Daily News from London, Greater London, England on February 28, 1880 · 6
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Daily News from London, Greater London, England · 6

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1880
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Bates of discount were not quoted below Bank rate to-day, and although bills are said to have been taken at 2 percent., the transactions must have 'been exceptional, tot the leading discount houses have done nothing at less than 8 per cent. Short loans have been in demand at 2i to 3 per cent., but payments on the Stock Exchange being mostly made to-day, the inquiry is felt 'to be passing. Dividends on the larjra railway o-'diisary stock ar in course t liouidation, tins causing a transfer to provincial backs. French money is not as yet -weir eniplovsd here, whatever may happen afer the Paris Bourse settlement next week. The suni' of 30,0002. in sovereigns was withdrawn from the" Bank of England to-day for Monte "Video. Bar siif.r remains without alteration. T!-. .-.nation oi craiu loading is one to bo settled as much by marine insurance oonipoinej No doubt as Hv shin owners or i arimiueiiT. can exist that gram cargo expose """"" ft i. as dangerous as water-ballast, and that bags are required if a vessel has no proper fittings for the prevention of such shitting. Tiie money risk principle is not at present properly applied to the insuri-fr o p-sin-Jadcn vessels. Atten-t.! iuiKht with advantage be turned to a recent statement in the House of Commons to tl effect that so long as it was to tee aayan-ta oi insurers that their carROW should be lost rather than carried into port, the mam cause of the loss of srain and other vessels would be neslected. We understand that BOiue clearances of tea from bond have already been made m anticipation ot what iny be psopossd m the coining Budget. SHE STOCK MARKETS. A steadier feeling was apparent to-day. Only one failure was announced in the Stock iix-ch-,-,- but it i believed that a great many small dealers who bad lately made profits have buen losing. As some proof of the poorer condition ot members, we note a difficulty amongst borrowers in Ending a " margin,' which means that they bought stock without, being aide to !:1v for it except by pledging it against adVave-i This difficulty has led to sales, and coos a sreat wav to account for the depression of wrices yesterday. To dealers and orosors ..1 iU COOU. creait money u c,.. tor the account : n. w shy have the banSs Decoaie ox borrowers that even against United States bonds as. much as six per cent, has been ex-oe'ed. Apart from Consols, which have been somewhat weak, owing to a slight but unexpected charge for carrying over purchases at the settleme nt which ends on Sioaday, the acula'ive markets huve shown a tendency to rec-OTCT from the exaggerated depression twentv-fotir hours previously, and the tone is :u-c:"aiiv tirm st the close. Accounts for the Jail, which wore hastily opened yesterday, have been htwtilv closed this afternoon, leiegraph sH-urities ha?o recovered with the rest to some extent because of Mr. Pender's remarks at xhe ii.ee: ing oi the Direct Cable Company. Foreign railway and banking securities are flat in contrast with ft general rue for the any in the home markets. , The secretary of the Stock Exchange Committee informs us that Mr. Frederick N. Goiding was declared a defaulter upon the Stock Es-eaaiige this day. , So severe has been the pinch tor money at iha s-ttlement now completed a pinch for which we have been continually endeavouring for the wt ten days to prepare our readers tht means for preventing rcicurrence of the pressure are talked of. A weekly contemporary suggests u aome such plan as the settling of foreign securities in alternate weeks, ami of home securities in the intervening weeks " as a suitable remedy. "We also hear it put forward that dealings for future settlement niightbe discontinued, accounts being settled daily, as iu New York ; -;:id on the other hand that dealings for settlement a month or two forward should be recognised by the committee of Stock Exchange. At present none are recognised if for settlement beyond the next account. We are inclined to favour complete freedom of contract, whviher in the stock itarkets or elsewhere. Consols declined -J for delivery, to 97 to 9S, siad 5-18 for the account, to (JS to USJ. Indian Four-ana-Halt -..cr Cent. Kupee Paper fell i. No rariations occurred in Colonial securities. Cloint; Yeterviay. CiOoir 'Xo-Day. "ihsv S tstio fas US US lUsluood 3 fa Cents : . tJlOTCrau..-. ! ' !:ci Suvk ! -is,. prem. ?r. -prelll. '.'.8 7s. 12s. prem. 3i. J76 S'.V. 103.1s, Ss. prem. 103 ins 101 Foksion Stocks. The opening prices were 6 sbade higher than those last quoted in this market yesterday, and there followed some indecision ; but early in the afternoon a marked turn for the better was noticed, and instead of fresh s!esa $rood many of the accounts for the fail opened yesterday were closed. The prices received from Berlin are Hat, andliussian stocks hae on the whole not recovered. The report has been spread both here and in Orreany that the Dutch, who are known to' be large holders oi llr.sjian bonds, are about to deliver stock on the ruarkets oi the Continent Egyptian, on the ottn-x hand, have conspicuously recovered, the i'reiercuce Stock closing SB to , a rise of J; Unified, ,B? io 7, a rise oi 1- Argentine have advanced"! per cant, all round. Hopes are now felt that the Paris liquidation will pass off easily, favoured by cheap money. The state oi the Berlin Bourse is more serious. A; Paris to-day the Three pur Cent. Eentes closed at $2.33, or a slight rise ; and the Five per Cents. 116.20, being fractionally higher. Rail-ways. In the absence of anything to cause rispres-sion, there has been a reaction in the market for British lines, aud values more than recovered a greater part ol' yesterday's fall, after bein" tlat about noon. Caledonian rose Ij, to 11 f to HI.; Sheffield Deferred IJ. to B2 j to B2 ;; ; Great Northern 3. to 12-.U to 125J; Bnk-hu" Deferred to 136 to 13B; South Eastern i, to to llTg. Canadian descriptions were west, but became stronger at the close. Foreisu Obligations exhibiteil a farther dc-c'.iae fur th laiBsian loans. In American, AtU Misissinoi currency bonds fell 1.1. Subjoined are the closing quotations of the fT'Lcij al stocks, with the' otticial record of liiiiui'ss don-.-. The absence oi any closing prices :u-aay sisuiiiea that tho security has left off in vfiln.- tlie siitne as yesterday : dins lvico';CiiAing Price -W.ccJay. SS !S7 SO 87 88 88 68 id IV. . Ua U.S 110 i-.c w; w; jj ,-l S3 i W iC) 1 kv xH 4) sax &;!, wei M:V 67 SSi 8i:'i ! 86 J( 6!; 8.; j 86 88 81 .W 81 -.'i! i!6i H6 M5), 115i blfe s-"-; si4 & "9 80V 88-J to?. 8-.: eon sox iv.l s.v. l:tt v; IIu Ijo.c fti'.i:. i.v.i. I'-i-.l- Si, ( IW : iui i 100 1UB 101 ! w; i i 1(0 I 108 1 30G : 83 j S! 1 ?i 1 fci i 80 i 1T.S.:.7! .c, 1-K. rv-.-.'.A:., 187 ltuM.4 .' p.c, : 53 1 X ----- Il.tU. 5 p.c. IlV i p.e. Ifitt ."j p c. liilV, j..c. lutwt.pc. lv.ua.-.i. 15 3 81 3 82 86 Si SS 88 SS.Hj 1S81 . 84 ! 86 77U! i; 8!; 76 t 3s ' SS.is: --it j ,w j 7 il-7 100 j 66 66)ii 1C7 106 llu-fs 1! L ni;Ui. VcSteut". D-.tK, Ul Cloiina PncoCiospiK line f .m. OfflcLUsi.' YerterAiy. Bc.iivirm ! Ditto Coitiikt?ri( 4S ,fi ,l, 4 Castit lui:i, 187 l... -Ditto, 1S7S.... Ecuador ) ttiwk, 1821-5 i Ditto, Coupons, ..; j EonduinslOp.c.'O;! j Ditto 10 p.c.,1870' , Mexicans p.o.,ltoli 18 X i Ditto Sp.c, 180J 8 ParaguaynSp.e.,'71 Dittos p. c, 1872 : Fenwian8p.c.,18J0 lS- .. Ditto 5 p.c, 187 h : S,iominsutjr).e.,'t3- i Turkish 0 p. C.,1S3S 19' I Ditto 0 p.c, la Iti'-i ! Ditto Sp.c, 1S85 Il'Jj j5 I Ditto 0 p. c, lto- ! Ditto a p. (.'., I860 li t Dittoir.c..Tioas.1 lii 18 j Ditto lip. e., 1578. ; Do.DefaiceLcau; ' Small Bonds. 3 9,'.; 10J4 K 13 8 V 13 H 18 u ie:i 10, S) 8,'a n; 3? lOti IDS 18i.j WJ6 n .11)., 10'k 13 K Bii'sbtoa OisJ....I Ditto Dderred; J SC!a' CiitttioJiiaii '.lOi'ij CluithOni....; SO.V GlilBii'OWiZS.Vcy; Clut iLactel'U...L& "iJi Urct 2'oi-thern .llX, DittoDeiOTt-l;l!J 1SS.N 7i...,t" :,kil: T.ifl Guat 1 esteru.. Lx-.ulia York. iIauch;'.iiSlu.f. Ditto Deleuvil MetweliUiDii. ITa 11, IJS.-J i1 J'S e-.y iS 5 IB i::7gS13Ii'xa luol Im'j xa lo 167 2J X St n'.'X lie.'.; aiiouua 13; 14BX 15Sd MO'', Xol'tii Dritish ... 7o. "orth Kiustoru.. Uo.i ,iVs SO North Weateni.. 106,.j 'Mh 1 i tiout!:liustllil..!125' 8 l-6 138 Ditto Dflernxi 117 164 X 'iu i,". 8oatli WretemjKKHV Isi J Excuptional amount, st special pnoe. According to a Maclean's telegram, dated Valparaiso, Feb. 25, the Chilian Government bus issued a decree by which the agent of the Peruvian bondholders ia empowered to load vessels with guano. The agent has left for the guano deposits to-day, to complete the necessary arrangements for the loading. Ik Homb PKKFKBisHruL and Deeentcbe Bonds, Caledonian Cons. Piff. No. 1 liosn 1 (102 to 4) ; ditto 2, 1 (IU0 to 2; ; i-oiidon and Xorth Wcsieru, i (loSi toUi); and Chatham anu Hover Preference, k SOS to 5). 3n f'osaios and CotoniAL Bahwat SEctnansa, Atlantic, and Great Westoix Lcasod Lines, IBii), EOSK 1 (11 to 7); ban Paalo (Brazilian), 1 (31 to 5); ban Paulo and Uio do Janeiro, j (l'Jo to 7) ; Philadelphia and HeadiiiK Shurcs, $ (b'ii to i); Grand liuuk Second Prci., i (eUi to 1); ditto llaxd, I to OTJ); ditto Ord., J (103 to -,-2oJ) ; Ine ahures, k Wl to 3) ; ana Great Western shares, (Hi to 12). Toronto Uroy anu bruce SSU a ( to 6) ; Atlantic, Mississippi, and Ohio Coramitte ot Bondholders Certificate, 1J (W to 8); Pronucml Orel 1110131", ij ( to 7); Oregon and Calitorwa Ir.mc. Com. Receipts, 1 (IU to al ; Charkof Aaof, and C'harkow Kiouiantsohujr, 1 (83 to o) ; Moacow oaroslau, 1 (Suto c); Atlanuo and Qreut Westei-a 1st ilortsage Certificates, i (ii'JS to iOQ ; ditto 2nd, ; (32 to ,); eitto old, i (lfaj to 17:;); Lima, (0 to $1 ; Mexican Shares, J (5i to ) ; ditto 1st Preference, J 18i to ID); ditto md, i (ilf to 11; Uuuaburs and Witispk, and ditto Uepiatsred, (leto) ; Varna Ihree per Cent. Obligations, !-, (5 to b). The estimated traffic receipts of the Atlantic and Groat Weston liaih-oad for the iiiot week iu I'ebruary amount to yu,Uou dols., ugaiuat 7S,t73 dols. for cor-rsejiouding psnod last year, showing an increase of lli,l77 dols. The following is the official record of business done in tornjju and colonialraihvaya: AaililUt-'AJN' BONDS AND SHARES, A.G.W., 1 Mt. T. Ccrtti., Ol-j -, V0 IjL's AG.NV., 2 Jit. T. Certs., 8S A. g'. W., S Mc. T.Cei-ts., 10 IV 't I0i Atlantic 4i Mias.C'erts., 96 8 1 v.m da Southern, ej Cent. XcwJerseyCuns.Asseut,, i0J;, t CenttfilKcTJei-aey Adjustment Bonds, lUilt Cent. Pacific Land, tos Tllinnia Central, S100, 10's 6 Dftroi. A; .Milwaukee Bonds, Hi DcuuitS: HilwauiceCon.,9Sj NaivYorlt.LalieBio &Westa., Saw ah., H NeTvyork,La&e&rie,iSc..l Con. itort. inuled ik)nufl,J8t'i XcvVurk,Lakelii-ie,A:c,,:iGon. Mort. iJonds, 84 Oivson, &c, (JFrancf cut), 5DX IVli Pomsjiracia,. $50, SSK K lJhil,,;lteadiiis,ifae, Sift aTKi:Il0 110NDB SilABES. Alahania, Ordinary, S Allcshisuey Valley, 117 At.U. W., 1878, J3 i S.V X Atlantic V.V., Scrip, 87, Baltimore, ISBJ, 10iis li C'aii-o and Yinrenncs, t6 5j6 Illinois Cent. KirJj.Fnnd, 10fi NewYorkitCauaila, 104 Viuihv1. Gen. Mort., 116 1'cnnsylvoaiaCon.S.F., llli i Philadedplna Imp., WJjfc' iCO Philadslpaia, 1874, 6?J$ KAlLWAy&-BBl'fISB POSSESSIONS. AtlanticocSt.L.Bp.c, U G.T.C.mp.ileb., 9S$ a 1'J Bombay.Earoda, &c., J23 i Canada tieut. lionds gun,, Kastiuiu4Jp. c.Ann., 2 Ct. Ind. Poiumrola, 126 5 tit. Western Canads, Xl GtAV.Uim-da, 5p.c.Pref.,91X Ut AV.C'anadaPerp. Sp.o., U? k East Indian Jj p. e., B., 23 1, i'Jarnoiaiiuei.juui., J-ius a , , G. X. Canada Con., Vj;i G.Vest. CarjadaBonds, 10J4 i. iv id h ;i G.T.O.Equip.lMort.. 1U3 e.T.C.llrof., foA' li !j xd G.T.C.,2Pif., BO K U.T.C.S.i'rel'., H Madl-ae gua., llSiJj Oude & ltobilkund, U3 Sjenide, lainjaub, &c 119 1S3 lo)t a Booth Indian, Jiu 10 St. John Maine, ii M rOIUilGK BAILWAxH. Bahia & 3. Francisco, Lomberg-Crn-Jassy, iS Dueues Ayres Gt. 8., 130 Lima, CJi ti lIuuuosAyiesep. c, ilC Mexican, b X Duenos Ays (Ayacuelio jhx.), Mexican 1 ll-cf., IsJ 18 Cential Cnujaay, 1 Nunvesjian 'lVuqk, Hiumljuix Witt'psk, 16i' Koyid tiai-dininn, 4& UunaburB. StcKegis., 18.!a (Jan Paulo, 81 K EastArsentine, loiS, South Austrian, 7J6 Great West, of Braal, SSi' yOitl-aGN EjllLWAY OBUGATIONS. Brazi'JanlmpeiialCent.hahia, pro v. Orel-Vitebsk, 8IJ 6)s 7 Itocife&S.Francisco. Cliai-kc'-Aiof, 84 H Suuth Austrian, l(ii Charliow-Kveuicntschug, Si SouUiAustriaii.ScriesX, 10Js Muscow-Jarosluw, to Tambori-Kosloa, IS Js National l'isco to ica, 3? Varna, 6 6 6 i Exceptional amount, at special puce. In TuiscmArHS, Inditi Eubhcr hose 5 (1SJ to ?). Auglo-Amricai) "A" rvk $ (31 If to2j); &ud ditto Oidmarv. i (69 to GD-V). Is TnAMVfys, Nottingham and District isll (UJ to 10). Js Banes, Gas, and Issujuscx, South Metropolitan Gas EQSE 24 (198 to UK) : Imperial Continental, t (177 to Si); iondenond Westminster Bank, 2 (ou to 8) : Alliance British and Foreign Assurance, 1 (-32 to i); Oriental Gas, (7 W .1) ; and BauSc oi.Koumania, J (13i to ij) ; but Colonial ,c,r 1 , r 7-, ! !hvf(,vr.,l ATrrjiTitiln India. London, and China, J (23J to olj ; AnHlo-Coliforniau, J. i to 1 prem.) ; imperial Ottoman, i (Hi to J). In Jdsckukol-s SuctnaTiia, Lambeih "ft'otsr sell 2 (liiit to -Mi) ; Hull Hock, 1 (00 to U) ; Hudson-s nay. (18 to i) ; and lUsilway Debenture Irust, i (-! ais. io irl Unush American ajwiu sum i iou iu j , Tvoln.nt Sbiniiilif. 1 l7 to 'A. In MiMiso'SiiAiiiss, Copinpo eose h to 16 to 16 ; Linivvcs i, to ii.i to 01 ; Colorado i, to 2 to 3 ; Wheal XXuy, i, to 5 to 6A; Thai-sis Sulphur 1'Eii 2, to 32 to 33- Devou Consols M, to lotoloj; Kouth Crofty 1, to 16 to IS; BioTinto J, to II to llf -, Srontiooand Bolivia J, to 3to8J. in U descriptions of uisceilaneous securities the official record oi business dons ia as follows : DANK6. Hank of Australasia, S0H ion. &AVcstmiastr, 66 6 Uohmial, 68 b!b Oh k , . ,, ConsuUdated, 7 ft J,' fttlonal of Anstniasis, a H Imjierial Ottoman, ll!t TS Oriantal Bank, Mi Lou. 6: County, uSi :H StnndOSnt. K.Africu, X 1-oudun 6: i-rovincial, l L'nion uf London, 35 BONDS, LOANS, AN1 TRUSTS, Ainracanluvcst.,l ., VX:i Kffyp- Kheaive Data SStiMft, City oi Duiuxliu, 1S0S, 8J "6. A 8 U. l SVtdlingiou iKJ.), Con, Leeds Corporation, 102 IHjb., 11)7.1, oi OtaBoHar.Bd.l100,000), 10 Spantah Nat. Lands, s)lt bluroluveat.'Xtust.DeJ., Vili CU.1L, COITEit, U'.UN, Oci;.-New SLarLston, 5'j ' COMMKitCLVI FINANCIAL. AND INDltSTJtlAI (Jen. CrcditSi Discount, 6j 'ITosUiAsefloy Australasia, 2Js lmpta-iiU Credit, Vj'a TrustSLoua Canada, 7?j impd. IndusU, Dwell., 10G Vuitcd Dia. Coiporatiou, 5 A London Financial, 4 DOCKS. Lond. S; St. Kali., 79,Si ll'AJS. ContiuentnTnion,rf 24 GsL4.&Coke,A, ISOJtf 78. Lsuropcan, 17, ;i h 80 xd Hong Kong 4: China, 16 GasLt. & Coke, H., 128 xd LAND. Brituh American, 813a Hudson's Bsy, S83i 3s H SHIS'i'lNb. 1 Oeiieral Steam, 27 xd Penin.tQrisnUl, Si 5 Ucu; r.d8ieai:i, Pref., 10?,xit l?emu.0so!al,J(ew, ai London 8teauiboat, e.'-j TFA. Dai-icoliug, 23 TliLEGB-VPHS. Anglo-Aroer., 60 liatemop.c.Db., 1S$9, 103 Angt-Auier.,Prof.,Sa 9 Eastern Extension, 0A-,U AcLi-Auiiir., DcS,, 31 liastem Lx. 5 p.c. Dcfc, Seiip, ia wii X Brazilian Sxibnunne, 713 Glob;, sh! A i KwtfcOT. m 9A . W.CoiKtof.'unOTica, W lSaate.11l'., U V.Liiuuriiuuiia,lPf., 7fS Kasteru 6 p.c. Deb., 1887, 10i Vcittrn&BrinuLian, 7 S TBASfWAYS. Bu-Venhcad, Trcf., Hi X. Metropolitan, New, 13 N. Metropolitan, XoX K VATJ4BVOKKS. Chelsea, S)7 SouthVrajk&Vauxhall, 215 K UaatLondon, 209Js 11 S03v X S W . Urend JunLUou, 111) West Miuoleset, 179 Laiuoethiop.c, vol i K MISCELLANEOUS. Crvstal Palace, A, 1X xti N. Westminster Brewery, 6s' Crystal Palace, L, 8 Price's Patent Candle, f) NaUonal Sale Deposit, j Exceptional! amount, at special price Mestinos Cailkd. Law Reversionary Internst, annual general, 21th pros.; ditto, special; South Hants Water, annual general, 1-th pros. ; siauibre and Meuso Bailway, halt-ycarlv, 12th pros., in Loudon, 22nd prox., at Brussels ; Kamsgata and Margate Tramways, ivtii Tvrr.Y. It m announced that ths meetiua of the holders of the Seven pur Cent Western Exten siou Trust Bonus ana the i-ignt per uent. vvessem Extension Certificates called for March 4 next is postponed until further notice. The next settlement on the Stock Exchange takes place as follows : Consols ends oa tho 1st March ; railways and foreign stocks commences on tho 55th March, and ends on tho 17th March; the last day beiug pay-day. NOTICES. a -.-,t,- mvptp ,v fliai-vT.Ts i;oM-pAKY. The report I states that having regard to the small amount oi capital 1 , VL..r ;.,...,.A.l,...-nh;n,!lmm originally suoscriueu usM&m,-c jma uvu vu.v.-- t. company's bankers, aud larger purchases of cattle l-ivo been made. It ia proposed to submit a resolution to the misting 111 May to tha oit'eot that all shareholders on tho register shall be entitled to a prferential dividend of lu per cent., but not payable uutil SSol, iu addition to tho dividend to be declared in that year, when tho annual ealcs 01 cattlo will have begun; also to oiler tor subscription at 1 ar. for a limited time, tho remainder of the capital oi the company. u.-iii Done, I)ujucUo. ;wnwfto CijsWice 'ISO 30 ; s? 6'.' 5',. Wiji 13 Klk X JO" ICS'S " iei uvi ! THE DAILY MEW SATTOTOAY, TTOggL-gB have ismsd a I an appliostico wsd on tonsil o tba Btato of Virginia teotoythesalBBtthe railroad. diwwBsed potltious on behalf of tho holders of assigned Ubour and supply daims, and referred to the jaasier lae u Committee and of the Amsterdam Committee for expenses incuiTd in the foreclosure ptocoadiags ; toat application was mude to have an order granted so that the bonds as ivull asths coapous would Dereceivabls in payment for the railroad, and that the order was matle riccor.lii.gly. It is added that, hanmg no certain kuowledcre when the coinmisuonor to Bell under tue ioreclosuw iU ho appointed, an application has been made to the court by fee trustees of the mortgage, for an order to pay an interim dividend of two dollars per coupmronall overdus coupons of the Consolidated BNbwZealam, Town of Oam?. -Subscriptions will be received at tlio National Baiik of Sew alaud, od Tuesday next, the 2nd March, for 60.000. in Seven per Cent, llebentures for the above town, rhe issue com-Pltes the total Waterworks Loan of UO.OTO?. Tberaue price will be 10-1.'. for every lOUl. debenture, payable 10 percent, on uppUcation, and 99 per cent, on the 1 th proximo. The debentures ara repayable on iBt J anuary, 1JSubeev CoitMEcciAi, Docit OojiPAltv. The directors liavo resolved to recomuiead at the geueitU meeting on the nth March a dividend of three per cent, on the oi-dmarv stock, and ou prefertmoo stock A, maiaug with toe interim dividend of threw per cant, paid m October last, a dividend of ais per cent, tor the year, and ip addition a bonus of two percent. Ujtjted Si-atis KoniNci Stock Oospaiti. For tte year 187t the accounts eliow a net ipcoms Qf o-df.SU dollars, out of which an interim dividend amounting to 9i,4(W dollars was paid iu September, leaving a disposable! balance of 210,412 dollars. It is recom-.:,.f.,i.5 1 fhn lot MoTR-h a dividend of 12s. per stare, which requires Wo.oOU dollars, leaving about (w.UtiO dollai-s to Le applied to the permanent reserve. The report was adopted at the meeting of trustees m Nw Vork on 3rd February. Messrs. I. Thomson, T. Bonar, and Co. announce the numbers of 24 bonds drawn at the 12th orawmsr of Ku3siau l'ive-and-a-Half per Cent. I-and Mortgage Bonds of the Centra! Bank of Laud Mortgage Boutis of Itussis, 3d Series for l.uDO.OuW., whioh toot place on the 1st (13th) February, and whioh wiU be paid ott on the 13th AprU next. The 12th Coupon el JBondB of the above series falls due on the eame date. COMMERCIAL. Exchanges to-day Bombay, Is. 8 1-lCd.; Calcutta, Is. Sid.; Hoiig Kong, as. 9d.; Shanghai, as. Ud. Tho advices received from Calcutta to-day by Messrs. Blackwood, Conor, and Co., report that steam and sailing freights are firm, salt market steady, and coal market iirni. The current quotations are:--iieam freights : Loudon Rice, 62s. fc'd,; wheat, 60s.; unsasa, nominal ; rapeseed, nominal ; measurement, TOs. bail-ins freights: Ixmdou-Saltpetre, 3i.s. 6d. ; nee, 41s. 3d.; wheat, 38s, ad.; linseed, 43s. t'd.; rapeseed, 4os.; hcavv jute, 42s. Sd. Dundee-heavy iuta, uomiaai. "is'ew York, 7i dols. Mauritius, Its.l a 0. Unused tonnage re port, tons. Salt; Spot price, ex ship (top cargo), Rs.lt-, stocks, 43,000 tons. Cardiff staam coal (es ship), Es.16; Newcastle ditto, Bs.H; Scotch ditto, Es.12 ; Austrahan ditto, Ks.12; Newcastle smithy coal, Bs.lb; do, coke, Ks. 3U. , , Mr. Waddell, Mr. Kemp, and Mr. Kendnck, as liquidators of tfeo Stud Cpmpany, havo given formal notice that the debenture holders can recoive Jie balance of their debentures, with interest to date, upon application at tho ofiiees ct the liquidation, SiO, GreahaBi- Tho Vice-Chancellor Hal! has appointed Mr. B. P. Daniels (of Uood, Daniels, aud Co.) official liquidator of the Suburban Farm aud Dairy Produce Co-operative Supplv Association. Mutals." Messrs. von Dadelszen aud Co. report that manufactured iron is steady, but pig iron is lower. Scotch pig mm vsarrauis have dechnod Readily trom C7s. to (ios. Middlesbrough iron is steady, C2s. the quotation for No. 8 for prompt shipment. The shipments last week wero ld,lds: tons, against 8,SS6 tons for corresponding week of last year. In copper, Chih bars improved to 7&,; as. cash for g.o.h. early in the week, but have since become flat.and are to-day quoted 711. ios. to 711. cash ; Wallaroo quoted 8U. to 82. : Burra-,a0-.'.tooU; English tmfgh, W. to J9i ; best select, 79. to 80?. ; strong sheets, S2.'. to So. As the Swansea ticketing 1,185 totisofore realised 1 lud. per unit for 74 per coat produce. A cargo of Bolivian, ore sold at 14s. I'd. for ore and Us. for regulus. lm tho weei at about 941. to 94. 10a, for spot, but closes weak und lower, 93. ICS. for spot, pareeia rt iu ii'i,. ,uiuiu. i---- iiiUiton ooif., Knglish ingot, U9. The Braiilian hubmariue Telegraph Company notify that messages for the Cape of Oood Hope, Algoa Bay, aud Natal, for transmission by the next steamer calling at Maderia, should be cjespatohed from England before W.in. on the 2nd of March. COKTIKEMTAIi B0DKSB8. The following were the closing o.uptatiopfl iron) some of the jprincipal Continental centres, received through Etjutor'a Agenoy: Austrian Five per CJent. , Lombard-VenetianEafL 153 Paper Kente 61 ! Kvep. c. Silver do. ...... bl.EO Austrian Gold Eente ... 74801 Sixp.C.Hung.Gld ltcnte 66.70 Kve per Cent. Itahan.i... Bl.wU Kvep. C-.MneaiivnlS7li . 85.60 Five p. Coat. On, UH7 B.t Tlm-dKussu.OrientaTIin. 69.00 KTOMrCenk'Xurtoifl . 10.B0 ('ivep.C. U.S.l'und.lBSSlOl.ro l"ru83ian Consols U8.50 ttivato Discount Uxo.an Ixin.,8dy' sight 20.46 uo. no., o monma se.w !)q. Arnoterdrp. 2 mnthsltW Do. do., 8 days ,....16;).70 Do. Vienna, 2 months;. JT1.70 Do. St. Vetrsbrg., b mo.2i.ii20 Do, I'sris.Bdaye 81.1S Do. Belgium, li months 80.75 FAB1F. Credit Fonciar 10.96 gat psr Ct jays two ... . 'eimwTi.n.ltents.Monev is2.d0 Tive Dei-Cent. T'vrrkish... 10.S2 Aurea p, c. itente, aoct. os.bd Five p. c Hente,Moncy. 110.20 Hive n.o. ItontcAooount 316.20 Five per Cent. Italian ... 81.10 Ottoman Back .Sham,. W6 Suca Canal ehares 780 lunbanl Eailwuys 1S6 lij-ypUan Kailways .,...,431 XhTOp.cj.Bpa interior i-jH 'fhree p. o. do. Exterior IBS iico. ooLand., cheques 86,25 Five p.o.itusB., 1877, no. Bt) XhiiUitussn, Orient. Ln, 0J Four p. o.AnBt.G.Eiite. S3 ftop.c.Hvu)g.GttlftBlita 833 l'rivate Uiscovmt iU FROM LAST NIGHTS GAZETTE. BANKRUPTS. (to smiRHmiar. a? thh lomdos oouar.) Fbuxie, Jou.M,Ea8tDmwich,Mai-eh9,atiJ. Gouto, Housst, Portland-street, Soho, tador, March B, at 12. M'lsTOsn, Dosald, Brinscall-witiiiE-'Withnell, Icashire, quarry master, March 11. at IS. TtO 8UKSENDE& AT T11K1U SE3PEOT1VE rXSTOJCT COCETS.J Egoab, -William, Fawley, Hants, yeoman, March 10, at 14. Plaskitt, Edsunc, Great Griaisby, LincolnEhirs, corn dealer, March 10, at 12. STOBB,Gnor,oE,Swinethorpo, Ijiifxansh..fanner,Mw.U,at IJ. Waltees, Chaelss Ha-iton, Newport, Monmouthshire, com- raiagion agaut, March 10, at 11. "Weltos, Joseph, NewcasUe-upon-Tyne.buflder-,Mar.ll, at 12. BANKMUEK3EB AHNULLBB. Feb. 27. Besjaiux Chaelbs SrsrHESsos, Anstinfriais, City, and elsewhere, stookbroiter. Feb. 2-1. ltoDEaTMooKKBowMAs,Vjlackhesth, coaloontiactor. Feb. SB. Joss Whittle Paimee, Ids Abbotts and lelo Brewers, Soinm-setshire, faimcr. Jan. a). Williah WiLLiius, New Brighton, CSieahire, builder. Feb. 17. Gsoeoe Hbtlev, Higginshaw, lceshtte, call marcnrei'. Fob. 20. liiiHA DcrrETT, Heme Bay, widow. POBLtC EXAMINATIONS. March is. B. J. Humbert, Burbican, bat reasnisstursr . March 17, W. H. M. Dalston, Aldersgate-street, manufacturer Martb 6. tr. Xabalraondisi, Soatb Eaton-place, $atoa-equare, gentlcmun March 2, F. Sheffield, jlaworthy-teirace, 1'ninrost-hill, gsutlemaa March IB. V. Ptsgjuu), HiBh- SS- H. Kewmao, Brorapton, Kent, eating-housa toper Miuh aa. ii. unrasey, aneemess, ciouner marcn 19. C. Chalmers, Cliftonville, Susaei, cammercial traveller March 12. K C. French, Manchester, tailor March IS. B. itvhmce, Presoot, Lancashire, publican Minh 17. H. Shepherd, Manchester, beer retailer March 10. W. W. ChurcLull, Salford, tea mei-ehaatApril 6. M. Bowes, Brsdford, licensed MCtuallei-. JOINT STOCK COMPANIES ACTS. LoSDOy AKU SCBCPJIAS Co-OPESATIVE MaAT SUPPLV AsSQCU- tio.k (Limited) April 8, at 3, at the Westminster Connty Court, St. Maxtin's-lane, to bear and syndicate upon debts and claims, BANKRUPT BECLAKATIONS OF EIVIPEJSBS. Johs C'AiawEU. and Fbedkuick He.net Towill, Carlisle, manure, merchenSe Hnal dividencl of Is., on anil site Maroh i, at Bonner's, Liverpool John Cakswell (separate estate), Carlisle, manure merchant hnal dividencl o! 8a. 3d., on ao4 M't-,.r Mim'l, 1. at Bannera. LiverDooL WALTEtt Allem Wuitaker, Saslingderi,Ic8hire, cotton, spinner-lst and ISual iliTidcnd of Ud., on and after March S, at 66, George-street, Manchester H. Bnshton and T. W. GiUibraud, Trustees. He srv Hoojon and JosBpp Taylos, Hogsthoi-pe, Lmcolnshire, builders 1st and final dividend of 3a., on e4ter Maroli 8, at Mason's, Alford. Kenuv Hobsok, Hogathorpe, lincohashire, builder 1st oivitloud of lod., on and after March s, at Mason's, Ali'ord. JosKi-n Tavlok, flogsthorpe, Lincolnshire, builder 1st dividend of 104., on and alter March 8, at Mason's, AUord, Bjchaeu Kekhv, Ladbroke-terrace, Not-tiug-hill, merehaut 1st dividend ot 2s. 9 6-18d., March 3, and three aubsemieut Wednesdays, at Poget's.IJncom's-inu-JlelUs, BANKBITPT DUMUFJSl) MEETINGS. March 19. C. Mintori and A. Minton (scparaU estates), Slough, Bucks, millcis March 12, M. A. Picipoiat, FJworthy, Stimmtahire, clsrk. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. W. James aud H. CaulBeld, Birminghani, buUdesgH. H, Mihvard and S. Whitehead, Chancery-fime, sobcitors J. Mid- dlston and M, M, Uaves, Birmingham, electro-plate ware manufacturcis - -T. Bach and J. Pike, Church-road, Norwood, itapeis-W. Wylio and J. V. Wilson, Skipteu, york-sliiic, physicians It. Johnson and It. Partingtoii,Littlo Lever, Imscashii-c, tevi-u tutta aiauufgeturei W. Ij. Bodhonse, C Kxton, and T. 32. Lri, Leiccttr, children's boot raanu-fsrtui-ers W. Crofts and J. J, Crofts, Btavsley, Derbyshire, Ucensad victuallei s-S. M. Coffyn and H. Hoole, Hoaisey-road, urgeons-J. Firth mid J. T. Ncllev, Shemeld, slate merchants S. Shcail and N. F. lilcy, Beckraondwiie, Vork-shile, cahiaetmake.-o J . Brooke, J. Mellor, A. Mc-orhouse, B. Riley, S. Bower, and H. Wood, Hudderstield. builders, so far as regards A. Moorhouse and B. Biley J. Hili and J. E, Cartwiight, Birmingham, niairoiacturing jewellers-J. GritSn, .1. ifewi. and C. H. Bait. New Wiuusor. littendraners A, P. Higgs and S. Ball, TWyford, Ijiiosstoshire, coal nietv chants K. CMnlilio andW. Blackledge, Lee Clough, near Bacup, Lancashii-e, quarcymasterti W. F. S. Holt anaW. Cooke, Bradfoi-d, Yoi-kslnre, machirie joiners E. Kitsou and J, Kitsun, EUand, near Haiiiax, sanitary tube rankers S. D. Henzell and J. H. Henscll (deceased), Cporlton-on-iledloek and Hulrce, Lsacsshire, eoramon brewers J. P. Schhiia and P. J. Schihaa, Liverpool, cqttou brokera Chuiuia Clark, T. G. Darton, and G. Clark, Friars-street, Doctors'-cominons, City, bookbinders, so far as regards T. G. Dartoa W. H. Buckley, J. Buckley, H. L. Buckley, and J. E. Buckley, Mossley, Ashton-nnder-Lyne, cotton spinners, so far as regards J. E. Buckley G. H. Sheffield and A C. ililLLierby, oichitects C. WilfiomsoB, Or. H. Pbinson, and andE. 8choles, Ashton-under-Lyne, com millers H. Wil-liiuna and T. Whittle. Chester, tobacco roannfaoturers E, Walsh and J. B. Dodson, Styai, Cheshire, brewers A. F. C, Bolhigbroke, W. Jones, A-Muttrare, E. Heath, sod H. C. Bolingbroko, Norwich, manufacturers of textile fabrics, so far as regards E. Heath- J. Burga and E. West. Scarborough, drapeia T, W. Allen and J. Ellis, Liverpool, ahip- .t Al.,yvl and t. (Jlnver. Southoort. Lancashire, ioiuers J. Percivul and J, J. May, Caledsnian-road, tailors - j A. Tavlor, D. M. Taylor, and A. Whitiinr, Leadonhall-stroet, City, wine mtrckanU!, so far as regards A. Whiting B. Ciow-thor, sen., J. Crowther, D. Crowther, B. Crowther, jun., and O. Croivthcr, Eorbury aad Osactt, Yorksbi-c. or elsewhere, dyers, so for as resaids O. Crowther A. Arnold and W. Hudson, Fieet-atrcet and Hatton-gardes,City,stationer8 J, Itains, M. Itains. and M. Isaac3, Tenter-street South, Goodraau's-tleliva, Whiteohapol, dealers ia flower roots J. Benton, J. Roxburgh, and J. A. Roxburgh, Glasgow, coramission merchants, 30 far as regards J. Benton. SCOTCH SEiiDESTEATIONS. Hcoa Bovn, Aidrosssau, shipowner, March 6, at tho George Hotel, ELihnaniock. Oasies Kh:xwooi and David Kiric-wood, Rotlresay, wiights, March 6, at tha Sheriff Courthouse, Bothesay.-WiLi.iAS KENSLEV,Conpai--Angus, Perth-ihire, ulatera, March 6, at the Solicitors' Library, Perth. Petbe Samull, Edinbur-ii, luei-cLant, iiarch i, at lKiwcll'P Roonis, Edinburgh. James Johnston, Borrowstounneaa, spirit dealer, March 6, at the Star and Gai ter Hotel, liahthgop. Specks vanish from tha teeth under the magic in- ilueucoof Sozoclont, tho icieuioat dt-ntifrico of tho nbietccnih centui7, which ia driving ths old tooth washes aiid 1 Kritty poftVlcre ircic theik-M. Utntal hcalih mi buuij we iiifuUitlv swuhd by its ,-tA4yertohi(itJ HB ALLEGED FOBGERIES ON TEB At the Bfomsion-house yesfesday WiUwm Henry Walter, 29, described as a .licensed .victual or and h residing iu Bichmond-road Barnsbury was brought up on remand before Sir Thomas uabrioHor further axamination charged with forging an(luttrmg a cheque for 905?. with iiitcut to defraud the .Govern ,m and Company of the Bank of England He charsad with being concerned 111 other other Dondou and Provwoial hanks, and with fotging and utterin( PostOfflco money orders with intent to defraud. Inne Noiah Walter, SO, was brought np on remtd charged with being au accessory after too lace to thTfirst-ntmed charge.-Mr. "K?i$ the prosecution on behalf ol the Bank oi Batons authirito. Mr. Bretap Osborpe, souqitor, appeared for the Post Office.-The evidence taken on the previous occasions having been read over, and tto depositions signed by the variouB witaetass, Mr. Foland said there wos anothr case which the Indon Joint Stock Bank ws desirous of laying. before the : Court, and he vros of opiuiou that it was desirable thatit should begousintp.-The Alderman,iuterposmg, astedtf there was any further evidence against the nonian, and if Bhe were implicated in that fresh charge ?-Mr. Poland replied in the negative, and the woman was removed rroua the dook into the cells. Mr. Poland then said the prose-cator in this cose was Mr. Georgo Leech, a provision merchant, carrying ou business at bio. 196, Old-street, St. Duke's, who kept an uocouBt at the Dondon a oant-Stock Bank. On the evening of the 23rd of December a man who was identined ua the prisoner entered his shop and purchased a German sausage, tho price of which yrss as., which he paid, arid en fmtered into canversariOE with Mr. Leach. Pe said he was dasirpus of sending some money, maptionmg the amount oi 1. 9b. tid.,into tho country for the purpose 1 of paying a doctor's bill, but he was unable to get a Fost-oftice order, and he asked Mr. Leech if he could oblige him with a cheque. This Mr. Leech eventually agreed to do, making out a cheque fpr that amount m the name of the parson to whom the prisoner said he wished to send the money, and which was crossed. The pnsoner thanked Mr. Leech, and loft with the cheque. The nsxt day, however, that cheque was prassuted over the counter in the ordinary way, but it had been alterea to a cheque for 90. 10, and it was duly pajd, Mr. Leech, as soon as he obtained his pass-book, communicated with the tank, but they were unable to bring the perpetrator of the fraud to justice. When the prisoner was taken into custody, amongst other things found at his lodgings were tracings f the cheque in question, ia its origmal state, and also of the cheque in its altered state.-Mr. Poland remarked that, perhaps, if publicity were given to this case, it would serve to warn people from giving their cheques in this manner, when they knew that there were snot olever persons about, Thsre were, he Bsid, other cases against tho mala prisoner, but be should aak the Aldengn to coinu.it only op the charges of forgery and uttering cheques on i he Bank of England and Sir Samuel-Scott, Bart., and Company, Cavendish-squaie, and forging and uttering post-ofcee money orders. He then caJleol Mr. George Leech, who gave evidence corroborating the opening statement. He identified the prisoner as the man who obtained the ohequs from liim, and stated that (he prisoner represented to hun that he b&l been recommended by one of his customers, and also that he himself would have large dealings with him, and took away a price list of his goods. William Wallace, an employe of Mr. Leech, gave evidence identifying the prisoner. My. J. W. Trouason, cashier at the London Joint Stock Bank, proved cashing the cheque in question on December 24, and gave particulars of how ha paid it, anS said ha believed the prisoner to be the person who presented ia chequss. in crosa-sxamination by the prisoner, witness said he had conversation with the person who presented the cheque, and ha believed he recognised his (prisoner's) voice. He hacl very little doubt about the person, but though he would not swear, he fait convinced that the prisoner was the man. Decteohve-sei-geaut Child, City Police, said that after the prisoner had been arrested, he found tho two tracings produced at the Todgices in Bichmoud-road, Barasbury. In reply to the prisoner, the officer said that the hag he found the tracings in was locked, and he did not find a key either iu his (prisousr's) or his wife's pe8esion that would open it. This completed the case, and the woman Ann Norah Walter was again placed m the dock. Mr. Poland then iotini&ted that iu regard .to the female prisoner, Ann Norah Walter, the Bank of England authorities did not think it necessary that she should be detained any longer in custody. It was thought advisable that inquiries shenid be madato see if aba had taken any active part in the passing off of any of the forged cheques, but with regard to that they had no definite evidoiise. Then, with reference to the Btstcmcnt that they were married in the United States of America, thoy had no means of aMMtaininR if that wore true or not, hut they had been living together as man and wife in lodgings paid for by the male prisoner. TJuditr these circumstances they did not ask lor her cqmmittal, hut ha should ask that William Henry Walter should he oommitted far trial on the Bank oi England and the other cases in which evidence had been given. Sir Thomas Gabriel then directed that the woman should ba discharged from custody, which waadoue, and she lef t ths court. The prisoner Walter was then formally charged by Mr. Gresham, the Chief Clerk, with forging and uttering ft cheque for 905., with intent to defraud the Governor and Com pany of tho Bank of England, with forging and nttsr-uig a cheque for 210. on Sir Samuel Scott, Bart., and Company, bankers, of Cavendish-square, with intent todeiraad, aud with forging aud ttoing sevwal Post-office money orders, with intent to defraud,-The prisoner then handed iu a written Bttemept, which was read and algced by him, in whioh he pleaded guilty to all the abofe charges. Sir Thomas Gabriel thea committed him for trial, hut remanded, him till tMrlatr fm- tho Knmnletinii of the denositionSa He also granted a request of the prisoner that ha WgM be allowed an interview with his wife, nd ordered that some clothing should be given up to hor by the police. The prisoner thanked the Aldaman, and -was ramovod. JiAW NOTIOES.-.THIS Da, JUDICIAL (MKTlTEl 03 THE PBJ.VT COUNCIL, WHITEHALL. At 101, Appeal: Bam Krishna Dss Sur-rowii v. Suriunnissa-Begran and others, part heard. SUPaBMB CQBEE OF JUDICATGBB. Braona she Cotmr or ArasAL, at Lwcolk'b-iss. at lOA.-LuoaCT petitions : Be Cowie, tipjohri, Buhner, Watkins, Alttn.HsjTif!, Spew, PhilSips, Smith, Biro, Jodsell (ex parte Hfbbert and TomklriBoni, anABobofte. Appeal front tbs ChanesryDivi-sion: Von Heyden vi Ncnstadt, payt beard,-At West-shmstee, at lOi.-Aspeals ffora the Common Pleas EiW-sion: Wagsteff aud others v. Apdeirscin anS others, part heard, From tho Exchequer Division: HcKkhait V. Clerk-son, From th Exchetiuer Division (Bevenue side) : Ysaeris faurvvor of taxes), appellant, Noakes, respondent. ekS cobbt Vjdssicr chanceby pmsiosr.- Bekohb rati Masteb o we iwlls (at wie ous flgase. Chancery-ianej, as 10. reuuuua, nuuitioc Silvor Lead MiainB Company Shu v, Slark ikigla: Oompany-Willert Trusfe,&q.). SO. Short causes: tHjr? v. jrooa-Afle v, wt-fflTi'wB Sraith-PfB. FhiiliPB'a Estate Mersyhent n4 Islington Bsilway Obmpany-Ba M'Dooald Herring v. tis Brs Eail-way ComBaoy Uroosfield Coal Corcpsny (2). BEtpEE Vics-Cbaxcellok Sie B, Malims (st Lip-ccdn's-inn), atlOJ. AfUoornedsnnvmonses: Wstof England Bonk, ex parte MscdougaU. natt heard Dawson v. Owen ToBmap v, Woiferstaa B Bipvfn (Tyss v. Brown) Hpnio Investment Society, ex parte Official laouidator, and to stay taxation Thompson v. wilding (platntiifs and defsndanta)- Be Pardy (Psarsou v. Psrdyl Da Bargua v. lie Bergue. BEifoaE Vicp-CnA!?cEU.0B 8m J. Bacqs,. at lOA Rations, -unopposed first : Green v. Green London and Virginia Gold and Copper Mining Company and Companies Acts Liaqdrindod State and Building Company Bobert Cfc&k and Co. (Limited) Mid WbIes Itaflway Uomppy Winahsm v. Giubelei Metropolitan Bailway Acts, 1864, ex parte J. H. Bast and ethers Mstsdpolitan Bank sudCompaniMAoiB. Short causes : Gold v. Martin Tiftta V, Bstejpp-Perlrins v. HU1 Hoghes v. Morton alsgher v. Toomey Arthur v. Ksher. Aajoumea Bvrrhmoris : horwieh Biovident Assurauee Conipanv, ex parte Casaells, part heard, Bsross Vics-Chancellos Bib C. Hall, at 10. Short causes : Clsrkson v. BhcdeS Taylor v. Peat Pryke v. Wilson Butt v. SinghrtOB Boberta v. SaffeiyHoby v. Grosvenor library Hoare v. Ppare TBrner v, Wmdam. Speoisl case, by order : Ba Harris (Lecson v. Hams) . Motion, by order : I& J. Dngdsle Brothers, and Trade Marks EegistreSon Acts, Adiounied svurnnoruiias ; British Guardian Life Assuraoco Company and Companies Acts, (2) Joyner y. Coasoryators 0f LWng Forest Be Manchester and Milford Bailway Company and Companies Acts, 1SC7 (to vary Chief Clei-k's certilicate, and for taxation and payment of costs, fee.) Manchester and Milford Bailway Company v. . Foster (m re Pugh) and Foster v. ManOiestar, c nan way wmpany. Metropoutan rioaraoi vyrw;. muuuua. oivtaugo w jumw-eex-tA Westminster. In the Court pf Queen's Bench, BtlOJ-. Special juries : Francis V. Hamsher, pait heard Sutton y The Great Northern BaflTOy CompanyjNo. 161). Before Mr. JustioB Maiustv (in the Ssoond VieoChancellor'B Gjnrt), atjlO, For judgment : Chaplain v. Oliver. For further con siderafioii: Grainger v. The Mayor, &c, of Dudley Boulton V. The Slldlaiicl ISSUKS ana uuinery uvwyauy. COURT ior cituvv-l i;Aew Jumna jv 111 uuiui, of Common Pleas), at lOJ For hearing : lleg. v. Bishop Beg.v.Cfimp Beg. v, Flatraaa Reg. v. Smith and another iloJSPDEAS DIVISION, WES'P-INSTm--Tha Oouirf will not sit in Banc to-day, Sittings in Middlesex, at Westaair-tar (in the Lords Justwes' Court), at 10J. Special juries : Sargeant v, Winnoy and anothpr-Lonrlon Necropolis Company v. Ewiwr (No. 107). Secosu Couet (in the First Vioe-Chancello. s Court), at 10i. Common juries: Phillips v. Williams anil another, part heard Clarke v. Batterhoui Luff v. Serif Davics v. Boner- (No, 80S). Before Mr. Justice Lisbley. In Nicboll's Boom, atlOi. For jcditmest : Monkhouss v. Laing Evans v Wyatt. EicHEftUEE DIVIBION, WBSTJONSTl.-Tlie-Cotrrt will not sit ia Banc to-day. Sittings, ia. Middlesex, at Westminster la the Court of Exchequer, at 10J. Special juries : Snagnoietti v. Aldio snd another Stevens v. Bradbury, Airnew, and Co. (No. 201). PROBATE, DrvOBCE, AND ADMTBALTY DIVISION, WFJSTMINSTES. Befobb tub Bight Hon. the Pbe-sidsht, at 10i Probate flauaea, without juries: Wnite aad another v. Cpsse and others w-tkin v. Medlicott Evans and another v. Hogort Tomes v. Williams. AnmsALTV Diviaios Beioee Sitt B, J. PmLUKOES, at 101. Bslvage : Tha Vortigera. ABCHI23 COURT OF CANTERBTJRY. Before Lord Pes-sahce. In bis Lordship's Boom, House of Lords, at 11. Motions : Burch v. Podmoro (clerk) Anfliews v.Wanningtori Merk) Perkins v. Enraght (derMi OHANOERY COURT OFYORK. BtforeLordPESzANCE. In his Lordship's Boom, House of Lords, at 11. Sranrao&B ; Dean and others v. Green (clerk). THE LONDON BANKRUPTCY COUET. LINCOLN'S-, INN-FIELDS. FIest Couet, Bepoee He. Beoisteab Mcsea, bittiso a- Cuiss Jtj-sa. Apphoations, raotians, Sc., at ioj. Motion for jnSgrncatof u. Dssthpn, at 1CA, Motion : J. B&um, part heard, at II. Bbfoeii Me. BEaisir.a HASUTT.-Pjivate sitting: T. G. KCutcheon, st 11. Adjourned petition, at IS, Mr. Begistras Bazlitt is tha Bsgistrat of the day. METROPOLITAN COTJBT.-City of London. Chaxcesv BaoisiBABS. The Bsgistrsrs in attsnd-neo to- Uay Ibaturuay) aro un ore court 01 .appeal, Arr . '-eeHhUe ; oa Kie Master of the Bolls, Mr. Pemberton ; on Vice-Chan-collor Sir B. Molias, Mr. Lesch; on Vice-Chancellor Sir J. Bacon, Mr. Clowes ; on Vios-ChonoaUmr Sir C. HsU, Mr. King; on Mr. Justice- Fry, Mr. Jackson ; 'Certiiicatas ot Rate and Transfer, Mr. Ward. , House os Lords, The following causes are appointed for bearing on Monday next, March 1 : National Bolivian Navigation Company and others v. Wilson and others (further bearingV-Jmius v. tha Lord Bishop of Oxford end another. Excusansa Division, The Court will sit in Bans on Monday next, March 1. The following business will be taken oa that day ut 11 o'clock : For judgment : London and Southwestern Bank v. Wentworth Kidgcr v. the Midland Bail-way Company Parkin v. Simpson. Motigns--SpeJsl esses ; (juninsf v. Schofield Wigsell and others executurs, Sic.) v. the School for ths Indigent Blind. Thb Hirrmos at tub GiiiUJHALL.-Tho Court will alt in London at the Guildhall for the trial of special and common jury actions on Monday, Mttrch 36. 1 urn. ousrjoB x m , ivlht. ax, 4 uBwcs ry wu FeBama - BETTING IN LONDON. FBRH'. - The run upon Hobbia Burns for tie .Lincoln ifflmtap B tmSd. he was soon inrtallod .fZ? while "bar one " 100 to 8 could pe obtained. Of UM i ou era i, Su3nSSS P IINCOW HANDICAP. 20 to 1 ajst Piddlestrina (t 100 to 0 agst EobbieBums(t) 100 to 8 F8role(t&o) 100 to 7 Boay Cross i 100 to6t&w 100 to 6 Flarius (6 & o) 20 to 1 Briglia t & o) i fe, t Peter ft ana o) anu oi Cradle (o; 25 ta 1 & wl 20 to 1 26 to 1 Vcneteijaa it) S8 to 1 Qmcksuvo: (t) GEANB NATIONAL. 100 to 12 agst Wild Monarcn (off) 9 ti 1 Eetral t&off) )0 to 1 'fiio Liberator 200 to 15 agst Jackal (t) 150 to 6 i Karahal Hiel 20 to 1 Empress (tfiol" TJKIV'EEeiTy BOAT KAOE. BO to 60 on Oxford It) WORCESTER MEETING.-FEa. Ssi.uso SlSnPLECHASB Pdate of 30 sovs ; Wight Tins tM ca . Bftinnfmllowanoefi. About two miles. Mr! h. IngiWs Ketrihution, by Avenfer-Jimplo Mr. -SV. H. Moore's GmgerbreaO, afc-ed, list i"1 8 Betting : & to 4 pa Alstone, 7 to 4 agst Ketribation, and i to 1 f he KSnado play vrfth a long ,?ead olAbhms .for a mile aSahalfTihon the let eloBad, and Hetabu&on, , tatang the lead at tho last hurdle, -won by half a length; a bad third. lTie winner -was not sold. -ifh Handicap Houdle Back of 5 sovs. each for rtcM, with SO added; winners etra, Two miles, over osbt flishts of hurdles. Colonel OtwaVs Bed Hazard, by Eosierecjan-rmcsse, 6 yre, list 101b (inc. 71b ex.) ,m A. toventry 1 Mr. E. Weever's lloodec, S yi-s, list 31b ......... It. Oillett 2 Betting: 7 to 1 on Hed Hasard, who led tor haU a mite, when the aon-favourito went to the front, but refusing the hm-dles opposite tie stand, Bed Hasard agam assumed the wimmand, and tp""E the remainder of the running, won by The'qfkHdstsbs' 6rBEPLff.Cn use of 8 sovs. eadh,vriai? SO added ; weight for age ; penalties and allowances. About two miles. , Mr. J. C. Hill's Moorhen, by Hermit-Betliers dam, aged, list 101b lino. 101b ez.) Mr, Brocston w.o. And receives 16 sovs. . las Opes Eiwrans' Bsimko Eace of 30 sovs. : weieht for aee ; penaltiS and rdlowances. About two miles, on the flat. Duke of Montrose's Central Firs, by Pero Gomez Ileaohy Head, 6 yrs, 12at 2!b (50) Mr. H. Owen 1 Mr.Ingi-am'sCiis,a8ea;i2aSab0) Mr. G. S. Lowe is Mr. . Archtfs HappyoLuciy, 4 "-JC" , Sir 17. Throckmorton's lalkenberg, a'ged, 12st 2lb(50) Mr. A. Coventry 0 Betting-: 6S to 40 on Central Ere, 7 to 2 agst Falkenbers, and 9 to a agst Carolus. Central i"ira made all tho running, and, starting or? the chidienM of Carolns at tho distance, won by three-juartera or a length ; the other two did not pass tha post, She winner was sold to Mr. H. Hungerford for 190 guineas. Tub Seluko Hdheib Eace of 3 bovs. each, wi& 30 aaaod ; weight for age ; selling allowances. About two miles, over eight flights of hurdles. ' Mr. T. Stevens's Neptune, by Asteroid Mernuua, aged, list 41b (60) -H. Davies S Mr. G. Ingram's Retribution, 6 yrs, list 4lb (50) Murphy 2 Mr. W. Oreaves's Young Venture, ageo, use o ttouj Owner Betting: 9 to 4 on Neptune. Young Ventura bolted at the first hurdle, and Neptune, holding the lead throughout, won by three-quarters of a length. An objectioa to Neptune on the grounds of a cross was overruled. Tho winner was riot sold, The West Midland Steeplechase of 5 sovs. each, with 100 added; winners extra; second received 10 sovs. About two miles, Mr. w. Q. BtavenB'a Carte, by Tim Whiffler Love Letter, aged, U" Javis t Mr. Hobson'sSt. Bees, aged, ldst 131b Hale 2 Mr. hklmurid'u Tuba, aged, list 4lb J. Holman 3 Mr. W. Smith's Bed Cross Knight aged, lost 91b i -s I Ml. Myttm 0 Mr. J. SanJerson'a Oona, 5 yre, ?0at 4lb Lawrerree 0 Mr. G. Ingram'a Gipsy, aged, ISst 31b (inc. 101b ex.) Mr. A. Coventry 0 Betting: 7 to 4 agst Gipsy, 6 to 8 agst Cartel, 3 to 1 agst Tuba, 5 to 1 agst St. Bees, and 10 to 1 agst Qdna. Tuba, oat out the wora, attended by Cartel and St. Bees, to the water, where Bed Cross Knight threw his rider, and Gipsy headed Tuba. Gipsy, however, fell at the next fenoa, and left St, Bees with a dear lead of Cartel, which he held until half a rhile from home, when the last-named assumed the ccnuaand, and won by two lengths ; a bad third. THE UNIVERSITY BOAT BACK, OXFOBP, Feb. 27, The weather to-flay, although fine, was rough, and rendered the practice of the crew exceedingly hard, The President was oat betimes this af teraooa, with t3w mteataoa of going to Abingdon and being coached from Mr. Saunders's steamer, wMdihowsver, broke down, and the journey was lirmtedtoliBeysjidback, overwhiah course they agaio proceeded later in tho afternoon, in addition to the usual tubbing at the bands of Mr, Sowe. .,mT,m CAMBRIDGE, Pbb. 27. . There was less wind than yeBterday, but the University crew did no very heavy work this afternoon. Mr, W 3. Close Ra7e some of the men tub-pair exercise, and then coached fire Eight to Baitabito and back, several easies beinr? given both ways. Upon returning to winder's, they went out in a Firet Trinity light - eight, which it is proposed to use on Saturday, after the regular praotice-boat has been sent on to Kingston. The crew will leave Cambridge on Monday morning, and expect to row at Kingstoa the same day. UNTVBB31TY ESTTELLIGEJTCE. OXFOBD, Fsb, 26, Tbh Matebhatigai, SoHoiABSHirs. TheejmiBera appointed by the trustees for tha Msthematlc&I Scholaniups (Messrs. J. Griffiths, J. W, Eussell, and E. B. IlUiott) have to-day notified to theVioB-Chancellor that they have elected to the Benior Sciholarship Mr. Jamas Clhristopiier Bowman, scholar of Cfeirpus Chriati College, and to the Junior Scholar BhipMr. Charles Henry Sampson, scholar of BaUiol College. 'Phey further mention- as having distinguished themselves highly ia the senior examination Mr. Edward Buck, B.A., Bcholar of Hertford College ; aad in the junior axarnmation Mr. Arthur Kobert Bharpe, scholar of New College. Thoy have awarded Lady Heischell's prize to Mr. Bowman. CAMBBIDGE, Fed. 36. A Congregation was held to-day in the Senate House, the Vies CbanceUor, the Bev. Dr. Perowne, Master of Corpus Cbriati Cojleae, presiding. The Vice Cfcatelka; was snttc-risedtopay tram the University chest the telances due ou the erection of the Selwyn Divinity School and Literary Lecture Rooms, The pi-opossls of the Board of Natural Science Studies for some altemtion in the mode of examination in that science were adopted. Tha following appointments were made: Doctor Hort, Hulsoan Prof osscr of Divmity, and II. F Pelhsin, M.A., of Exeter College, Oxford, examiners of the candidates forDoetor Liehtfoot's Scholarships in the Easter Tram 1881. E. ' T. 3. Carr, MAy St. Cathenne's j acS E. D. Aroher-Hina, MA, Trinity, sxammers for the Chancelloi-'s medals for iroflciency in (tosical leajiiins for the present year, H. V. Stanton, MA., Tdnity; one of the examiners fpr the Wmchester leading T.. lewhank. Sf.A.. Clare : 3 Cbbb73LA., Trinir ; and E. L Gross, MA., Gonville I and Cams, to ba auditors of the borough accounte for taa year ."-;.w k -Ti-afnr an 75,, fflish essav vjrises offered by the representatives of the University in Parliament, f or the present year. Professor Liveing. J. .W. Hicks, M.A., Sydney ; Wiluam Gaxnett, HJSu, St. John's ; and E. H. Balfour, hl.A,, Trinity. ie-appointed : and Doctor W. Holbrook Gaekell, T. G. Boimey, BJ)., St. John's ; P. T. Main, M.A., St. John's ; and W, H. Fiower,F.R.8.,appointed examiners for the Natu-rol Sciences Tripos in the present year. The following degrees were conferred : Honorary M.A. : Matthew Moncnerf Pattason Muir, Caius College. M.A. : Frank WiUogx, St John's; John Armstrong Coghlon, St. Peter's : Joseph Albert Whitelock, Pembroke Bachelor of Mcdicmo : Frederick Joseph Walds, St. John's.-Bachelor of Arts : Araius Lucier Ordo-Powlott, Trinity ; Maurice J agues, St. Joha'siRodttom John Roddaio, Clare: Edward John Browne, Clare : Charles Henry Coote, Trinity Hall ; Itodolph Fane de Balis, Trinity Holi ; George Ellis Hstheiingtai, Em-ma!)uel, - - Rtrti Rttow at the Crystal Palao?.. Yes terday afternoon a private view was held at tha Crystal Palace of the seventeenth annual sxhibition at that popular place of entartainment of canaries and British aud foreign cage birdis. Tha arrangements have been made on a very liberal scale, and besides the numerous prizes offered in the usual way there were several medalB and cups to bo competed for, mostly by amateurs, given by Messrs.' Sleep, Mackloy Brothers, George Biliatt, Lr, W. TV Greene, and other sEriends of tha feathered tribe. Ths show is a large one, there being 1,473 entries, many being of a very high quality Qf the different varieties of canary alone there are over BOO specimens in the exhibition. Some of the classes are weak, ano.in oue cinss, --.online, aiuuuuh luucr, there wsb no entry ; but as a rule, both for numbers and breed, the show well sustains past successes. Tho admirer of the delicate little native of the Canary Island will doubtless tind much to interest him in such classes as those devoted to the clear yellow and clear buff Norwich arietteB ; the same not cayenne pepper fed ; the crested yellow and buff Norwich, Jhe mealy London fancy, the Belgian, the Yorkshire, tha cinnamon, the hzard, and the various kinds of snuiOi canaries. To tha general visitoir, however, tha talking birds will prove more amusing. To theBe we can safely recommend No. 1,093, a parrakeet, belonging to Mr, John Mayes, who has a most extensive ripfrto 'm of fuuuv speeches, and No. 1,180, belonging to Mr. Joseph 5room, a piping crow, who would appear from his utteraiicea to have auuuooutiollable and unrequited love for one " Maggie." The show will open to-day and remain open uii Thursday evening next. Extension of the District Line to Fcl-HAM. Tho new line from the West Brompton District Station to Fulham has been, after aome engineering difficulties, completed, and the stations are also finished. The line descends from the level of the West Brompton Station till it is lti feet below the West London Extension line, where it enters a tunnel, and passes beneath that line and the Stamford Bridge Buiining Ground. An open cutting extends irom thia point to the Waiham-green Station, which bos two platforms 300 feet in lenath. Another tunnel takes the line below tho omnibus route to Putney, and tho line then crosses a portion of ilel Brook-somcion, aud gradually ascending ib carried up to farson's-green Station, pataiag through open fields and fiardeu ground, Muustcr-road, ifing's-road, and HurUngham-lans aM crossed by girder bridges, and a viaduct is reached, forming tha lust half-mile of tha line, and terminatiug at Willow-bank, close to the parish church, Fulbam Old Town and Putaey-bridga. Tha terminal station has bees erected iu the groundsel" Willow-bank, though tho bouse remains. This last station has been so contrived that the western Bide presents tho appearance ot a handsome front, with both facade and colossal gilt letters, " Fulham and Putney. 'A pier is being constructed for steamboats and furry to cross the Thames. Tho engineer ia Mr. t. W, Barry, Mr. Olemmenc. carrying out tha stations. The contractor, are Lucas and And. Houbss ura already in great request near tha new line, and ths Munster P'suth Building Estate commenced. A Botios-holb a Mintjeb. Sixty Button, holes in op Hour. Patent Button-hole Works-r-lt it Impossible iu ooniey by adverUseuient n idea of the unique and wondoiiul fostwis a! this ingenious appliance for cutting owl working button-holes. It te o ample tha can works more psrfuot butLm-hoio with It than ths roost oxiTOionoedncodlowoniancau without It. Kvoryethv-b istAkaa with tho most poifect inocii&rtical Aooumcy Ko yrickiivf ths riBiortmiiilris thour(,and by Its aw au hjniertaotuiidh-rcKulu! workud button-hols is Impossible, Tho speed aiidtitility urcinartol. tous, Thy sivo iii?0M utlrifsctkni. Lodlcn and raunatro-a who ayj thciu suj they sxu worth their wolahtin iid. Eq work hfiikflt ia counilet without one. A YVurl,. n.nl Un.ti,)!.!,,,!,, Cutter nUy lciea in bos, sent on receipt pt F.u.O. or humi, MfEEOBOLOGIOAli KSaPOETSi D4XLY XEWB" OFFICE EEADIIfaS THIS MORNING BY NE&BETiT AND ZAMBBA'S BABOMETEB. Till W. WN.W. w.sw. 31, II 30 30 H 29 29, Corrected to sea-level andreduced to 32' F. The Mack lines slow the height of e baroBStor 'g-? this sod throe provious morraiiits. The dotted lines ina.cata tho eitrem. iatfoS dorlna yiXrfay an the two provious days. - he initial letters shew the uirection ot tho wloo. ..j. ThuSScury fSllfo- Kain. with S.W., BE., 1W, wads, if rafidly. tor heavy storms.1 slowly, wtmu b4 itee- It rises, if rapidly, lor unsettled weather, if gradually, lor Hue ,aAnsoTwith wind veering N.E., rosy be indicative of rain. FOBECASTS OP WEATHEB. The following forecasts of weather for this day were issued from, the Meteorological Ofiice at eight p.m. yeBterday: DISTSIOTS. FOUSOASIS. 0. Scotland, N... North-westerly to northerly strong 1. Scotland, E... g68; quails, with ram 2. England, N.E. ) or snow.' 3. England, E...S , . 4. Mid. Counties i North-westerly wind, Btron to a 6. England, S. !- gale ; raiu, followed by nail or (London and j snow. Uaannei) ,...1 6. Scotland, W,. 1 7.I5nsrland.N.W5 Same as Nos. 0 to 2. fend H. Wales) J- SameasNos-StoS. 9. Ireland, N. .. 1 Noi-weaterlygaIes;s1MBg6qua!lB, 10. Ireland, 8, . . ) with cold, rain, haiJ, or snow. Warnings. Tha north cona has been ordered to he kept up in Districts Nos. 0, L, 2, 6, 7t and 9, and to ba hoisted on ail other coasts. Fbiday, 8 P.M. The weather to-day, after a temporary improvement, lasting for about twenty-four hours, is oiun-becoming very sola and unsettled over the United Kingdom, especially in tha north-western, northern, aad north-eastern tetricts. At eight a.m. to-day tho barometer had risen at all ova north-eastern stations and over Norway, and mattings varied from rather above 80.1ia. oil our south-westerly coasts, to about 29-i in, at the Norwegian stations. Nortt-westeriyjgajes and strong winds still held on the eastern shores of tho North Sea, but in our islands (be wind after falling light had backed to the westward again, and in most placesthe sky had cleared. Stomoway, however, reported a renewed tall of the barometer to have commenced, and this, with high pressure in the southwest and gradients already moderately steep was far from being a good omen. , AtO.45 p.m. the fall of the barometer had spread to sfl parts of Scotland, and in a smaller degree to the other districts of our islands also ; but in Norway and Denmark tho barome- 'luoyeJiiaR's observations show that the centre of a new depression is now off the north-west coast 01 Hcouana (were tha barometer is fulling rapidly), and is apparently travelling in a south-easterly direction. Tho wind has backed to south m tha Shetlands and east of Scotland, and to southwest in. the northern parts of England and Ireland, while it remains chiefly westerly on our southern coasts. Temperature has risen to 47 deg. at Btornoway and Atdrossea, 41 deg. to 44 deg. on our north-east and east coasts, and to 48 deg. or 60 de. in the south and west. Eain has set in on our north and north-west, coasts, and the eky has an unsettled appearance even at our most southern stations. It appears likely from these facts that as the centre of tha depression passes by our northern coasts the wind will rise to a strong gale from north-west in its rear first in the northern aad oorth-westem districts, and afterwards in toe other parts of our islands acoomtianicd by cold, rain, hail, or show showers. Warnings havs been issued to all coasts. Over France this morning cold north-westerly winds , and dry weather prevailed very generally, the wind being moderate infprpe in most pieces, but continuing to blow bard at Toulon ; temperature varied from 36 deg. in tho eastern to between 40 deg. and44te.mttewcsteroitepartmenta,anate was falling slowly. In, the Netherlands strong north-westerly breezes were accompam'ed by temperatures varying tomSi deg. to 42 deg., and snow was iAUing at the mouth of the Elbe. jlnDenniark and the west of Norway north-westerly gales prevailed, with fine weather in many places, snow in others, and temperaturu varying from 30 deg. to 36 degs. hkHm'S MAIL AMD BTEAMSEIP NEWS. 4 (Fboh Lloyd's, Feb. 27.) Geavebeso, 3?eb. 37. Tho Anchor line' steamer Alsatia, from New York, passed hero to-day on her way to ths docks. Bosioh, Fib. 27. The Warren Line steamer Pftlestmo, from I-verpool, arrived hers this moining. ' Madbas, Feb. 27. The British India Steam Navigsban. Company's steamer Merkara, from London, has amved hero. Aden, Feb, 27. "Her Majesty's Oroccdue has aimed here. Movmm, Feb. 27. 'The Allan Royal Mail steamer Nova Scotia-, from Mverpbol, s-rived here to-day Jat 2 p.m. to-day, embarked mails and passengers, and proceeded at 4.40 pjn. for Hpl'fy--, St, Cathebike's Pocrr, Peb. 27 .-The steamer Flamingo, from London for Capetown, via Dartmouth, signalled off here atVmmiis. 27. The Union Company's Eoyal Mail steamer Nubian left hero to-day for Capetown. LivEBPOot, 3?xe. 27 .The Leylana lane stearaer Bulgarisn left the Mersey to-day for Boston. Queesbtown, Feb. 27. The Inman Boyal Mau steamer City of Bichmond, from Liverpool, arrived here at 1.35 p.m, to-day, embarked mails, inolutting Australian ana Is ew Zealand, aad passengers, rrjoceeded at 4.46 p.m. for New York; all well. Philadelphia (By cable.) The American Line United States Mail Bteamer Loi4 Gough, from Liverpool, has arrived here. Qnnsssroww, Feb. 27. The Canard Koyal Moilsiesmer Abyssinia, fi-omJNew York, arrived here to-day, and proceeded for Liverpool. Bvdhev, Feb. 27. The Eastern and Australian Steamship Company's Royal Mail steamer Menmuir, from Singapore, has arrived here. Halifax, Feb. SS. The Allan T.ina ataamm WaldwiBlan, Glasgow for Boston, arrived here to-day . Malta, Feb. 23. The steamer Patterdale, from Manilla for London, has arrived here. Ceookbave-v, Feb. 27. The Gnioa Royal Mail steamer Wyoming, from New York, mussed here at S this morning. Deal, Feb. 27 The Blenfieim, steamer, of tho Direct Line, from London far BeBierars, passed tliroug-tiie Dowss this morning. GtAsaow, 37eb. 29. The Allan Line steamer Scandinavian left here toilay for EalrfaK and Boston. . - 'Xjveism6l, Fbo. 27. Tho Bteamer Orator, from New Or-leans, arrived in the Mersey lost night. The InmanBoysl Mail steamer City of Pdonrnond, for HwMl., Allan Line steamer Nova Sootian, ' for Holifox, left the Mer- vuaSvThe Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamer Australia has left here for San liranciseo with toe mans lor Poet Said, Feb, 25. The steamer Lady Frances, from Newport arrived here to-day, aad proceeded again for (Sook'nAVES, Fed, 27.-The Canara Royal Mafl steamer ALyssinio, from Kew York, passed here at 9.46 tomoryung. Calcutta, Feb. 26. The City Line steamer Cit7 of Mecca left here toiay fox London. -r. .v.-" Suez, Fib. 88. The City Line steamer City of Manchester, from Calcutta for London, arrived at Sues to-day. Poetlasp, Feb. 20. The Dominion, Line steamer Quebec, from Jjiverpooi, arnvea noi- w-u-y. Delawaeb Bbbakwateb, Ebb. 26. The Amenesa Lme United, States MpU stearaer Lord Qough, from Liverpool, ar-ifvd here at 3 p.m. to-day. Adslapb,'1'BI). 26. S'hBLuEitaiua steamer of the Orient Line left hers to-day for Plymouth and London, Malta. Fes. 28. Tha Hall Line steamer Bmnksoms Hall, from Bombay, has left here for Liverpool. Lizaed, Feu. 27. Her Majesty's ship Hawk passed this station this morning, westwards. Maubiba, Feb. i!7. The British and African Steam Navigation Company's Royal Mail steamer Luolaba, with mails and paeseugei-s, from the West Coasts of Africa, arrived here yestevoay aud left same nignt- for liverpool. She reports the bame Company's steaaiei-sas follows : Kinsembo at Accra on Feb. 6 ; Gaboon at Cape Polmaa, Feb. 9 ; Benguela at ttuitta, Feb. 6. . Lisbon, Fee. 27. The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company'a steamer Doui'o, from Brauii, arrived here at 1 p.m. yesterday, aud is to leave at 8 a.m. to-day for Southampton, The same Company's steamers are reported as follows : The Elba waa at Bahia on the 10th iost. ; Tagns was at St. Vincent, C.V., on the 20th inat. ; Guadiaua left Saint Vincent homeward on , 24th inst. PobiSaid, Feb. 2a. Ths Canard Lino steamer Batevia arrived here at 3 p,in. to-day cn route for Bombay ; all well, Moville, Feb. 27. The Anchor lino steamer Circassia, from Glasgow, arrived hare at thia morning, embarked pa-sengei-e, and proceeded at 10 a.m. for New York, Djuraotr m, Feb. 27. The Potato left here this morning for British West Indies with mails, passengers, and a general uirgo. Dbal, Feb. 27. The Anchor Lino steamer Alsatia, from New York for London, passed through the Downs at S.30 this momiiig. Ghavessxd, Feb. 27. The Japan Line stearaer Merionethshire, from Singapore, passed riere to-day on her way to the Docks. Madeiea, Feb. 27. Messrs, Donald Currio and Co.'s steamer Dublin Castle, which left Capetown Feb. 10, arrived here at 5 this inoruini;, and proceeded at 7 a.m. for Plymouth, Where she may be expected next Thursday afternoon. Plshootii, Feb. ". The Union Company's ltoyoi Moil steamer Nubian, from Southampton for Capetown, arrived here to-day. Bohbav, Feb, 26. Tha steamer Bonowdala left hers today for Marseilles and Genoa. jUveui'Ool, Feb, 27. Messrs. Lamport and Eoit's steamer Pliny left the Mersey to-day for Monte Video. Madeiea, Feb. 26. Messrs. Lamport and Holt's steamer Rubens, from Biarils, for Southampton, passed hers today, Uuebnotowx, Feb. 27. The Guion Royal Mail steamer Wyoming, from New York, arrived here to-day, lauded all mails and same psaseagers, and proceeded for Liverpool. Alexanubia, Fed. 27. Tho Peninsular and Onentol steamer Ceylon left here at 7 this morning for Brindisi, with the India, China, and Australia mails, ex Xravaneoro, s., from Bombay, 14th, and Poonah, a., from Calcutta, 3rd. Cboukbav-n, Feb. 27. The Cuaard Royal Ifail steamer Hecla passed this station at s p.m. to-day. Sua.vouai, Feb. 27. Tho Peninsular and Oriental steamer Lowbardy arrived here to-day. St. Vincent, Feb, 27. The Chimtorazo steamer, of the Orient Line, from Plymouth, arrived here to-day, Balviiiokb, Feb. 2U. The Allan Royal Mau steamer Hibei-uian arrived here to-day. Pear Saio, F'eb. 27. The Castle Line steamer Gordon Castle, from China, left here this morning for London. Liveui'Ool, Feb. 27. The Liverpool ana Max-riham Steamship Company's steamer Braganza left the Mersey to-day for UarsAhjun, Wab Votss o- Obedit. The appropriation account issued yesterday of tho vote of credit for tho war in South Africa for the year ended March 31, ib70, shows that ot tha total sum granted 1.500,0l)0t. B1S,720I. opiy has hoen spent, leaving 380,279. to ba surrendered to ths Exchequer. Tho Comptroller aud Auditor-General states in hia report upon the acaouafe that th surplus pt 2,802,630. 14s. od. upon tha vote of orcdit for tha year 1877-8, during ths war bstweeu Kussia and Turkey, has been surrendred totheExohequer. IIapit DavA. -Thera is something of regret and rfrmin in tho ilrstODMaranco of irrov hoira: aurti?wtAro nfLnn hlijhted by thslr1, iiroirature apirearanoo. Mus. & A. Alles's Vi ojUio'b jIaiu IttnsTOKEu; hai.piii' allords a solo and sure niasns for rostoi-ine tooni auuin to tho tteshiiujj and bsantv of youth. It la the old established staudar- aud rohabls artlohj, Imown and lrmn mnsf. lilelitv ofiiu fiVOW mvllizcd COUntrv. Ift lttflmwiaonlv tew upriutioii(!to wtoro BTsy hair to its youthful colour and IuaHoiu beauty, sod induce loxitriant growth, and its oocasiomi! uts is all that is newkul to r-vo is in it highest porfootlon and beauty. Dsndruft 'is Qiiickly sad pernuiioutly renol" dtjold by ail c6iaUtt and ruiiwrs,HA4TerawiBW "Via). S6. 31 -H 30 ij -8 I C0MMESC3IAL AND MAKKE3Se 4 PKODTTCE. MwoBi-oTAir-, Era. -7, ' SUGAB.-Th8 market doses steadily but qiiieta, at prieirt barely equal to those of Friday, last. 620 casks 2,W bags buxcBi West India sold, inc!udig the bulk Of tbejarosM ?SS.-3l,v all Jamaica sold at 22s.; brown Trmidad, 10s, ; gr ana paie, 'rZCTS, Xt f.Vraiallized S-irjiam. Wi&T toas toaTMilfor grivsL at last wiks diisim? rates ; stoveo gooas eleaay. CESlorrBradV auction jmtaM to go? oH without spirit,nlantetion Ceylon to . t U. to Is. &. decline ; other W fodis and Juimcft at wo v casks 00 barrels 120 bags -tofion Csyloa oft M2 casks were booght in ; toe remainder sold ; sroall to towmW' dh5Sto&oa.'; n!XMmm, toiofs.; bold, nos. to 120s.; lherry, 107s. to 114s, K 400 bags Native Cey!on50 bags fd-'lS-,'?lS bags East India, only aoout 4W bsOT eold-teasr 83s. 64. ; low middling to nudhiig, 98s. 60. ftae rmddhng to bold, 105s, 6d. to Ills, ; ptaberry, UOs. to IW"-Of 1,300 bags Singapore, 120 bags fl.?"S at 86s. .fid. to m. Cd. 70 bags Manfla, part sold, at 60s. ; peaberry, 74s, 6d. Of 1.000 packages Jamaica, 100 barrels only ecld-good ordinary to fiua ortoary. Vis. to 70s. ; fine fine ordinary greenish, Bs, to 84s. ea, , small part of 200 bags Costa Hica at 71s. Gd. to 7S. OIW bags Porte Rico, 50 bags sold-duU greyish, 96s. to OSsgJooa bold, 102s, Of 1,800 bags Santos, 150 bagssoLd-brightgreerusa RUM.-Tha market continues very dull ; 70 pnnpheomi Jamoica sold, prices kept secret. BICE AND SAITPETEK. No sales reported. , SAGO.-1,000 bags Borneo hour sold at 16s. 3d. COTTON. The market continues doll, and prices !! ' American futures are again easier. , JUTE, Tho demand has again been limited ; prices remain without material alteration. ' PIASSAVA-. Of 40 tons offered, 2 tons only sold Para 32 5s. to 82 15s. SHELLAC 60 cheats fine orange sold at 7 10s, TURMERIC. 1,000 bagsBcngal sold at 12s. INDIA RUBBER. Of 176 packages West India oflered, 43 packages sold at 2s. 8d. to 2s. lOd. ; a small part of 229 packages Mozambique, at 2s. 8Jd. to 2s. 10fd, ; and 4 cases Madagascar, at 2s. (3d. LINSEED CAKES. American,' -!0 Ss. ; Westerns, 9 to 9 2s. Od ; Marseilles, 9 73. 6d. to 9 10s.; London made, 11, OILS. Linseed, spot, 27s. 8d. to 27a. 6d.; March-April, 27s. 3d. ; Hull, spot, 28s. lOJd. to 27a. ; March-April, 27s. 4Jd. to 27s. 6d. Rape, English brown, spot, 28s. fid.: MAreh-Apru, 29s. ; retlned, 30s. 9d. Cotton. 27s, d. to 28s. Ttbpbntine, Americaa spirits, 858. 9d. Petbolech, oil, 6 1-164. ; spirit, 6jd, to7Jd. . ,. METALS. Copper is casior; Chili bar, good orfiniuy brands, 71 to 70 10s. cash. Tin also lower; ftae foreiga, 93 to 92 10s. cash. Lead. English pig, 18 16s. to 19. Spelter, ordinary brands, 21 6s. to 21 10s, toa.-ScotcS pig, 66s. 7id. to 66s. cosh. BUTTER. Cobs, Feb, 27. Onlijiary : Firsts, 5.; seconds. 1343, ; thirds, 116s. ; fourths, SOs. ; fifths, s. Surjornne and One mild. s. ; mild, 138s. Salt Kegs : 'JSirds, UOs. ; fourths, 81s. Firkins in marsiet, ltse. TALLOW. Feidav Evebtno. At tho auctions to-day tea greater port of the goods offered found buyers, at somewhat easier rates for sheep, but at an advanco of 3d. per cwt. fot beef, which was the article most in lequest; low aad inferior; qualities were also dearer. Tho finest brands of sheep tallow ore scarce, and cannot be bought under 88s. The North Americaa sold at 36s. 6d, to 36s. Sd. for the fuse. There is no alteration in Y.C. tallow. Tho arrivals for the week ore the Glengaber, 339 casks from Australia ; 1G6 casks North American, aid 77 casksBerrauda. We quote New Y.C. on spot, 44s.; old ditto, 43a. ; town tallow, 86s. Sd. nett; rough fa, Is. 7d. The following wero offered and sold at tho auctions: Australian, 1,118 casks offered, 850 casks sold ; North American, 70 casks offered, 76 casks sold; total, 1,104 casks offered, 928 sold. Aus-aliau mutton fine, 88s,; good, 36s, 6d, te 37s.; dull, 36s. Beef -fine, 36s. ; good, 80s. Cd. to 36s. Od. ; duB, 84s. Od. to S5s. Petroleum has been quiet during tho week, and prices are rather easier in oil positions. Several largo parcels have changed bands, and a good business has been passing, chiefly for this and next month. The visible bupply has been reduced 20,000 barrels through rnruitimo casualties. There is more disposition to sell for the end of the year, tho importing value being quite d. per gallon less than last week. To-day the prices of refined and crude both come dearer- from the States, and tho market here is somewhat steadier, closing spot Od. to 6Jd. short prompt, February 6d. sellers, March 6d., April 6jd May 6jd., June 0d., Septerabei--December 7d. From Smith and CWrles'a circular.) General Avbeaoes. Fob. 20. Feb. 27. Town Tallow ,. S8s. 3d. 68s. 8d. Fat by ditto is. Oid. ... is. 6id. Australian mutton ditto S8s. 04 SSs, OtV beef ditto... S6s. 64. 86s. 60, Yellow Russian ditto ... 44e. Od. 44s. Cd. Melted staff 278.64. .., 27s, 63. Rough ditto 14s. Od. 14s. Od. Tallow dreaves 14s. 04 14s. 04. (Joed dngs 6S, Od. 6s. 04. HIDES. BEE-0ND8EY, Feb. 28. 6611). to 641b 8d. te Sii. 6416. to 601b., Sid. to &UU; 601b. to 961b., 3Jd. to 3j;d,j. 96lb. to 1121b., Sji. to 410. Horse hides, 6s. to 12s. ; call skins, fall, Bs. fid. ; ditto, light, 2s. to 4s. each. Sheep skins, 6s. to s. 84. each. LONDON WOOL SALES. Lohdoit, Feb. 27.-Messrs, Helmutb, Schwartz, and Co. offered for sale this evening 11,416 bales of wool, comprising 6,282 from Pert Phillip, 2,009 from Sydney, 2,016 from Adelaide, 229 from New Zealand, 970 from the Case, 814 from Natal, and 117 German. This good selection sold freely; at extreme rates. The following quantities have been catalogued to date, vis., 10,810 Sydney, 37,798 Victorian, 21,467 South Austealian, 6,898 Now j&lana, 17,761 Cape, and 407 Tastnanja, irulking a total of 94,131. COTTON. LrvsEPOOL, Pes, 27. There baa been, only, limited amount of business transacted, and prices tend in buyers' favour. Good ordinary American are quoted l-10d. pcr lb. lower, " Futures " are arm at yestenisy'B closing rates. The sales are estimated at 6,000 bales, of which 1,000 are oa speeulatioa and for export. 6,210 American, 6Jd, to 73d.; 700 Maceio, ftc, 7jd. to 7jd. ; 800 Egyptian, 7 Jd. to SJcl. ; 20 Peru, &o 7 jd. ; 400 Surat, 6Jd. to 7id. COTTON GOODS. Manchestkb, -to. 27. Tho comparative dulness that has prevailed this week was somewhat increased to-day by fiat reports from liverpool, and there 3ia3 been little appearance of business in any department. Prices of goods ore quoted as before, and o few transactions are reriortod for Onus. Some'of the minor foreign markets ana the home trade have also presented, a moderate demand. The raorkct for yams is almost at a standstill. The demand since Tuesday has been small, and there is very little attempt or tha port of either rnaaulMtvirers or merchants to transact busmess to-day. Spinners being well under contract do not press sales or chance their prices, but they are certainly men? willing to listen te offers than for some time past. JUTE AND FLAK, Dundee, Feb. 27. The market con-tinues good, and values are maintained all round. For flax the price is lhrm, and, tow and oodilla are in demand at f ull ratesT In flax and tew yarns prices are in favour of spinners. In jute good qualities have been largely bought during ths past week. Linens are in fair inquiry, and life and Forfar manufacturers contratie well supplied with orders. Th advance in the price of Hessians has cheeked butdneas for tea tune. Sacking and bagging have risen considerably. Three-bushel 241b twilled bags ore now 7id. to Sd. per bag. CORN. Maiik-lahe, Feb. 27. Taade was quiet at Mark-lono to-day; and the tone washai-dly so firm. Supplies con tiuue upon a comparatively limited scale, but now the fins open weather, which is moat proptticus for Held work, encon-jases sanguine anticipattons as to the coming crops, and 10 BlaitjonT3iere ia less firmness reported from America. Ai retards wheat a small business was done at about the rates of Monday. Fine produce, which was scarce, was pretty well held Barley met with few buyers, and prices were not very well' supported. Malt changed hands slowly on formet terms Oata were in rather less demand, and prices moved somewhat in favour of the buyer. Maize also was quieter, and not quite so firm in price. Beans and peas woroquieS and imchanged, Flour was dull, and quotations showed no material alteration. Arrivals of Grain : English and Scotch: Wheat, 270; barley, 1,280; malt, 1,780 quarters. Foreign: Wheat, 18,990; barley, 16.620; oete, 41,28a; inoiae, 8,690 ; beans, 670 ; flour, 4.330 sacks 160 barrels. Andovse, Fsb. 27. There was a small attendance. The following were tho prices realised : English wheat, S4s. to 48s. ; American ditto, 68s. to 60s. ; molting, 81s. to 40s. 5 grinding ditto, 26s. to 60s. ; oats, 20s, to 24s. boons, 42s, te 62s. per qr. ; flour, 42s, to 46s. per 3ack. Debsv, Feb. 27. At our to-day's market prices remained firm at no alteration in. values from last market. Barley was eagerly sought alter for the best qnalitiea. Oats, beans, &c, unchanged Dublin, Feb. 27. Attendance moderate. There was a dc-raand for the best samples of Irish wheat ; foreiga wheat in consumptive request, at last market prices. Maize at 64. advance on Tuesday, Oatmeal steady. Lincoln, Feb. 27. Fair supply of wheat, at Is. advance ol last week's pneoe ; slow trade. Oats 64. to Is. per qr. dearer j not many on offer. Beans and peas a small show, at fully late f .Liverpool, Feb. 27. With only a moderate attendance ai our marxewi a lhinuc titta cci uuuc uv m. -dine on wheat Cabtoroion, 10s. 84. to lis. 2d. Flour prices , against sellers. Indian com, new mixed American, 6s, 10d. ; old, 6s. lid. per cental. Beans. Egyptian, 7s. 64. to 7s, JOa. Peas, Canadian, 6s. lid, Oats andoatmeol quiet. Waxebtbld, Feb. 27. The wheat trade is quiet to-day, prices, however, are generally is. to 2s. per qr. above those current last Friday. Barley in fair request, finer sorts commanding fully late rates. Beans, oats, aqd maize Is. per qf, dearer. COALS.-Feb. 27, -Walls End Haswell, 16s, 6d. ; Walk.' End lambton, 16s. ; Wails End Original Hartlepool, 16s. 6d, ; Wails End Wear, 14s. ; Walls Eud Vanes, 14s. ; Walls End Chilton Tees, 14s. 64. ; Walls End Caradoc, 14s. 64. ; Walls End East Hartlepool, 16s. : Walls End Tees, 15. 8d. ; Hadford Navisation. 16s. Shiri at market, 39; sold, 18 i contracts, gas, ie., 27 ; unsold, i ; at sea, 16. Institdtb of Bankers. A meeting, convened by tho Institute of Bankers, was held last evening iu the theatre of the London IrmUtutiop, j7i-sbury-circue, whon a paper was read by Mr. T. H. B. MaviBon, upon Bankruptcy Reform. Mr. W B. Denison, Mil?., presided. Ever siiice the year 1S25, Mr. Davison said lie question of bankruptcy had given rise to coustant and widely divergent legislation, yet every section of the marcantite community at pretest united in denouueing tho inefficiency ot cur system, which compared unfavourably with those of foreign nations. The principle causes of complaint autuust our bankruptcy laws were the undue, facilities for escape from tho" snrpcrvision of creditors ; tho absence of official investigation of a bankrupt's misconduct ; tha necessity for more stringent regulatioris as to bookkeeping ; and for the checking of fraudulent claims ; tha omission to assimilate the duties of trustees ill lipuidataona and trustees in bankruptcy proper; and finally, the absence of any proper qualification for public accountaute snd of any ulterior disqoahflcations for bankrupts in apeci-iied cases. It would be seen that these grievances called for prompt atiAmtioii, when it was remembered that the average amount of fan ores' during the past ten years, might ba roughly stated at twenty millions per annum. Mr. Davison proceeded to point out the manner in which these grievances might, in his opinion, be remedied, advcioatiiis(iongc4iaeTUiiiO-vations, that the discharge of a bankrupt should bs conditional upon a dividend of 10s. in the pound ; and. in concluding, he referred briefly to the GoTsmmeni BiH upon the subjact, and to that ot Mr. .Sampson Lloyd. Tho chairman, in the course of a short address, insisted upon tha necessity for the total abolition of the distiuctioa between Ijankrnptcy and liquidatioii, aud for tho registration cf Mtderaents, PajtoarshipJ also ought to bereglstere4,while he thought that no man should be allowed to so into business agaio who hsd failed to pay a dividend of say at least 10s. ia ia pound. Probably not one bawcruptoy in twenty wa an honest one. -A series of resolutions were next eub-nutted bylMr. John Smith, who denounced tha Bank ruptoy Act of 1869, and also the Attorney-General' a Bill, tho latter on tha ground that, practically, it Jef-ttie evils tiomplaiued of untouohed. A discussion fol-lowsd.ia which soveral accountants of eminence and other gentlemen took part, and eventually the meeting was adjourned to nest Friday. Mr. Hb-E5! Clabkh, of King's-cross, writes:- Jon 0,1879. Dear Sirs, I bars pi aying tifvt I considei (after many years trial) that your Ooal Tar Soap is the most com-iortuig I over used. Mean-. '. V. Wright Co." Wright's Coo! I've 8oop ia htshlysknd extensively recommended by Mr. J. startin, M.B.C.., Snrjeoo to Ht. John's Hostital tor Diseases of tho Skin : tho lats ilr. Js. StarUii.MD., F.rt.C.8 Savilo row ; Mr. McColl Anderson, M.D., F.l'.l'.B., wootlsiUi.-crecent, Ulaasow, and ths other loaaingr mombcrs 01 the proiossion. Caution : Each Tablot bcarti tho impress " Sflpo Oarbouia Dawrgns." Advertisement. Tan "Wikh Flaqos Sysieji. Three gallons oi fm old Carlowita for 10s., deUvei-edi'reo within fourniites of Charing. cioss, msuriair-ioacryiiiaiiiatfoiis, one or mora at a nmeut reQuhcd. Tarnis cash. An extra chaiKO ot os, ia mado as a deposii foi'thoaayonunanthelirstdylivoi-yonl)-, as on subsequent deli-voiies our porters leayo thoiaUiloaiaexcliamio for the empty one. Oar Qitcnts in tha oountrj- ohorse 15s. tor four llosons, eco-to a doKcn biUos. One dot'.-uuiniplecaoiourdiifereiit sorts ol Curio witz, 25s. MaGl-oer and Co., Wine Moi-ohanta tothsQaeen. 1. Mi4Kulane,li.c.. cad 2, 014 liwuWmet, W.-ivertiiemaW aijt, ui. ial usia

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