Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 11, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six 23 Puppies In Record Litter NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS National League Ready To Win 4th AD-Star Game HELP FOR BRAVES . - Bv Jack Sords ,-•:,-'!>-.'• ••-.•. • • . ' '.' : i •..-"•' •'-.• ' ..-•-- *'•:' *'••-.•• Walters Will Start Southworth Gang At. Pittsburgh Tonight llvrc'N mn.'ctlilnif to hark iihoiit! When Lena,. 40 pound foxhound- Just onp yciir old—IM.-KHII prcacntlng hor puppies to the world, her OH-IUTS weren't sure whrther she hud given birth to 11 llttrr or »n rntlro kennrl. They lidded up to 23—hollcvcd to be iv world record. Then the owner, I,t. Coindr. W. Ncwhold Ely, iTr,, of Aniblcr, PH., In two foster mother-* to help feed the htniRry brood, (Intor- nittlonul) Pittsburgh,. July 11— (U P)— Tho baseball, world is Hot for tho 12Hi annual All-Star .game. It will be played tonight a! PiUsburg-h.. National League. Manager Billy Southworth — whose team is trying for its fourth victory in 12 starts — has named his lineup . except for Andersson, Hagg May Hit 4 Minute Mile ************************************ On The Air Today '1:011 p. in. WA BC—E road way :.l a ti noe WOK—News; Gambling , WATR—Kthcl and Albert WEAK-WTJC—Suluto to Navy WJZ—Historical Drama •l:Jj p. in. WOK—Rambling with Oambllng—Don Nornmn Show W.EA1-'-VVTIC—Stella .Dallas •1:,'«> p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Lorenzo Jones WABC—Off the Accord; Singing . Neighbor WOR—Full Speed Ahead WATit-WJZ—News •. •I;.J5 p, iii. WEAF-WTIC—Younjr U'ldder Brown . WATn-VV'JJJ—Correspondents Abroad WABC—.Raymond Scptt Shew WJZ—Sca Hound 5:IN> p. in. WEAF-WTIC—When a Girl Marries WABC—Fun with E>iu:n VVO.R—Undo Don—Toi'ry antl (ho Pirates WJSI—Hop Harridan 5:15 p, in. WABC—Mother and Dnd WTIC--Love and Learn WATR—Melody Hcvue WOIl—Chick Curtar 5:1(0 p. in, WOR—Tom Mix Show WABC—Murphy Solera WKAKAVTIC—Just Plain Bill WATJR-WJ2I —Jack Armstrong ;1:-ir. p. in. WJSI—Captain Midnight • - WABC—Wlldorneis K<r,.d WTIC—Front Page Farrcll WAT.R-WOR—Superman li:IMI p. til. WOK—Prayer; Uncle Den WATR- W'U C- WE A f— N'o U'3 WJJi—News ti:l5 |i. in. WABC—Murray urch, aticl Chorus WEAI''—Serenade lo America WATR—Music for Oining WTIC— Prof. Schonkcr W.lfc—Hup HmTigan WOU—NcwsTcel (i:.'il) p. in. won—News WE A F 1 —The Mood is Music WABC—Jeri Suilavun, Songs WJ2—WhOHO War? WATtt—News; Serenade 6;.15 p. in. WOR—Stan Lomax WABC -World Today WJ%— Henry -Taylor. News WTJC-WEAt'-—Lowell Thomas, News 7:IMI p. in. WEAF-WTLC-Music — WABC—Blondie WJiJ—Lone Ranger 7:45 [>. in. WEAF—News WOR—Answer Man WTIC—Price Control, Rationing 8:IM1 p. in. WATR-WJ25—Watch the World Co By WEAF-WTIC—Cavalcade WABC—-Vox Pop WOR—Newi 8:18 p. m. WAXR—Lum and Abncr WOR—Nick Carter 8:30 p. in. WTIC—Voice of Firestone \VABC—Theater of Romance WA'TR-WJZ—Nil Wit Court WOR—Pick and Pat 0:00 p. in. VVEAF—Symphonic Orch.; Soloist WABC—Radio Xhaalcr WOR—Gabriel HcHtter; Test WJJS-WATR—Jury Trials !l:30 p. ni. WATR-WJZ—Spotlight on Garbei \VOR-Amcrictin Forum \VEAF-Worcls at War. K):(>0 p, m, WABC—Plome for the Fourth WATR—Raymond G. Swinp \VEAF-WTiC—Contented Program 10:15 p. in. WJZ—Ted Mttlon-e WATR—Dancing Discs 10:;fO p. ill. WABC—Showtime WEAF-WTIC—"Dr. I. Q." WOR—Symphonclte WJSJ-WATR—Let Yoursilf Go 11:(H> p. m. , ALL Station;—News 11:J3 p. in. . W12AF-WTIC—To be announced WABC—Eddy Howard Orch, WJZ—Chu Cho-.Martinez WOR—George Hamilton Orch. WATR—Ray Hcnlc .11:30 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Orch. and Soloistu WABC—Tony Pastor Oruh, WJZ-WATR—Creeps by Night WOR—Sinfonlclla 11:<I5 p. in. WJZ— Saludos Amis-ot;; J. Smith VVEAF--—Dcnny.Bcckncr Orch. 12:<ii> Midnlchl WATR—Sign Off WABC—News; Buffalo Presents WJZ—News; Stopak Orch.. WTIC-WEAF—News; Serenade Ho doesn't behind lihe of the Reds or. his Cooper. The other two positions. .who he'll use Ray Mueller own Walker choice lies botwcc-n. Cardinal Whlt- ey Kurowski and; Bob Elllott'of Pittsburgh for third-base spot. In the outfield, the Nationals will have Augic Galan and Dixie \yalker of Brooklyn, and' Slan Mu- uinl of the Cardinals. Galan will be tho lead-off man. In the infield, Southworl.h will have .Phil Cavar- rctta of Chicago at first, Connie Ryan of Boston at second, and Marly Marlon, another Cardinal, H! short. B'ucky Walters probably will be .the starting. Juirler, •f This V That | 0 : rf rr- — • O .Indian Bob Johnson—the slugger Ihc .Washington Senators traded to Boston last .December—is hitting the' range again' as a'long-dlstal.ce" sh'ellor. .••••• Big Bob. Johnson, who's 3G'years old, has been hotter than the mid- July .sun this lust week. Ho -was swinging Into the ball in tho stylo that made him a terror at bat a decade ago. ' ' In less than a week he's connected with four gopher balls—'for a total of eight runs. Even In his best' days, Indian Bob didn't often top the ,300 mark, but he . was .the guy they, called an in the' pinches. For years, ho led tho league in runs batted in— and after all, that's where it counts. In 11 years in thfc American league he's batted in 1,103 runs-— and that's an average of 100 a year. His best day was in tho first in-: ning of a double-header, on August 29th, 1937. Bob set a new American league mark when he slopped up to the plate. He knocked in six runs, in.that single inning. .The tall outfielder .started to slide downhill in .1D42, but Clark Griffith, president of the Washington Senators, .needed a sparkplug, so'ho. traded Robert Estal- lea for the hnrd-hitting. gardener. Stockholm, July 11—(U,P).ir-Th'e flying Swede's— Arno Andersson[ and Gundcr Hagg—are put to sew: up all the major' distance 'titles this year, ' • " . • . » ; Th,cy mot for the first, time this know y cnr 'yesterday in. Stockholm nnd", plutc, Andcrsson defeated Hagg at 1DOO" meters with a driving finish. Tho time was nowhere near the world record of 3 minutes and'45- sbi.'onds, but It's fiulte. likely that both of the fleet Swedes will menace that mark as >woli as others before tho summer is. over. . \ Andersson iholds the mile record at just two and a fraction seconds slower lihan four minutes.. '"• Hagg and Anders-son again" bring up the age old question about •Iho possibility of a four minute' mile. '.''•' Many'couches 'havc'lnslst"-/; thai a four-minute .mile is. impossible, but the two smorgasbord .specials have gradually worked the -time down to tho point whore such a feat nol. only seems possible — H seems probable. ' ..] • "" Hagg held the -world mark JtorJ bhe. mile when .he was. Invited to make ai tour .of tho,United States .last year. 'He ' c'anugttb.-this country •and .boat the aco'v'-Amerlcan dis- time after"time. ..,,'"' ';: Gil Dodds (.ravelled .across the' country with Guri' Wonder, and trailed him 'home on numerous occasions. It was .while chasing Hagg that Bill Hulsc'of the New York Auhlelic club set an American record for the: mile at four minutes, and .six .seconds. • But 'while Gu'ndcr was touring Ihe.Statos with wings on .his liealsi Andersson wa.s birsy at home—and Arno broke . Hagg's .mile record' one day last summer. Now It looks, 'as thougih the two swjft Swedes arc going to have things all their own way on" the cindci:. path until the war is over and Uncle Sam's, young, athletes come marching toome .,to re-enter, competition.'' • '• ; "' ••''..' Uraskas Will Take Mound E Effort To Bosox'sDoerr Has Good Year e. 300 CLASS Hubbell's Performance In 1st Alt-Star Tilt Unequalled ! > :;••:•-- i --.-•..• \- •' • M LUSCIOUS BETTY GRABLE IS STARRED NOW AT LOEW J S- : T"" - - The; Hub Struck Out Pive Of The Best Hitters In Succession Future Champ WABC—I L'ove a Mystery VV-ATK-VVJJ4—Umcl of the Loul WO.R—Bill Cunnlngluini, News WEAF-WTfC—News'of Iho World W(jK--Tofl StPelc WABC—Uiitelinc 7:.'!n p. m, W OR—Conflclentlally Yours WEAF—Everything for the Boys WATR—Croon Hornet WTfC-.War of Enterprlsse NOT1CK! TO Ot'H NAUfJATUCK STOK K CUSTOM BKS.' Hup to war lljTii- condltloii.H, »vo rr t<iiiripi<l|ril to cloxu our Nau- trntuck Mtorr. CAM, V» Kor the day nur Jloiitc Mun «'ll| on .vcnir street. Free Telephone Service For Nuiiiriitiick CiuitixniTN Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX l/iiiiiiili<ri;r.i — |lry C'lcimern -•H K. Afiiln St., \Viitcrhury Miilii Office A 1'Iunt, .22 Walnut St. Kxt, Watertiitvn — !S'iiilg»tllc;k Mlilillvhiiry Electrical Supplies Lighting- Equipment HOMO MCM WITH HOMtJS Victor — Ciiliimlilii — Jleccu Records SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 13 Cllt/JICIf .ST. TKL. 2371 1'roiiipt, Kxprrt WATCH * .IKWELflV KKJ-AIKING William Schpero ]»0 CIIUHCII ST. — I FIlKlit Up — TUNEFUL FILM. IS THE LEAD NOW AT STRAND THEATER But Johnson didn't pan out. He batted in only 63 runs (is against his all-time record of 321. And he only connoctqfl with seven .homers —two loss than he has at the moment. So the Senators washed their hands of him and traded him lo Boston. And the bcan-lowncrs seem, to have ignited the spark. Chock your cares at the box-of- llce. folks, when you buy tickets Cor "Two. Girls and a Sailor," Mo-tro-Goldwyn - Mayer's tuneful, Jtestful now musical hit at the Strand theater. "You'll find .outstanding performances by three of the most popular youngsters on tho screen today— V.'m Johnson, June Allyson and Gloria. Do Haven—all of whom HQcm headed straight for stardom, in this story of two sisters who fall in love with a .mysterious "Somebody" who quietly arranges to fulfill fill their hopes for a largo scale canteen for servicemen and jcnds them orchids into the bar- i. Johnson iy the young sailor, mcl the Misses Allyson and De- I Haven play the singing-dancing sister act. "You'll find comedy by Jimmy Dut'fintc—the "Suhnoz/." himself; and Grace Allen, whose One Ginger Pltino Concerto is a classic of its kind. You'll find songs by Lena Homo, Carlos Ramirez and Virginia O'Brien. You'll find, serious music by Jose Iturbi and his slater, Amparo Novarro, and Albert Coatcs, the world-famous symphony conductor. And you'll .delight in the manner in which Harry Jnmns and his Music Makers and Xavlcr Cuyat and his orchestra "give out" with all kinds of songs you'll be humming again nnd again after you've left the theater. Under tho astute direction of Richard Thorpe, and with the renowned production touch of Joseph Pasternak,-"Two Girls and a Sailor" emerges as a delight to the eye mcl car. It's sheer entertainment from start to finish, ,So make a into now to see "Two Girls and A Sailor." Co-featured on the same program "Attack" (The Battle for New Britain) Manager Joe McCarthy has chosen his American league All- Star team starting lineup except for the battery. The ;Nciv York Yankees' pilot . will . lead his league's squad against the National ieaguc at Forbes field .tonight. McCarthy won't say which'of his pitchers..will open against the sen r ior loop stars. . ... • Most observers believe that Tox Hughson—the Boston .Rod Sox right-hander—will get the starting now from McCarthy. Another righty — McCarthy's own Hank Borowy—is another candidate for the opening job. Hughson has racked up thirteen victories for the second-place Red Sox this season while losing only three, Borowy has won eleven while dropping four games for the Yankees. Hero IB tho lineup McCarthy has chosen to start if tho National league loads off with a right- handed pitcher: Truman Tucker . of Chicago In center field; Stan Spcncc of Washington in right field; George McQuinn of St. Louis at first base; Vernon Stephens of St. Louis at shortstop; Bob Johnson of Boston in left field; Ken Kcltncr of Clove land at Third base; Bobby Doeri of Boston nt second base; and then the catcher and pitcher. If the Nationals open with, a loft- handcd pitcher, McCarthy will make two change's! He'll send Pete Fox -of Boston to right field . in place of Stan Spencc, and use Rudy York of Dctrlt at first in- stoBd of George McQuinn—the beat of the line-up will be the same. Rip Scwcll—tho Pittsburgh, Pirates' blooper-ball lessor—secma to have the inside track for the National league starting assignment. Rip is a right-hander. Wherever, there's. : a ' thumbtack and a man—there you'll nnd Betty Grable! It's as Inevitable as . that. For the simple, unadorned fact of the matter is that Betty stands today, as America's undisputed No. 1—.'.'Pin Up .Girl.'^ Seven million .service men—from Guadalcanal to Salerno—from Akron to. Alaska— whose barracks,'.tents',, planes and tanks her likeness, adorns, can't be .wrong! Nor ca,n the millions of homo front fans who have;, boosted the bloirdc and shapely beauty to thcp innacle of . screen success. What with her pin-up status, 'and' her personal contributions to; moral building in hospitals, army camps, naval stations and other points, of. troop concentrations throughout tho country. Miss G-ra' throughout the c o-ii n try.-. Miss'- Gra.b!e has become a distinctive, streamlined symbol of our times.' Cards' Munger Inducted Today Thus,, it was no, accident that 20th Century-Fox decided ' to make ,a motion picture celebrating.. Miss-. Grablc's eminence .in the esteem," of the men of the armed forces,and: the public generally. The spectacular Technicolor production of "Pin Up Girl" which stars Betty Grable in currently showing at Locw Poll theater, is practically .a command performance. And, in further trib- utcl'o he unique position as a sensational real life personality who warrants a .salute is an especially patterned film production', the studio surrounded -her with a brilliant array of talent. Including John Harvey, Martha Rnyo, Joe E, Brown and Eugene Pallettc and fcaturinR Charlie Spivak and. His Orchestra. Dedicated,,, to • laughs, love and the p'ursu'lt' of happiness, "Pin Up Girl" .is the. story' of the girl in every serviceman's dreams— music, set to dacing, sot. to laughter in a spcctacula'r stunning Technicolor beauty in the top 20th Century-Fox tradition of groat musicals. The gny cxtrayagan/a was produced by William LeBaron, One of the spe'ct'acu'lar in- A great loft-handed upilchcr whizzed She .third strllio past Al Simmons, As Al' tunned a-n d drugged his bat back Co' the dugout the crowd roared, ' Tho cheers told Carl ^Hubbcll .what the crowd thought of Jiis .pitching.. It was the second inning of l.ho first major league all-star game.' It, was a hot' day in July, 1033. But" lot's 'go back, to.tlic first :innlng. Hubbcll started that game .for the Nalioual league all-shir leam. Long'Pants Hubboll was iho firsl. scn.lor.Ibop pitcher to throw a ball in all-'star compclition. He quickly became Mic 'firsl "NaUonal league pitcher to find himself' in hot walcr. Cool Charley Gchringcr opened with a solid hit lo right field, Then Hubbcll worked, loo carefully on -Holnic. Manush. Hcinio walked. With men, on. first and. second Ihe Bambino—Babe Rul.h himself —stepped up to bat, . After tlie Babe .came mighly -Lou'. Gehrig — and following Lou •was -Mister Doublo-X— Jimmio Foxx., The j three toughest sluggers ;in the busihes -^coming up. Bui on Iho mound .Carl Hubbcll looked •as, cool, and' unworried as a man in, a now summer suil. . _Hubboll glanced at the two base runners and thon ,-u tho mighty Babe. -The ball floated in toward the,,plate. Rut.h swung — and isscd.; Strike one. ...,Thc Babe took a ball. Then an- .other, sl.rlke— a called ono this time.. The Babe took a tremendous cut al..v.thc,,ncxt pHch. But the ball wound up in the catcher's mitt. .Three- : ,strikcs—th-j big guy went down-.swinging, one out. Still Uio American JeagucrS had men on first arid second. j ...Lou .Gclirig stepped up to follow his powerful teammate. Lou always was a great clutch hitter. But,Hubbcll. was a grca-lcr pitcher that' day. . Gehrig wen:, down swinging. Two out. .The.Now York lefty had fanned Ruth and Gehrig in order. But Gchringor still was on second, And 'Hcinio Manush was on' first. ,Blig Jlmmie Foxx came up, Boston, .July 11— (UP)— Second bascman..'Bobby Docrr of the, Boston Red Sox is fast becoming the No. 1 American league entry for tho player of the year award. Loerr. is a rflent guy who Icte the record- book sing his praises arid 'point out the fcicl, that he's probably the best second baseman working today. For several years Docrr's chief distinction has been the fact that he's the mosl, quiet second sackcr incc the days of Charley Gehring- r of Detroit. Right now he's battling with Hiurman Tucker of the Chicago iVhitc Sox for the balling load i™ he American league. That is a new experience for ,>oung Mr. Docrr who has only boon able to compile a. 7-ytar ma- or league average of .287. RigJit now Bobby is second in uns batted i-n, leads in runs and lits.arjd ii second in doubles. Docrr was a unnimoui choice for the American league All-Slar toam and he's valued so .higJily thai the American league managers didn'i even select another second baseman. It looks as though Doorr will have lo curry -the second sack duties for Uie junior circuit for Ihe enure game. However if he performs as well this year as he did lost yaar the American leaguers will be more than happy. In the 10-13 game Docrr hit a homer in. the second inning with iwo males aboard lo practically sew up the Waterbury Tool .neiu h i Second>W : Loctj, J Third Place Tie U. S. Rubber faces Scovili j leaders, in a *icrbury not l.ball league game -at ton nark -lonigl.L r,he scheduled lo get undcrwi p. m. ",..-'• Ed Uraskas is slated «, for the rubbcnncn, who »»• • 'In third place, in the league .J"* ing, in a tic with Watcrbtuvt? 4 ton.' Metal Hose, xnt U.'s lL- Watcrbury Tool i s jn J^ place, one garae bahind.tht 1«^ loader. 1 !. '';•'• ,.- • , ^P" At Oho end of the first n> the top' six clubs wili J^y w'f- a short v second,round.,. • • Many r ')o'cal'"fans ars „ lo follow the Rubco s^uad.' Waterbury. A win for tic would unscramble the NATIONAL No games yesterday. The Standing Rockingham Park Opens July 24 Salem, N. H., July 11—Barbara :hiids, one of Now England's fa- orile race horses, has returned to the scene of many or her former iriumphs and is working daily over the Park racing strip in preparation for the brilliant. 18- dny summer meeting which will start here a week from next Monday, July 24. . . . . Barbara Childs captured the $0,000 Guadalcanal Purse at Suffolk Downs, ihc SO.OOO-added Mary Dyer Handicap at Narragansett Park, and the SlO.OOO-added Vinc- l.-md Handicap at Garden Slale Park last year, to rank among the finest fillies in the land, and it is cxpcclcd that Halficld will turn her loose in ihc traditional handicaps which will fcalure the approaching JS-d.iy meeting at the old Rock. St. Louis Pittsburgh Cincinnati New York Philadelphia Brooklyn Chicago . L. Pel 5121'. 70:1 39 » jfil .4S; 3739 32 « s? ^ 29<:l-.-3 Boston ................ 30 4ii .2S No games today. AMERICAN' LEAGUE No games yesterday. : SI. Louis .. Boston .... Now York Washing-ion Chicago Cleveland . Detroit Philadelphia The Standing W. L. PC. « 3i. : SX . «36 ai . 3935 ffl . 38-39 M . 31 37 .Ci . 37«-.<T( 35 <2 4K ... 35 42 ,<s No games loday. Biittlinc; Boh Shcchc.v, one of the contestants In .the outdoor boxing tourney staged hy the New York City Polico Athletic IPMRIIC, gulps :i welcome drink from' his handler between rounds. The youngster, righting 111 the paperweight cl:iSN, displayed a technique*, that augurs III for his opponents and well .for his ring future. (IntcrniiUoniil) npvatlons spotlighted in "Pin .Up Girl" Is trie Skating Vanities, headed by -.beautiful -Gloria Nord wh has 'been dubbed the "Sonja Hcnic of Roller Skates; The so-hit on this hit program is "Candlelight In James Mason. Algeria" with Almost 14,000 Indians wore en rolled in. the Indian -'divisions o tho o/viJian conservation' corps. HOPE FOIl li(i Bcllairc. .Ohio, July 11—(U P)— some hope is held that tho GB nincr.s trapped in a burning. Ohio onl mine still may bc ; alive. Can- ries lowered through a new shaft omained alive after five miniates exposure to the mine air. Nine slates supply,50 per cent of the nation's nurses. St. Louis, July H—(UP)—Gcorcc Mungor, tho St. Louis Cardinal 11- crnmc winner, won't be at Pittsburgh with the National league All-Star cast tonight. He's been ordered to report for induction into the Army today. Tax collections 4n Oregon iri T crnasc dby, 74.7 per cent.Jrom 1940' to 1943, w.hile collections in the state of Washington, increased by 73.7 per cenl. in the same period. DON'T FOItGET THE 5TH WAR tOAN DRIVE! ! HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEL. '4880 - BOCCO.KADO, .Prop. BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS I NEW.'CLASSES'- Wcd'ncHda.y,' July B, 'Summer School. Still time "to rnroll. POST -IUNIOR ' i \Ji3i COLLEGE OF C, O M M E K C E determined to do wlial,-Ruth and Uc.lirig had .-failed lo do. , Jimmle ' took a. strike — then a bull—then . a second strike.. Hifb- bcll . checked his. runners : again. Then h'c',wound up and'carncdowm with his .famous, screwball.- Foxx lunged at the crazy, 'twisting pitch.' .Buls all he: got".was exercise! The umpire yelled: '"Ynr out."- • Hubbell 'had'got through the first inning of his three-Inning trick by striking out three of. the grcalcst batters in the game. But two more tough o'.-ie? faced-him ajs-thc scr,- ond inning . opened. Al Simmons led off, and Joe Cronin followed liim. • . • . Simmons- wcnl, down on strikes —-four straight. And then it was Joe Cronin's turn. Hubbcll just shifted his'wad of tobacco. He went to work on Joe. T-.ongpn.nls -did .il. He fanned Cronin. • Hubbc-ll had - ''struck oul, the (live toughest'.hitlers in .the business. . Five straight strikooul-s—ai'n, all-star.. performance- in the firs-l. Qll-slar game.' '-.-'• ••,.'"•'• ALCAZAR . Liberia has an area of about 43,000 s.nuarc miles 'arid 'a coastline o'f 350. miles. '• .--... TODAY - WED. - THURS TODAY . WED. ANDYDEVntE BOHANOVA FRANK'POGtIA': RAMSAY AMES MORONI OLSEM KURT I'ATCH . NEW:S, OMEDY - FEATURETTES .. . lso ' . COMTSDY, CARTOON «nd NEWS "ALI BAB A" FILM IS THE LEAD NOW AT GE^T THEATER All the enchantment and exotic allure that lilmgocrs have conic lo identify with tho name of ilaria Monte* returned to the screen—in Technicolor—at the Gem theater today for three days, when Universal 1 * "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" opened its .engagement. Miss Montez. if anything, exceeds the spitfire charm she exhibited in such earlier Technicolor successes as "Arabian Nifrhi "While Savage" and "Cobra Woman," and profils well by the lavish Oriental background which marks tho picture throughout. Co-starred with the lovely Maria arc John Hall, who again is teamed with her effectively in the love theme, and handsome Turlian Bey, a relative newcomer to the realm of top-billed screen personalities whose engaging performance Well merits his opportunity. Locale of the elaborate film fan- tansy, is ancient Bagdad in . the days of its most resplendent glory Miss Montez appears as a princess whoso treacherous father- brings about the slaying of the Caliph and the conquest of B.igdad by mongol hordes. Hall, son of the dead 1 'Caliph, joins forces with a hand of polly thieves and, in-lng«e with the princess 1 slave, convincingly portrayed by Bey, fliillj ousts the cruel Khan from the 'city. Not, however, before the generous amount of fast-gripping kdion which has come to bo cipcctri from those Universal period idvti- turcs has been reeled off. ' Scrap from a discarded tnvcior is sufficient to machine guns. - .-•• with VAN JOHNSON JUNE ALLYSON GLORIA DeHAVfN JOSE ITURBI ! J'MMY OURANTI CRACIE ALLEN LENA HORNE : j ATTACK HIT The Battle of New. BrIUhJ COMING FlltDAV •''• "ARE TIIKJiR QUR PARENTS?' "COWBOY CANTEEN" 1 ' : iOEUIS POU NOW The ALL SINGIMG ALL DANCING ALL LAUGHING ALL LOVING MUSICAL BUY W AR BONUS AND STAMPS

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