Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 11, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1944
Page 4
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''.- >• Face Four Published Every Evening (Except Sundny) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION . NAUCJATUCK, CONNECTICUT Telephone* MM itmJ 2220—All Entered a> iccond clanii matter tit the post otflcu In Conn. RUDOLPH M. HENNICK. President and Treasurer RALPH S. I'ArHO. VIce-Pruslcloiit KDWARD C. L1NGENHELD, Assistant Treasurer MILDRED HOLLAND, Secretary SUBSCRIPTION RATES I month , $ .75 0 months 14.0< I month. $2.25 1 yrar *»•« Payable In Advance I week—18c Ey Cnrrlor 1 year J9.01 DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News . I'LUDGK TO THE *"KAG—"I |>!<:<lRo »"*• Rlunce to thu *'l«jt of tho United Slut** ol America and to the lli-imbllc for which II Mtuiulft. One niitloii lndlvl»ll»li>. with l.»*>rty mid Justice for nil." , TUKSDAY, JULY II, 1W-I LOGICAL MAN— JOSEPH E. TALBOT 20 Years Ago Harold- Sunblude, Albert Staul'fcr, und Harris arid Henry Ackcrinnn opened their'summer • camp-at Lake Quassupnug. The four Intended to remuin_ there all summer. o—O—o Jennie White, and John Skroblea' worn married at St. Francis church. Pauline Usknraitls and John Kogan .attended the couple, o—O—o 30 Years Ago Mi':). Jolm Welsh and Mary Welsh of Hillside avo- nuc vacationed at Walnut Bench for n couple of weeks. 0 _O—o Julia Shnnnahan'and Ruth Eirdsall went-to Rye Ectich for a few days. Now Hint Gov. Kfiyniontl K has definitely clc-ckiou 1 tlittt lie is. not a cniulidate for roclectk;!! find t.lio (i. O. P. ynheniiitoria! iiuminatiuii Hny. is wide open for nil hats, large and small, we should like' to throw in the hat of Joseph E. Talbot, Naiiyatuek native and our present repix-sentativL 1 in C'onyi'oss from the fifth district. It should not he necessary at this time to L-iimnorate the many virtues of a man who .lias j,'iven so much to his party and to the voters of his s.tate. 7t should he enough to say. that in our opinion, .lie commands every qualification so essential to tin 1 hi.^h office of governor of the stalo of Connecticut. Congressman Talhut lias proven through tile many positions he lias held, hoth appointive and elective, that he- is capahlo'of efficiently administering any difficult job to thu satisfaction of those lie is serving. CoTigressrnan Talhot is regular, easy to meet and easy to talk to. He always finds time in his very luisy schedule, In give everyone who requires his services, the necessary time that they need — and always with a smile. .He really proves that lit; is-ji servant of the people, elected to serve the many and not just the. few.-"-' .."'"• It would he 'well to remember. too,.' that Congressman Talhot is cpiitc- a vote get.ter. He is' well liked, not only 'by members of his own' party but by the good - people of the opposite political faith as well. .He has pro von this time and time again. . We should Jike U> see Congressman Talbot get the honors he so richly deserves and'giveii the place at the head of the .Republican ticket, Around the Clock Emma Nosta and Lovie DiPictvo spent thuir week oi'l: at Luke Sunapoe, New Hampshire, in the shade o.L' tlie White Mountain*.' Dan Spallone, well known loeally, is now reported to : be in Italy witli the American Field Service. Daimo had a little bit oi' adventure in India several months ayo—his unit was cut ulT from the main force ol: Allies and .Dan and a lew othei's wandered around behind Jap lines For. a couple oJ! weeks. .Dan re-enlisted in the AFS witii- oiit comiuy Lo the States for even a short rust. • Loretta Galvin spent her vacation on the sound near New Haven at a beach, the name of which begins with an M. We forgot hew to spell the name, but Lottie sent us a pretty postal card with the name on it. Said she was having a grand time. Any jeeps this year? Judge Charles J. Baxter and Minnie Ahem, both of our staff, are now on their annual nothing to do time. The judge is somewhere up in the Bay State, On Broadway HUMAN DEVOLUTION People fire naturally ^re^'urious, but .now tend more and more toward isolation. This is a result of improved communication, both public and private, which enables us to ^et. nearly all the tiows we want, ri^-lit at home without otTur.t. Thus, even in ;m interesting election year, it is likely that the ,u'i'eat majority fit' Americans will ,yet their political news ami make their decisions without leaving home, except to, fi ast their ballots. And such is the natural sloth of thu human animal that undoubtedly, after a few more elections, we shall work out- some easy wtr' of registering our ballots at homo, perhaps" without leaving our arm i-imirs. It may be dune just by pressing buttons iir by moving levers, after a method already adopted in many cities, but lira yet established in the living room. Jt would lie interesting to know what all this means in terms of human evolution. Probably physical decadence, of which there are already many intima- •lions. Tlie more highly civil i/ud man grows, tho la'/.ier he becomes. He may use his mind more, but his body may deteriorate, in time, to such a degree that .he is incapable of physical locomotion. And then maybe some livelier animal will come along and calmly take his place in the evolution of planetary life. By that time-we may have grown so lazy that we won't care at till. .'Beacon Falls patter: Jane- Sxcxesinl, who is now on her vacation at the home of. her parents, on h'ai.lroad'avenue,-, -was., one of the many nurses and doctors who wi.;rc called to the scene of the u n forge t- ttil'ile circus fire' in 'Hartford' last week;' Jane is a nurse at the Newiugton -veterans' hospital Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smtih and'the children .returned from Fall L'iver, Mass., after a vacation to their .home on Railroad avenue Mr-, and. Mrs.'Brownie Karaban and the kiddies spent a week in "Joisey City.-" Henry Columbe had a very enjoy- ' able time in Canada last week and hated to conic back -. ., Mary Sarazen with her two sons, Ronald and Warren, spent a few days in Rhode Island. "YOUR MIND AND BODY" fatde WASHINGTON Dewey Sticks To Desk Despite The : Campaign Schism Between Dixie Demos, ,,-New Deal Wide . QUESTION MARKS WERE -YOU SURPJRISEP., to learn that Mrs.. Ernest' Eundeen has been attending Gerald 1*.. K Smith- meetings? Do you^reca.1 that she attempted to; claw this reporter' for linking Her. .with rabble-rousers? And t can you imagine-. our joy. at seeing, charges -against' them both confirmed- (as being pro-soand»o) when Senator Holman (ju»t .defeated for re-clcction)marricd her? They sure deserve each, other.... ;Docs Churchill know that in spile of his boost lor Spain the Franco- controlled Spanish shortwavcrs continue to sneer at Britain ;ind echo Nazi .propaganda? Isn't it typical of a fascist nation to return a. pat on the back with a stab in the back?... How many American who arc defending Finland know that the Finnish government has supplied Germany with more than half of its nickel and cobalt? Don't they -realize those materials help make Nazi tanks and guns that kill Americans? ; '. DID YOU NOTICE THAT in .Hitler's latest diatribe he bragged about being a nationalist? Isn't it a strange coincidence that ostriches in this country are also boasting that they're nationalists? Isn't that the first time Adolf stole an idea from them, instead of . .Isn't it 'exasperat-, ing the way demagogues proclaim their love for America's fighting- men when 'they face elections, although their records prove they wanted to deprive .•servicemen of their voting rights?. . .How can. isolationists still yap about the Atlantic protecting us—when the biggest ocean of all (the' Pacific) didn't protect Japan from B-29s?. ...Why should any American dc- fnmc Russia when that nation has killed the most Nazis and_ .suffered. inore casualties than any other of the United Nations? \vhen the Italian run?.-Now, isn't it army In history ha« done' running ' as'"tbc' German Russia?.'. .Do those, -who- ins,'an., issue .of President!*]' know thnl during' \V* " ' second term In office he than,.-EDR- is. today?. .•.;• think America's first step" insuring world peace -should Hist of putting'handcuffs on' trying to start a clvj] w , America? •' • WHOM DDKS SEX. think he's kidding with blah about, aiding war' Does he believe soldiers''havcTfo/' gotten he /voted against 'iA\-bf, them .guns;,and "praised lhc\V»b who arc now aiming 'buljjt, ,, them?.,...What. Rave Commnnisu in America, tbe idea they're ajijin, Russia? Isn't it a fact that Uitl stupid and vicious, activities'''^' only, burdened Russian, relation with America? Aad . isn't tht ,vhy. the.Soviet repudiated 'then?' .;Why should any American ftij'- '--" racial hatred? .,Haven't;.^ 171 cd .that by persecuting,'^ •ace nil Germans made thcm»cK>j laves?, :,Don't you see that Hit cr's [policies, have killed . fiim ermans than all .the n concentration camps? •WHAT IF DeGAULLE'- IS u tub1x>rn ns some of his; criUct laini? Shouldn't we l>e grattfoi e -w;u3; stubborn ' enough to -rcfwt o .stop fighting our mutual -at- rrfics ?.'... Whattvcr happened 110 bo'plan to Investigate the abuw !' the franking privileges' ot-saai olons?'. . : .W)j:it are we going-a o wfth interned enemy aliens life >Jlz-Kuhn? Allow them '•«>•» back and hatch plans for,anoUie war?- Why shouldn't they txr.pc; on 1 trial with i.hc other Axis-criai- r.als? • Bv LOGAN CLENDENING, M. D. Servicemen's addresses: Sgt. Stephen Harper, Trp "E", 101st Cav. Kec. Sqd,, Camp Campbell, Kentucky. ..... S 2-c Carl Miele, S. K. School, 1-45, U. S. N, T. •C., Sampson, N. Y Pfc Henry Kalinoski, Co "A", Inf., APO 15375, c-o Postmaster, New York, N. Y Corp. Waited A. Jagello, 131st General hospital, APO 5541, c-o Postmaster, New York, N. Y Pfc. Jerry Dunn, F. A. Btry "M", APO 15376, c-o Postmaster,4 New -York, N, Y. Xhe Column ban a sore neck. We imagine that it is a case of retribution— pain in the neck in return for the..pain in the neck we give yon. But, oiir's con I'd happen to anyone. It is wily senility creeping up on use and the old neck isn't what is nsed to be. Onta practice, maybe. ...... Eddie Brennan and Alf Fratesi, two of Uncle Sam's postal employes had a dandy time at Coney Island over the weekend And, Marge and Rose Insogna went t,p Bigtown, N. Y., returning only to find brother Ned, private first class of the U. S. Army, at home „ Fireman Ted Lawlor is out to the Lake, on. vacation with the farnilv. Summer Danger . •'.. From Dogs . .,.-.'' WAR AFFECTS many aspects.' 'of life indirectly ^and apparent.^-, remotely.'.'frorri ' thVn'u'm- ; ber of dops that almost h'ourly" po 'past my 'wi'ndows either "iiV packs or in pairs'or singly, . 'nearly al- -'wnys- -rushimj " excitedly and 'apparently aimlessly • alo-ng • the street, I can understand that the routine of life, of man's best friend has been seriously ups'et. Meat rationing hit him, owners turn .theii- pets loose to ,forage for the. food they can't- spare them,selves and the hungry, dog- on the -loose 'froos after rabbits, squir.rcls, chipmunks, and, besides, they, .associate too much with each other. All this makes• an. . ideal situation for the development of rabies, or hydrophobia,, and is, of course, a .direct danger to.,.man, especially' in the summer months. • ' . I have, a letter from a Pennsylvania town which prompted me to -call attention to the matter. • .- • "Since a clean ,up of' stray dogrs is going on. and~several dogs have shown • rabies,-I.'suggest,-.a;, discussion of the-.pji-opcrt 'treatment 'in suspected cases'.. 'DoctorsV-d<r not seem to he alert to tho ! i'da,ngcr. •', • Two Fatal'.Cases';.. 1 ;"V, ' "My own little'.boy ' dicd^'.sudr denly last-.fall. He was bitten' by a neighbor's-St. Btrnard 1 through the'lip. .This was in June and the doctor said antl-rabic treatment was not necessary. The boy became suddenly sick in November with convulsions and .fever and died 2-1 hours later. I have since heard.of another case, a lady/..who Special to Centra) Tress , WASHINGTON—Although Gov. 'Thomas E. Dewey made ,a, fighting speech in ' accepting .. the presidential nomination at Chicago, vct- •tur'get of-'much -of their, criticism, is Senator Joseph F. Guffey of Pennsylvania"."" " '. ' Byrd' has 'already promised Guf- eran,'political .observers in".Wash-i I f cy ,,-u Senator Josiah W. Bailey ington- "expect : the-,-national cam-' ' (D ). O f ^ 0 , .Carolina will nail his palgns for the- presidency to get off to a-;late start.",, ..".v. ,-' .There' 'are', 'several "reasons -lor this. .,,.'. .,'. . :. V.... v - s ... ., Dewey" ha's announced that he will 'not resiRn the .governorship of New York. He is . expected to stay in "Albany 'lor awhile'.to put things in, order before.going on a spcukin'g four". ... . , • Moreover, Dc'wey. has no inten- 1 tion-of bcatinp: the political drums until tho Democrats have had their convention and the results of that convention have had a 'chance to sink in on the public consciousness. ! Then. .Dcwey's advisers believe, his best chance for victory lies in a'quiet'campaign, one in which he will not. have to express positive and specific views on burning issues, thereby, alienating potential votes: : Dewey ^strategy, according to present .indications, .will. be. to attack the New Deal administration In .broad and general .terms. .•All-indications are that President Roosevelt—and: his rcnomina- tlon is tukn-for granted by politicos •will forego an active campaign. So the campaigns of both aspirants may be largely of the "front porch" character. "rhinoceros" h'ide to the wall for .a speech in which Guffey attacked Bailey while the- latter was rccov- T erLofc,ii;p;ArAn-.operation..^ ,, ,.. Further evidence of the Demo- cratic.schism is the revolt of southern Democratic electors who arc threatening .to vote-against President 1 Roosevelt for a fourth term, regardless of the. popular vote in their states.., ..'*•',. Usually, D'omocrats park' their differences during an election year. 13ut differences have" a'risen in' 1U4-1 too deep to'be patchd'up. -Hermann .T?."ui.schniny. "'former Nazi," ho wouldn't apply to the Germans tlic rule of "an eye for mi uyo,' 1 and now lie'II got an .car-r'nll. MacArtlmr if driving toward t.lio Philippines. There'll always be Manila, and Manila shall bo free. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph .Roland and the kiddies spent the - week-end at Lake Quassapauy. Son Richard is aspiring'to be a newspaperman, and shows a great deal of talent J'or a youngster his. age. Apparently the marriage .season arrived late this year, as there were only a .few marriage intentions filed at the office of Town Clerk Raymond..J.. St.. John in June. Now the office 'is almost swamped, comparatively, these days, four Laving been reported Friday. died very suddenly and the coroner said it was thc^' result of a clog bite on the lip -received six 'months before," Rabies alTects all mammals, and cases have been- reported, from the bite ,of skunks,'.wolves', cats -"and; squirrels, but tlie .responsibility of .the spread of the. disease to man rests ' mainly on dogs. Dogs arc very susceptible to infection, man .very slightly susceptible, If : :0-hu- '•mnns-are bltten.,by a provcdly ra.a'd dog, and none of .them 'receive im- '.munizing --treatments, only'"- one,according to-statistics, wlll'-on the Among 10-1-1 POLITICAL, DEVELOPMENTS, the one that "probably ha? been underplayed is -the split between the New Deal Dc'mocrats and the old-line southern Democrats, . Two sectional Democratic fae- ••.tipns have grown up in the senate, and tho bitterness that exists between them is intense. More will be heard about them. . Leader of.the old-line southern Democrats Ms Senator .Harry F. .Byrd^.o.f^^yirginia- and their chief Democratic "opponent, and the average develop hydrophobia.' The virus enters through. the bite or ariy break in the'- skin (there are cases where the infection occurred in a cut on the^hand when the owner petted a sick,dog and the dog licked the cut on-tho hand), It travels along the nerve paths to the brain. That- is why it usually takes so long to produce symptoms. If it travelled by blood vessels' the incubation .period would be shorter. . • >, , Type» of Rabies •• ', In .the dog the ,dumb , form of rabies occurs in only about' 1 20 per cent of cases. And these are often -the more ^dangerous, kind because the dog is not spotted as a mad dog and may be'approached and handled when suddenly it will snap land the damage is done.' The "furious" form 1 in which the dog •is excited and restless and flnaJly -becomes very agitated and goes on a,.snapping' and biting spree occurs in 80 per cent of instances. Frequently, however, the two forms •merge. • •. . '', The practical lesson ' arc that any dog that changes .dis'positioa suddenly in hot weather is potentially dangerous. If it bites a- human it- should be chained up rabid. The diagnosis of rabies can ;be made by examining the dog's brain, but the diagnosis'is not always' easyi.even by experts and it : is bc.t' let the^diseasc run;.its course v so:.that th'e^' signs will bo : most •evident.:-'". -J Any .bite-by. an animal proved irabid/should'-, call < for. Pasteur in-' 'oculatibn's;, While gossipy rumors .'will assert", that, the serum is dan- 'gefoVis there Is no proof, of this and the'dangers of. letting the case drift are greater. The first thing to be done 'With any dog bite is to stcrlizc. or cauterize the wound with alcohol or nitric acid to attempt ^to. kill .the., virus at the AS FOR THE TIME FOR THE DEMOCRATIC-CONVENTION, approaches, more, and more is being said about the opposition of Democratic political leaders-to the re-; nomimition of Henry A.' Wallace for the vice presidency. One Democrat high in the councils of the .party has said flatly in recent weeks that Wallace would be. a.'liability ns the president's running:-mate this year. "The-names of Speaker Sam-Rayburn of Texas, Senator Albon W. Barkley of, : Kcntucky, and majority leader o'f the" Senate, and Senator Harry- S:".Truman.'of- Missouri have- been suggested." The co7nmcnt has been made that none of these men would be a liability. .^Whether Wallace, is renominatcd, Kpwcvcr, depend* on one man—the .president, ;• DO THE ALLIES KNOW that Mussolini once promised Umbcrto that - he would take his-father's place? Isn't it bitterly ironic that by defeating II Ducc the Allies, gave Umberto the promotion xhat Has-Bcnilo -promised -him?. When will we crush subversive movements in ihis country by doing something aljouf the moneybags who give them financial sup- 'port?. ..How come the alleged pacifists who condemned the bombing 'of Germany arc now mum?Hasn't -anybody told them that Nazi robot bombs are hitting British - hospitals and' children's nurs- 'e'rlc's'? DbesriV'tlYeii*-;silence ~CC-TJ-~ WHY AP-E CERTAIN Congressional investigators stil! on' the public payroll? Must taxpkytis support' them when they're'oilj- ng to • stain our.- leaders, -instead of exposing < internal enemies?.. .How.'easy goliatcd peace ;>ropaRnr.-:'lsts'oil themselves peace - lovers''.-wie rheir plans would only aid the Tit-' t'ions that started the' urari'ui make 1 no secret they loat ..Do flapjaws ' know that 'when they swear to uphold tho. Constitution they are swearing a newspaperman's right-' to/'iiif- agree with them?... How can;«5'- onc 'call tho 3-residcnt • a -dictslor. ] when . ^.mos_t __ ne-ws;ji)perAl.opI>ose' FDR?- Did you ever hosr'o!,* You're Telling Me! By WftriAM UITT ,|(Ce'ntrnl 1-rcnii Writer) THE'DIFFERENCE between the old timcJpolitical candidate and the up-to-date -one, say's Grandpappy Jenkins.-'1st thai.' the, modern office scekbi-. spends fiU-'vacations but not his cliildhood- in n log cabin. vict them, of hypocrisy and con- dictatorship that allows doning barbarism?. ..How many po] . opposition?. . .Whatever hap-, politicians realize that, in theae p(. I2e d to those who were goinfrto critical " times mud-slinging. in..Xai, disjiibVe : thc revelations in .'^Un- political race might harni''lho"-Iu-jT ( j cr -QQy CJ ...j - . •.. lure of the human " *r.f\ ± '. -^-~ WHEN WILL. COX G R E S S' probe the lobbyists whose " power-" ful influence obstructs thc^will of; the people? Aren't those pressure groups the most lethal enemy of legislative integrity? .. .Do the Ar- prcnUnazis remember that their. Nazi chums in Berlin also thought they could push Uncle - jSomspn ; around? Doesn't Col. Pevoi^s bully-gab sound like the . vocal;j strutting that the Duce used to' indulge in?, .. .Why do we treat Nazi prisonors-of-war like guests when Gpebbels has been trying vo goad Germans into lynching American fliers who are forced down in Gei-vany? . Didn't Anthon.% Eden report a few days ago tha the Mazis have brutally murdered many Allied war prisoners?. .'.' WhaL if the sedition . trial docs? take a long time to reach a vc diet? Isn't it- better to have those soandsos on trial instead of allow ing them to use that time to infect America? I!'a spoiling Junio'r's vacation to think ofall the. history that, is getting, the-'-books. before school opens again in September. . A swell cook, Zadok Dumkopf points out,. hii» 11 riR-lil ta. claim Hie title -of -expert Interior decor- •alor.- -. -.- >.; •,- -.- •.; • ,- • One of the burning.quesl.ions of •tlie day, according' lo the man at the-next dcsk.ris what type of sun Ian lotion 1 , to'use, • : ', " .QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS !' V L.." M.:—How does one. test the .urine for sugar? My .'mother has diabetes and it is most inconvenient, to go to a doctor from 'where I live.', •' :' .' ' .'. ., Air. raid?', -says a..!naturali*.|, arc tough . on . .birds. Especially that bird known as Lhc dove of pence. Hitler : replaces Von Rundshxlt; with Von Kluogc as commander of the Xazli. 'facinR: the AllteH In France. ThU Is ; the firm, hi I of good luck Von Rundstcdt IIUK In- a long Hine. Tharo couldn't have been 'Answer: All diabetics, or a near j ... c coumn t have been any .relative, should learn how to tost'' . ings on . mcn -l' in Mother Gousc's the -urine for sugar at'home. It. is very simple. Any. druggist. Will supply you . witih Benedict's solu- tioh.V'a test'tube,-an aj'cohol lamp and a medicine dropper. .Put. .a lofiBpoqnful i-.of. Benedict's: solution;; ihthe- test."tube, hold 'it over the" flame'of the "lamp until it comes to a ilibil, then drop a few drops of. urine.; •• into ;,it and • boil .again,, If sugh'r is present it will cause a green',, yellow, or red cloudy deposit: 3f,-/iione is .present the solu-- — else; How could that i .have jumped'over the moon? until it dies'-' or is provbd-;.. non : -j tipn-vyill; remain .blue. - ; •./' . — SPECIAL — . [IjINNER SET (/or fi) ' . $A Kf\ 4.DU CCHNEER C ** cnroir Jiwciids ^ 1*7 SolitS Main S». — «.'j?n» WAR-BONDS: AND" STAMPS WHY ARE THOSE. STUPID greedy-gangs trying to invite inflation? Don't' they understand that no matter how rich they arc their money won't be worth anything if we have inflation?.... Why don't a few politicos stop gloating about the unity in. their parties and make certain .there won't be any disunity jiv -Amc;- ica?...How many people appixici- a.te the brilliant job John Edgar Hoover and his potent vitamin G-men have done on the home front by squelching spies and saboteurs? Docs America realize Uiat the Axis has suffered a crushing, defeat on the home front? Do yo\i recall Goobbcls brayed he would lick America "from \vithin"?.... Do you notice thnt every time Ham Fish snoots off his mouth- it's always done with blanks? DO YOU KNOW THAT the Nazis arc only repeating the barbaric ideas that German militarists spouted for centuries?.:,Isn't it a fact that Prcs. Wilson .warned about the dangers of rocket bombs and no one took him seriously?... Remember how the Swan Electric Co. 15 CHURCH ST. Tel. 2574 YOCR, K\~KG LASSES SHOP C. Tonilinson ' Xcary Xuucntiick, Conn. S1X>UK •Cl.OSKD Al-t *>•*>. EACH MONDAY l>URlNt» JULY AVD AUGUST Get Sliced Reymond's TODAY!

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