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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa • 2

Mason City, Iowa
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE JULY 17 E3 1933 TWO I IN DAY'S NEWS i 8ALB0, FLYERS FOUR KILLED IN IOWA ACCIDENTS bruised when their car, driven by Forest Grimes, alo of Colesburg, collided with a machine driven by Merton Maas of Delhi. Maas and George Brownell of Nelson, were taken to a Manchester hospital where they were treated for cuts. THRILL CHICAGO reduce the supply, particularly mentioning Russia as a poi-sible outlet in view of the recent financing by the Reconstruction Finance corporation of the sale of a large order of cotton to the soviet government. Dr. A.

G. Black, corn-hog administrator from Washington, will attend the conference with Guy C. Shephard, who is in charge of meat processing agreements. Seventy-six delegates from Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Missouri will attend the conference. jured in the barnyard.

The bull punctured Grossman's chest with its horns. John Heller of Onawa was taken to a Sioux City hospital with rib fractures, severe cuts on the arm and a possible skull fracture after his car skidded and overturned twice on Lakeport road two miles northeast of Sergeant Bluff. Injured In Collision. Five persons were injured last night in a headon automobile collision east of Manchester. Helen Cravin of Des Moines and Helen Wilson of Colesburg were cut and trators here tomorrow to undertake the most difficult problem yet encountered in applying the act to regulation of the nation's crops.

They have the assurance of Henry A. Wallace, secretary of agriculture, that regulation of corn and hog production will be much more difficult than the problems encountered in setting up the wheat and cotton plans, the only two on which work has been done to date. The Illinois and Minnesota delegations to the conference are reported to favor development of the export market for pork in order to CORN AND HOG PLAN IS SOUGHT Producers of Midwest Will Meet Economists at Des Moines. DES MOINES, July 17. Corn and hog producers will meet with economists and farm act adminis Honors Heaped on Italian Armada at Century of Progress.

Suffers Broken Ankle. JOICE, July 17. Mrs. Daniel Dahlby is suffering a broken ankle she received when Bhe fell down the stairs Friday. She will be unable to be around for three weeks.

By W. EAKL HALL GIobe-Gamte Managing Editor Mishaps Over Sunday Cause Injuries to More Than Dozen Others. By ASSOCIATED PRESS Four persons were killed and more than a dozen others were injured In Iowa accidents over Sunday. The dead: Mrs. N.

It. Sackett, Tekamah, Xebr. Lois Pauk, 20 months, Laurens, Angello Bulgarelli, 45, Ankeny. CHICAGO. Julv 17.

Arrival of! Gen. Italo Balbo and his armada of seaplanes Saturday evening provided Chicago and the Century of Progress exposition with a tfirnl never to be forgotten. Even the residents here who are calloused to events which would stir us in the St smaller centers were out on roof-or in the enormous crowds which packed the lake front. It all goth to show, it occurs to me, that while man may have changed in certain habits of life and modes of thinking, all of ua still like our heroes. We're essentially hero-worshipers, city folk no less than their country cousins.

Here was a Fred Fearnot or a Dick Merriwell tale come true. Mastery of Elements. This propensity in us transcends ordinary pride of nationality. That General Balbo came as an emissary lilt iMllf-r 'M Earl C'nmtan, 4fi, Eldora. Mrs.

Sackett was killed when the car in which she rode with her husband sideswiped the rear of another machine near Dow City. The Sackett car was overturned and thrown into a ditch. Mr. Sackett was not seriously injured. Backs Over Child.

The 20 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Pauk was killed when her father backed the family automobile from the garage and ran over her. Bulgarelli was fatally injured and his brother, Enrico, 42, received internal injuries when their car collided with another at an intersection three miles east of Ankeny. Enrico's son, 8, was cut and bruised.

Six persons in the other machine were injured, the most seriously being Mrs, Mecca Leonard, 52, of 'Wfci, 3K Snuce Pan '4 A Word VoU est! Save ha If Equal to the of a dictator and of a form of gov 7 A 13 19c Special price! Lipped. Aluminum. Tinned tteel bundle. 3 qt. tize.

Wsnrcifl9 l(i)(!) IPhqip II Closet Seat 4 WW Vol- Although no kidnaping threats have lwn made against the president's family, the secret service has extended Its guard over the grandchildren of President Roosevelt a matter of precaution In view of the series of daring kidnaping which has swept the Tilled States. The two oldest, children of the president's daughter, Mr. Anna Dull, are innHinnr.y tinder guard. "Slstle" mid "" arc shown here at play on the white house grounds. UM imnsylwsiiffliisi Smoolh, hand-robbed hardwood, mahogany fin iib.

Chrome-plated hiniea. Valne. Des Moines. Both cars were carried into a cornfield for more than fifty feet. William G.

Byas, 30. Dcs Moines Negro, died of injuries received Wednesday in a 12 foot fall from a ladder. Critically Injured. Thomas 50, of Belmond, was critically injured when struck by a swinging machine mast while working on a bridge ten miles south of Belmond. He received a skull fracture.

Harold Wilson of Ames, state inspector, and C. A. Kragh, bridge contractor, were severely bruised. Crossman was gored by a bull at his farm home five miles southeast of Eldora. He was found fatally ln- im your mtrm container ernment repugnant to Americans and American ideals detracted not a whit from the enthusiasm or the sincerity of the welcome accorded the general or his comrades, who in spectacular manner had demonstrated a mastery over the elements.

That's why Lindbergh is a world hero. I was standing near the Buckingham fountain in Grant park when the ship flown by the general himself glided down to the water near navy pier. Mrs. Hall and my son, Reeves, watched it from the tower of the Skyride, almost TOO feet above the lake, a particularly advantageous point of view. One Man Lost As the sparkling plane cut the surface of the water, my mind turned to the armada's accomplishmentspanning mountain, sea and plane with the loss of only one man, whose death was not in reality based on the flight's inherent dan- gers.

Surely we were viewing a history-making event. Later I was at Soldier's field where Chicago and America made articulate its welcome and admiration. There was the inevitable reference to "that other Italian, Christopher Columbus" but none to the fact that he sailed a representative of Spain! Politiciansgovernors and mayorsmade glowing reference to Mussolini and to Italy's "incomparable contribution to America's Dairy Palls CONDITIONS OF A Worrf Valua 3 for 1 ti WORLD BETTER (ConlimiPd From Paxr project of industrial supervision, working codes, inflation, crop re Strong, tmoolh inner feauitarc leak-proof. Sanitary RUNRITE OIL Made from high grade dn JQ crude. In 5 gal.

cant. SPARK PLUGS lilverslde Spark Plug ACr price reduced! In sets "OC STANDARD BATTERY A real value! Has 13 d0 QQ plates. Guar. 1 mo. $dQU With Old lottarr AUTO GREASES Riverside Cup Orease, 5 lbs, 69c Transmission Grease, 5 lbs.

69c High Pressure Grease, lbs. 75c, striction, price raising. The debt problem in South America, particularly, is a major one and in its solution by a freer movement of goods between American nations, lies the well being of a good portion of this hemisphere, it is generally agreed. Food Chopper A Ward Volv You can't get better motor oil than this Riverside 100 pure Pennsylvania oil! It will not break down under intense heat. It gives your motor the protection it deserves.

Service stations charge you double Ward's low price! QUICK DRAIN VALVE FREE with 5 gals, of oil or more. Just what you want to end getting under car to drain. for the downward revision of tariffs, preparation of a preliminary plan for the nationalization of foreign debts, and examination of the exchange situation. Cherishes Coffee Market. That nation, which cherishes its coffee market in the United States, Is willing to enter a reciprocity agreement with the latter country.

Coffee, an important Brazilian product, is being destroyed because overproduction has suffocated prices. The federal coffee control department is encouraging growers to raise a better product to meet competition more easily. 1.00 ARGENTINA dm 3 lbs. a minute, and ruts clean. No bredding.

It ii a v-ily tinned. MEXICO Six Lb. Iron A Ward Volv Caingi Cot A Word Volv $1.00 Miles Oei Riverside Tread Not Half Worn citizenry." Proving that politics gives one an eye for votes no matter what the occasion, that it never takes a vacation. Balbo Diplomatic. General Balbo if he said what an interpreter said he said was gracious and diplomatic in his expression of gratitude for himself and his men.

He spoke with great warmth and vivacity. That he was speaking to a crowd of admirers was eloquently demonstrated when at the conclusion of his talk, the chairman requested all to remain in their seats until the distinguished visitor had left for another engagement. So far as I could observe, nobody in that gigantic crowd moved from his seat. All remained as a matter of paying respect to a distinguished guest. I'm wondering if this same psychological appeal can't be harnessed for purposes of restraining those few who always insist on leaving an athletic contest before the final gun or the final out.

Argentina Is one of them. In that country recovery efforts center principally in commercial negotiations with Great Britain, Chile and Italy, with similar dealings in prospect with the United Slates and Brazil. Maintaining debt payments and striving to balance the budget also are involved problems that South American country faces. The number of unemployed in Argentina, set at 80,000 in 1932. seems to be increasing.

A current roadbuilding program and a project before congress for a country wide chain of elevators are actuated more by the need for roads and orderly wheat marketing facilities than by unemployment. Argentina is dependent on large food exports at better prices, and since credit is restricted, the administration feels the solution to its depression lies In the welfare of other nations, particularly the United States. $2.75 Frame of seasoned hardwood. Sturdy tan duck top. 74 In.

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Keeps kitchen cool! Repatriation of nationals is one of the chief depression problems facing the Mexican government. More than Mexicans, it is estimated, have come streaming back from the United States since 1929, and a like number has been prevented from doing so by application of, American immigration law-s. Hard times came when Mexico was emerging from a long revolutionary period, and with active measures enforced to handle the repatriates, increased coinage of money, and a governmental building program, conditions have steadily improved siut 1929, when the last rebellion occurred. Advanced Ideas. Mexico has welcomed its returning sons and daughters because they bring back advanced ideas of commerce and farming, and the government has placed many of them in agricultural colonies.

The majority returned to their native puehlos without asking aid. Work on the Mexico-Laredo highway, a national theater in the capital, several irrigation projects, and new government buildings' have absorbed many otherwise idk men. Mexico's departure from the golri standard and creation of a virtual federal reserve system have permitted the issuance of guarante paper money and the increase of currency in circulation by about 25 per cent. 2 burner gasoline stove. Built-in air pump.

Safe, apeedy.Foldi like tuitcose. CHILE In Chile, too, recovery in the United States is considered important. Chile is seeking to overcome dif- Kiev. Toasler A Word Valv Laundry Slovo A Ward Voluo Think It! A Hike with jra i ialloon Tires! $3.49 2-bnnier (as plate, (substantial, black japanned. 19 '4 in.

high. An outstanding toaster value! 1 a ing nickel finish. 4 12 95 $5 down, S5 monthly fiulties arising from foreign indebtedness, decreases in exports, and troubles in the nitrate industry. The approximate stake of Americans in Chile is put at $850,000,000, including defaulted bond issues sold in the United States, frozen credits aggregate $75,000,000, nearly half of which is owed Americans, On I'neertain Basis. The dissolution of the nitrate corporation of Chile, the producer-government co-operative combine, put sales abroad on an incertain basis.

In 1929 nitrate exports totalled $117,789,000 -in 1S32 this dropped to $6,219,000. In the former year Chile exported products valued at $278,027,000, but last year this shrunk to $12,461,000. The foreign debt amounts to Kilehen Sink Word Vofue A rise in silver prices has mad? possible the reopening of mines. Alias Roofing A Word VoU TWO FLYERS DIE IN PLANE CRASH (Contlnurd From I'aitr li 7 to begin the flight to their native land, but never had obtained permission to fly over or land in other countries. This failure was due to the fact that they would not or could not pay the $100 or so cable tolls asking permission.

I'p for Tests. "We're just going up for some more tests." the flyers told officials at Floyd Benetnt field at 5:24 a. (EST i last Saturday. A minute later their heavily laden craft waa headed for Europe. The start of the nonstop flight to their native soil was the realization of an ambition long fostered by the two immigrant boys.

As transport pilots in Chicago both had saved their funds over a period of years and had sought small donations of their fellow countrymen here in order to purchase the big orange monoplane. Months of Study. Trans-oceanic flying was new to them, but before the start of the 4.900 mile project they had spent months studying their charts and grooming their plane. Both flyers were 37 years of age and both were unmarried. Darius was born in Taurege, Lithuania, and was brought to this country at the age of 10.

His mother, Mrs. Augustine Degutis, lives in Chicago Girenas was born in tTpina. Lithuania, and came to this countrv at the age of 7. Until 1931 he operated an aviation school in CUBA Small Carrying Chargi; New! Extra easy riding Air Cushion Tires! And they're speedy, too, becauce they are easy to pedal. Only 20 pounds of air needed instead of the usual 40! They absorb bump shocks.

Blowouts are almost impossible. Here they are, on a specdline bike with chromium-plated mudguards, fork, handlebars, rims, etc. And the equipment includes electric headlight, tail-light and born! Ward's price saves you $5 to $10! $13.55 Cast iron coated with white porcelain enamel. With right-hand drainboard. $1.75 Cost less than the average.

Yet it ia made of the highest grade Cuba is making strong efforts in Washington and London in favor of a sugar agreement for balancing supply and demand. In Washington, Dr. Eugenic Molinet, Cuba's secretary of agriculture, and a staff of five experts are trying to co-ordinate plans with American sugar growers and refiners for distribution in the American markets by nvans of fixed quotas. Meanwhile, Pr. Orestes Kerrara.

Culgin secretary of state, acting as head of Cuba's delegation at th world economic conference, also is advancing a plan for igar production ar.d marketing. Wall Paint 4 Word Valu, Water Heater A Ward Vou. i 126,000. To overcome theRe situations the government recently extended for i two years a moratorium on foreign debts, including those of railroads. municipalities and the mortgage I credit bank.

1 Rebuilding Combine. The administration is rebuilding the C'oasch nitrate combine with provisions for restrictions of out Keep Cool with this Insulated Save on Fuel Costs with this $1.39 Dries overnight, clr.ins with a damp eloTh, Lists for vears. Save 25. Hoor Gas flange! jiasoliise flange M5e arm type. Heat water quickly eco-n i a 1 1 j.

Eaily attached to the boiler. put and ownership. From sales the government will get rovr.lties to help with the debt situation. Vineyards in Chile look for help to the United States because of the $32.95 $4495 $3 down. CANADA i new beer and wine market.

$..50 monthly Zine-ite Paint A Word Volvo Closet Outfit A Word Vol BRAZIL Small fanymf charg i i $13.65 i on ran oral ina oven up to 500 $4 down, $3 monthly Small tarrymt 10 org Fall porrclaia eoamel i I and oat easy to clean. Colon are spring green and ivory. Save 25 average price! "Every forward step you take makes enemies," says a philosopher. Especially of those who have seats the aisle. Cedar Rapid Gazette.

fHAFING Evra in most fate, comfort follows lie healinf touch of in 20 minute or ij ks! And Co. $2.29 I S-aJ. com CosU you ISi lets, wear longer than most lead oil painH. ZT derwrileiV Labo P.eports from Canada are optimistic. An increase in emplovment and in industry is indicated.

life in the gold mining industry ha aroused enthusiasm. Government projects include highway building, and similar public works." The wheat situation, however, is a fly in the ointment, but hopes are high that the larger producing countries will agree on a restriction plan. (The second article of this series will deal with anti-depression tctiits of iwveral European countries. Vilreoos china bowl and tank. Efficient flut-h-ing action I rang higheat Somewhat similar conditions obtain in Brazil, with coffee the enfant terrible.

Brazil is trying hard to solve a tangle resulting from depreciated money, lack cf exchange, foreign debt service. overproduction "cf coffee, domestic taxation and high tariffs. As forward steps the Brazilian government has initiated studies.

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