ementa and we will cover your- Illonr with linoleum within :i:wo days. .. Boston Fiiviiitiii'c Qu. ' 188 So. .Main St. Wtby.' .Tel. -1-0]37 29 Witnted To "Buy safe depuNlt Iio-xc« wanted. Highest-'.cash ' prices paid. Wire collect, write or plione-whut you have to "offer: J. E. Murphcy, Republic '008-1; 815 Yeatman Avo., Webster Grbvoit 19, Mo. Merchandise MlHCCtlUIlCOIIN ; APPROXIMATELY 3 TO 4 ACRES OF STANDING RYE for sn\f — in Prospect For further: details TEL. 3-8680—9 A. MI-C P. M. WEEKDAYS BABY—Cur ncatu, Pluy penn, bulhl- netts, cribs, high chulrs, Kantwct mattresses, toys. THE RADIO SHOP 180 Grand St. Watcrbury Merchandise Services so. MlHColluncous I TYPEWRITERS ADDING. MACHINES Rose & 'Morton, 71 Center St. • Watorbuvy -1-9120 301) Musical LATK MODEL Jlolmrl |{rcx;«ry .store scale and coffee machine. Like new. Reasonable. To), 08CJ. 130 Cliff St. ONJ2 STOHK Refrigerator, Moor and- scales. T. J. Monfjimb.iull, 532 North Muin, street, Union City. Tel. 2C83. Contractors | CALL 2810—If you .havo.'anything I 'to sell.-Singer,, sewing machines, bicycles, .-old • furniture, rags or junk. Right prices paid. Tulntlng 'AVKli HANGING and ,-Pulntlng, \y. ' F. Cota, 17 Cedar Street, Tel. 5-lca. •'•' I Merchandise Bit Farm Machinery HIUS — CarrlUK^N, 1'lay rend, Large selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE . 73 GRAND ST. Wtby." JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP We buy, null, exchanger ami all kinds of.'instruments'. Lowest x pj-iqes in lh<- city. 380-382 So. . Mnin St., Watljy, Conn. Animals Poultry And KKKH BARRED ROCK CHTCKENS 'More Than Half. Grown First Come First Served l'J3 Elm Street Phone 51S1 .10 IIOFNOH 11HOWN nnd While Pintu—Wost- crn saddle bury 3-2077. horse. Call Water- Later .May Be Too Late — Order Lost Ads at Once! Servian' KXCKLLENT H —ADcn'.s Upholster; nj? Studio, 1 Grand Street, "Watcrbury.' Dial ' 3» Wanted To It«:n<Jc;r .Scrvlc«»". KLRCTIUCAL Hc t >Hirl»K Service Appliances a- specialty. Ray Decltcr, -102 N. Main St..Tel. 4000. ATTENTION JttecCrfilUK Owaera —Repair*, genuine P*rt» *nd service. By bonded IClectrolux Man. I. NlBsen. , 3 'TtreU- Av». Telephone 4322.. . GHAUOSKI'S Radio Itepiilr Shop. Radio's expertly repaired, moderate p.'-icos. 'Phone 5C17. •Ill And Dyeing 'KIKVMAN'S Naugatuck's Great Dry Cleaning Firm, offers its first class di-y cleaning not, only in family gar- mcntR, bul. blankets, rugs a>nd OU)or specialties in this field. KIEVMAN'S TO Church Street IJU2 SAWYER ROY CRAKE IcCOIlMACK - Ueorln'K Tractor model 1020; 2 1-2 horse power Jaeger water pump, 8,000 gu pur hour. T. J, Montambault, 532 North Main St., Union CiLy. Tel 2683. . Experience v Unnecessary APPLY AT United States Employment Service 123 Bank St. Wfilerlmry, Conn. : Stabilization Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. '.Vandaluck Foot.\vonr Phmt ONE-FAMILY. 0 room IIOII.HC. 2- car garage. $-1000.00. Two-family h o ti s o, Highland avnnue; two- family .houie, Hoadley 'street; one-family house, Spring street. John Mealy, IIS Church street. Tel. 3031. RATES ARE SMALL; RESULTS ARE LARGE —— ClusHl/led Ad Raton NKW S-KOOM cotluKO, .vacant i also S-ROOM bungalow with three quarters acr^ land; new 10-ROOM 2-family house on West sklt>. A ShupNiy, Telephone 2-133. Words Lines 1 Day Prepaid Charge 3 Dnys Prepaid Charge G Days Prepaid Charge AND THE DUTCHMAN Will FURNI9U OAS FOR THE KITVRN HOP. ANY QUESTIONS, BUZ T vis. "I'VE BEEN WONDERING WHY THEY DIDN'T USE .FOR THEY DID. SAWYER— SIX NIGHTS AGO. ITFAIlfD TO RITURN. WE'Rt TRYING TO OOT- SMART 'EM BY USING ONE "' TN El ft OWN PLANES. PERSONAILY, I'D RATHER BE IN SAIPAtf. TOO MANY THING* HAVE BEEN GOING WRONG AT HALMAHERA. POR ALL t KNOW, WE MAY BE WALKING INTO A TRAP. TIMI. TO TAKI Off, SAWYER. ARC MOW READY. SIR? A JOLLY THOUGHT, I»NT IT? ETTA K.KTT nonrasoN 1 to .27 .30 .03 .90 1.08 1C to 20 .36 .84 1.20 1.44 1.H2 NAUCATUCK CONN, Tel. 4-2762 for a LOAN (A»k for Mr. Wiill) Thi-si; nrn busy days ... if you huv.- u.Hf; for CASH to m»^'t at-nsonal needs: T^ut-'l, CUitliin^s, Emi'i'K.«ncIcs. you will fintl the telephone a jfi-fcat tlriif.'-Haver. A loan of $100 costs $l9., r >0 when reptUd In 12 I'Ciuul principal coniocutivt: monthly Install- menU. PT1ONE •1-27C2 FOll SALE—Two fuinlly IIOIIHC, II rooms, 2 car garage and barn. All Improvements, Lot 84. x 160. At a.sacrifice. Tel. 3-5-163, Bridgeport. TWO-Fumlly liou*f, all Improve- niiir.ts, extra large lot. 1 Apply 47 Highland avenue. Tel. 3C2S.. • • Wanted To Buy FIV.K or « room ,!IOUN« with mod- urn improvements, Fairly new. Box N-O, care of News. , 4 , iJind For Sale Building lot, 120 by IIMI feet on Shirley -Ureet, txvo miles from Naugatuck OIY New Haven road. Price $100. Call Waterbury 4-4551. 21 to 25 6 2(i to 30 fi 31 to 35 7 3G to 40 8 41 to 45 9 46 to 50 . 30 • or to 05. 11 J 50 to ; GO , 12 -| ,45 .00 | .34 .72 | -.63 .84 '| .72 .96 | .31 1.08- | .90 . 1.20 .- | • ..' .-.99 .;,1.32 . | ' LOS" . 1M4.- ."|. 1.05 1,26 1.47 1.C8 1,89 240 2,31 . - 2,52 . 1.00 ; 3.80 | 2.10 | 2.40 | 2.70 | 3.00 | .3.30 ;| • .'3.00 |_ l.SO 2. 1C . 2.52 - 2;ss 3.24 3.60 3.96 , . 4.3Z 2.4.0 •;' ' 2,88 3,36 • 3.84 4,32 . 4,-JiO 0.28 • • S.76. If "paid" within" one "week after 'Insertion, advertisement will • ' . " ••• ; considered-as prepaid; • be HIOAUTIFUL—View'H, brook, stiiJe road. 15 acn>a, $2,750. 12. C. Barber, Groycotu, Woodbury. Tel. 159 For Rent tVunt<<d TCI Kent Aleutian Bases Get A New One: Dust Storms or (Ive rooinn wunted to rent by two ndultM. Address Box "J" in care of News ofllce. To Lot ON JVKW HAVJ-iN lloild, it co-/.y furnished apart.rnenL for couple or twondults. Apply 74U So. Main street. Tel. 2C38. TH'O-Jiooin upuiiinvnt, furiilHhed, for light lioLiaelteeping. Electricity, KQ- 4 . hot \vator, air-condl- lloned. Call Walby. 3-9457. SIX r.OOM IIUIINO, five furnished. Bristol Terrace. Couple without children. Tel. 272.1 Naug. TWO HUODIH, «iu< double, onu »ln- frlc. Apply at 17 Cedar St. PRIVATE BUCK By RUSSELL ANNABEL United Prosd Strttf Correspondent An Advanced Aleutiofn Base (U1" J )—The oldtimers around here used to congratulate themselves on tKivinfr sur\')vcd everythlnfe' in the weather man's book—wind, .snow, ice, rain, and fog. But when the Aleutians came up with dust storms the oldtimers thought they'd had more than enough. What we've had along the island chain in the way of dust storms would make the refugees from the Oklahoma dust bowl feel right at home. There was enough real estate in the air 2>l hours n day to. build a new island chain. The Army engineers 1 have been engaged fur two years here in one of the largest dirt-moving operations ever carried out anywhere, but the recent Williwaws arc showing Uiom nome new tricks. The engineer* took the tough Inland sod off and moved mountains to make room for military Installations, and with the sod off and the land and volcanic ash exposed, the wild Aleutian winds started in where the cnginccra quit. The Iroopn here, finding Hand in their food, their beds, their equipment arid .their clothes, have come up with a new theory as to how these batHo-scarrcd islands originally were formed. They arc convinced now that they blew in froni Siberia. Some of these bases, among the most powerful In the Pacific, unquestionably will be maintained in strength in peacetime, and already commanders arc realizing that unless the dust problem is licked they will not be popular stations. They arc wondering what sort of vege tation can be planted to bind the soil and prevent it from blowing-. "I'll bet you," said a transport •pilot, "that the week after Japan :folds up, they'll put us to work flying in something that never wan- flown before—grass seed and fertilizer." Allied Planes Hit Japanese With Rockets NATURALIZED AT 10 V^'AnythinB to molt* m* hungrter, Boek-Hb nqm» «>und» lik* Hothi Hathl" Back the Attack — Buy Bonds Lynn, Mass.. (UP;—The youngest naturalised citizens In the United States in 10-year-old Colette H. Ducettc. A native of St. Raphael,. Que., Colette would- not have been eligible for naturalization until she reached IS it she had not been adopted legally by Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Ducette. LOSKK LOSES HIS SHIRT Muskogee, Ikla. (U P) — When the Oklahoma department of the American Legion meets in Enid In September, the Muskogee, Okla., post cooiniahdcr will take along a Dover, N. J. (UP)—Japanese in the China-Bui-ma-Inclia war tlio- •ater have a new worry—Ihe "flying bazooka," an Army Orclnncc rocket, which is being used by Allied dive bombers deadly effect, Col. W. E. Lamed, Picatlnny Arsenal commandant, reveals. A recent combat report from the Far East related how eight planes loaded with rockeU and bombs screamed into 400-mile-an-hour dives, shot Uleir rockets into enemy installations, then pulled out and joined in a strafing- 1 pattern.) Allied ground troops, who \Vci-e In a "hot spot," according't'o tlio report, had a chancu lo retreat' Utie: to tile rocket runs. They reported! that the flying bazookas did-tremendous damage. • ' Stationary .targets, such ns ware houses, ure ".sitting ducks" for the flying bazookas and airmen- e-an pick them off one by one. One pilot In six tries set five Japanese ware houses afire. '• '- ""' Moving targets, such as-'locomotives and enemy aircraft, however, require a different 'technique and pilots usuklly let go with all rockets at once, almost guaranteeing a hit. So far, six enc;my locomotives in the Chinese-Burma-India area have been destroyed, Col. Lamed said. Although at first rockets and ibombs could not be carried at the same time, rocket launchers now can be attached easily to wings, leaving the bomb .racks intact. Soup Ladle Saves Man Stuck In Well Tacoma, Wash. (UP)^-Soiip ladles have an increased value for Roy L. Stephens of Tacoma, since lie used one -i.o extricate himself from a caved-in well. Stephens had gone down into Ihe well to clean It out and the earth walls caved in around ihim,.;.bui ; y^- ing him up lo his .hips', -.Deputy sheriffs, called to the scene, placed timbers across the well and lowered a rope, but they were, unable' lo free the man without possibility of a further cove-in. Use ir .of. a. large tool for digging- wpufd .ha'vn'' been equally dangerous^ There- Fore, Ihey lowered a soupHadlt to Stephens. • , . Spoonful by spoonful, StepihooB removed the' dirt from .iirountf. his egs and pulled himself. .iriipA ./.' pair of scissors, .His post defeated the Oklahoma City Capitol n . Hill joat in a membership .drive- and .he winner has the privilege of clipping- the Bhirt tall of the loser. HOP ON ROAEO IF ETTA CAN TAKE THAT SAILOR. ALON3 FOE: HOW W5 GONNA GO FOR A BOAT RIDE" WITHOUT GAS? J VJEQOT .THELUMCH.' TAKE THE SWEETS OFF TWE BUNKS AND (2i<3 UP A SAIL.' SKCKET. AGENT X9 . By ROBERT STORM HAD A LITTLE TROUBLE WITH THAT •YOU SENT HE*E — HE'S A COP.' WE HAD TO ^_CUT THE WlRH, la HCNEV, ANOTJJgg BEEN HAKJ6IM6 CLUB FOR I—I THINK I TOLD YOU KOT TO COM£ VOO CLUB? TRIED PHONE'.., OPgRATOR BABNKY GOOGLE AND By BILC.V DE .BKCK ' ALL TOEM TO FEED ' SET EfV\ OUER WVftRFERi SUPPER WI1',MAM U1TT 11 IK CK.AKKNCE C.KAt I AM .NOT BEATEN NOT 'YET - PILGRIM/ -YOU ASKED- m AND' SKEETEK MITCHELL'S THEW TEAM!! WE'S BATTIN' IN THE CLEAN-UP. POSITION ANP HE NEVEP HITS LESS THAM A POUBLE;; PONT WORRV "SLUSSER", WHAT! HEAP HE MAY NOT EVEN HAVE A TURK) AT BAT" / HIS BUS I BUSTER-; V HIT > HE COMES UP WITH ^--r BASES — v sow TO PINCH ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT. TOMORROW'S THE BLUEBIRDS"?

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